Light Decisions: Chapter 1

Kai lay stretched out face down over the large king sized bed that dominated most of the otherwise small space of his dorm room, the lavish bed a rarity in the College, he knew. Most students had singles, the rest of the space in their rooms given up to all important piles of study books, desks and constructs, small fabrications given life by magic to perform simple tasks. Kai only had the one of those in his little space, a small circular disc imbued with the power word Ba to occasionally hover around his room cleaning, though for the most part it hid comfortably under his bed.

It had been a bad day, all told, the masters had been especially attentive to his studies recently, something that always annoyed him as he was used to having a rather higher autonomy than others. Kai wasn’t like other students, he was a prodigy of sorts, an illusionist in the college without peer for his age, his fellow students leagues behind him in this school of magic. He had shortcomings, of course, his success and prowess outside of illusionary magic was limited, but while the Masters would often encourage each student to field as many of the schools as possible, they couldn’t deny his specific talents.

But he didn’t want to think about that at the moment, especially not now, as he lay completely naked, splayed out on his bed with his head resting on his arms, a warm weight sitting on his butt, soft hands working his back.

“Mm, a little harder..” he sighed, his voice soft and noticeably tired. He smiled as he felt the soft feminine hands working the lean muscles of his body press a little firmer.

“Mm, I might give you something a little harder. If you really want to start bossing me around…” she said, teasing.

He grinned as he felt his girlfriend press down to kiss at the nape of his neck, her pillowy breasts now resting on his back as she crouched down on top of him, her hands slipping slowly underneath him, hugging him to her body.

“I love you, Kai… You know that, don’t you?” She said softly in his ear, kissing him again, leaving little marks of red lipstick on his cheek.

“I do… I love you too Elle.”

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek again, a little bit more firm, a reassuring presence on his cheek.

She rolled off of him to lay beside him, her weight depressing the plush mattress and he rolled onto his side to face her, smiling as they each drank in the view of the other, nude in the warm candlelight that dimly illuminated the room.

“Tough day?” she asked softly, reaching out to place a hand on his hip, tugging him towards her. He rolled, fitting perfectly into her embrace as the little spoon, her body moulded to his, her nose pressing softly to the back of his head, her breathe hot against his neck.

He let out a soft sigh as she slid her arms around him, around his chest, gently caressing his smooth skin as he talked, “Yeah… The masters are trying to distract me with work.” He waved a hand dismissively towards a pile of untouched books, “They don’t think I should be spending time with you, but they don’t understand.”

She shrugged a little, pulling him tighter to her, her full breasts pressed to his back, their legs intertwined, shifting slightly to glide the warmth of their smooth skin against one another, her soft cock pressed to one plush cheek of his ass.

“I don’t care what they think.” She said softly and he smiled.

“Me neither, it just… It just makes things difficult.”

She nodded a little, biting her lip as her fingers traced over one of his small nipples, feeling her length begin to swell involuntarily, “Mm. You know… The best way to get back at them is to just enjoy ourselves and have fun, right?”

He felt himself smile, his spirits lifting, “You’re insatiable Elle…”

She bit her lip, her cheeks blushing slightly as she pressed her growing length between his cheeks, enjoying the soft warmth of his round cheeks hugging her cock.

“That’s what you get for being always willing,” she grinned, biting his neck softly, drawing out a gasp from him as his own cock began to swell with desire.

“A-ah, Elle, I don’t want anyone except for you… Come on, why don’t we have a little fun before-”

“Kai! Open this door right now!” A heavy banging against his door drew his attention and he felt his lust wilt away as quickly as it had come.

“I’m sorry Elle, I-“

She placed a finger gently to his lips and smiled.

He smiled too, though it was a little forced. Then, with a sigh, he dismissed her. The illusion that was Elle melted away in a sparkle of golden motes of light, drifting to the floor and twinkling out one at a time.

He watched as his soulmate drifted away into non-existence and felt the overpowering burden of being alone again.

Once the last mote had winked out, even the small one on his cheek where her lipstick had left a mark, he stepped towards the door just as another hammering started up.

He tugged his fingers upwards and a cloud of silver motes appeared, covering him and forming into the shape of a simple mage’s robe, the sleeves long enough to hide his hands in the style he liked and clicked open the door just a crack.

Matron Yu stormed in, practically shoving him aside as she swept her glance around the room, before turning an icy glare onto Kai, her hands falling to her portly hips, an accusing expression written across her face, “Well well? Imagine my surprise when I heard a woman’s voice coming from your room Kai?”

“Good evening Matron Yu.” He said woodenly, following protocol, his tone dry and devoid of any warmth as he continued to stand by the open door as if inviting her back out despite the fact she’d just arrived.

“See,” she continued as if she hadn’t heard him, “I thought to myself, that Kai is smart, he wouldn’t have the dull-wittedness to call up that pretend illusionary harlot of his after being expressly forbidden to do so by the council of masters, would he? So I both assumed and hoped you had committed the much lesser infraction of sneaking in a girl from the female dorms. And yet here we are, I don’t seem to be able to see anyone, so what exactly should I report to the board?”

He glanced towards the bathroom behind her and thought for a moment.

If he wanted to he could easily have formed the illusion of a meek girl from the female dorms, sheepishly stepping out to cross the room and leave, half dressed, before the matron’s stunned gaze, but she wasn’t worth the effort.

“You can tell them, Matron Yu, that I was practicing my voice modulation,” he adapted his voice with a intricate movement of his hands under his sleeves to precisely match hers in both tone and inflection, putting his hands on his hips and a scowl on his face to match hers as he spoke back at her in her own voice, “Or is that against the rules?”

Her face flushed with anger but they both knew she had no evidence to bring to the board.

“Very well, Kai. But you better believe I will have an ear pressed to your door tonight! And I will be adding a demerit to your record for mocking a Matron.”

He rolled his eyes as she fished in deep pockets, pulling out a small leather bound book and flipping to his page before searching for a pencil, keeping her suspicious eyes on Kai as she did so. Eventually, she found one which she tugged out, eying his page then writing in his demerit and the cause.

Kai watched impassively until she was finished, speaking a muted, “Good evening, Matron Yu.” As she stepped from the room, huffing dramatically as he closed the door behind her.

He stood still for several long moments before, weaving his fingers under the long sleeve of his robe, dismissing the illusionary pencil he had created in her pocket, it, and the infraction she had written in her little book vanishing.

He bolted the door behind him and sighed, stepping forward into his room and letting his robes melt away as he walked, twinkling little lights falling to the floor as he stood in front of a mirror, assessing himself.

He was cute, young and slender, with very well kept long blonde hair. With his narrow shoulders, slim waist, wide hips and plush bottom he had been mistaken for a girl before on several occasions, not that he particularly cared.

He shook his head and moved to sit on the edge of his bed, his head bowed, focusing.

Creating an illusion was like painting a picture in your mind, then giving it form by accessing the magic of the world.

Something like a pencil or a robe was easy, flat objects with no depth to them, created for a single purpose, even the idea of the illusionary girl moving from his bathroom to the hall would’ve just been an image told to do an action. But Elle, she was slightly more complex, seemingly able to act according to her own will.

He sat there, patient, as he thought back upon all their time together, the good times, the bad, all the love and fear, the want and the hurt.

Finally, when he opened his eyes she was stood there.

She frowned and looked down at herself, her hands reaching out to lift and weigh her breasts, her lips pursing as she looked at him, “These are bigger than I remember.”

He smirked a little, admiring her figure, a full hourglass shape, her breasts heavy and round on her chest, her cock thick and soft, resting atop a pair of smooth balls.

Her eyes were a deep blue and her hair raven black, a sharp contrast to her skin, pale as moonlight. Literally his dream girl.

“You did leave me horny…” he said, “guess I kinda amped up your um. Parts. “ He smirked, glancing towards the door, a thick fabric like illusion forming over it, effectively soundproofing them from prying ears, though maintaining both illusions was an uncomfortable distraction.

“Mm, not my fault. But, since they’re bigger…” She stepped towards him and grinned, sweeping her fingers through his long silken blonde hair to cup the back of his head, drawing his lips to her full breast.

He grinned and kissed at her breast, catching her nipple between his lips and drawing it in, pulling a moan from her lips.

“That feels good Kai…” She said, glancing worriedly back towards the door before looking back and down to the boy eagerly pleasuring her sensitive nipple, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the full softness of her massive breast against his face, “Is it safe for us to…”

He nodded, drawing back, her nipple popping free from his lips as he looked up, “Yes, she won’t hear us…”

She frowned a little, noting the illusion he’d made to block out their noise, “Oh, Kai… You know maintaining two illusions for any time gives you a headache when one of them is me…”

He smiled a little, “I’ll worry about that in the morning, for now…?” he bit his lip.

She looked at him with worry, but even as she did she felt her arousal renew, he was just so perfect. He was her dream boy, after all.

She leaned down and kissed him, soft and romantic, love in every action as her fingers caressed over his warm skin, urging him back into the bed where he crawled backwards, followed by her leaning over him, catching him with a kiss whenever she could.

His hand snaked down between them and wrapped around her cock, stroking it, helping to bring it to life as they settled together, not that it needed much effort to wake up her shaft.

Her mouth found his as her passions increased, her tongue working between his lips, her dominant streak kicking in, making the boy suck on her tongue as they moaned into each other embrace.

“Fuck Kai, you’re so fucking hot…” she breathed hotly as she broke the kiss, looking down at him, her raven hair falling about his face.

He looked up at her, eyes half-lidded for a moment he got lost in the depths of her eyes, so unfathomable he couldn’t understand how he had himself created them.

She didn’t wait for a response, she was too eager now. She renewed the kiss, his eyes closing as he lost himself to the sensations of her reality.

He focused for a moment and the cock, hard and thick between his fingers grew slick with lube causing Elle to giggle as she again broke the kiss.

“W-what?” He said, panting a little breathlessly.

“You’re so eager… Not even going to use your mouth? To get me wet?”

He blushed and grinned a little, “I’m using my mouth for more important things already,” he said, leaning to steal another kiss from her luscious lips.

She kissed him, eager as she parted his legs with her hands, letting him guide her shaft between and towards his waiting ass.

She settled on top of him, her fuller than usual chest resting on his which he arched to enhance the sensations of the weight of her breasts, their tongues intermingling, familiar and needy, so into each other that they were, for a moment, distracted from the main event.

As it passed, breaking the kiss so she could look deep into his eyes she leaned forward, letting the ruby tip of her pale length testingly poke against his little hole only to find that that too had been lubed.

Kai saw stars as, for what must be the thousandth time, he felt her cock press slowly into his ass. Each time with Elle was as magical as the first, no less wonderful for it being a common event between them. After all, he loved her.

With her hands on his thighs, she leaned forward, staring down at him, a warm blush on her cheeks as she fed her thick long length into him, enjoying the heat and warmth of his sheath around her cock, a perfect fit for her.

She could recall their first few times together, both of them shy and uncertain, her actions wooden and forced, like a puppets, she had been smaller then, smaller than he was, but as time had gone on she had become more complex, more real and her cock had grown as he had been able to accommodate more and more of her.

She didn’t slow her conquest until every inch of her log was laid inside him, embraced by the silky lubed walls of his ass, her huge balls pressed to his plush cheeks, churning with cum.

Eager to enhance her pleasure he gyrated his hips, stirring her cock inside him and drawing an eager moan from her lips.

“F-fuck me Elle,” he breathed, looking up, his hands on her body, trailing up her back holding her close with a desperate need that radiated through every fibre of his being.

Her lips parted, her breath hot against his skin she started to move, withdrawing herself from the comfort of his body before once again pressing forward, sinking her cock back in where it belonged, in the to the wonderful milking embrace of his boy-pussy.

They panted and moaned together as their bodies met in a slow intimate rhythm, their sounds gentle but intense, genuine without needing to be faked, the two of them so well versed in what the other loved, it was second nature to them both.

Slowly Elle sat up, tracing her eyes down his relaxed form, over his slender figure to his hard cock resting on his stomach and finally to where they were joined, admiring how her girthy length vanished in and out of his tight body time after time, the movements matching the pleasure that she felt, radiating through her body, real or no, all she knew was that she loved it like she loved him.

Kai looked up at her with half lidded eyes, admiring her perfection, the look of lust and desire written across her expression, the small beads of perspiration on her skin, dimly, in the back of his mind, he was aware that every movement, even, in a way, every thought of hers was a construct of his, but he was so used to conjuring her that it barely took any effort, allowing him to focus almost fully on the sensation of her veiny throbbing cock taking him, causing his whole body to bounce under the growing force of her thrusts.

Unable to help himself as her tempo picked up he looked down, focusing on her more than substantial bust as it bounced full on her chest, each heavy orb tipped with a hard pink nipple that bobbed with her movements.

“Y-you like that?” she asked, grinning softly as she released his hip with one hand, moving it to cup and lift her breast, holding it close to her chest and squeezing it, fingers sinking into her soft flesh as she panted.

“Yeah I do…” he moaned back, reaching down with a hand to stroke at his hard cock, feeling the familiar hard length between his fingers, jerking himself in a well-practiced movement as he was fucked like a girl.

Her smile broadened and she lifted his leg, rolling him onto his side, nestling his leg over one of her shoulders, his calf pressed against the alluring softness of her breast as she didn’t meet a beat in her rhythm.

She kissed at his ankle and brushed her cheek against his foot, just desperate to feel him against her as they coupled, their moans joining together in their favourite song, gasps and whimpers, his hand still stroking his cock as his ass milked and massaged her cock, drawing her closer and closer to that all glorious moment of climax.

Kai reached up with his spare hand to tuck a few strands of his long blonde hair behind an ear, giving him a clearer view of her as she began to pick up her pace, realising she was now on the final stretch, her pleasures mounting and building past the point of no return.

“A-ah, Kai, are you close? Please tell me you’re close! I wanna cum so bad!” Elle whimpered desperately, her tongue lolling slightly as she looked down at him, her hair falling about her face, as she was jostled by the force of her own thrusts.

“Yes!! Ah, yes! Elle! Please, please cum in me!” he begged, the hand at his head gripping the pillow excitedly as he felt his cock hardening between his fingers, waves of pleasure cresting in a crescendo of sensations that seemed to touch every nerve ending throughout his body. It was pure ecstasy, it always was with Elle, for them both.

It was good, too good, his concentration slipping, forcing him to focus on the only thing that mattered, Elle and her pleasure.

She gasped and squeezed his leg, hugging it to her body as she came, crying out his name in lust as she pressed herself balls deep inside her lover, her whole body shaking with pleasure as the first shot of her cum rocketed inside him.

He came with her, his own seed wasted in strands across his chest as he felt his ass squeezing tightly down on her cock, milking it as they both cried out, his hand flying up and down his cock, maximising his pleasure, his cock throbbing in his hand as he felt each pulse inside of him.

The sensations were familiar, wonderful, perfect for the both of them, the mutual bliss bringing them closer together, if that was possible, each time they enjoyed one another.

Elle’s cries dwindled to long shakey breathes as she ground her hips forward, working her sensitive length as her cum shot and pooled inside him, her cockhead coated in her own seed as she massaged it against his squeezing walls.

“O-oh Kai… Kai, I love you so much…” she panted gently even as she felt the last few pulses spend within him, her balls pressed tight to his ass as she began to relax.

Kai breathed hard too, his long blonde hair splayed messily about his head, his twisting and thrashing as he came leaving it gently resting down over one side of his face. His own cock spent the last few drops of his own climax, the milky white fluid resting in his abdomen, a few strands trickling down to stain his sheets, not that he cared.

“I love… I love you too Elle… Ah… So much…” He whimpered and she gently rolled him back onto his back, leaning down across his body, her breasts pressed against his chest, the space between them hot and sticky, not that they cared.

Their embrace softened over the course of a few minutes as they shifted, Elle withdrawing from Kai to spoon him, their nude bodies pressed tight, enjoying every second in each others company.

Kai lay quiet, his eyes closed, his breath growing deeper and Elle smiled a little as she held him to her, caressing his hair. She knew soon he would fall asleep and his ability to maintain an illusion as complex as her would fail, but she knew as soon as the morning rolled around, she would be the first thing he thought about and the first thing to appear.

Kai tried to stave off sleep for as long as possible, knowing as soon as he fell asleep he’d be alone, but soon he felt the warmth of sleep grip him and the warmth of Elle ebb away into golden motes of light.

Kai awoke suddenly, glancing towards the waning candles to see how much time had passed, an hour or so it seemed, and, contrary to their usual practice, Elle was not the first thing that came to his mind, instead, it was the hammering at his door.

With a groan he swung his legs out of his otherwise empty bed, pursing his lips as he stood, his hair an absolute mess as he lazily draped a robe about his body, using a sleeve to wipe a sticky spot on his stomach as he stepped towards the door.

He opened the door and looked up into the smug face of Matron Yu. And two prefects…

The council stood around Kai in a semi-circle, each one representing one of the eight schools of magic, each backlit by one of the eight colours. In the centre, illuminated by the eighth colour was the head mage, Master Peralt of the school of Control, he stood wearing a similar expression to the other Masters, one of disappointment, but not surprise.

“Kai, typically when students are pulled before us for discipline,” he spoke in a low rattly tone, looking every part the wizened old man, his voice quiet and weak, but Kai knew better, there was steel in this man, “We typically don’t see them again quite so soon. Though I must say, you didn’t seem awfully convicted in following through on our prior agreement.”

Kai parted his lips to speak but Peralt waved his hand dismissively and Kai knew better than to press on, he both feared and respected the man too much.

“Unlike last time, student Kai, this discipline is not open to discussion on your part. You took our warning and flagrantly ignored it, without a single consideration to what we told you. Would you say that is an accurate summary of why you are here? Or…” he picked up a piece of paper, studying it closely, “should I go into closer detail regarding Matron Yu’s report?”

Kai started to speak but found his throat was dry. He cleared it with a little cough and spoke, tone level, “I would say that is an accurate summary of why I am here, Master Peralt.”

The Master nodded and set the sheet down, saving him the shame of having it read out in front of all eight of the Masters.

“We have discussed what to do with you at some length while we were waiting, Kai. More length than we would typically go to for a student. You have become a notable troublemaker it seems in the last few months. Performing petty pranks and tricks with your considerable talents on students and faculty alike whenever they dare mention your, hm, special relationship. It is a gross misuse of your talents, student Kai.” He explained, slowly, each word pronounced with care, pulled from the roots of his mind.

“Master Fain suggested your expulsion,” Peralt explained and Kai felt a sharp dagger of fear in his stomach as he glanced across at the Master of Alchemy, Fain, “A victim of more than one of your little jokes, I’m told.”

Fain had called Kai out on Elle in front of his class and had subsequently discovered a ravenous arcane imp in his desk drawer, his following girlish shriek rivalled even Kai’s soft voice and the recollection of it was a fond memory.

“But I thought that was too extreme,” Peralt continued, Kai trying to hide the relief on his expression, Fain clearly displaying his distaste.

“Instead I have decided to defer the punishment to your former Master, Layla. I have given her full power in this matter and whatever she should decide I fully support. So you best hope she does not also wish for your expulsion, student Kai.” Peralt said a little warningly, then glanced around, “Any objection to his?”

There was a mutual shaking of heads, though Fain’s seemed half-hearted and the meeting was drawn to a close, the council disbanding, leaving by the side door one by one, Fain gesturing quite energetically with his hands as he walked alongside Peralt, doubtless complaining, Kai thought.

One by one they left until Kai was left his former Master, Layla, of the school of Illusions who was stood at her spot, arms folded over her stomach as she eyed him.

Kai swallowed, blinking back, but Layla remained still, her expression stoic, at least until the other Masters had filed from the room, at which point she sighed, “Kai, Kai, Kai. What did I tell you?”

“Not to get caught again?” he said, testing a half smile at his lips.

“Not to get caught again!” She responded with a sigh, her rich Italian accent adding credence to her tone, as she stepped forward, beckoning to him, “Come on then, walk with me would you.”

He fell into step beside her. She was taller, slender and graceful for her age. Her hair, while white, was still lush and thick on her head and she wore it in a tight little bob cut.

“So… What will my punishment be, Master Layla?” he asked, questioningly, looking up at her with his bright eyes.

She looked back, smirking slightly, “Mm, your fate in my hands? Perhaps I should expel you. If only to see your expression.”

“Very funny,” Kai said dryly.

She grinned, “I know.”

They walked in silence for a little through the quiet, mostly sleeping halls of the college, it seemed to Kai she wasn’t going anywhere in particular, just strolling.

After a long silence, she spoke, “It can’t continue as it is now, you know that, don’t you Kai? I’ve managed to protect you this once, but if there is another repeat, Fain will see your hide on his wall.”, her tone more serious, her gaze settling on his for a moment.

He nodded once, knowing she was telling the truth, “But I love her, Layla. I know she’s not real, but I do…”

Layla nodded slightly, sympathetic and understanding, “I know, Kai. Did you ever study any of Master Jamerson’s works?”

Kai blinked and furrowed his brow a little, the shift in conversation drawing him to a pause, “I, er, yes, he was the Master Illusionist here maybe, seventy years ago?”

Layla nodded in affirmation, “Did you read about his personal life? Or just his work?”

“Just his work,” Kai conceded.

“Mm, well, he was quite the loner I understand. He tried courting once or twice but he was never very good at it.”

Kai remained quiet, not understanding what she was talking about but letting her continue all the same.

“He once, I understand, tried to woo a girl by creating an illusion in her room while she was sleeping, transforming her floor into a meadow of the most beautiful flowers he could think of.”

Kai glanced up at her, “That sounds… Quite romantic?”

Layla smirked a little, “Mm, well the glass leaves of the Arcane Razor Tulip’s are quite stunning, when she swung her legs out of bed that morning and put her feet down, however…”

Kai winced, “Ouch.”

“He had a few romances, but they never went anywhere. Anyway, you’re likely wondering where the point is.”

“He created an illusionary girlfriend?” Kai chipped in helpfully, drawing an ireful look from Layla.

“I’m sorry, would you like to tell the story while I think of how best to expel you? I’m sure there’s an antique catapult around the grounds somewhere,” she looked at him for a response but wisely, he kept quiet. “Thought so. No, actually, he created a child. It took him years of research and study to create one as lifelike as you seem to have managed inside of a year, but he did it and yes, he loved the child with all his heart, he was the best father a child could ask for, even.”

Kai bit his lip a little, he didn’t like where the story was going, “At every free moment of time he had he would summon his illusionary child, play with them, teach them, read to them and the such. But it never felt completely real.”

She put her hand against a door and, to Kai’s surprise, he realised they had wandered to her own personal rooms. She opened it with her palm and stepped inside, beckoning for him to follow.

Tentatively he followed, because of his talents and interest in her school of magic, they had always had a closer relationship than most student’s shared with their Master, but even so, he had never been inside her rooms. They were surprisingly plain, he thought.

She shut the door behind him and stepped through her room, “It plagued him for years. He viewed his child as living and alive, but at the same time knew his lineage was doomed, with his passing it would so too mean the end of his illusionary child. He began to feel guilty, knowing that his death would, in his mind, kill another.”

“He knew his limits. And he feared having to teach his child about their linked mortality. So do you know what he did, Kai?”

Kai looked down, feeling a weight on his shoulders, knowing now what she was hinting at, “He never conjured her again.”

Layla laughed lightly, a noise that caught Kai off guard, his expression darkening as she took his pain so lightly, but the warmth of her face made him pause, “Oh Kai, no. He was a Master. He expanded the limits of knowledge.”

She stepped over to a bookcase and pulled out a small journal, blowing the dust from it and inspecting the spine, “Anyway… Your punishment, Student Kai, is to study this journal. That’s all.”

With a furrowed brow, Kai stepped cautiously forward and took it from her offering hand, he must have looked confused because her smile deepened, “What is this, Master Layla?”

“A personal account of matter and Illusions. Written by Master Jamerson.” She explained and he looked at her, uncertain.

“And this will help me in some way?”

“I suspect so, my father was quite the clever man…” she said with a sly smile, her eyes twinkling.

Kai’s eyes went wide as he looked down at the book, then up once again at Layla, feeling his heart leap in his chest, “You… You were the child? In the story?”

“Mmhm.” She said, grinning, her arms at her hips.

“But… That means. I. Elle….Could I?”

“If anyone can, I suspect. And I’ll want that journal back, when you’ve finished studying it, of course.” She said casually, wagging a finger.

She blinked in surprise as he put his arms around her, hugging her close, his arms around her middle with the journal pressed to her back. A little awkwardly and pursing her lips she patted him lightly on the back, “Er.”

“Thank you, thank you Master Layla.” He said, his voice quavering a little as he broke the hug, stepping back and smiling broadly at her before turning and making from the room quick and excited.

Layla stood there, relaxing after the hug had passed and let out a soft sigh, a smile touching her lips as she watched him go, the door closing behind him.

After a pause she swept her hand casually over her room, vines and plants growing from every conceivable crack, the smell of lilacs filling the air as she kicked off her shoes, letting her feet press against the soft grass now growing under her feet. She may not have been able to create anything as complex as her father or Kai could, but she was a master for good reason.

Settling in for the night she smiled, thinking to herself about Kai. She knew it would take him months to unravel the mysteries of her father’s workings, during which time at least he would likely remain focused and out of trouble.

She was laying in bed, watching the fireflies dance about her room under the stars when there came a distant thud, causing her to glance sideways, though she ignored it, someone else’s problem, she reasoned. At least until she felt the wave of illusionary wash over her, shimmering her own creations, if only for a moment.

She pursed her lip and folded her hands behind her head, watching the little beads of light float around her home. Some student had probably triggered an artefact of some sort.

“I mean… It can’t be.” She told the fireflies, who buzzed uncertainty. At least until she heard the hurried knock at her door.

With a regretful sigh she waved a hand, dismissing the illusionary nature that dominated her room, returning it to its plain state as she rose, moving to crack open the door only to be greeted by the smug face of Master Fain.


Fain nodded, beckoning with his head.

She sighed in a low resigned tone, dragging a hand down her face, “Alright, I’ll go wake Master Peralt.”

“Mmhm, you better,” Fain said, walking away to collect the others on the council.

It wasn’t long before Kai found himself stood before the council. All of them looking tired, Master Peralt, Kai noted, was even wearing slippers.

“I recall saying something to the tune of, not seeing students at quite such tight intervals, I have to say, Student Kai, this is reflecting very poorly on you.” Peralt said in his low tone, even more whispery than usual, “Master Fain, I understand the Matron came to you with the report, I have not had the opportunity to read it… If you would be so kind?”

Fain, always with a flair for the dramatics even when people were clearly not in the mood, rustled the piece of paper he held and cleared his throat, the other Masters keeping their eyes on Kai as he spoke.

“Theft of school property, to whit several items from the alchemical stores, damage of school property resulting from a moderate to severe directed arcane explosion in his rooms. To put it bluntly, he blew off the far wall of his room, scattering the gardens with debris. Let’s see, ah yes, destruction of evidence and refusal to comply with a Master’s directive to dismiss illusionary material.” Fain said, trying and failing to mask the victory in his voice.

Layla raised one delicate eyebrow at Kai, who seemed exhausted, burned out, even.

“These accusations are critically severe, student Kai.” Master Peralt said, his gaze casting briefly over towards Layla before returning to the slender boy, his blonde hair messier than usual, his clothes noticeably scorched, “Do you dispute any of the charges brought against you by Matron Yu and Master Fain?”

“…A couple of them?” he said, his voice sounding tired, but oddly resolved.

Master Peralt seemed to be in no mood for guessing games, “Please be more specific, student Kai.”

“Sorry, Master Peralt, I’m suffering a minor magical burnout, I apologize, there was no disrespect meant.”

Peralt nodded, allowing Kai to continue.

“I dispute the charges of refusing to dismiss illusionary material and the destruction of evidence. I admit to the damage and theft.” Kai said, honestly.

“Your evidence?”

“I have no outstanding illusions and the destruction of evidence…” Kai shot a glance towards Fain, “That was just a cleaner construct, a small stone disc imbued with the power word Ba tidying up the mess.”

Peralt glanced towards Fain, who shrugged, “Alright, I drop the charge of destruction of evidence, but maintain the charge of refusal of dismissal.”

“And you have evidence of this?” Peralt asked.

“I do.” He beckoned with his hand off to the side, “Come here.”

The whole council looked towards a figure who stepped from the side, tall and elegant, seemingly the same age as Kai, her hair long and black, her figure incredibly curvy under a robe that, despite its poor fit looks gorgeous on her. She moved to stand beside Kai, a little shyly, but he took her hand, giving her a reassuring squeeze.

“Ah,” Peralt let out a dry laugh, “to be a young illusionist, I can assume then, this is the source of all our troubles, the illusionary girlfriend.”

“Actually, Master Peralt, I’m… I’m real now.” Elle said, her voice soft as if disbelieving even her own words.

“Ha!” Fain interjected, but Peralt waved him to silence, glancing at Layla who tried to look as innocent as possible.

“Tell me, Elle, in your own words. Your experience. I’m curious.”

She glanced at Kai who nodded supportively then peered about the council, “Being an illusion is in many ways like being a child. I’ve grown and developed, I remember when I was first conjured, my movements were very weird, my thoughts very simple, I couldn’t talk, eat, smell… But as time went by and Kai improved, so did I.”

Peralt nodded, clearly wanting her to continue, “Being dismissed and resummoned is, I guess, like sleep but… More sudden. When I haven’t been conjured I still feel… I’m just a part of Kai. When he summons me he doesn’t so much as make me from nothing, but project me from his mind, his soul.”

Kai noticed that one of the Masters had produced a small notepad was making notes.

“This evening I woke up and found Kai standing in front of…” she glanced at Kai, “Well, what was left of his wall. He was tired, exhausted and without speaking he made the sign to dismiss me.”

She bit her lip, recalling her concern for him, her worry and fear, as her clothes had melted from her skin in motes of silver light, illuminating her body, which remained.

“I wasn’t dismissed. I’m… Real.”

The council members began to speak among each other while Peralt and Layla shared a long hard look with one another.

“Regardless,” Fain said, steel in his voice, “Irrespective of this, the charges of damage and theft still stand. The punishment for which is immediate dismissal from the school.”

“Seconded.” Said one of the other, hitherto quiet Masters.

Kai felt his heart sink, but felt Elle squeeze his hand, he looked to her and smiled a little as the council briefly conferred, he’d known this was the likely outcome.

“Those in favour,” Peralt asked. And was met by a chorus of ‘aye’s’, even Layla’s, which stung a little, sealing his fate, “So be it, Kai, you are stripped of your rank of student.”

Kai swallowed a lump in his throat and nodded, “Thank you, Master Peralt, I-..”

Peralt cut him off, “Motion to have the Illusionist Kai granted the position of Professor within the school.”

Fain gasped audibly.

“Seconded,” Layla said, smoothly.

“I, we, you…” Fain stammered, drowned out by a chorus of ‘ayes’.

“The ayes have it, congratulations Professor Kai, I look forward to seeing what progress you make in this new field of study.” Peralt said, standing and stretching his arms out, “We will sort the details in the morning, shall we? And do stop babbling Fain.”

Fain closed his mouth, but his face reddened considerably with an unmasked fury and Kai knew his future as, apparently, faculty would be difficult with him around. But, he would be a professor, with his girlfriend.

“I… Did he say… Professor?” Elle asked curiously, blinking down at Kai as everyone began to leave, chattering amongst themselves.

Kai stepped forward and hugged her, folding his arms around her and she did the same, resting her cheek atop his head as they embraced, together as it should be.


Kai sat at his desk, tapping a pencil to his cheek as he stared at the glass of water, making notes and scribbling diagrams, his mind whirring with ideas and theories.

It had been four months now since he had been in a moment both expelled and hired and his progress had not been as explosive as that first night. Both in terms of progress and collateral damage.

He had discovered that to make an illusion real, you had to really know it, to know every single thing about it, to almost be it yourself.

After his initial and most wonderous success with Elle he had scaled down his project, trying something much simpler, an all black kitten that, at present, was curled up in a ball on the corner of his desk inside a small box, still, unfortunately, illusionary. He had tried without success to replicate the first success with this kitten, though when he was in his rooms he kept it summoned, trying to get to know it.

After the expectation of instant success across all areas had been quashed he had steadily reduced his scope from animals to insects, from insects to food, from food to this glass of water.

“What even are you,” he asked the glass of water with annoyance.

The glass of water didn’t respond.

He sighed and waved his hand, the water shimmering away into silver motes inside the very real glass.

He leaned back in his chair and felt a pair of slender arms slink around his shoulders resting in his chest, a soft sigh at his ear.

“Still struggling sweetie?” she said, smirking as she knew her presence would’ve surprised him.

“Ah, Elle!” He exclaimed, tilting his head back so she could lean over, meeting him in a soft kiss, the clouds darkening his expressions clearing in an instant at the sight of his star.

“Mm, hey lover. Miss me?” she grinned, knowing he had.

“Of course… Always. And, yes, I still got get it to stay… But I think I’m getting there.” He said softly, a little frown settling on his lips.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, resting her chin on his head, hands caressing over his chest through his shirt, “I thought you’d be happy you’d almost figured it out?”

He bit his lip, “It’s just water Elle, after something as complex and special as you I thought water would be easy… It’s taken me months just to get close to being able to do water. What if it takes years to do anything more complex?”

She pursed her lips in thought, “Mm, I can see what you mean, a limitless source of clean fresh water? I can see why that would never come in handy…” she said, voice dripping with a mirthful sarcasm.

He smiled a little and reached out a hand, caressing the warm ball of kitten on his desk, the little thing purring amicably as he did so, “Fair point, if sassily made. Anyway, I thought you’d gone to bed?”

She smiled as she watched him stroke the kitten, “I was practising, thought I’d show off my results… You know how much I love surprising you.” Something she’d never been able to do before. She stood and backed away from him, placing her hands on her hips and waiting for him to turn around.

He didn’t leave her waiting. Pushing back from his desk and standing, his silken shirt shifting against his skin, his tight trousers stretching around his feminine curves. She was stood before him, hands on her hips and smirking, her body barely covered in illusionary lingerie.

Her breasts were held up, offered to him by the half cups of the purple lace bra, thigh highs held up by a garter belt around her slim waist. The ensemble brought together by an all together all too small pair of panties that bulged obscenely with her soft cock, a tiny little bow on the panties promising the gift within.

“Well?” She asked, grinning a little as she ran up and through her hair, alluringly.

“Mm,” he pursed his lip, as if thinking, “well your conjuring of fabric seems to be coming along nicely… But… No, it’s not important.”

She tilted her head, playful and curious, “Buuut?”

“Well… Don’t you think the colour is a little off?”

She looked down at herself, the purple one of her favourites, she bit her lip, wondering for a moment if he was being genuine, “No?”

Studiously, Kai nodded, “Mm, no, yeah. It’s the same shade as the carpet in our bedroom…”

She smirked then, tilting her head, “Ooh… And I suppose it would look better there?”

“Well… There’s really only one way to be sure?” He smirked too, stepping towards her and taking her hand in his own, giving it a loving squeeze as he stepped towards the bedroom, looking back, unable to take his eyes from her, admiring the slinky movements of her body, each step bringing an alluring bounce.

As they stepped over the threshold into their room he met her in an embrace, unable to help himself as he leaned up to kiss her, a hand resting on the smooth skin of her waist, his fingers pressing slightly against the soft warmth of her figure, enjoying the sensation, as he always had and always would, of having her there with him.

Their kiss was brief but loving, his hands moving up behind her back as they stepped towards the bed, his fingers tracing under the elasticated strap of her bra, his slender fingers moving to undo it.

Elle giggled happily as they stepped towards the bed, pushing him back to fall onto the bed, where he landed, blinking up at her a little curious.

She slowly slid her hands up her body to her neck, blushing a little as she eyed him, watching her. Closing her eyes and tilting her head back she slowly trailed her fingers back down her body, dismissing her illusionary clothes following the races of her fingertips.

Kai watched entranced, his fingers playing absentmindedly with a strand of his long golden hair as her lingerie dissolved into a cloud of silver motes that twinkled down towards the carpet, Elle making a display of the mundane act of dismissing an illusion.

As her lingerie vanished her body came into show, her breasts dipping slightly on her chest without the support of her bra, her cock falling free between her thighs as the little bow was unwrapped before vanishing.

By the end of it, she was stood bare before him, a hand on her hip, the other on her cock, slowly stroking it awake as she looked down at him, biting her full lower lip, her long black hair obscuring one of her eyes.

“Now you…” she breathed gently, looking at him with desire.

Kai blinked, then blushed, “I er… No this is a real robe, I need to stand up.”

Elle laughed, full and bright, as she leaned over to kiss him, straddling him atop the bed, “No, you’re staying down here with me…” she grinned, draping her body atop of his.

He smirked and kissed her back, hands resting on her once more, “If you won’t let me up you’ll just have to settle for a blowjob…” he pouted cutely.

She grinned, “Oooh good idea, you give great head.”

Elle rolled onto her back and shuffled part way up the bed, beckoning him to follow with a finger, smirking, her fingers wrapped around the base of her swelling cock, bobbing the length up and down, enticingly.

With a smile he crawled up the bed towards her, kissing along the pale skin of her calf and thigh as he moved to nestle between her thighs, “I guess it has been a while hm?”

Elle grinned as she rested her length against his face, her toes curling in anticipation for what was to come, “It’s been forever, Kai…”

“Oh, I know…” He kissed the underside of her hardening shaft, “This morning was like… So many hours ago.”

“So many hours.” She confirmed with a straight face, a soft moan escaping her lips as Kai traced his tongue up the underside her shaft.

His hand brushed hers aside, taking the cock in his own delicate grasp, squeezing and stroking as he admired the ruby tip, glistening with a few eager drops of tempting pre.

With a soft satisfied sigh, he took her into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the tip, tasting her pre as he began to suck, her subsequent moan music to his ears as he went down on her.

Elle leaned back and stared up at nothing, her head sinking into the softness of the pillow, the hand that had been on her cock now on his head, not directing his motions, merely resting, enjoying the silky softness of his luscious hair.

Slowly he rolled his lips up and down over her sensitive tip, helping her cock reach the steely hardness he was so well accustomed too before pushing his head down, taking a few inches of her thick shaft into his mouth, the head rubbing over his tongue, which pressed up to meet it.

She urged her hips up slightly to match the slow tempo of his lips, rolling up and down over her veined length which was quickly becoming slick with his spit and her pre, letting his mouth glide over her sensitive member.

It just felt so absolutely perfect. It didn’t matter how often they did it, every single time felt like a miracle, the hot caresses of his mouth, the constant pressure as he sucked, all mounting together, interlaced with her love for him to send her into a state of pure bliss.

He stroked and squeezed the base of her cock with one hand, massaging it as his mouth worked the top half, his spare hand resting atop her thigh.

Elle writhed and moaned in pleasure, unable to help herself from expressing just how good it felt to exist with Kai. That, and the blowjob.

“F-fuck Kai, you’re so good at this…” she moaned low, her fingers lacing through his hair, taking a little control in his movements, something he seemed happy to give up to her.

She bobbed his head up and down her hard length, his hand moving down from her thigh to caress and cup her balls, heavy and full in his hands, held in their delicate soft sack.

“Y-yeah just like that sweety.” she whimpered after a few minutes had passed, chewing her lip and pushing herself deeper, the soft wet noises from his mouth growing as her tempo and depth picked up, a few lewd sucking noises coming from his mouth as the increased pace occasionally broke the airtight seal his plush lips had around her slick girth.

She moved her other hand now from the bedsheet to his head, gripping his head in both her hands and looking down at him admiringly, his eyes half open, looking up at her with a half-lidded gaze of lust and need.

Gasping softly she tightened her grip, pushing up into his mouth with her hips, lifting herself off the bed as his look pushed her over the edge.

She exhaled with a moan laced gasp with each burst of pleasure that pulsed from her cock, the whole shaft throbbing as it fired thick rope after thick rope of her hot cum into his lips, her hips still jerking as she came in his pretty little mouth.

His eyes shut and a moan escaped his throat as he felt and tasted the result of her climax filling his mouth, his position over her cock making it difficult to swallow the seed pooling in his mouth, a few strands seeping out to trickle down her cock.

As her peak swelled and passed she relaxed back into the bed, her grip on his head softening, allowing it to pull up and swallow the cum in his mouth, his lip’s breaking free of her cock to pant loudly as he caught his breath.

She let out a soft little chuckle as she caressed his hair, feeling his lips and tongue tracing up and down her cock, catching every drop of her seed that he could, “W-was it good for you too…” she panted gently, grinning down at him as he cleaned her length, a blush on his cheeks, love in his eyes.

“Every second…” he smiled cutely, kissing each of her heavy balls before moving up, standing up beside the bed and moving to disrobe.

Elle watched, letting out a little whistle of appreciation as his ass came into view, her hand around her flagging cock, squeezing out the last few moments of pleasure that she could as he went about the room, snuffing out candles before coming to join her.

He lay down beside her and after a few moments of shuffling around under the covers he found himself in her embrace as the little spoon, where he should be, he knew.

“I love you…” he sighed contently after enjoying a few minutes of just cuddling, his voice heavy with the need to sleep.

“I love you too, “she whispered, voice soft and soothing in his ear and she watched in the near darkness of the room as he drifted off to sleep.

After a few more minutes his breathing had subtly changed, his body pressed against hers and she smiled. It was a little weird, she knew, but after so long not being able to… She just loved watching him sleep.


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