Lost Time: Chapter 1

Louise hummed a light airy tune to mask her mounting anxieties as she went about making the bed in the upstairs guest room, her hands moving with a practised grace as she laid out linen and straightened edges, fluffing pillows and generally just wasting time, allowing her mind to wander as she worked.

Today was the day, she knew. The day her daughter, Willow, would be making her first visit back after leaving for college, the first time she’d have seen her in over a year. They had talked plenty and texted more besides during her time away, but given their unique relationship, her daughter’s absence had left a void in Louise’s life that she had struggled to fill with a long list of short lived romances and one night stands.

In her youth Louise had found herself ostracized for being different, despite almost being the picture child of American beauty, curved with brunette hair and the looks of a model, it had never made things easier. It didn’t matter how hard she tried to fit in, or how often she moved around, it was seemingly only a matter of time before people found out about her not so little secret, her cock, which had made finding friends difficult, and keeping them even more so.

As she had started to grow up It had made her life as a budding sexual nymphomaniac incredibly difficult, forcing her in the early years to rely almost exclusively on her own two hands, as it were, to help guide her through those formative years.

All that had changed for her however when she herself had gone to college. She had found the people there to be far more accepting of her for who she was and not what she had between her thighs and for the first time in her life, Louise had gotten a girlfriend, Jane, who not only accepted Louise’s extra package but had loved it.

Louise had believed for many years that their first encounter at a party had been random, it had only come to light years later that Jane had actually known about Louise’s extra something and sought her out for it.

Louise, from her conservative background, had been instantly intrigued by Janes exotic look, her pale skin, dark hair and darker accessories, which she would later discover to be ‘goth’ had caused her to stand out. That and the girl had flirted with Louise, teasing her, laughing with her and making her feel wanted and desired, both of which were alien sensations for her.

They had been all too eager to discover more of one another and their early college days were a blur of parties, alcohol and rampant, constant sex. Every morning, noon and night Louise would have Jane bent over a table, laid on her back or riding on top of her, their bodies mingling in a constant state of ecstasy and lust.

They had precious little actually in common, very few shared interests and entirely different lifestyles, their only mutual ground was their insatiable lust for the exotic nature they each saw in one another. It had been, for a while, like living in heaven. Except stickier.

Things, as is like to happen, had changed however, when her cute little gothic girlfriend had started to show a bump. A quick test later confirming their suspicions, that Jane was pregnant, her pale porcelain tummy expanding to accommodate their growing child.

Things had been difficult for them both in the early days of the pregnancy, while they still spent much of their time together fucking like rabbits, no longer concerning themselves with the need for protection only serving to enhance the experience, they had tried too to spend more and more time together, trying to be a couple, trying to make it work.

For Louise, this had been the best part of her life. Jane had been the only girlfriend she had actually had and while the sex was, without a doubt, absolutely amazing and the foundation of their relationship, she had never before experienced what it was like to have a girlfriend. To date, to cuddle, to be loved. She couldn’t have been happier, settling down with her gothic little love bunny.

For Jane, however, things had never sat quite right. She had always been adventurous, an explorer, pushing the boundaries of what she could and couldn’t get away with. Her gothic nature and choice of girlfriend, in the thick dicked Louise showing her desire to experience life outside the norm. But now, with a child growing inside of her, the path that lay ahead was one of domestication, and that had frightened her.

But she had truly loved Louise and for her and the sake of her child, had stuck with it.

They had never married but had together finished college, Louise going to work in accounting and Jane drawing art from home. Between them, in their own odd little way, they had become a little family.

Willow had been born and it had quickly been determined that despite the presence of a penis, it was likely that the child would develop feminine aspects like Louise herself and they had decided to raise their child, Willow, as their daughter.

They had lived their lives and grown up together, Willow growing up to look more and more with each passing day like Jane, but more and more with her mother’s gift.

As the years passed things had begun to change between Jane and Louise. As Willow had grown up, they had become increasingly distant, virtually never sleeping together and even when they did it was lacklustre, a spark missing.

It was incredibly difficult for Louise, who was by her nature a very sexually charged creature, after years of constant, amazing sex, to find herself once more relying on her own hands. But she had endured, for her two girls.

When Willow came into her teenage years the rift between Jane and her family had deepened. While she was never aggressive or violent, it was clear she saw in Willows youthful eagerness a lost chance at a life of her own, unable to suppress thoughts of what could’ve been, might’ve been and maybe even should’ve been.

When the separation came Louise was left in devastation, despite the growing rift between them Louise had always reasoned they would find a way and make it work, but that had never come. While willow too was upset, she had had to be the strong one for Louise.

Willow and Louise had, in Jane’s sudden absence, grown closer, relying more and more on each other to fill the void that Jane had left in their family and though they were both upset with her leaving, their own bond had deepened, able to relate with one another on a much deeper level than any other mother daughter pairing. Not only were they all each other had in the family, but with their extra gifts, it often felt they were all each other had in the world.

It had all come to a head on WIllows eighteenth birthday. It had been odd, Louise had thought, that Willow had chosen to spend her birthday evening in with her mom and not with the small group of friends she had managed to cultivate, but nevertheless, Louise was grateful to be there with her on such an important day. They had had a wonderful evening together, watching films, drinking wine, cuddling and then, well, it was like Louise had been transported back to her own youth. Something between them had snapped and, like that party night so many years before, they had discovered each other, a loving kiss deepening, holding hands caressing, an evening of love becoming an evening of lust.

Louise bit her lip as she repeatedly fluffed the pillows, her mind wandering back to that first night with her daughter and the many similar nights they had shared together before her daughter had gone away to college leaving her to peruse bars and seduce housewives to try and sate her needs, finding lust but never finding love.Her reverie was suddenly broken as she heard the sound of her front door echoing through the house, followed by a voice.

“I’m home!”

The light familiar voice bounced through the house, it had been too long since the walls of her home had rung with her voice.

She looked around, curious as to where her mom would appear from as she set down her heavy backpack,which was, of course, full of her dirty clothes, it wasn’t a visit home after all without a load for washing.

Her mom, suddenly and in all her splendour appeared at the top of the stairs, looking flustered and surprised as she looked down the stairs at her daughter, hesitating as they each drank in the sight of one another.

Her mom was a beauty, the kind of woman the term ‘cougar’ had been invented for, not thin, but curvy and attractive, a lush brunette, her age evident in the smile lines around her eyes but it only served to add an air of grace to her beauty and in no way detracted from her wonder.

For a growing, horny girl, before they had begun their more illicit relationship, Louise had offered Willow’s teenage mind an outlet, no one her age interested her, hell, even the women in porn drew her eye only when they had shared her mom’s qualities and physique. Each tiny fantasy was ultimately dominated by her mom, a fantasy she had, when she had come of age, confidence and wine, acted on that night over a year ago, filling the gap that Jane had left.

Louise wore a long flowing dress, simple and stylish, likely just enjoying the early heat June had to offer and, Willow knew, likely enjoying the freedom that such an open space gave her between her thighs. Like mother, like daughter, and like the summer weather, they were all packing heat.

Louise bit her lip and started to slowly walk down the stairs, her full, DD bust bouncing visibly in the low v of her top with each step as she carefully approached her daughter, she had been expecting her arrival, of course, but the daughter who hadn’t visited her in so long now stood out for all new reasons.

Gone was Willow’s long brunette hair, now cut to shoulder length and dyed black. In the place of the soft warm tones of the makeup they had often shared, Willow now wore much darker shades as Jane had, her lipstick and eyeliner a pure black that contrasted against her pale skin and matched the black mini-dress she wore and the long dark thigh highs that clung to her legs.

“Willow!” She exclaimed as she descended the stairs, despite her shock at the changes she was still over the moon to see her little girl, who, save for her style, just as she had remembered her, slender, lithe and shorter than her, with cute little b-cup breasts and gorgeous pale skin, just as Jane had been, almost exactly.

She stepped forward and embraced her daughter in a tight, loving hug, feeling the warmth of her slightly shorter child once more in her arms where she belonged.

Willow smiled warmly and embraced her mom, feeling the woman’s fuller figure against hers, felt her moms more prominent bust dominate and squish against her own b-cup breasts as she leaned up into the hug.

“Hey mom, missed you too..” she said, mirth in her voice as she gave her mom a loving squeeze before leaning back slightly, still in her mother’s arms as they looked at each other.

“Gods I’ve missed you so much Willow, the house just hasn’t been the same without you..”

Willow smirked and raised a hand to brush her hair into place, “Oh I bet you’ve missed me. Not got any girlfriends around?”

Louise blushed and bit her lip, “Not tonight, obviously, I knew you were coming. Though I didn’t expect… This.”

“What do you think?” she asked, coyly, pursing her full black lips, showing off.

“Its… You…” she bit her lip, trying to find the words, “You look just like she did, when I was at college.” Louise admitted, and they both knew it couldn’t be denied.

Willow had grown to be almost the spitting image of her mom’s one and only love, but the gothic style that Willow had never before adopted had been the one thing that set them apart. But now…

“But you like it, right?” Willow asked with a smirk, stepping back up close to her mom and taking her hands in her own, sliding them around and under her miniskirt to grip at her pert rear through her black satin panties.

Louise blushed and was reminded again why she had missed her little girl so much. She had never been a shy one after their first night together.

“I love it, Willow, Gods you look so much like her.” she laughed a little, cupping her hands around her daughters pert ass, squeezing and pulling her close.

Willowed smirked as she felt a familiar fullness start to press against her body as they embraced.

“Yeah, it’s almost as if we’re related or something.” Willow teased.

“Oh so now you’re a smart ass too?” Louise said with a smile, eying her little girl, seeing only Jane.

“That I get from you I’m pretty sure..” The teenage girl grinned.

Louise bit her lip a little, “So uh, What did you want to do? Eat? Sleep? You must be tired.”

Willow laughed a little, her hands reaching up to drape across her mom’s shoulder, fingertips gently caressing at her neck. “Oh please, like either of us want to do anything other than fuck.”

Louise blushed brightly and glanced around, as if they might be heard, only causing Willow’s laughter to deepen.

“Willow~!” She exclaimed in protest, before hushing her voice. “You know we shouldn’t…” she said, a sultry edge to her voice even as a smirk edged onto her lips, her fingers sinking into the softness of her girls butt, grinding her swelling cock forward against her daughter’s body.

“Oh please, mom. Do you want to play the moral card and try to talk us out of what we’re going to do?” She smirked, biting her lip, a blush on her own cheeks betraying her own excitement. “Can’t we just go upstairs and ruin a bed?”

“…Fine… But not the guest bed, I just made it.” Louise said.

Willow tilted her head, her voice bemused, “The guest bed? For me? Like I’m not going to spend all my time here in your bed?”

Louise blushed and opened her mouth, searching for words.

Willow didn’t wait to hear them, she just winked and untangled herself from her mom’s embrace, turning and taking her hand, pulling her towards and up the stairs, her cheeks flushed with expectation.

She pulled her eagerly through the house to her mom’s bedroom, turning and smiling, her eyes sparkling with desire as she drank in the view of her mother.

Louise’s full breasts were rising and falling enticingly in her top and Willow knew she would be more excited than even she was, needing this. It had always been the case before, Willow’s own cock was rarely ever brought out for fun, she had always been the one on her knees between her mom’s thighs or the one roughly pushed up against a wall, her moms cock hammering her.

She could see it now, in fact, as she looked down, tenting her mom’s skirt, pushing out and forward, prominent and erect under her floral skirt. Willow stepped forward and wrapped her slender pale hand around the shaft of her moms hard, throbbing cock, feeling it pulse hot under her fingers, even through the skirt.

“A-ah, Willow…” Louise breathed, biting her lip as she ran her fingers through her daughter’s soft black hair before slowly starting to push down on her little girl’s head.

Willow looked into her mom’s eyes as she sank down slowly to her knees before her, the hard shaft still in her hand now coming to eye level as she knelt before her mom, knowing her place in their twisted little relationship.

She leaned forward, pressing her lips to the bulging fabric of her mom’s skirt, eliciting hot little eager sighs from her as she kissed along the still hidden length of her cock.

Slowly her mom moved to sit down on the edge of the bed, smiling lovingly as Willow, ever obedient moved to follow, crawling across the floor towards her mom.

“I’ve missed you so, so much. Now be a good little girl and suck mommy off, would you?” Louise said, her voice heavy with lust and desire as she watched her daughter, now so much like Jane had been when they first met. She couldn’t wait to feel the pleasure, her cock painfully erect in her skirt.

Willow smirked as she looked up at her mom, admiring her beauty, how quickly she went from thinking it was a bad idea to making demands. Willow would, of course, do as she had been told, but she had picked up a thing or two in college which she couldn’t wait to try out.

She kissed the very tip of her mom’s throbbing cock through the skirt, tasting pre and noticing a wet spot on the fabric of the dress, biting her lip she moved her hands to her mom’s ankles, urging her own fingers under her dress and lifting up, revealing the long tanned length of Louise’s gorgeous legs and drawing closer and closer to the prize that awaited her.

Louise ran her hand through her daughter’s hair, letting her do her thing as she leaned back on her other hand, admiring the young girls form through her outfit, so small and beautiful, her own child, her own lover.

Willow felt her heart skip a beat as the dress was raised to reveal her moms huge, prominent cock. Her full darkly painted lips were open as she drank in the sight she had missed so much.

Willow, like her mom, had had a long string of lovers while she had been away, but they were all just place holders, sustaining a need until she had returned home and once more had in her life exactly what she wanted.

She blushed her lip as she wrapped her small, pale fingers around the base of her mom’s cock, feeling the silky hot skin under her fingers, feeling its steely hardness. She blushed and raised her arm comparing the size of her mother’s thick cock to the size of her own forearm and found them comparable.

Not that it had grown, it was just always hard to believe just how big it was, and even harder to believe that Jane had ever left, leaving such a monster behind. Her loss, Willow knew.

Willow bit her lip and wrapped both of her hands around the base of the thick shaft, letting it rest across her small, beautiful face as her dark lips kissed gently at its sensitive underside, her eyes locked on her moms. She had learned very quickly with her mom how she liked her head, and she liked her little girl to make eye contact with her, for the two of them to be staring deep into each other as Willow used her mouth and tongue to pleasure her.

“Don’t make mommy wait too much, Willow.” she said, her voice needy.

Willow nodded a little, smirking playfully as she leaned down lower, giving each of her mother’s heavy, round and smooth balls an appreciative kiss before letting her soft pink tongue glide up the length of her cock to the thick red tip.

“Mm, I’m going to have so much-mmfm!” Willow let out a muffled whimper of protest as Louise pulled down on her head, pushing the thick tip of her cock into the wet, welcoming warmth of her daughter’s mouth, filling it and drawing a moan from her own lips.

“Ooh there’s a good girl, suck it, suck mommy’s cock.” She purred low.

Willow, cheeks flushed did as she was asked, her cheeks caving in on the red tip as she started to obediently roll her lips up and down over the silken tip, her hands focusing on the length, pleasuring it with slow practised movements.

The size of her mom’s cock had always been a shock to her, so long and thick, their first few weeks together had been very oral focused as slowly but persistently Louise had trained Willow to take her cock properly, but even once Willow had been able to take her moms cock, their love sessions had always focused closely on Willow giving head, Louise simply addicted to the sensation of her daughter’s mouth, of the submission Willow showed by servicing her, of the skill she demonstrated. The power of it was a huge turn on for the woman who, through her life, had felt seldom little.

Willow’s dark lips past up and down over the now shiny tip of her mom’s cock, taking a few inches into her mouth with each press down as she kept her bright, gorgeous eyes locked on her mother’s, her blush prominent on her otherwise pale cheeks.

Despite her mom’s forcefulness and eagerness, she still had plans to try something new, though it would be difficult, she knew.

Louise leaned back on one hand, the other guiding her daughter’s head up and down as she panted through parted lips, feeling the familiar and addictive pleasure flow through her body in ways she hadn’t experienced in it seemed forever, this one session with her daughter worth a hundred with the desperate housewives of her neighbourhood.

The soft lips, the eager sucking, the agile swirling tongue, Louise wondered how she had ever let her daughter go away for so long, she would have to find a way to persuade her to stay so she could spend every day with her daughter knelt between her thighs servicing her cock where she belonged.

Willow moaned around the hot length dominating her mouth, feeling the all too familiar signs in her mother’s movements and actions, the way she gripped her hair, the way she squirmed in her seat, despite how long it had been she knew her mom was starting to get close.

She doubled down on her efforts, rising her mother towards that peak, towards the point of no return, her dark lips moving quick, massaging the sensitive tip of her cock, tongue constantly drawing little circles and flicking at the silky underside.

Louise moved her hand from her daughter’s head, panting hard now as she leaned back on both of her hands, her full breasts rising and falling with each heated breath.

“God Willow you’re so good, you’re going to make me cum!” she breathed, voice heavy with lust as she felt the cresting waves of pleasure rising and rising, so close now.

Willow looked up at her mom, reading her expression, seeing just when she was about to break, when her pleasure was just reaching that very height.

She drew back, the thick tip popping from her lips as she moved, one of her hands gripping the base of her mom’s cock as tight as she could manage, squeezing the thick cock as if to strangle it, her other hand she gripped near the top of her shaft, just below the engorged and sensitive head, now left ignored. She pressed her thumb to the underside of the tip, pressing very slightly as she recaptured her breathe, watching her mom squirm.

“A-aah! Willow!! Why did you stop! I was so close!!!” she gasped, voice high pitched and desperate, she was just on the edge of climax, right where Willow wanted to keep her.

Willow sat close to her mom’s cock, so close in fact that Louise could feel the heat of her daughters breathe against her cock, but the only stimulation she was given was that delicate little thumb, rubbing the most sensitive spot just below her slit.

Louise writhed desperately, the pleasure so close to peaking, being held at a point she’d never before experienced. Her arms gave out beneath her and she fell limp onto her back on the bed, limbs twitching as her mind was overrun with the assault of pleasure and the need to cum.

“A-aah~ Willow! Please! W-what’re you~” she gasped, hands clawing desperately at the bed sheets, her cock throbbing and pulsing in Willow’s vice-like grip as she, with a featherlight touch teased her cockhead.

“It’s called edging, something I learned about at college. What do you think?” Willow said casually, almost studiously as she continued her efforts. Edging, she knew, was more about recognising the signs of when her partner was about to cum than the actual pleasure induced, and if there was anyone she could read like a book, it was Louise.

“A-aah!” Louise whined, her only forthcoming responses were now a series of desperate gasps, whimpers and mewls as she stared blankly at the ceiling, body squirming and writhing on hte bed.

Willow smirked some and bit her lip, curious to see just how long she could make it last. Though with every passing second the multitude of pleasures seemed to build and press harder against Louise’s urge to cum, her daughters skilful precision and apparent malicious glee kept her from it. Louise’s mind almost broke under the white blanket of pleasure dominating her every nerve that wiped out any other thought, leaving her an uncomprehending mess on the bed, whimpering and squirming, her cock bigger and harder than it had ever been in her daughter’s hands.

Willow, to her absolute delight kept her mother on the edge of cumming for two whole minutes, reducing her mom from the in control dominant top that she was to a limp needy woman at her whims, who, if she had even the ability to form words, would likely have been begging her to cum.

However the end result was inevitable, Willow, pressing her thumb against the underside of her mom’s cock pressed just a fraction too hard and she saw the sudden wideness in her mom’s eyes, saw her heavy sack tighten as she was finally pushed over the edge, her pleasure peaking as finally she was allowed to climax.

Louise saw stars as she felt her daughters mouth once again close over the very tip of her veined shaft, feeling her plush lips and spongy wet tongue against the incredibly over sensitive tip of her cock, causing her whole body to shake in a climax like she’d never before felt.

Willow closed her eyes and struggled, each pulse of her mom’s cock shot her thick hot seed between her lips and into her mouth, she had gotten used to her partners at college, giving her a few short spurts of cum with each climax and she had forgotten just how virile her mom was, each single pulse completely filling her mouth and forcing her to desperately swallow, her slender neck moving with each hot mouthful of bittersweet liquid which she gulped down.

She milked her mommy’s shaft, hands stroking the length now as her mouth stayed locked around the ruby red tip. Despite her lack of practice with such quantities of cum she was determined not to spill a drop outside of her own terms. She felt the thick liquid slide over her tongue again and again as she swallowed, feeling a pit of heat form in her stomach from the sheer amount she was taking in.

She felt the flow between to wain, the thick pulses slowing, the timing between each one growing as the thick cock in her mouth lost part of its steeliness, beginning to soften as she nursed on it.

Willow continued to gently kiss and lick the tip in her mouth, determined to draw every drop of cum from it as her mom laid exhausted, panting and spent like she had never been, her mind lost and confused in the sea of pleasure she had been dropped into.

Louise stared upwards, staring at the white of the ceiling, feeling her drooping length pop free of a hot wet mouth, left to the cool off in the air. She vaguely felt a presence crawl up onto the bed, atop of her and saw the young gothic face appear above her. She stared up into the face with half lidded eyes, her lips parted, her cheeks flushed, “J…Jane?..” she asked, voice soft.

Willow smirked playfully and leaned down, pressing her plush lips to her mom’s parting her lips as they kissed.

Louise closed her eyes and whimpered as she felt Willow’s saved mouthful of cum slide down between their mutually parted lips into her own waiting mouth, forcing her to taste her own cum, Willows’ tongue followed it into her mouth where they shared a deep, intimate and wholly erotic kiss, thick with Louise’s cum which she was, drop by drop forced to swallow herself.

As they kissed and Louise’s thoughts began to clear she raised her arms, gently caressing her daughter’s lithe body. She never wanted to let her go again, wanted to keep her all for herself, forever.

Maybe she would.


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