Southern Hospitality: Chapter 3 – The Date

The below story was commissioned by Thomas Gaius Secundus, a very generous commissioner who allowed me to write what I felt was right for the story! 


Ash looked himself over in his bedroom mirror critically, finding himself oddly self-conscious about his looks.

He had been texting Laura all throughout the day and they had agreed that dressing pretty casual would draw the least suspicion, so he had. He wore a simple patterned t-shirt and some blue jeans, combined with a pair of trainers that he had at least taken the time to clean. But..

He bit his lip in consternation. It just didn’t feel right. He wanted to be as dressed up as he could possibly be, he wanted to look like a prince for her, it was the least she deserved after all for all that she was doing to teach him about himself. He let out a delicate little sigh and shook his head, he could make himself look better.

Pulling out a hairbrush he made the effort to run it through his dark hair as he stood before his reflection, judgingly eying himself over as he sorted his hair.

Curiously, he turned to the side to see a better angle of what really mattered and couldn’t help but blush as he realized his own actions. Just a few days ago when getting ready to go out he would never have considered how his outfit would make his ass look, but this was just the sort of thing he thought about now. The belt around his waist seemed a little loose, causing the fabric to bunch slightly.

Ash set down the brush and pulled up his jeans, tightening his belt slightly, accentuating the bubble of his ass in the tightness of his fabric. It looked.. Alright, he supposed. He wondered if it would be good enough for her, since it was her approval and desire he craved after, after all.

Reaching for his phone he checked the time, an edge of panic settling in him as he realized it was already half five! He only had another thirty minutes before his date with Laura, which was hardly enough time to get suitably ready in. He bit his lip and wriggled out of his jeans, searching through his clothes for another, tighter pair, something to better display himself to her.

As he did so he couldn’t help but think about what he was doing and why as he struggled to understand the thoughts and feelings fluttering around inside of him. All of this was so new, so wrong, but so right. He knew he had very quickly become oh so very infatuated with Laura, perhaps unreasonably so. She was what he had seemingly been waiting for all his life, someone unique, beautiful, with a special extra package that had awoken something inside of him that he knew he wouldn’t be able to suppress ever again. Not that he would want to. She was just perfect. She was the one for him. Almost.

There was still one or two small, minor, glaring issues, as much as he wanted to and as much as he tried to deny it, the age gap was prominent. That and when it came down to it, this was his first real foray into any form of sexual experience. Was this really love? Or just lust?

That didn’t matter now as he didn’t have the time free to think about that. He felt his heart fluttering, panicking that he wouldn’t be ready as he squeezed into his pants, watching the bubble of his ass form in the fabric, perfect. But he still had to wash his face, brush his hair again, pick out a scent..

Laura sat on the edge of her bed, nude, the jeans and top she had selected rested on the bed beside her in an unpoliced heap, waiting for her. She watched herself in her mirror, her eyes half glazed as she reclined against her bed on one hand, her other wrapped around her thick cock, stroking it.

She knew that a date with Ash would keep her constantly hot and horny, so a quick ‘workout’ before she left would at least keep her monster cock down long enough to let her enjoy the experience. Or so she hoped, at least.

Her hand gripped the shaft of her cock, soft moans escaping her already red painted lips as she worked herself, slow but steady, watching herself in the reflection, enjoying how each tug up shifted her heavy balls in their smooth sack, and each bounce at the bottom caused her heavy full breasts to bounce slightly.

In her youth, her breasts had sat higher on her chest and not been quite so soft, and while they did hang slightly lower than they once did, they were in no way unattractive, especially, she knew, to a young impetuous boy like Ash.

She leaned up, still stroking her cock and watched herself as her other hand moved up her body to weigh and cup one of her heavy breasts, plucking on her stiff nipple eliciting another shiver of pleasure to course through her body. She pulled the sensitive nub away from her body, lifting her breast until the weight tugged it from between her fingers, her breast bouncing back into place against her chest.

She wasn’t a thin woman she knew, she was fuller of form, curvy, voluptuous, but when she was hot and horny as she was now she simply adored her body, admired the curves, the way her weight sat enticingly on her ass, breasts, and hips, the softness of her stomach just giving her a slightly cuddly look. It was only in the afterglow that she saw herself differently.

“Ah.. Fuck..” she whispered, glancing down to an object beside her on the bed. She picked up her phone and unlocked it in a practiced swish of her finger, tracing a pattern. She placed it on her bare thigh and bit her lip as she brought up her phones gallery and scrolled through her camera roll until she found the picture she wanted, a selfie she had had Ash send her, his back to a mirror, glancing over his shoulder at his phone as he snapped the sexy little shot with his pants lowered below the smoothness of his pale ass cheeks, showing off the goods to her.

She stared at the picture with half-lidded eyes, fantasizing about what they had done before and what was to come tonight, her cock between those cheeks, inside him, fucking him.

The thought was enough to push her over the edge she had been teetering on. She grunted, biting her lip, reaching for a paper issue and holding it to the tip of her cock as her balls twitched, her cock throbbing between her warm fingers as she came, spending her thick load in the white tissue, feeling it pulse out of her cock as waves of pleasure ran through her body, thinking only of him.

Swallowing and panting softly she carefully folded up the tissue and tossed it into a little wastepaper basket alongside several others, watching as her cock started to deflate, curving as it moved to settle back down between her thighs.

She picked up her phone again and bit her lip, panting softly as she recovered from her spend, eying the picture of his delicious ass for one last long moment before closing it, checking the time. She still had an entire half-hour before she was due to leave. More than enough time to dress, sort her hair and check her makeup.

She stood and dressed, humming softly as she did, pulling on her underwear and tucking her cock away snugly before sliding into her jeans, picking up a bra and a carefully pre-selected top that would suit her goals.

As she did she had time to think in her afterglow. Her heart was being pulled in two directions, her mind told her, especially now just after cumming just how wrong it was, that he was too young for her, that while she was, yes, enjoying it and she had no doubt so was he, she was setting him up for disappointment. Where did she think she could take this? A happily ever after with a teen? At her age? It was a fling, and one that would ultimately end up hurting him. One she should end.

However, her impetuous dick had other plans. It didn’t care about any long term repercussions, it needed satisfaction. And the age gap.. Well, that was just fucking hot. She straightened her back a little and found a small smirk at her lips as she eyed herself over in her outfit. Ash, that hot little piece of ass, found her attractive. Her! He adored her curves, loved her body and practically worshiped her cock.

Her smirk slipped some as she noticed how tight her jeans were around her, causing a little bit of her stomach to spill out over the top, a wholly unattractive look. It was in moments like these now that her body wasn’t so appealing to her and she longed for the tighter figure she had once cultivated when younger.

She adjusted her jeans to better distribute her curves and stood straight on again to the mirror, the top she had chosen was maybe a little inappropriate given that most people would see her and Ash as a mother-son pairing, she had after all started with a thickly padded bra that seemed to give her already very impressive bust an extra cup size, then stuffed it into a low cut tight top that ensured that all attention would be on her bountiful cleavage.

She pursed her lips, inspecting her makeup critically, every aspect of which was designed to make her look younger, contouring and hiding lines. But her looks aside, she had to make decisions, she knew she truly couldn’t keep leading him on like she was. But.. She wouldn’t and couldn’t flake on tonight. She wanted to spend every second with him that she could before she had to, ultimately, let him go, a fact that was becoming increasingly harder to deny.

She glanced down at her phone, picking it up and glancing over it unsurely. She had to steel herself, she had to make the right decision, even if it wasn’t the one she necessarily wanted to. She swallowed and unlocked her phone, going into her contacts list and searching down. It might not be for her own good, but it would be for his. Tonight he would be hers. She would enjoy every aspect of it, not worry about the future, just enjoy her moment in the sun while she could. But after tonight..

She moved to sit back on the edge of her bed, one hand running over the fabric anxiously as she dialed a number and held the phone to her ear. Waiting.

The phone rang. Once. Twice. Three times.

Maybe they wouldn’t answer? If they didn’t answer then she couldn’t say she hadn’t tried. Maybe even..

“Hey, Aunty! How’re you?” A bubbly voice gushed over the phone.

Laura deflated a little, but resolved herself, this was for the best, “Hey hon, how’ve you been? Got a minute to talk?..”


Ash walked downstairs, it was ten to six but he couldn’t wait any longer, though he wanted to check his hair again and make sure there weren’t any loose hairs on his t-shirt, he’d go across to Laura’s now, she would be ready by now, surely? And if she wasn’t.. Well, that would mean he would get to watch her getting ready. He blushed just thinking about it.

He stepped towards the door and put his hand on the door handle, stopping only as a voice caught his attention.

“Going out sweetie?” a soft curious voice.

He paused, pursing his lips a little guilty as he looked over to find his mom, who in his eagerness he had completely forgotten about, sat comfortably in front of the TV, eying him quizzically.

“Uhh..” he hesitated, a big mistake.

Her curious expression broke into a smirk as she drank in the subtle details. Slight guilt in his expression, brushed hair, clean shoes. “Oooh.. I see.. Should I expect you back tonight or will you be spending your time with ‘not Laura’s niece’?..” she smirked, a sarcastic tone edging into her voice.

He flushed with color for being so easily caught, and yet if only she knew the truth of it. “Ah.. I.. We..” he stammered.

She fluttered a hand at him, glancing back to her show. “Go, go be young. Just use a condom okay?” she said, teasingly.

He flushed even brighter, he was entirely unsure about her, about her involvement in all this, if there even was any. “I er.. Thanks, mom.” He said, embarrassed as he stepped outside.

It was quite a warm night, but compared to the heat flaring in his cheeks from his own mother suggesting he use condoms tonight, it seemed comparatively cold. He leaned against his door for a moment, letting out a long shaky breath.

He was so anxious. He was going on a date, a real, actual date, not just with a girl but with a real actual woman, with curves, lust, and a cock.

Ash swallowed and cut across the grass to get to Laura’s just a little bit faster.

Laura looked up as she heard the knock on her door, she tucked her phone away into a cute little handbag and placed it on one shoulder, giving her golden hair one last look over before she made her way downstairs and to her door, opening it with a smile.

He inhaled sharply at the sight of her, her jeans and top hugging her full figure, save for her cleavage, which was noticeably free of fabric. She looked at him coyly, as if waiting for his reaction.

“W-wow..” he said simply, letting out a little laugh as she smiled and blushed, a hand again bouncing her blonde hair, a little self-conscious habit of hers. “You look beautiful, Laura. I mean really, really beautiful.”

She blushed brighter and stepped forward with a little laugh, shutting and locking the door behind her as she motioned for him to head to the car. She turned to watch him as he walked, admiring his tempting ass in its tight confines and feeling a stir in her own jeans, she had to bite her lip, if she hadn’t of sorted herself out she would already be in trouble, dragging him into her house and do animalistic things with him, but they had a reservation to keep. Her lust could wait, for now at least.

He slid into the car beside her and Laura glanced sidelong at him, he wasn’t just looking at her, he was staring. She pursed her lips, feeling herself swell with confidence as she pushed her chest out a little.

Ash looked up to meet her gaze and blushed, smiling at her, his own gaze a mix of wonderment and desire. It felt good, Laura thought, to have someone look at her like that.

“Soo?.. Where are we going sweetness?” she said, curiously, fingers tapping the wheel.

“Ah..” he had been so preoccupied with her figure in that top that he’d forgotten to even mention where he’d booked, “Uh..” he hesitated, swallowing slightly as he rolled the dice, “Johns, do you know it?”

Laura looked over at him and raised her eyebrows. She had expected him to pick somewhere like Rennie’s, a romantic little Italian, but Johns.. Johns was a Steak House, and a good one too. She felt a tug on her Texan roots and found herself suddenly very hungry.

“Was.. That a good choice?..” he asked, tentative to her silence.

She swallowed and set the car into drive. “Hun, you’re taking a southern woman to a Steak House.” she felt the corner of her lips tug up into an excited smirk, “It’s like you’re trying to get me to sleep with you or something..”

He grinned playfully as they pulled away, she knew the way.

Ash felt a tiny stab of anxiety as they turned out of her drive and down the street, passing his own house. He could’ve sworn he saw a curtain twinge as they passed, but it was probably just his own paranoia, nevertheless, he sank just a tiny bit lower into his chair.

“So um.” Ash bit his lip, reaching for conversation, not sure what to say as she drove them through their town, his eyes drinking her in with every glance, unable to help himself. Every little bump in the road caused a tiny but noticeable jiggle through her breasts, constantly drawing his attention. He wasn’t sure what to talk about, there was a sort of tension in the car he couldn’t describe, like, there was something they both wanted to talk about but couldn’t.

He smiled then, finding an item to talk about “So.. You work in computers? I never knew until you.. You know.”

She laughed softly and smiled, warm and genuine, “Until I pretended not to know a thing about computers to seduce you?.. Mmhm. I advise businesses on how to use IT to make their businesses better.. I used to be a part of a group but these days I just freelance.” she glanced briefly across at him, “You seem to know a thing or two about computers yourself, after all, you saved this distressed damsel from her IT nightmares..” she teased playfully.

He smiled and shrugged a little, relaxing some as they talked about a common interest, though his gaze was still drawn to her more often than not. “I like computers.. It started off just for fun but.. I guess it sort of became an escape. And I got good with them, and it was nice to be good at something.”

“Besides working my cock..” She noted to his laughter. It was a mystery to her how a boy like Ash wasn’t the center of attention wherever he went, but she did have a specific set of tastes she supposed. “You need to be more confident in yourself sweetie.. Any girl would be lucky to have a gentleman like you, and not just a girl like me.” she smirked slightly, “Though we both know you’d prefer a girl like me..”

He blushed a little and shrugged some. “I don’t know..”

“No?..” Laura looked at him, surprised.

“N-no, I mean, I definitely like girls like you!” he said, a little defensively, “I meant more.. I don’t know that any girl would be lucky to have me. I don’t have much going for me really.”

Laura shook her head some, disagreement edging into her voice, “Aren’t almost all of your friend’s girls?”

“Well sure, and I’m just one of the girls, that’s the thing, they don’t look at me and see boyfriend material.”

She pursed her lips some, “They like you because of who you are hon, if you were a little bit more confident about that I’m sure you could persuade any one of them into dating you.”

They rode in silence for a little while, Ash obviously doubting himself, though he did eventually speak up, “Not that it matters of course I suppose.. I’ve got you, after all.” he said, a shy little smile playing at his soft lips.

She looked at him and pursed her lips, contemplating how she could respond to that.

Before she found the words, however, they arrived at the restaurant, a welcome distraction from that particular line of conversation as it stood.

“Ooh, here we are.. I’m so hungry..” she admitted, laughing a little as she parked up, lightening the mood again.

“Mm, me too.” he bit his lip, opening his door and standing from the car as she turned off the engine. Ash closed the door and casually moved around to her side, opening her door for her.

She looked up to him, smiling enticingly, the angle inadvertently offering him the perfect view down her pillowy cleavage. “Thank you hon.” she stood up, adjusting her top and collecting her handbag, slinging it over one shoulder and walking on her very modest heels alongside him into the restaurant.

They were greeted by a young eager waitress, all smiles, and cute gestures, taking his name and guiding them both to a table. Laura noticed with some satisfaction that even presented with a young, bouncy teen like himself, all smiles and flirtations, perky breasts and slim figure, lithely displaying both, that he was still eying her up. He had a very single track mind, it seemed. Which was great for now, but later, she wasn’t so sure how that would play out.

They sat down and Laura found herself looking around with a smile. The restaurant wasn’t a romantic venue by any description, but the scents of steaks and accompanying sides filled her senses, tempting her. He had chosen very well, this was a much better choice for a woman of her caliber than any dainty romantic Italian.

The waitress collected a pair of menu’s and returned to the table, beaming with that bubbly smile of hers, she offered the menu to Laura first, but she shook her head simply.

“I’ll have the grain fed ten-ounce sirloin, medium rare with the bacon and honey mustard lettuce wedge and the beef dripping sauce.” She hesitated, if only briefly. “And a glass of merlot, please.” she said, knowing her favorite steak off by heart and picking a wine to suit herself, rich and full-bodied. She might have been driving, but one glass would be okay.

The waitress blinked in surprise, not used to such a quick order and fumbled switching the menu’s in her hand for a pad of paper and a pencil, she glanced quizzically towards Ash, silently asking if he was ready to order too.

“I’ll um.. I’ll have the same please.” he nodded, knowing for certain that Laura would know her steaks and pairings better than he would.

The waitress hesitated, glancing Ash over unsure. “Do you have any ID?” she asked, a little meekly.

Ash flushed a little with color and caught Laura smirking as he reached into his jeans pocket, pulling out his ID and presenting her with it. The waitress, placated, nodded contentedly and smiled, excusing herself.

“I didn’t know you drank wine..” Laura queried once the waitress was out of earshot.

He shrugged a little, smiling, “I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember.. I just don’t get to have it very often.. Though.. I think a woman with a glass of wine is pretty alluring.. Just.. Something about that image.”

She nodded, knowingly. “Mm.. I feel that way when I see cute boys in their boxers holding my coffee..” she smirked a little. “Makes me want to throw down and ‘wrestle’.” she grinned, winking subtly. “Maybe I’ll even show you a few new moves later.”

“Promises promises..” he said in a little singsong voice, biting and chewing on a full soft lip, enticing.

Laura felt herself stirring, though now was neither the time nor the place it was hard to suppress her lust when it was presented with such a sight, a young little hottie with desire in his eyes just for her.

The waitress returned with their glasses, setting one down at each of their elbows and Ash smiled to her, politely nodding his thanks as she again left.

Laura folded one arm across her stomach, resting her elbow in the palm of her hand as she picked up her glass, the arm across her abdomen supporting her breasts, pushing them up and together ever so slightly as she sipped from her glass, eying Ash’s expression.

She was painting a portrait for him, whether consciously or unconsciously he wasn’t sure, but with her sultry smile, beautiful makeup, glass of wine and breasts displayed as they were, it was a picture he prayed he would never forget, the image of perfection itself.

“Thoughts?..” she asked curiously, unable to read his expression, not noticing her own actions.

“I’m just.. Awed.” he said, honestly, causing her cheeks to redden.

Laura took a sip from her glass to mask it as they relaxed. She felt so natural around him, but her thoughts constantly returned to her phone call early.

Ash tilted his head slightly, “What about your thoughts?..” he asked in return, catching her a little off guard.

“Oh.. I’m just..” she didn’t want to spoil the evening with her thoughts of the future, but at the same time she felt she needed to address them. She couldn’t lead him along. “I’m just thinking about you.. And me.. And the future.”

Ash felt a little pull on his anxieties as he realized her line of thinking. “I.. I know what you mean.” It’s not that he hadn’t thought about it, it’s just that he didn’t want to.

“This..” she gestured around her slightly, “This is just heaven for me Ash.. You’re just heaven.. And lord.. If I was thirty years younger I would do things to you..” she bit her lip, looking into the scarlet hue of her wine.

He watched her still, unsure how to feel. “Laura.. I just want you to be happy. I just want to make you feel as good as you make me feel..” he said, voice quiet.

She laughed a little, smiling ruefully, “Ash, you make me far happier than I have any right to be..”

A smile and a moment passed between them as they locked gaze, somehow she knew they both held the same concerns and thoughts.

She spoke softly, “How about this okay.. You and me tonight, like a couple of teens. Dinner, a movie and tonight, Lord, tonight we’ll have some fun.”

Ash nodded along a little, clearly enjoying her proposition so far.

“And tomorrow.. Tomorrow you go for coffee. With my niece. Just, just meet her? She’s free, I checked.”

Ash looked down himself this time, quietly reflecting. Everything she was saying was true, and everything they were both avoiding to say rang true too. What this was, as amazing as it was, wasn’t sustainable. Both of their urges and desires were driven almost entirely by lust and desire for sex. This date, he knew, was lovely for the both of them, a naughty little escape, pretending to be a couple, though as he looked into her eyes he recognized something he himself felt. This was all roleplay, they were both just desperate to get to the sex, to sate themselves on each other physically.

“Well?..” she asked, testing.

“Okay.. One coffee.” He pursed his lips, the mood had been brought down a little and he wanted to fix that, tonight was their night and he wouldn’t let them wallow in self-doubt, “On one condition.”

Laura blinked, tilting her head, her concerns dissipating into curiosity, “Aaand what would that be?..”

He smirked playfully, “I get to wake you up with another blowjob..” he whispered, grinning.

Laura found herself laughing, a warm smile lightening her expression once more, “Ooh Ash darling, you drive such a hard bargain. But I think I can meet that compromise..” she winked back and the mood seemed to brighten once more.

Without the unspoken looming over them, distracting their minds, the tension that had worried them both evaporated, leaving them as they were. Lovers, killing time before they could fuck like rabbits.

They talked more openly, though the conversation mostly seemed to revolve around Laura digging for information about Ash, while she seemed to know a lot about him, doubtless from his mom, she probed him on information she wouldn’t know, about his circle of friends, about what he did with them, seemingly scoping out any would be competition for her still mysterious niece.

After a while the waitress brought their plates to them, the steaks were impressive, each one uniform, topped with a melting slice of parsley butter, running over the grilled lines of the steak, a portion of golden and crispy seasoned fries, crispy fried onions, a balsamic glazed tomato and their accompanying lettuce wedge and sauce.

As the waitress left them once more Ash couldn’t help but laugh, drawing Laura’s attention away from the plate to her date, “What?..”

“You’re looking at your steak like you look at me.” he grinned, hands reaching for his knife and fork.

She smirked broadly and shrugged in faux innocence, collecting her own cutlery and not waiting on any sort of ceremony before she tucked in, “Guilty as charged hun. You certainly know how to take care of a woman.”

He smiled, feeling pleased with his choice of restaurant and joined her in eating.

The conversation dwindled some as they enjoyed their meal, but the glances they shared were telling, the food, the conversation, enjoyable as they were, couldn’t drag their minds from what they were each imagining doing with the other.

“You um..” Ash bit his lip, close to finishing his meal as Laura waited patiently. He had eaten much more slowly and daintily compared to her, much to her amusement, and his now almost empty glass of wine had certainly gotten to him ever so slightly, “Think we’ll still have time for a movie?”

Laura tilted her head, a hand toying gently with a lock of her golden hair, they had been served rather fast, she had no doubt they’d have time for a film.

“Why? Did you have something else in mind?” she asked curiously.

He shrugged a little, looking at her with a highly feminine, come-hither look, a slight smirk on his expression.

“Oh. Oooh.. Mm. You know, I don’t think we will. We’d be a bit rushed and the cinema would probably be full and cramped.. It would make more sense just to come back to mine.. I can put some porn on my widescreen mirror..”

Ash opened his mouth to say something, but paused, working out what she had said. “..You read that online didn’t you?”

She grinned. “Doesn’t mean it’s not a good pick up line?”

He shook his head with a smile, finishing his meal and setting down his cutlery. “It worked, I’m pulled.”

The waitress came for their plates, and Ash was quick to ask for the cheque, cutting her off before she had the chance to offer them desserts or coffee. She went away amicably and Ash could feel Laura’s foot caress over his calf, her eyes sultry, biting her lower lip. He was pretty certain she’d be hiding a tent in her jeans on the way out.

The waitress returned and he paid with cash, Laura making a mental note of much she would owe him for half and they moved to stand. She noted he’d left the waitress quite a generous tip, he noticed how she was holding her handbag in front of her groin, trying to look innocent.

He smirked a little and moved along side her, departing the restaurant and what had been the best steak of his life. Though after what was to come he probably wouldn’t much remember it.

She led him out into the parking lot and towards her vehicle, he moved up besides her and grinned a little, excited, eager. She matched his expression with a smirk of her own, the date had been magical, but it had been a front for their real intentions.

She sat down in the car and started up the engine, the weren’t talking anymore, they were just horny.

As she pulled away Ash bit his lip and glanced around. The roads were quiet, not completely empty, but quiet enough.

“..Fuck it..” he breathed softly and reached across the divide, his hand moving to her cock, hand squeezing it through her jeans.

She inhaled sharply in surprise, squirming in the car seat as she felt Ash’s skilled hand begin to massage her cock through the increasingly too tight fabric of her jeans. “Ash.. Someone will see you..” she said softly, chewing on her full red lip.

Ash bit his lip and nodded a little, squirming in his seat.. “True.. I better duck..”

His skilled, nimble hands moved to unzip her jeans, pale smooth fingers reaching inside, wrapping around the root of her thick, hot cock and pulling it free from its increasingly snug spot.

“A-ash.. You shouldn’t.. Your mom would kill me..” she blinked, looking down at him in surprise, his eyes were twinkling, half-lidded with desire, she had no doubt the glass of wine he had had was having an effect on him, it wouldn’t surprise her to learn that this waif in every aspect but his ass would be a lightweight.

“For breaking road safety?.. Not butt fucking me?..” He said with a sly curiosity, leaning over the divider and enveloping the tip of her cock in the warm wetness of his mouth.

Laura’s eyes fluttered and the wheel wiggled a little in her hand, this was just torture, she had to focus on the road while her entire world was exploding with fireworks.

She kept her eyes forward as she drove, lips parted as her breath quickened. Waves of pleasure flowed through her as she felt his full lips work steadily down the length of her cock, wetting it, prepping it for his more eager efforts.

He closed his eyes, feeling the still alien sensation of the woman’s cock filling his mouth, hard as steel but with a warm silkiness that contrasted wonderfully. His lips stretched around it, massaging it as his hands rested on her warm thighs, squeezing at her through her jeans as his tongue twirled in delicate little circles around the hot red tip of her cock, teasing her and driving her wild.

“A-ah.. Fuck.. Ash…” she swore, hardly able to believe herself, she wanted to push on his head, to watch as he worshiped her cock, but driving as she was he practically had her hands tied.

With each movement up he sucked down hard, the back of his head pressing gently to the underside of her impressive bust, a warm reminder of things to come.

“Y-yeah.. Yeah baby..” she groaned, squirming as she did her best to focus on the road, she may have had more experience than this boy, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t incapable of surprising her with something new. In all her days she’d never received road-head, and she could see the appeal.

The risk of being seen and even the risk of an accident had her heart pounding in her chest, adding to the intensity of the sensations dominating her curvy form.

His tempo was picking up now that his inhibitions were all but gone, not even thinking about the situation on a whole, just focused on her cock and her pleasure, the hot wetness of her shaft allowing his plush lips to glide up and down the veined length with slick ease.

He let out a surprised little whimper around her cock as a few drops of pre spilled onto his tongue, the taste spurring him on, he was certainly developing a liking for the taste, she thought as he did his best.

As he sucked her cock one small hand slid down across her thigh, gently cupping and massaging her heavy smooth balls, coaxing out her load. Laura, for her part, was very glad she had jerked off before coming out else she was sure she would’ve creamed herself before they’d even managed to leave the parking lot.

“Suck it baby, suck my cock.. Mmm.. Make me feel good..” she purred low, her southern drawl showing through in her voice a little more as it often did in her heights of pleasure.

She swallowed as he worked at her cock and pulled up at a red light, she glanced to the side and spotted a car pulled up alongside her. She blinked, caught like a deer in the headlights. The vehicle alongside her was a big SUV, the rider of the car seemingly just high enough to offer the driver, a slim woman in a business or secretaries outfit sporting a classic, ‘I’d like to speak to the manager’ haircut, a perfect view of the fem figure sucking her off.

Laura and the woman stared at each other, Laura watching as the woman’s mouth formed a shocked o shape, her cheeks turning a bright, vibrant red as she just couldn’t stop staring.

Laura couldn’t help but grin at the woman, the absurdity of the situation, she gave her a sly wink and caught a hint of green out of the corner of her eye.

She started to pull away, spotting the green light and felt a thrill run through her, the fear of being caught had had her heart pounding away, but the rush from being caught, from seeing the woman’s expression as she comprehended what was going on, gods that had made her feel sixteen again.

Her breath was coming fast now and she knew she was going to be home soon, but she wasn’t going to pull up with blue balls. She would have to take the scenic route, giving Ash all the time he needed to pleasure her needy cock, to make her feel good and finish what he’d started.

“Hon.. Ah.. You’re going to make me pop..” she said, feeling a familiar rise start to surge through her, she had to drive slow, resisting the urge to flex her legs and accidentally stomp on either the brake or the accelerator as her body tried to flex in pleasure.

He moaned appreciatively at her words and as she had expected, showed no signs of slowing, showed no intention of doing anything other than swallowing her coming load.

“F-fuck..” she gasped, gripping the wheel in her hands so intensely that her knuckles whitened, her cock bouncing and jerking between his plush lips as she came, a white torrent flowing fast into his mouth.

Ash whimpered cutely around the cock filling his little mouth, the cum flowing thick and fast into him in hot, short pulses. It was an awkward angle for swallowing, the cum shooting from her cock flowed back down her cock to pool just inside the grip of his lips. He swallowed it down as best he could, his slender throat working as he indulged in the more intoxicating of the two drinks he had thus far enjoyed this evening.

A trickle of white ran down the side of her cock from between his lips and he whimpered, disappointed, the angle making it apparently impossible to capture it all without a bit of a mess.

He continued to nurse her shaft as she finished, the thick pulses giving way to a few last drops, her cock starting to soften in his mouth, warm and hot, resting against his spongy tongue as it was no longer steely enough to support its own thick tip.

He suckled and leaned up, letting the cock pop free of his hot wet mouth, his breath coming out in a soft pant.

He kissed the wilting shaft and used his skilled tongue to recover the stream of white cum that had trickled free of his mouth. Her jeans were stained with it, but he captured as much as he could. It wasn’t like she would be needing her jeans after they got in anyway.

“That.. That was fun..” He said, looking up at her as the car came to a stop, he blushed, smiling as he realized they’d pulled into her driveway. He sat up and brushed down his ruffled hair, grinning and blushing as he casually wiped his lips with the back of his hand, glancing consciously towards his house, just in case.

Laura laughed a little and tucked her cock away back inside her jeans, relaxing for the first time since she had had her fly unzipped by this insatiable budding slut.

“Get that ass inside.. We’re going to be busy tonight and I don’t want to waste time..” Having cum twice already, she knew it would take a little bit of work to get herself to the point where she was ready to perform again, but if she enjoyed it was it really work?

He winked and stepped from the car, his walk devoid of his usual alluring saunter, instead favoring what was almost a little jog, likely a mix of desperation to be in her bed and off the street where he could potentially be seen.

She pursed her lips and stepped from her car, locking the door and moving after him, loving the way he practically pawed at the door like a puppy, home from its walk and looking to snuggle up to its master, or mistress..

She let them both in and she took him by the hand, leading him up towards the bedroom, the two of them focused, no longer hungry for food but ravenous for one another.

She stepped into her room and moved to close the blinds and curtains, not bothering to turn on the lights, she wasn’t sure why but she wanted to do this in the dark. She already had pictures and videos of him, she wanted to deprive herself of sight so she could focus solely on the lust and passion of touch alone.

Without the light, it added an aspect of anonymity to what was to come. She wouldn’t see her neighbors and best friends son. She wouldn’t see a sweet boy she was corrupting with her lust. She would just have what was hers in the here and now.

Ash blinked as the lights went out, curious as to why Laura had turned them out but not in much of a talking mood. Having skipped the film the daylight, while fading, wasn’t completely gone yet, but with the blinds and curtains closed it left them in almost total darkness.

He felt her hands on him, guiding him towards her and her bed. She sat down on the edge, parting his thighs and tugging him down to sit straddled on her lap, feeling the boy’s plush pillowy rear rest on her thighs.

In the dark he felt her fingers trace up under his shirt, caressing his back as she tugged him closer, tilting her head back and leaning up so their noses bumped together.

She parted her lips and kissed him, his arms sidling around her neck to embrace her as he pressed his full plush lips to hers, she could taste a hint of herself on him, but she didn’t care.

Laura squeezed him to her chest through the warm fabric of their clothes and drove her tongue between his lips, joining him in a passionate kiss.

The sweet feminine little doll whimpered into her aggressive kiss, his hips gyrating slightly against the softness of her cock as he squirmed in her grip.

They made out, slow and passionate, their kiss deep and wet, enjoying the unbridled sensuality. The only moment Laura’s tongue wasn’t desperately exploring was a quick, hot breathed interlude where they each desperately moved to cast aside their tops.

As soon as they were clear, they met again, tongues dancing as his hands dipped down into the cup of her bra, palming a handful of her heavy tit flesh, squeezing it and trapping one of her thick, firm nipples between his fingers, squeezing playfully.

She moaned into the kiss as he played with her chest, letting him enjoy it before tearing herself away from his lush mouth, leaning in to kiss down the silkiness of his neck and chest, her own lips finding one of his nipples on his flat chest, licking and gently nipping at it with his teeth, eliciting tiny girlish gasps from him.

In the twilight dark she looked up at him and smirked, hands reaching around behind herself to unclip her bra, shrugging it off her shoulders and tossing it aside onto the floor. She folded her arms under her now free breasts and lay back on the bed, her arms keeping her soft breasts from spilling out over the bed, keeping them full and prominent on her chest.

He leaned forward, climbing onto her, desperate to experience more of her lushness, his lips found one of her full, sensitive nipples, sucking and licking at the full nub, pressing his face down into the softness of her tits then pulling back, letting them bounce.

As he worshiped her chest he reached down between them with one hand, the other supporting him above her as he undid his and her jeans, wanting more and more skin contact between them as they mingled and enjoyed each other.

He sat up, looking down at her then moved to stand, he could make out her form and figure in the darkness, but details were harder to make out. He turned around to put his back to her as Laura sat up to join him. Reaching back he took her hands in his, guiding it to the waistline of his jeans, bending over slightly, his ass pressing against his jeans.

She bit her moist lip as her fingers curled under the edge of his jeans, tugging them down, feeling the pillowy cheeks of his plush ass glide over her fingers as she freed the real object of her desires. As much as she adored Ash, she knew that all along it had been for this, for this amazing, supple piece of ass.

“God..” she whispered, letting his jeans fall to the floor, her hands moving to caress over the perfect globes of his cheeks, sinking her fingertips into the pliable flesh he was offering her. “So fucking perfect..” She whispered softly, sweeping the now nude boy off his feet and pushing him onto the bed.

He let out a gasp as the bed caught him, immediately hearing and feeling Laura move behind him, listening as he heard her jeans hit the floor. She shuffled him up the bed and used her hands to raise his hips, he moved to her desires, chewing his lip as she moved his knees up to his chest under him, his head laid out flat on the bed, his ass high in the air, presenting himself.

He expected to feel her mounting him, to be taken doggy style like an animal, but she wanted the experience to last, to enjoy every aspect of it while she had the opportunity.

He felt a hand on each of his cheeks, squeezing, massaging, just playing with him, Laura enjoying a palmful of youth in each hand just as he had enjoyed playing with her breasts.

Laura doted on each pliable cheek, leaving delicate little angel kisses against her youthful conquest. She chewed her lip and parted his cheeks, leaning in to plant one right on his star.

Ash let out a gasp, arching his back lower as he felt her lips against his most sensitive of spots, he scrunched the bed’s duvet up in his hands, chewing on his plush lip as new sensations washed over him.

Laura indulged herself, her tongue washing over, sweeping around and probing his tight little hole, preparing him, getting him nice and ready for what she was going to do. She loved how each little action she made was greeted by him with a squirm, a whimper or a girlish little moan.

He was such a good little blossoming butt slut. She used her mouth to wet one of her fingers,  starting to ease it into his sensitive ring, feeling the tempting heat of his ass clasp in around her, squeezing her finger as she started to work it in and out of him, her tongue still rimming as she prepped him.

He was swaying backward and forward, against the motion of her finger, speeding up the tempo and wanting more, she was more than happy to oblige, slowly working a second finger into his waiting hole.

He gasped and whimpered, his cock hard between his thighs, pointed down and left ignored as she finger fucked him, a clear line of pre forming at the head of his untouched member, dripping down to stain the sheets as they played.

Her own darker, larger cock was again starting to swell between her plush thighs, having cum twice already she hoped she’d be able to make this experience last.

Part of her wished she had left the lights on and had had the foresight to set up her webcam to record what was to come for future ‘posterity’, but she already had a few little recordings and she just wanted and needed this here and now.

She sat up, pulling her slick fingers from his ass and spread his knees, kneeling between his legs and planting her hardening cock between his doughy cheeks, rubbing her shaft backward and forwards.

“D-doggy?” he asked, voice tender and lustful.

“To begin with hon..” she purred low, gliding her cock between his buns like the titular hotdog. “Spread yourself for me.. Give Laura what she wants..”

The sweet little thing didn’t even hesitate, reaching back to spread his cheeks, offering her his slick pale love-hole without a moment’s hesitation.

She lined up the spongy tip of her cock to the pliable ring of his ass, a hand on his hip the other around the firm length of her cock, guiding and pressing it forward.

Their voices mixed in a chorus of expectant little gasps and inhales as the pressure increased, she felt it, felt his little star begin to give into her advances, taking the tip of her bare uncovered cock into his feminine ass.

“Ooh.. Fuck Ash.. You’re such a good boy..” she purred, closing her eyes and tilting her head back, both her hands now moving to his hips now that she had found her mark.

She pulled him back and urged her hips forward, drawing a long gasping breath from Ash as she sank the length of her thick cock into his snug ass, where it belonged.

“A-ah.. Laura.. O-oh god.. You’re so big..” he whimpered into the bed, eyes closed as he felt the pressure filling him, the entirely unique sensation he wasn’t only coming to love but to crave. “Fuck me.. Please..”

In no mood to argue she drew her cock out, slow and steady before snapping her hips forward, her chest bouncing at the sudden sharp movement, her thighs slapping against his ass and her cock slamming into him.

He gasped and curled his toes, she wasn’t gentle, she wasn’t kind, she wasn’t making love to Ash, she was fucking her toy. Her rhythm was steady, strokes long and deep with hard snapping finishes, driving herself into him, causing his whole body to rock with each thrust.

They joined in animalistic passion, the room full of the sounds of their intense coupling, the slapping of flesh and flesh, the grunting, moaning and gasping of two feminine beings giving into their basest desires.

Laura pushed his hands off of his ass, feeling his cheeks close around the last inch of her solid cock as she fucked him, her hands moving to herself grip and play with his bubbly butt, squeezing, kneading, massaging and finally spanking the pale cheeks with a fervor.

The loud slaps of her palm against the softness of his ass were accompanied by a shrill gasp on his part, his thickness rippling with each harsh spank as he bounced back against her. She couldn’t see for the darkness but she was sure his normally pale white cheeks would be taking on a healthy rosy glow.

She felt her cock pulse and throb as his tight hot ass milked her, seemingly sucking her cock back in with every pull outwards.

Feeling a steady and familiar rise she pulled back and out, her cock popping free of his tightness leaving her gasping and panting, her cock twitching desperately, “O-ooh.. Oh fuck..” she panted, gripping the base of her cock hard, squeezing the steely rod in a vice like hold.

Ash looked over his slender shoulder towards her, his dark black hair across his face as he panted too, his ass feeling suddenly empty without her, his cheeks hot to the touch. “A-ah.. Laura.. W-what are..”

“Mm.. Just.. Was going to cum.. Want to last longer.. Want to enjoy you more..” she laughed a little, using a hand to brush her golden hair out of her own eyes and back of her shoulders. “Roll over..” she commanded simply.

Ash bit his lip as he rolled his way onto his back, his slender body hers for the taking. Like a sweet teenage girl, pale thighs parted, inviting her into the embrace of his body.

She crawled up and over him, hooking one of his legs under each of her arms to raise them up, he was amazingly flexible and fit snugly into the curve of her body as she pushed him back, bringing their faces close as she again lined her hard slick shaft back between his cheeks.

He gasped so softly, his breath warm against the skin of her neck as she pushed forward, easing her length back into his owned hole, moaning out herself.

Her lips found his as she began her assault once more, grunting out with each thrust as she settled back into a slow but insistent rhythm, his body moving up and down in time with her pushes, arching and writhing, their tongues mingling once more.

Their bodies were pressed to one another, damp with sweat as they coupled, his mouth open and his eyes closed, she’d taken it a step further than taking him like an animal, she was taking him like a lover, in arguably one of the most feminine positions he could be, at her mercy, open and welcoming to her.

They made love in the dark room, the sounds more muted and intimate, the slight creaking of the bed as she fucked his ass, feeling the slick walls of his tight hole milk and massage her cock, trying to trick her into coming before she was done sating her desires, their kiss hot and heavy, all passion.

She tilted his head back and leaned in, kissing at the sweet skin of his neck as her body writhed against his, biting gently at his delicate skin, drawing more moans from him, he was becoming more active, more squirmy, his writhes persistent and his girlish little sounds of delight more frantic.

She could feel that he was close to coming, without being touched, just from her cock taking him like she would a woman.

She bit her lip and stared down, her eyes all but adjusted to the near dark she could just about make out his expression, head back to expose his neck to her submissively, mouth open as he panted in pleasure, eyes closed, hair splayed across her own pillows.

She swallowed and felt her need begin to rise once more in her balls, the need to cum in her toy, to give him what they both wanted him to have.

“L-laura.. I’m.. Ah..” he whispered, breathless as her cock worked in and out of him.

“Sh..” she hushed him, her tongue once more pressing between his full lips to meet him in a passionate kiss, she could feel how close he was without him having to tell her.

His hands gripped desperately at the sheets as he felt his climax rise and erupt, his load suddenly shooting from his twitching cock, white lashings of hot cum streaking across his stomach and between their two bodies as they slid against one another.

For Laura it only took a few more deep, penetrating thrusts into the milking fist of his ass to unleash her own, final torrent of seed into her conquest.

They came together, kissing each other deeply, moaning into one another’s mouths, wrapped in each other’s arms and legs, the ultimate embrace of lust, passion, and pleasure.

She kept herself buried to the hilt inside him as she shot cum into cum within him, spending herself utterly, milking every drop she had for him.

She held herself still deep within him even as the flow began to subside, enjoying the afterglow, his body molded to hers, practically stuck to him with his own spent fluids.

After they were both spent, they lay for a time together their breath returning to them, their pleasure all spent, she gently pried herself from his weak grasp, laying besides herself on the bed and reaching a few tissues, wiping the cum from each of their stomachs as she panted, snuggling up close to him as he lay on his back, her on his side, cuddling and caressing him.

“Thank you..”

They said it at the same time, the same breathless, understanding tone. They shared a soft little laugh and kissed ever so gently, tired and happy, content and satisfied.

Tomorrow Ash would be meeting her niece and seeing what awaited him down that path. But tonight and in the morning to follow, for now, he was hers.


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