Athena: Chapter 1 – Act One

Robin bit his lip as he stood shivering in the cold, clutching his pen and sketch pad close to his chest. He’d been stood out in the cold for over an hour alone, stood tight to the securities metal railing to ensure he would have the absolute best spot.

He stood hugging himself tightly, not that it helped keep him warm anymore. The cold had long since seeped so far into him the only thing that kept him from running to find somewhere warm was the fear that, should he leave his spot, he’d return to find it taken and his chance of seeing her, Athena, gone forever.

The singer Athena had caught the world by storm, nobody a year ago, the young woman had taken to the celebrity lifestyle like a duck to water and was now breaking records with her angelic voice and addictive tunes. A plus-sized woman, she had easily overcome a lack of confidence to become a global lyrical sensation, selling out venues wherever she performed, her fanbase, a veritable legion of screaming girls, following her wherever she performed.

Robin might not have been one of the many girls, but he, like them, was so incredibly enamoured by her beautiful music and voice that when he heard she would be performing in his city, he just had to be there.

He could hear the distant booming of the bass and the low shrill of the fangirls inside the stadium as she performed, doubtless giving thousands of eager fans the best concert of their lives, but the prices on the tickets had been exorbitant and way outside of his price range.

He shivered and blew out a cloud of mist, holding himself tighter as he reminded himself time and time again in his mind that she would be coming. Soon she would soon be finishing her show and would have to come from the door to his right to her waiting limo on the left, and, in doing so, would have to pass him and the other girls who, by then, would be crowded in around him.

Time bled by and Robin shivered as a few groups of girls began to arrive around him, early leavers from the concert who valued the chance of an autograph and a glimpse of her up close over the end of the actual concert they had paid for. Many of those beginning to stand around him were in small groups, chatting amongst themselves to pass the time, but he didn’t have that option, he simply listened, hearing her first hand on the wind, it was muted and crowded in by the screaming of her fans, but it was there.

He heard as the set ended, the screaming crowds intensifying, the encore coming and going for two more songs, all the while feeling the cold of the lengthening night chilling him further as more bodies pressed in around him.

He bit his lip and looked up, the crowd around him moving in tighter to the metal railing as it became guarded, hulking men crammed into cheap tight suits, bodyguards if ever Robin had saw them, a good indicator that the moment was finally drawing close.

As the roaring from the stadium declined, the excitement in the air around Robin grew more and more electrified, the quiet waiting group beginning to buzz as they collectively sensed the moment was due.

He watched the door intently, waiting for it to move, knowing his window to see her, to actually see her, would be very brief and he didn’t want to miss a second of it.

He felt his breath catch in his throat as the door swung open and for a moment, just for a moment, the world seemed to pause, she was looking right at him, their eyes meeting, the world was silent, still, she smiled wryly as she stepped forward and his lips parted in a whisper, “Athena?”

The world exploded around him and Robin found himself pressed forward against the steel bars of the fence, the screams of the girls and their chanting of her name filling the cold night air.

“Athena! Athena! Athena!” A chorus of shrill voices, arms outstretched, offering books, CD’s and pens to her as she made her way down the line, smiling so perfectly with her ruby red lips as she thanked people for coming out.

While Robin had managed to stay at the front, small as he was he could only just reach out as far as the people in the row behind him pressing forward, he wanted to call her name, to get her attention, but he knew in the din of everyone else’s calls it would be washed away, so he simply watched her draw closer and closer.

She looked a little tired, unsurprising, given that she had just done a full show, but even so she was so gorgeous, her dress hugging a tan figure with curves worth showing, her hair a bleach blonde, one side of her head cropped close, the other long and partially covering her face.

She came so close he could almost have reached out and touched her, though her always attentive guards were ensuring no such attempts were made.

As she passed by he looked up and saw the sparkle in her sea blue eyes, so pure, he thought, made all the more intense by the dark eyeliner and shadow that expertly rimmed her gaze. Her lips were curled into a warm innocent smile as she offered bright thank you’s in her rich accent, not directed at anyone in particular but at the gathered crowd in general, glad to see everyone, her charisma enchanting even through her exhaustion.

She plucked a pad and pen out of a girl’s hands to his right, then passed it back, his heart skipped a beat as her hands reached out, so close he could see the glitter in her red nail varnish, see the difference between her warm tanned skin and his own, pale and fair, but it passed by onto the next screaming fan.

And like that, the moment was over. A few more signatures, a few more steps and she gave a beaming smile and wave, her beauty and sparkling dress illuminated in the bright light as camera flashes caught her at her best.

As she stepped around her limo and sat down inside it, he felt himself relax, clutching his pad and pen close to his chest, not feeling disappointed by failing to get her signature like he thought he would be,  in fact Robin found he was smiling.

For the best part of a year he’d been enamoured with her talent and beauty, and just to have seen her was enough for him, the memory worth more than any hastily drawn scribble on some poorly drawn art of her.

With the press of people behind him starting to disperse, Robin was so practically frozen to the bone from waiting out for so long that he found himself unwilling to move and stretch out what he was sure to be aching limbs. It didn’t take long before Robin found himself stood almost alone, leaning on the metal railing a little more casually, savouring the experience for as long as he could before the long cold walk back to the bus stop.

He pursed his lips a little curiously as he looked over towards the limo that, oddly he thought, still hadn’t pulled away. He guessed they wanted to wait until the traffic lightened up on the way out of the venue and that, for Athena, the back of a limo was as good of a place to relax and unwind after an event as any.

He perked up for a moment as the limo door opened, but quickly relaxed again as a slender lady with a tight professional hairstyle stepped out, adjusting an earpiece and clutching a clipboard. She closed the door behind her and looked around sceptically, walking back towards the back door of the venue before spotting Robin and slowing her stride somewhat, surprised to see anybody still there.

He offered her a warm smile and raised his hand briefly as if to say ‘hey’ and she gave an odd sort of smile in return.

“Hey,” she said, stepping towards the barrier, catching Robin, who hadn’t actually been meaning to strike up a conversation, a little off-guard.

“Uh, hey,” he said, voice soft and welcoming, though it was difficult to hide the chill he felt, “good show tonight?”

The woman nodded some, maintaining that curious gaze, “Very good, didn’t you see it?”

Robin shook his head, “Couldn’t afford the tickets, but I got to see her when she came out!” he enthused, his smile genuine.

“Oh? You came all this way just to see her come from the door to the car? Not even to perform?” She asked, curious.

“Mmhm!” He laughed a little, brushing a strand of his long black hair behind one ear.

She laughed a little too and smiled brightly “Oh that’s so sweet, were you waiting out here long? And did you at least get something signed?”

Robin shrugged a little, “Ah, just a couple hours, and sadly no, but I’m just happy I saw her, really.”

She smiled knowingly, “You must really be her biggest fangirl then hm?”

“Fanboy,” he said a little defensively, but maintained his smile, used to people getting that wrong,  “but definitely her biggest fan!” He laughed softly and the woman paused, a smirk on her lips as she eyed Robin up and down as if seeing him for the first time, scrutinizing him, as if undressing him, seeing under his coat to the slender, lithe body beneath, then back up to his soft round face and long well maintained black hair that he kept tucked behind his ears.

“Mm…” She glanced around a little, surreptitiously before leaning in closer to Robin, her voice lowered, “If you want, I could maybe see about getting that signed for you?” She tapped his pad with a pen held in her fingers.

Robin blushed crimson, his eyes going wide, “R-really? You’d do that for me?”

“Sure, I’m sure Athena won’t mind! Anywhere in particular you want her to sign?” She asked brightly, holding her hands out for the pad.

Robin bit his lip, feeling his heart hammering in his chest as he opened the book and flicked through the pages until he got to one, “Y-yeah, this one, when she performed in Madison Square, I know it’s not great but it’s like, really hard to capture everything she is on stage… You know?”

The woman held up the picture, her mouth open in an O as she took in the hand-drawn picture of Athena up on stage, head thrown back as she gripped the mic, her dress and hair rippling in the air from her movements, the world around her alight with detail, but all somehow seeming to focus the attention on Athena, where it should be.

“Oh my… Did, did you draw this?” She asked.

“I um, yes?” He said, a little reserved, unsure if she thought really well or really poorly of it.

“Hmm… Do you have a mobile phone on you?”

Robin nodded again and pulled it from his pocket, feeling confused, his eyes glancing around a little unsure before focusing again on the woman.

“Pass it here.”

Robin hesitated, “W…Why?”

The woman gave him a wry smile, “She doesn’t like to have to worry about people taking pictures of her after a show’s finished, and if you’re going to be getting into the limo to show her this yourself while she waits…” She left the rest unsaid.

Robin just stared at her, feeling like his mind needed a hard reboot as, with a little laugh, she easily plucked his phone from his hand stuffing it into one of her pockets.

“Come on come on, before someone else notices.” She urged, handing him back the pad and bringing him around the side of the barrier, the security letting them both through, though he could feel their gazes following him intently.

He walked the short distance to the limo in a trance, feeling like he was floating as he held his sketch pad. He followed a couple of paces behind the woman as she approached the limo and knocked on the window which, after a couple of moments rolled down far enough for her to poke her head in.

The hammering of his heart drowned out most of what was said, but he heard snippets from the womans hushed voice.

“I’ve got one here who…”

“Yeah, yeah the one with the cute…”

“You should see…”

“No no, fan’boy’, if you can…”

The woman stood and stepped back, opening one of the doors to the limo and smiled to Robin who was practically shaking, from nerves or the cold he wasn’t sure, probably both. She nodded towards the open the door and, swallowing, Robin stepped forward.

He almost tripped climbing into the luxurious heat of the limos lavish interior, finding himself suddenly sat on a plush leather seat with his sketchbook and pen in his hands as, behind him, the door was pushed closed sealing him into the comforting embrace of the warmth, a weighty click signifying that he was now locked in here, all alone, with her. With Athena.

“Well hi there cutie,” she said with a soft smile, reclined in her seat, having changed, it seemed, from her stage dress which now lay in a heap on the floor, along with he noted, blushing furiously, a bra and pair of panties, to a more comfortable loose fitting t-shirt and joggers, “Don’t worry, everyone’s a little starstruck at first, but you’ll get over it soon enough…” She paused, then laughed a little as she noted his wide doe-like brown eyes, “Or, you know, at least be able to speak.”

“E-er, hi.” He said and her smile broadened noticeably as she caught the cadence of his soft voice. He watched entranced as she leaned over and picked up a dark glass bottle, beer, he recognised.

“That’s a start, would you like a drink?” She asked, pulling another bottle from an iced cooler and waving it at him enticingly.

He didn’t drink alcohol, but he wanted it more than anything now, just to help him speak and talk with her, “Um… Please.”

She smiled and with an odd flick of the wrist managed to flick the bottle cap off with a very well practised motion.

She smirked at him, her eyes playful under her long lashes, “I’ll trade you for your name?”

“Oh!” Robin bit his lip, trying his best to look apologetic, “It’s Robin.”

She smiled and as it was too far to reach across and hand him the glass, she stood, hunched over to avoid bumping her head and stepped over to his side of the limo. He blushed and looked away as she did, clearly able to see the outline of her weighty breasts through the thin fabric of her t-shirt, his eyes invariably drawn instead to the empty very full rounded cups of her bra on the floor.

“Robin…” she said, handing him his beer, his name sounding so much better coming from her, “That’s such a cute name. I saw you when I first came outside but I must admit I thought you were just one of my many screaming fangirls, but not so according to my Personal Assistant… You know, I don’t have that many fanboys…”

Sat beside him he noticed she was a few inches taller than him, her body full figured and attractive in its voluptuousness. Worrying still that he was staring he forced himself to look up and had to suddenly battle the very real chance that of drowning in the depth of her eyes, “W-well you’ve got this one at least?” He said, knowing it was a lame thing to say but she laughed all the same and he smiled nervously, taking a big drink from his bottle, fighting back the bitter taste to get to the liquid courage he hoped lay within.

“Ha, you’re so cute… Mm, I heard you have pictures to show me, is that right?” She smiled tilting her head as she looked down pointedly at the book he held clutched like a shield to his chest.

“U-um, yeah, I do I guess, do you want to have a look?” He asked, handing the book out for her to take.

Biting her lower lip for a moment she shrugged and moved closer, reaching out a hand to take the book, her hand brushing gently across his hand, she gasped, “Oh my god, you’re freezing!”

He blushed brightly and tried to stammer out a response but she continued speaking before he had a chance, “Just how long were you stood out there waiting for me?!”

“I er, um, just a couple of hours?”

“Take off your coat, come on!” She commanded and, unable to resist her will he complied, his lack of hesitation seeming to please her greatly as she watched his slender form revealed to her.

After his coat had been cast aside, emboldened by his meeking she shuffled closer, moving her right arm around him over his shoulders, her other hand holding her beer bottle as she pulled him against her, the warmth of her curvy figure pressing to the coldness of his, “Mm, I’ll warm you up and you just show me and talk me through these pictures yeah?”

Robin despite the warmth he froze again, her arm around his shoulders, his head near her chest, his mind unable to focus on anything other than the sensation of warmth pervading his figure.

After a moment she smirked and pulled him tighter, bringing his head down to rest on the swell of a full breast, “Come on, show me, I’m curious…”

Feeling his heart hammering in his chest he felt his breath quivering out and he tried to calm himself, deciding to focus on what she wanted to distract himself he opened up the sketchbook to the first picture, “S-so um… This was your first performance in LA, I tried to capture how anxious and nervous you were, but how powerful your performance was, how brilliant you were.”

“Oh my god…” He heard Athena whisper as she took in the detail of the picture, pausing to take another swig of her beer “That’s amazing.”

“It’s nothing…” he said dismissively, turning over the page to the next picture, “Here’s you in London, when you did your first live performance of ‘Under You’, my favourite song.”

“Wow…” she said, clearly impressed, smirking as she leaned against him, letting him talk through each of his absolutely stunning works of art as her hand absentmindedly caressed his arm. With each of his pictures and each sip of his drink he came a little more out of his shell, talking more and more about the pictures and, she was pleased to see, becoming more comfortable and relaxed in her company.

By the time he was finished, she was genuinely in awe of his skill, “After I sign them, and I will, every one of them, would you mind if I took pictures for my Instagram? I’d love to share them, make people know that art as great as this exists.”

He blushed a little and smiled, “Yeah, of course! You can keep the book if you like… I mean I made them for you.”

“Ahh you’re just so sweet Robin!” She gushed, laughing a little and giving him a squeeze before biting her lip, setting down her now empty bottle and pulling out her own phone, “Mm, we’ll be moving in a little, the car I mean.”

Robin’s smile faded, but only for a moment, feeling warmed from her company and embrace he didn’t relish the idea of letting the experience end, “O-oh… Sorry, I guess I got a little carried away talk there, I didn’t mean to keep you.”

“No no! I loved it, really,” she smirked, “having a cute boy enthuse about how beautiful and wonderful I am? I mean, I could listen to your voice all night.”

He laughed a little and she tilted her head, curious, her tone shifting.

“Would you like that?”

“Like what?” he asked, smiling.

“To let me listen to your voice all night?” She asked, a little coyly.

He blinked, his smile slipping a little, “I… Don’t understand?”

She looked at him searchingly for a moment, then reached up with her hand behind his head, he blushed, eyes wide as he felt her fingers splay through his fine hair then tighten, almost painfully, he made to gasp but she leaned in and suddenly pressed her lips tight to his, kissing him, hard and aggressive.

He pressed himself back against the limo door, but she followed, her tongue snaking between his lips, her breath hot and heavy in his mouth as he whimpered adorably into hers, tasting the alcohol for a moment before she drew back, biting his full lip for a moment, drawing it back before letting it spring free.

He blinked his eyes open and looked up at her expression, hungry, needy, almost primal, the young innocent singer he thought she was nowhere to be seen in her gaze.

“You liked that? You liked kissing Athena?” She said breathily, her eyes searching his.

He could only nod a little, feeling his heart pounding in his chest.

She smirked then, getting his measure, “You’d do anything for me wouldn’t you, Robin?” She asked, a smirk on her lips keeping him pressed in his corner.

He nodded again, eyes wide.

“Would you suck a cock for me, Robin? If I told you to?” She said, smirking broadly.

“I-I’m not gay.” He said, voice shaking, like a girls Athena thought.

“That wasn’t the question baby… Would you suck a cock? If it meant you got to spend the night with me? Imagine that, a night in bed with Athena…”

Robin felt pressured but deep down knew he’d do anything for just another second with her, “Y-yes?”

“Good.” She said, then grinned sitting up, tapping her knuckle on the window divider between the back of the limo and the driver, it buzzed down a couple of inches and she spoke, “Whenever you’re ready, and take the scenic route, I want to see the city.”

The driver nodded and the divider buzzed back up, the thrum of the engine kicking in as the car eased forward and she grinned as she sat up, moving away from him along the seat, “Ready to suck that cock?”

“T-the driver?” Robin asked staring across at her, her cheeks flushed, her thighs splayed.

She grinned and shook her head, “Not quite my little fanboy.”

She reached down to her loose-fitting trousers and fed a hand inside, her hand rummaging almost obscenely down her pants before she pulled the elasticated band of the pants up and fished out what she had been hiding.

Robin’s eyes went wide as he stared at her cock, thick and hooded it flopped half-hard against her stomach, her hand wrapped tightly around its base, pointing it lazily towards him.

“Well? You going to suck my cock or what?” She said, her beautiful voice edged by playfulness and impatience.

Uncertain, but seeing no other option but to give her what she wanted he set his bottle and book down, leaning forward towards her across the seat, drawing closer to the meaty log of his idols waiting cock.

“Wait…” She said softly and he looked up, hopeful of some sort of a reprieve, or at least an explanation, anything that would help with the conflict that was floating around inside of him, but she motioned with her free hand to the other side of the limo, “Bring me another beer, first.”

Hesitating only for a moment he nodded meekly, moving to stand but her soft voice called him up short.

“Ah ah ah!” She sang in a sing-song voice that could’ve been right out of one of her tunes, “Crawl.”

Robin sank to his hands and knees and crawled slowly to the back of the limo, giving her a wonderful view of his peachy ass before he picked up a beer, turning around and crawling back towards the beautiful Athena, her pants lowered now around her ankles, her thighs splayed to show her heavy balls and hung length which she stroked, clearly enjoying his subservient behaviour.

“You’re going to be a real good boy for Athena, aren’t you? Going to do everything I say?” She teased, using her name to continuely convey the position he was in, reaching a hand out for the beer, which he gave her, leaving him kneeling between her legs, his face close to her shaft, so close now that he could see each ridge and vein, a drop of pre wetting the skin that hooded her cherry tip.

“Y-yes.” He said, without having to think about it, completely in her power as if a spell was cast on him, though he knew it was merely who she was that gave her such absolute control.

She grinned and released her cock, which remained standing straight of its own volition, only slightly curved downwards as it throbbed, “Mm,” she twisted the cap off of the bottle and threw it to the ground with a tinkle, “Then suck my cock baby, and don’t worry if you see me with my phone out, I’ll just be videoing you.”

He blushed and reached out his hands, pausing for only a second, feeling the warmth of her cock without even having to touch it, until he finally gave in and closed his hands around her cock, both his slender hands gripping her length, one over the other, only the tip of her cock remaining visible over his grip.

Athena let out a long low sigh as she relaxed back in her seat, phone in one hand, held up towards him, her beer in her other hand which she sipped at contentedly, watching the slim, fair-skinned boy between her thick tanned thighs.

“Robin?” She said, voice low and he looked up at her, having to tear his eyes away from the python he held in his hands, “Did I say stroke it?”

“N-no…” he said softly looking down and taking in the detail of her length, thicker at the base and growing only slightly more slender the higher he looked, blossoming out suddenly into an especially thick tip, hooded by her foreskin, only a rosy patch of her tip visible, moist with a drop of something glistening.

He parted his full lips and angled her cock slightly downward, opening his mouth wide as he took her cock into his mouth, avoiding letting it touch any part of his mouth or tongue, but feeling the heat of its presence all the same.

Unable to avoid the inevitable and not wanting to disappoint her, he closed his mouth around her cock, feeling the ridge of the tip within his lips, signifying that despite how full his mouth felt, he had only taken the head between his lips.

Athena let out a moan and set her beer down on the seat beside her, propping it up but not particularly caring if it spilt as she pushed her the long part of her blonde hair behind her ear, giving her a clearer view of the slender black haired boy during his first performance for her.

“Yeah, ooh your mouth feels so good Robin baby, pull down with your hands, I want to feel your tongue moving around my tip…”

He did as she bid, pulling down with his hands so the hood of her cock rolled back in his mouth, his tongue feeling the change from the textured soft warmth of the hood to the silky smooth firmness of her cherry tip.

Despite his confliction about sucking a cock, the overpowering urge was just to please her, to disregard any and all reservations he had and to forget his own desires. After all, he was nothing compared to her, and so were his wants and needs.

Without needing to be prompted he began to suck, not really knowing what he was supposed to do, but trying to mimic what had been done to him in the past with his fleeting partners.

“Oooh baby, yes, such a good boy, sucking Athena’s cock like that…” She purred low and as he looked up, he couldn’t see her eyes, so looked instead into the camera lens pointed at him, Athena letting out a soft chuckle as she closed her thighs a little, not enough to squish him, but enough that he had to move his elbows up to rest on her plush thighs.

“Yeah look into the camera baby, you look so good with a cock in your mouth, does it taste good?”

Slowly he dragged his tongue up the underside of her shaft, as if noticing the taste for the first time, it wasn’t musky or nasty like he had thought sucking cock would be like, but he could certainly taste a light saltiness and a unique flavour, a mix he thought of her sweat from her show and the bead of pre he had seen before he had taken it into his mouth. It didn’t taste nice, but he knew that wasn’t the correct answer.

Athena grinned as she looked at her phone screen, watching the cute boy nod in response, a soft ‘mhmm’, escaping around her cock as he slid his lips up and down over the silky wet tip of her cock.

“I knew you’d love it… One hand on my cock the other on my balls, and go deeper. I want you to choke on my cock for me.” She instructed, picking up her beer and taking another long swig as she watched him work.

He shifted one hand down feeling the egg-sized orbs in their soft hairless sack and lifted them in his hand, caressing them gently as he stroked her cock, closing his eyes and pushing his own head down further, feeling the thick tip press deeper and deeper into his mouth, his lips wetting fresh inches of her length as his mouth was spread further open to accommodate her impressive girth.

“Deeper, come on.” She urged and she let out a low moan as he obeyed, pressing deeper and deeper until he felt her uncannily thick tip pressing against the entrance to his throat.

He let out a whimpering noise as, on reflex, he gagged, choking around her cock, the sensation drawing another gorgeous moan from her red lips. He moved to pull back up but she pushed her hips up to keep herself as deep as possible in his mouth.

Gasping he pulled himself free of her cock, coughing and panting, a line of spit connecting his outstretched tongue to her cherry tip which pulsed and throbbed, needily, his hand still gripping the shiny length, though his palm slid easily over the skin, massaging his spit into her.

“Go on baby, don’t be shy now, I want you to suck it till you get your reward… You want that too, don’t you?” She grinned, urging her hips up and down a little, making him stroke her cock.

Panting still he moved forward, taking her length back into his mouth, easier this time, his lips rolling down the slick shaft, feeling each ridge and vein under his tongue and lips as he sucked, bobbing his head up and down, always going a little too far down, enough to make him gag just a little like she wanted, his shoulders hunching a little each time he did so.

“Mm just like that, fuck that feels so good!” She let out a long low sigh before swigging her drinking, letting him work and feeling the world sway around her, a combination of the drive, alcohol and pleasure coursing through her body as this hot boy worshipped her  like the desperate fanboy slut eager to please that he was, even if he hadn’t fully realised that yet.

Every city she went to there was a fan like him somewhere, keen but shy and reserved, fanatic in their love for her but without all the shrieking and screaming that she was none too fond of. But this one, this Robin was something special. Typically she would end up in the back of her limo and back at her hotel with a barely legal teen slut of a girl always leading to a night of intense passion in which she would them until she was done with them, so easy to discard afterwards.

But this boy while shy and innocent, was eager and obedient, not caring what she asked him to do, even on camera and despite his obvious reservations. And on top of that, she hadn’t been kidding earlier, his art was absolutely spectacular and she genuinely wanted to see more of it.

She smirked to herself about her own thoughts, usually she would be thinking about parting a fans thighs and pounding them into a weak well-used stupor, but with this one she wanted to see him fetching her drinks, sketching her nude, forced to wash her in the shower, their nude bodies pressed together, not like her at all, maybe it’d be worth holding onto this boy, at least for a couple of long sweaty nights.

She bit her lip and moaned again as he held her cock deeper in his mouth for a few long moments, “Ooh fuck baby, you’re going to make me nut soon…” She focused the camera on his face, “Come on, look up here into the camera again, give me something sweet to jack off to later.”

He fluttered his lashes as he settled his eyes on the cold black lens of the camera and he heard her moan again as he took a deep drag on her length, tasting more of her pre, his cheeks caving in as he sucked hard, his hands still diligently working her length and caressing her heavy, cum filled balls.

“Mm, baby, here it comes, ah! You ah, better not waste a drop…” She said, voice a little ragged as she focused on keeping her phone steady, recording every delicious detail as he went down on her and, to her delight, prepared to swallow her cum.

Robin wanted to squeeze his eyes closed tight as he felt her cock harden almost to steel in his hands, her balls twitching as she got ready to give him his ‘reward’, but he couldn’t, he could only stare up into the camera lens, looking every bit the eager little cock sucker she wanted him to be.

“A-ah, fuck yes! Swallow my cum you little slut!” She ordered bluntly, her voice quivering,  pleasure shooting through her as Robin felt the journey begin, the way her balls pulled up closer to her body for a moment, the sudden swelling of her shaft in his hand, then the sudden pulse of something hot and viscous filling his mouth.

Before he even had time to register the taste he was forced to swallow, the pulses of heat coming thick and fast, washing over his tongue to slide down his slender, receptive throat.

Athena bit her lip, moving the camera to the side slightly to get a different angle and so she could watch him with her own eyes, his eyes following the camera as she looked on, her cock between his lips, his cheeks swelling out with her load then deflating as he emptied each mouthful down his throat, which noticeably bulged as he swallowed.

It tasted how he thought her cock would’ve, musky and salty, odd in its bitterness, it wasn’t bad enough to make him gag, but it certainly wasn’t pleasant. Nevertheless. he gulped down mouthful after mouthful feeling the heat of it settle in his stomach.

it had seemed to last forever, but he began to feel the torrent of hot cum subside as she emptied the last of her load in his waiting mouth, his hand milking her, drawing out every single drop he could from her throbbing cock.

She relaxed deep back into her seat, panting hard and feeling so much better for his efforts, she grinned a little as he continued to suckle on the tip of her cock, even as her cock became softer in his hand, losing its steely edge.

“So, ah, what did you think of sucking cock?” She asked, her voice teasing, her camera still trained on him as he pulled her wilting cock from between his plush lips, letting the slick spit lubed member rest on the warmth of his face.

He had hated it, hated that he had done it for her so easily, “I loved it Athena… It was so much fun…” He heard himself say and she chuckled.

“Oh yeah? And what did you think about the taste of my cum?” Her voice was soft, playful even, knowing.

It had been disgusting, he’d wanted to spit out every drop she’d given her, but  when he spoke, like hers his voice came out soft, as if he was purposefully emphasising his own femininity, “It tasted so good…” he said a little breathless, squeezing her heavy balls drawing a low moan from her then massaging her semi-hard cock from its root to the tip, a single milky drop of cum appearing at the slit which he caught on his tongue, to show his love for it.

“Mm, you’re such a good fucking boy…” she purred, “Do you want to suck my cock again?”

He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, despising everything about this, about what he was doing, about what he was saying. But it was Athena, really Athena! So instead of answering he let go of her cock, letting it rest softly against her thigh, the tip once again hidden by its hood as he moved down, closing his eyes in frustration with himself as he gently kissed one of her heavy nuts then sucked, drawing one into his mouth where his tongue bathed it, a process he repeated in turn with the other over the course of a few minutes.

“Oooh fuck.” She moaned softly, seeing stars as she urged her ass forward on the chair, spreading her thighs and giving him better access to her heavy balls which he worshipped. She waited until he was seemingly finished, simply kissing tenderly at her sack, “I’ll take that as a big yes… You ever been fucked in the ass Robin baby?”

He looked up at her, eyes wide as he nuzzled his lips into the softness of her smooth sack, then shook his head slowly.

“Well you’re going to come back to my hotel room and I’m going to ruin your sweet little ass with my thick meaty cock… Going to turn you into a little cock sleeve… How does that sound?” She smirked.

His gaze glanced between her cock, the camera lens and her face, he wanted her, wanted her so bad it hurt, but the thought of taking this, of doing that, he couldn’t think, he couldn’t speak.

She must’ve recognised the conflict because when she spoke next her voice already had a tone of victory to it, “Because, you know, if you were okay with me fucking your tight little sweet ass, I might even want to keep you around, let you be my boyfriend, imagine that Robin… You could be Athena’s boyfriend… Now. tell Athena what you want.”

He leaned up a little, his face so beautifully feminine with soft features, a few strands of his black hair haven fallen from behind his ears, his doe-like eyes wide, his voice almost quivering.

“P-please Athena, please fuck me. I’ll do anything…”

“Mm, I know you will baby.” She smiled. Tonight was going to be a good night.


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  1. I loved the reading, your friend has a lovely sexy and erotic voice. I loved the story too, except I never want to be cagedd. Your both awesome.

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