Dual Wielding: Chapter 1

Elyn panted hard, each exhale exhasperating her discomfort, the inside of her plate helm already slick with condensation, her face dripping with sweat. Don’t think just act. Each step was a labour, the protective armour like a lead weight as she trudged forward over the battlefield, her own heavy breathing drowning out the complaints of the wounded humans and monsters laying around her.

The fiercest of the fighting was over, but she knew she couldn’t relax, there were still stragglers on the battlefield and she had long since lost her light skirmisher retinue, a team of chosen lowborn who prevented people getting in close or behind her, preventing the weaknesses of plate armour from being exploited so she could wreak havoc on those before her.

At her best In the heat of battle only the most skilful of foes could break her guard, but as it stood, any idiot with a knife could get in behind her limited view and stick a hook in through the gaps in her plate.

Ahead she spotted a foe, a towering beast picking through the bodies, sorting both the living and dead into a single category.

“By Hazar’s Light! I challenge thee!” She bellowed, her helm giving her shout an echoed tone. Though she was panting hard, exhausted, she could see the beast turn towards her, corded muscles shifting under its thick green hide as it stood, flexing and ignoring those around it, focusing on a new target, her.

Grunting she held her blade, hilt in one hand base of the blade in her gauntleted other. She was tired, but she knew what she was doing, these beasts were strong but stupid, relying on pure brawn over any semblance of skill.

Gritting her teeth and shifting her stance she dug her heel into the ground, watching as the monster shifted from a walk, to a jog, to a sprint right at her. As it approached in a moment she knelt, bracing her sword against the ground like a pike, hunching her head down protectively the instant before it collided with her.

With a roar of fury at the last second it lifted a foot, slamming it forward towards her uncaring of the waiting trap. Without so much as noticing the pain, it seemed, the sword impaled on its foot, it sent a backhand storming towards her. As she raised her head, surprised not to have a dead fiend atop her she only had a moment to feel her panic rise before its hand hammered into her shoulder and head, the impact so strong it likely would’ve killed her had it not been for her armour.

Spinning, she landed in the mud, sliding a good few feet despite the weight of her armour as she heard a deep inhuman chuckle. Gritting her teeth she tried to sit up, only to find she was, in fact, laying face down, her head so rattled she could hardly tell which way was which.

“Pathetic human. Don’t you know women for breeding?” The fiend chuckled in vile broken common, “You will make good breeder, yeeees haha, I will use you to birth many strong young.”

She could hear its voice approaching and, as it drew close, she rolled on her shoulder onto her back, driving her fist up with a scream of defiance, blood trickling down one side of her face.

Pain lanced through her as the beast caught her hand in its own, crushing with such strength she could feel the plate buckling beneath its grip, “Yesss ha, fight me little welp, it will make our breeding all the more fun!”

She strained as it lifted her up, her body limp, devoid of strength and weak after her head had been knocked around by its fist and subsequent tumble. She stared through the slits in her helm with one eye in defiance, the other closed as blood trickled down over it in a thin rivulet.

It grinned and lifted her so it could see her eye through the narrow slit of her helm, letting her, in turn, see its vile pierced face with its metal studs, its bloodied teeth spread into a wide grin, its evil eyes projecting the malice in its soul.

“Tonight you learn to-” its taunt cut off as a metal tip, gleaming with crimson blood sprouted suddenly from its forehead like a dire flower, its eyes rolling back slowly as it seemingly took its lumbering body several long moments to realise that it was, in fact, quite dead.

its fingers relaxing it dropped like a felled tree, she too dropping to the floor, crumpling in a heap of pain and soreness, her world still spinning from the strike to her head, time a blur, the world moving around her despite the fact she was perfectly still.

She wasn’t sure how long has passed, seconds, minutes, hours, but suddenly her mind was snapped back to the here and now, hands were on her head, moving her, she felt pain, feared death and saw light…

She blinked her one good eye as cold air swept over her wet face, the only warmth that of her own blood, her long blonde hair falling free, matted with blood and lank with sweat, she could see at least three of everything as her vision swam, she reached for a sword she’d forgotten she’d lost until she heard the voice.

“Elyn!! Elyn can you hear me?!” The voice said, ringing in her head, it was familiar, a foe? No. She squinted her eye, “Elyn!! Come on, she’s wounded! You have to help me get her out of here!”

Hands under her arms, the sound of grunting and straining as she was lifted to her limp feet, being shamelessly dragged from the battlefield, her head lolling, only occasionally catching glimpses, a few boys, messengers maybe, or squires, each with a crossbow. The boy in the middle, black hair, blue eyes, reloading his crossbow as they covered her retreat. With a last groan, the light faded and her eyes closed.

When her eyes opened again she was in her tent, her body tired, but her wounds healed, the pain gone, praise Hazar. She looked around, recognising the room, her lush red rugs covering the plains the war camp was set on, tables and furniture set out, for her use, a few personal effects settled around and, notably, two people, blurs standing by the entrance to her tent.

She moved to sit up but felt weighed down, with a groan as a dizziness set she noticed that, while healed, she was still in her armour, laying atop a thick leather that had been laid out between her and the clean cloth of her bed. She noted that the pauldron, helm, gauntlet and vambrace of her armour had all left misshapen from her encounter. With a frown as she struggled to combat the nausea that trying to move had brought her she recalled the events prior to being knocked out. She had, she knew, almost been killed by that beast. No, worse, she had almost been its prisoner. A fate much worse than the release of death and the embrace of Hazar.

But she had been saved. A boy with black hair and blue eyes loading a crossbow, having just saved her, with, she assumed, a bolt from that very weapon. She knew the boy, knew him very well, in fact.

“Mm..” she groaned, her throat raw, swallowing to wet it before she spoke, her voice still weak despite her healed wounds, “Conrad. Conrad?”

It only took a moment before, one of the two people standing by the entrance stepped towards her, his short black hair tousled, his bright blue eyes focusing on her, his expression lightening considerably, “Elyn!!” he said, quickly moving to her side, “The priest,” he started, glancing back towards the man he had been talking to, who, with more work to do, had stepped from the tent letting a sweep of chilling air curl in, “he said he had healed your wounds but that your head may be hurt in other ways, are you well?” he whispered, kneeling by her side, concern written across his soft features.

She smiled, reaching out a gauntleted hand towards him which he took, clasping it and smiling back, “I’m good, Conrad, tired, but well.” she relaxed back, enjoying the expression of pure relief he adopted, gently squeezing her hand, there was no doubt in her mind that he had saved her, felled a great beast, risking his life on the battlefield for her, something well above his duties as her squire, “What happened out there?” she asked, gently.

He bit his lip for a moment, “You were fighting a fiend, it hit you hard but… I think you must have fatally wounded him first.”

She let out a dry little laugh, squeezing his hand gently as he looked to her, confused, “Ahh Conrad you are too modest, I recall a bolt and a boy with a crossbow…”

His mouth opened, his cheeks flushing red in embarrassment and she laughed again, “Conrad you need not be ashamed, I am indebted to you, you saved my life,” she grinned, “now please, what happened? Honestly.”

Still blushing he bit his lip a little bit, looking up at her beautiful face, her usually bright eyes dulled with fatigue, her wavy blonde hair a far cry from how she often presented herself.

“W-well, the battle was all but finished, the… It was costly, Elyn, for both sides,” Elyn nodded, a little bitterly, a draw was a loss for them, the enemy could replenish their numbers much quicker than they could.

“There was no rout though, of either side,” he continued, “everyone just kinda fell back to the war camps. Your horse came back too, without you.”

She smiled at that, at the knowledge that her steed Swift had made it back through the madness of the initial clash, “Go on?”

“I… I couldn’t believe that you were… Wouldn’t believe it.” he said, steel in his voice, “So I set out. I was picking through the field looking for you when I heard it, Elyn, I heard it, clear as day. Your challenge.”

Thank Hazar, she thought, for carrying her voice.

“I and a couple of messenger boys who were beginning to tally the dead and recover slain officers made for you, as we did, we came across a group of crossbowmen that had been overrun… I… Well, we came over a ridge and saw you on the ground, saw it pick you up. We were behind it and I… I…”

“Fired straight and true,” Elyn said, smiling warmly.

“I’d never even held one before Elyn, I, I don’t know how, I just… I… Hazar, Hazar guided my hands, I think, he should be the one credited with saving you.” He said, nodding softly.

Elyn smiled and shook her head, “Hazar may have been with you in that moment, but it was by your hands and heart that I was saved. I will pray to Hazar, but I have no one to thank for my life but you.”

He blushed a little and his smile returned, so warm and genuine.

“Mm, could you help me out of my armour and fetch some hot water? I am feeling quite in the need for its relief.” She asked, a soft smile on her face.

Conrad nodded and, since he was holding it, started with her gauntlet, unbuckling the straps that held it in place and gently peeled it off her hand.

As it came free it revealed her hand, sticky with half-dried blood and he winced visible, “E-er… I’ll go get that hot water.”

Elyn smiled, nodding gently, prompting him to stand and, a little reluctantly step from her.

“I’ll be back soon, okay?” he reassured as he stepped back towards the entrance to the tent.

“I won’t go anywhere.” She smirked, leaning back as he nodded, biting his lip before leaving.

She admired him in many ways, since he had joined her as her squire she had enjoyed his skill, intelligence and loyalty, which she never would’ve assumed was as strong as he had proven today. As he left her, weighed down by exhaustion and her armour she saw him in a new light, one she’d never imagined she would. Not just her squire, her servant, but something more, her hero.

Sure, he was young, but the age gap between them wasn’t too extreme. After all, you had to be in your prime to be a warrior like she was. At that peak where her experience was premium but her age hadn’t yet dulled her edge. And he might be a little green around the ears, but, he was… Cute.

His body lithe and slender, smooth, not muscled like hers but not weak, his strength was simply different to hers. He had, she thought, been a messenger boy before he joined her, so he was more built for endurance. She’d viewed that as a useful advantage, a squire who seldom tired was a useful tool, but as she reclined, thinking about him, she found it to be more… Attractive.

He’d always gone above and beyond the call of what he was expected to do, but as she thought back he had always been especially attentive and willing, not to mention accepting.

She wasn’t, after all, like other women, or other dickgirls, even. While the world had a healthy population of both full women and dickgirls, she herself, having a cock, balls and pussy, made her stand out as different, an outcast even among outcasts, when this had been revealed to Conrad, he hadn’t even blinked, the admiration radiating from his eyes for her not dwindling in the least.

As he re-entered she looked to him and, to her own surprise, felt a little blush at her cheeks, the slender boy with his dark hair walking towards her, setting down the bucket of hot, steaming water and dipping a cloth in it before, without having to be asked, he went about cleaning her hand and removing her armour.

“Forgive me, Conrad,” she said softly as he worked on removing her vambrace, his eyes trailing up from his work to meet hers, questioning, “my recklessness today put you in danger, I’m sorry for that.”

He smiled a little and shrugged, “You’d have done the same for me, Elyn.”

She bit her a lip a little, enjoying the inflexions he used while saying her name, she found she liked it, “True, but, still. I’m sorry to have put you in that position.”

He let out a little sigh of relief and took her hand in his, looking down at it, feeling the calluses of her palm against the comparative smoothness of his own, “I’m just glad you’re safe. I’m not sure what I would’ve done if…”

He didn’t finish the sentence and didn’t need to, the rest being left comfortably unsaid. She relaxed, closing her eyes as she felt his skilled touch on her skin, feeling the world lighten and become less restrictive as more and more of her steel shell was peeled away, replaced by his soft touch and soothing cloth.

The process was slow but pleasant, her whole body relaxing to his efforts until all her armour was removed, leaving her in her simple stained undershirt and trousers.

Her reverie and enjoyment was broken, however, by the sudden intrusion of his voice just as she was anticipating his hands on her shoulders or thighs.

“Elyn, I will fetch your handmaiden so she can finish,” he said amicably and though it was, of course, proper for him to do so, she felt a sudden unmistakable pang of regret.

As he raised to stand she leaned up on her elbows, parting her lips and furrowing her brow, “Ah, um.”

He looked towards her, uncertain, “Yes, Elyn?”

She bit her lip a little, taking in his honest features, “…Stay?”

He tilted his head some, a small smile touching his lips as he took a step back towards her, “You… Want me to continue?” he asked, his voice soft, uncertain but wanting.

Leaning back a little she eyed him, feeling a tension between them, one she hadn’t before felt, but at the same time one that seemed to have always been there. She nodded, urging him on, surreptitiously biting her lip as he looked down, focusing on his work.

He placed his hands on her waist, gently gripping the hem of her undershirt and glancing up at her, catching her for the briefest of moments chewing her lip, a light blush on her cheeks.

Feeling emboldened he continued, lifting the undershirt up over the toned abs of her stomach, revealing a few old scars, but nothing that put him off.

As Elyn lifted her arms over her head, ensuring it would be easy for him to slide the shirt off he found it nearly impossible to avoid his eyes drifting to her breasts as they were revealed, surprisingly full on her chest, so often pressed down by her aptly named breastplate.

“Wow…” he said softly, admiration in his voice as he stared unabashedly at what she had to offer. Suddenly he looked up, as if expecting chastisement for his vocalisation, but instead was met by a smile, teasing one onto his own lips.

“Don’t be shy, Conrad. I think we both deserve this,” she said softly, crossing one arm under her breasts once the shirt was fully pulled free, allowing their weight to settle in the crook of her arm, holding them a little bit more comfortably in place as he put the shirt aside, bloodstained as it was, probably for burning rather than cleaning.

With a smile he nodded, moving his hands back down to her waist, his fingertips, soft and silky stealing a caress of her toned abs as he undid the string tie at her waist, urging them down over her hips and down her thighs.

As with before, he revealed toned muscles and battle scars both, but what made her truly special was slowly revealed to him, like a treasure and one she was unsure he would value.

Her cock lay between her thighs, which, as her trousers came free, she parted slightly, allowing the softness of her length to lay calmly down against the bed, thick and ominous a top two heavy balls. As she did, she let out a relaxed sigh, always happy to free herself after a long day, enjoying it all the more with company.

With the trousers joining her undershirt in the ‘to burn’ pile he moved to collect the cloth and hot water he had brought in, looking over her body, stained and grimy from battle, and he smiled.

“What’re you smiling at hm?” Elyn asked coyly, she knew he was already aware of her cock, but had been expecting a bit of a more adverse reaction to actually seeing it.

“Mm, it’s just going to take quite a while to clean you, is all,” he replied, his smile warming as he pressed the hot cloth to the tired muscles of her arm, beginning to wipe her down.

She smiled too and reclined her head, closing her eyes. She didn’t sleep, but she let her mind drift and wander as she lavished in his attention. Her muscles recovered as heat was fed into them, her skin coming away clean of all dirt.

To her delight he wasn’t shy about cleaning under and around her sizable breasts, his fingers spending more than an ample amount of time caressing over and lightly pressing into the soft flesh of her orbs, teasing soft little murmurs of delight from her throat as she relaxed, letting him know what he was doing was not only welcome, but encouraged.

He washed almost every inch of her, even politely asking her to roll onto her stomach so he could wash her hair and back, his fingers, once again spending some time playing with her less soft but just as curvy buttocks.

At last, feeling refreshed and renewed she rolled once more onto her back, her hair, damp with water but no longer lank and matted with blood spread out under her head, which she propped up with one arm, her eyes half open as she smirked at her squire.

“Mm, you missed a spot…” she said in mock chastisement, raising her eyebrows and motioning gently downwards with a subtle nod of her head.

Blushing he glanced down, he had, he knew, been a little apprehensive, not really sure how she would react if he continued down there, but he wanted to, and now knew she wanted it too.

Biting his lip as she settled back, eyes watching as he refreshed the cloth before bringing it to bear on her remaining weapon.

She let out a soft moan as she felt the cloth press gently across the swell of her cock, making it stir as he continued to wash her, lifting her slightly swollen member and letting it flop against her stomach so he could clean down the underside and over her balls, smooth and weighty.

Finally his hand with the cloth pressed under balls, tracing across the smooth outer folds of her womanhood, a sigh escaping her lips as she arched her back. It had been too long since she’d had someone touch her here other than herself and she couldn’t deny how good it felt.

“Ah, Conrad, don’t stop…” she breathed softly and, blushing, he complied, the cloth pressing harder against her, her balls resting against his hand as he explored her freely, knowing with surety that they were both as into this as the other.

After a few long moments, with her clean and the pretence now unnecessary he set the wet cloth down in the bucket, his hand returning to her virtue, caressing its soft silkiness with his gentle touch, enjoying the heat and enjoying her reaction.

Elyn reached out with her hand, placing it on his thigh and squeezing encouragingly, her hand moving to gently caress over him as he bit his lip, his fingers pressing a little firmer against her sex, a moan escaping her lips as she arched her back.

As he continued to rub over her core her cock grew harder, thickening and lengthening up her stomach, pulsing with eagerness as her own hand moved to the waist of his trousers, causing him to jump a little, surprised to feel her hand against his skin, so lost in his own actions he hadn’t even noticed as she slid her hand down inside his trousers to caress over his own, semi-hard cock.

“A-ah, Elyn?…” he asked softly, looking up at her and she smirked a little, eyes inviting.

“Mm, help me remove this sheet…” she said softly, moving to stand, albeit with a fawn-like footing, her body still unsteady from the trials that day.

Offering his hand he helped her stand, moving quickly to cast the thick leathery sheet that had been thrown over the bed to avoid her from ruining her sheets with blood when she had been laid out on it before being seen to by the priest.

As he set it down beside the bed he felt her hands snake around his waist from behind, causing him to stiffen for a brief moment, at least until he relaxed into her grasp.

Her hands moved slowly, but with intent sliding moving to undress him in the same manner he had to her, riding his shirt up over his head, hands caressing his smooth unblemished skin all the way up, less defined with no muscle, but still lean.

As she then urged his trousers over his hips and down to the floor she hesitated a moment, biting her lip as she took a moment to sink her fingers into the softness of his ass, tempting her with its lushness.

“You deserve a reward for saving me today…” she purred low, kissing at his ear as he tilted his head back against her shoulder, enjoying the sensation of her bare body pressed to his, soft, save for the hardness of her cock bumping against his plush cheeks.

“You had something in mind?” he said, voice a little teasing, able to guess exactly what she was planning by the hardness pressing against him.

She smirked a little, running her fingers through his short dark hair, “I was thinking I go for a ride…”

Blushing warmly he turned and smiled up at her, his eyes keen, their swords crossed, “Okay,” he said, as if there had been any doubt.

Nodding she smirked and pushed him lightly on his chest, causing him to fall back onto the bed with an adorable little squeak. With a little laugh she followed him down, laying atop of him and for the first time, letting her lips find his.

The kiss they shared was soft but loving, their care and adoration for each other being displayed as his hands reached up to caress over her waist, her own hand caressing his face, her weight settling down, breasts pressing firmly to him as they enjoyed the lingering kiss.

Breaking it after a few minutes she let out a little contented purr, a smirk breaking across her features as they looked at each other, eyes half-lidded, cheeks flushed with colour.

“Ready to take me for a ride, squire?” she grinned gently and he nodded keenly.

“How would you like to… You know?” he asked, a little meekly, and she giggled.

“I was just going to climb right on,” she smirked, “How else were you thinking?”

He blinked up at her for a moment as she sat up, his face registering surprise as she reached down to stroke at his hard cock, her smile broadening, wide and genuine.

“Oh, oh! You thought I was going to use this?” she said, bobbing her cock a little and laughed, “Oh Conrad, that’s so sweet, no, I’m rewarding you, remember? I’m using this…”

Biting her lip and glancing down she cupped her own balls, raising them to display her womanhood, glistening with her own excitement as she lined it up above his own throbbing shaft, then paused.

“Unless… You don’t want that?” she said, voice mirthful.

Blinking, as if broken from a spell he nodded eagerly, “I-I do!”

“Thought so…” she smirked a little before looking down, straddling him and sitting down slightly letting her core caress over his cock, wetting it before slowly she began to sink down.

He arched his back and let out a long sigh of pleasure, chewing his lip as he moved one hand to her waist, the other gripping the sheets of her bed.

Elyn tilted her head back and closed her eyes, feeling a weight off her chest as that satisfaction of having a man inside her lit a spark that had been dormant for too long. For too long she had been too focused on the fight, neglecting her own needs and wants. At the very least, tonight, she would see herself sated.

They began slow at first, Elyn taking her time to ensure his cock became slick and ready for more of what they both wanted, their breathes coming heavy, but not frantic, quiet and gentle, their eyes unable to help themselves but to look over each others form, her admiring his sleek form, him her muscled body with her full breasts and battle scars. They couldn’t have been more different in many ways, but here they were one.

Moving both his hands to her hips he urged her to go faster, something she wasn’t keen to deny him, his hips moving in tandem with her slow bounces, enhancing their pleasure as her breasts began to move up and down on her chest, matching their steadily increasing rhythm.

“A-ah, Conrad,” she panted softly, chewing her lip as she looked down at her squire, pleasure written plainly across his face as her pussy squeezed his hard cock, able to feel each ridge and vein of his cock as it filled her tight core, the sound of their coupling becoming slick, each heightening bounce coming together as her balls pressed against his pelvic region, her cock, painfully hard but untouched with her own hands resting on his thighs, leaving a few drops of clear pre on his stomach as it was shook free of her cock.

He looked up at her and, after only a moment’s hesitation, wrapping a hand around her cock, stroking it slowly, the added pleasure finally drawing moans of pleasure from her lips, her reserved nature melting away as bliss mounted within her, his fingers so soft around her cock.

Even his hands, she realised, felt better around her cock than her own did, hers so much rougher from their constant use in battle, leaving her with regretfully rough hands.

Pressing down hard she hilted herself on his cock, stopping their bounces for a moment so she could lay down atop him, joining him in a much more aggressive kiss, their tongues intermingling as she pressed down, grinding her pussy against his hard cock, feeling it rub her in all the best ways.

They did this for several long moments, enjoying how her cock felt trapped between their two bodies before, finally, she again sat up, enjoying the stunned expression of pure bliss across the boys face.

Again, faster this time they caught up to their pace, her body rocking on top of his, her weary muscles finding a second wind in this ecstasy.

Leaning forward she placed her hands on his chest, caressing her thumbs over his silky skin as her hair fell around her face, framing it as she stared down at him, lips parted, panting hard, loud moans accompanying the shakes of pleasure that rode up and down her spine. She could feel her pleasures rising and knew she was drawing close to her climax, always an impressive event for her, given her dual equipment.

For Conrad too he felt himself having to fight to last, the tight hot sensations caressing every nerve in his cock driving him further and further towards the point of no return, something he was hoping to hold off as long as possible, or at least until she too was ready to cum.

Fortunately, it seemed, she did not intend to make him wait too long.

With a sudden gasp and crying out his name in the throes of pure bliss she felt her core clamp down on his cock, the hot walls of her pussy rippling along his length as she came hard, her mind exploding with electric sensations pulsing and coursing through her, her own cock erupting, throbbing and twitching in his hand as she came, thick strands of her hot seed streaking in ropes across his chest, painting him with her cum.

Conrad, for his part, had his back arched, eyes barely open to watch the expressions dance across Elyn’s face, so beautiful in her moment of passion, even as she made a real mess of his chest, his own cock throbbing and pulsing in her core, his own pleasures above and beyond as he emptied his own balls inside her, his own thick load pooling deep inside her core, with no thoughts as to any repercussions that may come from it.

As they came in tandem she used all her remaining strength to keep herself hilted on his cock, grinding herself down to draw every last spark of pleasure she could from her spent squire, their breaths coming in ragged, their skin slick with sweat.

As they settled tired and spent, him still held deep within her they enjoyed the company of each other in the blissful afterglow that followed. It hadn’t just been sex, they had formed a connection that ran deeper than that, they both felt it and they both loved it.

Smirking a little Elyn was the first to really come back to her senses, looking down at her squire, splayed under her like a starfish, eyes closed, mouth open as he tried to recover himself.

Carefully she caressed two fingers up in lines across his chest, Conrad too far gone to really notice as she collected her own cum, resisting the urge to moan as she placed each hot strand between her own lips, collecting her full load in her eager mouth, letting the complex flavour and texture dance over her tongue as she leaned down, her soft cock resting on his stomach as her breasts pressed lightly into his chest.

Conrad stirred finally as she tapped him on the cheek, her expression playful and her lips pursed. With a smile he leaned up a little, accepting the proffered kiss and let himself relax into it, as with before his tongue pressed forward, demanding access at her lips to share in another intimate kiss as her hand moved to caress and gently hold his head. She obliged, and as her lips parted he let out a moan of surprise as gravity played its part in transferring the secret load from her mouth to his, swiftly followed by her tongue which mingled with his, ensuring he tasted every aspect of her fresh sticky mess.

As they kissed, long, slow and messy, bit by bit he swallowed down her cum until there was nothing left, the kiss finally breaking, her grin broad and playful, her eyes full of adoration for him.

“A-ah… Elyn… Was… Was this allowed?” he asked softly after a long moment, knowing her commitment to her cause and wholly unsure on the tenets around what they had just done, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course…” she giggled a little, sitting up and shifting her weight slightly, feeling his youthful cock, still within her, begin to swell once more, “Well… Unless I’m with child, then you’ll have to marry me,” she grinned, starting to gently sway her hips forward and backwards, waking his cock once more inside her.

He wanted to reply, but as the embers of pleasure once more began to rise in him he cut off his question to ask if that was true. Taking her by the hips he suddenly rolled her onto her back, her hair splaying out on the pillow around her excited face. She was exhausted, yes, but he was built for speed and endurance. This would be a long night for them both and, honestly, if she had been telling the truth about marriage, he didn’t think he would mind one bit.


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