Bad Habits: Chapter 2 – Red Handed

It was funny, Ethan thought, how even a little time can change so much. It had only been around a month since he had been sat right here, his mind wandering from the subject at hand, whatever that had been, calculus maybe, to stare out of the window and watch the rain.

As it happened, it was raining again now and his teacher, a certain Sister Katherine, was talking about something equally as disinteresting as she had all those weeks ago and he was paying about as much attention now as he had then.

However, where before he had been looking for the hidden beauty in the streams and rivulets of the water against the window, now he saw all that and more in Katherine.

What had once been an intriguing mystery, her body, he was now all too intimately familiar with. While her flowing, modest black robes obscured all but the most generous of her bodies lines and curves, knowing what he did about her, so well versed in every single inch of her, to him it was almost as if her habit was as see through as some of her more recent and scandalous purchases…

She had initially been against the purchase of any lewd and ‘sinful’ clothing, but Ethan had pointed out that even the smallest piece of fabric was technically less sinful than to indulge in their little lovemaking sessions nude.

She had been thrilled the first time she wore her first see-through slip, gleeful at the risque nature of her actions and to Ethan’s surprise, she had wanted more.

He hadn’t refused her of course, not that he wanted to lead her astray from God’s path, but, in their minds they were furthering His cause by exploring the beauty they each had to offer the other.

As the days had floated by their need for each other had grown with their confidence. What had started out as illicit meetings strictly in her chambers behind locked doors only at night had expanded and branched out and they had begun sneaking off to her rooms in the mornings or throughout the day, essentially whenever their schedules would allow them to.

She was making up excuses more and more often as to why she needed to spend time with the boy, but they were worried that others, those who wouldn’t understand, were getting suspicious of the pair, namely one of the other Sisters, Priscilla and the head of their School, the Mother.

While she hadn’t voiced any concerns and, they were sure, certainly had no idea what they were both up to, whenever she passed Ethan in a hallway she made a little note in a book. A small thing, but something that made both Ethan and Katherine understandably anxious.

As a result, Ethan and Katherine had increasingly spent less time together under the pretence of him doing jobs for her or as a punishment and instead begun squeezing in as many secret rendezvous as they could without Priscilla’s knowing.

“Psst, Ethan?”

Ethan blinked, interrupted from his thoughts and sat up a little too fast, clearly caught off guard as he looked up towards Katherine, expecting to see her disapproving look, but he only saw the back of her head as she wrote on the board and talked about some historical figure.

Ethan glanced to his side, to Jonathan who was leaning over a little, face forward watching Katherine for movement should she begin to turn, his hands gripping his desk.

“Yeah?” Ethan replied just as quietly, relaxing back into his chair.

“Sister Sunshine,” a pet name for a particularly strict nun, “she’s off sick today, got the flu, was thinking of seeing if we could sneak into town during the free period?” Jonathan said in a low enticing voice.

Ethan hesitated, watching Katherine’s ass through the shrouding folds of her habit. Sneaking into town was a risky venture, but with that risk came the prospect of great reward, a brief stint of freedom from the rules and regulations of St. Isidore’s.

“I can’t…” He sighed, “Sister Katherine is making me stay back after class, clean the board and sweep.”

Jonathan grimaced, “What did you do this time?”

Ethan hesitated for a second, looking across at Katherine, trying to think of an excuse he hadn’t used before, “I don’t even know this time.”

Jonathan shook his head in annoyance and sighed, “Ugh, I thought Sister Katherine was one of the nicer ones too…”

“Guess she’s got a dark side,” Ethan said, as Katherine turned, glancing across at the two with a raised eyebrow as they both sat up and looked innocently onwards.

“Mm… Any questions anyone?” She asked in her soft youthful tone, her eyes still flickering between Jonathan and Ethan, “No?” Then you might as well pack up five minutes early and make a start on all the homework I assigned you in your free period next.”

Jonathan spoke as he started to pack up his things, “Tough luck Ethan, if you do manage to get out early we’ll be in the study room before we leave. Come check for us?”

Ethan smiled and nodded, not bothering to pack up with things with any speed as pairs of chatting students began to file out, “I will, hey, if you get into town pick me up a phone charger yeah?”

Jonathan raised an eyebrow, “You’ve got a phone here?”

Ethan shook his head, “No, but I know someone who does, but no charger. And I’d rather be caught with the cable than the phone.”

Jonathan smirked slightly as he stood, “Alright, but if I get caught with it I’m ratting you out in a heartbeat.”

Ethan grinned, “I’d expect nothing less.”

“Goodluck,” Jonathan said, raising his hand in a half wave as he chuckled, leaving Ethan and joining the steady stream of students as they left under the watchful gaze of the Sister.

As the last student left and closed the heavy wooden door Ethan and Katherine both let out a sigh of relief their eyes meeting, the sudden need between them, almost palpable in the otherwise empty room.

“Do we have long?” Ethan said, standing up and making his way between the desks towards a waiting Katherine, her cheeks already flushed as she parted her arms, biting her lip.

They met in an embrace, tight and eager, his arms wrapping around her waist, hers around his shoulders, his cheek coming to rest on the familiar swell of her chest as she squeezed him, letting out a low sigh of relief as if every moment away from him had been difficult.

“A little while…” she bit her lip, “I’m supposed to be in a meeting in about half an hour… But that’s enough time, isn’t it?”

Ethan leaned back and looked up into the beauty of her youthful face, shaped oval in the outline of her habit, “I-I don’t know Katherine, I mean here’s a little risky, even for us, what if-”

“Shh shh shh, come on, you’re wasting valuable time Ethan! Don’t you want this?” She chastised, using her hands to guide him, walking him in front of her towards her desk.

“Of course I do, you know I do! But if we get caught even just once we-”

“Shh…” She bit her lip as she bumped him against her deck, one hand on his hips holding him steady as, with her other hand she pushed him down, bending him over.

“K-Katherine I…” He started, bracing himself against the desk with his hands as he felt her hands travelling down underneath his stomach, finding the belt to his trousers and fumbling.

“Shh I know sweety I need it to, just relax and I’ll be as quick as I can be okay?” She pressed, insistent as he felt his trousers loosen as the belt came undone.

He knew what she could be like when this sort of mood took her, it didn’t matter what he wanted or thought, all that mattered was her pleasure, not that he ever minded that too much of course…

He bit his lip as he felt her hands prying at the button and zip of his black trousers and could feel a distinct hardness pressing into the back of his thigh, “Okay…” He relented, raising his ass slightly to make her task of stripping him easier.

“Good boy…” She said, her voice conveying her distraction as she hooked her fingertips under his waistband, dragging both his trousers and shorts down to reveal the swell of his white ass.

Katherine swallowed as she saw it, pushing aside the usual thoughts of whether what she was doing was right or wrong and focusing instead on the gift she was about to receive, that of pleasure and intimacy beyond what she had thought was possible before Ethan. She had intended to be the one to teach him, this sweet young boy with his shock of dark hair, about the pleasure God can deliver through the medium of what they were about to repeat, but his willingness to pleasure her, to ensure her every need was met at every opportunity had taught her more than she had expected.

Glancing towards the heavy windowless door with little anxiety, trusting in her faith that they would be safe she instead focused on raising her habit up above her waist. Unlike the others Sisters at St. Isadore’s, she wore nothing beneath and she was greeted with the sight of her long slender legs coming into view before, finally, her meaty cock.

Curved slightly downward the cherry red tip pulsed eagerly, a bead of clear pre glistening, smeared slightly across the head of her cock and she knew she’d probably left a sticky white line up the inside of her habit she’d have to clean before handing it over for laundry.

Ethan tightened his grip on the far edge of the desk as he felt the huge tip of her cock slide between his hugging cheeks to kiss against his ass. The sensation, no matter how used to it he had become, made him flinch in surprise.

He swallowed, he had assumed, when they had started that they would always need lube, something either of them were reluctant to be caught with, but, to their combined lucks it hadn’t taken them much ‘exploring’ to discover that her cock, which had always been very keen to fill him, produced enough clear slick pre to substitute the need to lube.

Katherine held her habits up with one hand and used her other, gripped around the base of her meaty shaft to guide it, rubbing it up and down as she stroked slowly, milking out her clear pre that made the point where they joined glisten.

“Ready?” She asked.

Ethan parted his lips to reply, but she hadn’t been able to wait that long and Ethan had to stifle a surprised gasp as he felt the thick ruby tip of her cock press forward, single-minded in its objective.

Katherine chewed her lip as she watched Ethan whimper and gasp as he always did, stuck between her desk and a hard thing he had no option at this point but to do his best and relax and take her.

“A-ah, Ethan, my God, that feels so good.” She cooed softly as she felt his star spread for her as it had done frequently in the weeks since they’d started, “Take it for me…”

With no other choice, he took it, whimpering, his fingers gripping the desk tight as he felt his tiny ass spread and accept the wide tip of her thick heavy cock, enveloping it in the pleasured heat of his boy butt.

“Relax relax relax,” she urged, moving her hand from the base of her cock to rest on the soft doughiness of one of his pale white cheeks, squeezing it and pulling it slightly aside so she could get a better look at him.

She chewed her lip and urged her hips forward, slowly feeding her thick cock in and out of the stretched little hole, watching as his star pressed in and pulled out slightly, gripping her cock hard as she fed it deeper and deeper into the whimpering and squirming boy.

He was so good she thought, so good to her, willing to take her whenever she desired, something she wanted for often, gifted by God with an almost insatiable libido and the cum production to match.

Ethan stared ahead at the chalkboard he’d told Jonathan he would be cleaning with about as much attention as he had paid during the class, his focus entirely on the full range of sensations perverting his body as she rocked herself forward and backwards, the feeling of being filled up by Katherines thick cock one he knew well now, and one he had quickly come to love.

With his cheeks flushed and his own cock hard he moved his arm, pressing his lips into the smooth skin of his forearm stifling the distinctive moans that he couldn’t help but make every time he had a session with the beautifully sexual Sister.

“E-Ethan, squeeze down on my cock, go on, make me cum faster…” She urged as she moved one hand up to grip his waist, squeezing and caressing his skin under his shirt as she used her other hand to maintain the hold on her habit, keeping the difficult flowing garment as out the way as she possibly could to avoid it getting dirtied and to prevent it obscuring the view, more beautiful than a sunset over the sea.

Ethan whimpered his affirmative and obediently squeezed down on her cock, each massaging action drawing another whimper from the oversexed nun.

“A-almost, almost… Oh!” She gasped as she finally managed to root the last few inches of her impressively girthy length inside her boy-toy, feeling the all-encompassing heat of his body caress and pleasure every nerve ending her shaft and head had.

Ethan let out a groan, arching his back downwards as he felt the last few inches slide up inside him, knowing her cock had lubed every inch of the way, leaving the inner walls of his ass slick with her love.

She ground her cock against him, stirring it deep within as her heavy cum filled nuts pressed to his smaller ones, “I could do this for hours…” She breathed softly, entranced by the sight and sensation of being sheathed in Ethan.

“W-we don’t have hours, c-come on, hurry…” He whimpered cutely and Katherine had to remind herself, and concede, that he was right, they didn’t have hours, they could technically be caught at any moment, not that they would be…

She moved her hand to his lower back, pressing and holding him down as she began to quicken her pace, pulling her wet cock from his tight little hole until only the ruby tip remained inside, then pushing forward, reconquering the surrendered territory.

The pace she set wasn’t as fast as she wanted, desiring to lose all control and give herself entirely to the pleasure and beauty of it, but in doing so she knew it would draw more noise from the colliding of their bodies and their moans and groans of delight than she was willing to risk, but the tempo was enough for the pleasure to wash through her in waves attuned to the back and forth motion of her wide womanly hips.

“D-does that feel good Ethan?” She panted, looking down at the back of his head with half-lidded eyes, imagining his expression was one similar to her own, lost to the pleasure, an assumption that was pretty close on the mark.

“A-ah, yes Katherine! It, ah, it feels so good…” He gasped, wanting to scream the words, to scream her name, but knowing better.

She felt a shiver travel down her spine at his words, knowing he was loving it as much as she was was a massive turn on and one that helped to push her closer and closer towards the inevitable, the moment of their true connection, her climax, when thoughts ceased and feeling was all that remained.

The items scattered across her desk wobbled slightly with each thrust, his body pressed tight to it as his cheeks rippled, a soft clapping filling the room as she couldn’t help but go a little faster, wanting and needing him, to feel every inch of him again and again.

“Ethan this feels so good, God, I need you so badly.” She breathed hard, her eyes fluttering closed as she tilted her head back, watching the stars on the inside of her eyelids as she felt a building begin deep within, a low thrum of pleasure that didn’t fade as each wave crested and fell, something that sustained and grew, growing and becoming more prominent, leaving the waves of each stroke behind it.

Ethan panted hard and squirmed, feeling the cock spearing deep within him, impaling him on its pleasurable tip, begin to harden beyond what he already felt, gaining an enhanced steeliness that, in turn, made him steel himself for what he knew was coming.

She always insisted on cumming as deep within him as possible, in part because it was, in her experience, what felt the best, but most importantly with his youthfulness and the stretchiness of his supple body he was able to hold her always impressive load within him.

She was such a heavy cummer that they both knew, from experience, that should she pull out, the subsequent mess she’d make of the surrounding area would mean that it wouldn’t matter how much time they had together, they would never get it all cleaned before the next class started.

As a result of this foreknowledge he wasn’t surprised when he felt her grip tighten, her thrusts, like her breathes, becoming shorter and more determined as her huge balls slapped into his time and time again, readying to fill him up, the climax they were both waiting and praying for, the thrill of the potential of being caught driving Katherine to heights she never knew she could feel.

She knew it was wrong, to take risks to feel that thrill, but in her moment of absolute pleasure she didn’t question it, she merely craved it.

“A-ah! Ethan! I’m… I’m!” She gasped, biting her lip as she felt his ass squeeze and milk her cock, pushing her over the last milestone and triggering the euphoria of her climax.

She gasped loud and held him tight, slamming her hips the last few inches into him time and time again as her balls twitched and her cock throbbed, sending jetting pulses of her thick creamy seed deep deep within, painting the inside of his body white as her cum shot off in ropes, first into his ass, then into the pool of her own cum deep within him.

Katherine’s faith was intact, her knowledge of the Almighty reassured as she experienced Heaven on Earth, every inch of her body singing with the praises of life as pleasure crashed through her, he was perfect, and together they would be perfect.

“Sister Katherine, I-” A voice, soft and gentle, questioning as if it was about to ask one, feminine, the sound of a sharp breath.

Katherine, face red and balls deep inside the bent over figure of Ethan turned her head towards her door, the class door, open a few inches with young face of Sister Priscilla peeking in, her eyes, which usually looked large and round through the magnification of her glasses, looked even more so as she stared, open-mouthed.

Katherine, felt such a conflict of feelings run through her in a millisecond that she didn’t know what to feel, how to react, the peak of pleasure, the panicked released adrenaline coursing through her veins, the bliss, the fear.

“S-sorry!!” The young Sister stammered, her face flushing crimson as she all but fled the classroom, slamming the door behind her, leaving Katherine and Ethan to the unmistakable act she had witnessed.

Katherine panted hard, all moans and noises of pleasure now devoid from her voice as she, almost on reflex, finished the last few short thrusts, milking every last drop of cum she could into Ethan before, after a few long seconds of breathy silence, she drew herself free from Ethan and let her habit fall to the floor around her, obscuring her softening cock and restoring her modesty, not caring that her cum soaked cock was likely further messing up the inside of her clothing.

“Katherine…” Ethan’s voice, soft, exhausted, concerned.

“I-I know, I know.” She shushed softly and stepped towards the door, hesitant as if it was a beast.

Behind her she heard Ethan stand, heard the rustle of clothing as he restored himself, both still breathing hard, his stomach slightly more rounded than it had been, a small detail no one ever seemed to notice.

She touched the door handle and drew it back, as if it had bitten her, then she twisted it and slowly opened it, poking her flushed face out and glancing around, expecting and seeing nothing. She swallowed and closed the door, turning to lean her back to it.

Ethan was stood by the desk, tucking his shirt into his pants and looking to her with wide fearful eyes.

“What… What now?” He asked, voice soft, the student once more coming to his teacher for guidance.

Katherine swallowed as her mind tried to turn over every implication and consequence at once, but there were too many to fully comprehend.

“I… I don’t know, but come on, let’s talk about it more in my room, this room doesn’t feel quite so secure now.”

Nodding they made their way out the classroom and through the corridors of St. Isadores towards Katherines rooms, all the time trying to act casual even as they looked around, anxious and cautious of any of the other sisters they passed.

Eventually they reached Katherine’s room, able to let out a sigh of relief as they entered, as if they’d just completed a gauntlet. Ethan moved to sit on the edge of her bed, hands fidgeting in his lap as Katherine stood, leaning against the door with an air of worry about her.

“Will she go to the Mother?” Ethan asked, sitting like he had a hundred times before, but now with an almost morose sense of dread.

Katherine offered the tiniest of nods, “I… I think so…”

Ethan swallowed and nodded, “Maybe… She didn’t actually see anything? Maybe she thought you were spanking me or something?”

Katherine smiled thinly, the thought of spanking him would normally light a flame in her, but now her fire burned dim, quenched by this worry, “I made very sure I could see, so I’m certain she could too…”

Ethan nodded a little and folded his arms across his knees, leaning forward, “Maybe… She didn’t know what we were doing? Not many nuns know about sex, do they?”

Again Katherine smiled, though this one was a little wrier, “We were all young once… Not to imply everyone isn’t a pure virgin, but even those who never… Experimented, found out what sex was, if just to know how to avoid it. And besides, Sister Priscilla is young, she joined the order after finding God on the streets, escaping a darker life.”

“So?” Ethan asked gently.

“So if she has a tattoo above her buttocks of a butterfly, which I know she does, I’m sure she knows what sex looks like.”

Ethan nodded a little, thinking about Priscilla in a bit of a different light with that information. She was perhaps in her late twenties, a couple of years older than Katherine, but had never seemed it. Shy and timid she had always seemed to meekly treat every younger sister as superior to her, which perhaps they were in not so secret rankings of the Nuns. Age wasn’t everything, after all.

“What… What happens if she does tell the Mother?” Ethan asked.

“They’ll be here any second and at the very least I will be expelled. You… I hope you will be allowed to remain here, but-”

“No… No if they make you go I’ll go too.”

“Ethan…” she started.

“No. If we go, we go together.” He said, with a little bit of steel in his voice.

She looked up into his dark dusky gaze, so serious for one so young, “Where would we go, what would we do?” She asked, a hint of hopelessness seeping into her words.

“Anywhere, anything. Get jobs, get an apartment, live a life separate from all,” he paused, motioning around him with a hand, “this…”

“Your studies…”

“Aren’t as important as you are to me, Katherine.” He said, honestly.

She swallowed and felt her eyes grow a little watery as she took in his words, “Oh, Ethan…” She sighed a little and clasped her hand, standing up and looking towards him, “Ethan… If the Mother does come it’ll probably help our cause if we aren’t caught together…” She smiled sweetly, but a little sadly, “Maybe you should head to your room and we’ll just… See what happens?”

Ethan’s eyes widened for a moment, then he nodded slightly, a little resigned, “Alright…”

He stood, knowing she was right but not wanting to leave her side, and walked up to her, wrapping his arms around her and holding her in a tender hug.

Katherine swallowed softly and delicately placed her arms around him, hugging him in a gentle, loving moment.

Expecting the worst he assumed was coming and not knowing what else to do, Ethan retreated back to his room, too worried and introspective to consider going out with Jonathan into town, instead just procrastinating in his room, tidying, sitting, standing, just thinking about what could happen, where all this could lead.

Katherine for her part spent a little time tentatively searching for Priscilla, but couldn’t find her, Katherine even went so far as to ask the other sisters, albeit anxiously, if they had seen her but to no avail, so Katherine retreated to the seclusion of one of the chapels, unsure as to what Priscilla was doing, maybe hiding, maybe speaking to the Mother, she just didn’t know.

On her knees before the stained glass saints, she prayed. Not for forgiveness, for she didn’t believe that pleasure was a sin but a gift, but that Ethan would be spared any misguided punishment that would befall her. She knew many of the Sisters, especially the matronly older group, would never begin to understand her actions and the purity behind them, but she prayed that they would recognise Ethan as the sweet innocent boy he was and not to expel him from the path of wonder and enlightenment he was taking at the school.

Minutes bled into hours for Katherine as she prayed, expecting at any given moment she would be asked to attend a private meeting, but the invite never came.

The day trickled away and Katherine and Ethan both independently wondered if this not knowing, this fear of what was to come was the penance they had been given to pay, or perhaps just the first part of a larger sentence.

Ethan was sat on his bed, with no real understanding of what time it was when he heard a knock at the door, he felt his heart skip a beat as he stood, swallowing and stepping towards the door, his hand hovering over the door handle. It could be Priscilla, it could be the Mother, it could be Katherine…

He opened the door and felt his heart sink as he looked into the gaze of Sister Priscilla.

“Could you come with me please?”


“Sister Katerine, I-” Her voice, soft and gentle, questioning and feminine had started, before she drew in a sharp breath.

Priscilla stared into the open room, at the tall Nun, her habit raised up to her waist, a thick python like appendage sprouting from her crotch buried deep inside the bent over body of one of the students.

She had looked at Katherine, the two making the briefest moments eye contact as she stared through her glasses, wide-eyed at the scene before her.

“S-Sorry!!” She stammered before closing the door as quickly as she could, feeling her cheeks practically blazing with fire as she all but ran down the corridor away from Sister Katherine’s classroom and the image that was now seemingly etched into her sight.

She had to go to the Mother, to tell her what she’d seen, it had been inappropriate, it had been sinful, it couldn’t be allowed. She swallowed as her run slowed to a purposeful stride, her cheeks still alight with colour even as, with meaningful steps, she marched passed the door to the Mothers room.

What was she doing? She had to let her know what she had seen? Didn’t she? Her feet carried her further away and Priscilla found herself once more picking up the pace. Telling the Mother was important, of course it was, but something more pressing was coming up that had to be dealt with, something she couldn’t put off.

Sister Priscilla knelt in her room by her bed, head bowed and her lips moving as she prayed, prayed for guidance, for understanding, for strength.

None of these things, however, came to her, as her hands slowly stroked up and down her impressive, rock hard length. She asked for the strength to stop what she was doing, but she only squeezed harder, massaging the steely length in her hands. She asked for understanding, but all she knew was that what she had seen had given her this needful erection that she fought so often, sometimes leading to her feeling frustrated and pure, but more often than not, impure and satisfied. And she asked for guidance. She respected Sister Katherine and thought her to be one of the kinder, more Godly Sisters in the school, it would be in times like this when she could not relate to the other Sisters that she would to Katherine who always seemed to have time for her and seemed to understand. But on this occasion, she felt alone.

If Sister Katherine indulged in such practices, were they truly as sinful as she had been led to believe? She had often wondered to herself, laying in her bed, feeling the cold firmness of the mattress bringing her discomfort and the warm grip of her hand on her cock bringing her pleasure which one God would really want of the two of her.

She shivered as she felt her cock throb in her hands, grateful for the strength in which the image had burned itself into her mind, the gorgeous Katherine, tall and well proportioned bending Ethan, young and slender, handsome and with a kind smile, over her desk and, she gulped at the thought, ‘fucking’, him.

She hadn’t seen or experienced that since she had worked her way from a life of dependency with the devil to a life of service with God and her memories of it made her want for it all the more.

She had to tell the Mother, confess what she had seen though maybe not how she had reacted… But the more the thought bounced around her head the less it sounded like a good idea. The Mother would judge without understanding, something like that wouldn’t be fair? It wouldn’t matter if Katherine’s thoughts and faith were pure and true, in the eyes of the Mother it would be a sin regardless. What Katherine needed and deserved was an impartial judge, someone who knew what she was feeling, someone who could take all sides into account and decide whether Katherine needed to be truly punished.

She would go then, she would go to Katherine’s and talk to her. Priscilla bit her lip and gasped, feeling her cock twitch and throb as her climax hit her, her hands continuing to stroke up and down her length as her balls fired off their load, creamy white lines lancing up to strike her in her own face, the heat, texture and scent familiar, the lewdness of the act serving to enhance her pleasure as she came.

She swallowed hard and blushed, panting hard, surveying the mess she had made with one eye, the other glued shut with her own thick seed, which even now was dripping slowly to the floor. She would go them, at least as soon as she had finished cleaning up her own mess.

After a short while and a quick clean Priscilla found herself walking the halls to Ethan’s room where she assumed he would be. When she arrived she hesitated, hand raised to knock but she bit her lip. She knew what she should say, but she also knew it wasn’t what she was going to.

She knocked on the door and waited, adjusting her habit as several options and ideas filtered through her mind, but as the door swung open to reveal the anxious but beautiful face of the youthful blonde, she couldn’t help but pick the inevitable path.

“Could you come with me please?”


Practically terrified Ethan followed on behind Priscilla as they tread the now all too familiar route to him, the walk to Katherine’s room.

When they arrived Ethan stood quietly as she knocked and said the same few words to Katherine, betraying none of her intentions.

“Could you come with me please?”

Katherine and Ethan now together followed the corridors of the school in a state of unknowing, their fate a mystery, Priscilla’s intentions her own. Neither of them spoke, the fear of shattering the unknown to learn their fate was what they expected, to meet with and be dealt with by the Mother was too real an outcome.

Priscilla arrived at her rooms and pushed open her door, waiting for them both to enter and, Katherine noticed as they stepped inside, the bespeckled Priscilla glanced around quickly, as if making sure they hadn’t been spotted.

As the three of them filled the modest space Katherine and Ethan both felt themselves relax just a tiny bit. They weren’t out of the woods yet, but at least the Mother wasn’t sat waiting for them.

Priscilla swallowed a little, “S-so… I saw you both, in the classroom, having sex…”

Katherine and Ethan shared a glance, but there was no point in trying to deny the act they’d been caught in the middle of, so Katherine merely nodded, the three of them standing awkwardly in the small space.

“How long has this been going on? Between you two?”

Katherine shrugged a little, “A few weeks, maybe a couple more, Sister Priscilla.” Katherine hadn’t meant to be so formal but she was feeling understandably defensive.

The sister nodded then pushed her glasses back up her nose, “W-what started it?”

Katherine glanced at Ethan and couldn’t help but smile slightly, remembering their first times together, “I was teaching him about where people can find beauty.”

“Like while having… While doing that?”

Katherine nodded some and eyed Priscilla curiously, “Have… You told anyone? What you saw?”

Priscilla bit her lip and put her hand to her elbow under her modest breasts, “No…” she said softly before quickly adding, “Not yet.”

“Why not?” Ethan asked, voice quiet.

Priscilla looked at Ethan, admiring the handsome boy with his dark hair and dusky eyes, “I… I feel the others wouldn’t be able to fairly judge you. They’re biased against that… Sort of thing.”

“Oh? And you aren’t?” Katherine asked, raising one perfect eyebrow.

“W-well… I know there can be beauty in what you did, in the pleasures God offers us…”

“Is that so?” Katherine said and pursed her lips slightly, glancing at Ethan who was watching her, relaxing some as Katherine seemed to, “Priscilla… Did you like what you saw?”

Priscilla blushed brightly and eyed the two, “I… Yes, but-”

“Do you masturbate?” Katherine asked, feeling calmer now she was back in control of the situation at hand, Priscilla was just like how Ethan had been, afraid to try anything that desirous all the same.

Priscilla nodded mutely.

Katherine smiled, “There’s nothing wrong with that, it feels amazing doesn’t it?”

Priscilla merely nodded again, her cheeks aflame, her eyes downcast.

Katherine glanced at Ethan and smirked gently, nodding her head towards Priscilla suggestively.

Ethan looked between the two then nodded almost imperceptibly.

“Do you accept that pleasure is a part of God’s will Sister Priscilla? That He only wants us to feel good in His service?”

Priscilla seemed to think that over for a second before again nodding.

Katherine smiled and stepped forward, putting her hand gently on the woman’s shoulder, her gaze rising to meet her own, “Then let me and Ethan teach you real pleasure, okay?”

“I…” Priscilla all but squeaked as she saw the wry little smirk, the slightly glowing cheeks, a whole myriad of hints across Katherine’s expression that told Priscilla she was wanted, needed. She nodded.

“Excellent, first lesson… Sit down…” Katherine, hand on her shoulder guided the slightly stunned Priscilla to sit on the edge of her bed, herself now more than a little anxious, but very interested.

Once she was Sat Katherine moved to sit on the bed behind her, legs tucked up under her as she moved her hands around the slender Priscilla’s waist, hugging her gently to her own body.

Priscilla bit her lip at the intimate sensation, Katherine’s body against her back felt far curvier than she would’ve guessed through the concealing habit.

“Ethan, would you mind?…” Katherine said with an almost gleeful tone, one arm wrapped lazily around Priscilla’s waist as she motioned down between the woman’s thighs.

Ethan blushed, but smiled, nodding amicably as he stepped forward and knelt down causing Priscilla to squirm.


“Shh…” Katherine purred, reaching up and pulling down the headwrap portion of Priscilla’s habit, revealing her shoulder-length mousy brown hair.

Priscilla didn’t object as her head and face were revealed fully to Ethan who looked up at her from between her thighs, a smile on his lips as his hands, so small and gentle worked their way up the inside of her bare calves and under her habit, over her knees and up her thighs.

“This is going to be better than anything you’ve ever felt before…” Katherine whispered into her ear before kissing at her neck, soft gentle kisses, an attempt to relax the wound up nun.

Priscilla didn’t doubt that looking down at the gorgeous face of the sweet boy that was Ethan, but it didn’t make her feel any less nervous or anxious.

She had always thought of herself as the horny needy one in the school and to suddenly find herself practically sandwiched between her sister’s curvy form and this boys searching hands was more than she could ever have been expecting.

Ethan smiled up at Priscilla, trying to be reassuring as his hands swept up under her skirts, lifting and shuffling out the way, revealing her pale calves to her knees, then up over her thighs.

Priscilla’s cheeks blazed with fire as she watched Ethan drawing closer to his target and she couldn’t help but squirm nervously, at least until she felt Katherine’s fingers on her chin, turning her head.

“Look at me…” Katherine said in a purr.

Priscilla moved her head, tugged by the fingers so she was looking sideways at Katherine. She blinked, admiring the woman’s beautifully deep eyes and sweet youthful face and was suddenly surprised to find her leaning in.

Their lips met and joined in a kiss, tentative at first, uncertain, their lips pressing gently together, then parting and closing again, slow, but willing.

Ethan blushed a little as he watched this new bespeckled nun kiss Katherine and felt himself harden a little at the sight, but he knew he had his own job, his own duty to do.

He lifted her skirts up the rest of the way and blinked, hesitating for a moment in surprise.

“Oh, wow…” He said softly and Katherine let out a little murr of pleasure, breaking the kiss to look down at Ethan.

“What is it? Is she shaved smooth?” Katherine smirked a little.

Ethan blinked up at her, “Well, yes, but, she’s got a cock.”

Katherine’s eyes widened and she looked back to Priscilla, seeing her in a sort of new light, “Really? Oh Priscilla why didn’t you say, we could’ve been having so much fun you and me…” She smirked slightly as Priscilla blushed, “Oh don’t look so shy, I know for a fact Ethan knows exactly what to do with you…”

He did. He thought for a moment, guessing that maybe the likes of Sister Katherine weren’t as rare as he had in fact assumed, but he soon leaned in and parted his lips wide, closing it around the mushroom tip of her semi-hard and pre-dripping cock.

“Mmph…” Priscilla moaned into Katherine’s mouth as it rejoined her own, their tongues dancing and swirling, as if fighting for each other’s attention, exploring all they had to offer.

Katherine recognised the pleasure in Priscilla’s surprised though muffled moan and knew Ethan must be getting to work, doing what he was oh so good at. Knowing Priscilla was theirs and to further pleasure them both she raised her hand, taking the nuns breast in her hand and squeezing it tight, pressing it tight to her chest, enjoying the warm softness of the orb through her concealing habit.

Ethan, for his part, had gotten really good at this over the last few weeks with Sister Katherine and his lips travelled up and down Priscilla’s length, leaving a trail of spit that made it easier for his lips to glide across her veiny shaft.

Priscilla whimpered more openly now as she felt her cock pressing deep into the boy’s mouth on each downward push, his lips so tight, his tongue eager as it ran in circles under the tip, enhancing her pleasure in way’s she didn’t know possible. She felt his hand on her shaft near the base, squeezing and stroking in time with the wet sucking noises that’s accompanied each of his up-down movements.

Katherine finally broke the kiss and panted softly, looking deep into Priscilla’s half-lidded gaze, “Good… Isn’t it?” She breathed softly.

“Y-Yes…” Priscilla panted gently, her moans coming more freely now she had her mouth free, the soft feminine noises sounding around the room, bouncing off the walls in a little echo of her bliss.

“Lie down…” Katherine ordered and Priscilla obeyed, leaning back until she was on her back, legs hanging off the bed on to which Ethan gripped, holding her as he continued to expertly pleasure her length.

Katherine reached across and removed the glasses from the now blinking Priscilla, setting them aside for later and, smirking playfully, hoisted her own habit up until it was around her waist, swinging one leg over her sisters head until she was held between her thighs, under Katherine’s clothing.

“Kiss them,” Katherine said softly and, for a moment, Pricilla wasn’t sure what Katherine had meant, unable to see anything in the pitch black tent under the nun’s robes, but then she felt Katherine lowering herself, felt a warm soft smooth surface press against her lips then spread out, two heavy weights resting on her mouth.

Katherine bit her lip, waiting for what she was expecting, then let out an appreciative little coo as she felt Priscilla’s lips part and her hot tongue snake out, seeking the heavy orbs, Katherine’s balls, which she lifted and licked, lapping at each heavy orb much to Katherine’s satisfaction.

Ethan rested his elbows on Priscilla’s thighs as he let out a little whimper with each up and down movement, moving faster now and sucking harder, tasting and swallowing each plentiful drop of pre her tip deposited on his tongue, the taste similar but distinct to Katherine’s own, he noted curiously.

Katherine relaxed, leaning back slightly, her arms behind her, palms pressing down on each of Priscilla’s breasts through her habit as she dutifully used her tongue to lap around her nut sack, periodically pausing to kiss and, with her own initiative, suck on the heavy balls dropping against her face and into her waiting, hot wet mouth.

After a little while Katherine felt Priscilla’s breath quicken and she could tell the nun was probably growing close to cumming and, biting her lip for a moment, she considered staying sat where she was, enjoying the way her tongue worked against her needy sack, but she thought better of it, instead moving to climb off of Priscilla.

Priscilla gasped as she felt Katherine move, light once more streaming into her face as she breathed in fresh lungfuls of cool air, it had been getting rather stuffy underneath the women’s skirts. Red-faced and panting hard, each exhalation matched with a moan she moved to lean up on her elbows, looking down and seeing her skirts bunched up, her cock erect with Ethan’s head bobbing up and down on it, driving her wild with pleasure and pushing her closer and closer to her climax.

She blinked blurrily and reached out for the glasses shaped object on the bed beside her, feeling the familiar weight of her frames as she directed them onto her face.

Blushing she found the faces of both Ethan and Katherine looking up at her, Ethan’s lips travelling down the left-hand side of her cock, Katherine the right, the pair of them working together to lick and suck on her shaft, kissing each other and her cock in tandem.

Priscilla chewed her lip as she watched the lewd display and felt herself pushed further and further towards her impending climax. She bunched her fingertips in the cloth of the bed as Ethan and Katherine locked their lips on different parts of her thick tip, kissing sucking and licking, the unpredictable duality adding a level of pleasure that was quickly pushing her over the edge

“A-ah, Sister Katherine, Ethan, d-don’t, I’m going to… Ah! I’m, I’m gonna… Mm!”

Her climax hit her with the force of a freight train and, as Ethan had the pleasure of having his lips over her slit at that time, he got the first mouthful of her thick hot cum, feeling it fill his mouth with its tangy flavour and odd texture.

As if fighting for the prime spot Katherine nudged Ethan aside and the second spurt landed between her lips, the woman moaning appreciatively as she received the gift, gulping it down and greedily taking the third spurt.

Ethan pressed back in but found Katherine unwilling to move, so they fought together in an increasingly sticky mess of cum, their lips and chins white with the stuff as their tongues sought to steal away as much of Priscilla’s seed from the other as if it was the elixir of life, which, Priscilla thought for a moment, perhaps it was.

After a long few second Priscilla let out a light whimper, though her climax had finished,  the pairs aggressive kissing and licking of her now overly sensitive tip had not and Priscilla was forced to scooch backwards on the bed slightly, depriving them of the last few drops she had to offer and instead forcing them to find it on each other’s lips, which they kissed and licked at eagerly, another lewd display, though not just for the benefit of Priscilla this time.

As the perverted kiss between Katherine and Ethan ended, they both, after a moment, turned to look up at the deeply satisfied gaze of Priscilla.

“T-thank you… T-that felt amazing, thank you so much…” She panted with a soft smile.

Katherine smirk and reached a hand around Ethan giving him a squeeze as a way of telling him he’d done a job well done, “I’m glad you loved it…”

Priscilla nodded and her smile broadened a little, “Y-you can go back to your room now… I have no further questions…”

Ethan, feeling a wave of relief step through him beamed brightly and made to stand, but Katherine kept him knelt where he was.

“Oooh? We can go back to our room now can we?” Katherine asked, raising a delicate eyebrow.

Priscilla nodded once, “Y-yes?”

Katherine glanced back to Ethan, then again to Priscilla and grinned, “But you haven’t seen to me and Ethan yet.”

Priscilla blushed brightly, “O-oh I couldn’t… Not both of you I mean, I mean my mouth would get sore…”

Katherine laughed softly and patted Ethan on the back, “You hear that Ethan? She wants you to take her ass.”

“I-!” Priscilla started but was interrupted by Katherine continuing to speak as she stood up.

“Shh shh, you’ll enjoy it. Trust me.”

Priscilla hesitated for a moment, but nodded. She did trust Katherine, and she supposed it was only fair she helped get these two off, though she worried for the pale cheeks of her ass.

“H-how… On my knees or my back?” She asked gently.

“On your knees, like you’re worshipping.” Katherine grinned gently as she followed Priscilla and Ethan both onto the bed which creaked under their combined weight.

Priscilla kneeled between the two of them, her back to Ethan and placed her hands on thighs but looked curiously up at Katherine as she shook her head.

“Not like you’re worshipping Him, like you’re worshipping cock,” Katherine said, placing her hand on Priscilla’s head and guiding her down until she was on her hands and knees between the two, her face at crotch level with Katherine’s bulging habit.

For a moment, when the room was filled with an awkward moment of silence as both Ethan raised Priscilla’s skirts and Katherine her own, she got to consider just what she had landed herself into, she wondered if this was truly alright in the eyes of the Almighty. She had been taught that lust was a temptation to sin, that it led one down a path of indulgence and evil. But she didn’t feel that, she didn’t feel evil, she didn’t even feel bad. She just felt pleasure, love, kindness and the desire to give that feeling to others. How could that be wrong?

Before any answers had presented themselves she felt a pair of hands on her now bare cheeks and felt her attention and focus drawn to a steely length before her.

She blushed and gasped at the size of the length in front of her, but Katherine, feeling impatient for pleasure saw this as both an opportunity and an invitation, resting a hand atop Priscilla’s head and guiding her cock forward, pushing it into the nuns open mouth and filling it with her own needy cock.

“Suck it Sister…” she urged and bit her lip as she felt Priscilla’s lips close around her length, beginning to suck and move up and down, guided by Katherine’s hand.

Ethan for his part was squeezing her full ass with one hand, biting his lip and definitely staring as he freed his hard cock with the other, enjoying how bubbly her cheeks were and how, where he would expect to see a juicy pussy, he saw instead a heavy, slightly drooping pair of balls.

He spat into his hand and massaged the spit into his cock before wetting a finger and pushing it slowly into the nun’s waiting star, causing her to clench up tight around his finger and for her to whimper loudly around Katherine’s cock.

“Shh Sister dearest, that’s just his finger… Just relax and enjoy…” Katherine urged, her cheeks coloured warmly as she fed Priscilla her hard cock, watching the girl’s cheeks bulge each time she pushed her thick mushroom tip deeper into her.

“Mmmm…” Priscilla whimpered and tried to do as she was told, trying to relax her bubbly ass even as she felt the boys finger twist and hook inside her ass, exploring and preparing her for what was to follow.

Ethan withdrew his finger and added more spit to the tip of his cock before biting his lip, lining his own cherry tip with her star and watching it vanish between her two cheeks. He was by no means small, being maybe slightly over what he considered average, though when compared to Katherine and Priscilla he found himself having to drastically alter his perceptions of what was big, small and average.

Slowly, with one hand on her cheek, spreading it to give him a better view and with his other hand on his cock for guidance he pressed forward, pushing the tip of his cock against the tight star of his soon to be lover Priscilla.

It took a few pokes and prods before his tip found the right spot and instead of slipping up or aside began to press in, the tight ring of her ass spreading and pressing in ever so slightly as he urged himself forward, taking opportunity of the lowered defenses to push the head of his cock inside the young nun’s tight ass.

Priscilla let out a whimpering moan around Katherine’s cock as she felt the tip of the cock settle within her, her hands once again bunching in the sheets of the bed albeit for completely different reasons this time.

She squirmed and whimpered as Katherine took more control and added more speed, the slow blowjob turning instead into a slow facefucking, Priscilla struggling to keep her lips sealed around the length invading deep into her mouth.

Meanwhile Ethan, now with both hands on Priscilla’s cheeks which he groped and squeezed unceasingly grinned in triumph. Katherine had let him top once or twice but it had always been a rare treat awarded for exemplary service and was something he always looked forward to, so this was an exceptionally enjoyable moment for him, able to sink into the virgin tightness, his hands gripping her cheeks like they were pillows as he urged his hips forward, pressing himself deeper.

“Arch your back downwards…” Katherine said and Priscilla obeyed, arching her spine down so it curved more, giving her a more alluring appearance as the two went about freely using her holes.

Ethan let out a soft sigh of success as his cock sank the rest of the way into her hot milking ass, each inch of his cock being squeezed and stroked by her, the ring of her ass as tight as a cockring around the base of his cock, causing his length to harden further within her, to the point where Priscilla was sure she could feel each and every twitch and throb of his cock as he held it lodged deep within her, letting her get used to the feeling before he started his own tempo.

Without any cues from Priscilla, he didn’t see the need to wait long. After only a few moments had passed he withdrew his cock from her slowly, a sensation of slow relief to Priscilla that made her eyes roll in her head but, as soon as that relief was over, the filling conquest of his cock pushing forward was renewed.

Whimpering at the reconquest she arched her back back up, finding it more comfortable, but as soon as she had, she felt Ethan move his hands, both up under the skirts of her habit to hold her waist and push on her lower back, guiding her back down into the place where she belonged.

She knelt between them, bounced this way and back as, as Ethan picked up his pace, his and Katherine’s pace synced, the two fucking her in a rhythm that spoke to their experience with one another, knowing each other’s cue’s and directions without the need for words.

As the dull pain from being penetrated subsided, rising to be replaced with an odd, deep pleasure, she was glad she had ultimately trusted Katherine and let herself be talked into this. Pleasure rolled through her once again and her cock, while tired from its two previous sessions that evening, at least thickened into a semi-hard state from their efforts.

She worked hard to pleasure the cock pushing deep into her mouth and found herself looking forward to Ethan’s thrusts more and more, moaning with more vigour as time went by and their thrusts intensified, the thoughts in the room closing together onto the same thought, waiting and wanting for the climax, the peak of their lewd time together.

She was so engrossed waiting for the pair to climax, her own came as a surprise to her. She had seemingly severely underestimated the pleasure Ethan’s cock was bringing to her body and, arching her back as low as she could Katherine bit her lip as she felt Priscilla moan around her cock, deep and needy, her fingers clenched in the bed sheets.

Gasping, Ethan held her tight, feeling her ass tighten and squeeze his cock, milking him as she herself fired off her thick sticky load, unknown to the other two, ruining the bed sheets beneath her with fresh gushes of her hot seed.

Ethan, having not cum in a while and completely lost to the squeezing heat of her soft white ass was quick to reach his own peak, pushing her habit further up and, after a few long deep strokes pulled himself free, gasping and whimpering as he caught himself in his hand, stroking and squeezing his length as he came, thick rivulets of white spilling to land on the cheeks of her ass and on the lower half of, he saw, a tattooed butterfly.

Priscilla whimpered and moaned deeply as she felt the hot streaks land on her cheeks, feeling Katherine’s speed pick up further, thoroughly fucking her mouth now as she pushed herself towards her own climax, something Priscilla was growing impatient for, wanting to taste what Ethan and Katherine had shared just before.

Katherine seemed just as eager to oblige as Priscilla was to receive and even as Ethan was finishing stroking the last few drops of his load onto her star, Priscilla felt the thick mushroom tip between her lips harden and twitch, a sign of what was to follow.

Katherine looked down, lips parted as she breathed hard, resting one hand on the back of her head and gripping the base of her cock with the other, feeling her climax rise and erupt, spilling forth the fruits of Priscilla’s labour into her mouth, filling it and letting the young nun taste and swallow the hot load she had to offer.

Priscilla whimpered and tilted her head back, trying to prevent the cum from running free as she swallowed, but even that wasn’t enough to contain Katherine’s always impressive load.

Katherine panted hard as she watched Priscilla struggle and couldn’t help but smile, feeling the bliss of release flow through her, “A-ah… Ethan… Give her a hand…”

Priscilla’s eyes flickered as she felt the still oozing cock tip pop free from her lips, replaced by Ethan’s own lips that met hers, meeting her in a deep, wet kiss that sent a shiver down Priscilla’s spine, the pair sharing Katherine’s gift as she observed from above, stroking the last drops of cum she could muster from her cock.

The pair kissed long and slow, until between them they had swallowed Katherine’s entire load, they looked at each other, eyes half lidded and smiled a little sheepishly, a blush tinging their cheeks.

Katherine sat back on the bed, her chest rising and falling as she breathed hard, smirking as she watched the pair, unable but to wonder just where all this could lead, given the opportunity.


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  1. Awesome story, and a great twist to what seemed the downfall of Ethan and Katherine turning instead into a 3-way orgy.


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