Lost Time: Chapter 2

Willow giggled softly to herself as she walked home, flicking happily through the photos she had taken on her phone that night, she had gotten together with a few of her old Highschool friends who were either also visiting home during college break like her or who had just never left for college in the first place.

When she had met up with them for the first time earlier that evening she had expected everyone else to be exactly how she remembered them and for her to be the distinctive standout with her goth cultured appearance, but she was surprised, and maybe only a tiny little bit disappointed, to discover that she wasn’t as special as she thought, a few others had branched out, like her.

It had given them plenty to talk about as they drank and talked, her little clique of school friends had been kinder to Willow in regards to her special extra than her mom had experienced, Louise’s generation had been less open and understanding, and thought Willow had found herself with fewer friends than most because of it the friends she did make she knew liked her for her, seeing past her flaws and making their bond all the stronger because of it.

They had reminisced about their high school days, about their old classes, the teachers, the other girls and the other boys, they had moved onto talking about old crushes, boys who, in retrospect were more muscle than mind. They had concluded that Brandon, who was an early developer when it came to his physique and his want for female attention, had been successful in that wish and drawn most of their eyes.

They speculated about what he’d ended up doing but with no information they talked about hair and clothes and took pictures of themselves all throughout the night instead, lavishing in the company of friends long parted.

Willow smiled as she tucked the phone into her pocket, breathing in the cool night air. She had walked Sarah, a cute friend who had gone on to study physics at college and who was staying quite close to where Willow lived, home. She was a little nerdy, a little geeky and though she was shy, always chewing gum to seemingly keep her anxieties in check, she apparently responded well to people coming onto her, likely it hadn’t happened much at college. After finding out that little snippet Willow had enjoyed flirting, teasing and ultimately tempting Sarah into giving her a blowjob on Sarah’s front porch, giving the cute little piece a load to swallow before finishing her own walk home, a little spring in her step as she looked forward to demonstrating her own oral skills once more on her beloved mother.

She let herself into her home and stretched out her arms, taking off her jacket and putting it down, adjusting her simple black shirt and tight jeans as she started to walk upstairs.

At this hour, she knew, her mom would be in bed, but she would still go in and see to her needs, she was a good girl after all and she absolutely loved spoiling her mom with pleasure.

She bounced up the stairs, excited, but as she approached the top she slowed, hesitating and furrowing her brow. She could hear noises coming from her mom’s bedroom, gasping, whimpers, the slight all too familiar squeaking of her bed.

Realising what was happening Willow smirked and rolled her eyes, doubtless while she had been out her mom had called over one of her regulars or been out to her own preferred drinking hole to pick up some tail.

Curious to see what type of girl Louise had pulled she sauntered towards the bedroom, hesitating slightly to press her ear to the door, hearing the soft feminine moans of someone and her mom’s own familiar coos of pleasure.

Chewing her lip for a moment as she enjoyed the lewd noises and the small thrill that came with voyeurism she let the lust and passion inherent in the sounds sink in before, slowly, she pushed open the door. The sight before her didn’t surprise her.

Lying face down on the bed was a pale slender figure, her hands were gripping desperately at the sheets, her face buried into the pillows, her skinny body blossoming at the hips into a full bubble butt and thick thighs, the girls legs were pressed tight together, her legs raised at the knees as Louise sat atop, straddling her thighs and pounding her thick, hard cock in and out of the little doll.

Louise glanced across at Willow and her expression became even more excited, grinning as she sank her fingers into the lush fat ass into which she was ploughing her thick white cock.

“A-ah… Willow, welcome ah… Back.” she grinned and the girl under her, suddenly aware of a third person moved to rise, squeaking, but Louise simply shoved her hand against the back of her neck, pushing her down and pinning her, “Shh, you stay there sweety.”

Willow shut the door behind her and walked forward, the room’s lights were on as Louise liked to watch what she was doing and Willow couldn’t help but admire the bottom girl’s figure, so small and slender but with an ass that was practically sculpted to be fuckable.

“She’s cute mom, where’d you find her?” Willow asked, climbing onto the bed hind her mom, running her fingertips down her bare back, caressing the silky skin, hot and slick with sweat as she continued to slowly glide her massive member into the gasping, pinned girl’s butt.

“Find her? I made her!” she said proudly, grinning, though Willow raised an eyebrow, “Mmhmm, she came home with me a couple of weeks after you first left, she was very different to uh… To she is now…” she said, emphasizing every other word with a sharp thrust that drove the air from the trapped girl’s lungs in a high-pitched gasp that was muffled by the pillows, her hands clawing desperately at the sheets, Louise’s hand wrapped up in her hair, pushing her face into the sheets.

“So… How did you make her?…” Willow asked, smirking as she pressed her small covered breasts to her mother’s back as he reached around, hands caressing up her curvy body to lift and weigh her heavy breasts, squeezing the soft flesh in her hands, kneading them to her mom’s growing pleasure.

“Oooh yes, just like that Willow love… Ah, I put her on a very strict diet and exercise plan, which she followed like a real doll.” She smirked, “Which I guess is what I’ve turned her into.”

Willow kissed and bit gently at her mom’s neck, doing everything she could to heighten the woman’s pleasure, “Whats her name?” she asked softly, curious as she peered over Louise’s shoulder, watching as her moms thick python vanished again and again into the tight looking ass, the girls bubbly cheeks looking perfect, she was more than a little bit jealous of both her ass and the treatment it was receiving.

“Brenda… Though, you probably knew her as Brandon.”

Willow gasped softly and looked down, the hair colour was right, a sandy blonde, and she was similar in height to the Brandon she had known and had crushed on, but apart from that there was virtually no similarity, “What? No way! Flip her over mom, I wanna see!”

Louise glanced over her shoulder at her daughter with a haughty expression, flipping her meant obscuring the view of that gorgeous ass taking her cock, but if that was the price of her daughter’s happiness…

Effortlessly she flipped the waif over onto her back, the girl gasping as she was so roughly manhandled.

Brenda, formerly Brandon, blinked up past the grinning Louise to Willow just behind and beside her lover, the goth girl looked so different, but Brenda knew not as different as she herself did.

The two simply stared at each other for a moment before, as if to interrupt the moment, Louise drove her hips forward, hilting her cock sharply into Brenda’s fembutt, prompting her, “Say hi, Brenda.”

“Ah!” Brenda gasped, blushing and looking shyly up at Willow, her voice soft and feminine, “H-hi…”

“Oh my god…” Willow whispered, the boy she had known as Brendon had lost all muscle definition, being reduced down to the tiniest wisp, apart from her plush thick ass and thighs. She had budding little bitch tits and not a sign of any body hair, which, Willow suspected just from looking at the newly realised girl, that she must be on a cocktail of testosterone blockers and hormones. She recognised some of the facial features, enough that she would peg Brenda as a possible sister or cousin of Brandon, but the person she had known was long gone.

“Can I?” Willow asked, she had already cum once already but she just couldn’t help herself as she shuffled back and stood, moving around the bed towards the girls blushing face.

Louise smirked and nodded, “Sure, but I’m flipping her back over so I can watch her ass.” without waiting for a response and, eliciting another shocked gasp from the girl, easily flipped her, Louise’s cock twisting again like a screw in her hot and lubed hole.

Whimpering she laid splayed out on the bed, Louise sinking her fingers into the half globes of pliable flesh as she again began to pound her huge shaft into the girly tush. Willow smirked playfully as she wiggled out of her jeans, climbing onto the bed and placing a long slender leg on either side of the moaning Brenda.

“You suck cock Brenda?…” she asked softly, her cock half hard in her pants as she chewed on her dark painted lip.

Brenda looked up at her, her expression one of lust and humiliation, she was accustomed to being used by Louise, but she had been dreading the day Willow, her own former crush from her old life paid a visit.

“She asked you a question!” Louise slapped her hand across one of the girls bubbly cheeks, causing it to ripple and drawing a gasp out of Brenda in sudden surprise and pain.

“Y-yes!!” Brenda cried out, her mouth hanging open as she whimpered and panted, her tongue lolling, an invitation to the gothic girl to play. As Willow looked down into Brenda’s eyes, she saw familiarity in them, an embarrassment and a desire, Brenda wanted this.

“You really did a lot of work huh, how on earth did you persuade her into this?” Willow asked, almost casually as she laced her finger through Brenda’s sandy blonde hair, her other hand freeing her own cock from her panties, her length still hardening but almost at its full five inches.

Brenda looked almost relieved as she took the hardening length into her mouth. Doubtless, she was more used to her jaw being stretched by the monster that was Louise’s cock and this five-inch length, despite still being a cock was a pleasant change of size. She closed her lips and mouth around it, sucking hard as she rolled her lips up and down Willow’s length, coaxing it into steely hardness and tasting a surprise hint of mint.

“Oh,” Louise slowed her thrusts, calming her breathing so she could explain a little easier, “I coaxed him home from a bar one night, little Brandon had been sooo into you at school that, ah, when you left he was happy to take the next best thing home to bang, me.” Louise smirked, “Course when, ooh, Brandon found out I had a dick he freaked… But that was fine, I told him if he didn’t do exactly as I told him I’d return the favour and bang his mom instead! It started out simple, fuck, you know, touching, sucking, fucking, then came the hormones, the diets, the workouts, before Brandon knew it, Brenda was born.” She grinned, picking her pace back up as Willow digested what she had been told, smirking wide.

“Ah, Brenda! Why didn’t you tell me you were into me at school? I was totally into you too… You could’ve been sucking this dick for years…” she giggled a little before letting out a soft moan, Brenda had been taught well in the art of cocksucking, no surprise given Louise’s focus on receiving. “So… How long, ah, did it take before you fucked Brenda’s mom anyway?” she grinned.

Louise pursed her lips, “Oooh Willow, you think me some kind of dishonest lady?”

Willow simply giggled and shrugged her shoulders, “Well?”

“Pfft… As it happens,” she started in a sing-song voice, “It was two nights before I first picked up this doe, if you must know!” she said, mirth in her voice, speaking between husky pants, she was drawing close, she had been at it much longer than Willow, after all.

“Mom! You’re awful.” Willow giggled brightly, shaking her head in disbelief, a wide smile on her face before she went back to biting and chewing on her lip, looking down at Brenda and gripping her hair a little tighter, loving the lewd sensations traversing her cock and thrilling in the soft girlish moans the formerly buff Brenda produced now.

“Guilty.” Louise purred as she massaged and kneaded the thick cheeks in her hand, watching Brenda’s head bob on her daughter’s significantly smaller cock, “You’re usually ah, more sensitive than this?” she smirked, knowing her daughter had a bit of a quick trigger.

“I got some head on the way home…” she winked at her mom and, biting her lip, watched for a moment the more mature version of herself in action, her mom’s long strokes, the huge cock, the heavy bouncing breasts, “Y-you know, watching you go from this angle is pretty fucking hot…”

Louise grinned and bit her lip, “A-ah, watch… Watch this then…” she invited, biting her lip and looking down, focusing as she fucked the younger fem slut, her cock pulsing as she drew closer and closer to climax.

It hit her, her shaft twitching and throbbing as she started to cum, without hesitating she withdrew her cock, one hand gripping her steely shaft, the other spreading Brenda’s cheeks.

Willow watched as her mom’s cock fired it’s hot load into Brenda’s gaping ass-pussy, giving her a creampie without being inside her, letting her hot thick seed shoot and trickle down into her ass.

Willow groaned as she watched the perverse display, feeling her own smaller cock twitch as she too withdrew, mimicking her mom as her short fuse went off, her cock spending it’s diminutive load onto Brenda’s waiting tongue through her parted, painted lips, Willow’s own little climax starting and finishing before Louise’s own had finished. Willow sat back, panting and moaning, her cock starting to soften even as Louise, still stroking her shaft, let the last few dribbles flow into his lush ass.

“W-wow… That was hot…” Willow giggled a little as they both recovered, Brenda laying exhausted between them, “Do you keep her here overnight?”

Louise let out a soft little laugh, hotdogging her thick, softening cock between the panting girl’s ass cheeks slowly as Brenda dutifully and without being noticed, swallowed the cum Willow had given her, “ Yeah I usually do… But with you here I should probably send her home…”

Willow nodded a little bit then bit her lip, “I mean, we could do that… Or, we could invite her mom over?” she asked, grinning.


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