Fair Trade: Chapter 1 – The First Encounter

Leanne found herself biting her lip as she rode through the heavy wooden gates to the Ulani town of Roshunda, her long dark hair shimmering in the cool breeze of the plains as she drew her horse to a trot. The Ulani, a predominantly peaceful race, thank the gods, dominated the town and could be seen everywhere.

Leanne found herself glancing sidelong at such a pair of Ulani, haggling over some trinket or another in their low rough voices and caught the eye of one, the rugged Ulani man eying her over briefly, appraisingly before looking away, seemingly satisfied. He had been eye level, she noted. Which was in impressive feat, given that she was on a horse. The Ulani typically ranged from nine to even ten foot tall and despite their peaceful nature and reputation, put the fear of the gods into her.

She had seen them before, her home city had had a small Ulani district, the buildings and streets, by design, having to be tailor made to fit the larger than life comforts of the Ulani people, but she had only ever seen them in the minority, one or two here and there. She had never herself, been the lone human in a crowd. But such was her task initiative.

At eighteen, Leanne had finally come of age, having been apprenticed to the Traders Guild of the Twin Swans at the age of twelve she had spent her life learning the valued art of trading and had, for her eighteenth birthday, been set her apprentices task of passage by her Master. Profit. She had been issued with goods, and would return with currency or goods of which her Master would value. The higher her profit, the higher her initial standing within the guild as an initiate. While it was an unfortunate truth, those that profited poorly from their test could spend their lives trading grain with farmers. Vital work no doubt, but lacking prestige or recognition. Those that failed to profit at all were given over to the book keepers. A fate, in Leanne’s eyes, worse than death.

The Ulani were by all accounts unparallelled craftsman, able to wield their strength in the creation of such fine and precise items, creating steels and alloys far superior to any the humans had yet to discover. However, due to their size, they struggled in the art of deep mining. While the Ulani were well known for their surface quarries, carving stones to be transported all across the kingdoms, when their mining efforts shifted below grounds, the size of the tunnels they created by necessity made the work slow, uncomfortable and dangerous, almost pointless, given the trading links with the Humans.

Leanne glanced back anxiously at the pack slung over her horse. Still there, the two bags each slung on each side rested, each holding three ingots of Dark Iron, an uncommon metal, though certainly not the rarest. The Guild wouldn’t risk too much of a loss on each apprentices first solo test after all.

While many of her peers had set off with their task bags to trade and barter in markets across the lands in hope for a deal, or preferably, an idiot with a lot of coin, Leanne had set out with a single shop in mind.

In her six years as an apprentice she had fed her mind lists of people she could trade with, noting who was exceptionally keen for certain items at certain times, or who was exceptionally good at producing or procuring certain goods. In her thirteenth year of age she had accompanied her Master as he met a visiting Ulani from Roshunda, seeking to forge a trade contract with the Guild. While the contract had never been agreed upon, Leanne had stared in wonder at the brilliant items and wears the Ulani had offered. An event that had stuck in her mind. Tula. The Ulani Blacksmith of Roshunda.

Leanne pulled her horse up besides a shop front. It felt a little awkward, addressing the man while she was still on her horse, but she found herself looking up at him slightly. She swallowed, trying to quell her baseless anxieties.

“Excuse me, sir.” she bit her lip, “I’m looking for the Blacksmith Tula, do you know where I might find her?..” she asked, trying to hide the quiver of nervousness in her voice, trying to sound as imperious as her Master did when talking to the lowly Guildless. Obviously by his bemused expression she hadn’t yet mastered this tone.

“Aye, little lass. Tula calls the building opposite the feast hall her own. Scarce miss it, keepin on that street three over and cross the narrow bridge, y’hear?”

Leanne stared at the man. She heard, but she wasn’t sure she followed. But it wouldn’t do to seem as confused as she felt. Always appear to know what you’re talking about, her Master had said. So she nodded assuredly!

“Thank you! Have a pleasant day!”

The man grunted and grinned as Leanne urged her horse into motion. “Aye n’ watch your arse!” he laughed, his low rumbling laughter rolling after her.

Leanne felt herself flush a bit at that but didn’t know what to make of it. She shook her head, dismissing it as some form of Ulani banter and tried her best to follow his directions.

She followed them poorly.

She had hoped to arrive at Tula’s late afternoon, work out an agreement and be able to catch an early night at the inn. With luck she would’ve been able to set off early and return to her Master in a timely fashion. As she finally arrived at Tula’s, the shadows growing long and the sky shifting hue into dusk she feared however she would have to forgo any serious trading or bargaining until the following morn, afraid even that Tula may have already closed shop for the day.

She was grateful, as she finally found the feast hall and the narrow bridge straddling a small clear stream, to find the front of the blacksmith’s stall open still, the forge fire lit and an Ulani moving about. Though with growing concern she noted the Ulani was tidying up her workshop as the forge fire was left to die out. She wasn’t yet closed for the day, but she wasn’t far off.

As Leanne approached the Ulani raised her head. It -was- Tula! A little older, perhaps, a little different, but the image of her had stuck in her head as clear as their first day. Tula showed no recognition in return, though why would she? Leanne had been but an apprentice. A child, practically.

Leanne drank in the view of the Ulani woman, standing at almost ten foot tall she was an imposing sight, her body was strong and lined with toned muscles, her hair cut short, spiked up and her whole form glistening slightly with sweat in the light of the fire pit. Despite the strength and muscles she maintained, she was in no doubt a feminine force to be reckoned with, Leanne noticed, hoping she wasn’t blushing, that beneathe the blacksmith’s apron her bust likely rivaled Leanne’s head.

Tula casually cleared her throat and eyed Leanne plainly, setting down a massive hammer on her anvil with a clang, wiping her hands against the front of her apron. “Just eying my merchandise?” she asked with a low but smooth voice, devoid of any sarcasm or implications, other than those Leanne made herself.

Leanne started, quickly jumping to her own defense “W-what? No I wasn’t staring at your-..” the merchandise. Leanne realised that the walls of the blacksmiths was covered in hanging tools and weapons, the tools mostly in Ulani sizes, the weapons mostly in human, though there were exceptions. “I, I was looking at the merchandise, yes.” she blushed, gesturing towards the walls. A part of her wanted to compliment the Ulani on the quality of the wares she saw before her but she knew that to do so would be to weaker her own position. She couldn’t seem too keen.

“Uhhuh.” she responded, clearly not convinced, but continued regardless, “Looking to buy or just browsing?” Tula asked, turning her gaze from Leanne as she took a cloth and began to wipe down her work surfaces, the Ulani’s eyes, a deep amber colour glancing out towards Leanne more often than not, appraising her much in the same way as the man had upon entering the city.

“Neither, actually.” Leanne bit her lip and leaned back against the saddle, with some struggle she reached back with a hand and freed one of the ingots from the pouch and held it in her hand, her arm straining at the weight of it. “Ugh.. Looking to.. Uh.. Trade..” she grunted, letting the Ulani woman get a good look at it and it’s Twin Swan stamp before placing it back in the saddle bag with a clunk, breathing a sigh of relief through her lips. It had been heavy, though not as heavy as she had made out.

“How many you got?”

Leanne shrugged. “Enough. Though I wasn’t looking to relinquish them all here.” a lie, but it wouldn’t do to let on that Leanne was rather banking on a single good sale here to see her through.

The prospect of the dark iron had clearly caught the blacksmiths attention, her eyes flickered between Leanne at the saddle pack. She wasn’t willing to let an opportunity to get some quality dark iron slip by, no matter the hour. “Give me half a sun beat to close shop and come back, if you’re willing. You can come in and see if anything catches your eye, eh?”

Leanne had no idea how long a sun beat was but if she had a chance to make the trade tonight her swiftness in returning to her Master with her profits would not go unnoticed! Closing out a deal tonight was an opportunity she could under no circumstance pass on. “Mmm.. If I find myself passing by here in half a sun beat, I may just do that. Until then, then.” she said, her voice holding a tone bordering on disinterest as she again, urged her horse onwards.

How long is a sunbeat? Leanne thought as she stood beside her horse, just around the corner, feeding him and idly brushing his coat. If I return too early I will seem too eager for sale, if I arrive too late it would be rude and inconsiderate, she may not even be willing to see me. Leanne idly patted down her horse, ignoring the Other Ulani as they passed, for the most part ignoring, or not even noticing, the waist high human girl.

When Leanne freed herself from her inner anxieties about time she noticed, with some panic just how dark her surroundings had gotten! She let out a soft squeak of worry as she took her horse by the bridle and led it back around to the blacksmiths. The shop front was clear of wares and tools, the fire pit naught but glowing embers, the only light coming from behind a door to the rest of the building. Leanne tied her horse to a post besides the house, trusting in the honour code of these Ulani that her goods, or her horse for that matter would not be stolen from her and approached the door, knocking on it as a cool wind swept up on her, causing her to shiver.

Tula opened the door, looking forward, appearing confused for a moment, then looking down and eying the human, now much shorter without her horse. Tula had cleaned herself, her hair glistening with moisture, she wore a broad white sleeveless shirt that clung to her damp skin and a long pair of dark, loose trousers, a thick towel slung about her shoulders.

“You know our times well, littlelin.” Tula observed, “Still looking to trade?”

“I just happened to be passing by again, thought I would take you up on your offer.” she offered by way of an explanation. “I’m looking for human weapons, I seek quality over quantity, something worth a couple of my ingots, maybe. High quality stuff you know.” she hinted, adjusting her jacket to ensure the pin displaying her as being from the Guild was on show. It was well known that Guild representatives dealt only in the best quality goods.

Tula nodded some, arms folded across her stomache, below her sizable breasts. The bronzed skin of her arms proudly displaying the muscles of a skilled smithy. “Aye I reckon I got something might intrest y’. Come on in.” Tula stepped aside, inviting the girl in.

Leanne stepped inside and felt like a doll out of it’s house, everything was oversized, save for a table near the front of the shop, low and equipped with weapons sized for humans. Leanne bit her lip as her eyes gleamed with the greed of a trader, the items were crafted to a level beyond that any human could forge. How a woman of Tula’s size could enact such delicate work was beyond her.

Tula stood some ways off, leaning on a counter. As Leanne inspected her wares, so Tula inspected the human. She was such a small thing! Her head just a little over Tulas crotch level in height. Leanne was simply gorgeous, young and supple, her slender shoulders and modest chest slimming into a narrow waist that all but blossomed into wide womanly hips and a thick, delicious rear. Tula found her mind straying to the fantasies that often kept her awake at night as she imagined the humans full inviting lips working her, or the sort of things she might do with that thick, yielding ass.

Leanne turned then, breaking the Ulani’s reverie, a sword in her hand, which Tula noted with a wince she was holding incorrectly. She looked up at the Ulani, pursing her lips. This sword was the finest craftsmanship she had ever seen in her life, made from a metal she had never in her life come across. If she could return with this sword she would doubtless be highly praised.

“Mm.. This one seems interesting. It wouldn’t sell too well, a little too flashy, but it could be worth maybe one of my ingots?” Leanne asked, undervaluing the weapon in her hand would, she thought, be a good way to get a better deal. The storm that became Tula’s expression told her otherwise. She had gone too far in her undervaluing, she had insulted the blacksmiths workmanship.

She turned the blade in her hand, and feigned surprise, as if noticing some new aspect of it for the first time, “Ah! Ooh.. Well perhaps two?..”

“Ten. And your horse.” Tula said, arms crossed, tone less than impressed.

Leanne did her best not to drop the sword on her foot. How many?! And her horse!? She looked down at the sword in her hand and felt a pit begin to form in her stomache. No doubt the sword might just be worth it too. Though it was more than she had to spend.

“Three’s the highest I could possibly go..” she said, voice wavering. The more she looked at the weapon the more she knew she had to have it.

“Ten. And your horse. “Tula again said, standing to cross the room to stand in front of the small human, her broad strong hands resting on her hips, her bizarre amber eyes and on her strongly featured face looking down at Leanne with disapproval.

“…Four?..” Leanne extended, voice meek.

Tula chuckled and tilted her head, eying her with amusement as her disapproval waned. She was not dealing with a master trader. “I thought three was the highest you could possibly go little girl. You are new to this, aren’t you?..”

Leanne flushed with embarrassment, her pale cheeks blossoming with crimson as she bit her full soft lip anxiously. She let out a sigh and deflated, nodding meekly. This wasn’t going well at all.

Tula shook her head, taking pity on the girl. “Tell you what, why don’t you tell me exactly what you do have to trade?”

Leanne looked at the sword in her hand, the metal so pure, so perfect, the balance so elegant. “I have six ingots.. And I can’t sell the horse.. I need it to get home.” she said, her voice small and more than a little defeated.

Tula drew in a breathe between her lips as she eyed the girl. Taking pity on her was one thing, but six ingots would, if she was lucky, break her even on the sword.

There was a long silence as Tula thought to herself, standing before the human girl, admiring her form, the smoothness of her pale skin. She was likely close to half Tulas age.

“Six ingots.” she said.

Leannes head snapped up, her eyes almost wet with tears at the shock of what she heard, she parted her lips to speak but found one of the Ulani’s thick fingers pressed to her plush lips, those lips so soft.. The finger so rough.

“Six ingots and three nights.”

Leanne stared at her, pulling back, away from the finger, what had she said? Three nights?.. She must have misunderstood. “A-and what?.. Three.. Nights?”

Tula nodded, stepping forward. She plucked the little sword from the human’s hands and placed it back down on the counter, letting her hand slip around behind to cusp the back of the human’s head, strong fingers lacing through the humans long silky hair. “Three nights of your company.”

Leanne stared up at her, eyes wide like a frightened doe. Oh how Tula fell for that gaze.. So young, so pure, so naive, she wanted to see it corrupted.
“Y-you mean..” Leanne asked, voice almost a quavering whisper, she was trapped between the hard muscled form of the Ulani and the strong hand holding the back of her head, gentle, yet firm.


Leanne swallowed. “S-six ingots.. And one night?..”

Tula frowned some and tilted her head. “Six ingots, one night and three sun beats past dawnbreak.”

Leanne blinked up at her, her mind reeling as to what she was bargaining with now. How had she so quickly gone from bartering goods to bartering her body? Her thoughts raced, how long had she been stood out there waiting for half a sunbeat? It couldn’t have been anymore than half an hour. An hour and a half after dawn break would give her enough time to return to her master to not be considered tardy in her task.

“Deal. Six ingots. One night. Three sun beats past dawn break.” she said, feeling her heart race. She had in her time fooled around with some of the other girls her age, it was pretty common place, and she had certainly enjoyed it but.. Well, a few tipsy nights of kissing other girls her age was hardly comparable to this. This towering woman built of muscle and strength, nigh twice her age and height. This would be something new.

Perhaps she will be tired from her long day. Perhaps she won’t want to do much? Leanne found she was breathing fast, afraid, her anxieties bubbling over, but she again saw the sword on the counter besides her and she remembered what she was doing this for. She would not trade grain or keep the ledgers. She let out a deep breath, nodding, more to herself than to Tula.

Tula nodded some and smiled then, for perhaps the first time since Leanne had seen her. “You must be hungry. Come, let us eat. Drink.”

They talked little while they ate, Tula seemingly jovial, pleased with the outcome of the trade, Leanne more conservative, despite financially making the better deal. Tula served her bread and butter with meat and cheeses, a good meal by all accounts and Tula did as much as she could to pry information from Tula. Her age. Her background. How a human from a far away city had heard of Tula. She found it very amusing that they had met before. When Leanne gave her age the Ulani’s expression briefly became very predatory, before she herself divulged that she was in her thirty second year. Not quite old enough to be Leanne’s mother, but the gap was still prominent.

After they had eaten and shared between them a cup of an alcoholic minted drink that fuzzed Leanne’s thoughts, Tula took Leanne by the wrist and without a further word pulled her through a doorway. The room they stepped into was dominated by a bed far in excess of any Leanne had seen, high and thick with mattresses and sheets. A luxury, she thought for out here.

She swallowed as she looked around, the room being dimly lit by a single thick wicked candle she followed meekly as Tula led her to the bed. The giantess turned and sat down on the edge with a creak, pulling the human close. With Leanne standing and the Ulani sitting, it brought them to eye level. Leanne could make out the flushed cheeks of the Ulani woman, could see the heated desire in her eyes and knew that she, here and now, belonged to this woman.

“Mine..” The ulani growled, as her demeanor shifted, she again laced her hand behind Leanne’s head into her fine silken hair but this time pulled her close.

Leanne let out a half gasp, putting her hands out before her instinctively, her hands coming to rest on the plush pillows of Tulas breasts, sinking into the soft flesh.

The contact drove the Ulani on, her head tilting as she pulled the helpless human girl into an embrace, kissing her. The human girls full lips were sweet, minted, luscious, addictive. She let out a low moan into the kiss and pressed her thick tongue forward, eager to sample her new delight.

Leanne whimpered as she felt the woman engulf and dominate her. In the woman’s strong arms and between her powerful thighs she had never felt so helpless, her heart fluttering and felt a heat spreading across her. She had never in her life considered she would be in a position like this, nor had she ever considered she might enjoy it half as much as she was.

She felt the Ulani’s tongue press between her plush lips, invading her mouth and she all but melted into her grasp, feeling the fleshy invader fill and explore her tiny mouth she found her own small tongue playing over it, herself suckling gently on the tongue.

Tula felt the human suckle softly on her tongue, her tiny hands squeeze at her full breasts beneathe her simple shirt and couldn’t help but revel in how quickly the human was seemingly submitting to her. She worked her hands down the humans slender form to her waist, slipping her fingers beneathe Leanne’s shirt and slowly starting to ease it up, revealing the girls smooth flawless stomache.

Leanne let out another small whimper, reluctant to break the kiss yet needing to as the shirt was tugged up and off over her head, she leaned back a little, blinking and panting softly, her lips parted as she stared at the Ulani, as if surprised at her own actions. “W-wow.. That.. That was.. Wow..” she blushed, biting at her full lip as she looked down at her now exposed chest, she was, she knew, pretty average. Her breasts a modest handful by her own standards, barely applicable when compared to Tula’s massive hands.

Tula grunted a little as she rested a hand on Leanne’s side, her rough thumb playing with the softness of the humans pale, flawless breast. Small, sure, but Tula couldn’t wait to watch them bounce..

“Now me.” Tula said, slowly putting a distance between the two of them as she shuffled back to sit cross legged in the middle of the bed, grinning expectantly.

Leanne blushed, a little shyly but nodded, using her hands to brush her long hair behind her ears as she climbed, with some effort up, up onto the bed and began to crawl forward until she knelt before the massive frame of her, as current, owner.

She bit her lip as she leaned up, looking into those deep amber eyes as she smiled meekly, small delicate fingers moving to unbutton her shirt, revealing inch by inch the Ulani’s deep, impressive cleavage then down to her toned and firm abs.

“Gods above..” Leanne breathed as she drank in the sight of the muscled body before her. She could no longer deny her attraction to the older woman. She parted the Ulani’s shirt and leaned in, taking a thick nipple between her lips and drawing on it eagerly, pulling back and letting it pop free, watching, mesmerised at the full breasts bounced back, the nipple hard and glistening slightly from her saliva in the flickering light.

Tula moaned softly as she watched the human work her lips and fingers over her thick, sensitive nipples. She carefully moved to remove her shirt from her arms, careful not to disturb the entranced human as she licked, suckled and even gently bit at her firm buds, small, fair skinned  hands all the while lifting, cupping, squeezing toying with the full warmth of her heavy chest.

“Keep undressing me..” she said, her voice lustful eager.

Leanne didn’t even respond, didn’t acknowledge that she had heard her in any way, she simply obeyed. Her hands caressing downwards, the girl wriggling and letting out a helpless, eager moan as her soft fingers traced lines over the Ulani’s muscles, in love with them, her hands reluctantly seeking downwards until they began to paw at the buttons of the Ulani’s trousers.

Her lips left soft little angel kisses over the soft mounds of the Ulani’s breasts, the only sound filling the quiet room that of the girls soft, “Mwa~” noises and the Ulani’s heavy, eager breaths and sighs of pleasure.

Leanne struggled with the buttons, too distracted with the woman’s breasts and abs but the bemused Tula seemed patient, expectant.

Leanne blushed softly and smiled shyly up at the giant woman, as she finally unclasped the buttons and started to tug the pants down, the Ulani shifting to make it easier. Leanne noted in the gentle flickering light that the Ulani was biting her own lip, looking to Leanne with a raised eyebrow.

“Well?..” Tula asked.

Leanne furrowed her brow. “Well what?..” she asked softly, confused, “What do..” she looked down, curious as to what the woman was referring to when she saw it, freezing mid thought, the slate of her mind wiped of any thought or feeling.

Tula reached between them and gripped the base of her semi hard cock at the root, hefting it from against her thigh to point it, almost menacingly, at the human girl. It was darker than the rest of her, as thick as the girls forearm and a menacing fifteen inches, the tip brandishing a  massive mushroom tip that already extended from the Ulani’s foreskin.

In all truth among her people Tula was considered average, but she knew the girl would never have seen anything like it. “Well?..” She asked again, questing.

“I… I..” Leanne stammered, feeling her heart racing in her chest, feeling her skin flush with colour as she looked down at the monster before her. She wanted to run, wanted to escape. But she knew she couldn’t. Not only was she bound to this fate, but she could never outrun the Ulani. She did want to run, didn’t she?

“Touch it.” the voice cut through, and Leanne found her hands straying down. Tula released her cock, the feel of her own rough skinned palms not as pleasant as Leanne’s fair soft ones as they shakily wrapped around the middle of her thick python.

“Stroke it..” the voice commanded, low and breathy and Leanne found her hands moving slowly. Two hands were nowhere near enough to fully grasp this monster, her fingers of each of her hands unable to touch finger to thumb around the girth.

Tula released a soft, relaxed sigh as she felt the small hands starting to work her shaft and slowly laid herself back, head resting on her pillows and eyes closing as she felt her cock throb, thicken and fill with blood as her arousal grew. She looked down and had to stifle a laugh, the humans expression was priceless. Fear, terror, arousal, curiosity. She looked like she was afraid the cock might lunge for her at any second, but her hands still gripped her cock, squeezing it between her little fingers, testing it, stroking the meaty member as her eyes drank in every detail, every vein, lifting it higher so she could see the smooth hairless sack of the Ulani’s massive balls. This had been her best trade to date.

Tula reached down and tangled her thick fingers through the humans hair, tugging her in and down, biting her lip as she watched the young trader submit to her whims. She felt the hot breath brush against the soft skin of her full sack and urged her forward. “Kiss..” she growled, closing her eyes and tensing in anticipation.

Leanne’s mind swam, she couldn’t order her thoughts, she couldn’t get a grip on what was happening, it was all so far outside of her life experiences she couldn’t muster up enough courage to do anything but obey. She pressed her lips forward, feeling them press against the softness of the giantess’ balls, she kissed them gently, nuzzling them.

Leanne let out a muffled squeak as Tula pulled her tighter to her balls, all but smothering the girl against her sack as she hissed out through gritted teeth, “Harder, slut.”

Leanne complied, letting out a low whimper as she kissed the woman’s nuts more forcefully, all but burying her face into the soft fleshy sack, taking the initiative for maybe the first time, as she lavished the larger womans balls, her tongue lolling out to lap wetly over the smooth skin in between lush kisses.

Tula relished in the feeling of the girls plump lips worshipping her nuts, she bit her own lip as she started to slowly work her hips in a slow, eager circle, unable to help herself from wanting more of the lavish attention. Not that she’d never had a girl so eager in bed before, but she’d never had a girl in bed before who ticked so many of her dark desires.

The hefty sack glistened with the humans saliva in the flickering light as her small delicate hands continued to stroke the shaft, the Ulani’s hand pulled eagerly on the human, a little too hard, causing the girl to gasp out in surprised pain.

Tula took the opportunity to feed one of her hefty balls into the girl’s hot waiting mouth, biting her lip at the sensations of heat and wetness around her sensitive orb. She arched her back as the girl, without needing to be prompted, began to lather her tongue in circles around the nut, sucking gently as she bathed it tenderly.

With a soft plop and a gentle murr of noise from Leanne Tula pulled the girl free of her nuts and up to stare eye to eye with her new best friend. Tula’s cock was as hard as steel now, the dark length throbbing and pulsing in tune with her racing heart. She stared down at the girl, offering no prompts, offering no guidance, going so far as to release her hold on her silken hair. Letting her make the next move.

Leanne shuffled forward on the bed, looking up at Tula with the gaze the Ulani had been dreaming of. The girls eyes half lidded, full lips parted, cheeks flushed. Cock drunk. She had such beautiful, blowjob eyes, Tula loved it.

Arching her back Leanne brought her full soft lips to bare on the tip of the Ulani’s cock, feeling the smooth texture of the spongy cockhead under her moist lips, kissing the tip softly, tentatively as her modest breasts pressed against the damp, cooling skin of the Ulani’s jewels. Tula loved the contrast in their skintones, her own cock, a darker shade in colour than the rest of the Ulani’s skin pressed to the pale white of her new found love toy, who had been reluctant and fearful only until getting a sight and a taste on her cock. It gave her a sense of power that she relished.

Leanne closed her eyes and parted her lips as she start to press down, she expected the cockhead to slip easily into her mouth but the thick, steely organ was too large around for such ease, she whimpered gently as she pressed down, soft hands squeezing the cock as she finally rolled her lips over the swell of the cockhead, taking the sensitive, smooth tip into her mouth, her lips resting just below the edge of the crown.

Heaven. Tula had died and gone to heaven. It was the only way to explain the sensations washing over her body, the tightness, the heat, the pure pleasure radiating from the tip of her cock. She looked down over the swell of her own bare breasts, raising a hand to cup and squeeze at her own soft mounds, pinching her nipple between rough thumb and finger, feeling another wave of pleasure through her body as she watched the young human jerk her cock off into her mouth.

Leanne was lost to the sensations, the lewdness, the scent of the Ulani, the taste of her cock on her tongue, it drove her forward. She tried her best to take more of the cock into her hot, eager mouth but she could manage little more than a couple of inches, her lips stretched wide, forming a perfect seal around the shaft as she rolled her lips up and down.

Her cheeks caved in on the tip of the cock as she suckled on it, her tongue lapping gently over the tip, collecting a drop of Ulani’s pre and coating her tongue in it, the musky saltiness a deliciously intoxicating prelude of things to come.

To her own surprise, as she worked her mouth up and down on the Ulani’s tip and the few inches of cock she could cram into her tight little mouth, she felt a shiver of pleasure and realised she was rubbing her own thighs together. Blushing bright at the thought. For all their activities, there was no way this monster would fit. Part of her felt a little upset at that. But most of her was too busy focusing on sucking cock to notice.

Time blurred together for the human girl, she couldn’t say how long she lay there, between the muscular thighs of the tall, bronzed blacksmith, looking up at her with a bright, young, come-hither look that seemed to drive the amber eyed woman crazy. One massive hand cupping the back of her head as she sucked, licked and dragged her lips up and down over the sensitive tip, letting it explore every crevice of her mouth as her small hands worked the shaft like an endeared lover. But as more and more time passed, the heavier the Ulani’s breathing came, and the more insistent the rolling eager movement of her hips.

“You little slut..” Tula panted softly, the fingers tightening in the dazed girls hair, not pushing her down any further, but at the same time ensuring the tip of her cock couldn’t pop free from her lips. Leanne watched, eyes wide as she watched the giant woman gasp and whimper, one hand tugging at her hair, the other clawing at the sheets, her feet skidding on the covers as she couldn’t sit still, driving her hips up, involuntarily gagging the human girl on the tip of her cock.

“Fuck.. Fuck! Fuck!!” she gasped, head rolling back, teeth clenched together as she tried to stifle her cries of pleasure. Leanne squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the already too big member harden and swell, the tip so swollen Leanne was unsure if it would be able to pop free of her mouth, even if the giants hand wasn’t pushing her down.

She felt it, gods she felt it. She felt the new, unfamiliar pulse in the cock, felt the pulse travel through her lips, across her tongue and she let out a sudden surprised cry that was quickly drowned out as a burst of thick, liquid heat shot against the back of her throat.

Tula held her down as rope after rope of her thick hot girl cum unloaded from her heavy balls to pour into the waiting girl’s mouth. She should’ve warned her, or at least shoved herself into the girl’s throat to give her no option but to swallow. However in the throes of pleasure none of that mattered. All Tula could feel was the hot tight mouth wrapped around her sensitive cock as hands desperately pulled and squeezed at her shaft.

Leanne pulled down on the cock, trying desperately to free it from her flooded mouth as she choked on the thick strands of cum that seemed to pour without end into her body, it filled her mouth, it coated her tongue, it forced its way down her throat and into her stomache, it squeezed out her lips to drool down the massive cock and across her own fingers, slickening their journey across the Ulani’s shaft, it even began to run from her nose as she flailed helplessly.

She couldn’t breathe. Every avenue of air was filled with thick girl cum, filled with the hottest, thickest seed she, or anyone else, she thought must ever have experienced. She couldn’t move. Hands so slick with cum that she couldn’t push the Ulani away, jaw so tired from her oral efforts that she couldn’t even have bitten down if she had wanted to. She was going to die here, drowning on Ulani cum. She could feel the world growing heavy, her lungs burning, her vision blurring, darkening.

Tula pulled her cock free into the comparatively cool air, she heard the sudden gasp followed by the retching and coughing and looked down, brow furrowed in confusion, then raised her eyebrows as she saw the scene before her. Leanne lay, head resting on Tula’s thigh as she twitched and coughed up thick globs of cum, her face ruined and streaked with milky white seed, Tula’s own cock, balls and bed sheets all but coated in the stuff. Tula pursed her lips. She would have to clean them tomorrow. Inconvenient, but so very worth it she thought as she relaxed, her whole body floating on the pleasure.

Tula waited for the girl to finish coughing, her eyes focusing as she drew in deep breathes of air, the girl spending a few minutes doing little more than gathering her senses before she moved, slowly to lean up on shaky elbows, looking up at Tula with a disorientated expression.

Tula grinned and blew her a kiss, her massive cock starting to deflate, drooping towards the girl, still covered in cum. She blew the human a kiss. “Swallow every drop. Clean me.” She said, voice teasing.

Leanne simply nodded and lowered her head, panting softly as Tula relaxed, bathed in her post orgasmic euphoria she watched her new plaything lap up her thick seed, swallowing it down. She would wear this little thing out before sending her on her way. It was a long night and Tula didn’t plan on letting it all go to waste sleeping..


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