Harmless Fun

“Are you ready?” Kirsty asked gently and with a reassuring smile, her delicate fingers gripping the stem of a now half empty cocktail glass as she sat, relaxed at the bar, her slender legs crossed modestly over one another as she looked across to examine the dark youthful features of her boyish looking co-worker, and newly found friend, Blake.


Blake, dressed smart-casual with a pair of black chino’s, plain white shirt and dark jacket, looked up from his drink as she spoke, his dusky eyes conveying his obvious anxiety before he glanced away, quickly sweeping his gaze over the clubs other occupants, noting, and not for the first time, that he was one of only a handful of men in the neon light streaked space.


He let out a deep, almost shaky breath and looked back with a slight, albeit forced, smile, his voice raised just enough to be heard over the familiar tune the clubs speakers were thumping out, “I-I think so, yeah.”


Recognising both the anticipation and nervousness in his voice she reached across, laying her palm against his thigh as she again spoke, softer this time, relying on the gentle tone of her voice to try and calm him, “It’s okay to be shy Blake, just remember that you want this.”


She nodded firmly and smiled as, after a long moment, he nodded too, his gaze once more skimming over the clubs patrons, drinking in the mixed groups of women and drawing more than few looks himself.


Tilting his head back he raised his almost full beer bottle to his lips, drinking deep as he reflected on how he’d gotten himself here, sat with a colleague in a club that catered predominantly to dickgirls, on the verge of experiencing something that up until now had just been a distant fantasy.


It had been just a few weeks ago at work when Blake had misplaced his phone, accidentally leaving it in one of his works bland company meeting rooms after a team catch up. He hadn’t even realised it was missing until Kirsty, who had used the room after him, had come to him at his desk, her expression curious and her soft voice as she held out his phone, “Sooo… You… Like dickgirls?”


Despite his initial panic at her question, she’d been quick to calm him down, saying she wasn’t going to report what she had found to anyone, explaining instead how she had checked his phone to see who it belonged to and, in doing so, had stumbled across a not insubstantial amount of dickgirl porn crammed into virtually every corner of the device.


To his astonishment, Kirsty, who up until then Blake had thought was a very demure and conservative woman, had expressed openly her own interest in dickgirls, the two quickly forming a friendship over their newly found mutual enthusiasm.


Blake had only vaguely known Kirsty before then, having spoken to her in passing now and then about this and that around the office, nothing of any substance at all, but her admission of her desire for the third gender had given him a completely different insight into her.


He had previously thought the rather slender yet impressively buxom bespeckled blonde who always dressed modestly, never got drunk at the work parties and who had, over her time at the company, rejected the advances of many an interested guy, had honestly seemed a bit prudish or introverted, but after a few evening drinks together and no shortage of texting, sharing pictures of dickgirls and even discussing a few would-be fantasies, he now felt he knew a bit of the real Kirsty, neither conservative or prudish, she was just secretive about her sexuality.


As their conversations progressed and their friendship grew she had begun to ask more personal questions, finding herself curious to hear about his past dickgirl conquests and apparently eager to share in her own.


However, it had been then that she had been practically astounded to discover that the dark-skinned, handsome and all around well groomed Blake, with his boyish good looks, tousled jet black hair and gorgeously expressive mahogany eyes had so far had no experiences or encounters to speak of.


He’d admitted to her over a few drinks once that while he was genuinely keen to try stuff, when the opportunity to do so had presented itself to him in the past he’d always ended up chickening out, worried he’d get something wrong or wouldn’t be any good…


It was after that particular revelation that Kirsty had decided she was going to help her new friend take his first steps in making his fantasies come true, and fortunately, she knew just the place.


Blake, to his own surprise, had never heard of Club Garter despite its central location and Kirsty had explained that, while the nightclub might be in the heart of the city, it kept a low profile due to its unique clientele, the club serving as the cities primary nightspot for Dickgirl’s and their admirers.


Kirsty watched impressed as Blake set down the now empty beer bottle, her expression drawing a little bit of a grin from the guy.


“Liquid confidence huh?” she asked dryly, eying him over the rim of her glasses and he laughed a little, the sound rich and warming.


“Yeah, I guess so. Okay, so where do I go?” He asked then, voice heavy with a perhaps forced confidence and she smiled, pointing off towards a seemingly innocuous side corridor.


“All you have to do is just head down there and turn right away from the toilets, you’ll see a row of doors and all you have to do is enter one of the booths with a down arrow on the door, after that it doesn’t usually take long for a dickgirl to come find you.” She smiled brightly and he looked at her uncertainty.


“A down arrow on the door?”


She giggled a little, “Yeah, because you’ll be on the bottom. In here the top is always a dickgirl, no guys allowed, so don’t you worry about that.”


Blake nodded and genuinely found that reassuring, despite how few other men there were here it had still been a niggling concern of his up until this point.


After a pause he looked to Kirsty, taking in the slender woman sat there in a simple but attractive dress that hugged her almost hourglass figure, the conservative neckline high enough as to not show the impressive cleavage he guessed she could deploy when the need called, not that in his experience it ever had, and he knew she could read his worries written on his face. After all, he could feel that genuine reluctance not so deep within him, practically able to hear the voice within that said this was a bad idea, that it was going to go poorly, that he should chicken out, like always.


“What if I bump into the woman on the way out?” He asked and she rolled her big blue eyes.


“She’ll leave first after you’re done, just how it is. Maybe she’ll pass her number through, maybe not. Most girls here just need an outlet.”


Blake nodded a little bit, “Okay, but what if-”


“Blake?” She interrupted and he raised an eyebrow.




“Stop stalling and go on, go have fun already! Jeez. You’d think you didn’t have gigabytes of dickgirl porn on your phone.” She chastised, but he could see the mirth dancing in her eyes.


Blake sighed and knew she was right. He really did want this so he wasn’t sure why he was resisting. As casually as he could he rose to his feet and adjusted his jacket, offering Kirsty a little smile which she returned broader as he spoke, “I’ll um, be back soon?”


“No need to rush~” Kirsty replied and shooed him away with her spare hand, watching with a sly smile as he made his way through the crowds towards the back of the club and towards the booths there that awaited him.


As he made his way back to the corridor he swallowed a little, feeling his heart beginning to race in his chest from both anxiety and excitement. He’d wanted to do something like this for so long, held back only by his own reservations. Seems all he was missing was a co-conspirator like Kirsty to give him the little push he needed.


As he stepped through the various gathered groups towards the back he couldn’t help but glance this way and that, catching, as he passed by, the attention of a dark-skinned party girl, then that of a young tattooed girl with blue hair, a mature fuller figured woman and a pair of athletic pale redheads.


He swallowed nervously as he left the clubs main floor, breaking line of sight between himself and the predatory gazes that he was sure followed his every step and he angled right, stepping away from the toilets towards a line of booths, most of which already seemed to be occupied.


Walking down the line of closed doors he heard a myriad of noises that fueled both sides of his internal conflict, though he was unable to distinguish between any activity and the background noise of what he assumed was porn.


About halfway down he came to a pair of open doors and he paused to glance around at the otherwise empty hall before he stepped eagerly into the booth anxious not to be seen by anyone else passing by.


Shutting the door behind him with a click and sliding the bolt lock into place with the sweep of a thumb Blake got a first look at the booth that, if everything went smoothly, would be the first place he got to see and feel a real dickgirls throbbing cock.


He felt a warmth at his cheeks at the thought, his eyes drinking in the sights around him. The booth was very dimly lit, a pink bulb struggling to bring light to the shadows, the colour casting everything in an erotic shade.


The far wall was dominated by a modestly sized TV screen, the low light display showing a young couple, one guy and one dickgirl, both hung, going at it like you only saw in porn, his ears filled with the girls’ overeager moans and whimpers of delight.


As a shaky breath escaped his lips he shuffled his jacket off over his shoulders, hanging it on a hook on the back of the closed door, the small booth feeling very hot all of a sudden, though he thought perhaps it was just himself getting all flushed as his expectations rose.


In the dim light his white shirt glowed with a pink hue, lit by the bulb above. He turned his hands over a couple of times, making a mental note that it seemed he could pull off wearing a pink shirt, but his train of thought was derailed, his attention stolen away by the distinctive sound of a door closing in the booth beside his own.


He felt his breath catch in his throat for a moment and his eyes swept around to the adjoining wall, searching for the first time for what he knew had to be there. He spotted the hole, at about waist height and with a ring of padding around the edge, the size of the hole gave him pause for thought, leaving him wondering just how girthy the designers had expected the users to be.


He glanced down at a conveniently placed padded bench and moved to sit, his eyes fixed on the ring, able to see the faint pink light of the adjoining booth dancing with movement and shadows as an unseen figure moved between it and the hole.


Blake rolled up his sleeves, revealing the smooth dark skin of his forearms and ran his fingertips through his hair, glancing around anxiously, his eyes lingering on the screen for a moment, watching as the smooth dickgirl worked her hips in a gyrating circle, sliding her slick length in and out of the young man, his face one of pure ecstasy.


To his surprise there was no pause or hesitation, his anonymous partner displaying her apparent eagerness, or perhaps just her familiarity with the whole affair, by suddenly pushing forward a tool that demanded his attention and intruded into his space, stopping just mere inches from his lips.


A few seconds passed, or at least a few visible twitches, before Blake’s body demanded he remember to inhale, his breath rolling out hot and shaky, the smooth white cock visibly straining forward as the woman it was attached to felt his exhalation against her sensitive and needy length.


Blinking, Blake drank in the foreign details of the length in front of him, perhaps six inches long and surprisingly thick, the veined shaft curving upwards slightly to point the light cherry tip towards his plush lips.


As he reached out with a hand he was glad to feel a complete absence of the anxiety he had felt in his chest, instead finding himself feeling safe and secure in the booth, cloaked by the anonymity of the wall between them.


Closing his slender dark fingers around the length he was surprised with how silky smooth the skin was, somehow betraying its owners’ femininity as he slowly moved his hand up and down, exploring the textures, so similar and yet so different to those of his own.


It felt good he realised, to be holding it in his hand, like it was in its rightful place. He squeezed and the woman on the other side of the room let out a muted moan, one he could barely hear over the less subtle sounds of the porn playing beside him.


He licked his lips and felt eager to press ahead, leaning closer until the scent of it filled his senses, the alluring mix of raw sexual promise and the woman’s perfume, like a floral sunrise, drawing him closer still until he could feel the heat emanating from the tip caress his glistening, sensitive lips, mere millimetres away.


At the cusp of what he had wanted and fantasized about for so long, held back only by his own creeping self-doubts, he felt his heart hammering in his chest. Maybe it wouldn’t be the most amazing blowjob ever, but he’d do his absolute best, and it would be rude to keep his anonymous partner waiting for the attention of his soft lips any longer than he already had.


He pressed his lips to the firm head of her engorged cock, feeling the silky smoothness of her skin against his, felt her urge her hips forward, as if trying to press herself into the promising heat of his mouth but he held off, instead raising her cock with his hand so he could plant more kisses, slow and sensual down the side of her thick length then again back up the underside to the tip, all the while caressing and stroking with his soft explorative fingers.


He wanted to take it straight into his mouth but at the same time he didn’t want to miss the chance to experience everything it had to offer. He retraced the path his lips had taken, this time with his tongue, enjoying the subtle tastes of sweat and sex, her length clean, but it had obviously spent more than a little while crammed into the tight confines of its owners’ panties.


The texture of it too was a rich experience, the smooth veined skin encasing a steely core that throbbed and pulsed, his tongue leaving a glistening trail as it worked down to the base, the womans balls unfortunately obscured by the wall.


Working his hand up and down over the now spit slick length he swallowed, his breaths coming shallow as he again licked his lips, his anticipations running high as his patience ran out, his gaze fixed on the thick curved cock, seemingly extra pale in his dark hand.


His eyes fluttered shut as, finally, his lips parted, his heart leaping in his chest as he pressed forward, feeling the pressure of her cock head bumping between his lips, a tight and sudden seal forming around it as his head sank lower still down onto her length, the cherry tip coming to rest on his tongue.


He heard the muffled moan again and felt a bead of something hot and salty smear across his tongue, saturating his mind with the taste of pre as the head of her cock traversed across the roof of his mouth, its slight upward curve making it more difficult to take deep, not that he was ready to try deepthroating anyway.


He took it as deep as he could though, his hand moving from her length to rest on the wall beside it, her shaft pressing his tongue down in his mouth as he engulfed every inch he could in the deliciously wet heat his soft silky mouth had to offer.


Blake took her almost to the base, only an inch and a half or so of her thick length missing out on the embrace of his plush lips as he held it there, feeling a euphoric head rush sweep through him at the realisation that his mouth was legitimately stuffed full of real dickgirl cock, a dream come true, a fantasy brought to life.


He might have been an amateur when it came to sucking cock, but he wasn’t entirely without relatable experience. He had had his own black cock tended to on more than one occasion and he knew the sensations that could be wrought from the experience, the swirling of the tongue, the tightness of the lips, the pressure of the suction, the way when the cheeks caved in around the length it could feel just like a pussy. This was knowledge he could put to use, skills he could use to improve his head game.


Moaning he let his tongue press up, feeling it glide over the veined throbbing underside of the dickgirls cock, her own moan once again only vaguely audible over the background porn as he started to suck, his cheeks caving in tight as he pulled back slowly, the ridge of her cherry tip briefly breaking the seal of his lips and making him emit a lewd slurping noise that coloured his cheeks in a blush as he pushed back down, settling into a rhythm.


With his eyes closed and his palms pressed to the cool wall separating them he moved his plush lips up and down the white spit-shined length, losing himself to the experience as it dominated his mind and senses, his heart pounding as he sucked and licked, the whole thing feeling so deliciously natural.


Pulling back he purposefully let the cock pop free of his lips with a gasp, his eyes flickering open as he took the wet length into the warmth of his hand, stroking and squeezing it as he would his own, his tongue nimble as it tickled and lavished her swollen cock head, his half-lidded gaze drinking in the sight, his breath flowing out fast and hot between parted lips to caress against the slickness of her length.


He watched as his fist milked and stroked the thick cock, droplets of pre appearing only to be lapped up by his explorative tongue, the musky taste not what he had expected it to be, but a pleasant treat all the same.


Wrapping his lips once again around the tip he poured his focus and attention onto it, sucking hard in bursts then letting his tongue dance and swirl in intricate little movements, his hand ensuring that the rest of her length never felt ignored.


Blake began to vary his techniques, switching easily every couple of minutes between taking her as deep as he could and focusing on her sensitive tip, his fingers gliding up and down her length, sticky with his own spit and her pre.


One thing he hadn’t expected that he was quickly learning was it wasn’t all just about technique and skill, but also stamina. As he sucked, licked and generally worshipped her throbbing length she had already far outlasted anything he could muster and he was feeling the effects, a sore jaw, a thick feeling tongue, puffy lips. To his surprise and sudden concern, he wasn’t at all sure he could keep this up that much longer without a break.


Thinking quickly he came to a swift conclusion, the only way to win this without needing a break was to make her cum first and to do that he’d have to make a sprint for the finish line, give it everything he had left.


After bracing both palms against the parting wall he doubled down on his efforts with such a sudden eagerness and lust that he felt her cock tense in his mouth, staying steely hard as his lips swept constantly over the glistening length, surprising her with the sudden burst of pleasure as he sucked hard and fast, uncaring now of the indistinguishable symphony of lewd slurps and wet lip-smacking that emanated from him, even as it almost drowned out the porn.


He was so focused on sprinting to the finish line that he hadn’t noticed as he passed the line, his eyes opening wide as his pace faltered, his mouth filling suddenly with such a huge amount of thick, hot salty dickgirl cum that he struggled for a second not to choke on it.


Instead, instinctually, he swallowed, the dark skin of his slender neck visibly bulging, once, twice, three times as he gulped down her gift, each rope as thick and sticky as the last, the almost uncomfortable heat of her girl-cum spreading all the way down his throat to his increasingly filled stomach.


Mercifully, even as he continued to suck on her length the torrent slowed over time to a trickle which he continued to nurse on, his pace slowing even further until, reluctantly, he let the soft, spent length fall from his tired lips.


After a moment, and unsurprisingly, the cock was pulled back through the hole, vanishing into the anonymity of the strangers’ booth, a strangely unceremonious end to what had been a real and important occasion for him, his first time.


He stared at the hole for a moment, wondering if he would get a number, then blinked. The woman had shifted back into place, only this time instead of a long thick cock, there were a pair of heavy looking balls, each larger than his own and encased in a perfectly smooth and silky sack. It was one of the most beautifully feminine things he’d ever seen.


For a moment he chewed on his lip, feeling it’s puffiness and finding himself uncaring. With a very soft smile he leaned forward and nuzzled himself up under her limp cock, letting it rest across his face as his lips left soft, loving kisses all over her heavy nuts, thanking them for their gift.


He took his time, kissing, then licking, and finally taking each heavy nut into the pleasure-giving warmth of his mouth, bathing them in his lust and desire until, and with what he sensed was a mutual reluctance, she once again pulled back, his lips letting out a final little ‘pop!’. After a moment and after hearing the adjoining booth open Blake smiled to himself and relaxed for a moment, feeling so alive and free. That had felt like a better ending to him, more intimate, more personal, more perfect.


“Wellllll?~” Kirsty asked, unable to hide a self-satisfied smirk as Blake approached her in a new spot, a booth she’d seeming grabbed, a fresh drink in her hand and a glistening cold beer by where he would sit.


Blake let out a little laugh as he sat down once again, running a hand through his boyish hair and picking up the beer bottle, waving it a little at Kirsty, “This is now the second best thing I’ve put in my mouth tonight…”


Kirsty giggled too as Blake took a long pull on his beer, the cold nectar soothing his lips and mouth.


“It’s good to see you being you again!” She commented brightly, noting the complete lack of anxiety and stress on his face.


He grinned rakishly and shrugged, “It was just so much fun! I hope we can come here and do it again sometime?”


Kirsty’s smirk broke into a grin too and she nodded, her eyes sparkling behind her glasses, “Yeah that sounds amazing! It’s a shame you didn’t get her number though…”


After a silent moment Blake tilted his head and studied her. Her glasses were at a little bit of an angle, a few strands of golden hair seemed just a tiny bit more out of place than he had remembered and her lipstick smudged slightly on her lower lip.


“I… Didn’t mention that bit.” He said, raising an eyebrow, his lips turning up ever so slightly at one corner.


Kirsty opened her mouth for a moment, then pursed her lips noticing his expression. She again made to speak, raising a finger, but faltered again as his smile suddenly grew. She bit her lip, “Er… Surprise?”


Blake’s smile broke into another vibrant laugh and Kirsty found herself blushing crimson, her fair skin ablaze with embarrassment as she was so easily discovered. But despite all that, she couldn’t help but laugh too.




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  1. “the attention of a dark-skinned party girl, then that of a young tattooed girl with blue hair, a mature fuller figured woman and a pair of athletic pale redheads“

    I see what you did there! Also, would love a sequel for these two.


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