Coffee Shop: Chapter 1

(Art by Anasheya, check out his stuff!)


Gods, he was absolutely gorgeous, she couldn’t help herself but to stare at him through the rims of her glasses.

She had been relaxing the night before, watching a new Original Netflix series cuddled up alone in bed with her laptop and a cat when her phone beside her had buzzed, happily announcing that she had matched with a new cutie on the app, Tinder.

She had intended to play out the usual game of seduction and invitation that she often enjoyed with cute little boys on the app just looking for a simple fling. She generally gave them the one night stand they were looking for, just seldom how they had expected it. She had planned on inviting herself over that night for an evening of implied fun and passion, sating herself and infrequently her partner, but as she had started to message him and they had started really talking and to her surprise, they had hit it off instantly.

He had been so adorable, so kind and sweet, complementary and beautiful. Every word had enticed her and every swapped cute picture made them each more eager to meet the other. Part of her had, at the time, still wanted to go ahead, wanted to invite herself across, or invite him to hers for a night together, but she had, only just, managed to control the lewder part of her mind and opted instead for an actual genuine date the following morning.

Which was where she found herself now, sipping on her hot coffee, her cheeks flushed as she gazed at him with dreamy eyes, he was a talker and she was happy for that, his voice was so sweet and melodic she could’ve listened to him all day, telling her about who he was, what he did, how much he liked her outfit, loved her hair, complimented her makeup and her smile all mixed in with sporadic jokes, jests and anecdotes that left her giggling with delight.

She admired the way the sun beams through the window caught in his short light hair and how his beautiful white smile gleamed, she could’ve easily lost herself for an eternity in his bright blue eyes and as for his wonderfully full lips, well, she could’ve spent even longer experiencing those, every aspect of him she thought was sculpted by a god just for her to admire and, she hoped, enjoy.

But more than anything else she loved the way he looked at her, the way his eyes just conveyed his depth of character, his bright cheery life and his acceptance of anyone and anything, he looked at her like she was the only person in the world worth speaking to and it made her heart beat just a little bit faster in her chest.

Listening to him and watching him she could well believe that she was the only person in the room and that his entire life had been building up just to speak to her and make her laugh.
On top of all of that, she loved his energy, the way he moved his hands as he talked, always smiling, always making her smile and laugh. Though as they talked she began to imagine that energy being put to better use and she bit her lip a little.

She chewed gently on her lip as she thought about him holding her hand or holding her in her arms, cuddling as they watched something on TV or even snuggling by a fire in winter.

She glanced down briefly, her eyes drinking in his slender body and she began to imagine what else they could do together.

Her thoughts of them snuggled by a fire turned lewd, her mind imagining him lying on his stomach, his legs pressed together as she straddled his thighs, her hands gripped and squeezing his rear as she made sweet love to that ass which, though she hadn’t seen it yet, she knew would be as pristine as the rest of him.

She felt her hidden secret swell some and, under the table, she parted her thighs ever so slightly to give her member room to breathe, feeling it pulse and throb with eagerness as she again laughed at something he had said, having to move a hand to gently nudge her glasses back up into place, smiling a little shyly, embarrassed at her own growing erection even though she was the only one aware of it.

Not that she could help herself, she was hardly even listening to him now, as delightful as he was, by now her thoughts were swimming in fantasies of them together as her ‘secret’ grew to its full length her mind drifted away from romantic nights making love by the fire to more lewd and immediate scenarios.

Maybe she could tempt him into a stall, meeting in one another’s embrace as they kissed and made out, constantly shushing one another as to not get caught even as they pawed at each other’s bodies, her hands exploring his slender form, his hands feeling her breasts, sinking lower, finding her secret, he would be surprised, of course, but he was so sweet, open and kind, she knew he would accept her.

She would sit him down and stand over him, bringing her hard cock to his eye level, showing him what she was really like, telling him how nice it was, how soft it felt and how good he could make her feel, gently urging and tempting him into first touching it, his fingers so delicate and soft, convincing him to stroke it, his hand tight around her but his movements gentle, then persuading him to kiss it, his lips plush and soft, finally, he would take it into his mouth, perfection. She would have him suck her off then and there, keeping her noises muffled with her hand as they played, though doubtless a few others of the café’s clientele would come in, wondering why a stall had such soft feminine noises coming from it, one or two maybe looking under and seeing the four feet, able to guess at what was going on, though they would be so wrong.

She would finish in his mouth, encouraging him to swallow before they stepped out, hand in hand, her, bright and euphoric, him blushing but smiling as they went back to hers together to continue to play, promising him so much more, enticing him to trust her and to let her make him feel good the best way she knew how.

Or maybe that wasn’t enough, she thought, looking across the table at him, maybe he was just as horny and excited as she was and as soon as they got into the toilets they just wouldn’t be able to contain themselves. Not making it the vast distance to the stalls before they kissed and embraced, his hand moving straight to her swelling member, knowing it was there, squeezing and massaging it through her skirt, wanting it and needing her.

Desperate for each other she could lift him up onto the sinks, pulling his jeans down and pushing herself inside of him, their bodies meeting as they gyrated against one another, completely lost in the pleasure and the passion, knowing each other for such a short amount of time but already addicted to one another’s bodies and beings as they met, her cock sliding in and out of his tight little hole, him moaning her name, her biting at his neck, leaving little love bites as he held onto her, arms and legs wrapped around her body as she thrust up into him, claiming him.

Again there was that risk they would be seen by another patron, but should anyone stumble across them they would be given much more of a show, watching as her cute date lovingly took her shaft deep within him, the sound of their bodies meeting echoing throughout the room, mixing with their moans and pants of joy and pleasure.

Again she would finish inside of him, the perfect place to hide her mess so they could leave the café with people, likely suspicious, but none the wiser as to what they had gotten up to. Again she would sweep him back to her place, spending a night together neither of them would ever forget.

She looked away from his moving lips to gaze sideways towards the toilets, no, the toilets would be too far away, she’d never get there with him in her state, she would have to seduce him here and now over their coffees, telling him what she was and what she wanted to do with him, whether or not he wanted to was secondary, they would stand and she would kiss him, brief but hot, she would push him over the table, his hands gripping the edge as she dragged his jeans down over his ass, exposing him.

Without a care in the world for the people around her she would free her cock and push it into him, there in the middle of the café, they would be vocal, gasping and moaning, creating a scene that not only the two of them would remember forever, but so would everyone else with the good fortune of being there to watch their perverse coupling

All the ladies, from the trendy stylish girls to the suited and sophisticated women would look at her with lust, and all the boys from the young and hip college crowd to the suited business lot would all look at him with envy, all of them wishing they could be under her body, receiving what she had to give, they would be trying to hide their own mounting arousals as she fucked him, her hips and pelvis bouncing against his ass, pushing him time and time again against the table as she drove into him, claiming him, making every inch of her cock his to enjoy.

She wouldn’t finish inside of him in this scenario, no, she would flip him over, railing him in missionary for the last few long thrusts, their eyes looking deep into each other as they were consumed by their bodily pleasures, as they peaked and she came to climax she would pull out, gasping and stroking her cock, releasing her pent-up load over his body, staining his clothes and releasing across his face, marking him as hers.

They would have to flee the restaurant in a mess, laughing and giggling, flushed and embarrassed, high on adrenaline and life as they ran off together into the sunset, either that or they would find themselves together in the back of a police car. She wondered how hard it would be to get him to give her head with cuffs on and  as she thought, she found the idea quite agreeable, maybe if she-…

“Are you okay?” he asked, waving a hand in front of her face, a soft smirk on his beautiful lips.
“Hmmm? Oh! Oh, um, yes, I’m fine, really fine actually.” She blushed a little and swallowed, snapping out of it to once more focusing on the here and now, they had both finished their coffees and he was looking at her expectantly, she looked back at him, blank, unsure what to say.

“Would… You like to go for a walk, maybe?” he asked, his smile widening and she found herself smiling too.

“I would love-…” she hesitated, she had an absolutely raging erection underneath the table and she knew that if she stood there was a real risk she would flip the table with the thing.
“…Maybe after one more coffee?” she said, smiling still.

His smile didn’t waver, he just wanted to spend time with her, whether it was in here drinking coffee or out there walking, he didn’t care, “Would you like me to get this one?”
“Oh, please!” she said, perhaps a little too eagerly.

He nodded and stood, returning shortly to the table with two more coffees, her face still flushed, her smile still warm and genuine.

She had to think of a way to control herself, she could only stall for so long after all and sooner or later she would have to stand, “You um, mentioned you played baseball for a hobby?” she asked a little too casually as she picked up her new cup, cradling it in her hands, “Yes, maybe we could talk about baseball for awhile?…” she said, a little shyly as he sipped once more at her hot, delicious coffee.


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2 thoughts on “Coffee Shop: Chapter 1

  1. omg This might be my favorite story of yours! Do you approach female character POVs differently than male POVs? Or is it a similar process/headspace?


    1. I do put myself in a different headspace for different POV’s, but it’s not neccesarily done via gender lines! For example for some of my femboys I might put myself in a feminine mindset :3 Xx


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