Journey Before Destination

Jenna let out a soft yawn and stretched her arms out above her head, her eyes squeezed shut as she woke to the tune of, what she at first assumed, was her alarm.

With a lazy hand, she reached out for the phone beside her on the bed, picking it up and blinking wearily at the screen, running a thumb across it, a mechanical motion which she put no thought into as she tried to clear the sleep from her eyes and mind.

She pursed her lips slowly and furrowed her brow, it was half an hour before her alarm was set to go off. Blinking a few more times, still unaccustomed to the early morning light, she set her phone down and leaned up on her elbows, listening with more attention now to the noise that had woken her up.

She sighed, recognising it as a siren. She guessed someone in the apartment block, or one of the neighbouring blocks had had to call out an ambulance and, in the summer heat, she had left her window open to try and coax some of the chill night air into her room. Unfortunately, this had also allowed the early morning siren to pour in, along with a couple of bugs she was sure.

For a moment she considered falling back to sleep and getting some more rest, at least until her alarm eventually went off, but as the siren outside continued she realised that wasn’t going to be an option without having to close the window first, defeating the point of not wanting to leave her cocoon of warmth and comfort.

Instead, and with a sigh, she stretched out once again, pressing her thighs tightly together as she arched her back up off the bed, feeling her muscles wake and attempt to reach a state of readiness for the day ahead.

She blinked and her expression hardened, she’d felt something, something that shouldn’t be there under the sheets with her… Had it moved? The thought alone allowed panic to set in.

With a squeal and a squeak she kicked back against the covers, her mind flashing with the mental image of snakes, spiders or other bugs against her inner thigh and, as she hurridly wiggled herself backwards, the sensation persisted against her thighs, bizarre and just… Not right.

Letting out a particularly high pitched and distressed squeal, in full panic mode now despite being barely awake she flopped out of the bed landing in a heap on the floor with a distinctive thump, the duvet partially pulled off around her.

Without thinking she continued to scoot away on her butt until her back was against the wall, her eyes fixed on the duvet, expecting it to move, to jump at her.


Breathing hard she looked down, to make sure whatever had been pressed against her thigh was gone.

Jenna swallowed and, raising a shaking arm, pinched herself. It hurt. She pinched it again, and again, until her arm was bruising under the pinch of her fingers.

“This can’t be real…” She whispered, staring down at her thick, soft cock, laying almost demurely between the silky smoothness of her slender thighs.

Jenna couldn’t take her eyes off of it, couldn’t think, couldn’t act. She was afraid to touch it, to acknowledge the reality of it. Her thoughts were only interrupted by a beeping, electronic and insistent.

The proximity of it made her jump and refocus, her eyes looking up back towards her bed.

Her phone, her morning alarm. Half an hour she’d been sat there uncomprehending. She steeled herself mentally and, with her legs spread wide like a cowboy, dragged herself cautiously to her feet.

She stepped awkwardly towards the bedside table and picked up her phone, muting it as she took in her situation. She was almost certain this was real, and it certainly felt real. The weight, foreign and bizarre hanging limp between her thighs, resting comfortably atop a pair of heavy smooth balls.

With a very tentative finger, and her legs still bowed, she reached down and poked it. The sensation travelled up her spine with a shiver that confirmed that yes, it was very real.

“What the fuck…” she said softly and glanced back towards the bedroom window, the sound of sirens was an almost constant in the city this morning.

A thought came over her and as she stood, adopting her awkward walk through to her living room and kitchen combo, she switched on the TV, still completely naked and uncaring of the fact.

Swallowing anxiously she flickered through the channels until she found the one she wanted, the striking black letters on a vibrant yellow background telling her all she needed to know.

She wasn’t the only one. That in itself gave her a sudden sense of comfort, the knowledge that she wasn’t alone in her plight, though it didn’t solve the root of her anxiety.

Leaning back against her kitchen counter she swallowed and stared at the news, trying to absorb what was going on, what had happened.

“…Snap polls indicate it could be as high as thirty percent of all women… …Citizens are urged to remain calm and proceed as normal… …The causes of the phenomenon are currently unknown… …No adverse effects…”

“Fuck…” She said softly as she tried to take in as much as she could.

Jenna shook her head and looked down. She, like many others she assumed, was hopeful whatever had happened would fix itself sooner rather than later, but until then, it seemed there was nothing she could do but cope and try not to panic.

Walking was… Awkward, her usual gait no longer suited her as, when she had tried it, her new smooth balls had been almost crushed between her thighs, eliciting another squeak from her. She had had to adopt a weird little walk, a conscious effort to imitate the way she had seen men walk, but it just felt so weird.

What had felt even weirder, an experience she wouldn’t soon forget, had been peeing. The less said about that the better.

Cautiously she stepped into the shower, feeling the hot water pour down her back and across her skin in little rivulets, her attention invariably drawn to her length.

A little calmer and a little more relaxed with an intact herd instinct she was now able to eye it with a more objective approach, as opposed to the sheer panic that had initially swept over her.

It was larger than any she had taken, well, before, or even seen outside of porn. The water trickling down it wasn’t unpleasant and, she spared an almost sorry look for her shower head and its beloved pulse setting. That wouldn’t work here, she assumed.

She bit her lip as the thought of it sent a little spark of hunger through her. Usually she’d ignore it, but a twitch caught her mind.

“O-oh, oh no, no no no.” She squeaked as her cock began to pulse, to thicken, to grow…

“No no no, nope!” She squeaked, certainly and denial in her voice as she looked around quickly feeling it getting firmer between her thighs, what could she do to stop it? How did they do it in the movies, in TV?

As the blood powering her thoughts was rerouted lower she cast a glance back to the shower, then did a double take. How bad could it really be? Facing the shower head, feeling it rain down on her cock and stomach she reached out and gripped the temperature controller as her cock rose past a decent semi-threatening to grow to its full length and girth. Taking a deep breath she turned it as far to ‘cold’ as it could possibly go and, as the air was driven from her lungs in a fresh desperate gasp, Jenna realised just the extent of her error.

A few minutes later, wet, bedraggled and teeth chattering Jenna stepped from the bathroom wrapped in a dripping towel, decidedly unimpressed and worse for wear for what had supposed to have been a relaxing shower.

As she snarled and grumbled to herself, swearing under her breath she heard her phone beeping, an incoming call she realised from the tone. Stepping towards it and using the towel to dry one hand and the side of her face she picked it up and gave it a quick scan, Kelsy.

“H-H-Hey, K-K-Kelsy!” She chattered down the line as she picked up the phone.

“Jenna! Oh, thank god, look I need you to come down and staff the store for me today okay?” The voice came, high pitched and urgent.

Jenna swallowed hard and grit her teeth for a moment, focusing on not chattering her teeth as warmth slowly returned to her, she hadn’t even thought about her work yet, “I-I cant Kelsy, I’m… I’ve got the thing, look, I can’t leave the apartment like this!”

“Jenna, I know it must be tough for you but they say it’s safe and the store needs someone in it!”

Jenna bit her lip, thinking, ‘tough for you’? “If you aren’t affected why can’t you go in?!”

Kelsy let out a sigh, she sounded harried, “I might be fine, but I’ve got two daughters who are decidedly… Not. Look, you can do this, I’ll pay you double okay?”

Jenna opened her mouth to complain, but could hear the desperation in Kelsy’s voice, “…Triple.”

“Oh don’t play this game with me now Jenna, look, double and you can take some home with you at the end of the day, alright? Look business is going to be busy today I bet, I’m going to need you there, please?”

Jenna paused for a moment, the extra money would be very useful right now and the free sample was nothing to turn away from.

She sighed down the phone, “Alright Kelsy, Alright I’ll-…”

“Great!! Thanks Jenna, you’re a star!”

The line clicked dead before Jenna could respond and she found herself staring at the phone.

This would be different.

Dressing hadn’t been as difficult as she thought it might have been. While she normally wore skinny jeans, she did have a healthy supply of skirts and with the heat of summer, it was certainly skirt appropriate weather. Probably the biggest concession she had to make was that none of her underwear even came close to fitting her, so she resigned herself to going commando and hoping it wasn’t a particularly windy day out.

Wearing a little over knee length skirt, the longest she had, and a shirt over her modest breasts she saw to her hair and got her stuff together, handbag, shoes, glasses.

She gave herself a quick once over in the mirror, not in the mood to care too much about her appearance to apply any makeup outside of the absolutely necessary lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner.

She turned her head left and right, smiling with her full lips as she always did to make sure her lipstick was properly applied, a bright summery red, before she ran her fingertips through her shoulder length blonde highlighted hair.

She tried her best to smile confidently at the reflection in the mirror, because she was pretty certain the rest of her day was going to be a real gauntlet.

She left home and started her commute to work, not as hurried as she might usually have been, instead taking in the sights as she continued to try and adapt to her new, broader walk. People were out on the streets, grouped together in little niche’s talking, reading the news and, she assumed, gossiping. Who had one and who didn’t was the topic of the day with neighbours and celebrities alike seemingly equal partners in the pressing discussion.

Jenna didn’t stop by any of the chats, though she did stop for her usual from her usual morning vendor.

“Morning Miss,” he said, familiarity in his tone as he prepped her breakfast, a bagel and a bottled fruit juice, putting both into a brown paper bag, “You too huh?”

She flushed with colour and sighed a little, “You can tell?”

He chuckled a little as he handed her her breakfast in exchange for a few crumpled notes, “You’ve got a walk like Ethan Edwards.”

“Who?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“The Searchers? Best Western you’ll ever see?” He pressed, leaning on the counter.

She stared blankly.

“Gods, do you watch anything good these days? I mean you’re walking like you had a horse between your legs for the last few hours.”

She let out a little sigh as she took her change and glanced around, “Well how do you do it? Walk without… Crushing it?”

He shrugged, “You women have a habit of crossing your legs when you step, just don’t do that so much. Straight line, one in front of the other.”

“One in front of the other… Thanks, I think.”

Turning she started to walk again and as she tried a new gait, was sure she could hear him chuckling to himself.

At least someone was enjoying today she thought.

She would often enjoy the forty minute long walk it took to get her to work, but today she figured she would opt for the ten-minute long subway ride instead. Every second she wasn’t on her feet would be a better one than trying to learn to walk again.

With a sigh she paid for the fare and found the subway to be typically busy. She had expected it to be quieter with the day’s events, but instead, it seemed people were even more active, perhaps visiting loved ones and friends she thought.

The train rattled up and the doors opened, a small herd of passengers leaving before Jenna embarked, pressed in by a fresh herd of travellers. She bit her lip, clutching her bag tight to her as she was pressed in.

For a moment she worried that she was being nudged up so tight that she would actually be pressed up against someone, but, to her relief, a guy offered her his seat, which she accepted gratefully.

She sank into the seat and placed her bag on her lap, feeling as the wall of bodies pressed in around her leaving her surrounded, trapped and glad that she was in no way claustrophobic.

She heard the beep signifying the doors were about to close, then heard their laboured efforts as they eventually slid shut. With a sigh she leaned back and tried not to think about her situation, knowing it wouldn’t help her. The mystery would resolve itself, she hoped, as she at least had no doubts the world’s best and brightest were working on a solution.

The train started to move along it old route and she felt the familiar motions of the train as it worked its way forward. The motions were like a gentle, constant vibration with a slight but rhythmic bouncing mixed in for seemingly good measure.

Jenna’s eyes opened as she felt it, once again demanding her attention, the consistent sensations waking her new member once again, rousing it from its cold shower induced slumber.

“Oh not now…” She whispered to herself, an edge of desperation to her voice as she pressed her bag down against it as if trying to quash it.

To her surprise, albeit an unpleasant one, the pressure seemed to only exacerbate the problem which was becoming more and more apparent.

With a desperate glance around her as the sensations began to build, her cheeks flushing, she was at least pleased to see that no one was watching her, all off in their own little world, eyes glued to their phones and blissfully unaware of her problem.

The constant bouncing of the train sent little sparks of pleasure arcing through her now hard cock which she held, pressed between her legs by her bag and held in place by her thighs. The sensations were unlike anything she had ever experienced, the sensation of pleasure, however familiar to her, was presenting itself in a completely new way, more demanding in its desire to be explored.

Unfortunately for Jenna, all the willpower in the world couldn’t stop her from giving her cock what it wanted as she realised her error in taking the subway, and even worse in sitting down. She may as well have been sat on the edge of a washing machine for all the vibrations she was feeling, and this time she had no cold water with which to douse the fire.

For a moment an idea struck her, if she stood up, offered up her seat, the vibrations would dwindle, but just as she parted her lips, cheeks flushed to speak out to someone standing just before her, she realised that standing up as she did now would present an entirely different though all the more attention-grabbing problem that she was equally unprepared to deal with, the inevitable tenting.

Swallowing as the depth of the problem settled onto her she sank back into her seat, feeling the constant, unavoidable vibrations as they traveled up the length of her new and sensitive cock.

She tried everything she could to think of to try and abate the steely length between her thighs but nothing seemed to work. She tried pressing her thighs in together around the veiny length, but the silky warmth of her skinny thighs only served to enhance the pleasure she felt, she tried parting her thighs softly, but without the cushioning of her thighs, the persistent rhythmic vibrations were all the more apparent to her.

She bit her lip to stop herself from letting out a gentle little moan as her cock twitched and throbbed, the sensations unrelenting as she struggled, fruitlessly, to try and suppress them.

She closed her eyes and bowed her head, pressing her bag down over the swelling of her skirt to try and at the very least keep her distress hidden, but even the slightest pressure only enhanced the pleasure echoing up and down her steely shaft.

“O-oh gods…” She whispered almost silently to herself as she felt the persistent movements drive her pleasure onwards and upwards. The sensations were so diverse and different compared to what she had experienced in the past, less focused and intense on a single spot as had been the case, but spread out instead across an entire thick girthy shaft with the epicentre of pleasure being the ruby red tip she knew she had clamped between her thighs.

The trains movements were unrelenting and time lost meaning to Jenna as she tried to keep quiet and look normal. She knew her stop was only ten minutes away, but deep down she knew she wouldn’t last that long, she was trapped here by its obvious size and her inability to hide it standing, all she could do was try and mask the inevitable.

Her breathing came in short controlled breathes, her mind alight with sparks of pleasure that seemed to radiate with the thrumming of the train up and down her spine and she could taste her own waxy lipstick as she chewed her lip in desperation for relief.

She got one moments pause, then two as the train pulled into two different stops along her line and each time did something cruel to her. As she drew close to the new, intense climax she knew was coming, each time she could just about feel the wave of her new bodies cock cresting, the train would slow to a halt, denying her the release, teetering her on the edge which only served to make the next build up more and more intense and even more difficult to hide.

She was on the final stretch now, the train on its rattling tracks towards her own stop, where, like it or not, she’d have to get off to be in time for her unfortunate shift at work.

“P-please…” She whispered to herself, almost doubled over as she doubtless drew a couple of glance, breathing harder than she should for an innocent commuter, her cheeks flushed a crimson red.

If she was to get lucky about one thing today, it was the fact that to everyone standing around her, her apparent ‘condition’ was someone else’s problem.

Raising her hand to her mouth and covering it she felt a new light within her, the pleasure that had been radiating through her body becoming stronger, the ebb and flow less being drowned out as both were swept away in the tide of what she had been expecting and fearing.

Squeezing her eyes shut she let out a meagre, “Mfm!” into her hand, nothing more than a distressed squeak as her cock throbbed hard and desperate. In no way could she have prepared herself for what followed. The first pulse of her new life spending itself between her thighs and onto the floor of the carriage beneath her left her mind a white slate. Stars exploded in Jenna’s vision as she experienced the most intense, but fleeting climax’s of her life.

Her new tool, apparently, was capable of giving her pleasure far above and beyond what her old orgasms had given her, her cock twitching, again and again, each time bringing the alien sensation of her thick fluid shooting from her heavy balls and cock.

She looked down and watched as thick sticky ropes lanced out from her cock which, fortunately, was angled downwards. The fluid was foggy in colour and she had about the biggest load she had ever seen. Blushing she stared eyes wide as she spent the massive load over what she swore was a genuine pair Christian Louboutin heels.

To seemingly counter the intensity that left her with a thin veil sweat across her face, came a mercifully shorter length. While, in the past, if she had been ‘in the mood’, she could make climax melt into climax if she so wanted almost indefinitely, here it lasted five, maybe ten seconds, then faded far quicker than it had come.

She was left breathing hard, her cock, now far too sensitive, beginning to deflate between her pale thighs as the distinct rattling of the train became less and less important to her.

“Are you okay?”

A voice that made Jenna jump in her seat, looking up to stare into the concerned but friendly face of a young woman in a business suit, one of many suited people pressed in close to each other and seemingly the one unfortunate enough to be right in front of Jenna.

Jenna opened her mouth to speak, her face crimson with embarrassment but as she did the carriages intercom relayed that her stop was coming it.

“A-ah, this, this is my stop,” Jenna said, voice shaky as she hoped her cock had deflated enough to go unnoticed.

“Oh of course,” The woman said a little apologetically as she tried to stand aside slightly, allowing Jenna to rise to stand.

The change in expression on the woman’s face relayed that Jenna’s cock, in fact, had not shrunk as much as she hoped.

“You…” The woman started, blushing slightly pink herself as the train slowed to a halt, the mix of bodies either moving towards the exit or stepping out the way of those who were.

“A-ah, yes, um, sorry about your shoes, they’re cute though.” Jenna smiled awkwardly as she followed the flow of people towards the door. Behind her she heard a gasp, and what sounded like the beginning of a swear, but luckily she was carried out the door and into the swell of people.

Jenna followed the crowd out, bag clutched in front of her knowing that her skirt was more than likely distinctly stained with her own seed. She should’ve just stayed in bed. That was where today had gone wrong.

She sighed. “Gonna get an Uber home later…” She muttered to herself as she made her way towards work and whatever encounters waited for her there.


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