Ariela: Broken In

Belind sat in the corner of his cell, afraid and alone, nothing to do apart from to wait for the next visit from the almost brutal Ariela.

She could arrive unannounced at any moment, unceremoniously push him up against the wall or flatten him on the filthy floor and have her way with him, using his body to sate her pleasure, defiling his body and wearing down his resolve one pounding at a time.

She would usually visit once in the morning to deliver him his ‘breakfast’ and while the food he was given was a poor substitute for the diet he was used to in terms of taste, Ariela was making sure to give him enough to ensure he didn’t waste away and lose any of his alluring figure. He had considered starving himself to reduce her attraction to him, but he wasn’t strong enough to go without food.

He couldn’t be sure how long he had been down here for, with no windows or way to track time other than the passing of sleep and Ariela’s visits, he had quickly lost track, but he guessed it was somewhere around a couple of weeks.

He was laying in the corner, in a state of semi sleep, the deepest rest he could manage on the unyielding stone floor that left his body aching and sore when he heard the distinctive sound of the dungeons main door being unlocked, the rattle of keys and the heavy soled boots of a guard.

He blinked up from his spot, drawn from his poor sleep to look at the guard, squinting his eyes against the brightness of the torch he carried.

What he hadn’t realised was that the heavy footprints of the grim looking had guard masked another set, quieter and softer, belonging to a small woman, though not one he recognised that currently stood alongside the guard as they peered at him through the cell door.

They both stood, eying him over with a pitying gaze and after a moment the guard moved to unlock the cell before walking away, clearly knowing the former Prince Belind offered no threat to the girl who now entered his tiny cell.

Illuminated by the torch he could see her, young and beautiful, though her face was scrunched up in disgust, the dungeons were never exactly perfume-scented, after all.

“Queen Ariela requests your presence.” She said, simply.

Belind swallowed, unsure, this was new for him in his time here after all.

“W-what for?” he asked, his voice weak and wavering, tiredness filling every word.

“To fuck you, of course. She grows tired of the setting.”

Belind grimaced some but didn’t make to move, looking away from her.

The girl sighed softly, “She said, if you wished, you could remain here for as long as you so please. She would make infrequent visits to sate herself on your body and revel in your defeat, but she would much prefer you join her.”

Silence still.

“The girl rolled her eyes. “Up above you would be a concubine, with all the privileges that entails. Proper food, drink, clothes, beds, baths. Quiet luxury.”

Belind swallowed and turned his head to look up at her. He could stay here, where his suffering would be maximised but his humiliation kept low, she wouldn’t care much, he knew, for a filthy tired boy In a dungeon cell.

But back out there, he would be as attractive as when they first met one another and she had claimed him as her toy, her pet to defile, a personification of the very defeat she had wrought upon the realm that she now ruled.

He swallowed and moved to stand on shaky feet.


The girl nodded once, seemingly relieved, she hadn’t looked forward to the prospect of returning to the queen to deliver anything other than good news.

“Follow me then.”

Belind paused, “Can… Can I have something to wear?”

The woman eyed him over once more, scrutinising his feminine, grimy form, then shook her head.

“No. There Is no sense in defiling clothes with your firth. You will wash, be rejuvenated then be delivered to the Queen. If you want clothes, I suggest you ask her then.”

He paused but nodded, knowing he couldn’t fight this, couldn’t fight her.

He was led through up through the dungeons to the underbelly of the palace which, while his father had been king, he had lived in most his life here. He had never visited the dungeons and seldom ventured down here to the kitchens and servants quarters, save for when he was a young child and play exploring.

The palace was bustling, full of unfamiliar faeces who eyed him with a mix of scorn and amusement. He knew he would find no friends or allies in these walls, the palace packed with those most loyal to the Queen.

He was brought to a set of rooms, unimpressive and without window, somewhere in the heart of the palace, but they were warm and comfortable, carpeted with silk hangings and a huge pillowed bed, he recognised it, the room of one of his father’s former concubines, she had lived here, slept here and been used here. Much as he would now be.

“I will begin drawing a bath.” She said, keenly, eying the naked grime strewn prince without bothering to hide her distaste, “…Try not to sit down or touch anything,” she paused, “Just… Stand there.”

She eyed him over one last time then left through a small sink curtain to a small side room, with a bath and he knew, other cleaning facilities.

He stepped forward towards a dressing table around which were set up three, mirrors giving whoever sat in the center a full view of themselves, girls would sit here and apply makeup to themselves, spending hours a day on their faces so that it would be perfect on the off chance that their king, or sometimes even a guest, or even a particularly curious Prince, would come pay a discreet visit.

The makeup was fully stocked and he wondered just how far Ariela’s tastes of humiliation stretched, would she force him to wear woman’s clothes, to apply makeup? To speak and act as a woman might? He didn’t know and he truly did not want to find out.

He stood lost in his own thoughts until he was finally called through by the serving girl. She had drawn a bath and he could smell the scent of the perfumed water as it wafted through the air, a refreshing experience following his stint in the dungeons.

“Wash yourself as thoroughly as you can.” She prompted, before stepping out of the room, leaving him alone.

With no windows and the palace swarming with Ariela’s friend’s escape was impossible. To resist or fight back, he assumed, would only lead him straight back into the warm embrace of the dungeons. And besides, why wouldn’t he bathe? He wanted to be free of the grime as much as Ariela wanted it, he wanted the scent of it off of him and he wanted the heat of the water to work into his body, relaxing and relieving the pain of his aching muscles.

He stepped over and dipped a toe in the steaming water, cautious, it was too hot, but he grit his teeth, lowering himself into the water regardless. The heat bore into him, it stung, as he felt it roll up his body to his neck, but heat prickling at his skin, but he needed it, needed it to feel more human, the warmth spreading into his muscles and into his bones.

For the first few minutes he simply languished, enjoying the sensations, even the slight pain of the heat on his sensitive skin.

He sighed and raised his fingers, running them through his red hair, feeling the dirt and grease wash away as he cleaned, beginning to use his hands, some soap and a rough padded scrubbing sponge he began whittling away at the grime that coated him.

The heat and the rough sponge left his sensitive pale skin reddened, but at least it was clean.

He was very thorough, cleaning every nook and cranny of his body and his hair, leaving him, as the water began to cool, feeling more like himself.

He raised himself from the bath and questioned just how clean he really was when he noted the murky colour of the used bath water he had left behind. He would’ve preferred a second or even a third bath, but he was no longer in any position to make demands. Instead, he opted to feel grateful for the one he had had and began to towel himself off.

The girl returned while he was drying himself off, relieved to see him out of the bath and seeing to himself, seemingly pleased with his work.

“Oh good! I was worried you’d be pruning, come come, we’re ready for you.”

He frowned, uncertain as to just who she meant, fearing it could be Ariela he stepped cautiously from the bathroom through the silk drapings that hid the side room, the towel wrapped around his chest, the length hanging to his thighs.

To his surprise, and delight, the girl and two others waited for him, all surrounding dresser and mirror set up, the chair in the middle of them all waiting for him.

He swallowed and approached the trio, cautious.

“Sit.” One of them said, her attitude surprisingly bright and her accent, like her olive skin, foreign, the lady who had directed him so far took a step back, leaving him to the exotic duo now around the mirror, letting him sit, still only in his towel.

He sat and stared at himself in the mirror as the girls went about their work, one, it seemed, was working on his hair, the other he realised with a hint of regret, his makeup.

Regretfully he closed his eyes as he felt their soft light fingers caress him, running through his hair accompanied by soft snips of scissors, while the other began to apply tiny touches of makeup, all the while the pair of them spoke in a language he didn’t recognise.

It had only been ten or fifteen minutes before the woman both stopped and he opened his eyes, dreading the worst.

Before him was… Himself.

He had expected his makeup to have dolled him up like a whore out seeking copper, but it had merely accentuated his existing features, and the haircut had merely cut away the growth, reducing and styling it so it was, honestly, in the style he had worn the most throughout his life.

“No lipstick?” he asked, surprised, at least having expected that from Ariela with her renowned enjoyment of his lips around her meat.

One of the girls smirked softly and shook her head, “There’s a shortage of perfect lips in the world, it would be a shame to spoil yours with lipstick…”

He didn’t respond, simply looking back at himself. It didn’t make much sense, that she would humiliate him by, in a way, restoring him to his best.

Despite how pleased he felt for looking as he did, a suspicion still lingered in him, one that showed no sign of shifting. He didn’t trust Ariela, he merely couldn’t figure out her motives.

The two girls left him and, suddenly, he found himself once more alone.

He watched himself in the mirror, the young handsome Prince looking back at him reminding him of glory years which were now, long past.

“Mm there he is…” came a sultry voice from his doorway and he turned his head, anxious though not surprised to see Ariela standing in the doorway.

Grinning she stepped forward and closed the door behind herself, leaving her with him, alone and as always, totally in her power.

“There’s the boy I fell madly in lust with…  You look as perfect as the first day in my tent when you submitted to me.”

“Why are you doing this? What is your plan?” he asked, his tone a little sharper than he had intended, rising to his feet, defensively clutching his towel around him.

He expected a rebuke, but she merely smirked.

“Maybe I just wanted my lover at his best for when he services me.

She approached, her dress, which had been finely tailored, dissolving in a cloud of her emerald green magic along with his towel to leave them both naked.

He braced himself as she stepped up to him, expecting the roughness he had grown accustomed to in the dungeons, but she walked past him, her back to him as she climbed onto the bed, crawling forward and turning to lay on the soft silks and feathered mattress, the comfort enveloping her, her cock, usually hard and ready, soft between her thighs.

He stared at her, uncertain.

“You’re wondering what I’m doing.” She said, he didn’t respond, he didn’t need to.

“What do you think I want?” she asked, tilting her head as she casually reclined, like a woman waiting for her bedmate and not like the dominant and destructive Queen he knew her to be.

“I think you want to humiliate me.” He said, distastefully.

She looked offended, “oh my darling Belind… No.. I’ve done that, I’ve broken you down in the dungeons and now I will build you back up. I will teach you to be the perfect pet, you will be loyal, obedient and perfectly mine.”

He swallowed a little. He didn’t feel broken, he felt he had been close, another week and he would be at the point she was describing, but he didn’t feel like he was quite there yet. He thought, perhaps, she had underestimated his strength. A mistake he could potentially build on.

He looked at her for a long moment and she him, evaluating each other. He thought she saw a boy, her toy, broken and rebuilt to be the pretty thing she lusted after, but that wasn’t the case. He thought about it, but admitting that to her, he knew, would be a stupid move. It would only prompt her to try breaking him again.

“So… What now? For me?” he asked, timidly.

She smiled, “You’re my lover, you show me that.” She grinned, parting her thighs softly as she reclined on the bed, her thick cock laying soft across her heavy round balls to rest on the silk sheets of the bed.

She much preferred to have him willingly pleasure her, he knew, as opposed to her just pounding into his passive form, she enjoyed the mental level of power over him greater than the physical one since there was no real challenge there for her.

He swallowed and took a step forward towards her, her grin widening as she knew he would obey her.

It was degrading, humiliating, but it was in private. And a few minor acts here with her, with his dignity secretly intact, may afford him the opportunity in future to act on his remaining defiance, maybe growing a resistance of sorts, vying for his freedom, fleeing to a neighbouring empire or kingdom.

He climbed slowly onto the bed, urging his slender lithe body between her powerful thighs, leaning on his elbows as he settled down, his chest pressed into the silks of the bed, his mouth inches from her sleeping cock.

“You still hate it, don’t you?” she asked, smirking.

He nodded little even as he leaned in, kissing it

“Mm… Don’t worry my sweetness, you will learn to love it eventually, but for now, you’ll just have to get on with it,” she grinned, his soft lips were pressing against the smooth warmth of her cock, “Not that I need to tell you that, it seems.”

He blushed softly as he kissed. He let his tongue work out, running over the length of her swelling cock, tasting it and letting her relish the sensations of his submission.

Reaching out with a hand she hefted his her cock, only on the cusp of swelling and took the soft head of her shaft between his lips, causing her to emit a sigh of pleasure.

He sucked then, his cheeks caving in as he began his efforts, sucking her cock, the length hardening eagerly in his mouth now, swelling, growing, becoming steely hard in his lips and hand.

He squeezed with his hands stroking her as he rolled his plush perfect lips up and down her cock, looking up at her with a soft, resigned expression.

Her moans started out soft, without an audience her vocalisations were less emphasised and more natural, simply enjoying the experience of his submission as he sucked her off.

“You’re getting good at that..” she praised, eliciting a look from him.

She laughed at his expression, “Oh, I’m sure you’re getting good just to finish me off faster, don’t worry, I know your reasoning.”

He blushed crimson and she grinned.

The cock was familiar in his mouth now, the ridges, veins, textures and tastes, nothing new, it was also, to his disgust, not unpleasant either, he didn’t enjoy it, but it didn’t make him feel vile and disgusting as he had first felt. Now he just did what he had to. Feeling nothing, obeying, despite his thoughts of impunity.

“Don’t forget the balls, lover boy.”

He moved his other hand to her cock, his fingers and hand curling around her slick spit coated cock, wetly stroking it, both his hands gliding over the steely length as he lowered his head, closing his eyes as he closed his lips around a heavy orb, sucking it into his mouth where he licked and bathed it with his tongue, worshipping the heavy cum filled balls as she knew she loved.

He saw to each of the orbs, suckling, kissing, licking and let her enjoy the attention.

After a while his lips popped free, exhaling onto her balls as he licked back up the entire underside of her length to the ruby tip, taking it once more into his mouth as he pressed down, wetting her length.

“Good boy, now, think you’re feeling brave enough to ride it?”

He blushed brightly and looked up at her, letting the cock once more pop free from his lips to rest against his blushing cheek, “W-what?”

“Ride it. You know, bounce on my cock like an eager slut.”

He swallowed. He had willingly sucked her cock, but every time she had visited him in the dungeons she had simply ploughed him into the floor or wall, never making him do that.

“Come on… No one will see… You can go at your own pace, It’ll be as slow or fast as you want..”

“T-there’s no lube,” he  objected, “It’ll hurt.”

“There’s lube in the draw there, this is a concubine’s room, remember?”

He blushed and seriously considered refusing her, but after a moment crawled across the bed to the draw, pulling out the small glass bottle and unstoppered it, glancing at her as he poured a small quantity of the lube into his fingers, blushing and averting his gaze from her amused expression as he applied it to himself with delicate fingers that slipped easily into the ring of his ass.

“Mm… That’s fun to watch.” she grinned, reaching out with a hand to slowly stroke her slick cock, keeping it hard for him as he restoppered the vial, placing it back in the draw, looking at her, waiting, legs spread, breasts full on her chest, grinning.

He shuffled towards her and hesitated, turning to face away from him, not wanting to watch her expressions as he did what he had to, she let out a small laugh.

“Oooh kinky, you wanna let me watch my cock sliding in and out of your ass?” she teased, reaching out with a hand as he backed up towards her, her hand, slightly wet from stroking her glistening cock caressed and squeezed one of his plush cheeks, biting her lip as he moved, his legs either side of hers, his hands between her knees as he leaned forward, “Arch your back,” she ordered, pushing down on his lower back and he obeyed.

He felt her cock between his plush cheeks, a familiar feeling by all accounts, but the warmth of the room, the silkiness of the sheet, the way she squeezed his ass, hard but not enough to hurt made him squirm.

Compared to his experiences before it was almost pleasant, though he knew what was to come, what she expected.

He raised his hips, letting out a slow shuddering sigh to calm himself as he reached between his legs with a hand, gently grasping her length and lining the tip up to his hole.

He felt it line up and he inched himself down ever so slightly, letting the tip feed into his ass, his once virgin tight hole while, by no accounts loose, took the tip without pain, the head sinking into the lubricated heat of his ass.

She let out a soft eager moan, grinning as she watched his shapely figure and pale cheeks start to engulf her monstrous length.

Slowly he began to lower himself onto her pole, feeling each inch as it pressed into him, filling him with its familiar size and girth.

He squeezed his eyes shut, oddly wishing it hurt, if it hurt he could be angry, but as it was he no longer felt pain with her inside of him, his suffering in the dungeons had mainly been because of her force and his surroundings.

Here surrounded by softness, going at his own pace it almost…

He sank down to the root and let out an involuntary moan, biting his lip and flushing crimson in embarrassment at the noise he had made, hanging his head as he felt it fill him entirely, throbbing inside of him.

She didn’t prompt him, she let him adjust before he started to move, beginning to bounce on her cock, riding her as the majority of his focus went on stifling his noises.

The pleasure was the worst thing for the former Prince. Enjoying it was a humiliation he hadn’t expected to suffer, to be forced to pleasure his conqueror was one thing, but to get off on it?

His cock was hard as he rode her, primarily using his hips to gyrate, letting her thick cock glide in and out of his love hole.

“That feels so good Belind… Just like that… Make me feel good…” Ariela purred, grinning as she revelled in his new suffering.

She loved finding new ways to confuse and conflict her toy, it made things fun for her, and her subtle magic, helping to raise his pleasure as he rode her cock was just another way to play with him.

However, Ariela was working to a time schedule and, as much as she wanted to, she couldn’t spend all day enjoying him like this. She smirked to herself, perhaps tomorrow.

She placed her hands on his plush cheeks and started to guide his pace, not rough, but setting the pace and a constant bounce that brought the most pleasure to her cock, of which she, using a spark of her magic, enhanced her sensitivity.

She rolled her shoulders and chewed her lip, staring at his pale body, the rolling writhes of his hips, the soft muffled thighs of his voice.

It was a quick one, she knew, but it was only a means to an end today.

“F-fuck… I’m gonna… Ah!” she gasped and her eyes rolled back as she squeezed his ass, dragging him down onto her shaft and holding him there, her hands gliding up to grip his hips, giving her a better hold on her prize.

Belind welcomed her climax, knowing it meant the humiliation of his actions was finally at the end, but her surprises weren’t over yet.

Her cock pulsed and came, her seed shooting into him with a force he was accustomed to, while in the past he had felt it, felt the hot fluid fill him today it was so much more intense, each squirt of cum, injected deep into his boyish ass was followed almost instantly by another and another!

He squirmed, looking over his shoulder at her desperately as he felt uncomfortably full, her cum flowing into him in an absolute torrent, he gasped and whined, feeling a tightness in his stomach, her magically enhanced load pouring into him, it felt like quarts of the hot thick substance was being dumped in him.

The minutes past and her climax waned, leaving him feeling bloated and embarrassed, a slight curve to his usually flat stomach.

“W-why, why did you…” he panted softly.

She chuckled a little and patted him on the lower back.

With a groan, he raised himself and clenched his hole tight, with effort and great strain he managed to hold massive load inside of him, but he knew his time was limited before Ariela’s white thick seed would begin to leak from him.

“You’ll see soon,” she said and, with a satisfied sigh, swung her legs from the bed, standing and forming a glorious dress around herself, turning her back to him and stepping towards the exit of the room.

He thought back to what the girl had said about clothes and, as he too stood, his hands resting awkwardly on his swollen belly, he spoke, “Can… Can I have something to wear?”

She paused and glanced over at him with a frown, she parted her lips, then hesitated, her frown turning up into a smirk, “Certainly.”

She turned back and stepped from the room, waving her hand dismissively. As she did Belind felt the tingle of magic around his neck and, as he glanced towards the mirror, he saw a black leather collar around his neck, a single piece of fabric with no clasp.

He stared at it is dismay for a moment then, a little awkwardly stepped towards the bathroom.

“No!” the girl from before, who had pulled him from the dungeons said, wagging her finger, “No, you follow me.”


“Ah! No, come.”

He let out an uncomfortable whimper and flushed with colour, walking over to her, a slight waddle to his walk as he followed her out of his chambers and back into the palace.

As he walked through the palace he heard a distant roaring, like a waterfall or the wind and he furrowed his brow.

Had he been so deep inside the palace and dungeons that he had not heard a storm? It wasn’t the season for it.

“W-what’s that noise?” He said, awkwardly as he followed her.

“You will see,” she said and he followed her still.

As they left the windowless heart of the Palace he began to spot windows, sunlight streaming in through them.

He furrowed his brow, but, his skin beginning to glisten with sweat from the effort of holding Ariela’s gift inside him, he couldn’t put enough thought into the growing noise.

They approached Ariela’s private chambers and he looked towards the girl at his side, “S-she wants me again? So soon?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

He bit his lip and, as the door opened, the sight that greeted him would haunt him forever.

Room was intricate, the door opening on a thin red carpet that ran the length of the room towards an open pair of double doors, the sun streaming in, the roaring intense and overwhelming.

The red carpet was lined with Generals, mystics, Captains and servants. His own former man, Atrin, standing by the doors, a crown in his hands.

Belind felt a tingling on his skin, Ariela’s magic.

He began to move forward, calm and collect, though in his mind his panic was rising.

He felt himself relax, his walk casual, almost a saunter. Cum trickling down his thighs.

He walked between the rows of the most powerful people in Ariela’s new empire, her cum trickling from his used hole and he smiled to many of the men, his expression sultry, his eyes wanting, though in his mind he was screaming, vying for control, horror and shock dominating him.

He stepped up to Atrin and winked playfully, the man looking at him with shame and disgust. Belind wanted to say this wasn’t him, he wasn’t doing this.

But instead, he took the crown. And stepped between the doors onto the balcony.

Belind stood there, looking out over the huge crowd of people, all here for their new Queen’s coronation.

Sat in a chair she smirked briefly at Belind and winked as he stood beside her, naked, white running down his thighs.

And it made sense then.

The makeup, the hair, it was to ensure that the people knew, the people could see without a shadow of a doubt that it was their former Prince, Belind, naked, dripping with her cum, smiling warmly as he placed the crown on her head.

She reached out and laid a possessive hand on his ass as the crowd roared, cheered, jeered at the lewd scene.

“How about now Belind?” she asked, looking up at him as she squeezed his cheek, “Do you feel broken now?”


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