Rite of Passage: Chapter 2 – Reality Check

Jamie awoke in pain. A lancing, throbbing pain that seemed to echo through every inch of his mind body and soul. A loud piercing beeping which seared into his mind like a hot poker spearing his mind and resonating throughout his whole body. He forced his eyes to open a fraction and the dull rays of scarce light stretching through his room caused the pain to double as they burned into him.

He let out a low,despairing groan and reached his hand out for his smartphone, besides his bed, where he had left it the night before. His hand was uncoordinated, slapping around to find it and after fumbling with it for a few seconds, he pressed the button on the side and cut short his morning alarm before flopping back onto his face and letting out another, more mournful groan as he pulled his head under his pillow, trying to arrange his thoughts now. The beast of noise and light had been slain. His head hurt. Why? Had he been drinking? His console was out, why? Yes.. He had gotten drunk and played a video game.. With.. With Caitlyn? That made sense. But his ass, why did his ass hurt?.. Why would?..

He sat up sharply and looked around him, ignoring the explosion of blossoming, sudden pain in his head as he inspected his immediate surroundings. He was alone. No Caitlyn. He felt himself relax again at that realisation, as he looked around his room through squinted, blinking eyes.

Sitting beside him on his bedside table was a tall glass of water and a few tablets. There was no note but he recognised the tablets as being aspirin. He took the tablets with a mouthful of water, pausing to breathe a little heavy, a wave of nausea sweeping through him at the pain and effort the moving had exerted on him and took a few more mouthfuls of the water before laying back onto his bed, slow and careful, staring at the ceiling as he tried to piece together fragments of the previous night.

His ass was burning, a pain he’d never felt before, a pain he didn’t understand. His mind was screaming at him, trying to warn him what it was, but he refused to believe the truth his mind was showing him. That couldn’t have happened. Could it?..

He winced a little and felt uncomfortable in his thoughts, absently he reached a hand down. His boxers weren’t there, they were down around his knees. He had his duvet, but he cast that aside, leaning up and looking down at himself. His cock was soft but coated in dry cum, he frowned as he looked at himself, boxers half off, covered in his own sticky seed. There was a distinctive stain beside him too. Like he had jerked off and came into the bed. Was that it? Had it all been a wet dream of his? That didn’t account for the pain he felt but it was less of a bitter pill to swallow.

He hesitated a little and thought about checking his ass, but no. He wouldn’t, he was afraid of what he might find. He lay back down on his side, to relieve the pain from his ass and closed his eyes. What if he had.. What should he.. Why would… Sleep took him from his unanswered questions and he dozed back off into a troubled sleep.

When he next awoke his head wasn’t exactly clear, but it was better for the water, aspirin and sleep. He would be tender, but not incapacitated. He sat up and groaned a little, feeling a tenderness in his ass and weirdly at his throat. Still, it didn’t bother him. It hadn’t been real.

He sighed and swung his legs out of bed and stood on wobbly feet, pulling his boxers back up into place and running a hand through his sandy blonde hair as he gathered up the half full glass of water and drained it, rolling the glass around hesitantly in his hand as he looked towards his bedroom door.

Today was his birthday, he was eighteen today. That should’ve made him feel like a man but he just couldn’t muster that feeling. He felt more a child in need of reassurance than he had in years.

He set the glass down on his side table with a slight clunk and picked up his phone again, standing beside his bed as he unlocked it, checking the time.

One in the afternoon? He’d slept half the day away! He sighed some. “Some birthday..” he muttered to himself and set his phone down, locking it and making for the bathroom.

After brushing his teeth and using the facilities he flipped the shower on and got a towel together, stripping out of his boxers and stepping into the heat of the shower, closing his eyes and letting the hot water stream across his body, washing away his tiredness and the majority of his aches.

He glanced to the side as the water washed over him, cleansing him and noticed a small compact makeup mirror beside the sink, just inside of his arms reach.

He couldn’t, what would he see? He swallowed. His hand reaching out, water trickling down his fair unblemished skin as he picked up the mirror, pulling it into the shower and looking at it.

He held in his hand pandora’s mirror. If he opened it up he would unleash its contents into his mind. Or maybe it was Schrodinger’s mirror. Until he looked into it, he lived in a state in which last night’s events had both happened and not happened.

He opened the mirror and brought it up to look at himself. Seeing his soft blue eyes, his familiar and all too feminine face. And to his absolute horror, bruises on his neck in the shape of a hand. It was real. It had all been real. He turned around, all but throwing the compact mirror back down by the sink, in denial about what he had seen.

He froze, the mirror skittering around the bowl of the sink before it came to settle. In the bathroom doorway stood his sister. He hadn’t even seen or heard her open the door. But she watched him now, smirking, her expression dark. Caitlyn was athletic by nature, not bulging with muscle but toned and strong, built for a purpose. He knew this, knew it with far too much detail in fact. Before him in all her glory, the purpose she was built for was becoming more and more obvious, transforming him into her plaything.

His eyes trailed down her body, from her beautiful face, across her buxom chest and flat toned abs to her cock. Terrifying in its familiarity to him, it stood proudly out in front of her, erect and pressed forward slightly as if it was leading her to him, a dousing cock.

“Admiring my handy work?” She asked softly, closing the bathroom door behind her and smirking as she locked the door, something he had omitted doing.

“Caitlyn… “ he said her name in a tiny, terrified voice. He didn’t know what to say. He was overwhelmed with the sudden, undeniable truths of the night before.

She could see the terror and anxiety plain as day on his face and in his voice, her eyes drinking in the sight of his nude, glistening form. He was so beautiful, so svelte. He would fit her needs so nicely.

“You’re going to bend over for me right? Offer yourself to me like the good little girl you are?” She teased as she sauntered casually towards him. Watching eagerly as he backed himself into the corner of the shower.

She smirked and stepped inside with him, feeling the water wash over her. She let out a soft sigh of pleasure and looked at her little brother, huddled in the corner. “Don’t worry sweetcheeks. I’m not going to fuck you.” She said as she tilted her head back, running her fingers through her long dark hair as the hot water saturated her locks.

“You.. You aren’t?” came Jamie’s quiet voice, sceptical, nervous.

“No..” She paused, opening an eye to look at him with a smirk. “I mean, unless you want me to of course?”

He shook his head meekly and stood again, swallowing anxiously as he started to move to climb out of the shower, his fear obvious.

She reached out a hand and wrapped it around his wrist, vice-like, stopping him in his tracks, leaving him frozen, like a deer in the headlights.

“Wash my back?” she said softly, eying him with a smirk.

He relaxed and just nodded faintly, reluctant but not wanting to prompt a worse fate. Subtly, he rubbed at his reddened wrist as she released her grip on it. She leant forward against the shower wall with one hand, the other gliding down her toned feminine frame to wrap skilled, experienced fingers around her water soaked shaft, slowly starting to work it, relaxing and waiting.

Jamie glanced back towards the door as he stood behind her. Could he be out of the bath and to the door before she had time to react? But what then? Would he run down the street naked? No, she would grab him, throw him on a flat surface and have her way with him, again. The thought alone made a shiver run cold down his spine.

Swallowing, he applied the soap to his hands, warming it before moving to start rubbing his hands against the smoothness of her back. He moved his hands in slow long movements up and down her spine and Caitlyn found herself matching the stroke of her cock to the gentle caresses of his hands on her skin. Each touch was an electric jolt of pleasure up her body as she idly played with herself.

“Wheres… Wheres mom?..” he asked, afraid to raise his voice and spoil her reverie, but he assumed she would’ve been in today. But if Caitlyn was acting like this, she had to be out.

“Mm at work..” She confirmed, “They’re being audited this week and they called her in.. She was sorry to miss you but said she would see you this evening.” she glanced over at him and grinned, “so you’re all mine until then.” she said, a small excited note ringing in her eager voice.

He bit his lip anxiously, all day at her mercy? That wouldn’t bode well for him and he knew it. He kept quiet for a while, lathering her back to the point where it was more a massage, albeit an amateur one, just trying to stall for time, though for what he didn’t know.

“Mm.. Don’t say I never do anything for you, babe.. But I got you a birthday present..” she said, her voice droning with an undercurrent of pleasure.

He paused, causing her to arch her back wistfully, desperate for him to continue touching her with his soft feminine hands.

He continued his actions, but his voice was lined with a sceptical paranoia, “..Like what..”

“Mm.. You’ll see.. But it’ll take up your entire day.. What’s left of it.. ” She said, glancing over her shoulder at him, with a smirk, enjoying the mix of expressions on his face. She knew a part of him was enjoying her body. Her skin under his hands, her ass in his sightline as he looked down. His confusion was simply adorable.

“But.. But I’m meeting with my friends later.. We’re going to the cinema?” he protested meekly, he had hoped that trip would offer him some respite from this waking nightmare, and maybe even some time on his big eighteenth, where he could make some nice memories.

“You’ll enjoy this more. I know it.” She said voice assured. “Besides, I already messaged your friends and told them you were sick. They were very sympathetic! You can go with them next week.” she mused in a sing-song voice.

Jamie felt his heart sink. There would be no reprieve for him today it seemed.

She let out a soft purr, “Good job on my back. Now kneel down..” she urged, biting her lip as she stood in the heat of the shower, stroking herself and feeling her pets hands running across her back.

He hesitated, but only for a moment before sinking to his knees. His situation was dire, yes, but it would be worse if he tried to fight or flee. He could only submit until an opportunity to gain freedom was presented to him.

With no such avenue of escape here and now, he found himself on his knees, face to face with his sisters round firm butt. Hands trailing up her strong thighs to rest on the enticing piece of his sister. He blushed brightly as he started to rub the soap into her sister’s ass, eliciting a moan from her. “Good girl..”

From this angle he could better see the movements of her arms, knew that she was jerking off the cock that had fucked him just last night, but chose to ignore it. If he could pretend that thing didn’t exist, he might just be able to enjoy himself for a moment.

For all of his trepidations, the thought that this was his sister he was kneeling behind, whose ass he had fantasised about more than once under his covers, had his dick swelling.

He ran his fingers up and down the firm cheeks of her ass, pressing in and enjoying the warmth of her flesh as it slipped under his soft soapy fingers, eliciting moans from her. He massaged her cheeks, exploring them with a warm blush as his own cock stiffened between his thighs, unable to deny the lust he felt, no matter how wrong this was, or how cruel she was.

His hands roamed across and around her ass, even moving to slip down her thighs, testing the firmness as he did so, biting his lip.

“Kiss it..” Caitlyn said softly, her voice low and breathy as the slick sounds of her hand around her cock grew harder and harder to ignore.

He swallowed, but leant forward, pressing his plush soft lips to her firm ass, leaving soft little angel kisses around the swell of her enticing cheeks.

She giggled and arched her back a little. “Nooo not there sweety..” reached back with both her hands, releasing her throbbing cock and let her fingers grip her cheeks, parting them, revealing her rosebud to him as she looked over her shoulder, down at him. “Here.”

He looked up at her, eyes wide, admiring her beauty but recognising a spark in her eyes. He remembered last night how she had gone from kind and loving to… He didn’t want to think about it. Or trigger whatever had done that to her.

“O-okay.” He stammered and nodded weakly. She smirked and winked at him before turning back to the wall, pressing her spread cheeks towards him, enticingly.

He bit his lip and gathered a drizzle of soap, running his fingertips down the crack of her firm athletic ass, causing her to gasp at the coolness.

“A-ah! Hey~” she chastised playfully, but not too hard, enjoying his fingers rubbing up and down across one of her most sensitive spots, and certainly her most private.

He thoroughly washed her before letting the water, racing down her back and travelling through the crack of her ass, rinse away the suds. He stared at her, hesitating, his own cock throbbing between his thighs, pointing straight up towards her.

“You’re making me impati..Oh!” she was interrupted by the feeling of his smooth face nestling between her soft cheeks and those oh so lovely lips meeting her little hole in a kiss.

Her eyes rolled back at the forbidden and oh so infrequently indulged pleasure as she felt his tongue begin to trace circles around her hole. She released her grip on her cheeks, letting them press in on them for a moment before she felt his hands once more on her cheeks, spreading them for himself.

She placed one hand back on the wall for support as the other got back to work on her thick shaft, chewing on her lip as she moaned and squirmed against him.

“Oh.. Fuck you’re such a good girl..” she complimented, causing him to blush as his tongue worked in a slow circle around her rosebud.

He lavished her with his tongue, running it over and around her hole, occasionally trying to press it inside but she was too tight, or he wasn’t keen enough, whichever it was she didn’t seem to notice or mind, enjoying what he was giving her.

He knelt there until his knees started to get sore, he had been so lost in his toying he hadn’t heard her heightened moans nor her quickened breath.

She pushed him back and to his surprise, he let out a little regretful noise. She turned, facing him, and as he looked forward his little patch of heaven fell away to reveal the less desirable truth.

Jamie found himself at eye level with her cock, seeing it clearly and close up for the first time in his life. It was terrifying. Long and thick with a dark mushroom tip, flawless in its design, intricately woven with veins, accompanied by two huge smooth balls. He looked up at her, eyes wide, the fear rising again within him.

She cooed softly. “Look at you.. All hard for me and ready to finish me off..” she bit her lip as she reached down and tangled her fingers in his wet hair, pulling him closer so her cock brushed against his cheek, leaving a smear of precum as she moaned a little.

“Put it in your mouth baby girl.. And if you so much as think of even touching it with your teeth, I’m going to kick your balls until they burst and punch your teeth out..” she growled. Jamie genuinely wasn’t sure if she would do that to him. Before last night he’d have never believed it, but kicking the shit out of him almost seemed a step down from what she had done the night before.

He looked up at her, at his sister, they’d known each other all their lives, lived together, played together, loved each other as a family. Looking down at him, she had to see that didn’t she? Had to see her little brother in need of love and affection? If he could just appeal to her, just get her to see him like that again, maybe he could save himself, get a reprieve, “Caitlyn, we-Mmph!”

The second he opened his mouth she nudged her cock forward, tilting her head back and letting out a victorious little sigh of pleasure as she fed the tip of her cock into his open mouth, “Oooh you slut that feels so good.. Good girl..”

Jamie raised his hands, pressing them against her thighs, which she countered by placing another of her hands on his head, gripping him as her powerful glans filled his mouth. It was massive, hot and firm yet spongy against his tongue. He tried to push against it with his tongue, tried to twist free of her strong grasp!

“A-ah fuck.. Yes.. Yes, use your tongue.. Oh fuck that feels good..” She was holding him in place almost effortlessly as he struggled, she let out a low moan and fed a few inches into his mouth, causing him to whimper in distress. As she pulled back a drop of pre wiped on his fleshy tongue, forcing him to taste the entree of what was to follow.

She settled into a slow rhythm of fucking his mouth, looking down at him over the swell of her breasts to see his girlish lips glide up and down her girl cock, his expression one of fear, panic and revulsion. “Aww poor baby.. You don’t like my cock? You’ll learn to love it like the cock sock you are..”

He looked up at her and his fear doubled, the tone of her voice was getting darker, more vulgar. This. This he remembered, all too well. He slapped at her thighs, trying to pull free but that only spurred her on, her fingers pulling painfully tight on his hair as she dragged him forward and backwards, jerking her hips as she moved.

“Ooh my fucking god yes.. You know, I was just going to jack off onto your cute little girly face.. But I think I’ve got a much better idea..” she grinned darkly and angled herself differently so her cock was pointed down, hands gripping his head as she started to work her hips down, sinking her cock into his mouth.

He squeezed her thighs, patting them helplessly as he squeezed his eyes shut, whimpering and squirming under her, as he felt the crown of her cock slip deeper and deeper, pressing under his tongue.

He let out a soft, gagging, wet sound as the tip of her cock poked against his throat for the first time and he realised what she was planning, he coughed and gagged on her, pushing uselessly against her, finding himself once more completely at her mercy.

He looked so fragile, so beautiful, like a supermodel, choking on her cock. So light and feminine. She could hardly wait for tonight, after his birthday present. But he could do better.

“Come on you fucking slut you call that deepthroating me? Just stop gagging and fucking take it!” she snarled, uncaring for his pain and discomfort now, only caring about sheathing her sword. She used her strength to overrule biologies simple ‘that doesn’t belong in there’ manifesto, pulling on his head as she lowered her hips down. “Stop squirming! Fuck!”

He didn’t, he couldn’t help himself, he moved his hand to her cock, gripping it at the base and squeezing it, trying to pry it free from his mouth or at least deny more of it from entering as it pushed against his throat, but the action only caused her to moan, “Yeah I knew you fucking wanted it! Wanted my cock!”

She bit her lip and drove herself down. Jamie’s eyes snapped open in shock and pain as the thick tip of his beloved sister’s cock forcefully penetrated his throat, filling it and dominating him fully.

Past the tightest point the force and pressure she was exerting on the boy gave in an instant, the mushroom tip of her thick edging cock plunging down his throat to fill him, his plush angelic lips wrapped tight around the base as he pressed desperately against her, his face turning red at the sharp foreign pain of having a huge thick cock rammed down his virgin throat.

“Oh yesss.. I knew you would be the perfect deepthroating bitch.. You’re going to fucking learn to wake me up every morning with my morning wood balls deep in your fucking tight ass throat..” she growled as she gripped him, holding him deep as she ground her balls into his chin, watching him squirm.

“Won’t take long slut.. Just suck it up and take it like a bitch..” she grinned as she drew her cock out until only the spongy, saliva coated tip rested on her tongue, giving him the luxury of half a moment’s reprieve for him to draw in a breath before she forced herself back in again.

He held onto her thighs, tired of trying to push away and just trying to survive, his mouth was forced open uncomfortably far, stretching his lips around her shaft as the tip pressed over his tongue, delved deep into his tight throat before venturing back up again in a brutal rhythm. He could feel the heat of it, every ridge and line as it penetrated him, never given enough time to truly draw in a breath and recover. Not that she cared in the least at this stage.

She panted hard as she looked down at him taking his cock. From her point of view, ears muted to his chokes gags and whimpers, blind to his colour and inability to draw in a breath, all she saw was a natural born cocksucker, skillfully throating her cock like he was in love with it. “Yeah, I knew you would love this.. So fucking much..”

She tilted her head to one side and was satisfied to see his slender pale neck visibly bulging with her cock with every single thrust, she could almost even make out the distinction of the ridge of her tip in the outline of his tight, cock swallowing throat.

The bathroom was awash with wet noises, the soft pattering of the hot water striking her muscled back, the deeper slicker and more viscous noises of her darling plaything throating her cock, the ragged desperate gasps for air. It spurred her on but she managed to control her tempo, doing everything she could to stave off her climax. She could only rob him of his oral virginity once, she wanted it to be memorable.

Jamie, however, couldn’t take it anymore, the pain in his throat was mounting, the burning in his lungs intensifying, he wasn’t getting enough air, already the room was spinning and he knew, soon he would black out. And gods only knew what she would do to him if he did that. He had to put a stop to this, end this ordeal. But he couldn’t force her off, even at his best, she was just too strong. He could, however, make it end quicker.

One hand slid up her thigh and between her legs without her noticing, her head tilted back as she lavished in the pleasure, he waited, waited until her tempo quickened, her deep brutal thrusts short and desperate, her cock hardening to steel as it prepared to cum, a point where the last few times she had slowed down to delay the inevitable, and he moved, moved to cradled her balls in her hand, lifting and gently squeezing them, trying to urge her to cum.

Caitlyn gasped in surprise as she felt his hand on her, in her mind, in her fantasy, he was already a willing talented little cock slut, but the hand coaxing out her load was no fantasy, she looked down in surprise and saw him looking up at her, with those big blue blowjob eyes. Wide and beautiful, so innocent and tempting.

She was so lost in that delicious gaze that she hadn’t sensed her climax approaching until it was too late, she passed through the threshold of no return and felt her balls surge with cum, she gasped and hilted herself inside of him, every thick throbbing inch of her girl cock pressed down his throat, pulsing as his hand massaged her sack, drawing out her thick seed.

Her cock pulsed in his throat and he did his best to maintain the eye contact, so oxygen starved he didn’t even realise that with his objective achieved he could stop his extracurricular activities of working her balls. Each pulse of her cock stretched his throat painfully and he felt an odd blossoming heat in the pit of his body. She was depositing her load straight into his stomach, where, in her mind, it belonged.

She looked at her sweet obedient little bitch, her mouth open and her tongue lolling as she panted, cumming down his throat, staring down into his gorgeous eyes, feeling his hand eagerly helping her along. This could only get better, she knew, each time she played with him he would be a little less resistant, a little less prone to rebellion. He would fight and he would lose.

Jamie felt the room spinning, a dizziness sweeping through him as his lungs burned, too long, his face started to turn blue and his eyes started to roll back, his vision twisting, fading as the steely length down his throat denied him any reprieve, just pulsing, pulsing, pulsing…

She drew her cock from his throat, one hand matted in his hair the other around her length stroking it, aiming to land the last few strands on him, painting his pretty little face white with her ‘affection’ as his head lolled forward limply and his eyes snapped open, drawing in a loud intake of breath as he raised his head, his smooth chest rising and falling rapidly as he pulled in lungful after lungful of sweet, sweet air. He felt the hot streaks against his face and neck, not many, as she had fed most of her load to him.

His eyes focused and he looked up at her, her cock flagging as it drooled a little line of cum down to lay across his chest, his own cock painfully erect, he noted. She was smirking, a smug self-satisfied look as she gave her shaft a few final jerks, savouring the moment, another moment of his defeat and her victory.

She stepped past him casually and from the shower, feeling the enticingly warm and soft mat on the bathroom meet the soles of her feet and toes. She let out a happy sigh, not turning to face him as she collected a towel and wrapped it around herself, sated once more.

“Mm.. I needed that.. Thanks babe.” she glanced over her shoulder at him, kneeling in the water, panting as he tried to recover, a couple strands of her cum across his feminine features.

“Clean yourself up cutie.. Your present will be here in half an hour.” She winked, voice playful and teasing as she sauntered from the bathroom, hips swaying, shutting the door and leaving him alone.

He paused for some time, just kneeling in the stream of the shower as the water washed off her strands of cum, but did little to wipe away the pain in his throat or the shame for what he had done, let alone the shame for the erection that still stood proudly between his thighs. What was happening to him? Was he enjoying this?

A sharp knock rang out on the bathroom door. “Hey! Hurry up! She’ll be here any minute!!”

She? She? What the hell was his birthday present, what was she planning? As afraid as he was as to what it might be, he was more afraid as to what she would do to him if he hid in here. So with pain and reluctance, he stood and switched the shower off, bracing himself mentally for whatever she had coming next.


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