Cream & Sugar

“Remind me, how did I let you talk me into coming here again?” Lacy asked, her voice soft and shy as she glanced around, cheeks flushed with colour, trying to look at everything while, at the same time, avoiding looking at anyone.

Gia grinned, leaning back in the seat she had just occupied, her Armani handbag close beside her heeled foot, a couple of her fingers drumming idly on the table as she shrugged amicably, glancing around the cafe, trying to spot someone.

“Because it’ll be fun, you shouldn’t be so stuck up you know Lacy, though, I have to say, it’s cute when you get all blushy.” Gia laughed lightly as she once again focused her attention on the girl, her Italian accent rich in its honied warmth, her words deepening the shade of the girl’s cheeks.

“I’m not stuck up…” Lacy mumbled defensively, folding her hands on her lap as she sat in the booth seat, her back perfectly straight, “This place is just a little… You know… Lewd?”

Gia smiled, enjoying the anxious expression on her little friend, “Come on Lacy, sweety…” She tilted her head, waiting for Lacy’s flickering expression to once more land on her own, “You’ll love it here, I mean, whenever you’re around at mine you can’t wait to suck my cock, so why should this be any different, hm?”

Lacy bit her soft lower lip and hunched her shoulders a little, embarrassed as she looked across at the olive-skinned Gia, taller, thicker and in every way more confident than she considered her slender pale self, “It just is!”

“I don’t see how hm?” Gia smirked, looking across and down at the doe-eyed girl who timidly brushed a strand of her long red hair behind one ear.

“There’s people here to watch!” Lacy protested but was only met by Gia looking around theatrically.

“…Don’t know if you noticed, but, they’re all here for the same things we are. So no one will be watching you.”

Lacy parted her lips to object again, then pursed them, hesitating, her eyes drifting once more around the cafe to observe the various patrons enjoying their meals and drinks. She swallowed.

“…Maybe just a small drink, okay?” Lacy finally relented with a sigh, eliciting another laugh from Gia who clapped her hands together.

“Perfect!” Gia smiled, raising her hand to catch the attention of one of the passing waitresses, a brunette of medium build but generous assets who came to a stop beside the table, a gentle smile on her face.

“Good morning and welcome to Cream & Sugar, what can I get for the both of you today?” She asked, her voice bright and nonchalant, obviously a well-rehearsed line.

Lacy couldn’t help but to stare at the girl’s attire, seemingly a pretty typical maids outfit, but one which had been trimmed back to display a bountiful amount of cleavage and hiked up so that while Lacy couldn’t quite see the woman’s cock, the outline of it left nothing to the imagination.

The waitress eyed Lacy for a moment, before looking to Gia with a raised eyebrow.

“Sorry, it’s her first time here,” Gia laughed softly, “We’ll have um… A couple of malt shakes and two stacks of banana pancakes. Oh and is Layla in today? I couldn’t see her.”

The girl scribbled down the order on a little notepad and nodded as she did, “Mmhm, Layla’s starts her shift a little later though, should I point her your way when she gets here?”

Gia smiled brightly, “That’d be great, thanks!”

Lacy watched as the maid padded away moving easily between the busy tables, leaving Lacy feeling a little embarrassed to have had Gia place her order for her, but she couldn’t deny it would probably have been what she would’ve ordered anyway.

“So… Where does the… You know. Stuff go?” She asked, meekly.

Gia smirked, “Everywhere, pretty much… That’s sort of the point.”

Lacy nodded a little and eyed around, drinking in a couple of the other tables, mostly couples and some groups of three sat around eating drinking and enjoying themselves. No one seemed to be paying anyone else the slightest bit of attention and that, at least, made her relax a little more.

“S-so how’s your sister enjoying her holiday, have you heard from her?” She asked, trying to sound casual as she leaned back into the soft plush backing of her booth chair, smiling across at Gia.

“She’s doing pretty well, she’s currently in Rome with family.” Gia smiled and then added teasingly, “I’ll tell her you said hi, I’m sure she misses you and your many ‘talents’.”

Lacy rolled her eyes a little bit but couldn’t help but smirk, “Mm, more for you while she’s away then, I suppose?”

“One of these days you’ll have to think about settling down with one of us…” Gia tested with a half smirk which Lacy returned, just touching upon the real reason Gia had invited Lacy out today.

“Mm, that’d be a good way to start a little family feud…” Lacy dodged nimbly.

Gia’s smirk broadened then she continued, “Maybe both of us then, you know I think-… Ah!”, she looked up, distracted by the arrival of the waitress, “Thank you so much.” Gia said as the waitress set down two tall curved glasses dripping with condensation and filled with a creamy liquid so thick that the straw stuck in it stood straight up.

Gia took hers without hesitation, her train of thought derailed for the moment as she held the vibrant red straw to her lips, her cheeks caving in as she drew in a mouthful, a moan escaping through her nose as her face expressively showed her pleasure.

“Mmm~… Oh, you’re going to love this Lacy, go on.” She urged, a smirk on her lips.

Lacy picked up her glass and looked into it curiously, hesitating, her gaze flickering between the tip of the straw and the anticipation written across Gia’s face, before she finally leaned in, taking a long pull on the straw.

The thick creamy fluid flooded her mouth, the sweetness from the malt covering the slight but familiar bitterness from the other, all too familiar flavour that was clearly mixed in in copious amounts.

“You can really taste the cum, can’t you?” Gia smirked playfully and, with a blush, Lacy nodded, taking another deep drink her cheeks tinged pink as she enjoyed the subtle and not so subtle mix of flavours.

“I-it’s really nice.” She admitted as Gia grinned knowingly.

“I knew you’d like it here.” Gia mused, relaxing back into her seat as she watched the line of milkshake retreat slowly down Lacy’s glass as she drank it.

“I guess you should know what I like at this point…” Lacy smiled a little, looking across at Gia with slightly flushed cheeks, her gaze a little searching.

Gia tilted her head some and smirked, “Ooh I know that look.”

“W-what look?” Lacy bounced back, suddenly a little defensive, knowing she had been caught out.

Gia laughed warmly, resting her chin on her palm, her expression gleeful, “You’re getting off on this!”

“S-shhhh!!!” Lacy hissed and glanced around as Gia’s laugh rang out, but even so, everyone else was locked in their own little world, paying them both little attention.

“You’re so cute when you’re like this Lacy, you know that right?” Gia took another drink, her own glass half empty.

“Shuddup…” Lacy mumbled, blushing brightly as she took another drink herself, desperate for more but her pace slowed by the looming threat of brain freeze.

Gia chuckled and leaned forward slightly, observing Lacy with a sparkling gaze. They had only met a couple of years prior and despite their many differences, they had clicked right away. Lacy had been sat alone at a bar particularly well known to be frequented by Gia’s hung kind and she had recognised the girl’s type right away. Seemingly shy, reserved and timid. How wrong she had been. With a cock in front of her, especially one attached to a dominant and needy woman like Gia, the girl transformed, becoming lustful, needy and sometimes even a little dominant, desperate to show off her incredible talents.

Despite Gia’s best efforts to keep the secret side of Lacy’s lust to herself, Lacy’s needs had outstripped her supply and Gia had eventually been practically forced to invite her own sister to join them, just to keep the girl sated.

However, it had left them all in quite a precarious position. The sex was plentiful and amazing, but Lacy’s own anxieties made her constantly question whether there was nothing more to it than just the sex, despite the fact that the two sisters seemingly would do anything for her.

More and more the two were pressing their interests, inviting Lacy out to the movies, to dinner, to here, showing her that they wanted more than just the amazing sex.

“…You’re staring.” Lacy pointed out and Gia blinked, smiling sheepishly.

“Ah, sorry, just enjoying the view.” She grinned a little, “You know, I really think you should-…”

“Banana pancakes?” Came a bright voice as the waitress set down a plate before each of them along with two small pots, placed in the middle of their table.

Gia pursed her lips, a little irritated to have been interrupted again but she couldn’t help but smile, seeing the excitement and curiosity that now played across Lacy’s beauty, replacing the doubt and worry that had been prominent before.

“I er, can I get another milkshake, please?” Lacy asked, her expression on Gia as if asking for permission.

The waitress looked at Gia who shrugged and nodded, “Yes, of course you can sweety.”

“Would you like another too?” The waitress asked, but Gia shook her head, she was savouring hers more than the seemingly very thirsty redhead.

The waitress nodded and made a note on her pad before turning, stopped by Lacy’s almost timid voice, “U-umm…”

The waitress turned back and raised an eyebrow, smiling professionally, “Yes?”

Lacy swallowed and blushed, glancing between Gia and the busty brown haired waitress before speaking, “Could… Could you use your own… You know.”

Gia grinned broadly and the busty waitress smiled happily, “Of course, always happy to serve a customer, but it may take a few extra minutes?”

Lacy nodded meekly, her eyes drinking in the woman’s impressive chest and figure, “…I can wait.”

The waitress nodded and turned to leave, leaving the pair once again to themselves.

“You like her,” Gia said knowingly and Lacy blushed a little, smiling back as she collected her knife and fork, eying her food for a moment before replying, voice light and innocent.

“She’s got curves… You know I like that. So um… Where’s the stuff in this?”

Gia collected her own cutlery and pursed her lips, “It’s baked into the pancakes I believe.”

“Oooh,” Lacy said softly, interested, but clearly having expected more.

Gia smirked and tapped the two pots with her knife, a small metallic ‘tink’ ringing out between them, “One of these has caramel sauce in, into which it’s also put and the other one… Well.”

She picked it up and passed it to Lacy who took it curiously, peering in and giving it a curious sniff, “Oh!”

Gia grinned and watched as, with a blush and virtually no hesitation, Lacy began to pour the thick, creamy white sauce over her own pancakes, cum, in its purest form.

Gia herself opted for the cum laced caramel sauce and set to eating, enjoying the subtlety of the flavours, how they interacted with the existing sweetness of the caramel, the bananas and even the malt drink.

Lacy meanwhile, now clearly out of her shell had all but drowned her stack of banana pancakes in the viscous liquid, eating heartily and clearly in love with the new experience.

“You’ll have to take me back here again…” Lacy said between bites, her thighs rubbing together beneath the table as she enjoyed herself.

“Mm, I will.” Gia smiled, then hesitated, watching Lacy again with interest, “Lacy…”

“Mm?” Lacy blinked up from her plate, a small line of cum resting on her chin that she scooped up to place between her lips with a delicate finger.

Gia smiled, projecting her usual strength, poise and confidence despite the small anxiety that now settled in her chest, “Me and my sister have been talking…” She started, noting the look of worry that now played across Lacy’s features as she swallowed her mouthful quickly, speaking before Gia had the chance to continue.

“A-are you two breaking up with me?” She said, her eyes wide, her voice cracking.

Gia blinked, taken aback then shook her head quickly, “What? No! God no.” She laughed lightly, watching as the relief spread across the girl’s face, “We want you to move in with us. Like, actually.”

“You… You do? But, I mean I know the sex is amazing and I really really like you both, but… I don’t want to commit myself if that’s all there is, you know?” Lacy said, her voice soft, not very keen on the subject as she looked down at her food, feeling small.

Gia shook her head, “We keep telling you there’s more to it than that. I don’t just say and do these things to get into your pants you know?”

Lacy paused for a moment, taking a bite of her food and chewing slowly, a couple of fingers toying with her red hair as she thought out her response carefully, “Gia… You’re so… Perfect, gorgeous, intelligent, funny and…” she bit her lip, “well, rich, successful, your sister too.”

“Mmhm,” Gia smiled confidently, “And I want you to live with us. I love you, Lacy, really, we both do.”

Lacy blushed brightly and looked at Gia with glistening eyes, then nodded, “If… If you mean it?”

Gia grinned brightly, feeling the excitement well up inside her, “It’s going to be amazing.”

Lacy smiled brightly too and laughed a little, feeling her anxiety melt away as she considered what it could possibly be like living with Gia and her sister, her heart going a mile a minute in her chest at the thought.

With the spectre of Gia’s question no longer looming between them, their conversation and the mood lightened as they ate and chatted.

After a few minutes the waitress returned looking especially flush and producing another glass of the special malt milkshake that she placed before the delighted Lacy, switching it out for the empty glass which she took away.

Gia smiled as she watched the often insatiable Lacy begin to down another glass of the thick liquid and she began to wonder if the girl had overdone it by ordering another one, after all, Layla had yet to arrive and that fun had yet to begin, but she hadn’t filled Lacy in on just what that entailed, opting instead to keep it as a surprise.

They finished eating, their plates cleared away and Lacy was left finishing her second malt-cum shake when a new waitress approached, a tall, well-built woman with dark skin on whom the extremely revealing maid’s outfit was particularly fetching.

“Gia!” The woman, Layla exclaimed, catching her attention and leaning down, giving Gia a warm hug which she returned, the pair clearly familiar with one another, “Oh it’s so good to see you again. And who’s your cute little friend?”

Gia beamed happily up at the waitress, “It’s been too long Layla,” she looked across at Lacy with a smirk and beckoned to her with a hand, “and this is my friend, Lacy.”

“Ooooh,” Layla beamed, eying the petite redhead over curiously, “Mm, cute, Anyway, I was told you wanted to see me? Was it just to say hi?”

Gia pursed her lips a little and tried her best to look innocent, “Mm, not so much. See… I happen to know that Lacy here has always wanted to try someone of a er… Darker persuasion?”

Layla looked towards the now crimson Lacy and smirked knowingly, not so delicate in her wording, “Mm… You want to suck my black cock and drink my thick load, Lacy?”

Lacy could feel her heart hammering in her chest and she blinked from Layla to Gia, her eyes wide and uncertain. Gia winked and nodded.

“I… I mean… Y-yes? Can I?” Lacy stammered, suddenly a little breathless.

Layla’s smirk broke into a grin and she held a hand out towards Lacy, which she tentatively took, rising to her feet and blushing as Layla nodded her head towards a side door, her voice edged with a dominant tone that made Lacy’s heart flutter all the more, “Come with me, little girl… We have a couple little booths in the back just for this.”

She took a step towards the door, pulling Lacy along but she tugged on the woman, “W-wait…”

Layla paused and eyed her with an arched eyebrow, “Mm?”

Lacy looked at the reclined and smirking Gia, her voice coming out shy but desirous, “Gia… Are you coming?”

Gia glanced at Layla who grinned wolfishly, then stood, picking up her handbag, “Far be it from me to turn down an offer to watch this…”

Lacy blushed, intimately aware of how much smaller she was when stood between the two taller, broader women in their heels and shook her head, “I want to do both of you… If that’s okay?”

Layla laughed as she once again tugged on Lacy’s arm, her hand encircling the smaller girls pale wrist as they moved back towards the side door, “Why did you never tell me about this girl Gia?”

“Pfff…” Gia smirked, following on behind the two, her eyes downcast, watching Lacy’s tight round butt through the figure-hugging fabric of her jeans, “I’m already sharing her with my sister.”

“Ha! I take it she’s good then?” Layla asked as they stepped into a small corridor, which led to four small rooms that Lacy could see, two of the doors already shut.

Lacy blushed as she walked passed one of the closed doors, hearing the unmistakable sound of someone enthusiastically getting her cock sucked. The way Layla and Gia talked about her, like she wasn’t even there or like she was just a toy to be used, set a fire blazing in her.

“Just you wait…” Gia teased as they stepped together into one of the rooms, shutting the door behind them with a definitive click.

The room, designed with two in mind, became an incredibly intimate affair with the three of them pressed in together. The space dominated mainly by a comfortable looking couch that, fortunately, would be able to sit both Gia and Layla, albeit rather snugly.

As Gia set down her handbag and stepped towards the couch Layla scooped up a plush pillow which, with a smirk and with her eyes fixed on Lacy, she placed down knowingly before the couch.

“Can I… I mean, would you mind if…” Lacy said softly, biting her lip as the two turned to look at her, expectant.

“Yes?” Gia offered helpfully.

Lacy blushed crimson, her eyes fixed on Layla, letting out an uncertain little whine before blurting out suddenly, “Can I undress you? Please?”

Layla, who had been planning on just hiking up her short skirt, grinned and nodded, moving to stand before the much smaller redhead, “Of course you can…”

Gia smirked and moved passed them, sinking down into one half of the comfortable seat and relaxing, still clothed herself in her elegant pantsuit, having met Lacy here fresh from work, more than happy to let Lacy explore and discover everything new Layla had to offer.

Tentative at first Lacy reached out, her hands coming to rest, have a moment’s hesitation, on Layla’s sizable chest, her hands, with fingers splayed pressing in and up, feeling the impressive size and weight of her bust even through the fabric of her faux corset top.

“Wow…” Lacy breathed to herself as her fingers moved to the centre and traced down to where the top met the skirt, fingers searching and finding the gap between the two pieces where she hooked her thumbs, beginning to lift up.

Layla smirked as she raised her hands up above her head, feeling the tightness of the top as it was worked slowly and intimately up over her curvaceous form, revealing flawless dark chocolate skin that Lacy couldn’t wait to see more of.

As it began to move up over the swell of her breasts Layla reached down, knowing the girl would be too short to lift the garment entirely off over her head without the help she now offered.

Without protest from Lacy, Layla lifted the top up and off over her head, casting it aside, leaving her standing there naked from the waist up, save for a black and white lace choker around her neck and a garter belt that vanished down under her skirts, doubtless clipped to her black stockings.

Lacy stared with wide eyes at the bountiful display before her, the woman’s breasts heavy and full on her chest, each one more than a handful for the little redhead and each one tipped by a thick, even darker nipple.

“You like what you see,” Layla said plainly, a statement not a question to which Lacy nodded with a sly little smile of her own.

“Y-yeah…” She admitted, reaching out and lifting a heavy breast in her palm, feeling it’s warmth and weight more clearly now it was bare, her slender fingers squeezing, kneading the soft flesh and hard nipple, drawing a soft little sigh of pleasure from the taller woman.

“Here…” Layla said, reaching out to interlace her fingers in Lacy’s long red hair, cupping her head and pulling her forward, “You’re about to suck my cock, no need to be shy…”

Lacy let out a surprised little squeak as she was drawn closer, hardly having to lean down at all to catch the taller woman’s nipple between her soft pink lips.

“Ah…” Layla moaned, biting her lip as she felt the girl latch on, her tongue almost working on instinct to swirl around and caress the sensitive nub, her cheeks caving in as she sucked hard, feeling the delightful warmth of the breast pressed to her face.

“There just like that…” Layla purred, her other hand moving to Lacy’s spare hand, the girl’s other hand still groping and squeezing at Layla with a growing desire to please. Slowly she guided the small willing hand towards her skirt, letting it rest against the growing length of her cock through the thin fabric.

“Feel that?” Layla asked softly, looking across and winking at Gia who, by now, had lost a battle of willpower, fishing out her own impressive length and holding it in her hand, stroking it slowly as she watched the lewd display before her, waiting for what was to come.

“Mmm~…” Lacy moaned, her fingers tracing the outline of the length and closing around it through the fabric of her skirts, feeling a contrast that fed the flames of her growing need. The shaft held in her hands was huge, long and girthy beyond anything Lacy had experienced in the past, but at the same time there was a softness to it that that betrayed the fact that it still had some growing to do…

Layla smirked playfully as she felt the girls head pull back and, albeit a little reluctantly, she let Lacy pull back, the nipple loudly popping free from between her lips, leaving the breast to bounce and settle, the peak engorged and glistening.

“I can’t wait, help me get this off…” Lacy panted, her demeanour beginning to switch up as her lust began to overtake her shyness and doubts, her hands moving to Layla’s skirt, undoing the tie and starting to wiggle it down over her broad hips, struggling to get it over a certain bulge.

Layla laughed warmly, enjoying the girl’s mounting eagerness and was certainly in no position to deny her what she wanted. Reaching down she pressed her cock down under her skirts where she trapped it between her plush thighs, feeling it harden further at the sensation of being so warmly nestled away.

With the obstruction out the way, it was easier now for the skirts to slip down over her hips to pool around her feet on the floor, revealing in full what the garter belt had promised, a pair of black stockings that encased her legs in their silky fabric, ending in the pair of heels that helped elevate her and Gia both to appear, as they did, so much taller than an already naturally shorter Lacy.

“You look good Layla…” Gia purred softly, watching as Lacy obviously came to the same conclusion, something in her expression changing, becoming more determined, her blush ever present as always.

“Thanks, gorgeous… You know I-, ah!” Layla gasped, caught off guard as Lacy, small and slender though she was, put on a display of strength that Layla obviously hadn’t been expecting, the girl pushing on Layla’s shoulders just hard enough to set her off balance, leaving her to fall backwards onto the couch.

Layla gasped as she landed alongside Gia, her cock springing free from between her splayed thighs to point straight up, every bit the monster Lacy had hoped for, veined and ridged, the tip a slightly lighter colour than the rest of her length, the shaft matched in size only by the pair of heavy nuts resting beneath in their silky smooth sack.

Layla felt her face flush with heat and moved to push herself back up, so used to being the dominant one that being forcefully sat down by this waif of a redhead, in front of her friend no less, left her pride a little wounded.

As she moved to sit up Layla felt Gia’s hand around her shoulder and she turned her head to look at her, parting her lips to protest but catching something in Gia’s expression that made her hesitate.

“Relax,” Gia said gently, knowing this side of Lacy all too well, the side that, past a certain point, took what she wanted.

Pursing her lips and turning her gaze back up to Lacy she leaned back into the warm comfort of the seat, feeling Gia’s arm and hand, draped comfortably around her neck, moving to come to rest atop of a heavy breast, her fingers seeking out and idly toying with a dark nipple.

“I’ve never seen one so big before…” Lacy breathed, seemingly oblivious to Layla’s only slightly wounded pride.

“Think you can do it?” Gia asked, smirking as Lacy sank to her knees between Layla’s thighs, kneeling on the cushion and resting her elbows on the woman’s legs, her hands both moving to encircle the base of the dark cock, pushing down around it to make it seem that much bigger and stand out all the more prominently.

“Y-yes.” Came Lacy’s breathless but confident response, her eyes trailing up Layla’s luscious body to meet her gaze, the woman clearly wondering what this, ‘it’, she thought she could do was.

Lacy leaned forward and rested the hot length against her face, her lips brushing against the underside as she kissed it, getting to know every curve the dark cock had to show off and offering the two the memorable view of the huge veined beast resting on her soft girlish features.

“Okay…” Lacy whispered to herself, leaning up and wetting her lips with her tongue, her eyes downcast now, focusing entirely on Layla’s black cock, her lips finding the pre-leaking tip and parting ever so slightly, her eyes closing as she pressed her shoulders down.

Layla let out a soft little moan, arching her back up slightly to press her breast into Gia’s groping hand as she felt the girl’s lips stretch around her girth, pressing down to slowly take her inches into the hot, wet confines of her already suckling mouth.

“Oh wow…” Layla gasped, breathing harder now as she felt the girls tongue nimbly swirl around her tip, her position changing as she raised and angled herself, showing no signs of slowing or stopping her conquest.

Pure pleasure surged through Layla’s body as, finally, she felt the spongy tip of her leaking cock press against the impossibly tight entrance to the girls throat, the pressure and sensations it gave her, along with the always attentive action of her tongue, drove her to pleasures she didn’t know were possible from getting head.

In all her years of working in this cafe and the innumerable blowjobs she’d received from the various patrons and customers, she’d never felt anything quite like this.

“Oh fuck… That’s so, ah, ah!” Layla’s words of praise were interrupted as, to her complete amazement and Gia’s obvious amusement, Lacy just didn’t stop.

Layla felt a truly unique sensation encapsulate the sensitive head of her cock as the mounting pressure suddenly gave way, something in the redhead’s throat relaxing as the girls lips traversed the rest of Layla’s steely length, coming to rest, finally, wrapped snugly around its thick base, the entire length buried to the hilt inside her mouth and throat.

“Good girl…” Gia encouraged, stroking her cock as she watched the slender redhead perform a vanishing act on Layla’s thick black cock, the erotic sight of Lacy’s pale throat bulging obscenely as Layla writhed under her in pleasure caused Gia’s shaft to throb eagerly in her hand.

Lacy, impatient to get to work, let out a low lustful moan as she rolled her lips slowly back up the black shaft until her lips were settled just behind the crown, her cheeks caved in as she sucked hard, her tongue never missing an opportunity to caress Layla and taste her leaking pre.

Layla’s hands moved to Lacy’s head, fingers lacing through her long red hair as she sought to regain her dominance, biting her lip, “Fuck me… No one’s ever managed to throat my whole cock before,” Layla said, the lust and wonder in her voice causing a shiver of pleasure to flutter through Lacy’s core, getting off on the praise almost as much as she was the cock itself, “I can see why you hid her from me, she’s delicious.”

Gia, feeling a little left out, reached across to take one of Lacy’s small hands from Layla’s thigh, pulling it across to her lap, the girl’s fingers instinctually seeking out and wrapping around Gia’s throbbing length, squeezing it and beginning to idly stroke, “Mm…” Gia moaned, squeezing the warm softness of Layla’s breast in her hand, “Oh I know, she’s insatiable too, I figured if I introduced her to you, you know…”

Layla, breathing hard, pulled down none too gently on Lacy’s head, feeling every precious inch of her cock slide again into the hot, tight embrace of Lacy’s wet and waiting throat, both her and Gia watching in delight as the girls lips encircled the base of her length, Layla pausing just for a moment before lifting the girl slowly back up, “Ah, ha, not going to lie Gia babe, I would have stolen this girl in a heartbeat…” She chewed on her lip, looking down into the bright sparkling eyes of the cock-drunk redhead, “So… Ah, fuck, why now?”

Gia wrapped her own hand around Lacy’s setting the pace at which she was stroked, her other hand still idly plucking at Layla’s dark nipple, “Mm… Because now she’s going to move in with me and my sister,” Gia grinned, “It’s more than just sex now, she’s our girlfriend.”

“Eeey,” Layla laughed softly, grinning as she looked across at the Italian woman, nudging Gia with her elbow as she hilted her cock inside the petite girl between her knees, “congrats Gia! I’m so glad you found someone…” She said, genuinely happy for her even as she began to pick up the pace at which she was face-fucking Gia’s special someone, “You and your sister going to be able to share her okay?”

Gia smirked and nodded knowingly, leaning closer to Layla, cuddling up to her affectionately as she watched Lacy’s throat at work, “Oh for sure, in fact, I think if I had this little gem all to myself I wouldn’t be able to keep her satisfied…”

Layla smirked and turned her dark eyes back on the small girl, her lips growing puffy from their work, her eyes half-lidded, her cheeks a vibrant crimson, “Well if you ever need any help keeping this slut in order…” Layla offered and, as she moved Lacy’s head up, felt her pull even higher, the spit-shined length popping free of the girl’s lips as she let out a gasp!

“P-please! Gia! Please, can we come here again? I love you, I really do, but I need this cock in my life, I need it!” Lacy begged, panting hard as she leaned down, Layla letting out a stifled little moan as she felt one of her heavy nuts drawn between the girl’s eager lips and into her mouth, being bathed and worshipped by her nimble tongue, Lacy’s eyes wide and hopeful, pleading.

Gia laughed softly and grinned, knowing Lacy as she did she had known from the beginning that this outcome had been almost inevitable, “Of course love, we can come over here every now and then, and Layla can come across to ours sometimes… And if you’re a really good girl, maybe you can have the occasional slumber party at hers…” She explained promisingly, attracting Layla’s attention, her own eyes wide as Lacy moaned gratefully, her lips and tongue moving to worship Layla’s other heavy ball.

“You mean that Gia? I can use your girl now and then?” Layla asked, looking into the eyes of the curvy Italian with surprise.

Gia smirked playfully and leaned in, pressing her lips to Layla’s and parting her own, her tongue, sweet and keen, slipping between Layla’s plush lips to intermingle and dance with her own pink tongue.

Lacy blushed warmly as she let the nut fall from between her lips, her tongue gliding up the underside of Layla’s veined shaft until she was once again suckling on the tip, her eyes locked on the gorgeous display, the two women, heads tilted as they made out, entirely engrossed in the sensations perverting their curvy bodies.

Gia broke the kiss first and grinned a little, a smudge of her lipstick left behind on Layla’s full lower lip, the woman’s eyes sparkling with desire, “So long as I get her back again.” Gia winked.

Layla smirked and nodded, looking down at the girl currently nursing her broad tip, their eyes locking, “Oh, I promise… Though I don’t promise she won’t come back to you all worn out…”

Gia laughed softly, “Hey, if you can wear her out you’ll be able to do something I’ve never managed…”

“I’ve never had a girl who can take my whole cock in her mouth before, I could lay her out and fuck her throat for hours…” Layla moaned, feeling her cock deposit a few drops of pre in Lacy’s mouth, the girl clearly loving the taste as she eagerly coated her tongue in the stuff, getting off on the mental image of being laid on her back, pinned beneath the curvy Layla, her throat being used like a pussy by her massive black cock.

Before Layla could pull down again, Lacy was pushing her head down herself, moving especially slow as her mouth and tongue worked as hard as they could to coat Layla’s cock in her hot clear spit, leaving her length throbbing and pulsing as it stood straight up once again falling free of Lacy’s mouth with a wet suckling pop.

“What’re you doing?” Layla asked with a raised eyebrow as Lacy’s hand too released Gia’s cock, the girl moving to stand.

“I need more…” Lacy panted as she stood, Layla somewhat reluctantly letting her fingers fall free of the girl’s hair.

“Oh yeah?” Layla smirked, watching as Lacy pulled her t-shirt up and off over her head, discarding both it and her bra on the floor in a heap, revealing her gorgeous lithe form with her modest but lovely breasts, “Going to let me fuck that pussy?” She asked, biting her lip as she glanced down, watching now as Lacy slid her jeans and her wet panties down over her shapely hips and long legs, revealing the smooth patch between her thighs, the lips of her bare pussy puffy and pink, ready, Layla thought, for her thick black cock.

Lacy shook her head and leaned down, reaching into Gia’s handbag and producing a small white bottle. After a moment opening it she squeezed out a little dollop of something clear onto her pale fingers, “No, your cocks too big for my pussy, it wouldn’t all fit…”

Layla pouted, “Aw, going to fuck Gia as you suck me then?”

Lacy looked to Layla, her eyes slowly tracing up and down the woman’s dark exotic body, pausing here and there to take in the sights, the thick waiting cock, the heavy tits, one held in Gia’s hand, the pleasured and expectant expression.

“Not exactly…” Lacy set the bottle down and reached behind her with her lube slick fingers, biting her lip as she pressed the fingers between her own rounded ass cheeks, massaging the cold lube into her pale tight ring, preparing herself.

Gia loved the shift on Layla’s expression, from confusion to surprise then finally disbelief, “Lacy, you’re kidding, right? I’ll fucking split you in half!” She said uncertainty in her voice as she glanced at Gia, seeing the expectation and the lust written across her face, not finding any of the concern she had expected.

The small, slender girl smiled excitedly her red hair falling about her face obscuring one eye as she crawled forward onto the couch, placing a knee either side of the curvier Layla, straddling her and taking her cock into a still lubed hand, massaging as much as she could into the steely shaft.

“I hope so…” Lacy purred with admiration, biting her lip as she guided the massive length between her cheeks, working her hips up and down in slow gyrating circles, helping it find its place.

Layla glanced tentatively towards Gia again, “Is this okay? What about you?” She asked, acutely aware that, for the most part, Gia’s needs had been coming in second place to her own.

Gia smirked and kissed Layla’s cheek, “Oh she’ll do me next… Then you again, if you’re up for it…”

Layla let out a moan as Lacy adjusted her position, the thick mushroom tip of her cock beginning to press against the stubborn resistance of Lacy’s tiny ass.

“I-I don’t have time for that, I’ll have to get back to work after this and you two can’t be in here without me…” Layla said, her eyes on Gia, searching.

Gia paused for a moment, then shrugged, “I can fuck her when we get home, just have your fun hm?…”

Layla swallowed and looked up into Lacy’s gaze, despite her efforts to take and stay in control, she was entirely at the mercy of this girl’s rampant desires. She glanced between Lacy and Gia, feeling a seldom felt lust tingle through her body.

“A-ah, fuck it, Gia, come here.” Layla said beckoning with a finger for Layla, who was snuggled up to her to move even closer, “Undress and kneel up on the couch.”

Gia raised an eyebrow curiously but did as she was told, standing and, under the watchful amorous gazes of both Layla and Lacy, began to strip herself, glad for an excuse to not be the only one clothed and glad to get out of her work attire, especially as the small room began to warm up.

Lacy paused for a moment, too enraptured by the sight unfolding before her to focus on Layla’s cock. She’d seen it all a thousand times of course, every inch of Gia intimate and up close, but even now the sight of her olive skin, lush curves and thick cock made her forget to breathe for a moment, too taken in by her beauty and raw sexuality.

Naked finally, the only clothes remaining on either of them Layla’s stockings, lace collar and the heels they both wore, she moved to kneel on the couch beside the pair, her olive coloured cock pointing towards them.

Set on this path now as Lacy began to move again, slowly urging her hips forward and backwards, the pressure at the point between them growing, Layla reached up, pushing her long middle finger in between Lacy’s lips, feeling it slide over the velvety heat of the surprised girls tongue, “Get it wet slut.”

Lacy moaned and did as she was told, Gia watching on curiously as Layla’s finger came back out from between the blushing girl’s lips, slick and wet.

“Here,” Layla said firmly, shuffling herself down on the couch a little, lowering herself until her lips were at the same level as Gia’s hard cock, her hand reaching out and up between Layla’s thighs, her slick finger moving up between her cheeks to press against and into her tight bubbly ass, causing a surprised gasp to fall from Gia’s lips.

Curling her finger Layla pressed it deep into her friend, feeling her move forward and close,r as if to escape the sudden surprise intrusion, but Layla used this to guide her.

Lacy, a few beads of sweat forming on her body as she continued to try and work her hips down, struggling to take the girthy tip into her tight little hole, watched as Gia scooched forward, one of the woman’s hands coming to rest one on the back of the couch, the other on Layla’s head as she felt the wonderfully unexpected sensation of her hard cock pushing between Layla’s soft full lips and into the new experience of her mouth.

“O-oh, oh fuck Layla…” Gia moaned, looking down with wide eyes as the dark-skinned woman put the thick lips of hers that Layla knew Gia loved so much to work on the Italian woman’s cock for the first time in their relationship that, up until now, had always just been the maid serving the customer.

Layla looked up at Gia, grateful that her dark complexion made the blush that was dominating her cheeks less prominent, she wasn’t by nature a very switchy woman, always preferring, when given the option, to be the one giving and the one in charge, but, as her eyes flickered back to Lacy, she wanted to repay Gia for this exquisite gift and, in the moment, she just felt like this was the only way she could show her gratitude.

“C-come on…” Lacy whimpered feeling the pressure mounting as she became annoyed with herself for struggling so much, having hoped it would’ve been as ‘easy’ as it had been to take her down into her throat.

With the huge tip beginning to spread her little hole wider and wider, demanding entry, Layla, just as impatient to feel more, moved the hand that wasn’t currently sawing a finger in and out of Gia’s thick ass to roughly grip and squeeze Lacy’s hip, dragging the girl down as she thrust her hips up in a sudden burst of force.

Lacy gasped in surprise, her back arching, her breasts pressing out and forward as something gave way, her tight little hole stretching and closing behind the ridge of Layla’s black cock head, trapping it inside her slender white body and making what was to come next completely inescapable.

Layla moaned around Gia’s thick cock, which, while not as big as her own, was still impressive and filled her mouth. Gliding her hips up and down the shaft she felt the impossible tightness of Lacy’s hot milking hole begin to swallow more of her length, the tip pressing ever deeper into her yielding ass, all eyes on Lacy as she sank lower, taking maybe half of Layla’s cock into her young slender body before paused.

She looked at Layla and panted hard, Layla recognising the determination and hunger in the girl’s expression as she raised herself slowly back up, her tight ass practically sucking on Layla’s cock, making her moan around Gia’s cock as the pleasure radiated through her like nothing she could remember experiencing before today.

Gia rested her hands on Layla’s head, toying idly with her dark hair, moaning and whimpering, her eyes closing as she was treated to a blowjob that she’d long fantasised about receiving, the finger working deep into her ass, pressing against her prostate in sync with the movement of the woman’s lips and tongue a more than welcome bonus that sent her own pleasure rocketing upwards.

Lacy pressed herself back down with a gasp, letting gravity help the cock to sink an extra inch or so into her body, her hands both coming to rest on Layla’s full breasts, each one more than a handful for the girl as she began to eagerly ride Layla, feeling the resistance in her body melt away until, at last, she felt her ass slap against Layla’s heavy sack, every inch set impossibly deep in her body.

“A-ah… Gia, look, I did it!” Lacy bit her lip between pants, gyrating her hips in a tight little circle, stirring and stimulating the cock sheathed inside her, getting used to the powerful sensations, feeling the cock, real and hard, throbbing and pulsing so wonderfully far within her where before she had only ever felt toys, Gia or her sisters own cocks having never been able to scratch the itch deep within her that she only now realised she had.

“Good girl, I’m so proud of you…” Gia moaned, encouraging, “Make her feel real good for me yeah? Give it your all.”

Lacy nodded and flicked her head back, tossing her red hair behind her shoulders as her fingers moved across the soft flesh of Layla’s chest, massaging the heavy orbs and trapping the woman’s nipples between her fingers, letting out a deep shuddering breath as she adjusted her knees, allowing herself better control as, finally, she started to properly ride Layla’s cock.

The sound of Lacy’s film cheeks slapping against Layla’s body began to echo throughout the room, doubtless able to be heard by anyone passing by and intermingling with each of their unique moans, Lacy’s high pitched and and breathy, Gia’s low and needy, Layla’s muffled by the thick wet cock held between her lips.

They moved in such perfect unison that to a viewer it would have looked practiced, each one lost in a world of pleasure that was unique to themselves, the sensations mounting to new heights as the room around them grew hot from the action, every nerve in Lacy’s ass on fire as again and again she pushed her petite body down, forcing the entire length of Layla’s hard cock into her ass bareback, over and over, just how she liked it.

As Layla watched the little redhead eagerly ride her cock, the girls modest breasts bouncing on her chest, she could feel an all too familiar sensation begin to rise in her nuts, she moaned around Gia’s cock, trying to convey that she was drawing close, but the other two were too engrossed in their own building pleasures to take notice.

Lacy tilted her head back and stared up at nothing for a few moments as she bounced on Layla’s cock, massaging and kneading the woman’s breasts tight against her chest, loving the way they felt in her delicate grip, soft flesh pressing up between her fingers, “Oh fuck Layla this feels so good, give me that black cock, come on, fuck my ass, fuck me!”

Layla’s eye’s rolled back in pleasure as she groaned, knowing that if she couldn’t slow the girl down and make the experience last, then she at the very least she was going to make her impending climax the best she’d ever had.

Sucking hard on Gia’s cock and tasting the woman’s musky pre as the slick cock head rubbed over her tongue time and time again, Layla once again griped Lacy’s hip, beginning to add the force of her own body into their lewd interracial ass fucking.

Lacy gasped as the sudden shift in speed and power, feeling the black cock hammer in and out of her tight lithe body, Layla’s cum-filled balls slapping against the pale redheads cheeks, so close to cumming that the other two couldn’t help but notice now, Lacy feeling the cock somehow harden even more within her, Gia feeling the intense sensations of Layla’s desperate moaning around her cock, sending vibrations coursing along her shaft and up her spine to explode as fireworks of pleasure behind her eyes.

“A-ah! I’m going to cum!” Gia whimpered desperately, Layla’s luscious lips, swirling tongue and searching finger combined with the absolutely unbelievable view of Lacy’s conquest proving to be too much for her to continue.

Layla stared up at them both, wide-eyed, feeling her own cock go well past the point of no return and realising then that she would be cumming at the same time as Gia. She had planned on letting Gia cum on her tits, but as her own cock finally and with great force erupted within Lacy’s squeezing hole, her mind became a blank slate lost to the intense pleasure that overwhelmed her.

“Ah!” Gia gasped as she felt her cock shoot the first of many thick ropes of her cum onto Layla’s tongue, her hot sticky seed firing into the woman’s waiting mouth as her ass squeezed and pulsed around the dark woman’s probing finger, milking it as if it were a cock itself.

Lacy pinched the dark nipples between her fingers hard enough to ensure the burst of pleasure made it through to Layla’s pleasure besieged mind, the woman hardly able to process the full spread of sensations that rippled through her embattled body to fight for her attention, her nipples straining between Lacy’s fingers, her cock, buried to the hilt inside Lacy’s ass, firing off its load so deep within her that though Lacy could feel the cock pulse with each new burst of seed and the balls twitching up against her cheeks, all she could feel inside was a thick liquid heat spreading deep, deep within her.

Finally, for Layla, it was the taste that now dominated her senses. She had expected it to be as it had been in the past for her when she had occasionally been persuaded into giving head, bitter, salty with a thin watery consistency, but in her pleasure addled state she could only think about how good Gia’s cum tasted, thick and plentiful it filled her mouth, threatening to overflow.

Gia, panting hard and gripping Layla’s head as she came, looked down at the woman with her now cum-bulging cheeks, her voice coming out low and honied, edged with a lust and an insistence that, in the moment of climax, Layla couldn’t deny, “Come on Layla, swallow my cum…”

Layla closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly, about to open her throat and allow Gia’s thick seed to slide into her stomach, something she’d never done, when Lacy’s voice, quick and desperate, made her pause, “N-no don’t! Please don’t swallow!”

Layla let out a moan and tilted her head back up, blinking open her eyes and looking at Lacy curiously, the last of Gia’s cum flowing from her cock into her mouth, mingling with the rest of her load on Layla’s tongue, forcing every taste bud to experience the distinctive flavour, her own cock still alight with pleasure, pulsing deep within Lacy, shooting the rest of her own massive load into the girls waiting ass.

“W-what are you doing?” Gia asked Lacy softly, breathing hard, knowing that she’d almost gotten away with making Gia swallow her load.

“P-pull out…” Lacy panted softly, her eyes locked on Layla’s as the last of the woman’s cum flowed into her ass, the women’s heavy, over-productive nuts depositing her first load of the day, always her biggest, as deep as it could into Lacy’s slender heat-flushed body.

Not sure what Lacy was up to, but keen to find out, Gia slowly withdrew her cock from in between Layla’s plush lips, stroking her slick cock as she did so to ensure that every last drop she could muster was left behind in her friend’s mouth.

Once she had pulled free Lacy turned her attention to Layla, her expression serious, her voice hungry, “You’ve got something I want…”

Layla’s eyes went wide as Lacy then leaned in, her small pale breasts pressing to Layla’s massive mounds, her hands slinking up to drape around her neck as Lacy’s lips sought out Layla’s own, her tongue pressing into the cum-filled mouth, greedily drawing it into her own, moaning deeply as she did.

Layla’s eyes fluttered shut as she indulged in an all-new sensation, an erotic wet kiss with the thirsty redhead, her own cock, having expelled the last of her own creamy load into the girl, remained hard inside her, Lacy’s tight ass so snugly wrapped around the base of Layla’s dark shaft that it acted like a cock ring, not allowing the beastly member to shrink.

Gia blushed brightly as she watched Layla share the thick cum in her mouth with Lacy, the pale redhead moaning eagerly as she tasted her lovers seed, swallowing it down, again and again, their tongues dancing until Layla’s mouth had been completely emptied, the kiss slowing and becoming less animal in its neediness before finally, Lacy leaned back up, panting hard, looking down at the two with a big grin on her face.

“T-thanks…” Lacy said softly, letting out a final contented sigh as she raised her ass up, Layla’s dark cock coming into view as it slowly withdrew from the tight bodied girl.

“Ah…” Layla gasped as her cock finally came free of Lacy’s perfect ass, starting to soften in the comparatively cool air of the room, her finger slipping free from Gia’s bubbly ass, the spent woman moving to sit back down Beside Layla who continued to speak, her eyes on Lacy,  “You’re welcome… Anytime…” She laughed a little then, playful, feeling more spent than she had in years.

Lacy tilted her head curiously, her tone losing much of its exhaustion to be replaced instead by a hopefulness, “…Now?…”

Layla bit her lip, knowing how completely empty she was and glanced at Gia for support, but Gia couldn’t help but laugh, the tiredness obvious in her own voice, as she relaxed, “See? I told you she was insatiable…”

Lacy, who knew a no when she heard one, pouted as cutely as she could towards Gia and leaned forward into Layla, their bodies pressing intimately together, her slender arms draped around her neck possessively, “Um… Can she maybe come round to ours tonight then?”

Gia laughed again and eyed the two with a smirk, Lacy holding onto Layla like a girl begging for a new puppy, Layla playing her part by giving Gia a puppy-eyed look, both of them pleading.

Gia smirked and shook her head, shrugging in mock but welcome defeat, “How could I say no to that, hm?”


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  1. Oh Tina, you really outdid yourself with this story just kept fuming and fuming and cumin g,.loved it so much


  2. where can one find a cafe like this?? great story with fantastic writing, hope that you will tell us more about that evening.


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