Website Reveal!

Bam! Xtina has a website 😀 The main purpose of this website is a place to store all of my stories and commissioned art, so for people who follow me on HF there will be (for now) little you can find on my website that you will not be able to find there as there will (as of current) be no website exclusive content.

However. If you cast your gaze to the “games” tab you’ll see the real reason this website exists. There’s not much there now, but hopefully enough to get you excited for the future :3

Lastly and most importantly. I’d like to thank @programmingtrap for helping me put this website together as it is a gross understatement to say I had any idea what I was doing. They put up with many requests and edits and will hopefully be staying on to help me moderate the site ❤ Xx