Crossed Lines: Chapter 1

Leo took a slow refreshing drink from a cup of now warm water, sitting at the edge of an intricately designed diagram drawn out with fine red chalk, his eyes scanning studiously over his magnum opus, checking it for errors or faults, knowing even a single smudged line could result in his downfall.

Everything was perfect and exactly as the book had detailed, the chalked lines the definition of precision on the designated aspen wood floor, stones and gems of varying origin expertly carved with runes long extinct from the world placed around the central circle, candles dotting each of many points, the wax of the candles infused with his own blood, the fire burning with a slightly greenish tinge, a sign things were as they should be.

Now all he had to do to take his rightful place in the world was to chant the incantation, each syllable needing to be spoken at exact intervals, in the correct tones, volumes, lengths, the inflection without flaw. He had practised every aspect of this ritual for years since he had discovered the Old Book.

His time, however, was limited now, the candles would only burn for so long he knew, but his nerves were difficult to calm. Any error now would cost him dearly, at best his life, at worst his soul. He took another slow sip of water, letting the warm liquid relax his throat, he didn’t want to stammer on any of the following words.

He sat cross with legs crossed by the ancient diagram, placing the cup beside him and after one final deep breath, started to chant. He closed his eyes and let thought vacate his mind, the words so well rehearsed that they came as naturally as the act of breathing.

The candle flames flickered and blossomed, the green flames lengthening as they were drawn unnaturally down towards the edge of the circle, the flames flowing into the chalk lines, infusing them, the smell of scorched aspen filling the room as darkness closed in around it and him, the walls and ceiling falling away leaving only the teen and his diagram of sin in the shadowy mists.

The words, feeling so very wrong coming from human lips rolled out and were seemingly caught in the air, each spoken word fluttering around the room like an independent noise, bouncing back from the shadows becoming a cacophony of incomprehension that was mounting and building, no single noise dissipating to nothingness.

The last inhuman words fell from him and he sat silent, listening to his own voice flow through the room, building, growing, shaping, each word coming together in a single dark noise, the spoken word of power, silence descending, leaving the air thrumming with power.

Leo opened his eyes, he could see nothing beyond the circle, the chalk lines within glowing green, the candles burning black. He was in a place between worlds. A place where he could summon his fiend, bind them to him and pull them back into the real world where their powers would be beyond anything the world had endured in generations.

He had only to speak their name to call them to his circle. He took a deep breath.


A single point of red light appeared in the centre of the circle about a foot off the ground, growing, twisting, shifting, a being of pure dark essence being given form so that it may exist within his perceptions.

The light grew and screamed, fury lacing the increasing stream of noise, it began to take shape, forming into a humanoid being. Leo turned his gaze away from the grotesque twisting mass of flesh, waiting for the process to be complete.

The screaming subsided and, after a long moment, he turned his eyes back towards the circle, his breath catching in his throat as he saw her.

She sat with her legs tucked under her in the centre of the circle, human, save for her crimson red skin, short, curled black horns and her long tipped tail that flicked back and forth like an irate cats. She was perhaps a foot taller than Leo, her body lithe and attractive, the curve of her hips and swell of her breasts drawing his attention as she drew breath, existing as an entity perhaps for the first time ever.

She turned her eyes on him and he shivered, her gaze was steely, her iris a bright ruby red that held his gaze, her lips full and attractive, her black hair long and wild, like she had just awoken from a long-troubled slumber.

“Who…” she said, then paused, looking confused at the sound of her own voice for a moment before she focused on him again, her gaze drinking him in, his slender boyish body, his attractive youthful face, her expression darkening with desire, “Mmm… Who are you to summon me?”

Leo swallowed. “I will not give you my name, Demon, for I know there is power in that.” he tried to sound confident, to sound steady, but his voice was still youthful and light with a soft, kind tone.

She moved, twisting her body so that she was on all fours, crawling towards the edge of the innermost circle, prowling like a cat, lowering her head some as she looked up at him with lustful eyes, her position allowing Leo to see down the curve of her arched back to her the fullness of her bared rear, tail swinging, her soft breasts pressed into the wood beneath her.

“Well you already know my name, but call me Vas, please…” she spoke, her voice honied and inviting.

He swallowed some and didn’t respond.

She narrowed her eyes and leaned back some, her thighs pressed together as she looked about her, observing the candles with a curious gaze. “Ahh, I see… Once the candles have burned out I am bound to you, I must obey you, I will be your pet, yes?”

Leo took a deep breath and nodded, “Yes, I have but to wait now.”

She bit her lip in a sultry action, leaning up on her knees, her thighs still pressed together and sensuously trailed her fingertips up her own silky skin to weigh and squeeze her own full breasts invitingly, fingers tweaking her dark hardening nipples, “What will you do with me first? How would you have me pleasure you with this… Ah… Lewd body of mine?”

He blushed brightly, he hadn’t had a clue what manner of demon he would summon besides knowing it was a powerful one and he had not expected one so beautiful and enticing, his thoughts were quickly turning away from plans of grandeur to simple, more sinful desires.

“Will you put my lips to use? Or perhaps my ass?” she said, her voice teasing, “I could use my tail… I bet a human has never had that done to them before.”

She watched him intently, his expression becoming relaxed as he couldn’t help but fantasize about her promises.

His guard down, smirking, she leapt! Her body deceptively strong as she put all her force into hurtling herself forwards at him, pointed horns aimed at his chest, wanting to gore him.

He gasped and yelped in surprise as she suddenly sprang towards him, his legs uncrossing as all his muscled suddenly tensed, falling back in surprise and absolute fear.

She shrieked, her horns striking an invisible wall, the innermost circle of the diagram preventing her escape, she crumpled to the floor screaming out her fury and agony.

Leo panted hard, his body shaking, flooded with adrenaline, he had seen his death, her sharp talon-like claws, her teeth like razors, her horns bearing his death, he let out a brief little laugh, lying on his back, staring up into the extending shadows panting hard. Despite the lack of a physical barrier between them, he was safe from her, though that hadn’t lessened his terror in his moment of her attack, a spark of uncertainty driving him to that fear.

He sat up on his elbows and stared at her as she writhed on the floor, lying on her stomach, swearing and twisting as her body recovered from the damage her impact had inflicted on her, she stared at Leo with pure loathing and hatred, “When I get free from these binds, ooh the things I will do you!! You will experience an eternity of pain! I will-….” she hesitated, her voice falling flat, her gaze flickering from him to the floor for just a second.

She stared at him, her eyes wide, her heart hammering in her chest, a new sensation. Anxiety. Startled by her attack he had jumped, spilling a small vessel of water that had rested by his body. Even now a tiny trickle of the water was spreading across the floor towards a chalk line.

She controlled her rage and stood, parting her thighs and revealing what she had kept hidden pressed between them, her cock, thick and half hard it hung between her thighs, the tip the same darker crimson as her nipples, a heavy smooth sack with two massive orbs hanging below. She stepped towards the edge of the circle and placed her palms against it, she needed to divert his full attention.

“I’m sorry… I had to try.” she said, her voice oozing with faux sincerity.

He moved to sit back up, his blush spreading as she saw her demonic tool, his mind distracted from her sudden change in tune. “You…”

“Yes, I have one of these… But that doesn’t matter, does it? I can still serve you in other ways. I’ve never been fucked in the ass before…” She smiled, now seeming a little shy, turning to show him her back, looking over a shoulder at him, her tail moving out the way, hands reaching back to sink her own fingers into the soft plushness of her ass cheeks, parting them and leaning forward slightly, knees together to show him her precious virgin star nestled between her cheeks.

Though from this angle her massive pillar and huge nuts were on display, he couldn’t help but stare at the demoness’ plush ass. He glanced to the side, towards one of the candles, there were only minutes left before the binding was complete.

“You’re trying to deceive me again.” he said, suspicious.

“No, no, you don’t understand, I cannot escape the circle and in moments I will be your pet, I do not want you to fear or hate me, I will be stuck with you. But you cannot blame me for trying to escape?” she said, standing and turning, smiling hopefully as she leaned forward, pressing her breasts against the invisible wall of the circle, Leo watched as they were pressed tighter to her chest, squishing up. “Tell me, when the ritual is complete, what will our life together be like? Will you be kind to me?” she asked, pouting out her lower lip and looking worried.

“I… I will be kind to you. I will not make you suffer.” he said, swallowing a little as he drank in her display, despite the extra equipment she possessed, he knew once he controlled her he would never need to worry about it.

Vas felt the invisible barrier under her fingers and breasts flicker and she moved to stand straight again, trying to contain her joy as she glanced down, the trickle of water beginning to mingle with the chalk, “Would you ever… Pleasure me?” she asked, looking adorable and meek, as she tested the edge of the circle down by her feet, probing it with her tail.

Leo let out another short laugh, shaking his head and running his fingertips through his own dark hair, “No, no I’d never want to do that.”

Vas let out a soft little sigh of happiness and stepped out of the circle towards him, “Mm, whether you want to or not is immaterial.”

Leo gasped and scrambled backwards, his back pressing against the shadowed wall as he looked around, his eyes wide, his mind in a sudden state of animalistic terror, he saw the candles, still burning, their binding unfinished, then he saw the mark, the tiny trickle of water smudging the chalk line at a single point and he knew his mistake and his sealed fate.

Nevertheless, gasping and scrabbling to his feet he stood, spinning and teared at the wall of shadow where once his door had been, screaming, desperate, knowing his life was lost but something in him still striving to survive.

He felt her touch and tensed for the moment of death, her breasts against his back, her cock against his ass, her hands wrapping around his body to hold him, her tail snaking around his waist, he felt her lips brush against his ear, her hands working up under his shirt to caress his skin, “Tell me your name and I will let you live…” she whispered, her tongue flicking out across his ear as he hugged the wall.

“L-Leo…” he said in a soft quivering voice, his body weak and shaking.

“Good boy… My Leo…” she purred and he felt a bond between them, felt their souls intermingle and become one. He was bound to her as he had desired, but not how he had wanted.

She bit his ear causing him to gasp in pain and with little mercy in mind threw him to the ground, a drop of blood on her pointed teeth was swept up by her nimble tongue. She moaned in pleasure, looking at the boy laying on the floor, tasting his essence and feeling her wants and needs multiply for the experience. For the first time in the eternity of existence she had a real form and through a stroke of fate and luck, she had a toy to play with.

She advanced and he tried to scramble up and away, crying out, but he felt her weight settle on his back, her claws tearing and rending at his clothes, ripping them free to reveal the smooth slender body of her desires encased within.

She growled her lust and dragged her inhumanly long tongue across his neck, making him shiver as his feet helplessly kicked at the ground, her weight and strength pinning him effortlessly as her hands ripped away any protection between her and him.

He whined helplessly as he felt the heat of her cock rest against his ass, the demoness chuckling in his ear as she ground against him, her thick shaft sliding up and down between his invitingly soft cheeks, her weighty breasts and hard nipples grazing against the bare skin of his back, her arousal and intentions obvious.

“N-no!” he reached back with his hands, trying to push her off, trying to crawl free from her pin but her strength was by far greater than his.

She continued to tease him with her erotic movements, his hands pushing against her stomach and hips as he tried to push himself free, one hand now on the back of his neck holding him down, the other beside his face, propping herself up as she glanced down between their bodies, the two of them surrounded by the scraps of fabric, all that remained of his clothes.

“Oh Leo, you’re so cute when you wiggle… We’re going to have such a long time together.” she grinned, happily, as he struggled and writhed, letting him tire himself out as she continued to slide her hot shaft up and down between his cheeks, feeling her heavy nuts press into his small sack at the apex of each glide.

He opened his mouth to speak again but she forced two crimson fingers between his lips and into his mouth, “Shhh, you don’t get to talk unless I want you to anymore.”

His struggles decreased, his body tiring and becoming weary of fighting as the inevitability of his situation set in.

She moved her hand from the back of his head, the fingers of her supporting hand mingling with his wet tongue between his lips as she moved her now spare hand to her own mouth, her long agile tongue working saliva into her own palm, reaching down and massaging the makeshift lube into her shaft, making it glisten.

“If you tense it’ll be more fun.” She advised helpfully, biting her sensual full lip as she gripped the base of her cock, guiding it towards his star and beginning to apply pressure.

(Art by Anasheya, check out his stuff!)

He gasped and tensed against her, making the push far more difficult for him and much more fun for her, she grinned looking down at him as his struggling renewed, even more futile now than before as she made progress.

He grunted and groaned around her fingers, the thick spongy tip of her demonic cock pressing eagerly against his star, demanding access, he knew in his mind that there was no outcome where the inevitable didn’t occur and he realised fighting would only make it hurt more.

With his eyes squeezed shut he tried his best to relax, feeling his body give suddenly as the tip of her cock, assisted by her weight, pressed down into the tight ring of his ass, penetrating him and joining them in a wholly new way, he cried out in pain around her fingers and she moaned, giggling softly.

“Aww, Leo baby… I thought I told you to fight it? It’s tighter for me that way, you slut.” she grinned, her tail flicking back and forth, betraying her happiness as she felt true physical pleasure, experiencing it in the flesh, gleefully letting it addict her.

She released her hand from her cock now that it had found its spot and slid it under his writhing body, gripping his flat chest, his nipple caught between her fingers as she squeezed, trying to get him to fight again as she began to urge her hips down, conquering the squirming human inch by hot, wonderful inch.

He stretched out under her, arms reached out above him, clawing at the wood of the floor as the invasion dominated his mind and being, feeling impossibly filled and expanded by her crimson red cock, little lances of pain springing from his chest as she pinched and twisted his sensitive nipple.

She watched the agony and struggle on his face as he tried to control himself, stopping himself from panicking and tensing, giving himself up to save his pain. With that attitude, she thought,  he would make an excellent pet, pleasuring her in the fear of pain.

She was, however, growing impatient at the speed at which he was taking her, she had gotten lucky and didn’t want to have to wait to reap the rewards eternity offered her. She leaned up, moving to straddle his thighs, her hands gripping both of his pale cheeks, preparing to take control.

He gasped and, with the weight released from his back started to push himself up, only to feel something long and slender wrap around his neck, squeezing and dragging him back down, his eyes bulging in surprise, lips parted as he struggled for air.

“Are you going to lie there and behave, bitch?” she growled, digging her talons into the flesh of his ass, almost breaking the skin as she choked him with her tail, “Tap out for yes…”

One of his hands instantly started tapping on the ground and she smirked, holding him there for a few long moments to ensure he had learned his lesson before releasing him, letting him gasp and draw in much-needed lungfuls of air.

She was so lucky, her fresh plaything was so hot, even as he recovered, her tail almost lovingly began caressing his cheek with its pointed tip as she looked down, focusing on her cock. The majority of her crimson length was still visible, lodged between his cheeks, only the plush tip and first couple of inches locked in the wonderful embrace of his virgin love hole.

She held out her long flexible tongue and let a few strands of saliva drip down onto her waiting, throbbing length, shoring up her position before she began her conquest anew, gripping his cheeks as she began to sink her length into him, his little, stretched star unwillingly swallowing inch after inch of meat.

She moaned loudly, no shame or reason to hold back as she tilted her head back, eyes closed as she experienced the full range of wonderful sensations, “Oh Leo, take my cock, take it like a good boy, oooh yeah…”

Grinning she jerked her hips forward, drawing out grunts and gasps from his mouth, his eyes still closed, as if trying to deny the reality that was his new life.

“Oooh fuck, Leo, please let me see those beautiful eyes of yours…” she purred, biting her full lip as she again looked down upon his body, his skin slick with beads of sweat, her hands gliding up to his lower back and waist, gripping him as she without pause or warning slammed her hips forward, burying the rest of her needy spear in his slick hole.

He gasped, arching his back up, his hands clawing at the floor as his eyes opened, wide and red, a couple of stray tears working down his cheeks as he yelped in surprise!

“There they are!” she teased with a giggle, gyrating her hips, stirring her cock in his depths as she pressed her huge nuts to his smaller sack, proudly displaying her superiority over him as he cried out, groaning with each subtle movement of the rigid tool impaling him.

“Now why don’t you sing for me while I have my fun?” she said, mirth in her voice as she slowly withdrew her cock, watching as her crimson log pulled back, only to slam it back forward, vanishing it in an instant and drawing a high pitched cry from him.

She settled into a rhythm, using her bodies limitless strength and power to set a grueling pace, hammering herself in and out of the boy, no care for his wellbeing, only for her pleasure,  his body bouncing as she fucked him without mercy, their bodies clapping together, her sack slapping into his, his hole making wet slick noises as her cock filled him, his yelps and gasps making the music she so desperately wanted to hear, the sound of rutting, pure and demonic.

She mated his backdoor with vigour, her lips parted, her long tongue lolling as she panted, eyes half-lidded enjoying the twisted, strained expression on his beautiful face almost as much as she enjoyed the hot velvety walls engulfing her no longer virgin cock, the pleasures of sex infinitely greater than she had ever imagined.

“Ahhh… This is so fucking good, I’m going to shoot so much demon cum into your ass, make you a vessel for my seed, doesn’t that sound fun?” she grinned, looking at him with desire, lust and attraction, she loved him, she knew, the boy that had given her form, fulfilled her desires, gifted her everything she had ever wanted and more.

She leaned down, slipping both her arms under his chest and pulled him up off the floor, lifting him and hugging him to her chest, her breasts pressed into the back of his shoulders as she pulled him so they both kneeled, her thrusts working up into his body, his arms limp at his sides, his head lolling backwards to rest on her shoulder as she fucked his ass.

One of her hands reached up holding his throat, not squeezing or choking, just dominating, her talons at his throat, delicately tracing the sharp points across his vulnerable skin, her other hand making an upside down V over his cock and balls, holding his crotch without touching his cock. He was never going to touch hers when things went his way, so why should she now they had gone hers? With her grip on his crotch it allowed her better purchase to fuck her cock up into him, feeling her climax starting to approach.

She panted and moaned, tongue caressing and working over his neck and chin as she stared at his closed eyes, his parted lips.

She fed the tip of her tail into his mouth, filling it with her tail, feeling the warm pleasant sponginess of his tongue against her flesh, sending a shiver all the way from the tip of her tail to the nape of her neck, her balls tensing.

“Fuck yes Leo, oh fuck I love your ass!” She gasped throwing her own head back as she began to cum, her cock twitching and throbbing balls deep inside his asspussy as she came, her fresh hot demonic seed pouring into his most precious spot.

Leo opened his mouth to scream, the heat of her cum so intense it was only a few degrees below burning, pulsing into him with a power and intensity he hadn’t thought possible.

Vas, lost in her own pleasure didn’t want his sounds to interrupt her moment of joy and victory, as he parted his lips, inhaling to scream she pressed her tail down, feeding the fleshy length into his throat, depressing his tongue and stretching his lips around the girthier length of her tail.

She jerked her hips forward and back, his muffled lewd whimpers escaping around her tail as she moved her hand up from his crotch, caressing the alabaster flatness of his stomach, “A-ahh..” she moaned gently her fingers light on the skin feeling heat, as she came inside his body, “Fuck… I feel it… I feel the heat of my cum in your tummy…” she chewed her lip, feeling her cock throb and her balls drain, the pleasure immense and perfect.

She slowly withdrew her tail from his throat and mouth, her hands releasing him. With nothing holding him in place he slowly fell forward, limp, his body thudding heavily into the floor as her cock was pulled free from his ass.

She looked down at the glistening wetness of her still hard cock, watching as the last few drops of cum oozed from her dark tip. She reached down and caught them on her fingers, smirking as he half twisted his body to look back at her, his eyes red, half-lidded and exhausted, just relieved the ordeal was over.

She lifted her fingers to her mouth, her tongue, as long as her cock slinking out as she kept her eyes locked with his, licking her fingers clean, tasting and swallowing her own cum.

He swallowed too, exhausted and aching, his body sore, his limbs heavy and leaden.

She reached down and pressed her hand into his back above his heart, forcing him back down to press him into the floor with a whine of protest. With her seed inside of him he was subject to her will and magic.

He gasped, feeling a surge from deep within him, darkness filling his veins if only for a second. Blinking, he pushed himself to his knees, all pain was gone, any vestige of tiredness fled from his body. He felt refreshed, energetic even, he could feel his ass as it was, tight as if once more that of a virgin.

He looked at her, confused, but only for a moment. He felt a chill run through him. Her cock was still erect, her expression still hungry.

“Again…” Vas breathed, lustily, taking an eager step towards him.

He fell back onto his ass, the colour draining from his face as he looked up at her. This was his eternity.

(Artwork by Ezhaillia, check out their stuff!)


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