Southern Hospitality: Chapter 2 – Morning Glory

Laura felt herself lifted lazily from the arms of sleep, her body relaxed and floating on a small cloud of pleasure, her mind filled with images, sensations, not pulled from whatever dream she had just been having but instead, memories, memories from the night before. Memories of Ash under her, moaning her name, memories of them fucking like she was back in highschool again.

As consciousness seeped more and more into Laura’s mind she stretched her arms out in the bed around her, feeling the silky warmth of the bed where her arms brushed and felt the coolness of the sheets from where she hadn’t been wrapped up in them, another wave of pleasure crept over her, she must have been dreaming about something nice to wake up with such eager wood tenting the sheets.


Laura furrowed her brow lightly as the pleasure continued to wash against her, confused in her moments between sleep and being fully awake as she writhed between the sheets.. That feeling, skin against skin.. Hadn’t been her, had it?..

One of her arms slid down over her soft form, feeling the flesh of her body under her questing fingertips as they pressed down her skin, “A-ah..” she raised the hand and it drew near to her waist and felt soft hair.. Her fingers delicately gripping it, feeling it move down then up under her hand, in rhythm with the pleasure that welcomed her to the land of the living.

Using her other hand she lifted the sheets up, eyes blinking wearily as she looked down through the tented sheets, over the swell of her breasts and the smoothness of her stomach to the two cute eyes looking up at her, like a doe caught in the headlights.

Ash, looked up at her, gaze playful, his plush lips wrapped around her cock, rolling them slowly up and down her length, his tongue swirling around her, his cheeks caved in around the sensitive tip as he sucked, her hand now tangled in his hair.

Laura let the sheets fall back down, obscuring him, both her hands moving to gently cradle his head, encouraging him. She looked up wearily towards the ceiling at nothing in particular, when had she last been woken up by anything this wonderful? Had she ever? She couldn’t think of a time when it had been this perfect.

Laying in the comfort of her own bed, roused from sleep in the splendour of her own room by a teenage lover eagerly working her shaft. This was every fantasy she had ever had rolled into one.

“Ooh.. Oh, my gods Ash.. You ah.. You really know how to spoil a woman..” she said in a low drall, feeling his mouth work her cock a little more eager, just how long had he been teasingly working at her cock for before she woke up? She felt like she was about to burst.

She wanted to take him, take him as she had the night before, but this was such an idyllic way to wake up, so contrasting to the night before. She wouldn’t dare let this chance of a memory slip from her.

So she simply lay back, reclining, her hands resting on his head as he did all the work, her breathe slowly picking up in pace as she was fully aroused, each exhale dragging a luxuriant moan from her own full lips.

Until last night Ash had never been with a woman, and while Laura wasn’t the typical partner a boy his age should be chasing, what with the unlikely age gap and the even more unlikely addition she wielded, the full package had become irresistible to him. While he had been anxious and timid of what she lured him in with just the night previous, he couldn’t deny the vivacity with which he had thrown himself at her once those fears were let go of.

He had wanted her as much as she had wanted him, and upon waking next to her still sleeping form had found those awakened desires to have only grown throughout the night. He wanted to experience her, every inch of her in every way he could. To feel what he had felt last night, intimacy with her.

He closed his eyes and focused on his efforts, one hand caressing her soft thigh, the other gripping the base of her shaft, guiding it as he did his best to bring her to the heights of pleasure she had introduced him to.

“Fuck..” she breathed softly, unable to sit still, arching her back as she writhed in pleasure. “You’re so good at that hun.. Yeah, suck it.. Mm.. Just like.. Just like that.. Ah..”

Her words and sultry voice encouraged him, all thoughts and feelings of this being wrong long since banished from his mind, though part of him questioned how he would explain his sudden absence overnight to his mom, he didn’t want to let such thoughts seep into his mind right now when he had such a vital task to focus on.

Ash raised himself up, holding just the tip between his lips as his tongue swirled around it in a tight motion, knowing from his own experience, that was the place to focus on. He sucked tightly on the tip as his lips stroked and caressed the sensitive head.

Feeling her squirm and wriggle under his efforts made him shiver, feeling her fingers tighten in his hair each time he did something really right.. Using that he focused his efforts on those moments, almost living for the pulls and tugs against his hair, the assurance that he was pleasuring a woman as sensual and sumptuous as Laura outweighing any pain she wrought upon him.

“O-oh..  Oh god.. Ash, i’m gonna.. I’m..” she clenched his head harder in his hands, holding him in place, though she was sure he would stay in place regardless of whether or not she held him. She pushed her hips up and pulled his head down, forcing herself deep into his mouth, but not quite into the tightness of his throat, feeling the warmth of him engulf her, still using his tongue, still sucking.

She felt her climax rise, her hard cock pulsing in his mouth as she gasped, a few muffled whimpers all he could muster in response around the girth of her shaft as she came, hot thick cum shooting in bursts into him, each burst filling his mouth with a streak of white heat.

Both his hands now were tight around the base of her shaft, squeezing as if trying to stem the unstoppable flow of her cum. She heard him gulp, biting her full lip in pleasure and lust as she heard the sound of his teenage throat swallowing down her cum, taking what she gave him. The thought of Ash, her best friends son, swallowing her load gave her a guilty pleasure that brought a grin to her lips as she finished inside him.

Her grip lessened but held him still, caressing his hair as she shot the last few strands into his waiting mouth, coating his tongue in her rich taste, sating both of their desires for her pleasure.

Ash swallowed all she gave, feeling the liquid heat pool in his stomach until finally, he felt the flow lessen, her member flagging and starting to shrink in his mouth.

He nursed on the tip, drawing every last drop of seed and spark of pleasure from her that she could muster. As it softened more and more he let it finally fall from his lips, kissing and licking her length in the humid heat of the small tent he had made under the sheets.

He felt her hands move from his hair down his cheeks to gently caress his face, guiding him up towards her. He crawled, cheek pressed to his hand as he felt her soft body under him until finally, he rested, lying on his side, one arm and leg draped across her prone form, his cheek resting on her shoulder.

“Good morning Laura..” he said in a soft, innocent voice, closing his eyes as he breathed in her scent, feeling the warm comfort of her shapely body beneath his own slender form.

She snaked an arm around him, a hand coming to rest possessively on his pliable rear as she settled down, feeling her breath steady as she relaxed with him.

“That was.. The best wake up I think I’ve ever had..” she said with a soft sighing laugh, sinking her fingers into the flesh of his ass as she squeezed him affectionately.

“You deserved it, after what you gave me last night.” he smiled back, kissing gently at the silky smoothness of her shoulder.

After what she had given him? She couldn’t believe the pleasure she had given him had in any way matched that of her own, but she wasn’t going to say such. If he had enjoyed what she had done with him that much, she was only encouraged to do it again..

“Well you sure know how to treat a lady..” she cooed, letting her eyes trail over the resting curve of his body under the sheets, flaring noticeably at his hips. “Mm.. I can’t wait to introduce you to my niece, she’s going to love you..”

He stirred a little, looking up at her, his hair a shock of sexy messy as he bit his lip softly. “I don’t know who she is..” he said, his voice apprehensive.

“Well sweetie, she’s like me, you know? Cept more your age.. Someone you’d want to call your girlfriend. Go out on dates with. You’re the perfect match..” Sexually, anyway. She thought they would have more in common besides that, but couldn’t be entirely sure.

Ash fell quiet. He could see the appeal, someone like Laura but his age certainly caught his interests. But it wasn’t this unnamed woman that had brought out this side to him using her raw attraction and desire. He had given himself, entirely, to Laura. It felt oddly betraying to so easily let himself be passed on by her to a younger model.

“Laura.. I.. I don’t know..” he said gently, hugging himself a little closer to her, hearing her heartbeat in her chest, his ear pressed to her as he rested.

“You’re just nervous because you’ve never met her.. At least give her a chance?..” She urged. He may have been the perfect little plaything for her, but her intentions had taken a different turn. She had put so much planning and effort into making him hers, and while the actual chase and catch had been relatively brief, she had gone from wanting to merely slake her lust with him to genuinely caring about his future with his new passions.

She thought she was too old for him, too passed her youthful prime. He needed a young girl like herself who could keep up with him and give him what he both wanted and needed. Even if he didn’t really realise it yet.

“I’ll give her a chance..” he relented some, but looked up at her, with an almost rueful expression. “…Later, anyway.. You know.. Once I’ve finished discovering who I am..”

Laura raised an eyebrow curiously, pursing her lips as she looked down at him. “Meaning what hon?..”

“You know.. After someone with a lot more skill and experience has..” he paused, making it up essentially as he went along, stalling her plans to pair him off with her niece, “Had the time to teach me. You know. How to properly.. Look after, a girl like you.” his expression became a naughty, playful smirk.

Laura felt a blush play on her cheeks at that expression, one that promised many a sinful deed. “..Well.. It would be improper to set you out into this new world without… At least the basics.. I guess?” she said, a little surprised that he would want more of her and not be quite so eager to switch her for a younger version. Did he not realise she would have a tighter figure, more energy, more stamina?

“Good!.. I’ll have to go back home at some point today though.. I uh.. I’ll have to think of something to tell my mom..” he said, moving up onto his knees away from her, yawning wide as he stretched his arms out behind him.

“You’re no little boy Ash..” she smirked a little, laying on her side as he had, facing him so he could admire the way the bedsheets curved with her body. “Tell her you snuck out to be with a girl and got a little… Carried away.”

He looked down at her admiringly, her golden hair splayed out on the pillow, she looked how he would imagine a fertility goddess would, though maybe his opinion was slightly biased, he wouldn’t be far from the mark. “Maybe..” he mused a little, “Mm.. I’m going to get a water, I’m pretty thirsty.. Want anything?..”

“Put the coffee on would you?.. I’d kill for a cup..” she smirked a little watching him as he nodded, sliding from the warm embrace of the bed to stand, pulling on his boxer shorts from the night before and padding barefoot to the door.

“Sure Laura..” he smiled and stepped from the room, stretching his arms out, unable to stop himself from glancing back at her laying in bed, causing a little lance of glee to spark through her. She loved it when people looked at her like that, and it felt like it had been forever.

Laura waited a short while after he had left before standing herself, she still felt some of the familiar aches, possibly intensified from her night of passion, the stiffness in her hip which she often got in the morning, the soreness in her lower back. She ran her fingertips gently through her hair, ordering it some as she too padded towards her bathroom.

Ash hummed softly as he made his way to her kitchen, a noticeable spring in his step as he felt the smoothness of her kitchen tiles beneath his feet and the relatively cool air of her house outside her bedroom. The sun was already up, its beams piercing her windows and leaving white streaks across her counter top. He peered out her back window, making sure there was no one around to see him in her kitchen, in only his underwear. Fortunately, her kitchen backed onto her fenced back garden, so he was safe. He found himself smiling in his own reflection of the window.

Laura blinked wearily as she looked at herself in the mirror, seeing her body for what it was, past it’s prime, lacking in youth, fuller in figure than she had been. She still had it, she couldn’t deny that, but she also couldn’t deny the age that settled on her. She sighed softly and picked up her makeup removal wipes. She had dolled herself up something special for Ash and had made the mistake of wearing her makeup to bed. What hadn’t been smeared across her pillow looked messy and ill-fitting. She started to dab at herself, removing it with practised motions.

Ash bit his lip as he opened her standing fridge, feeling the cold air wash over his smooth chest, eliciting a shiver as he peered inside, curious. He picked out the milk for her coffee and picked out a bottle of OJ too, setting both on the counter as he prepared and turned on the coffee machine, his hips swaying slightly to the music in his mind as he hummed, one of the current pop songs that would undoubtedly be stuck in his head until he listened to it, then knowing his luck, a good time after that too.

Laura brushed and flossed her teeth before applying a moisturiser to the skin of her hands and face, leaning in close to the mirror to inspect herself, critical of her appearance, despising each little smile line as they appeared around her tired looking eyes.

Ash sat on the counter, kicking his legs slightly as he waited for the coffee to brew, having poured himself a glass of the orange juice he sipped at it, enjoying the refreshing tanginess as he drank, looking towards the stairs and wondering to himself whether Laura would appear again in that loose silken gown, remembering how she had looked just the night before, stood before him, inviting, the pinnacle of beauty.

Laura pulled on a thick bathrobe, a few sizes too big she knew as it obscured her curves and ran long on her arms, but the softness of the fabric felt gentle on her skin and, more importantly, kept the chill of the house off of her. Her hair was a complete mess, having seen so much action the night before and more so this morning as she writhed about on the pillow, the only quick fix she could muster was tying it up into a messy bun, a few frizzy stray strands defiantly maintaining her dishevelled look. It would have to do.

Ash poured the strong black coffee, steaming, into a wide rimmed white cup, adding the milk and sugar as she had seen her ask for once or twice while over at his house with his mom. He stirred the coffee delicately with a spoon before setting it down and lifting up the cup, feeling the heat seep through the cup to warm his hands.

He turned, hearing a noise at the door and smiled to find Laura standing there. She looked oddly anxious. Her hair was tied up, her body clasped in the warm embrace of a thick fluffy robe, her face lacking in the fine makeup she had been sporting the night before. She looked less the sultry seductress and more.. A real, genuine woman.

“Wow.. You look amazing..” he said softly, there she stood. The pinnacle of beauty, as he knew she would.

Laura stared at the boy. Her coffee clasped in his dainty hands, this young nubile vision of perfection before her, hair perfect, body smooth, his boxers tight around the curve of his hips and thighs, his eyes so wide and genuine, so innocent. Did he think that of her? Now? When she was like this? She had half been expecting a wince of regret on his features. Instead, she found herself blushing.

Laura subconsciously ran a hand across the top of her head, trying to control her frizz and distract from her blush. “Thank you..” she bit her lip, stepping towards him, hands moving to relinquish the cup from his hands and bring it into her own, where she needed it. “You don’t look so bad yourself..”

He smirked playfully, sitting back up on the counter, bringing them to eye level as he picked up his juice, taking another slow sip. “After the morning’s done I’ll head home for a little while.. Just check in with my mom and grab a change of clothes.. Then I’ll be right back here.”

Laura eyed him over as she took a slow, much-needed sip of her coffee, letting a small hum of pleasure slip free as she swallowed, eying her teen partner over admiringly. “You want to spend the whole day here with me?..” she asked, a mild air of surprise to her words.

“The night too..” he bit his full lip, eying her with a similar expression she had shown him the night before, one of lust and hunger.

She had hunted him to the ground, her desire for him coming to fruition in the predator catching its prey. But now it almost felt as if she was falling prey to the boy’s libido. She could see it written on his feminine features, the desire in his eyes to explore a new found discovery.

Laura moved beside him, leaning forward and looking out into her well kept back garden, elbows on the counter and cup clasped in her hands, raised to her lips so she could enjoy the scent. Part of her felt bad for taking him as she had, but she just couldn’t resist all this. Waking up to him, having his company, having his eyes on her. She would, in time, introduce him to her niece. But for now, she would just enjoy the magic of it, the magic of him being hers to play with. Greedy, maybe. But as she looked at him, in the prime of his youth, a girlish beauty that drove her to distraction, she didn’t care. This could be her last big opportunity at a boy like this. She wasn’t going to pass up on it.

“Shower with me?..” She asked, a smirk on her lips, “Before you go back to your mom.. You know, to wash my perfume off of you..”

His face brightened, looking to her with plain excitement written across his face. “Sounds fun..” he hesitated, pursing his lips slightly as he looked at her. “..On one condition.”

She raised her eyebrows at him, her smirk remaining as she thought about what sexual favour the boy-nymph was about to voice. “Mm?..”

“Dinner and a movie. My treat?..”

Laura almost choked on her coffee as the surprise hit her, clearing her throat and leaning up a little further, looking across to him with wide eyes. “Pardon me?..”

“Dinner and a movie.” he repeated, simply. “My treat.”

“Darling, people will think you’re taking your mother out..” she protested.

He pursed his lips again. “Mm.. Fair point.. We’ll have to sit in the back row at the cinema so when I suck your cock people don’t think it’s weird..” he grinned, looking out into her garden.

Laura found herself blushing crimson. “Oh very funny..” Wasn’t this just supposed to be sex? That had been her objective, after all, seducing her hot teen neighbour into sleeping with her. She hadn’t been planning for him to stick around after her night of fun. She had expected she’d have to text, goad and persuade him into coming around another night, maybe in a week or two.

“Well?..” he asked again, glancing over at her with those doe-like eyes of his.

“..Dinner and a date it is.. But I’m splitting the bill.. Your mom would kill me if she knew I was taking your money.” she mumbled to herself before noticing his bemused expression.

“What.. And she wouldn’t if she knew you were fucking me?..” he said, a twinkle in his eye.

She grinned, taking a sip of her coffee, keeping her thoughts to herself.

He smiled and finished his juice, setting the glass down by the sink and looking towards her, expectantly. “Soooo.. That shower?..”

She peered back at him, “…Can’t a woman finish her coffee?..” she said, voice a little teasing.

“She could.. Or she could come join me in the shower.” he pressed, hopping from the counter and stood with his back to her, sliding his boxers down his body and depositing them on the floor, sauntering out of the kitchen towards the bathroom, walking slowly, letting her watch the sway of his hips and the alluring movement of his ass as he retreated from the room.

Laura stared after him, suddenly finding herself hungry for an entirely different vice than caffeine. She took one last deep swig, leaving the cup still partially filled and walked after him. Feeling her body already livening up, expectant.

She caught up to him as he entered the bathroom, glancing over his shoulder at her, an inviting expression resting on his delicate features. She bit her lip and let her robe fall to the floor, exposing herself to his judgement. It was a very different light to see her in, without her makeup, style, lingerie or mood lighting, a woman laid bare to the scrutiny of a teen, cock and all.

He turned to her and stepped forward, meeting her in an embrace, his body pressing softly to hers as he leant up slightly to kiss her. She felt his plush lips find hers, felt his body press against the meatiness of her soft cock, felt it twitch..

She wrapped her arms around him and enjoyed the feeling of his warmth under her fingertips, indulging herself for a moment in the depth and passion of his kiss before she broke it, smirking and nodding encouragingly towards the shower unit.

Ash winked up at her and turned to walk towards it, reaching up inside the large standing shower unit and turning on the hot water, reaching his arm back quickly as it streamed out of the jets, biting his lip as he adjusted it to the correct temperature before stepping inside, closely followed by Laura who let her hair fall down from its bun.

He stood facing the shower, the hot water beating against his chest as she moved behind him, closing the shower door and lacing her hands around his waist, pressing her body against him, capturing the offshoots of water as he obscured most of the stream.

“That feel good hun?..” she asked gently as she pressed her swelling length up against his enticing cheeks, feeling the soft flesh against her, getting wet as water trickled down his back and between their bodies.

“It does..” he said with a soft purr of pleasure tilting his head back to rest against her some, a mirthful tone in his voice, “The showers not bad either..”

She laughed a little and nudged him playfully, reaching for a bottle of soap and squeezing some into her hands, eagerly starting to rub it into the already smooth skin of Ash. “That was terrible..” she chastised playfully, squeezing him as she applied more soap to her hands, moving to wash his back.

“Thanks!” he said, a smirk on his lips as he felt her hands glide silkily down his back, across his body and down lower to his ass. He rolled his eyes some and grinned, he suspected her hands would be very thorough with that particular aspect of his anatomy.

He wasn’t wrong, her hands ‘soaped’, explored and groped every inch of his expansive rear, her eyes down as she stared at the way the pliable flesh gave to her seeking fingers, her cock hardening between them, her and him both becoming lathered in a fine layer of suds. She guided him, turning him and her around so the water was at her back, the clear glass wall of the shower in front of Ash as she pushed him forward.

Ash reached out before him, gasping a little at her sudden eagerness, his hands splaying against the fogged pane of the shower, feeling the coolness of it press against his chest and cheek as she pushed him close to it, her body squeezing in behind him.

Her hands moved quickly, pushing down on his back, pulling back on his hips, making him all but present himself to her as her now hard shaft slid between his soapy cheeks.

“A-ah.. It’s still a little.. Sensitive.. From last night..” he said gently though didn’t move to stop her, feeling his cheeks blush as he leant against the clear wall, his back arched and his ass pointed back towards her, inviting despite his words. He was sensitive, but he wanted her to continue..

“It will be sweetie… But you can take it..” she urged, one hand on his shoulder, the other gripping the slippery base of her cock, guiding the steely member to point between his cheeks, pressing it between the hugging globes to kiss at his delicious little hole.

Ash bit his lip as he felt her hand on his shoulder, reassuring but commanding, silently telling him to stay still as she guided the tip to his hole, pressing forward, drawing an intake of breath from the both of them as the tip fed into him.

Releasing the base of her monster she moved her hand to his hip, gripping him as she urged her own hips forward, slowly but steadily feeding her cock into him. Easier than last night she noted, with their makeshift lubrication and his tentative experience.

Ash bit his lip as he felt the now familiar feeling of a cock being fed into his body. It may have been an experience he’d only had the once, but it was one he couldn’t forget. He was, of course, still tight, but that pain was less than it had been, replaced in part with a little soreness and with a lot of sensitivity, it may have been a good idea if he had given it slightly more time between his first and second session with her, but it was too late for such thoughts.

She pressed forward, eyes following the path of her cock as it traversed between his pillowy cheeks, spearing him and sinking into the welcoming heat of his ass, enveloping her sensitive cockhead in the wonderfully pleasurable depths of her lover.

Ash let out a rasping little gasp as he became increasingly pinned between the woman and water at his back and the cold clear shower wall in front of him. He felt her traverse deeper inside him, not stopping until her pelvis was pressed eagerly against his girly butt, her length buried inside him, curving upwards with his standing angle, rubbing at new and interesting spots within him, leaving him squirming on her cock, wanting to feel more.

She wouldn’t leave him wanting for long, her hands both moving down to hold his waist, pressing down slightly so he arched his back, presenting her a slightly easier angle for what she had planned.

He bit his lip and stared at his own reflection, almost transparent in the foggy glass, the need for more, the submissiveness. He could hardly believe it was him. He felt her withdraw until only half of her thick, precum drooling cock was left inside him, their moans intertwining in the acoustics of the shower unit as she pressed forward, her body bumping into his, rocking him forward on his heels before she withdrew again.

Her pace was slow and steady, but building in momentum, no pretence needed this morning, no gentle seduction required, no worry of spooking him, this was more basic, more animalistic. Last night they had made love. This morning she was having a quickie in the shower, fucking her boytoy. Though, given that she had already spent a load this morning, it might not be so quick. But he would enjoy every second.

One of her hands squeezed his waist possessively as her pace started to quicken, each push into his soft yielding rear forcing another gasp from his repertoire of feminine ‘getting fucked’ noises. Her other hand strayed, caressing across his skin, pausing around his chest to squeeze at his flat chest and nipple, tracing lines back around to his thick rear, squeezing it, pulling it so she could better see his body accepting her, whatever she could grab, she did, save for his own cock.

Not that she didn’t want him to feel pleasure, of course, but he had cum before her the night before just from having his smaller dick trapped between their hard working forms. If she could make him cum even once without anything touching his throbbing cock he would be a slave to the whims of women like her, all thoughts of girls gone from his mind, he would only want someone who could give him what he needed.

She tilted her head back and let the stream of hot water pour against her scalp, the hot water soaking her golden locks making them stick together and darken in shade, the water pouring down her body in rivulets, small splitting streams falling from the underside of her breasts to patter against his pale rear as it bounced with each thrust, a splash of water emitting when their bodies joined in her thrusts.

More and more she stopped thinking and simply gave to him, feeling the intense sensations coursing through her, making her heart pound, her skin sweat and her cock twitch.

Ash felt her lean over, her heavy soft breasts pressing into his back, buffered by a thin sheen of water, her arms wrapping around her waist as she fucked him, his lips parted, his breath coming fast, he felt her cheek against the back of his neck as she drove into him hard and fast, the sounds of their passion growing louder, the noises of bodies clashing becoming a consistent clapping of eager hot flesh.

She kissed and nipped at the nape of his neck with her teeth, possessive and hungry for more of him, resting more of her weight on him than was probably safe, her feet shifting to try and better support herself as her cock began to throb and pulse, growing steely, as she began to feel a familiar building in her balls, the waves of pleasure mounting to something greater, something addictive.

Ash felt her drawing close, his arms and legs growing weary of supporting himself from their combined weights and her constant pounding. His ass was certainly sore around her, but the sensitivity more than made up for it, a wholly different experience than the night before but no less pleasurable for it.

He felt so good wrapped around her cock, too good, he was so much more alluring than any of her previous lovers, no doubt the lewdness of their age gap and his attraction to her despite it playing more than a small part in her lust for him. She felt herself starting to peak, her mind exploding with pleasure as the dam holding it at bay collapsed.

Laura gasped loudly, gripping him tight in her arms she buried herself to the hilt inside him, feeling the deluge of cum spill forth from her meaty shecock to pulse into him in hot, creamy white waves, once more whitewashing his insides with her seed.

Ash felt the each jet as it filled him, not as much as he had experienced last night, but enough that he knew she was satisfied. As she emptied himself inside him his own cock bounced beneath him, so close to climax, but just missing that edge, the contact he needed.

She felt herself flagging inside him and moved her hands up beside his on the glass, grinding her hips against his as she purred a little, stretching up to kiss and bite at his ear. “Mmm.. Fuck Ash.. That was so good.. Did.. Did you?..” she asked, uncertain, she had been so lost in her own pleasure she hadn’t stopped for a moment to think about him.

“Aah.. A-ah.. N-no.. Close.. B-but no..” he panted in reply, his hand moving down now she was supporting herself, wrapping around the length of his shaft, giving it a tentative squeeze, sending a ripple of pleasure up his spine.

Laura let out one last adoring moan as her softening cock slipped free from him, falling between her thighs, glistening wet in the light of the bathroom. “T-turn around.. Jerk off..” she said, biting her lip as she fell to her knees, after all she had done he deserved some sort of a treat, it wouldn’t be much, but she knew he would like it.

Ash stood, feeling the tenderness in his butt joined by a heaviness in his arms and legs from the effort of supporting himself as she had her way with him, he bit his lip and on unsteady feet he turned around to face her, enjoying the heat of the water as it struck his midriff, Laura no longer blocking it as she kneeled, looking up at him, hair plastered to her back and shoulders with water, arms folded under her substantial breasts, causing them to lift and swell, seeming much bigger than they were as she pushed them up and together, offering them to him.

His hand moved faster as he looked down at her like that, a picture of beauty before him as he worked his shaft with rapid strokes.

Bless him, it took him less than ten seconds to cum, his cock twitching in his small hand as the red tip fired it’s load. She blushed and looked down at her chest, watching as his cum landed on her breasts, leaving hot white streaks across her tanned skin.

The image of the cumshot clearly sated some fantasy of his, judging by the satisfied expression that lingered on his face as he squeezed his own softening member, he looked down at her, imprinting the vision of her as she was in his mind, likely so he could repeat to it later.

Laura smirked, the hot water quickly wiping the lines of cum away as she stood, eying him over appraisingly. Gods he was cute. “Mm.. Couldn’t leave you wanting could we?..”

“T-thank you..” he said softly, moving his hands to rest them on her hips, looking at her with a look of adoration and desire, even satisfied it seemed he lusted for more.

“I’m going to give my hair a wash.. It could take a little while.. You could dress and head across to yours?.. You’ll have to see if you can make reservations somewhere for a lady of my calibre..” she urged, smirking to him playfully, “You should probably stay across there until our date though.. Don’t want your mom to get too suspicious do we?..”

Ash pursed his lips a little, as if debating the idea, while he knew she had a point, a part of him just didn’t want to leave her at all. “Mm… I suppose so.. I’d.. I’d like to say I’ll pick you up at six.. But.. Uh..”

Laura let out a brighter laugh and grinned, “…But I’m the one with the car.. That’s fine hun, just get here for six and we’ll go from there, okay?..”

He nodded, smiling a little sheepishly, “Okay..” he leaned up and kissed her on the lips, letting it linger for a few long moments in the heat of the water before pulling away, biting his lip naughtily as he looked her over one last time before stepped out of the unit and wrapping himself in a towel.

She stood in the shower, one hand resting on her hip, the other across her stomach as the water cascaded over her back, enjoying, as she knew she always would, the view of his curvy figure in the tightness of the towel, the outline dangerously alluring, though, spent as she was now, her cock remained subdued.

He gave her one last parting smile as he padded barefoot from the bathroom, shutting the door behind him and leaving her to herself once more.

Alone to herself Laura leant back against the shower wall, feeling all of her energy drained from her and once more feeling the weight of her years and the gap that had grown between her youth and where she was now. She was healthy and not old by any standard but keeping up with a horny teen in his prime who preferred, it seemed, to be the passive bottom when it came to lovemaking was taking it’s toll on her.

She relaxed in the stream of the water, letting the heat penetrate her muscles and bring some form of rejuvenation to her, even if it was just a minor one. She heard the familiar noises of her house as she relaxed, could hear Ash going to her room, likely to dry and dress and she couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking, though she felt assured now he wouldn’t be regretting his night with her.

Ash made his way, dripping, back to her room and towelled himself off, feeling the tiredness of his muscles already begin to ebb away as he dried, pulling on his clothes from the day before and pulling out his smartphone from his trouser pocket for the first time, it felt like, in forever. For someone who was never away from electronics a night and a morning hadn’t gone unnoticed. The group chat he shared with his female friends was awash with speculation.

As he tried his hair he scrolled through the history of the messages, Veronica it seemed had been very quick to rat out the lipstick mark Laura had left on his cheek when the speculation to his whereabouts had started.

“I’m fine! Will message when I get in x” he wrote in the chat, prodding it to send as he put his phone away, pulling on the rest of his clothes and hanging her towel with a couple of others on a drying rack.

He moved to the door and glanced around the room out of habit, looking to see if he had forgotten anything, his eyes strayed to her bed where she had taken his virginity in exchange for a new outlook on life, then strayed further to the laptop on her desk which had started all of this.

He smiled and left the room, walking to the bathroom and knocking gently on the door, “I’m going out! I’ll see you later Laura..” he called out, holding his ear to the door to catch her response.

“I’ll see you then sweetness! Text me!” she called out after him, smiling some as she felt a flutter in her chest, the thought of being away from him stung, how quickly had she fallen into lusting after him? Was it more than lust? She shook her head, denying it to herself.

Ash, chipper, made from the house, glancing around as if there would be people watching surreptitiously to catch him in the act of some nefarious deed. He walked with a brisk pace, until he reached his own door, pausing with his fingers on the handle. What would he say to his mom? Would she be scared sick? Angry? Concerned? He genuinely wasn’t sure, this was the first time he had stayed out without at least telling her where he was going to be and with who.

He steeled himself as best he could and pushed open the door, stepping inside his home, welcomed by the enticing scent of fresh bread.

“I’m home!” he called out, trying to say it in a tone that conveyed his bright, happy mood. Maybe if she heard that she would be less prone to a confrontation.

“Welcome home sweetie!” Her voice came from the kitchen, followed by a pause as he took his shoes off until she poked her head around the corner, smiling as she often did, “Would you like me to make you some breakfast or did you eat at Laura’s?..”

Ash paused, half way off removing a shoe and gawped at his mother, mouth opening and closing as he fought for words. She simply cocked her head to one side, curious. “I er.. I.. Please?”

She smiled and nodded, vanishing off back towards the kitchen, leaving Ash to stare where she had stood in absolute bafflement. She had known he had been at Laura’s all night? Could she know more? No, she couldn’t. Could she?

Anxiety flooded his mind at the thought of his mom knowing what he had been up to. He let out a long slow breath to calm himself, if she knew, she would’ve said something, or would’ve acted differently, surely?

With his shoes now off he stood and walked through his living room towards the kitchen, she was in the process of melting some butter in a small pan.

“So er.. Did you have a good evening mom?..” He asked casually, walking to a cupboard to get a glass, pouring himself a glass of water from the tap and clasping it in his hands.

“Mmhm! Lovely and quiet. Watched a film, did some reading, had a glass of wine..” she glanced over at him as she cracked a couple of eggs into the pan, picking up and stirring quickly with a wooden spoon, scrambling them.

“That’s nice.” he nodded some, recognising what she was making and setting his glass down, peering about the kitchen until he spotted what he was looking for.

As his mom stirred the eggs, lifting the pan from the heat as she stirred, letting the heat residing in the metal of the pan do most of the cooking so she could better determine when they were ready, Ash collected a bread knife, cutting two medium thick slices of bread from the loaf of fresh bread that sat on the counter.

“Am I right in assuming..” she started simply, as she stirred, “That Laura had her niece over last night?.. She’s spoken very highly of her.. Keeps going on about how the two of you would be the perfect match.”

Ash blushed crimson as he put the two slices of bread in to toast, “Laura’s niece? I er.. She.. Err..”

“Say no more.” she replied, a jovial note to her voice, “I thought that was what the whole laptop ploy was..” she shook her head, smiling, “She’s so evil.. Well, you certainly seem in a good mood at any rate so who am I to judge hm?”

Ash looked at her as she smiled, a musical hum emanating from her as she cooked, something she’d always loved doing, and a thing he had picked up from her.  So she had known that the laptop help had been false? That made sense, there was no way his mom wouldn’t have known what her best friend did for a living. It might also explain why she hadn’t said anything. Maybe. She was a hard woman to read sometimes and he suspected there might’ve been more she wasn’t saying that she might’ve known. But for now, he wouldn’t worry about it. She was happy, so he was happy.

His toast popped up and he jumped a little in surprise, his train of thought derailed as he focused on the hunger in his stomach, the smell of food had brought it to a forefront in his mind. He pulled a plate from the cupboard and set it down, placing the toast on it and buttering it, feeling the crisp of the golden brown bread under his knife as he scraped.

His mom seasoned the eggs with salt and pepper, stirring a little more until she was happy with the consistency before moving and pouring an even portion over each slice of toast. “Enjoy!” she said with a smile, collecting a fork and handing it to him.

“I will, thanks, mom.” he said with a smile back, collecting the plate and heading upstairs towards his domain, towards his computer. He had the best part of the day to prepare for the date, though, without her there with him he supposed the best was still to come.

He settled down at his PC desk in his room, eagerly tucking into the delicious food, switching his PC on and watching it load up as he ate, his mind thinking ahead. What movies were even showing these days? Where should they go for dinner? What was he going to wear? What position would they be in tonight? He blushed at the last thought, embarrassed as to how easily it had mingled in with the others in his mind.

He logged into his desktop and spent the time to enjoy his meal, cleaning his plate before pushing it to one side on his relatively clear desk. He opened up his browser and his homepage landed him and google. He spent a moment scrolling over the google doodle, someone’s birthday it seemed, before searching for restaurants in his area.

He had spent only a few moments scrolling through the results, realising the scope of his choices ahead before he felt his phone buzz in his pocket.

With a sudden realisation, he remembered he had left his friends waiting for information on his night passed. He pulled out his phone and unlocked the screen. As he expected the group chat was buzzing with more speculation, but what had caused his phone to vibrate was the new text.

He opened the text and was greeted with a wall of white and a loading symbol, after a few spins an image appeared. Laura, taking a full body selfie in the mirror, her lips pursed and her pose erotic, showcasing her curves and shape, her thick soft cock hefted in her free hand. The message below it read, “XoXoX can’t wait for tonight!”

Ash blushed as he looked at the photo of her. In a few moments he had it emailed to himself, in a few moments longer the image filled the screen of his PC monitor before him. He glanced sheepishly towards his door and bit his lip.

Leaning back in his chair his hands trailed down to unzip his pants. He could spare a little while to relieve some tension before he started googling. He had the time. And more than ever, he just couldn’t resist her.


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