Ariela: New Secrets

Ariela leant forward on the intricately carved table, a map of her new Empire etched into the wood, painted and polished, the surface so intricate as to show the curves, valleys hills and mountains of the land. It lay scattered with figures indicating the spread of her forces, her minions, thin across the towns and cities she now owned and was, apparently, struggling to control.

“Would you care to explain to me, General Atrin, why I cannot continue my conquests and why my armies are spread as thinly as they are?” she spoke in a soft gentle tone, but one that was obviously masking a deep fury, her eyes flickering from the map of her land up to the meek looking General who, after so easily switching sides from Belind to her, had, to her surprise, served her with a surprising competence and loyalty, the only two aspects that meant he was not currently a smear on the far wall.

“My Queen, the towns and cities require a very high level of policing, only the er, nature of the troops in your army keep them in check. Without those creatures I fear many of the cities would be in open rebellion against you.” He explained, his voice calm and professional, though Ariela noted a single bead of sweat trickle down from his hair.

She liked Atrin. Clever and professional but utterly terrified of her, which was typically how she liked her subordinates. Those without the sense to fear her often ended up wishing they had, often becoming a bleak reminder to the rest, a grim example. He wilted under her prolonged glare, but she let it relent and nodded, “I see. I thought my treatment of Belind would’ve shown them their place, my dominance. Why didn’t that happen?”

He cleared his throat, knowing he was treading on thin ice, “The Royal family, uh, worthless as they were, my Queen, were beloved by the people. As news of your humiliation of Belind at your glorious coronation spread the people weren’t, as you hoped wisely, cowed into submission. Instead, it seems to have um… Incensed them somewhat.”

“This is much unlike you General.”

He felt cold, “Apologies, my Queen, how is this unlike me?”

“Usually when you bring me bad news like this you have the sense to offer me solutions first. To keep my mood in check. Are you telling me you cannot see a solution to this mess?” She waved a hand dismissively across the map, as if every soul it represented was something he should easily be able to clean up at her beck and call.

Atrin felt himself relax a little as he allowed himself a small smile, “I er, actually do have a solution, it just hasn’t arrived yet, I expected it before your arrival but… It seems to be late.”

He had expected her to smile, to be at least a little bit brighter at his offer of a solution, but, to the contrary, her expression darkened.

“I do not appreciate being kept in the dark Atrin.”

“I, er, of course my Queen, I-…” he hesitated, hearing footsteps approaching the campaign room in which they were stood and, as a pair of great oaken doors swung open at the far side of the room, he was pleased to see just who he had been talking about, a young woman, sauntering in with a dismissive look about her, her scowl mimicking Ariela’s own, flanked by a pair of the Queen’s guard.

Still, Ariela’s expression didn’t lighten, her eyes glancing towards the newcomer then back to Atrin, “Your solution looks like a bitch.”

Atrin reddened, “Er, Queen Ariela, this is the Lady Sophia, formerly Princess Sophia, the adoptive daughter of the late king and sister to Belind.”

Ariela’s eyes widened and she stood straighter, her eyes narrowing as she looked again at the blonde girl who eyed her back, as if appraising her own worth, “You can’t be serious. The renegade?” she grinned then, turning her attention back to her General, “I was wrong, you’ve done well to capture her, where did you find her?”

Atrin’s already flushed complex deepened in shade, “I er… Well.”

“He found me at the Palace Gates, though I had to knock twice before anyone would pay me a lick of attention.” Came her voice, a slight smirk on her lips.

Ariela flashed her General a look he couldn’t quite decipher, but one that he at least survived, before she turned her attention fully to the girl.

“You must be some special kind of stupid to turn yourself over to me,” Ariela said, plainly, a frown on her lips as she read the girl’s body language, superior, prim, “What did you think you would achieve by coming here?”

The girl shrugged plainly, glancing around, studying the room as if sizing it for new drapes, twirling a strand of her blonde hair in her fingers before turning her attention back to the Dark Queen, her expression and tone matching in condescension, as if speaking to a child.

“To marry you, of course.”

Atrin would forever cherish the expression that crossed Ariela’s face, a confused mix of shock and fury from the words and the manner in which she had spoken them, her mouth open, her eyes going wide then squinting, her brows furrowed, “Why… What would make you think I would want to marry someone like you?”

Sophia let out an exasperated sigh as if she had already explained herself a thousand times and was repeating herself to a particularly dense servant, “Because we both get what we want. I get to be powerful and you get a royal on the throne next to you. And if you have a royal on the throne next to you then all your silly rebels might just be placated! You get your happy little Empire, I get to be at the top. Everyone wins.”

Unlike Sophia, Atrin could see that despite Ariela’s seemingly cool demeanour she was seething on the inside, her emerald eyes practically shimmering with traces of her magic, which she at any given instant could so easily lash out at the uppity would be Princess with.

“Atrin,” Ariela spoke calmly, her gaze settling on his, “Would publicly executing this tart help our cause at all?”

Sophia’s mouth opened in shock but, snapping, Ariela whipped two fingers towards her, a bolt of emerald hitting the blonde in the chest. She took a step back, not from the impact but from surprise, her glare turning sour as she opened her mouth to speak.

Atrin raised an eyebrow as Sophia’s lips moved, her expression becoming increasingly exasperated as she talked, yelled, screamed, silent.

“That is so much better,” Ariela said, a small smirk playing on her purple lipsticked lips, “Anyway, General, public execution?”

Atrin glanced from the silently raging blonde back to Ariela, “I er, doubt it, my Queen, despite not being of direct lineage to the old king, she was still viewed as royalty.”

“Damn. Very well, lock her up, throw away the key, just take her from my sight.”

Ariela snapped her fingers dismissively and the guards flanking the silent girl, her hair mussed from her silent screams, siezed each of her arms and began to drag her kicking and not quite screaming from the room.

Atrin cleared his throat, “I… I think she had information she was willing to trade, my Queen.”

Ariela rolled her eyes before levelling them on Atrin, “Today has not been your finest day, General. Her information better be good.” She flicked a finger towards Sophia, dismissing her spell.


The guards stopped, standing by the door, staring at the sudden outburst from the panting princess, her cheeks flushing with colour as she realised what she had said.

She stood herself from their grip and stood prim and proper, tucking a strand of hair behind one ear before she walked back towards the table, eying Ariela with no less condescension despite the display of her power.

“…As much as I want to know what proceeded your outburst, girl, I’m short on time and shorter than patience. Spill.”

Sophia huffed, “There are two traitors close to freeing Belind. To lead this rebellion.”

Ariela looked at the girl, incredulous, her expression becoming a smirk, then a grin, then she laughed, a rich full sound that echoed around the room, “Oh dear girl, every single person in this city belongs to me, none of them ever loved Belind, I saw to that! Not one of them… Would… Dare… To…” She looked towards Atrin.

“Er…” Atrin started and unlike Sophia, when the bolt of emerald light struck him in the chest, it sent him flying, the world going dark.

Sophia stared in shock as the general collided with the far wall, crumpling into a motionless mass at the foot of the wall, slumped forward, smoke rising from the centre of his breastplate where the bolt had struck him, his hunched over pose thankfully hiding what Sophia could only assume was a gaping hole in his chest.

Ariela let out a contented little sigh, “Gods that was satisfying, so who are these two traitors?” she glanced towards Atrin then back, “I mean, you know, the one that isn’t him?”

Sophia swallowed and looked towards Ariela, reassuming her lofty demeanour, as if she hadn’t just watched a man murdered before her, “I don’t know, but that fool Belind would. I’ll be a good wife, you know, I have a lot of information I could share, I’ll be the best lay of your life and we could-”

Ariela waved her hand for silence and once more it descended upon Sophia, who, at least this time, didn’t throw a tantrum, “Oh do be quiet you useless little slut. Come with me, let us go see my darling pet Belind and see what he has to say about this fresh mess.”

Ariela began to stride from the room, motioning for Sophia to follow her and, flanked by guards, they made their way deeper into her palace.

Sophia looked around, amazed by the aesthetic of the palace. She had once lived here, for a time at least and she recalled the place to be bright and airy, windows allowing plenty of sunlight to flood in, the floors a clear marble and the walls a light wooden panelling. But now it was dark, the passages lit by flickering flames, tapestries and artwork displaying Ariela’s greatest victories dominating every wall.

Ariela glanced back to Sophia and grinned, her expression dark and excited as they approached a door, which she pushed open and stepped into, her purple dress trailing in behind her.

As Sophia stepped in she was shocked to see the change in theme, this room was one of luxurious comfort, warm colours, soft carpet, a huge bed, a young…

“Sophia?!” Belind’s voice came out, his blue eyes going wide, matching her own as he tugged the bed covers up over his naked body, hiding his body from her as they stared at each other, equally shocked.

Ariela grinned and stepped behind Sophia, placing her hands on the girl’s shoulders, looking over at Belind, “Oh come now Belind! This is a family reunion, now’s no time to go hiding yourself.”

Belind tore his expression away from her up to his owner, up to Ariela, “What is she doing here?” he said, his voice heavy with uncertainty.

“Tell me, how well did you two get on? You know, before all of this.” Ariela asked curiously, glancing down over Sophia’s shoulder at the v of her dress, briefly admiring her cleavage.

Belind pursed his lips, his brow furrowing a little as Ariela dodged his question, but he knew better than to avoid hers, “We hated each other. She bullied me almost constantly.”

Ariela nodded curiously, “She’s a real cunt isn’t she?”

Sophia made to move but Ariela tightened her grip, a silent pained expression crossing Sophia’s face before she stood still once more, pouting.

Belind glanced between the two then shrugged and nodded.

“Oh how rude of me, your question,” Ariela smirked, “from what I gather she came here to marry me to gain power and as a token of appreciation  she informed me that there are a couple of traitors in my midst who are trying to break you out,” she squinted her eyes some, reading his silent reaction.

“Well, I’ll be. Belind you little demon, she’s telling the truth isn’t she?” he looked away and she let out a short laugh, shaking her head, “I’m almost proud of you. I’m not, but, almost,” with a shove she pushed Sophia to her knees where, with a wave of her hand, Ariela kept her pinned, an invisible weight keeping her down as Ariela stepped around the bed to get closer to Belind, who shuffled away, nervous and with good reason.

“Each time I think I’ve broken you, you surprise me,” she reached out and caressed a hand across his face, “I think that’s why you’re my favourite. There’s always something new to play with.”

“I won’t tell you who they are…” Belind said defensively, still holding the covers to his chest.

Ariela let out a little sigh and put her hands on her hips, “Belind, darling, you know that isn’t true. I could very easily have you tortured until you give up the names of the traitors.” ‘though I know one already’, she thought to herself, thinking about Atrin, her mind completely lost as to who the other could be.

Belind got a bit of a wet look in his eyes, knowing his chances were dashed and that her words were true, but he wouldn’t give up the names without at least trying to resist her, though he felt fear coursing through him at the pain he was sure was coming.

“But I don’t want to have to do that.” She said and he looked up, confused, then she smiled, motioning with a hand towards the silent Sophia, “I’d much rather make that bitch suffer. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? If I played my little games with her, instead of you.”

“I don’t understand,” Belind said softly.

“Give me the names of the traitors and I will help you get your revenge on this uppity little brat. You and me, together,” she winked, “Either that or I just summon the torturer and send you on your little way. I might even marry this one, give her what she wants, imagine her, a Queen again, living in luxury after a lifetime of bullying you and selling you out.”

Belind looked down at Sophia, her expression not one of pleading or fear as he had expected, but one of anger and belittlement.

“…One before, one after.” Belind said and Ariela grinned broadly.

“Mm, you’ve a deal, Belind. Give me my name.”

He hesitated, considering lying, but knew that would not be his brightest idea.

“Skye,” he said simply, feeling a pang of regret for the ally who had gone out of their way to help him, but knew it had been inevitable as soon as Ariela knew of their existence.

Ariela narrowed her eyes, “Who?” she shook her head, “You know, it doesn’t matter.” So, someone called Skye and of course, the Prince’s former right-hand man, Atrin.

She glanced down at Sophia. She already had both the names, not that Belind knew that. She thought for a moment about just leaving, throwing Sophia away and forgetting all about her, but the girl had been such a bitch.

“Quit being so shy, Belind,” she commanded and he hesitated again, glancing at his once sister.


Ariela smirked and moved her hand, emerald mist swirling around Sophia as she started to move, her eyes going wide with surprise. She moved with grace and fluidity, crawling across the floor to the foot of Belind’s bed.

“But nothing, Belind, how is she going to suck your cock when you’re all covered up?” Ariela asked casually, smirking as her magic manipulated the former Princess, her mouth opening invitingly, her tongue poking out.

Belind opened his mouth, momentarily lost for words as he looked between the two, between his former and current tormentors. Then he nodded, casting the sheets aside to reveal his body, lithe and feminine, hairless and smooth, skin unblemished, his own manhood around average, soft between his thighs as he moved towards the edge of the bed, towards the beautiful Sophia, knelt waiting for him.

“Come on Sophia, get to work,” Ariela said brightly and Belind bit his lip, thighs either side of the girl’s head as she leaned in, tears staining her delicate cheeks, eyes squeezed shut as she began to kiss at his soft length, waking it and drawing little moans from Belind as he leaned back watching her work.

His cock, so often ignored began to pulse and throb, swelling and rising to meet the softness of her kisses, the warmth of her breath against his sensitive skin enticing as she opened her eyes, looking up at him with hatred, but he just smiled and shrugged a little.

She sank down, taking the tip of his length between her plush lips, the head of his cock encapsulated in the wet warmth of her waiting mouth, Belind arching his back in satisfaction, biting his lower lip as he all but melted to the pleasure and taboo nature of her punishment.

“Oooh that feels so good…” he moaned out and Ariela grinned, enjoying his sensual movements, hands grasping the bedsheets, back bent, head lolling backwards, “It’s a little weird how quiet she is though, ah, not that I’m, ah! Complaining.”

Ariela pursed her lips a little, but couldn’t really disagree, Sophia, entirely against her will began to moan like a street slut around Belind’s cock, her lips rolling down his length, letting it press further into her mouth, sucking on it like she craved his seed, her tongue swirling over the tip, maximising her pleasure, using methods and tricks to heighten his pleasure that she didn’t even know existed.

Ariela moved behind Sophia and sank to her knees, leaning in close, her full breasts pressing to the girls back as she rested her chin on her shoulder making Sophia push forward, suppressing her gag reflex to take Belinds cock into her throat, drawing another moan from Belind, whispering in her ear quiet enough that Belind didn’t hear her, “You’ll never be mine, you little bitch, Belind is mine. You’ll never hurt him again. That’s for my pleasure, not yours.”

She reached around as tears freely swept across Sophia’s cheeks, feeling her dress melt away in a glow of emerald mist, Ariela’s hands cupping her full breasts and squeezing roughly, pinching her nipples hard between finger and thumb. Pain jolted through her body, but she could only moan in pleasure as she drew her lips back up Belind’s now slick cock, focusing on the tip.

Helpless to Ariela and her whims she felt her own hands dip down, caressing her smooth mound, stroking herself, forced to pleasure herself, betrayed by her own body.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Ariela whispered, kissing the girl’s ear, biting gently, leaving little purple stains from her lipstick, “Playing with yourself as you suck his cock… What did you think would happen? Really? That you’d come here? Instill your will and become a Queen? Please. You’re nothing to me,” she paused, grinning as she pressed the tip of her cock against Sophia’s pussy, rubbing it against her, “Well, not nothing exactly, you’re a wet hole to fuck…”

Sophia struggled against her own body, feeling herself move, her hands preparing her pussy for Ariela’s assault, her mouth, eagerly gliding up and down his shaft, even her vocal chords betrayed her, making her moan in pleasure, sounding just like a slut desperate for cock.

Ariela grinned, enjoying the conquest of this little bitch as she started to sink her cock into the girl’s wet pussy, tight and hot around her she closed her eyes, hearing Sophia groan in pleasure around Belind’s cock as she sheathed her sword in the girl, losing herself to the sensations wrapped around her thick cock.

She gripped Sophia’s hips and began to take her, not caring for the girls own enjoyment in the least, making her hands move back to Belind, one hand resting on his thigh, the other caressing his balls as she sucked his cock, her whole body jerking from the thrusts of Ariela’s cock into her once royal pussy.

“A-ah, Ariela, I think I’m close!” Belind called out, his voice high pitched, his body writing, a hand supporting his weight, wrapped up in the sheets of his bed, the other wrapped in Sophia’s pretty blonde hair, pushing her deeper, into his throat.

Ariela pouted a little, she would’ve preferred if her humiliation of Sophia had lasted longer, but she had no intention of wasting more time on the slut than she needed to.

“You going to be a good girl and swallow his load, Princess bitch?” Ariela whispered, grinning, knowing she had no choice.

Gripping her hips tightly Ariela pounded her cock roughly into Sophia’s wet hot pussy, making the girl squeeze down on her length like a trained consort, her pussy milking her thick length, Ariela using her magic to help enhance her own pleasure, intensifying it well past what any normal human could experience, driving her cock towards an early climax.

They came together, Ariela biting her lip and bowing her head, feeling the young body of the girl in her hands, feeling her cock pulse rope after rope of fertile seed into the girls unprotected womb, grunting and sighing with pleasure as she, quite possibly, bred her. Up above Belind was spending his load between her lips, wrapped so tightly around the tip of his cock that not a drop of his pent-up load could escape, instead letting it pool in her mouth, where, cruelly, Ariela wasn’t letting her swallow just yet, forcing her to swirl her tongue around his tip, coating her tastebuds in his seed, making her taste every drop.

Ariela held herself deep, ensuring every drop of her valuable seed was spend in the pleasurable embrace of her pussy before slowly withdrawing her softening cock from her stretched hole, finally forcing her to swallow down Belind’s hot, thick cum.

Slowly Ariela stood, her dress forming back around her and with a smirk she forced one final act of humiliation upon Sophia.

“Thank you, Belind,” Sophia said, her voice sultry and lustful, then she turned to look to Ariela, pleading now in her eyes, finally broken as she stared at the woman controlling her body, “Please, Mistress Ariela, may I have some more?”

Belind leaned back on the bed, panting as his own wet cock wilted between his thighs, a smile on his face as he clearly enjoyed the show.

Ariela pursed her lips as if thinking, despite being the one controlling Sophia’s words and actions, “Oooh if you insist. Guards!” the Queen’s guards who had escorted them here stepped into the room, prompt, “Would you please assemble an honour guard for the lovely Princess Sophia?”

One of the guards glanced at his companion before electing to speak, “Of course my Queen, for what purpose?”

Ariela for a moment thought about vaporizing the guard for questioning her motives, but a more sensible part of her understood he was likely just asking so he could assemble a guard fit for whatever duty it would be.

“To gangbang her for a few days. Maybe a guard of forty will suffice, big strong brutes, please, oh and make sure you’re a part of the guard.”

The two guards glanced at each other and grinned darkly, following Sophia as she strutted from the room, her young nubile body on display as she left.

She only got a few paces from the room before Ariela released her hold on the girl, who quickly started to run, a scream coming out followed by a playful grunt of laughter from the guards as they gave chase of their new conquest.

Ariela smiled at the sound, “Cute. So!” she turned her attention back to Belind and raised one delicate eyebrow.

“A-ah… Cadance… Their name is Cadance.” he said softly.

Ariela blinked.

“Who the fuck is Cadance? Who the fuck is Skye? …Atrin. Ugghhh….”

Belind looked confused by her reaction and shrank back a little as she approached him, but she merely leaned in, kissing him on the forehead, causing him to erupt in a blush, “Good boy,” she said, patting him on the cheek before striding from the room, leaving him on the bed looking characteristically confused, but surprisingly satisfied and pleased.


“Owww….” Atrin groaned, opening his eyes, blinking around, he was laying in a bed, his bed, a pain in his chest and two women standing beside him.

He blinked several times, his vision clearing as he looked up into the gaze of Ariela, who looked decidedly unapologetic, Sophia stood beside her, her eyes downcast, her clothing simple and a collar around her neck.

“My… Queen…” he said simply, his voice rough, his throat dry with thirst.

“Five days Atrin!” she chastised him, “five days you’ve been laying on your back while traitors roam these lands.”

He looked up at her, incredulous, but not voicing his thoughts that it was her that had put him here, “Ah, sorry. My Queen.”

“Mm,” she folded her arms, “don’t let it happen again. Now, Grand General Atrin. I have two names. Skye and Cadance. Find them, bring them to me. Use whoever you need to get it done.”

They shared a look, she’d never apologize for a mistake, but his loyalty would be rewarded, they both knew it, as it already had been, the Grand bit as a new addition to his title. He nodded simply and she smirked slightly, turning to leave.

“Oh, and Atrin, this is your new wife. While wearing the collar she’s unable to disobey you so be sure to take her out into the city now and then, let the people see that the Champion of the realm has married one of the royals and how happy she is, that should help placate them but… Don’t treat her too well in private.” Ariela smiled and strolled from the room, tying a neat little bow on the bitches fate.


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