Lost Time: Chapter 4

Stacy giggled cutely as she was led through the house, the girl’s tiptoeing up the stairs, “S-shh!” Willow whispered, giggling softly herself, squeezing her friend’s hand as they inched towards her room.

“Should we be doing this?” Stacy whispered, her voice laced with excitement that she was struggling to contain.

“You wanna make me feel good?” Willow replied as they reached the top of the stairs, the evening late and the lights dim.

“W-well yeah. But you’re definitely sure your mom won’t hear us?”

Willow smirked to herself, “Definitely not, she had an early night, I’m sure of it.”

“Good…” Stacy replied softly, “She was super into me while you were away, always trying to get me to come home with her,” she blushed, “It was weird, she’s old enough to be my mom.”

“I know I know, come on,” Willow whispered, ushering her into her own bedroom and towards a double bed in the corner, flicking on a light.

“Okay,” Willow said, grinning, “Let’s get you ready, then I’ll go make sure my mom’s definitely sleeping, then you can suck my cock like a good little girlfriend?”

Stacy blushed and nodded, a soft little smirk on her lips as she pulled a hair bobble from her wrist, her hands skillfully catching all of her long blonde hair, tying it in a ponytail behind her head.

Willow grinned as she admired Stacy, a slender girl with small, b-cup breasts, a little airheaded but bubbly and friendly without any hatred in her, “Ahha, a classic move, the blowjob ponytail.”

They both giggled as Stacy moved to sit on the edge of Willows spacious bed, watching as the gothic girl stepped through her room, her hips swaying alluringly as she moved to a shelf, plugging her phone into a speaker system and letting some soft music play, a little Florence and the Machine, a little Emilie Autumn, her kind of music.

“Won’t she you know, hear that?” Stacy asked as she chewed her lips, something that made Willow smile as she knew it would only plump them up slightly as well as make them more sensitive for the girl.

“Sure she will, but if she knew I was home and didn’t hear music she would be incredibly suspicious, you know?”

Stacy nodded keenly, “Ahh, I see, okay.”

Willow smirked and stepped towards Stacy, taking her by the hands and standing her up, “C’mere…”

“Hm?” Stacy sounded innocent as she let Willow once again stand her up, they were pretty much the same height, both slender and lithe.

“Let’s get you undressed…” Willow said with a wink, Stacy blushed and nodded, moving to follow Willows hands as they caressed under the hem of her t-shirt, helping to lift it off up over her perfect milky skin, revealing her chest in its simple black bra.

Willow, grinning, pressed her chest to the blonde’s, reaching around to let her nimble fingers unhook the bra, holding onto it as she stepped back, casting it aside to reveal her small, perfect breasts.

Stacy smiled, reaching under her small breasts to lift and cup them, “You like?”

“Mm! They’re gorgeous, keep undressing but keep your panties on, I’ve gotta get something.”

Stacy nodded and while humming along to the music, began to free herself from her skinny jeans, shoes and socks.

By the time she was done Willow stood before her, admiring her body without shame, her eyes scanning up and down Stacy’s young, lithe form, “Mm cute!”

Stacy smiled and opened her mouth to voice a reply, but instead noticed that she was carrying a blindfold, so ending up pursing her lips, “What’s that for Willow?”

Willow tore her eyes away from Stacy, looking confused for a moment then, following her line of sight blushed and hid it behind her back, looking embarrassed.

“Oh, this? Ah, well,” she hesitated, “I um… Get really self conscious about people seeing me naked and I can’t really… You know, perform. Would you… Would you mind?” she blinked innocently, holding out the blindfold.

Stacy smiled warmly and shook her head, “Not at all, anything to make you feel more comfortable.”

Willow smiled then, leaning in to give Stacy the cutest of kisses, “Aww Stacy, you’re such a sweety.”

Stacy smiled and couldn’t help but to giggle a little bit as the opaque fabric was slipped over her eyes, obscuring all light.

“Ooh this is fun.” she smiled and held onto Willow with one hand, feeling a little disorientated since she didn’t really know the layout of the room and didn’t fancy banging her shins off of anything.

“Glad you think so, it’s about to get a lot more fun. Promise not to take off the blindfold?” Willow asked, her voice soft and pleading.

“Of course Willow, I promise.”

Willow smiled and led Stacy to the bed, “Okay lover girl… Just kneel here and I’ll go check on my mom okay?”

Carefully Stacy knelt and nodded softly, “Okay, just don’t keep a girl waiting too long will you?”

“Of course Stacy, I promise.” Willow mimicked cutely.

Willow stepped back and for a moment admired her obedient friend, who was completely crazy about Willow, knelt on the floor, looking forward, waiting patiently. She was really beautiful, Willow knew and she was sure she would have a tonne of fun with her some night. Just not tonight.

Willow slipped from her room and crossed the short distance to her mom’s room, opening the door and beckoning with a finger.

Smirking, her mom, Louise, a busty, well-proportioned milf of a brunette stepped towards her and gave her a hug. Unashamed, the cougar was already nude, her cock already hard, eager and as always, pleased to see Willow, “You really think this’ll work?”

Willow smirked and nodded, “Mhm, she’s really eager to make me happy but, I know how eager you’ve been to bust a nut in her.”

Louise smiled and leaned down, tilting her daughter’s head back and meeting her in a kiss, their lips pressed warmly together, parting to allow the incestual pairing to meet in a slow but deep mother-daughter kiss, their tongues mingling as Louise’s hand wandered down, slipping down into her daughters jeans to grope and squeeze at her pale ass.

“Mmmph- Mooom,” Willow whispered with a blush, “you’re all worked up, don’t get distracted with me when Stacy’s literally on her knees next door waiting for a cock to suck.”

Louise smirked a little, letting her daughter go, “Mm, you’re right sweetie.”

“I know, now, remember the rule?”

“Don’t say anything?”

Willow nodded, “Good, we should be okay.”

Willow and Louise crept back into Willows room, closing the door behind the two of them with a gentle click, causing the kneeling girl to perk up, wiggling her panty clad ass slightly, unknowingly enticing.

“Willow?” she asked softly.

“You know it baby,” she replied stepping across towards her, followed by her curvy mother, her cock out in front swaying with each step, drawing closer and closer to the teen girl who had previously alluded her.

Fortunately, the beat of the music and the softness of their steps hid the fact that two pairs of feet approached the kneeling blonde, stepping around her.

Carefully they climbed onto the bed, Louise sitting with her thighs splayed wide, her cock throbbing and her balls low, the petite teen between her thick thighs, Willow, meanwhile, moved to kneel behind her mom, placing her head on the woman’s shoulder so when she spoke, the sound came from a believable direction.

“Let’s make this special Stacy, ever given a no hands blowjob before?” Willow said, her voice soft and teasing.

“No, but I think I can guess what it entails.” she giggled cutely, putting her hands on her lap and, hearing the voice in front of her and, assuming correctly that there was a cock just before her, leaned forward.

Louise closed her mouth and tilted her head back as she felt Stacy’s soft lips bump against the middle of her erect cock, Willow letting out a little soft gasp, “Ah, you found it…” she said, smirking as he watched the blond treat, figuring out where she was and starting to kiss upwards.

“W-wow Willow, how do you hide this? It feels huge.”

“A-ah… I tuck, now, kiss your way back down, feel how big my balls are…” Willow responded, feeling her mom’s hands reach back to squeeze her thighs, thanking her silently.

Stacy kissed slowly back down Louise’s shaft, feeling it pulse under her lips as she made her way down the full length to the soft, smooth skin of her sack, kissing and using her tongue to explore, feeling the size and weight of each of the heavy cum filled orbs.

“Mm, you like that?” Willow purred softly and Stacy nodded, sucking on each of the orbs with vigour, washing them in her mouth as her tongue rolled over them, letting them fall free, her breath coming a little quicker.

“A-ah, y-yes, they’re so big Willow, I wish we’d done this sooner…”

Willow grinned as she watched Louise mouth the words, ‘me too’ and spoke softly, “Mm, me too Stacy, now, start sucking my cock.”

“Yes, Miss.” Stacy giggled a little, licking in a single line up the entire underside of her cock to kiss the thick tip, the girl letting out an appreciative little sigh, “Wow you’re big…”

Willow didn’t respond asides from a gentle moan, hearing in one ear the heated breaths of her mom as she tried to keep quiet, feeling herself finally conquer what she had begun to think was beyond the grasp of her seduction.

Stacy didn’t need more prompting, without taking her lips from Louise’s cock she parted her lips, leaning in and forward to take the tip of her cock into the hot wetness of her small mouth, moaning around it as she leaned forward, letting it push across her tongue and fill her mouth.

Louise shivered, suppressing a moan that Willow happily supplied, recreating the noises she knew she would be making if she was receiving what Louise currently was.

Stacy eagerly slid her lips down around the girth of Louise’s cock, letting out a soft moan of her own as she sucked on the hard length, her tongue swirling around the tip when she could, though often it was just pressed into the bottom of her mouth.

Her hands moved on her lap, eager to reach up and play with the thick shaft and heavy balls, but she resisted the temptation, instead focusing on her head game.

“A-ah, that’s so good Stacy… Play with the tip more, lick the underside of the tip, little flicks,” Willow panted softly, pausing until she felt her mom squeeze her thighs, grinning, “Oooh just like that, good girl.”

Stacy let out a little appreciative moan as she obeyed, pleasuring the thick length, doing everything she was asked to and more besides, switching between rolling her lips up and down the spit-slick shaft to focusing on the ruby red tip, swirling her tongue around the silky heat of the tip.

“Yesss worship the tip.” Willow urged and Stacy complied, working her lips up and down the tip, the wonderful sensations making Louise’s toes curl as her daughter help her fulfil a fantasy.

“Oh my god Stacy that’s so fucking good, you’re such a good cock sucker…” Willow moaned, smirking as her mother clenched her teeth together to suppress her own noises of pleasure, “Do you like that Stacy? Do you like sucking my thick white cock?”

“Mmmfh,” Stacy murmured around the cock, gasping softly as she let it pop free from her mouth, “Uh, y-yeah Willow, your cock is so fucking big,” she leaned down, once more letting her lips and tongue caress and worship the soft skin of her heavy silky sack, “I could suck your cock all night.”

Willow smirked a little, kissing her mother’s neck silently, “I bet you could too, but sooner or later you’re gonna make me cum with, ah, with that wonderful tongue of yours, I bet you want that don’t you? Want my cum in your mouth.”

“A-ah, yes Willow.”

“They get back to sucking, baby,” she purred and Stacy was happy to oblige, kissing her way slowly back up the length of Louise’s shaft, pressing her soft plush lips into the hardness of the pulsing member before taking it back into the welcoming wet heat of her young mouth.

Louise was breathing hard, struggling to keep herself quiet and Willow bit her lip, knowing her mom could be quite vocal she felt a smirk spread across her face.

“Ah, Stacy, I bet ooh… I bet your panties are soaked, right?” Willow moaned lustily.

“Mmhm…” she moaned softly as she worked the length of Louise’s cock.

“Take them off, hold them up for me…”

Louise looked towards Willow, her eyes looking a little confused as Stacy, without taking the cock from her mouth, somewhat awkwardly, obliged, working them down her thighs and off her ankles, holding them up to Willow.

Reaching out Willow plucked them from the girl’s fingers and as she lowered her hands once more she couldn’t help but graze her fingertips across Louise’s balls, just so desperate to feel them in her hands.

“Good girl…” Willow raised the slender lace panties to her face, inhaling the girls sweet, dirty scent audibly before letting out a sultry sigh, “Mmm, so fucking good.”

Stacy, blushing from her sneaky fondle continued to be the good girl she wanted to be, working her lips up and down her length, drawing Louise closer and closer to climax, when she typically couldn’t help but moan.

Willow winked to Louise and pushed the soaked panties between her mother’s surprised lips, stuffing her open mouth with the warm fabric, making her mom taste the sweet nectar of the girl currently working her cock, making sure she kept quiet.

“Faster and suck harder babe, I want you to make me cum hard between those cock sucking lips.” Willow urged, reaching around her mom’s waist then up to cup her heavy soft breasts, weighty in her hands, she squeezed them, feeling the softness squish between her fingers as she massaged them, reaching higher to caress and play with her nipples.

Stacy whimpered softly with each quick sweep of her cock, taking it deep, the sounds emanating from where they met wet and lewd.

As Willow skillfully massaged her mother’s breasts and nipples she felt her begin to writhe softly, her cum rising as the cute blonde continued to skillfully work her cock.

Willow moaned in her mother’s ear, eager and increasing in speed, matching the pace of her mothers breathes as she felt her chest rise and fall under her groping hands, “G-god, Stacy, I’m going to cum, you better swallow it all!”

Stacy, unable to help herself, raised her hands, one hand wrapping soft slender fingers around the base of her spit-lubed cock, jerking her off as her other hand cupped and massaged her heavy balls, coaxing out her load.

Willow bit her lip, she had asked the girl to keep her hands down by her sides to prevent her from placing them on Louise’s thighs, where the softness would’ve given away the game, but as it seemed she didn’t have to worry about that.

Louise arched her back and moaned into her gag, the noise drowned out by Willow’s vocal gasps and moans as she mimicked her own noises of climax.

Louise fired off her cum into the cute teen’s mouth, her thick salty load spilling onto the girl’s tongue, filling her mouth as she held only the tip between her lips, letting the huge load pool.

Stacy milked the cock with her hands, squeezing the heavy balls as they twitched and spent their load in her eager waiting mouth, relishing in the sensations of having her mouth filled with cum.

Louise shivered as she spent the last of her load into the girl’s mouth, Willow panting hard, “A-ah, oh, oh fuck, Stacy, ah, show me, show me my load…”

Stacy pulled herself up from the cock after ensuring she had every drop, lowering her hands back to her lap and tilting her head back, opening her mouth to show off her prize, the mouthful of thick girl cream.

“Mm, swirl it a little…” Willow ordered, panting softer now.

Stacy complied, mixing it in her mouth, swirling her tongue around letting the thick seed flow through her mouth.

“Now swallow.”

Stacy closed her lips and, as Willow and Louise watched, her throat bulged for a moment as she gulped down the load, parting her lips to show off her now empty mouth.

“Mmm, good girl, you like that?”

“Y-yes, it tastes so good…” Stacy purred low, biting her lip, her cheeks blushed, “Can I take this off now?” She asked, raising her hands to her blindfold.

“N-no!” Willow squeaked, biting her lip as she leaned back, her mom silently untangling herself, slowly starting to sneak from the room, letting Stacy’s panties fall from her mouth into her hand where she held them, a trophy, “Let me just get some pants on first, you know, shy and stuff.”

“Oh, sure,” Stacy said, giggling a little and sitting still like a good girl.

Louise, with a blown kiss to her daughter and a wink, left the room and Willow let out a relieved sigh, smiling, “Okay… Now, how about I go down on you, hm?”


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