Worthy Prey

Lysera let out a low grunt as she arched her broad back, feeling the sore and stiff muscles throughout her powerfully built Isiri frame stretch and then relax some, helping to work a bit of life back into her uncomfortable form as her Lessers went about her orders, clearing away the human dead and providing medical attention to their wounded as they set up camp for the night.


“Too quickly.” She growled, frustration rumbling in her deep authoritative voice.


“What was?” One of her two Seconds, Tryi, queried, moving up to stand beside her First, Gatt-Rifle slung over one bare shoulder and her battle-armour already discarded to reveal the almost eight foot tall hulking beauty of her red-skinned body, all muscle, strength and power, the vision of primal dominance only enhanced by the sleeping giant of a cock resting plaintively between her sculpted thighs, though she still didn’t hold a candle to the yet taller and stronger, Lysera.


“This!” Lysera spat, casting her hand out in a vague gesture over the tight valley where she and her Lessers had made their ambush, “Two hours we lay in wait for our prey and what do we get for our patience?”


“A battle that will be recorded in the annals, Lysera.” The Second grinned, whipping her single braid of long black hair back behind her shoulder, standing tall and proud, shamelessly displaying herself and glad to be free of the discomfort and weight of her armour.


In response Lysera winced like she had been slapped across the face, raising a finger to scratch at a protruding lower fang.


“Pah! You call this a battle Tryi? Over in seconds! No skill, no challenge, no thrill. A waste of my time.” Lysera chastised, not bothering to keep her rage in check, even as other Lessers glanced her way, uncertainty.


Tryi seemed to lose a few inches of height, the pride draining out of her as she realised the truth in Lysera’s words, “I understand the lesson. Though at least we got prisoners, is there not a victory worth mentioning in there?”


Lysera snorted but relaxed her aggressive posture some, there was no sense in directing her rage at a valued warrior like Tryi, “You speak the truth there, Lesser. How many did we get?”


“Nine.” Tryi nodded and Lysera grinned hungrily, hopeful.


“Their condition?”


“Six are men,” Tryi started and Lysera nodded along, they would be sent to homeworld, Toutati for distribution and labour, valuable to her for their prestige only, “One of the women was severely injured and the White One is tending to her.” Lysera nodded again, the White One was the only one of those among her compatriots that was not of Warrior-Caste, and not a Lesser, “The other two women are awaiting your attention.”


Lysera’s grin broadened and she turned her head, glancing down to take in their bare figure of Tryi, admiring the warrior’s prominent muscles, buxom chest and impressive length, “Do you plan on sating yourself, Tryi?”


Tryi smirked and shrugged a shoulder, “It has been too long since we took some of their women kind prisoner. I will spend time with them after you have had your say and I have spoken to our wounded.”


Lysera’s expression faltered and her back stiffened, an edge creeping into her voice, “We have wounded?”


Tryi turned her gaze onto Lysera and a cold chill visibly ran down her spine as she noticed her Betters new expression, “You… Were not made aware?”


Lysera felt the ball of rage within her once again demand her attention. She clenched her fists and scowled with such a ferocity that Tryi took a cautious step backwards.


“No,” Lysera snarled, “I was not made aware that we had weakness in our ranks. Where are they?”


Tryi’s expression of uncertainty hardened in an instant to one of wounded pride and anger, the smaller warrior stepping forward, squaring up to Lysera as best she could, “I trained them both myself! Their strength and bravery have been proven on the battlefield times before and I will not have you so gravely insult my Lessers!”


Lysera drew in a sharp breath and narrowed her eyes. While she could understand Tryi’s fury at the harsh insult of implied weakness, for the Second to square up to her in the open like this, in full view of both of their Lessers was a challenge to her authority, and one she could not tolerate.


Without hesitation and faster than the eye could follow she drove her fist into the chiseled abdomen of her Second, the speed and power of the strike such that Tryi was lifted briefly into the air before she came crashing back down to land on her back, the air driven from her as she folded her hands protectively over her abs, growling in pain and anger, red dust rising around her in a haze as she curled up onto her side, the muscles doubtless cramping as the echo from the force of the strike bounced around the cliff walls of where they stood.


Lysera turned her eyes away from the stricken Tryi and looked around instead at the other Lessers who had witnessed the exchange, challenging each of them in silent turn to meet her steely azure gaze. None did. Her authority and dominance had been swiftly reassured among them. In their eyes now this Second was yet too young and too inexperienced to challenge her and, more importantly, they saw that Lysera had not yet begun to succumb to the detriments of age or wounds accumulated. All was as it should be.


She reached out her hand to the Lesser and nodded her head, “Take me to them.”


Tryi scowled for a moment but realised quickly what her Better was doing, allowing her to save face among the Thirds and Fourths of her peers. After what had transpired, such a brutal put down would only encourage Tryi’s own Lessers to attempt and move up through the ranks through her and she would have to tread carefully for a few weeks.


Lysera grunted as she pulled Tryi to her feet, admiring the Isiri’s ability to control her own anger and frustration, able to understand what had occurred and not to fly into a fit of rage from which Lysera would almost certainly have to put her down for good.


“You are a strong Second,” Lysera reassured and Tryi nodded her head once, appreciative of the praise, though she remained bitter about how it had come to her.


Lowering her hands from her stomach and straightening her back, uncaring for the dust that stained her red skin, she showed no weakness or sign of the pain that Lysera knew would be dominating her senses, as if she hadn’t just received a blow that would doubtless have proven fatal if levied against one of the delicate humans. Lysera was further impressed.


“Thank you, Better.” Tryi responded shortly, forcing herself to be respectful, “This way.”


Lysera walked in silence and with purpose alongside her Second, going through several mental exercises to collect and order her thoughts, forcing the ever-present ball of rage that fueled her strength to succumb to her training and not cloud her judgement any more than it already had. She knew it would only be to the detriment of her own honour if she was to throw further fire and vitriol at her own wounded warriors, especially when she had no proof that they had not fought to the best of their talents, as Tryi had suggested.


With her thoughts ordered and the silence between them stretching as they walked, Lysera mentally dissected the confrontation with Tryi. She had in both anger and error insulted her and, despite Tryi being the younger and less experienced of the two Seconds under Lysera’s command, Tryi had conformed to honour and challenged her Better despite the obvious difference in their abilities.


With the benefit of clear thoughts and retrospect Lysera understood that her mistake had put Tryi in a perilous position among her own Lessers, who might see it as an opportunity to rise themselves, an error Lysera felt duty bound to correct or at least recompense, if possible.


Lysera was led to a sheltered crevice naturally worn into the rocky earth of the red planet on which they stood. While one wasn’t raging now, the planet had shown its willingness to throw unpredictable and biting sandstorms at the invaders and Lysera had learned to respect that, camping in sheltered spots even when all seemed quiet and the weather clear.


While the anger inside her writhed, demanding she turn her attention first to the two captured human women, each of them stripped of their armour, clothing and pride to be left naked and vulnerable, hanging against the rocky face of the cliff with bound wrists locked and outstretched above their heads as they stood captive and waiting. But she would have time enough for that soon.


She stepped passed them, not so much as sparing them a glance for fear that the look of their small supple bodies, helpless and awaiting her, would interrupt her focus on the wounded.


As she approached she took in the sight, carefully assessing what she saw. Two of her Lessers, Fourths she knew, sat with their backs to the wall, one looking bored with a bullet wound in her thigh, so far unchecked and oozing a steady stream of crimson blood, the other with a deep cut across one cheek, a stormy expression on her face even as it too let crimson spill down across her neck and torso. Lysera felt a pang of regret for that Lesser in particular, though she didn’t show it. A prominent scar given by a weak enemy would be a lesson she would have to carry with her for life, a constant reminder of her failing in both her own eyes and in those of her peers. It could make life tough among the Isiri.


She also saw a human woman, laid out on her back, most of her armour cut away to reveal a nasty wound on her right arm. Even with her limited knowledge of the craft Lysera could see enough of the woman’s blood to deduct a major, perhaps even life-threatening injury had been sustained. The human woman was conscious but pale and clearly exhausted, her fair hair dirty and lank with sweat.


“White One,” Lysera spoke, inclining her head respectfully only to be met with a raised finger, a chastisement to be quiet as she worked.


Lysera breathed in slow through her nose and out through her mouth, staring at the back of the White One’s head, eyes focused on one of the women’s long white braids, betraying her age. It annoyed her to essentially be told to shut up by one as weak as the White One, but everyone knew that the service the White Ones performed on both their own wounded and those of the foe were essential to the Isiri on a whole, so she waited patiently and practised her breathing while the wound was stitched and cleansed.


At length and with no rush the White One rose and turned, one of her lower fangs broken and missing, her arms and face showing no shortage of the scars she had likely received during her youthful times in the Warrior-Caste.


The White One paused for a moment, eying Tryi’s abdomen with some suspicion, though she remained silent, instead bowing her head respectfully towards Lysera as her once white robe, now stained with the human’s blood and the red sands of this planet, flapped loosely in the breeze against her slender and unmuscled form.


“Thank you for waiting, Lysera,” She spoke, her voice calm and soft, though she traded a glance with Tryi, reading more about Lysera’s mood from the Second’s expression than she would off of her directly, “…I assume you came to speak to the wounded?”


“Fucking… Isiri scum…”


Lysera raised an eyebrow and looked down curiously towards the human who had spoken, her voice thready and weak, but her eyes bright, full of hatred and swimming in a lust to inflict violence on those who had wiped out her squad.


After a moment’s hesitation Lysera squatted down beside the human, letting an unpleasant smirk settle on her expression as she reached out, running a hand across the girls face, feeling her skin, soft, but cool and clammy with sweat, the human didn’t flinch or look away, merely glaring and gritting her teeth.


“What do you think of her Tryi?” Lysera asked, maintaining her eye contact with the human, keeping her voice soft.


Tryi stepped up and looked down, pursing her full lips as she drank in the sight, “She is in a sorry state, but she is strong, good muscles for one of their warriors. Wide hips. And a fire to her. She will be fun once she recovers, I think. A fighter maybe.”


Lysera grinned and lowered her hand from the woman, still holding her gaze, “I agree. She will be a fun toy. Tryi, I gift her to you. Until our return to Toutati, she will be yours and yours alone.”


Tryi let out a low hungry growl and Lysera felt amused as the human, pasty white from blood loss, managed to somehow blanch further at the news. Lysera could’ve left it there, but the human was still looking into her eyes, trying to appear brave and confident by refusing to look away first. A mistake.


“White One, when will she be ready?” Lysera asked and heard the Equal of another Caste let out a thoughtful hum.


“Well… So long as her arm is not toyed with and her wound does not open, I see no reason as to why she is not ready now, though she may fall unconscious.” She replied, matter of factly.


Lysera nodded sagely, making no effort to stop the dark glee from entering her bright azure eyes, “Tryi?”


“Yes, my Better?”


Lysera stared down into the small, frail humans pretty little face, she could see her confidence wavering, “Destroy her with your cock.”


At the sound of Tryi’s sudden and ecstatic roar of delight the human’s eyes finally broke away from Lysera, instead focusing on the nearing Second and, far more desperately, the hardening length between her thighs.


Lysera raised herself up and moved away from the human, standing to watch alongside the White One as Tryi unleashed herself upon the former marine, grabbing her ankle and dragging her back with a cry to wrestle her in the sands, tearing away her remaining armour and cloth to reveal more sweat slick porcelain skin.


After seeing to her now redundant outfit Tryi flipped the human over onto her stomach, laying atop of her, the Isiri using her massive frame to pin the human in place, trapping her like an animal to be rutted and all but entirely obscuring the struggling human beneath as she was mounted.


Several watched hungrily as the human cried out, screaming out her fury and lashing out with fist and legs, all to no effect as Lysera, standing in a good spot at the bottom of their legs, observed as Tryi’s now hard cock bobbed and weaved, pressing against the humans toned ass as they wrestled, her huge balls in their deep red sack hanging low as she wore down the fight in her toy, subduing her prey.


Despite the fire in her belly, the human simply didn’t have enough energy to fight back for more than a few moments and Lysera felt her heart rate creep up as Tryi lined up the tip of her pre-cum dripping cock with the humans tight breeding hole, preparing to drive it home and defile her.


Lysera chewed on her lip, watching as the now slick tip skimmed against the tight pink slit of the helpless woman’s core, trying to find her mark, trying to sate her need for the pleasure and victory.


She could hardly believe to look at the difference in their size that the human would be able to take Tryi’s massive throbbing cock, but even since before leaving their Homeworld of Toutati and taking to the stars the Isiri race had long relied on others to carry and birth their young, the Isiri’s viscous pre acting as a relaxant as well as a lubricant, increasing the likelihood that an Isiri could successfully mate with other, smaller species.


Tryi roared out her triumph out as she found her mark and the human screamed, her voice losing all words to merely become an unintelligent string of desperate and animalist noises, her legs twisting as she kicked at the sand, trying to find any leverage as the Second began to force her cock deeper into the girls pussy, the Isiri’s pre ensuring she would ‘fit’, but doing little to protect the humans mind and senses from the shock of the unearthly invasion of her weakened body.




The word cut through her thoughts like a knife and Lysera looked over to the White One, scowling at the aged Isiri in sudden anger for having her entertainment interrupted. But as she looked away from the scene she realised she had been growling low, her cock half hard in her armour and her rage free and unchecked. Over the course of several long moments she tempered it, forcing it back into place and reluctantly she nodded her thanks to the White One. She had been losing control and it had been recognised.


“The wounded.” the White One said as if nothing had happened, extending a hand towards the two injured Lessers, the pair also onlookers of the new spectacle, envy and lust in their eyes despite their fresh still bleeding wounds.


Lysera spared a last glance for Tryi and her toy, noting that the none-too-gentle Second already had half her cock sunk into the girls stretched and pre-dripping pussy, one of her massive soft breast resting on the back of the humans head so heavy that the exhausted and wounded girl was unable to raise her face for the sand, forcing her to spit out mouthfuls after each frantically inhaled breath, making her screams and cries even less coherent as she was dominated and bred.


Satisfied she had both rectified things with Tryi and dealt with a petulant human too Lysera turned fully from the scene to stand before the two Lessers who, after a moment to also tear their eyes away from the scene behind Lysera moved to stand, seemingly ignorant of their own injuries.


After taking a moment to mentally drown out the continued sounds of Tryi’s sexual conquest she met the gazes of the two Fourths, eying them over to judge their strength and experience while they, in turn, judged her.


“Explain yourselves,” Lysera demanded, keeping her expression passive and unreadable.


“The human was not like the others! She was a monster of their kind, fast like lightning.” Cut-cheek said, spitting blood as she did, the cut must have gone all the way through at one point.


Before Lysera could speak the other beat her to it, herself glaring at Cut-cheek, “Do not make their deeds seem all the greater to make your shame all the less.”


Cut-cheek parted her lips but this time Lysera beat her to it, “You, go with the White One and have your wounds seen to. You cannot yet see through your anger.”


Cut-cheek closed her mouth but Lysera could hear the Isiri’s teeth grinding together. She nodded respectfully and left with the White One to cool off more than anything, leaving Lysera with the other wounded Lesser.




“Rhela, my Better.”


“You are clear of mind, Rhela, explain.”


The Lesser, Rhela, nodded once before speaking, “My Equal exaggerates, but is not wrong. When the signal was given to attack we were amongst the first to reveal ourselves and our eagerness brought us swiftly into the fray.”


Lysera nodded, pleased with that at least.


“Among them was a woman, long brown hair and a different armour to the others. Her shoulder bore the image of one of our skulls crossed with two other bones.”


Lysera inhaled sharply, “You are sure? Sure it was one of our skulls on her armour?”


Rhela nodded and raised a hand, running her fingertip across the tri-tips of her left ears, “The skull bore these as decoration.”


“I see. What did she do?”


“When the signal was given she recognised the cry. Where the other humans spent a moment surprised and uncertain, she reacted instantly. She made for cover and injured me. This enraged my Equal who charged the human, seeking to capture her that I might regain my honour, but the human engaged her in hand to hand combat.” Rhela said, barely concealing the disbelief in her own words.


Even Lysera was shocked. She had heard about encounters with these painted-skull humans from others of her Equal and Betters, but would never have anticipated one to dare go up against an Isiri once guns had been discarded, let alone successfully wound one, though she must have met a messy end.


“It is a shame then, she would have made worthy broodmare.” Lysera lamented and Rhela nodded her agreement, “Still, I have heard reports of these special humans and her armour would be worthy as a prize. Go to your Equal and tell her in my eyes she has done no dishonour, and tell her she may keep what I personally consider to be a prized trophy.”


Rhela glanced away briefly, “My Equal was blinded by the viscera of her own blood. The human escaped to another part of the battlefield. I am unsure who the honoured kill goes to.”


Lysera grunted as her effort to reduce Cut-cheeks dishonour fell through, It would be a significant stain on her character for some time to have been wounded by a human in such a visible location and to then have had the kill escape her, “Very well, find your Equal and have your wound seen to.”


Rhela respectfully bowed her head and departed without a word, each step on her wounded leg causing more crimson to flow down her toned thigh, though she remained resolutely nonplussed by it.


Lysera let herself feel a moment’s pride for her Lessers stoicism but there was more yet to be done, so she shouted out a single name, loud and authoritative, “Aezera!”


She stood patiently with her hand on her hip, deep in thought as a fingernail scratched idly at her elongated lower canine, consciously not looking towards the only nearby source of sound, that of the humans continued albeit far weakened noises and the unmistakable rhythmic pounding of flesh on flesh, Tryi now burying every vein ridged inch of her length into the humans now soaked pussy, using her and claiming her.


A figure, like Lysera also still clad in her battle armour jogged up and bowed her head respectfully, her other more senior Second and indeed second in command, Aezera. She was as tall as Lysera and perhaps quicker, but her strength and comparative experience still left much to be desired until she could wisely consider a challenge.


“Yes, Lysera?” Aezera asked in her deep predatorial voice, resting a hand on her Gatt-Rifle, ready to leap into action at a moments notice even as she looked with a smirk towards the prone figure of her gyrating Equal.


“Have you done as I ordered?” Lysera asked, though she already suspected the answer.


“I did,” Aezera responded, focusing on her Better, displaying her own use of restraint in looking away from the attention-drawing scene beside them, their conversation matched by the growing growls of Tryi’s passion.


“When you stripped the dead did you find a woman, dark hair, unique armour, an Isiri skull on her shoulder?”


Aezera shook her head slowly and Lysera knew better than to question whether she had made a mistake, she had already had to deal with one insulted Second today.


“What does it mean?” Aezera asked, missing context.


Lysera paused for a moment, her stern expression changing into one of unmitigated delight and she laughed, long and hearty. She felt her disappointment at the poor fight slip away and she could almost feel new life breathe into her limbs.


Aezera merely looked bemused, waiting.


“It means, Aezera, that a human managed to wound two of our Lessers and escape the ambush alive and unnoticed,” Lysera stated, a hungry glee rising in her voice.


Aezera grinned then too, “Worthy prey.”


“Worthy prey.” Lysera echoed.


“Will you hunt?” Aezera asked, a hopeful tone hidden in her voice.


Lysera suspected Aezera wanted the hunt for herself, but she would not be denied this sport, “I will hunt.”


Aezera wasn’t surprised by this and expertly hid any disappointment. Instead, she slung her Gatt-Rifle off of one shoulder and held it out reverently to Lysera, “At least allow me the honour of having my weapon used in the hunt, Better.”


Lysera raised a hand, “I will hunt with blade or not at all. If you would do me the service of bringing your Lancer, however, I would gladly wield it on this hunt.”


Once more stowing her rifle Aezera showed her white teeth in a grin, protruding lower canines gleaming in the low light, “A proud hunt. I will bring you my Lancer immediately.”


She turned but stopped short as Lysera spoke, a rare mirth in her Betters’ voice, “Ooh… You should be sure to give your Lancer a detailed inspection first. Ensure the blades are sharpened and the grips tight. You know.”


Aezera stared at her for a moment, uncomprehending, but it eventually clicked into place, “A worthy hunt indeed. I am proud to be your Lesser.”


As she turned and walked away, she left something unsaid hanging in the air. Lysera knew she was purposefully making this a difficult hunt for herself, but just as the glory of success would be great, the price of failure may be greater still.


With the prospect of a fresh hunt on the horizon, her fury at the one-sided fight had all but reduced to a spark. She was able now to stare at Tryi and her toy without losing control, able to admire, as she often did, how her Lesser’s looked as they ravished and broke a new plaything.


Tryi’s muscled moved and shifted visibly under her skin, undulating with the rolling movements of her body as she took what was rightfully hers, her cock, now slick with both their juices taking the human hard. She saw the human, fading in and out of consciousness as her body was reduced to property, her eyes unfocused, her grunts vague as she drooled into the sand.


She looked around as another Isiri’s growl echoed through her mind, her attention turning on a fresh-faced and youthful Lesser, a Fifth she thought, smaller than the others and barely into her warriorhood, thick braids barely passing her ears, her teeth bared and her smaller cock hard, her eyes fixed on the action on the ground before them.


Lysera raised her eyebrows and for the first time looked towards the two humans chained to the rock face, their expressions one of pure unadulterated terror as they stared at their prone colleague, fearing the worst for themselves.


She stepped towards them and her sudden and imposing presence drew the attention of them both. Wide-eyed does the both of them, no fire or fight in them, unworthy of her personal attention but perhaps valuable all the same to increasing the Isiri numbers and improving morale.


One was young and lithe, not well muscled but not entirely without, her breasts small and modest, high on her chest and without enough size to be worth playing with, though that could change once she had been bred, as many of the human’s figures did. What was odd however was that her hair was cropped so short and coloured so pale that she appeared almost bald.


Lysera reached out a hand and the girl squeaked in fear, trying to flinch away but unable to move more than a little. Lysera let out a little noise of disappointment as she traced a thumb across her fair unblemished skin, following the line of her waist and hip. She would bare strong fit young, but she would break and give in quickly, no prize to be kept but useful all the same.


“You are young,” Lysera said, her voice quiet so as not to be overheard.


“Y-yes.” The girl replied in a whisper, her voice quavering.


Lysera nodded and raised her hand, running her palm over the odd texture of the human’s stubbly hair.


“Your first fight?” She asked, and the human nodded simply.


“Did you surrender?”


“No… No I… I was overpowered trying to save her…” The recruit motioned with a vague motion of her head to the woman chained beside her.


Lysera nodded some and stepped aside to turn her attention on the other woman and didn’t so much as get to meet her eye before the woman began begging…


“I surrender! Please! I surrender!! S-show mercy on us! Please!” The woman said, her voice hoarse and shaking, a few tear streaks marking her flushed skin.


Lysera wrinkled her nose and bared her teeth in a low growl, the inspired fear instantly shutting the long red haired coward up, leaving her instead to cringe and look away. This human was… Soft. Her body was entirely without definition, instead boasting plush pillowy curves. Her ass and tits were indeed amazing for her kind and she was even broad of hip, but Lysera shook her head in disappointment.


“Coward, what is your purpose here? You are no warrior.” Lysera growled again, running her hand up the silky smooth waist of the captured woman, feeling the slight give under her fingertips instead of the usual hardness of muscle that she had become accustomed to.


“I-I’m a civilian! I was sent with the Corp to scout a potential colony site! P-please! If you let me go I’ll tell the Empire that we can’t settle here!! Please!” She warbled, her voice unsteady and desperate.


Her words fell into a frightened whimper as Lysera’s hand reached her full and heavy breast, lifting and squeezing it, drawing a yelp of pain from the woman that made the other Isiri pay attention, it felt good.


Lysera nodded once to the human then turned to the other Isiri, pointing to the lithe, terrified recruit with a single outstretched finger, “Breed her. Her mind is weak and will break easily, but she is no coward. Worthy stock. When I return from my hunt I expect to see her riding one of you of her own free, dominated will.” The girl began to shake as her reality became obvious, her baby blue eyes sweeping over the gathering number of Isiri as they let out a whooping cheer, their cocks hardening as their lusts rose.


She pointed then to the chubby, curvier human, “Do not breed this one.” She said simply and, out of sheer cruelty, let those words hang in the air on their own for a moment.


“Oh! Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!!”


Lysera smirked then, “A base coward, she is not worthy of our young, teach her how to be quiet with your cocks instead. And you!” Lysera barked at the younger Isiri, the Fifth, her smaller cock hard as steel and her eyes awash with a lust only held in check by the presence of her First, “Break in her ass.”


The redhead’s words faltered into silence as she stared at Lysera, so confused that Lysera genuinely wondered if she believed this was happening to her, not that it mattered.


Reaching up and with terrifying ease she tore the steel spikes that held the women’s chains in place free from the sheer cliff they had been driven into, displaying such strength that it wrought another cheer from her gathered Lessers.


The two women fell into a heap alongside each other on the ground and were quick to huddle desperately together, their backs to the rock face, their bodies already exhausted from being forced to stand for so long.


They stared up at Lysera with unbridled horror, their eyes wide, the red-haired girl visible shaking like a leaf. Lysera couldn’t help but grin, baring her lower canines in a show of power and authority as she sensed the Lessers getting more desperate to begin, just waiting for an excuse to let loose as their control ebbed away and as Lysera relished in the moment.


“P-please…” Came the tiny soft voice of the redhead, so gentle Lysera almost missed it over the growing sounds of her eager Lessers and the ever-present rutting of Tryi, “I’ll do anything…”


Lysera looked down at the human, so bizarre in her shape, weak and unfit for breeding, yet interesting in her exotic curves and sensuous lines.


“Yes, you will. After they teach you how.”


With that Lysera stepped from them without another word and watched, satisfied with her judgement as the horde fell upon the two like a collapsing wave.


Despite the surge in action as her Lessers charged she was still able to restrain her own hunger, secure in the knowledge of her own waiting hunt gave that aspect of herself something fresh to look forward to.


The redhead continued her insufferable begging even as she was dragged away from the wall to be laid out on her back, an Isiri Third now kneeling above her head looked down over her body with a feral grin as she rubbed her thick steely cock over the girls face in a display of pure dominance, smearing pre over the humans lips, making her spit and struggle, helpless.


The young heated Isiri Fifth took advantage of the girls distracted nature, positioning her strong body between her plush pale thighs, the fingers of one hand sinking into the soft flesh of her hip, the other guiding her length down towards her ass cheeks, her own advances also uncontested by her peers despite her youth, it wasn’t uncommon after-all for these younger Isiri to be used as tools to stretch and break in particularly tight prisoners.


The short-haired little marine, however, was in amongst an entirely different crowd. She had been set upon by near a dozen or so each eager to the first and after the initial clash, all groping hands and vicious shoves, two Isiri Thirds had through size, strength and reputation, managed to force the rest into falling back, forming a growling snarling circle around the two challengers and their prone marine, her hands covering her head in a desperate bid to protect herself.


“White One.” Lysera spoke, drawing the robed Isiri’s attention away from where, Lysera realised, Tryi was still pounding her toy into submission, “Your services will be needed soon.”


The White One raised one delicate pale eyebrow and looked towards the marine and her two would be suitors, her lips curling into the faintest hint of a smile, “So it would seem.”


The two stood, teeth bared and eyes almost glowing with rage, each one trying to intimidate the other into backing down through display and posturing, but they were equally matched and the prize in question was far too valuable for either to simply give up at this point.


As one stepped forward, giving the marine a quick kick to prompt her to scramble out of their way a cheer went up from the others who had subsided. They might themselves not be the first to breed the human, but a fight was a treat in itself, an opportunity for statuses to shift, power to flow and most importantly, a chance for the Lessers to learn a lesson about combat from their Betters.


The leftmost Isiri roared her defiance, the noise rattling around their makeshift encampment as she charged forward with arms outstretched looking to grapple and Lysera folded her arms under her sizable albeit armoured bust, settling in to watch the proceedings, she was not so arrogant as to presume even she had nothing left to learn from such displays.


The pair collided where the marine had been laying moments before, their hands locking together as it became a contest of strength, each vying for an opportunity to unbalance or overpower the other.


The marine, for her part, was once again pressed up against the wall, her body marked further with new bruises and the red sands of the planet’s ground, her eyes wide as she stared at the inhuman display of strength. It was one thing, Lysera knew, to be told how strong your foe was, but Isiri rarely had to employ their full strength against humans and this display was without a doubt the first this inexperienced recruit had seen. She could see the delicious realisation on the marines expression as she finally came to terms with just how horrendously outmatched her race was.


The raw power the two exuded as they grappled was spectacular, the powerful muscles of their thighs and arms most noticeable as they swelled and flexed, fighting for control over the other as their bare feet dug deeper and deeper into the loose sand.


Despite herself Lysera let out a cheer as one seemed to gain the upper hand, her strength beginning to overpower the other, pushing her down and back, feet sliding.


On the back foot now the other grit her teeth, sweat beginning to glisten on her skin as the equality of the brawl began to dissipate. This Isiri had proven that she was just as strong, but it seemed her stamina was lacking.


“That one.” The White One said, gesturing with a simple nod to the obviously losing Isiri, drawing a derisive chuckle from Lysera.


“I mean no disrespect, but this is why you are the White One, White One. She has strength, but no stamina, she will-..”


The losing Isiri ducked down and twisted away, the others overconfidence forcing her off balance and forward into where her opponent had been just a moment before, but, like a coiled spring she had moved with a grace Lysera had not expected, shifting her body around that of her opponents, forcing her weight onto the back of the already unbalanced Isiri to send them both tumbling to the floor.


Between the two of them around half a tonne of warrior fell to the ground with a rattling crunch, the surge of sand around them doing little to dampen the blow as the surprise loser’s left shoulder visibly dislocated from the force of the impact, signalling the end of the impromptu bout and prompting a fresh roar of adulation from the gathered watchers.


The White One turned her head amicably towards Lysera and spoke with absolutely no tone in her voice whatsoever, “I mean no disrespect, but I’m needed.”


Usually being shown up like that would send Lysera into a rage, but already calm as she was she instead found herself considering the White One’s comments. She had seen something in the fight Lysera had not, indicating a knowledge and experience perhaps even above her own. She had to remind herself that despite the White One’s slender body and obvious age, she had to have gotten all those scars somewhere.


Thoughts for another time she observed as the victorious albeit sweat-sheened Isiri spent some well deserved time relishing in her conquest and victory, others gathering around her to clap her on the shoulder and share in the thrill of her win, even as the marine went momentarily ignored.


Lysera winced and glanced away from the victorious Isiri as the redheads incessant and unrelenting noise peaked suddenly, a sharp cry ringing out as the fiery young Isiri forced the head of her pre-lubed cock into the humans tight and likely virgin ass.


She couldn’t see the point of connection from where she stood, the view obscured by the Isiri’s heavy red ballsack and the humans doughy cheeks, but as the Isiri began mercilessly pumping her powerful hips forward, the sound of steely muscle slapping against soft flesh made it apparent for all around that this soft little redhead was learning what it meant to be owned and sodomised by her superiors.


To Lysera’s relief she watched as the Third kneeling over her head, who up until that point had been enjoying tormenting the pale creature by dragging her pre-dripping cock and massive nuts in their soft smooth sack over her face and hair, seemed to also get sick of the redheads constant mewling, a grin forming on her face as she forced a thick thumb in between the humans lips, pressing it back and hooking it behind her teeth, forcing her jaw and mouth open, readying her for what was to follow.


Sweet silence finally reigned from her as the redhead arched her back, heavy soft breasts bouncing alluringly as she twisted her body desperately from side to side, a guttural and muted groan escaping her throat as the Third fed the meaty tip of her cock into the girl, forcing her to taste the seed of her attacker as her hot pink tongue was liberally smeared with pre.


She had had more fight in her than Lysera had expected, the human’s slender fingers clawing uselessly at the Thirds thighs as she pushed her cock still deeper, the redhead’s throat visibly expanding as she learned, with sudden expedience, how to throat Isiri cock.


Lysera watched until she saw the Thirds nuts, each only a little smaller than the girls balled fists, came to rest and press against her nose eyes and forehead, the cock so thick at the base that the Isiri had to remove her thumb to give it room, the girls lips stretched wide, spit and pre bubbling from her nose as she tried to breathe around dick.


Her body writhed as it was deprived of air, settling deeper into the sand and the younger Isiri growled something, prompting the Third to pull back, allowing the girl a shaky wet breath before she once again pushed forward, the two entering a rhythm as they taught her her place.


The marine let out a strangled gasp and Lysera turned to see that the victor had finally torn her attention away from the crowds congratulations, she had seized the frightened girl by the neck and lifted her up off the floor, pinning her against the wall, hands grasping desperately at the fingers around her neck even as the towering Isiri used her other hand to lift the Marine’s leg, spreading her thighs and pressing herself in between.


The human’s high pitched yelp and gasp were music to Lysera’s ears and while she could see little of the action, the victors body obscuring it, she could see the wide-eyed shock in the human’s eyes, the disbelief, the pain and the fear as each new thrust into her young supple body drove the wind from her lungs.


“That one may learn to enjoy it.” Came a familiar voice and Lysera didn’t allow herself to show the merest hint of surprise for being snuck up on, though she did chastise herself for becoming too engrossed in the proceedings.


Casually she flicked her hair back over one shoulder and flashed Tryi a grin, “Maybe. What about yours?”


Tryi smirked back, any bitterness she may have still felt forgotten with her sated lusts, “What do you think?”


Lysera’s grin broadened, her white teeth shining as she tilted her head, taking in the visage of the human woman, nude and barely conscious slung unceremoniously over one of Tryi’s shoulders.


She had missed the moment of Tryi’s climax, too engrossed in the other prisoners, but its evidence was as clear as day. Hoisted over one shoulder, her head and arms draped down the Isiri’s back out of view, all Lysera could see was the human’s legs, pert pale ass and her soaked and slightly gaping pussy. Even as she watched a trail of thick Isiri cum continued to flow out of the girls new breeding hole to run down one thigh, dripping off the tips of her pretty little feet to land in the sand.


“I think you will enjoy yourself with her regardless of whether she does,” Lysera answered with a laugh.


Tryi laughed too and slapped the humans ass with such force that the flesh visibly ripple outwards leaving a very obvious handprint to start showing through on the pale skin in an angry red, the exhausted human, somehow and unluckily still conscious, let out a pained and pathetic whimper, her toes curling momentarily, “I think so too.”


Tryi lowered her hand and tilted her head, her single braid flowing down over one shoulder, always maintaining a small little smile, “You are in a bright mood, First, will you be breeding one of those two?”


Lysera’s straightened her back and shook her head, “No, the human warrior your Fourths faced was special among them. A hunter of our kind. She escaped the fray.”


Tryi’s expression gained a more serious edge as she thought that over, “Then you will hunt. The honour of my Fourths?”


Lysera had been expecting that question, not that the fire and heat were so much lessened in them both it was a subject Tryi could broach without it instantly returning to violence.


“Unless the prey proves to be especially weak, their honour is intact. Though, one has an injury that will long outlast this day.” Lysera said, tone professional.


Tryi idly ran her hand up her possessions inner thigh, squeezing softly as she did, eliciting a little moan from her toy, “I saw. She will struggle to overcome this.”


“It will be difficult and dangerous. But such environments can breed strong warriors.”


Tryi nodded once in agreement and they both stood for a moment, watching as the marine pinned up against the wall gasped and moaned at every thrust, her arms draped weakly over the Isiri’s bulky shoulders, her legs wrapped around the strong gyrating waist, her cheeks flushed with colour.


“When will you hunt?” Tryi asked at length.


“Some time still yet. I must eat and prepare first. What of you?” Lysera responded, another smile gracing her full lips.


Tryi peered around and raised her eyebrows, “I’m looking for the White One. I want to see if any of the human men can share blood with this one, restore some of her fight.”


“Ha! I had not thought to do that, she was tending to your wounded Fourths last I saw her. Good luck Tryi.” Lysera smirked, nodding once.


Tryi returned both the smirk and nod before stretching up tall and casting her eyes around, walking off in search of the White One.


Lysera stood for a moment longer, admiring the way the marine had lost all control of the noises she made, each grunt and whimper as much shocked, forced pleasure as it was pain and fear. It was a good job she was enjoying it on some level Lysera mused, noting the many, many waiting Isiri.


She didn’t so much as spare the spit-roasted redhead another glance as she turned from the scene, preferring instead to keep the image of that marine, broken and taken, in the forefront of her mind. It would serve to motivate her in the coming hunt.


Food was easy to come by and Lysera tended to it first, eating a combination of Isiri war rations and something local that had been roasted over a spit. The Isiri had been wary at first of the many-legged reptiles, but upon discovering just how delicious and nutritious all those legs were they had come to be a good sport for the Lessers to track and kill.


The preparations for the hunt, however, would take Lysera a little more time. They were by no means necessary, with many hunts requiring immediate attention with little or no time for preparation, but they helped to calm and focus her mind.


She retired to a makeshift tent that had been erected against the cliff face and felt herself relax as she stepped into it, knowing the processes that were to come and readying herself mentally.


The preparations were an exercise in patience and Lysera started by finally seeing to removing her battle armour. The armour was tough and flexible, strong and well fitted, but as with any Isiri she had hungered to be rid of its coverings from the instant she had encased herself in it.


Untying straps and ties occupied her mind for a few minutes as she struggled to complete the nimble task with her thick fingers, but as she did heavy metallic pieces started to fall away from her body one at a time, landing with a too heavy thump in the still sand around her feet.


As she continued her efforts alloy plates were stripped away to reveal more and more of her scarlet body, her muscles perfectly defined and only occasionally marred with slightly paler lines, each scar a lesson she had learned through blood spent.


As the last of her armour fell to the ground, leaving her entirely nude she squatted down by a container, her heavy cock almost touching the ground as she reached in and drew out a palm-sized device that she slipped over the fingers of one hand.


Activating the device with a click it began to emit a soft hum and a bright blue light spilt forth. Slowly and with meticulous deliberation she began to run the light over every inch of her body, meticulous and practised.


As the passage of blue light across her skin cleaned and more importantly, removed her natural scent, she let her body continue its task on autopilot, her eyes drifting shut as she began her mental exercises.


Inside each Isiri was a flame, one that fed their strength and determined their willpower. It was easy to unleash even for the youngest and most unskilled of the Warrior-Caste, the fire granting them incredible strength, but uncontrolled it was just that.


The trick Lysera knew was to see how far you could feed the flame without losing control, to access its gifts of strength and stamina while maintaining a clear mind and a tactical edge. Even for those as experienced as Lysera it could be difficult to conjure in an instant.


As the warmth of the device continued to tend to her body her mind became a carefully controlled ebb and flow of power and thought. She would feed the flame with thoughts of what was to come, of the chase, the fight, the aftermath and all that that would entail, while at the same time tempering it with slow breathes, conscious reminders of her status and ability.


“I am in control…” She hissed low, feeling the power swell within her, begging to be released, to chase down her prey like an animal, to savage her, to take what was rightfully hers.


“I am in control…” She repeated again, thinking of her place as First, how she had gotten here through the use of her mind as much as her body and how badly things had gone for her in the past when she had failed to keep the fire from spreading throughout her being.


When she eventually opened her eyes she felt reborn. Her body was pristine, a perfect Isiri specimen with strong muscles and soft breasts, her cock a little swollen between her powerful thighs, but the most significant changes were in how it felt. Free of the armour’s weight and surging with power she felt as light and swift as a feather, like she could run for days and not tire, or, she thought, perform other marathon duties for days without need of a break…


Setting down the small device she opened a small secure chest and drew out several personal items.


First and most importantly came three pale blue spiked piercings which she affixed through existing spots up the bridge of her nose. Isiri were not very maternal creatures, not holding as much care for family and blood relations as the humans apparently did, but these had belonged to her mother, a great warrior of her time and someone who had through action, not blood, won Lysera’s respect.


Next came two earrings and several smaller rings of the same pale blue colour favoured by the Isiri, they had all belonged to Lysera’s former Better, a First who had herself taught Lysera much of what she now taught to others. But she had grown old and stubborn and Lysera regretted what she had inevitably been forced to do, but as she clipped the rings into her intricately braided hair she found solace that it had been the honourable thing to do.


Last she pulled out a spiked Isiri shoulder pad and, uniquely a fingerless glove of human make. The former she had been wearing when she had won her first victory as Warrior-Caste, the latter had belonged to a high ranking human officer she had bested on the field and remained a trophy worth bearing to this day.


The final item in the chest, a sword of pale blue that she had forged for herself, she left behind. As much as she wanted to wield it in the coming hunt, she had promised that honour to Aezera’s Lancer.


When she stepped from the tent, unaware of how much time had passed, she found Aezera sat outside on the ground, still bound in her tight uncomfortable plated armour, waiting casually with her Lancer lain across her lap.


She rose when she saw Lysera and a broad grin settled on her face, “Sometimes I forget just how in your prime you are, Lysera.” Aezera spoke, her eyes moving slowly up her Betters form, lingering here and there for moments at a time to drink in the sight, “You are ready?”


Lysera let out a low grunt of acknowledgement, “I am. Though I think you’ll find I’m not yet in my prime.” She let a small smile touch her lips then, “Wait until I return with a broodmare worthy of a hundred Isiri daughters thrown over my shoulder.”


Aezera let out a laugh and nodded once in concession, holding out her Lancer, a double-bladed spear, each end a duel tip of the same pale blue material that was now interwoven throughout Lysera’s outfit, “I look forward to seeing that, Better. Is there anything you would like done in your stead?”


Lysera thought for a moment before answering, remembering the cowardice that the curiously built redhead had shown, “Take a turn with the red-haired one’s ass, I want to be able to fuck her myself should the urge arise.”


“As you say, Lysera.” Aezera said formally, though Lysera could sense her eagerness, “And be wary of the sands.”


Lysera nodded once, accepting her advice and the two traded a strong warriors grip before parting ways, Aezera going to see to the running of the camp, Lysera letting her bare feet carry her towards the site of their ambush.


She walked with purpose, feeling the sand blowing around her ankles as she retread her steps, finding the blind from where they had launched their ambush on the unsuspecting unit of marines.


They had been, as the red-haired one had said, scouting out a potential colony site, but their dropship had been picked up by the Isiri’s NCS sensor network and the nearest contestable force, Lysera’s, dispatched.


As she stepped down to the road on which the humans had travelled she became extremely cautious with the placement of her feet, careful not to scuff any of the multiple tracks that crisscrossed the area as she started to look around, just in case they turned out to be relevant.


The going was difficult at first since many of the original tracks had been disturbed in the aftermath as wounded and dead humans both had been dragged clear, but it didn’t take long until she came across what she was hoping to find, Isiri blood.


Despite how little Isiri blood lay on the battlefield compared to what had been spilt from their foe, her sense of smell and keen eyes had helped to find a distinctive too-deep crimson streak soaked into the sand and partially covered. She recognised the pattern the droplets had left as being from a particularly strong bladed slash, Cut-cheek, she thought.


As she stared at the sand around the blood, taking in each indentations size, shape and location, the picture of what had happened began to form in her mind’s eye.


She identified and followed the actions of a set of boot prints, walk, walk, pause, kneel, twist, shell casings, jump back, drop weapon, Isiri footprints, blood. The marine had knelt likely the instant the order to charge had been given and had discharged a burst of fire. Counting the shell casings Lysera could see how little she had managed to get off before she had been rushed by cut-cheek.


A few details of the fight had been obscured by the obvious drag marks of a male humans corpse, but one set of tracks were clear enough, leading away from the stricken cut-cheek and further off into the rocks.


Lysera followed with a slow deliberate pace, ensuring she never lost the set of footprints as they began to separate from the chaos of the fight, becoming more distinct and less cluttered. Lysera was impressed with how the human had stuck to natural cover, slipping away from the fight unhindered and unnoticed by Isiri.


As she took each step with care, feeling the coarse sand as it pressed between her clawed toes, she turned her mind to that of her prey, trying to see thing from her point of view, but the more she tried to make sense of it the less it did.


If the stories she had heard of these unique marines were to be believed they were fierce warriors, fanatic to the human cause and fearless. Yet this one had fled. If a coward then a strong, intelligent one, but that notion didn’t feel right. It felt like she was missing something critical, some information that would make everything just fall into place.


As time passed and the distance grew the non-ambient scents in the air from the battleground and the camp grew thinner and thinner leaving only one. The smell of human sweat and metal, no matter how faint, was like a beacon to Lysera’s senses and it allowed her to pick up her pace, gaining confidence until she was as a steady run, her feet pounding the sand as she no longer had to follow the prints in the sand, having only to stop on occasion to re-scent her prey.


The human had travelled fast but had so far made easy game in the hunt, her tracks easy to follow and Lysera, though moving fast herself, relying on the fire burning within to provide her with strength and stamina she didn’t yet push herself to her limits. She was unsure at which point she would catch up with the human and it wouldn’t do to arrive out of breath and off guard.


As the shadows of the planets long twilight began to set in, casting the world in an eerie red light haze the planets duel moons began to rise and Lysera found herself slowing. Over the last couple of kilometres the ground to either side of her had begun to rise and close in, what had been a low valley when she had entered was fast becoming an increasingly narrow gulch, the cliff walls stretching out above her in what for her would be a challenging climb and for a human an impossibility.


Lysera came to a stop at a point where the gulch narrowed further, her breathing controlled despite the lengths at which she had been running, her instincts giving her pause. The human’s scent was thick here, recent and alluring in its baseness, no perfumes or masks, just her prey, tired from a long run, seeking shelter from the sands as night approached.


Taking a step forward Lysera put a hand on the Lancer strapped to her back and she remembered her Seconds words, to be wary of the sands. She had no doubt her Second had been cautioning her not to forget about the planets unpredictable sandstorms, but even though none were in the air that she could sense, she hesitated, feeling uncharacteristically uncertain.


The smell and sense of her prey so close fed the fire in her and it commanded she finish the chase, take the human while she was tired and unprepared, find a quiet spot sheltered away from the world and claim her prize.


The fire drove her forward another few steps but again something in her mind held her back.


Frustrated and eager to claim her spoils it took a conscious effort of willpower to force the fire to subside, something many others, even of her rank would struggle to do when the climax of the hunt felt so close at hand.


As the fire subsided Lysera felt a little weariness settle into her limbs. It had been a long run and a long day even before that. She turned her mind from thoughts of taking what was hers and instead tried to figure out what had put her senses on edge.


With a hand still on her Lancer she looked from the rock faces guiding her along to the cliff tops above, then down to the winding passage vanishing off before her and lastly to the sands at her feet where her eyes focused and a frown formed on her plush cherry lips.


The human’s tracks were deep and uniform, as easy to follow as the scent in her wake, so obvious in fact that even a Fifth could’ve followed with ease.


Lysera blinked, her breath catching in her throat as all the pieces seemed to at once fall neatly into place, the entire day’s events culminating into a single all-encompassing realisation that burned through her mind and body, giving her life. Lysera grinned and let her fingers release the Lancer. She knew where the human was and she would have to be quick and quiet.


The climb wasn’t as difficult as she had first assumed, though it was a good test of her control, relying on her fires incredible strength and endurance to heave her own massive bulk up while keeping her cool and calm, placing each hand and foot with caution, knowing that any loud noise could prove to be her downfall in the critical moments that followed.


Step by step, inch by inch, Lysera rose, her skin gaining a thin sheen of sweat as much from the mental restraint as her physical exertion and as she reached the top she kept her body low, her teeth bared as she peered over the lip of the gulch and at the jagged, rocky landscape that awaited her.


The sand-laced winds licked at her face as she crawled forward, sticking to cover and doing her best to ignore where the pointed rocks bit into her bare flesh, momentarily frustrated with her otherwise adored bust.


She came to a large rock outcropping on the edge of the gulch and froze, tempering her fire to slow her heart rate. She inhaled slowly through her nose but caught nothing, the wind up here too erratic to give her a scent and she prepared to continue forward.


As she breathed out something minute tickled her attention, something so small she had almost missed it. Pausing where she was on the exhale, not even willing to risk her own breath she shut her eyes and felt her pointed ears twitch as she exerted effort.


It was a skill to listen like she was, but having six ears was not without its advantages. On the edge of hearing, locked away where her conscious mind always chose to ignore it, Lysera could hear the quickened thumping of her own heart deep within her chest, but it wasn’t alone. Another heartbeat echoed in her ears and once she had made the distinction between the two beats, she could hear it racing.


When the marine came around the rock, rifle raised and shell casing flying free Lysera’s Lancer was already arcing through the air. The first few rounds pinged off the rock, the marine having pre-fired and another struck Lysera in the shoulder guard, virtually the only armour she wore.


With a blue flash of power the Lancer’s blue blade glanced off the barrel of the marine’s rifle, the force of the impact levied by the spears length and Lysera’s strength sent the compact little thing spinning from the marines now numbed hands, leaving it to skitter away across the rocks as the marine dove and rolled backwards, landing nimbly on her feet with knife in hand, the silver blade stained red with dried Isiri blood.


Lysera grinned broadly, her smile predatory and self-assured, her pose one of complete and utter dominance as she rose to her full height, taking in a deep breath that escaped in a needy growl, her eyes crawling over every inch of the humans crouched and ready form.


She was perfect, tall for one of her kind and beautiful too, her face young and symmetrical, though her expression was currently locked into a grimace. Her armour obscured body wasn’t ripped with muscle like her own, but Lysera got the impression that this human was exactly as muscled as she wanted to be, a perfect example of strength balanced with speed all encased in a suit of enhanced poly-armour.


“Respected hunter.” Lysera snarled, holding her Lancer down and to one side, ready should she need it to defend but not to strike.


The human tossed the knife from one hand to the other, shaking each as she did, trying to work life back into them, “Are you here to talk or fight?” The human spat back her long dark hair catching in the wind, her eyes fierce.


Lysera rolled her shoulders and stretched her neck from side to side, her joints letting out tremendously deep thunks as they clicked and settled, “You can’t feel your hands. You are too easy to kill.”


The human was silent for a moment before nodding and Lysera grinned still, this one understood their ways, understood that Lysera wanted a good fight and she was in no position to decline the hesitation in her favour.


“I could shoot you now.” The human said and Lysera simply smirked, she had noticed the humans sidearm.


“I could throw this spear at you.” She retorted, raising it ever so slightly to make a point, but then her voice acquired a warm, hungry edge to it, “But that wouldn’t be as fun… And I want to have a lot of fun with you…”


The human snorted derisively, still passing her knife from hand to hand, “Oooh ho, I’m not throwing away this knife.”


“You don’t have to. Just the gun, for my spear.” Lysera said on the level, eagerness making her patience a challenge in itself.


“You mean… You’ll put down your spear and I’ll put down my gun and we’ll try to kill each other like civilised people?” The human answered sceptically, but as she thought about it and as she had more time to look over the chiselled imposing form of the massive Isiri, her eyes notably avoiding several key areas, she doubted her chances of winning should she go for her blade.


Slowly and with an open palm she reached down to unclip the still-holstered pistol from her belt, hesitating for a moment before tossing it away. Lysera grinned and laid her spear down respectfully, but stepped around away from it, putting it out of reach.


“Lysera.” The marine said matter of factly and was welcomed with another wide toothy smile.


“You seem to know me. I should know my foe.”


“Aurora.” The marine replied, knowing enough of Isiri custom to use her true name rather than the odd family name that human’s carried, “I need to know, where and when.”


Lysera laughed a little, understanding the human, their minds and natures akin, “At the last, little Aurora. You had me fooled up until your climb. The tracks were too clear and your scent too heavy. You would’ve had to me walk into a narrow stone passageway where the tracks would suddenly end and I would’ve had nowhere to go… Right?”


Aurora grit her teeth, “Almost… You would’ve triggered a few stun mines first.”


Lysera shook her head and her voice was a delicious mix of anticipation, glee and lust, “The ambush was too easy, your people mostly recruits. I wouldn’t be surprised if you picked that coward civilian just so she would surrender and tell us that her mission was as a colony scout. But no…” She shook her head, feeling her cock, soft between her thighs between to swell, “No, your mission wasn’t to shepherd weaklings around. You’re like me. You’re a hunter. The ambush, the redhead, the Isiri you wounded, the escape, the chase, it was all bait, bait for me. You were sent to capture a First and you made yourself irresistible prey.”


Aurora stayed silent, but Lysera could see in her expression just how right she was. She could see the tension building, noticed she was no longer passing the blade from hand to hand, instead holding it steady in her right. The fight would start quick and be over quick, Lysera readied herself, letting the fire course through her veins.


“You have impressed me, respected hunter.” Lysera bit her lower lip as her eyes trailed over the armoured body of her human counterpart, “But now I’m going to enjoy breeding you…”


The human raised her right arm and did something Lysera hadn’t thought of, she had anticipated the human closing fast, getting inside her reach to try and carve her up with that little knife of hers, what she hadn’t expected was to see the sliver of metal voluntarily released by its owner, or that it would be thrown at her.


Her body reacted before her mind could and, feet planted as they were, the only way to avoid the deadly throw was to allow her legs to collapse and to twist her body. The blade missed, albeit it only just and Lysera caught her fall with a hand, standing and unleashing an Isiri weapon seldom deployed.


She roared. Her shout so powerful that the sand around her stirred at it’s passing, thrumming as if a deep vibration was coursing through it. The warcry was often enough to slow and daze opponents, sometimes even rendering them unconscious acting similar to a human stun grenade, but Aurora was unphased.


She had hoped the warcry would’ve bought her just a couple of seconds to find her feet and stance again, but Aurora didn’t allow her the chance. She ducked under a heavily swung blow and slid through the sand, rising up above Lysera and throwing herself onto her back.


Lysera roared her anger as the battle lust took her but she felt the cold metal of the marines armour wrap around her neck, servo’s and joints audibly cracking and popping as force was exerted, the enhanced armour locking up and cutting off Lysera’s vital flow of air.


Her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth wide, spit flying as she tried to roar Lysera threw herself backwards, feeling the shock of impact run through her as Aurora cried out, crushed between Lysera’s unyielding bulk and the rocky face.


As she rose to her feet she expected the human to fall limp, but instead she felt the woman’s strong legs wrap around her waist, gripping and squeezing as she continued to choke the life out of Lysera.


Lysera realised how far she had run, how far she had climbed and knew then that while she had figured out her opponents strategy she had underestimated the armour they came clad in, with a flash of panic she realised she might be in real danger, her body needing more air than any human at the height of her fury.


She tried to force down the fury to give her a few more precious seconds of consciousness, the light in her eyes already dimming as she tried to peel off the marines arms or legs, but they wouldn’t budge.


She thought about the armour, about what she had seen and about what it could do, tried to envision it through the growing haze of incomprehension and asphyxiation and had one last idea.


Lysera released herself, let go of every carefully constructed mental barrier, every studiously realised technique and allowed her fury to consume her. Power coursed through her aching limbs and she reached behind her with one hand, awkward and ungainly, but her fingers closed on a compartment on the human’s lower back.


Lysera felt lust, she felt pain, she felt fury and she felt alive. She fed the fire with all these and more as her vision blackened to a single white point and with a final exertion of effort she sank her fingers into the very armour of the marines back, gripped the now sparking battery and ripped it free in a scream of mangled metal and cables, tossing it aside to bounce in the sand.


The effect was immediate, the marines enhanced armour, giving her strength comparable to the Isiri became a metal prison as she fell from Lysera’s back, laying in the sand, twisting and writhing as she tried to come back to her feet.


Lysera gasped hard, never so grateful for the sweet taste of air as she fell to her knees, coughing and grunting with one palm in the sand.


As she turned her head towards Aurora she saw the human on her back, face white with sweat, her arm outstretched, fingers only inches away from the rifle that had been knocked from her hand just minutes before. She couldn’t reach it.


Acting quick to rebuild her mental control before the fire in her made her tear this human in two for having the audacity to almost have killed her, Lysera laughed at the sight, the brightness in her own voice at her victory and conquest ringing long and true even as one of Aurora’s fingers began to nudge the rifle’s butt.


“So close little Aurora, but now you are mine.” The force in the last word made Aurora wince, it was so heated and driven by passion, Lysera had meant the word ‘mine’ in every sense.


“Fuck you!” Aurora shouted and Lysera smirked, picking up her Lancer and strapping it to her back, the human could almost grab the stock of her gun with two fingers now.


She kicked it away a few inches and smirked, meeting Aurora’s gaze, “You want me, don’t you.”


Aurora shook her head and clenched her jaw as Lysera squatted down over her, her cock swelling quicker now, raising and thickening.


“Tell me you want me, you fucking human slut.” Lysera snarled, baring her elongated fangs. The fire might be contained enough to stop her from killing the human, but she let it burn bright enough to let her enjoy it.


Aurora spat and a line of pale saliva landed across Lysera’s face, she growled low and reached down, grabbing Aurora’s face and squeezing, eliciting a pained whimper as she drew their faces close.


“If you want to trade spit that’s fine by me…” She dug her fingers into the corners of Aurora’s jaw, forcing it open as she lowered her mouth. Aurora’s eyes flew wide and her scream was cut off as her pink little lips, soft and perfect, were speared by Lysera’s thick hot tongue.


Aurora struggled, a whine escaping her throat as she was held in place, her tiny mouth invaded and filled by Lysera’s deep penetrating tongue, swirling and dancing inside her body, violating her and giving her a taster of the domination that was to follow.


As Lyseras hands clawed at her damaged armour, pulling off and tossing away useless fragments she pulled back from the ‘kiss’, being sure to allow a big drop of her own spit fall between the human’s lips before she let go of her mouth.


Aurora coughed and sputtered, turning her head to spit as she felt cool air against her breasts, hardening her nipples, realising only then that her whole chest piece had been torn away with the integrated mesh beneath it. She felt the hands ripping and tearing lower, removing her armour before tearing the mesh away and she fought as best she could, but without her surprise or tools, she was just another human under another Isiri.


She gasped and cried out as she felt Lysera’s teeth nip at her neck, expecting her life to end then and there but instead feeling the hot silky texture of her wet tongue as Lysera dragged it up from her neck to her ear, her breath hot against the lobe as she whispered in a heated snarl.


“You taste so fucking good…”


Aurora shivered and felt real fear, she knew what was next, more than most did, but she was powerless, quite literally, to stop it.


The intrusion of cold wind spread until it kissed at her core, sending a new wave of terror into her, she twisted and screamed, roaring and flailing with one now unarmoured arm, but she felt Lysera shift, half standing over her, her hands grabbing Aurora by her steel encased legs and lifting them towards her.


“N-no! Fuck no!!!” She yelled as her legs were lifted up and spread wide, her vulnerable pussy on full display as Lysera looked down with a smug grin. Her cock was huge, thicker than Aurora’s wrist and near enough the length of her forearm. She slid it up and down the human’s tight slit, marvelling in the velvet warmth of her vulva even as she spread her pre, lubing and preparing.


“You’re going to fucking learn to love my cock, you’ll spend hours bouncing on it and more besides on your knees worshipping me like the perfect little breeding bitch you are,” Lysera growled, voice full of promise and desire, Aurora’s hand slapping ineffectually against the Isiri’s abs as she tried to push herself free.


“Fuck you!!” She screamed, shrill now and she felt Lysera’s position shift, her motion still, her cock begin to push, “Nooooo! No no noo! You bitch!! Fucking ah!! Fucking don’t!”


Lysera grinned broad, enjoying the colourful language as the thick tip of her cock was pressed flat against the tight folds of her pussy, trying to just conquer that first step.


The human’s screams became incoherent as pain welled up inside her, but the very tip of her cockhead found its mark and parted the humans slick pussy.


She gasped and arched her back, face paling further even as she felt an odd burst within her, Lysera’s cock pumping more and more pre into her pussy, so much so it felt like she had been cum inside of already, though she knew that to be distant and wishful thinking.


Lysera’s eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned low, feeling the pussy stretching around her cockhead, just kissing it now, but she knew that would change. Panting hard through parted lips she looked down at Aurora, so beautiful and gorgeous like every fantasy of Lysera’s brought to life. Trapped like an animal beneath her, pale and sweaty, desperate and helpless.

(Art by Lucien, Check out their stuff!)

She stared for a moment at the humans bouncing tits as she twisted and writhed, perhaps a handful for the human they were little more than bonus trinkets to her, especially when her own tits so easily rivalled her pets head in terms of size.


“You’re so fucking ready for me, so fucking ready…” Lysera purred and increased the pressure, sudden and intense.


Aurora opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out of her same for the slick wet noise of Lysera’s huge cock sinking into her tight little pussy. There should’ve been more pain, it should’ve probably been fatal, but instead as she stared down in shock she saw her modest core spread wider than it had ever been, wrapped tightly around the massive pole of meat that was Lysera’s cock, hugging and embracing it like it had always belonged.


“N-no…” She said weakly, her voice a squeak.


“Yesss….” Hissed Lysera, grunting as she pulled back.


Aurora saw white for a second as it felt her entire body was being dragged out with the cock, but as it was just as roughly pushed in again, the screen of white became stars. She grit her teeth and swore, tears rolling down her cheeks as Lysera began fucking her in earnest, but there just wasn’t any pain.


She wanted it, wanted to suffer for her failure and her loss of freedom, to undergo the torture she had been trained to expect, but to her absolute horror and despair, she felt only pleasure.


“Nooo!” She cried again, this time more a moan than a wail and Lysera knew she could break this marine, it might take days, weeks or months, but just as the redhead would break under pain and fear, this tough stoic marine would break under pleasure.


Lysera pumped her cock slow but unyieldingly into the perfectly tight pussy of her prey, feeling as it stretched and squeezed, milking her every inch as her own pre-mixed with the girl’s juices, allowing her to go faster and faster.


Aurora gasped and whimpered, her breasts shifting and bouncing with each thrust into her body, her pussy so alight with new sensations that the only message to reach her brain from her entire worn out and beaten body was pure, unadulterated pleasure.


She arched her back and shook her head violently from side to side, trying to switch it off, trying to fight it, but her breathy moans and pink cheeks betrayed her. She could feel every single vein, every little ridge, every silken steely inch and the fit was so tight her body seemed to draw it back in each time she pulled back.


She closed her eyes, refusing to meet Lysera’s mocking gaze as she forced her to enjoy being bred by an alien captor. Instead she tried to focus, tried to reign in the impulses sparking within her, trying to win back what little dignity she could before it was all gone.


Unfortunately, Lysera was in just enough control to know that Aurora was trying to stop herself from doing something truly and utterly humiliating, something that would take away a part of who she was as a person, something she wouldn’t be able to get back again.


Lysera grinned and made a subtle change with the angle of her thrust, ensuring that each time she pushed into the beleaguered marine, the head of her throbbing cock dragged along the roof of her soaked pussy, grinding forcefully into her G-spot as she went deeper still, making sure as their bodies collided in the rich sound of flesh on flesh, Aurora’s little clit was repeatedly pressed up against the base of the Isiri’s shaft.


“A-ah!!! Ah god!! God no you can’t!!!” Aurora pleaded, but Lysera didn’t slow.


She hammered herself home without pause or mercy, forcing a rhythm into their animalistic rutting that allowed her to control when she pushed herself over that edge, but one she knew would have devastating effects on little Aurora.


The marines words had become incoherent, her hand pressed weakly against Lysera’s abs as pleasure soared through her, her brain ignoring her own dire and dark thoughts to instead bombard her with messages that she was close! Oh so close! It felt amazing, it was the best sex she’d ever had, she’d never just cum from having a guy in her before!


“Nooooooo~” She cried out in a low wail, tilting her head back and squeezing her eyes shut, lost in the sickly sweet embrace of an Isiri cock induced orgasm.


She came hard on Lysera’s cock and in return felt it pulse and swell, a new grunt coming from her captor as a flood of something hot and viscous exploded deep within. Her mind went blank, unable to comprehend the alien sensation of that much searing cum being released into her body and she felt like she might explode, might die, but instead as it forced its way around Lysera’s cock to leak down into her own stomach, the pulsing of even more thick hot cum stirring up the load already deposited in her, all it did was force her into her second climax.


Lysera smirked as she drained her huge red nuts into the slut, the woman’s hand against her stomach, resting there like a forgotten afterthought. It had been the best fuck of her life and damn if she wasn’t going to ruin her prize at least twice more on the journey back to her people.


Aurora lay there, limp and exhausted, her head tilted back and her lips parted as she breathed hard, her pussy still stretched around Lysera’s embedded cock, the length still dribbling its gift into her.


Her vision went black and her body was embraced by Lysera’s, she felt the hardness of muscle and the softness of the alien’s huge breasts as she lay against her, her parted lips once more driven into and conquered by Lysera’s thick explorative tongue.


Aurora groaned around it, without the strength of will to even consider biting as the tongue was worked around her own, sliding in and out of her lips in a long passionate display of domination and ownership.


By the time the kiss had broke Aurora found her thoughts a little more easily corralled into coherence. She opened her eyes, her cheeks still blushing, her eyes half-lidded.


Lysera smiled down her voice too quiet and too sweet to be anything other than mocking derision, “Mine…”


Aurora may have been beaten, she may have been bred and, worse even than that, she may have been forced to like it, but as Lysera leaned in she pursed her lips and spat once again, right into Lysera’s eye.


“Fuck… Fuck you…” She said, breathless.


Lysera drew in a deep breath and raised a hand, using a single thick finger to wipe the spit from her eye and Aurora felt herself shrink away from the look that Lysera gave in return. She had been expecting hatred, anger, maybe even a swift fist. But the pure adoration and lust terrified her.


“I fucking love it when you do that…” Lysera snarled and Aurora gasped only now truly understanding her fate, her fingers digging into the sand as Lysera pulled her in and close, impaling her slick core back on her semi-soft dick, holding and embracing her like a lover, even as her dick began to grow and her strong hips began to move, her sore pussy protesting only with another round of pained pleasure.


Aurora was hers.




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