Buyers Beware Ch.02

“So…” Zu’gar started, her voice quiet and subdued as to not be overheard in the rear of their caravan as she lay on her back, relaxing casually atop her sleeping bag with her hands folded comfortably behind her head, staring up at the slightly billowing fabric that was their roof, “Any idea what this city will be like?”


Lace glanced over her shoulder at Zu’gar with flushed cheeks, her look incredulous, “I-is now really the best time for that sort of question Sugar? Really?” She panted softly, back arching as she bowed it backwards, leaning her hands on Zu’gar’s prominent abs.


Zu’gar smirked up at her for a few long beats before letting her eyes trail slowly downwards, following the flow of Lace’s long messy hair as it cascaded down the slender curve of her body, admiring as her humans figure blossomed out into her wide womanly hips and then on to her singular best feature, two smooth and incredibly bubbly butt cheeks, both of which were currently settled snugly on Zu’gar’s lap, the Orcs length buried as deep as it would go inside her new ‘owner’.


“Well, it’s not like I have anything else to do while you’re busy satisfying yourself, Princess.” Zu’gar grinned teasingly as she gave her hips a subtle little push upwards, drawing a moan from the callipygian gifted human.


“A-ah, you could, I don’t know, help maybe?~” She said in an almost exasperated voice, throwing a hopeful look towards the relaxing Zu’gar, her pink eyes sparkling in what little light made it into their caravan through the mists from the early dawn outside.


Zu’gar smirked and stretched her arms out, letting out an almost theatrical yawn, “Mm, you’re so demanding this morning Princess… What’s the rush?”


Lace bit her lip and continued her efforts, raising and lowering her body in a well practised and graceful arc, feeling the thick green orc cock as it impaled her tiny star and tight human body, “A-ah, we’re getting close to the city, o-oooh… Ah, our opportunities to fuck there might be few and ugh, few and far between…” She managed to say, her pace slow but the strokes long, almost letting the huge beast of a cock slide entirely free of her slick ass at the peak of her sensual movements before pushing down slow and steadily, feeling every single veined inch as it filled her until her pillowy cheeks were squished against the orcs powerful frame, her own small smooth balls and semi-hard cock resting atop Zu’gar’s massive nutsack.


Zu’gar watched with such a starry-eyed gaze you’d think she’d never seen Lace’s orc-cock vanishing act before, but the truth of it was it didn’t matter how often she got to indulge in this particular pleasure, humans were and always had been viewed as a particularly attractive prospect to the majority of non-humans races and Orcs were no different. Zu’gar would never, ever get tired of the curvy view and the added bonus that her lover, Lace, was not only a willing but eager participant, a trait virtually unheard of in humans who on the whole viewed the other races with contempt or disdain.


“Few and far between huh?” Zu’gar repeated, feeling a shiver of pleasure work its way up her spine to set off fireworks in her mind, “Mmm, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to help a little bit…” She said in an almost teasing voice, her smirk broadening.


Lace let out a shuddering sigh of pleasure and nodded, her voice little more than a lustful whine, “Y-yessss…”


“Turn around,” Zu’gar said, the tone in her voice losing its teasing edge, replaced instead by a hunger that betrayed the Orc’s desires.


Obeying, Lace twisted her body and moved her legs so that she straddled Zu’gar, the Orc’s view changing from Lace’s bubbly butt to her slender torso, small cock and beautifully feminine face that, Zu’gar noted admiringly, looked just as gorgeous and inviting to her wanton needs without the strangely effective warpaints, or ‘makeup’, as Lace called it, that she often applied after bathing each and every morning.


Lace parted her lips to ask, ‘what’s next’, but the words were never given a chance to form, instead she let out a little gasp as Zu’gar reached up, to close her hands around her slender waist, tracing upwards.


Lace bit her lip and her pink eyes sparkled in intimate desire as another moan escaped her lips, the Orc’s hands were calloused and rough, a far cry from the silky smoothness of her own small hands, but the strength that they conveyed as they caressed up her sides and under her shoulders made her heart melt and her pleasures redouble.


With virtually no effort required she gripped Lace by the shoulders and pulled her down against her body, one strong arm draped across the flushed skin of Lace’s back, her hand tangling in Lace’s long erratic hair, holding her in place, her other spare hand moving down to firmly grasp and squeeze one of her fuckdolls luscious ass cheeks, feeling as the softness splayed between her spread fingers.


Lace wiggled, testing Zu’gar’s hold and found it to be delightfully inescapable, the Orc’s cock, still buried deep inside her, twitching and throbbing with the threat and promise of what was to follow.


“A-ah, Zu’gar please…” Lace whimpered impatiently, moving to push herself up slightly to look at her but found instead the Orc’s powerful hand tightening in her hair, holding her so close and tight to the soft mounds of the Orcs massive bust that Lace nearly found herself smothered by their soft inviting warmth.


Zu’gar raised her knees and planted her feet, feeling her muscles flex and ready, her cheeks flushing and her breath quickening as she wasted no more time in starting to slam her girthy shaft into Lace’s waiting hole, giving her ‘owner’ exactly what they both wanted and needed, to fuck like animals in heat.


As Zu’gar went from zero to a hundred on Lace’s ass the human felt her mouth fall open, a loud cry threatening to spill forth at the sudden force being applied to her most sensitive of spots, but she instead found Zu’gar’s hand in her hair guiding her mouth, pressing the girls plush lips to one of her dark hard nipples, silencing the cry before it started and giving Lace something to distract herself with.


Zu’gar let out a grunt of appreciation as she felt Lace’s lips latch onto her nipple, her tongue instinctually swirling around the sensitive nub even as her ass was remodelled into an Orc-cock fleshlight.


The powerful length hammered mercilessly into Lace, her own pale cock trapped between their bodies as her asshole was stretched to accommodate the familiar but no less intimidating invading shaft, her ring wrapped so tightly around the sword as it was repeatedly sheathed in her that it felt like her ass was trying to draw the cock back in with every outward movement, every inch of her body burning with a desire to please and be pleased.


“Mmmfm~!” Lace whimpered into the soft flesh of Zu’gar’s breast, each one of which was more than enough to fill her small delicate hands, a fact that she absolutely adored. Her cheeks flushed crimson as she eagerly suckled on the Orcess’s nipple, catching it briefly between her teeth and prompting to Zu’gar let out a hiss as she arched her back in response.


“You must really fucking want it…” Zu’gar growled threateningly as she tightened her grip, taking the whimpering response and gentle nibble on her nipple to be a challenge levied by Lace to go harder and faster.


Lace, who had, in fact, intended neither of those things, felt the corded muscle of the Orc’s arms around her tighten and realised her mistake, helpless to stop Zu’gar she instead held on tightly herself, trying to brace herself for what was to come.


Still gripping Lace to her body, Zu’gar rolled over, depositing the petite human onto her own sleeping roll and pinning her down with the massive weight of her taller, broader and infinitely more powerful frame.


Lace gasped and whimpered, her face trapped in the soft space between the Orc’s swaying rounded tits and her sleeping rolls pillow, her breath, when she could draw it, coming out hot and humid, her face flushing as Zu’gar took advantage of her new position to ram her cock all the way back into Lace’s waiting butt.


Zu’gar tilted her head back and growled low as she thrust her hips into the prone girl, feeling a thrill run down her spine as the petite little thing beneath her hungrily wrapped her arms and legs around her body, clinging to her for dear life as the humans breath was forced out of her lungs with each powerful thrust.


Lace was in heaven, her skin flushed and hot as the Orc all but ravaged her small frame, her pillowy thighs snugly wrapped around Zu’gar’s waist, not only inviting but pulling her in with each deep thrust, her every sense overwhelmed by the raw sexual pleasure coursing through her every nerve.


As Lace held on, each new thrust bouncing her body and sending ripples through her doughy ass, she revelled in the forbidden fruit that was their coupling, losing herself to the animalistic nature of her powerful, even bestial, lover.


She bit her full lip, stifling a long moan as she recognised an increasingly familiar shift in Zu’gar’s actions, her thrusts becoming sharper and less in tune to the rhythm she had initially set.


Arching her back up she felt every ripped inch of Zug’ar’s abdomen and chest press down on her, her breasts luxuriously soft as the Orcess let out a deep but almost muted growl.


Lace gasped and clung to Zu’gar, her hands splayed on her broad muscled back, fingertips resting on the start of an old pale scar as she felt the cock inside her twitch and pulse.


Unable to help herself Lace buried her face between the Orc’s imposing bust, letting the pillowy softness of her heavy tits muffle what would otherwise be a cry of pleasure as she felt Zu’gar begin to spend her pent up load deep inside her.


A moment of stillness passed as Zu’gar grunted, twitching her hips instinctually as she drained her morning load into the eager human, their breaths coming hot and fast, their embrace tight and unrelenting.


“There…” Zu’gar spoke after a few long moments, her grin sly as she caught her breath much quicker than the cum-filled Lace, “I helped.”


Lace let out a little snort of laughter, then blushed because of it, smiling broadly and relaxing even as Zu’gar rolled off of her, one strong arm moving under Lace’s neck, pulling her into a protective little hug.


With a soft sweet sigh Lace melted into the embrace of her lover, her own ass still sore and tingling from the stretching, her hole dribbling only a little of the thick load now held deep within. Quiet and content as she was, she practically jumped out of her skin when a sharp knock came at the wooden boards of their caravan.


Untangling herself from Zu’gar’s oh so luscious body she sat bolt upright, her eyes wide and panicked as she looked towards the heavy canvas flap, immediate relief washing through her as she saw it still closed.


“Don’t come in!” She squeaked grabbing one of their sheets and holding it up to her neck on instinct.


“Wasn’t going to miss,” came the whisky-rough voice of the Caravan Master, “Just… You need to see this, alright?”


Lace pursed her lips a little as she heard his heavy footfalls retreating, something in his voice had hinted at something serious.


Obviously Zu’gar hadn’t picked up on the subtle nuance.


“You know you haven’t got tits to hide, right?”


Lace blinked down at the cloth still clutched to her chest and rolled her eyes, dropping it and speaking in a prim little voice, “Modesty is polite, Zu’gar, come on, let’s get ready.”


“Unmodesty is hot,” Zu’gar pointed out, striking a pose with a toothy grin to once again reveal her gorgeous body, all green corded muscles and soft alluring sexuality, her still glistening cock languishing half-hard against one strong thigh, full of promise.


Lace felt her heart skip a beat as she stared down at the sculpted Orcess’ form but shook her head, gathering up her clothes, “Immodesty, not unmodesty.”


Zu’gar let out a reluctant little huff and sat up, “You’re so hot when you’re correcting me…” She said flatly before stretching her arms out above her head and yawning, each movement followed by Lace’s oddly pink eyes.


“Just wait until I teach you how to read and write.” Lace said with a smirk as she worked the mess of hair behind her head into its typically a-typical bun, standing nude and proceeding to pick out a pair of tight pants that would definitely help to accentuate her gift.


Groaning Zu’gar rolled her eyes and grabbed some of her own clothes, though not before she’d given herself a proper scratch, which, Lace observed, the Orcess did with more of a pinch and roll motion.


“I never needed to know these things before.” Zu’gar objected, pulling a shirt down over her head, a growl escaping her lips as the collar caught on a protruding lower canine for a second.


“You weren’t with me before.” Lace said with a smile, watching as the line of the shirt was corrected, pulled down to cover Zu’gar’s immense bust, obscuring them, though only technically, their shape still masterfully defined under the thin fabric, soft nipples on show as not-so-little bumps.


Zu’gar grunted again in assent then changed her tune, a brighter edge creeping into her voice, “Food?”


Lace let out a little giggle as she buttoned up her own clean shirt, looking every bit the modest and prim young lady and not at all like the cock ravaged Orc-slut that she was, “You’re insatiable…”


“Oh. More sex then?” Zu’gar grinned as she pulled on her boots, watching as Lace tweaked back the canvas flap to peer out back the way they’d come.


“Oh hush,” Lace waved a hand back as she peered around the side towards the city, “We should see what the master was talking a… Ah. Oh..”


Zu’gar frowned curiously and stepped forward as Lace clambered out, but the Orc hesitated, her fingers tracing up to her neck with a reluctant sigh.


A minute later Zu’gar emerged with the fake collar wrapped uncomfortably around her neck. While it wasn’t linked to Lace’s mismatching control bracelet, it was a necessity to avoid the other humans in the caravan from turning against her. They could understand and even accept an Orc slave as the caravans bodyguard, but a free Orc would be an entirely different matter.


She stepped up beside Lace and her frown grew deeper. In the distance between increasingly sparse trees where the night before there had been nought but a dense fog bank appeared the city of Thaefar, recognisable for its sprawling size, diverse architecture and, to the shock of the silent onlookers, for the trails of wispy black smoke rising high from the city, seemingly the result of several burned out fires.


“What now?” Zu’gar asked quietly, so only Lace could hear.


Lace let out a low sigh and thought for a moment, resting her fists on the broad curve of her hips, “Well… If anything, there will only be more work for me I guess? Let’s just be careful, okay?”


Zu’gar nodded some but felt an empty pit settle in her stomach as the caravan continued on the last leg of their journey. She had spent her entire life in the wilderness, save for her memory blurred time in the slavers pit and one night of passion in an Inn with Lace. Cities understandably made her nervous, especially ones with, she assumed, feuding humans.


The caravan advanced cautiously, uncertain of what awaited it at the gates of Thaefar but too low on supplies and flush with goods to consider circumventing the city altogether or turning back.


Zu’gar, who would often run off to scout, hunt or workout stayed especially close by to their caravan, always remaining aware of where Lace was as they travelled, though she spent most of the last leg inside, bathing and applying her warpaint. As they drew closer and the mood in the caravan became increasing grim Lace asked that Zu’gar pack their belongings, a small job that she didn’t mind, but one which helped to reinforce the lie of her collar to the others among their group.


As the caravan approached the sparse buildings around the city gates Lace quietly settled her remaining business with the Caravan Master and called to Zu’gar, hopping down to walk beside the powerful Orcess, all of Lace’s and Zu’gar’s belongings thrown together in a heavy bag, its strap slung over Zu’gar’s shoulder then down between her breasts, helping to define and shape them, making them stand out all the more obvious on her chest.


“Stay close, at least until we know what’s going on…” Lace said softly and Zu’gar furrowed her brows a little as she had never seen Lace in any way doubtful, even when she had been confronted with Zu’gar’s sudden and surprise freedom.


Alongside the Caravan Master and with Zu’gar close in tow, Lace approached the open gates and was quickly spotted by a pair of what she assumed were guards.


A man tall and broad-chested approached, wearing a breastplate and helm displaying the colours of the city, flanked, bizarrely, by a tall slender lizardman in no such uniform, his slit eyes focusing in on Lace.


She noticed, however, that they both shared a green band tied in a ribbon about their left arm. A militia or conscript guard of sorts, Lace wondered.


“Stop where you are slaver.” The lizardman hissed in his strange fluidic accent, the point of his spear lowering, an action his human companion mimicked, though he eyed his comrade uncertainty.


Lace parted her lips to speak but Zu’gar took a step forward, placing herself between the lowered spear point and Lace, her own fierce eyes focused and instantly angry.


“Come now come now,” the Caravan Master spoke hurriedly, trying to press some authority into his low rough voice, “no one is looking for a fight, what’s going on here?”


The human guard glanced briefly at the man, spear still levelled and his tone almost apologetic, “There’s been some changes, the city council elections have resulted in a…” He spared his companion a glance, “A non-human Patrician. Lord Abbachalk. Abbachhk.”


The Lizard let out a frustrated little hiss, “Abbacha’ak.”


“Right, right, Abbacha’ak. It has resulted in some er, civil unrest. It is recommended at the moment that slave owners do not enter the city, tensions are high and attacks are frequent. I’m afraid you would not be safe, miss, if seen with your property.” The man explained.


“Yess…” The Lizard said, a cruel smile twisting his blue scaled maw, “So piss off, slaver scum.”


The Caravan Master raised his hands placidly, “Whoa now, surely there’s some other option here, you can’t turn the little Miss away into the wilderness?”


Lace glanced at the smoke still rising from the city and she found herself biting her lip, considering her options and paying close attention to the Lizard, a non-human guard. The world was changing it seemed.


“…It’s alright,” Lace answered, looking meaningfully up towards Zu’gar who kept her gaze levelly on the Lizard and his spear, “The charade was annoying anyway, come on Zu’gar.”


Zu’gar registered the look of surprise on the Lizardman’s face and she looked with uncertainty back towards Lace who was busy casually removing her control bracelet. She eyed the Caravan Master briefly, then the guards each in turn, then shrugged.


“Sure, I guess.”


The Caravan Master paled in an instant as she reached up and deftly removed her collar, allowing the uncomfortable hunk of metal to thud to the ground, the ring rolling to a stop at the Masters’ feet, where he stared uncomprehendingly at it.


“You were already free?!” The Lizardman spat emphatically, confusion obvious even through his accent as the point of his spear faltered.


“Er, yeah,” Zu’gar answered before her voice took a sterner tone and she rolled her shoulders in a relaxed movement, but one that couldn’t help but draw attention to her strength, “And if you keep pointing that spear at her I’m going to feed you your own tail. While it’s still attached.”


The Lizardman’s tail twitched involuntarily and after a moment, and a spiteful glare at Lace, he complied, lifting his spear though he clearly remained displeased, his eyes flickering to his human counterpart who had already done the same.


The man flashed Lace an almost apologetic smile, though his gaze lingered on the free Orcess, her presence no longer a side note, “I er… There are non-human and human safe areas set up within the walls, the Patrician hopes the unrest will cease soon.”


Lace nodded at the man and looked up towards Zu’gar with what she hoped was a reassuring smile, inclining her head towards the city and beginning to walk, feeling the Orcess step in beside her.


“You threatened to turn him into an Ouroboros.” Lace said, letting a playful little smile dance across her full lips.


“A what?”


“Nevermind, come on.” Lace laughed softly as together they entered the city of Thaefar, leaving the confused Caravan Master to scratch at his head as he examined the Orc’s useless collar, their passage followed only briefly by the slitted eyes of the Lizardman.


Inside the gate was a large square that Lace recalled had been swarming with activity and merchant stalls the last time she came this way, but instead today the square was empty, save for the hurried step of worried locals both human and non-human.


As the gates seemed to be one of the areas where the racial mixing was unavoidable the green banded mixed militia’s presence here was high and she could feel eyes settling on them both as they stood off to one side of the square.


For all of Lace’s natural confidence, she didn’t like not knowing the intricacies of the cities current events, she didn’t know if walking down a street with Zu’gar would be more or less dangerous than doing so alone.


“Ahh, I hate doing this…” Lace said as she puffed out a little dramatic sigh, Zu’gar arching one curious eyebrow.


“Doing what?”


“Just keep an eye out for a minute… I’m going to see how the city feels.” Lace explained unhelpfully and noticed Zu’gar’s uncomprehending expression, “…Just watch.”


Holding her hands together in an odd cusped shape she closed her eyes and focused on a spot in the centre of her forehead and allowed the not so bustling city before her to feed her senses. She drew a slow deep breath in through her nose, the smell of woodsmoke minging with the scents of everyday city life both good and bad. She could hear the chatter, dim and distant, all hushed and whispered voices.


Holding the feelings inside her thoughts she opened her mind to the city before her, eyes sparkling neon pink for a second behind their eyelids as her inner eye glimpsed the city, if just for an instant.


She closed her mind again and shivered, leaning against Zu’gar’s arm for support, her skin a couple of shades paler as her brain tried to organise what it had just experienced into something she could understand.


“Ow… God, everyone… Everyone’s just… Afraid.” Lace said gently as she looked around at the somewhat sorry state of Thaefar’s citizenry, “Like, they’re all just waiting for the other to attack. It’s a tinderbox.”


Zu’gar frowned a little as she eyed her lover with concern, “You shouldn’t do that.”


Lace smiled gently, “Don’t worry about me, just takes a little bit out of me is all.”


“That’s not what I mean,” Zu’gar said, her voice flat and a little distant.


Lace pursed her lips, then remembered, “Orcs don’t like magic, do they?”


“It is forbidden among our kind, I don’t want to see you fall to its use.” She explained and Lace tilted her head, uncertain as to what the Orc meant, but feeling a little defensive about its use.


“You never complain when I use it for sex.”


Zu’gar grimaced a little and stayed silent, it was true after all. They remained in a bit of an awkward silence as Lace’s colour returned, her mind continuing to try and process what her opened senses had felt.


“…I think maybe it would be a good idea if we split up for a short while…” Lace suggested with a heavy sigh, “I don’t want to, really, but I need to go see my contact at the palace and see if I can offer my services to this new Patrician and… Well, I feel like you wouldn’t fit in very well at the palace.”


As much as Zu’gar didn’t want to leave Lace’s side, she nodded a little agreeing with the assessment and looked around at a lot of uncertain, scared faces, “And what should I do?”


“Stay safe, above all else at least do that?” Lace smiled a little, “See if the tavern we were due to stay at, The White Bear, is still safe for us to sleep at, and, if not, see if you can find somewhere where both humans and nonhumans can stay, can you do that?”


Zu’gar raised an eyebrow, “I thought we were no longer doing the ‘Master-slave’ bit anymore.”


Lace bit her lip for a second, then looked up at her with a hopeful smile, “Can’t suck your dick without a room?”


A low chuckle rose from the Orc and she smirked some, a bit of their tension melting away, “I might need some coins?”


Lace smirked wryly and brought out a small coin purse, pressing it into one of Zu’gar’s rough-skinned hands and as she did so she looked around, sensing the tension in the square and feeling more than their fair share of eyes on them both, as if those around were expecting the small curvy human and her Orcess companion to begin fighting right then and there.


“Look at them all, they can’t understand why we’re just talking can they?” Lace said softly and Zu’gar looked around as she slipped the coin purse into a pocket, her eyes tracing a pair of patrolling green bands who returned her stare, one of them slowly moving a hand to the hilt of a short sword, though he didn’t make to draw it.


“Whatever peace is in place will not last.” Zu’gar said, resignation in her voice, “All it will take is a single spark.”


“Why can’t everyone just see you like I can?” Lace said, a trace of regret seeping into her voice.


Zu’gar shrugged, “Our kinds have been at odds since as far back as our histories go. Some of us may be different, but the way your people are taught from birth to fear us has not.”


“I wish there was just someway people could see that…. That…” Lace trailed off and Zu’gar looked around, suddenly on alert.


“What, did you see something?”


Zu’gar blinked as the human slipped her small delicate hand into her own and urged them both forward towards the centre of the square.


“Lace, what are-”


“HEY EVERYONE!!” Lace shouted, filling her voice with authority and power, her call ringing throughout the square and bringing it to a dead silence, every single pair of eyes now staring at the small curvy woman and her powerful free-orc companion.


Zu’gar felt her heart skip a beat and she looked at Lace with wide shocked eyes, the girl had used magic again to make her voice carry and had drawn the attention of every armed guard and terrified citizen in the square.


Her voice came out in a barely controlled hiss as Lace reached up with a hand for the bag strap nestled still between Zu’gars breasts, “What the fuck are you do-…”


The whole world stood still for a moment as every single person in line of sight, silent and still, stared with disbelieving eyes at the small human as she dragged an Orc down to meet her in an oh so familiar lovers kiss which Lace eagerly imbued with passion, her full red painted lips parted to allow for her tongue to mingle briefly with the Orcess’ own.


As it broke the crowd began to murmur and Zu’gar blinked down at Lace, her own cheeks hued a deeper green than normal at the surprise display of public affection, “What… Did you do?”


“Kissed my lover goodbye before heading to the Palace.” She said simply, a blush on her still too pale cheeks, “I’ll try and meet you at the west gate an hour before sunset okay? It’s the closest to the palace so probably the safest… I’m sorry if I’m late, I don’t know how long I’ll be in there for.”


Zu’gar nodded once, eyes flickering between Lace and the bewildered people.


“Okay.” Lace smiled and looked around the square, people were talking, looking and pointing, gossip would spread and maybe, just maybe, some good would come of it, “Don’t forget I owe you a blowjob.”


Zu’gar stood where she was and watched as Lace sauntered away into the city, a bounce in her step and a smile on her lips.


The Orcess looked around and found, surprisingly, a few humans willing to meet her gaze, their expressions uncertain, but curious. She smiled slightly and tried to look as unthreatening as a bestial menace could, but unlike her gaze, the smile was never returned.


She drew in a deep breath and blew out her cheeks as she sighed, looking around at the maze of streets that led away from the square in all directions, unable to read any of the signs and only able to tell east from west by the shadows cast by the sun. She shuffled the weight of their bag to the other shoulder and realised with a sinking inevitably that she had absolutely no idea where the Inn Lace had mentioned even was.


“Fuck it.” She growled to herself and set out into the heart of the city. She had most of the day to find it, and how hard could a city be to navigate?




Several hours later the city streets seemed to close in around Lace as she walked from the Palace towards the west gate. It wasn’t far and she had had a productive meeting, but as she had sat there talking plans and ideas with her contact and a few higher-ups she had had to watch the shadows lengthen until they dominated the city.


Sunset had been two hours ago now and every dark alley seemed to watch her as she passed. As close to the Palace as she was Lace wasn’t afraid, the area was almost exclusively human occupied and the unrest meant that virtually every other person walking the streets that night had a green band on their arm, but at the same time she had grown used to the comfort and protection Zu’gar offered and though she did have access to some magics, their use in combat was limited.


As the street opened up into the square by the now closed west gate she bit her lip. A small group of green banded guards stood by the gate talking to each other and as she peered around, she saw no Zu’gar.


A hand fell on her shoulder, strong and powerful and Lace let out a little squeak of surprise as she jumped.


“A-ah! Ah, oh god, Sugar you gave me a surprise,” she laughed a little as she turned, but as she did she took a hurried step backwards, her eyes going wide.


“Sugar huh? Yeah, you must be Lace. Could’ve hurried up a bit, been waiting in that shadow for hours now, got moved on twice…”


Lace glanced around nervously as the Orcess in front of her, familiar in her size strength and matted dreadlocked hair but in no way her Zu’gar, grinned down at her, eyes shamelessly drinking in the human’s figure.


“W-where’s Zu’gar?” Lace said a little weakly, then steeled her voice, chastised herself for losing her composure for a second, “And who are you?”


The Orc snorted out a laugh and raised her hand placably, “Zu’gar paid me to wait here for you then take you to her, call me Maria.”


Lace eyed her sceptically. The Orcess was similar in height and build to Zu’gar, but the muscles about her arms and shoulders stood out far more thick and powerfully. One of her lower canines shone in the low light of the night, gleaming gold and her dreads hung as low as her waist, dark in colour and well maintained.


“Maria isn’t a very Orc-ish name.” She replied defensively.


She smirked, “You can call me Maz’druk if you like? But no one else does.”


“Scuse me miss.”


Lace turned to find two of the guards she had seen chatting step up, a pair of humans, their smiles fixed and entirely unfriendly as they eyed the Orc, “Is this thing bothering you?”


Lace felt a little fire form in her stomach at the word ‘thing’ and the decision to trust Maria was made as simply as that. With a sweet little smile she took a half step towards Maria and looped an arm around the now bemused Orc’s, like a couple out for a stroll, “Nope, just out with a friend.”


The guard peered at them both from beneath his helmet before understanding dawned on his otherwise sour face, “Oh. It’s you. As you were then.”


As they walked back to his post Lace became suddenly aware of the bulging muscles shifting under the gentle grip of her arm and she went to draw back, but Maria grinned and held on, “No reason to get all shy now, come on, I’ll get you to Zu’gar.”


Lace felt herself blush softly as she was guided away back into the maze of the city, arm in arm with Maria, “…What did he mean by, it’s you? What did you do?”


Maria let out a short bark of laughter and gave Lace a gentle nudge with her hip that almost sent the petite girl flying, “He wasn’t talking about me, he was talking about you.”




“You can’t snog an Orc in a crowd of people and not get noticed. The whole city talking about a flat-chested pink-eyed girl with a green-skinned girlfriend.” Maria explained casually, her accent, Lace realised, fitting smoothly into place with the rest of Thaefar.


“Oh, that’s good. I think.” She had, after all, hoped people would talk and think about what they’d seen, but the whole city in the space of a day was unexpected, “Why Maria and not Maz’druk?”


She shrugged, “People won’t buy from a blacksmith called Maz’druk. They’re far more comfortable dealing with a Maria.”


“And you live here?” Lace asked, curious.


“All my life.” She said with a small smile, “Mostly as a slave though. Changed a few years ago.”




“A small collection of non-humans bought me and freed me. They’ve been gathering influence and power across the city through this and other means, their leader-”


“Abbacha’ak?” Lace interjected and Maria looked surprised.


“Yeah, I thought you just arrived at the city today?”


Lace smiled a little, “We did, I went to the palace to meet a contact of mine, I thought I’d meet the Patrician too but he was busy.”


“Ahh look at you all fancy-like, but, yeah. Abbacha’ak. The more people he freed the more resources he had. Eventually it sort of became a movement and tensions began to skyrocket… Things spiralled and for a few days there people thought there’d be all out riots. Abbacha’ak was elected as Patrician by the nobles as a figurehead to try and reduce tensions but…”


“But?” Lace pressed, blinking up at her as they walked through darker streets and less patrolled ways, the architecture shifting to something a little less uniformly human.


“Well, the human nobles figured Abbacha’ak was nothing special, just another dumb animal they could control and manipulate, non-human right? But they can’t.” She grinned, proudly, “He’s installed the militia and is looking to outlaw slavery altogether.”


Lace nodded a little, the news fit with what she knew and Maria was obviously far more familiar with the city than she was herself but she knew that any effort to ban or outlaw slavery entirely would lead to trouble and after the day she’d had she found herself wanting to talk about something, anything other than more politics.


“Did they have to mention the flat chested bit?” She asked, a small smile playing on her red-lipsticked lips as she tried to steer the conversation to something a little more light-hearted.


“What?” Maria peered down at her.


“You said the whole city was talking about a flat-chested pink-eyed girl. Why not the pink-eyed girl with the great ass?” She protested, pulling another short laugh from the apparently jovial Maria.


“Wish you had tits like mine huh?” Maria asked with the casual brashness Lace had come to expect from Orcs.


“Obviously.” Lace pouted, though her smile still shone through.


“Ha, don’t be so upset girl, not every lass gets a pair. Play your cards right and I’ll let you play with mine later.” Maria winked.


“Pff, bite my ass.” Lace giggled and Maria laughed again, the rich sound rolling out loud and unhindered into the dim lit streets as they came to a stop outside what seemed to be a Tavern or Inn, its door closed as protection from the cold, though the noise of revellers within drifted out to greet them.


“We can do that later too you know, unless you want a quick fingering in the alley before we go inside. You won’t regret it.” She said crudely, giving Lace’s arm a little squeeze of her own as she watched her with a dark and playful mischievousness.


Lace couldn’t help but glance at the Orc’s strong hands and, despite the latent temptation in her fantasy-laden mind, she was first and foremost Zug’ar’s, “I doubt we’re compatible~”


“Because you’ve got a cock?”


Lace blinked, “Just how much did Zu’gar tell you?”


Maria adopted a knowing little smile.


“Enough, though…” she stepped forward to swing open the door for them, leaning in so her lips just barely grazed against Lace’s ear, warm and soft, “I bet mine’s bigger…”


Lace’s blush reached its peak just as Maria pushed her forward over the threshold and into, she noticed, a tavern with absolutely no White Bear, or indeed human to be found.




Lace all but stumbled as she was propelled forward, her eyes blinking as they adjusted to the light and the sudden wall of massive bodies and faces that turned to greet her. A cheer went up around the gathered crowd and Lace felt herself shrink back, bumping into Maria as she did. Every single other face in the tavern asides her own soft pink face, was that of an Orc.


Lace!!” Came the shout again and Lace found herself suddenly clinging to the word as it bounced around her frazzled brain like she would a liferaft, she recognised the voice.


“Zu’gar!” She squeaked, relief washing over her voice as she timidly pressed between the sea of Orcs, finding a familiar face and a familiar smile reclined comfortably in a corner alongside a terrifyingly massive Orc male.


Plaintively ignoring everything else in the world she all but threw herself at Zu’gar and the Orcess laughed, folding her arms adoringly around the slender girl, holding her safe and tight as she peered up with bright eyes, her questions coming thick and fast.


“Sorry I’m late! What’s going on? Why is everyone cheering? Where are we? Why is…” She wrinkled her nose, “Are you drunk?!”


“Uh oh…” The male said, mirth swimming deep in his heavily accented voice, “You fucked good now.”


Zu’gar let out a bubbling laugh and shook her head, turning Lace so she was sat side saddle across her lap, “Look what I found Lace! Orcs! Loads!”


Lace sighed a little and wiggled in Zu’gar’s lap to get comfortable, looping a slender arm under her dreads and around her neck, “I can see that Zu’gar but… But why are they reacting like that? Was it the kiss?”


“Kiss good! Lots o’ talk bout that.” The male grinned through missing teeth, his bald head lolling to one side of its own accord before he seemingly remembered to straighten it, raising a tankard, “But drink better! Lace!”


The gathered Orc crowd echoed her name again with a cheer and a laugh before continuing their talks. Lace looked around in exasperation and her eyes met with Maria’s as she herself sat down at the table with them, a small half-sized tankard in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other.


“You bought in quite a few rounds.” Maria explained as she slid the wine glass across to Lace, “For everyone.”


“Oh yeah!” Zu’gar interjected, “Need more coin.”


Lace sighed deeply as that fell into place and despite the expense couldn’t help but smile, she was finally at home and safe in Zu’gar’s arms and she took a moment to order her thoughts, collecting the wine glass and taking a testing sip. It wasn’t great, but it would be good enough.


Maria and the male were talking about something she didn’t understand, with Zu’gar half listening in, half-drunkenly running her fingertips up and down Lace’s spine and, while it was no White Bear, the place Zu’gar had found at least seemed exceptionally welcoming to her, and, now that the shock of the minor celebrity upon arrival had faded, she reevaluated the crowd, eying them a little more closely now, a big part of her unashamedly giddy to be among so many alluring Orcess’ and their male companions.


They, in turn, eyed her occasionally with a restrained hunger, the women biting their lips and colouring their cheeks whenever they looked her way, an effect that gave Lace butterflies in her stomach as she sipped at her wine. She’d never in her life felt so out of her depth, recalling stories of what wild tribes of Orcs’ would do to human captives and she reminded herself that these were powerful creatures any human with a lick of sense feared. She swallowed and eyed Maria, seemingly the only other sober one in the room.


“Am I safe here?” She asked lightly and to her surprise, Zu’gar replied instead.


“It’s the drink.” She said in a soft muted voice, a small smile playing across her lips.


“What do you mean?” Lace queried in a gentle tone, pressing herself just a little closer to Zu’gar’s body.


She shrugged, her voice smooth and sober as she whispered into Lace’s ear, “Why they aren’t all tearing each other apart to bang you against the nearest flat surface.”


Lace blinked in surprise and lowered her voice to a whisper too, “They aren’t trying to fuck me because they’re drunk? And… You’re sober?”


“No, they’re not trying to take and fuck you because you paid to get them drunk, get it? It’s like respect.” She purred low, still holding her tankard, which Lace noticed then was almost full.


Lace pursed her lips, ignoring a loud crunch across the room and the subsequent growing argument, “You mean I have to pay not to get dragged off and used? That’s absurd…”


“Don’t let my kindness fool you, Princess. We’re all still Orcs and you know what we do to pretty little asses like yours.” Zu’gar said flatly, “Sure they don’t go around stealing people off the streets, but you’re in their territory, a place where they can relax and be Orcs, rules are different in here.”


“Okay… But… Why are you pretending to be drunk?” Lace asked softly and Zu’gar peered past her, her mouth drawing into a line as she looked towards where the argument was now spilling out into a wider circle.


“Think you’re about to find out Princess.”


“Oi!” Came a thundering bellow from across the tavern, another male Orc having shoved himself to his feet, his eyes unfocused and his whole body swaying like a tree as he took two large steps towards them, damn near clearing half the space thanks to his stride, “Want ‘er. Giv’.”


Lace’s mouth formed an O shape as she paled at the sight of the broad Orc, his body a slab of muscle, his face a mess of scars and his trousers swollen so visibly that Lace knew she couldn’t take it.


Zu’gar raised her tankard to the swaying Orc, her body language relaxed and the movement of her arm seemingly sluggish, her voice slurred, “Mine!”


The giant Orc growled and Lace could literally feel the vibrations from the rumble deep in his chest, “Fight f’ er.”


“Stay here…” Zu’gar whispered lightly and nudged her off her lap in the direction of Maria before standing, “Aaaay! Hold up, I know you don’t I?”


The Orc furrowed his massive brow and squinted down at the approaching Zu’gar with dull green eyes. Lace felt her heart hammering away in her chest as she observed the two stood before each other, Zu’gar had always been this towering muscled beast, but next to him, she looked almost dainty.


“Fuck y’ do.” He growled, cracking the knuckles of his right hand in his left, each pop echoing off the walls to be heard twice.


Zu’gar studied him over, swaying herself, then she beamed suddenly, “Ahh sorry mate, my bad, you just look a lot like this shit I took yesterday.”


The tavern erupted into a roar of laughter and the fury that flashed across the Orcs face was palpable, his self-control seemingly non-existent.


“RAARGH!” He screamed in incomprehensible rage, swinging his arm in a wide wild arc with bone-crushing force towards the side of Zu’gar’s head.


Without hesitation or preamble Zu’gar’s seeming drunkenness vanished, her body moving swiftly as she nimbly ducked under his arm and drove her fist, with every ounce of strength her very sober and very ready body could muster, into a very specific point between his legs.


He let out a noise akin to a slowly deflating balloon before crumpling to the ground in a heap of limbs and Zu’gar let out a loud cheer, placing her foot dramatically on the now prone Orc’s back to show her dominance and the crowds cheering laughter only redoubled.


After a short and very drunken show off Zu’gar stumbled back and sat back down like it was nothing, pestering a red-cheeked Lace back into place on her lap.


“Ha!” Their male companion laughed, “Twenty three’d stupid one t’ try n’ fight for er. When learn!”


Lace raised both her eyebrows, “Twenty three?!”


Zu’gar laughed, “You mean the second, Roork.”


“Big numbers ‘ard!” Roork whined and scratched at his head.


Maria jeered at him and the pair started arguing about just how difficult of a number ‘two’ actually was, giving Lace room to lean in close to Zu’gar again.


“Are you alright?” Zu’gar asked quietly, folding her arms around her.


“Yes but… What if you lost?” She asked quietly, her eyes searching and her cheeks flushed.


Zu’gar smirked and inclined her head ever so softly towards Maria, who noticed the attention of the pair and winked, flexing the incredible muscles of one massive bicep for Lace’s benefit.


“Back up?” Lace asked and Zu’gar nodded.


“They wouldn’t get lucky twice.”


Lace nodded a little and spared Maria a glance, “So… You two go back then?”


Zu’gar shook her head, “But girls like her and I stick together.”


Lace remembered then what Maria had said just before they came in, ‘Bet mine’s bigger’.


“How closely do you stick together?…” Lace breathed softly and Zu’gar looked down at Lace, recognising for the first time just how intense her look was.


“…Feeling generous?” Zu’gar chuckled as she ran a finger across Lace’s wild hair, tied up in its typical bun.


Lace bit her lip, “No… Just horny and greedy…”


Zu’gar’s grin broadened and she glanced across at Maria before looking back to her Princess, “You’re still mine, not hers…”


Lace giggled and looked at her with sparkling, gleeful eyes, thinking of how they met, their first night in the Inn and their weeks together in the caravan.


“Oh, Sugar… Of course I’m yours… I…” She swallowed, her voice filling with emotion as she failed to find the words, instead leaning forward and pressing her lips to Zu’gar’s.


They kissed, deep and loving, the moment somewhat cheapened as a loud, “Wheeeey!” erupted from around them, a roaring cheer bringing another crimson blush to her poor cheeks as they broke the kiss, Lace smiling sheepishly.


“Oi Maria!” Zu’gar grunted with a broad grin, “Help me to my room would you?”


“Pfff already?! Me and Lace-…” Maria eyed Zu’gar, then the pure thirst pouring from Lace’s pink gaze, “…Really?”


“If you’re not too busy?” Lace said, her voice heavy with a need that spoke to Maria’s own.


Maria spared the hammered Roork only the briefest of looks before she nodded emphatically, “Yup. Yes. Definitely, night Roork!”


Roork raised a hand, which in the space of half a second had seemingly found its way to holding Zu’gar’s still mostly full tankard, “A’ight! But all sayin’ is two best numba.”


“Maybe Roork, look, I’ll tell you what,” Maria eyed Lace and her gold tooth caught the light beautifully, “Come back here tomorrow and I’ll tell you some stories about the number three.”


Lace blushed and chewed enticingly on her lip as Zu’gar got an arm over Maria’s shoulder, pretending to settle her weight on it as Lace clung to Zu’gar’s other arm, the three moving towards a side door and a set of stairs, Roork seemingly content with the idea.


As they stepped over, around, or in Lace’s case, on, the prone and mercifully unconscious male Zu’gar had had to put down, Lace squeezed her eyes shut and pressed her face to Zug’ar’s sleeve, revealing her face again only as they moved off, though the action hadn’t escaped notice.


“Please tell me you just didn’t….” Zu’gar whispered and Lace glanced up at her, her expression equal parts mischievousness and guilt at being caught.


“Just filled his ass with lube is all…”


Despite her thoughts on it Zu’gar couldn’t help but to burst out laughing, refusing twice to explain why to an inquisitive Maria as they walked and stumbled up the stairs. It was only a little bit of heresy after all and despite their differences on the subject more important things were imminent.


As Lace loosely followed their direction up the stairs and around a corner, she felt her own modest but increasingly demanding erection pressing against the fabrics of her now far too tight pants, only serving to heighten her lusts and make her itch for more, making her desperate to just throw herself down on a plush bed to be ravaged by these two gorgeous creatures in the most bestial way possible.


To her impatient relief they stopped together outside a flakey wooden door which the Orcess’s between them shoved open with little effort, the pair obviously as eager as Lace to get at the promised action.


“Ooh fuck yes, come on, Zu’gar, I-…” Lace breathed hotly, then paused. She hadn’t been entirely sure what to expect from a room in an Orc tavern, but she had thought it might comprise of more than a large wooden slat for a bed and a meagre table. No chairs to be seen, for whatever reason.


“Ha! Expecting something a little more luxurious?” Maria jibed, making Lace pout cutely.


“Would be nice to have something soft to lay on is all!” Lace said defensively. For all the advantages of having an Orc lover, in her own opinion, their chiselled bodies did not make comfortable resting spots save, of course, for a few choice pillowy areas.


Maria looked about to brush it off but then, to Lace’s surprise, she instead nodded in sudden agreement, turning her gaze to Zu’gar who was already fumbling with her pants, “Can you grab us some hides for the bed? End door, if it’s locked ask the Landlord.”


Zu’gar paused, mid button, eyes glancing between the smirking Maria and the hopeful looking Lace then sighed in annoyance, “Alright, fine fine, I’ll be back in a minute!”


Lace smiled appreciatively and watched as Zu’gar, grumbling, left the room with a faux drunken swagger, shutting the door behind them with an audible clunk.


“Course…” Maria continued the instant after Zu’gar had left, one finger raised to tap thoughtfully at her gold tooth as something playful in her voice made Lace’s stomach implode into a cloud of butterflies, “I know the doors definitely locked… And the Landlord can never remember which key it is… She could be… Wow, minutes.”


Lace swallowed as Maria shifted her expression and body language, adopting a predatory look that she had seen only once before, it had been on another Orcess in another tavern, but she knew then and there the result was going to be the same. She had seconds. Not minutes.


“S-shouldn’t we wait for Zu’gar?” She stammered weakly as Maria advanced, her strong hand running over and drawing attention to a massively threatening bulge that Lace now couldn’t help but to stare at.


“That would defeat the point of me getting rid of her for a few minutes though, wouldn’t it?” Maria countered, stepping forward till Lace’s back was pressed to a wall, their bodies close but not quite touching, she eyed the girl over with dark green eyes swimming in desire and mischief, “I think this is the part where you beg me to be gentle.”


Lace bit her lip and felt the solid wall press in behind her, the wood seemingly urging her forward as she listened to the quick paced thrum of own heartbeat echoing in her ears. This Orc meant business, meant to employ her strength to force herself upon Lace, to make her do whatever the Orc desired and to hurt her if she didn’t co-operate.


“Bring it, tiny.” She breathed, voice quavering, skin paling even as the words left her full enticing lips.


Maria blinked her eyes in surprise and pursed her lips, nodding slightly as she simply responded, “Okay.”


Lace saw the Orcess’s massive biceps tense and she parted her lips to yelp in surprise or scream, but Maria’s hand blurred with unexpected speed and, at the cusp where Lace’s inhaled gasp would become an exhaled cry, vice-like fingers closed around her throat, lifting her clean off the floor, squeezing her airway closed and denying her even the tiniest of sounds.


Lace’s eyes flew wide as she became aware of her sudden and utter helplessness, with her legs kicking freely in the open air there was absolutely nothing she could do to muster against the sudden onslaught of Maria’s desperate lust, and that thought alone drove her to pure ecstasy.


She heard as well as felt Maria’s spare hand pulling and rending the fabrics of her shirt and trousers away and Lace spared only a moments thought for the fine cloth as it was brutally torn with alarming ease from her slender body under the Orc’s mountingly desperate assault.


She felt as her pants were ripped away and her engorged member was finally allowed to spring free, and though Lace already knew from experience it would go ignored, her mind was instead solely focused on the lack of air, her eyes wide and her face reddening with each passing second as her lips parted and opened, silently trying to beg to be let go.


With increasing panic she pressed her palms into the Orc’s still clothed midriff, trying to gain some space but felt zero give at all in her assailant’s washboard abs.


Maria let out a rumbling growl of warning and delight as she felt Lace’s feet start bopping ineffectually against her shins, “Oh I’m going to enjoy the fuck out of you.”


Lace felt for a moment the pressure on her neck lessen, Maria’s grip shifting so she could instead force thumb and finger into the corners of Lace’s jaw, forcing the small delicate human to part those pretty red lips as Maria’s whole body surged forward.


With one hand forcing open her jaw and the other now supporting the petite human’s weight, albeit by roughly gripping and squeezing one doughy bare ass cheek, Maria pressed her thick tongue deep and unceremoniously into the human’s mouth, dominating her.


Lace groaned as she felt the Orc’s powerful tongue greedily exploring the depths of her small mouth and with a quick inhale through her nose managed to gather enough of her wits to finally recover from Maria’s stunning first assault.


Maria moaned in heat, tasting the lingering sweetness of wine in the wet hot heaven of the girl’s small mouth and was surprised when she felt Lace suddenly shift her weight, thick pillowy thighs enveloping her waist and hips as Lace crossed her ankles across Maria’s butt, supporting herself as best she could.


Holding on for dear life and with one arm looped around the Orc’s corded neck, the other reaching down between them, Lace allowed her fingers to follow the bare trail of the Orc’s skin where her shirt had been pushed up to glide down into her pants, fingers seeking out and gripping the imposing dark length of the Orc’s fully erect and throbbing cock.


Grunting, Maria broke the kiss, her breath hot and humid against Lace’s lips as she allowed her eyes to flutter open, the humans hand guiding the Orc’s cock between her cheeks, rubbing it up and down between the soft inviting globes of her perfectly inviting ass.


It was one thing to be told that there was in this world a human that lusted for Orc’s as much as they did for humans, but it truly had to be seen, or felt, to be believed and Maria was in no place to question it or care.


The two stared into each other’s eyes as both of Maria’s hands found Lace’s ass, the girls gorgeously painted face more than a little reddened and flustered, a few strands of messy brown hair having escaped her bun to now fall jauntily across part of her face, her lips parted, her expression hungry.


Maria leaned in close and again covered the humans smaller mouth with her own, Lace again on the receiving end, but now more caught up and willing, her red lips closing around the searching tongue allowing the girl to suck lovingly on it, her own tongue swirling and mingling as, without any foreplay the Orc pulled Lace down and thrust her hips up, trusting in Lace’s steady guiding hand.


Lace’s vision exploded with stars and she felt her own cock twitch and throb as, at last, Maria forced her thick, veined and slightly upwardly curving length into the hot tight embrace of Lace’s waiting body, the sensation of being so suddenly and forcefully penetrated, of being so instantly full and stretched driving her wild.


They both let out deep animalistic noises into one another’s mouths as Maria didn’t relent, employing full use of her powerful metal-work forged arms to drag Lace down every single inch of the way until her entire throbbing cock was buried deep inside of her.


Far from the fight and fury Maria had expected from Lace at the sudden and unyielding penetration, instead she found a small hand up under her shirt, squeezing her own huge breast so hard as to hurt, one thick hard nipple caught between the humans small but eager fingers as she began to gyrate, trying to work the most pleasure out of Maria’s cock as she possibly could.


Maria growled and broke the kiss, staring with teeth bared as the pain from her hard sensitive nipple flowed through her, a trick Lace had accidentally picked up that morning, challenging and encouraging Maria to double down on the force, something she was seemingly all too happy to oblige, beginning to slam her body again and again into Lace’s, trying to be too rough, trying to make it hurt, but only serving to drive their lusts higher and hotter.


Lace’s whole body shook as each powerful bounce lifted and settled her on the Orc’s cock, more and more of her wild hair spilling free until the band holding it in place fell away completely, allowing her mess of brown curly hair to cascade down her back and shoulders, a few long strands coming to rest across her nipples on her flat chest.


The rhythm they had entered was brutal and the wall on which Lace was forced creaked with the sheer force of Maria’s thrusts. Lace could already tell that her ass cheeks were going to be a bruised mess courtesy of the powerful Orcess’s mauling hands and fingers, but she couldn’t have cared less.


“How do you have such a perfect fucking ass, fuck!” Maria growled, clearly worked up into a lust driven frenzy, the both of them focused on the animalistic intimacy of the Orc’s massive cock pressing into Lace’s tiny but accommodating star, every inch embraced and squeezed as it pushed inwards into the welcoming pre-lubed tightness.


“H-harder, harder!” Lace begged, in turn feeling every textured ridge, every prominent vein and, with every thrust, the Orc’s massive nuts slapping against the smoothness of her cheeks.


“Lay her down on the table for fuck sake! Could’ve waited for me, you bitch!”


Maria’s expression broke into a lopsided grin as her and Lace both turned to the now open door in which Zu’gar stood, looking livid, her arms full of hides which she deposited onto the floor with a woomph.


“She was begging for it!” Maria countered, lifting a still impaled Lace away from the wall, forcing the girl to tighten her hold on the Orc’s body, her slender chest pressed to the Orc’s massive bust, her shirt ridden enough up to expose them both.


Zu’gar growled as she watched Maria carrying her prize towards the bare table, “I don’t care if she literally jumped on your dick, she’s -mine- and I…”


“Sugar!” Lace panted, her eyes sparkling as she took in the view of her lover, her voice hopeful and loving, so soft and gentle, a complete flip on the words themselves, “I wanna feel your nuts on my face as you cum down my throat~”


Zu’gar stared at Lace open-mouthed for a second then shook her head, “I can’t even be angry at you Princess. Fuck, push her down.”


Maria laughed and obliged, letting go of Lace over the table’s edge and pushing her so she fell onto her back, a little squeak escaping her painted lips as she bounced, her hair splaying outwards and off the edge.


Zu’gar stepped forward, hands fumbling in her pants and Lace wriggled into position, her ankles still wrapped around Maria’s waist ensuring she couldn’t pull out, her small hands tightly gripping the table edge either side of her ass as she lolled her head backwards, all pretence of modesty lost as she parted her lips wide and stuck out her tongue, her eyes bright and hopeful as she drank in the upside down view, a clear invitation that she wanted Zu’gar and wanted her now.


Without hesitation she stepped up, baring her fangs with a low eager noise as her now deliciously familiar cock sprung free of its pants to instead be dragged up and along Lace’s face until the girl instead found herself with a mouthful of the Orc’s heavy nut sack.


Zu’gar groaned and leaned over, resting one hand on the table and the other on Lace’s smooth chest as she felt the humans mouth gleefully lick, kiss and suckle on her cum filled balls,


“Yeah you fucking slut, suck on those nuts…”


Lace moaned appreciatively, uncaring for the spit and saliva that got dragged across her face as she took each orb in turn between her full lips, her tongue rolling slowly and lewdly over them, the girl living for the taste and texture between her lips.


“Where the fuck did you even find a slut like this?” Maria grunted with effort, reaching out to grab Lace’s wrists and pulling them down to pin her against the table, once again setting a rough pace as she fucked the girls arched and aching body.


Zu’gar grinned for a moment, watching as a thick drop of pre fell from her cockhead to stain and dribble down Lace’s slender neck, “Shit, she found me, bought me off a slaver, brought me food, clothes, then demanded I fuck her.”


“Lucky fucking bitch!” Maria snarled, directing her anger at Zu’gar’s obvious fortune into the small human’s petite frame, her hands tightening on Lace’s wrists, her own dark heavy breasts swaying with each powerful thrust as they remained on display.


Zu’gar let out a short bark of laughter at Maria’s reaction, drawing her now lipstick stained nut sack away from Lace’s eager mouth, instead lining up the tip of her throbbing length with Lace’s waiting mouth, admiring the way a few strands of saliva already trickled in glistening droplets down her face.


“Watch this.” Zu’gar prompted, tearing Maria’s attention away from the point where her green Orc cock met Lace’s soft bubbly butt and instead up to where Zu’gar was directing hers, the thick green helmet of her cock pressing against the human’s wet pink tongue and gliding down to push into the waiting wet heat of her mouth.


“Mmfmmf~” Lace groaned as she felt the cock head begin to slide past her lips, the thick length pressing her tongue down and stretching the o of her petite little mouth wider to accommodate Zu’gar’s massive shaft.


Maria watched on as Zu’gar fed her cock deeper and deeper, the girls red lips sliding wetly along the length, smearing it with saliva and lipstick as, to Maria’s delight, Zu’gar didn’t slow or stop, the trapped girl arching her back as Maria watched the humans slender throat bulge and swell.


“Holy fuck…” Maria breathed as Zu’gar snarled her triumph, Maria’s gaze following the outline of Zu’gar’s thick cockhead as it visibly pressed down into the girl’s throat, the bulge of Zu’gar’s cock becoming increasingly obvious as she hilted herself in Lace’s fuck-hole of a mouth.


Lace was in heaven, her body assaulted now at both ends, Zu’gar’s cock dominating her throat with its stretching girth as her lips fit snugly around the base, her body pinned and trapped between their muscled bodies, theirs to use as they pleased.


Zu’gar stared down with lust and desire as she used a hand to massage the bulge in Lace’s pale throat that could only be the outline of her cock, feeling as the tightness milked another few drops of her clear pre, depositing it straight inside her Princess where she belonged.


Still holding her throat Zu’gar began to pull her hips back, feeling as the tightness clung to her cock and watching as each spit shining inch of Orc cock was once again revealed. She moaned in pleasure, pulling back with a slow deliberateness till she saw Lace’s chest heave, a sure sign she’d drawn in a breath and all the invitation she’d needed to force her cock forward once more, Lace’s throat making a lewd and wet ‘Gluck!’ that sent a shiver up Maria’s spine as she watched, entranced.


For the deepthroating Lace the acclimatization period was apparently over as she felt Zu’gar’s weight shift, the cock grinding deep in her throat before her pace picked up quickly, her length powering in and out of her lovers pursed lips and offered throat, the Orcess biting her lower lip and arching her back as pleasure coursed through her.


Zu’gar looked down with half-lidded eyes at the scene before her, the petite human on her back, body writhing and shifting in a sexual heat as both her ass and throat were filled by throbbing green shafts, Lace’s own cock pointing up, painfully erect and unattended, though she was in no doubt Lace was a state of pure bliss.


“Fuck, hows her ass?” Zu’gar said, voice low and breathy as she eyed Maria, admiring the Orcess’ powerful muscles and impressive bare bust as she continued to drive her length into Lace’s vulnerable body.


Maria snarled a little, driving her cock forward with such force that Zu’gar felt the vibrations as Lace groaned in protest around the length pistoning down her throat, “The fucking best, fucking little slut lives for it!”


Zu’gar grinned proudly as she held herself deep for a moment, grinding her cum-filled balls against Lace’s nose, eyes and forehead before resuming her conquest.


“I’m going to ah, fucking nut in this bitch…” Maria snarled and readjusted her grip on Lace’s wrists, holding them in place as she leaned forward, her pace becoming less and less steady.


“Ugh fuck, fucking let me catch up and we’ll cum in her together,” Zu’gar suggested and stood up straight, looking down as she moved both her hands to grip Lace’s head, holding her in place as she started to fuck the girls face with wanton abandon, sparing no thought for her comfort as she simply used her.


Maria panted hard as she watched the scene, watched as the Orcess repeatedly slammed her hips forward to bury her length inside Lace’s squirming body, giving her few opportunities to catch her breath, or even her senses as they were assaulted by the Orc’s cock, the slender throat showing every inch as it expanded and contracted to accommodate.


Lace lay between the two, unable to order her thoughts into anything useful as it was constantly bombarded with what she was being subjected to, her eyes squeezed shut as heavy nuts were pressed into them with every long thrust, her face a mess of spit, pre-cum and her own ruined makeup, her jaw aching as it was held wide, her throat burning from the girth of Zu’gar’s intruding member.


Her wrists were raw from Maria’s grip and she knew she would be a mess of bruises in the morning, this sort of indulgence didn’t come without its price but it was one she was willing to pay.


“Yesss….” Maria growled, either hoping Zu’gar had caught up or uncaring of whether they finished together, her thrusts becoming increasingly erratic even as the thick length pounding Lace’s ass grew a familiar steely hardness, a sensation that drove Lace to push back, squeezing down on the cock with all the physical strength she could muster.


Zu’gar too felt her own pleasures rise and she knew she was only a few strokes away from achieving bliss, but in the moment of heat and passion she wanted more, needed more.


As Lace felt the two steel rods within her pulse and throb the first molten eruption exploded in her ass, Maria’s growl, strong and dominant rumbling out of her throat as she pumped a thick virile load into Lace’s little pink star, each liquid pulse shooting thick hot strands into a growing lake of cum deep within her ravished body.


Zu’gar watched the moment of absolute hedonism play across Maria’s face and as her own began, her needs got the better of her. With a snarl she brought her hand up to Maria’s neck, gripping her and pulling her forward.


Maria, surprised to be dragged forward parted her lips to rumble her protest, but instead found Zu’gar’s full lips pressed tight to hers and she opened into it, hot and eager, the two sharing a private sexually-charged kiss, tongues mingling and prominent canines clicking as they made out, each now over the edge with no chance of returning.


Lace tasted nothing but her own spit and Zu’gar’s meaty cock as she felt it pulsing in her throat, the Orc’s massive pent up load being spent in the girl in such a way that swallowing was mandatory, the creamy Orc-cum being pumped directly into her stomach leaving her with no option but to accept it, her weak ravaged body grateful of the drink even as, once again, she began to run low on air.


Zu’gar and Maria maintained their erotic kiss over Lace’s flushed and writhing body until both were finished, the girl between them nothing more than a vessel for their seed, a tool for their pleasure, a toy to play with.


“Ugh… Fuck…” Maria breathed as the kiss broke, her eyes half-lidded as she took a half step back, Lace’s legs going weak as, with an audible slick sound, her large softening cock was pulled free, the twitching length coated in lube and freshly spent Orc cum, “I think she blacked out…”


Zu’gar grunted in sudden awareness and drew herself back, the spent python of her cock pulling free with a long drawn out groan from Lace who coughed, a few strands of spit and cum spilling out onto her top lip.


With a smirk Zu’gar reached down and gripped the base of her meaty glistening shaft, raising the still mostly hard length and slapping it a few times against Lace’s cheek drawing a sharp gasp from the girl as her eyes fluttered suddenly opened, her breath coming fast and shallow.


“She’s fine…” Zu’gar snorted, dragging the slick tip of her cock along Lace’s top lip, collecting the cum there and feeding it back into the girl’s mouth, feeling as she instinctively licked it clean.


Maria grinned some and pulled her shirt down back over her heavy tits, her own thick aroused nipples standing out against the fabric as she let out a low, satisfied sigh, “That was so fucking good… So fucking good. Guess you want me to leave you two alone now, huh?”


Zu’gar raised an eyebrow for a moment, about to reply, but her eyes were drawn down to Lace as she let out a quiet little murmur, arching her back languidly.


“Didn’t hear that…” Zu’gar said, leaning in close so she could listen as Lace whispered in her ear, “Mmhm… Mm? Ah…”


“What did she say?” Maria asked, tossing her head back so that her long dark dreads followed, the well-kept locks settling down her spine.


“She said, ‘I can’t believe that pussy is bowing out after round one.’” Zu’gar passed on with a wolfish smile, her eyes gleaming in the low light of the room.


Maria pursed her lips and looked down at the sprawling, exhausted human, her face a mess of spit, cum and smeared makeup, her complexion blotchy, her neck and wrists already showing the early signs of bruising, not to mention how sore her ass and throat must be, soothed only by the masses of Orc cum now pooled within her.


But at the same time, Maria noticed, the little things untouched cock was still hard as steel, twitching in beat with her quickened heart and, as Maria’s gaze sought out Lace’s own, she saw the mirth, the lust and the challenge that somehow seemed to convey the message, ‘that all you got, punk?’.


“Swap?” Zu’gar suggested, already stepping around the table, her hands caressing over one of Lace’s pale but thick thighs as she moved.


“Pff. Why the fuck not?” Maria laughed, the sound sending a shiver of delight through Lace’s battered body. This was the life.




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  1. just a wonderful pair of stories. love the idea of being spit roasted by two large hung tops regardless of genus! will there be more of Lace’s adventures?


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