Home Cooking: Chapter 1

Sophie grunted softly as she stroked her meaty cock, the veined shaft slipping wetly through her slender fingers, lubricated with her own spit and pre as her pleasure rose.

She stood naked in the kitchen, save for a supportive bra, her cock in one hand, hips moving slightly to meet the strokes of her fist as she jerked off, her eyes half-lidded, watching her little brother, his eyes downcast, his cheeks blushed, embarrassed.

Ryan was so cute, she chewed at her full lip as she admired his tussle of short blonde hair, his slender figure, his eyes, a dusky brown that stood out from his otherwise light palette.

“L-look at me…” Sophie said, panting softly as she stared down at him, hopeful and expectant.

He looked up at her with those beautiful eyes, she saw the awkwardness and the embarrassment in his gaze, she smirked some and felt her heavy smooth balls tighten against her.

She gasped some, maintaining her eye contact with her younger brother as she came, her thick cock hard and pulsing between her fingers as her thick sticky cum shot out in ropes into what she was holding in her other hand.

Ryan swallowed meekly as he looked into her eyes, noting the predatory glint in them, his anxiety rising, not that he would ever act against her.

Sophie let out a slow breath, releasing her cock and grinning as it slowly began to soften between her athletic thighs.

“Thanks… Just needed to see your cute face to push me over the edge,” she blew him a kiss and tossed long blonde hair over one shoulder, picking up her wooden spoon and beginning to fold her cum into the cake mixture she had been preparing, humming softly as she baked.

Ryan sighed a little and folded his arms on the table, resting his chin on his arms as he watched her back as she worked, her shapely figure, almost identical to his own only on a taller frame, swaying a little as she happily urged her hips from side to side, dancing softly to the music she was humming.

He wished he could say this was an abnormal evening. But it wasn’t.

He and his sister had always been close. He had known of her extra package since they were very young and had always loved her unconditionally and, as a result, she had always been very close to him.

However, as they had grown older, they had gone away to separate colleges. Ryan had gone away to study fine arts, Sophie Architecture.

Ryan had been good, but over his years at college and uni had never found his big break, a few small galleries and exhibitions never enough to pay the bills.

Sophie, meanwhile, had excelled, top of every class she attended she had gone on to earn quite significant money at an early age, something that Ryan, initially, had been envious of, but, as time had gone by, had become reliant on.

With his finances stretched he had resorted to sofa surfing, spending nights at friends as he flittered from part-time job to part-time job, never holding anything down, never making progress.

Months had gone by since he and his sister had seen each other, going about their lives, but after she had learned of his situation through Facebook, she had insisted he move in with her.

He had been reluctant, worried he would get under her foot and embarrassed that he was being effectively bailed out by his older sister, but she had been unwavering and, before he had known it, he had moved in with her.

He watched now as she poured the cake batter into individual cupcake cases and recollected back to their first few weeks together.

She had welcomed him with love and devotion, helping him get settled in, spending a lot of time with him watching Netflix, talking, cooking.

In the beginning, they had cooked together, but as time had gone by she had insisted that she cook alone, just a habit of hers, she had explained.

He hadn’t minded, she was after all an excellent cook, but there had been a new taste to just about everything she made.

He had asked her about it, but she had just smiled and shrugged, telling him that it was just the flavourings she used.

Again, he hadn’t objected, it was unique, but not entirely unpleasant. In fact, it added a new depth to what she made him, each meal was a new experience, finding out how her personal flavourings played with and enhanced existing tastes.

This had gone on for a couple weeks, but what happened next had been inevitable.

She had been cooking when he had developed a thirst, not giving it a second thought as he yawned, stretching his arms out above his head he had made his way into the kitchen.

He had frozen, mid-yawn and stared at the scene before him, his sister, tall and athletic, one leg up on a chair, her skirts raised with no underwear in sight, both her hands wrapped around her meat. Their eyes met and she hadn’t stopped, her surprised expression growing into a smirk as she had finished herself off, into the food she was making. He had connected the dots easy enough and wasn’t sure what to think or feel.

Her voice brought him back to the present as she sat down opposite him, a grin on her face, the cupcakes in baking, “So when are you going to let me put a bun in your oven huh?”

He blushed and moved to stand but she laughed, “I’m only teasing Ryan! Sheesh, come on sit down.”

He sighed and sat, averting his gaze from his sisters almost nudity, “Come on Sophie, it’s weird!”

“Whats weird is how you keep eating it,” she smirked, teasing.

“Well, can I have something else to eat?”

“No.” she grinned, “You eat what I give you to eat.”

“I could just leave.”

“You could,” she conceded, “But my food is better than no food, Mr, ‘I’m going to study art’.”

He flushed, “That’s hardly fair Sophie!”

“Doors there if you don’t like it,” she smirked, knowing he was wrapped around her little finger.

She tilted her head, smirking as he stayed still.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. You know what I think?”

“Yes…” he mumbled.

“I think you like it!” she grinned.

He sighed and shook his head.

“So, you know, when are we going to stop playing middleman?” she pursed her lips cutely, a finger toying plaintively with her hair.

“What do you mean?” he questioned.

“I mean, when are you going to go straight for the tap?” she said and he eyed her with total incomprehension. Smirking she raised her hand, mimicking jerking a cock off between her lips, her tongue pressing into the inside of her cheek, her eyebrow raising in question.

He flushed crimson and looked away, “What makes you think I’d want to do that!”

“Oh come on Ryan! You eat my food, constantly sneak glances and studied art at college, which, I can’t help but notice, got you into the habit of keeping your body smooth and…” she smirked, “Just how many squats do you do each morning?”

If he could have blushed brighter he would’ve, “I don’t see what that’s got to do with anything!”

She poked her tongue out, “You do a lot then huh? It’s like you want to give yourself some padding for when I bounce your booty on my lap.” she bit her lip and mimicked his cheeks on her hands, big and round, her hands moving it back and forth.

He groaned and couldn’t help but laugh at her actions, “Oh come on even mom didn’t have an ass like that!”

“Look at it often did you?” she teased still, smirking, she knew he could never be mad at her.

“Not as often as you did. How many times did she catch you with her underwear?” he said, a slight smirk of his own.

“I’ve still got some upstairs, though I’ve cum in them so many times now…”

“Ewww Sophie, I don’t want to hear that!”

She laughed and stood, moving to check the oven, “Come on Ryan, stop being such a prude! Really, honestly, why don’t you just suck my dick? I want you to! You want to!”

“You’re my sister Sophie! It’s not right!”

“Says who huh?” she looked around, pointedly looking at all the people who obviously weren’t there.

“I don’t know… Society?”

She laughed, “Oh well, after you’ve sucked my dick the next time you see society you can apologize to them for the both of us. No, come on, why not?”

“Because if we start we’ll never stop,” he said and she tilted her head, her smirk softening, “That’ll be it, brother sister shemale incest with me on the receiving end of your huge cock, facials, creampies and knowing you, toys bondage and all sorts of other fetishes!”

She hesitated for a moment and let out a long slow sigh, “Mm… You’re right.”

He blinked, not expecting that. “I… I am?”

“Mmm… We would have to include a lot of tags if we ever wrote a story of our antics, or made a porn,” her eyes lit up, “Oooh! We can make porn together!”

He groaned again, giving up on the argument for now.

He pulled out his phone and began to browse through his apps while she watched him, a smirk on her face. After a few minutes, she moved back to the oven, taking out the cupcakes and resting them on a cooling rack, his eyes following her butt the entire time. After fanning them for a while she went about glazing them with a chocolate icing.

She washed up and, as she stepped past him, placed a single cupcake on the table in front of him. Kissing him gently on the forehead as she spoke, “Just the once Ryan hun! Then, by your own admission, we can have all the fun we want.”

He watched her go and sighed, putting his phone down, eying the cupcake.

He glanced behind him to the empty door she had left through and, inevitably, ate the cupcake, knowing what was in it, the chocolate coating helped it go down easier.

The day proceeded without further temptation from Sophie, though when she eyed him it was with a knowing, waiting look. Like it would only be a matter of time until his resolve melted away and he threw himself at her.

They ate dinner together, though he didn’t watch her make it, and they watched a classic film in each others company, their conversation casual with bursts of suggestive sexuality from her.

She was pushy, him evasive and the evening dwindled to a close with her having made no more progress.

Ryan showered and brushed his teeth, stripping down to his boxers to crawl into the warm embrace of his bed, the guest room nothing special, but the double bed was more than enough for him.

He lay awake for a while, thinking about Sophie, just one room over, he couldn’t explain how he felt about her, his interest in her a confusing mix of what he wanted, what she wanted, and what, in his mind, could never be.

He sighed softly and rolled onto his side, one pillow under his head another wrapped up in his arms, his thighs snugly around it and, slowly, with confused thoughts, he fell asleep.

He dreamt of Sophie, dreamt of her food, she was helping him eat her cupcakes, but the flavour was wrong, he tried to complain but he had his mouth full, his words coming out as little more than whimpering groans, she laughed in his dream and slowly, his dream was gone, he was awake, his room pitch black, hands caressing his hair, holding his head, his mouth full.

He started, his body jerking as he realised, with grim certainty, that his sister was easing her cock in and out between his plush lips, her giggle piercing in the silence of the room as she pleasured herself using him.

“Shhh shh shh… Don’t mind me, little brother! I’m just enjoying myself over here…” she chewed her lip as she looked down, in the almost dark only able to make out the outline of him as his hands moved to press ineffectual against her thighs, her cock, thick and pulsing slowly urging it in and out of the wet heat of his mouth.

He squeezed at her thighs as he pushed, but her grip on his head was strong, his lips stretched around her member as she slowly, almost lovingly fucked his face.

“Feels good…” she panted softly, looking down into the beauty of him as time and time again her thick silky cock tip slid over his spongy tongue.

He was pressing it against her cock, trying to push it from his mouth, but it only served to pleasure her further, “Ah just like that, that’s it, use your tongue…”

He blushed crimson, squeezing his eyes shut as he stopped moving his tongue, she grinned, teasing, “Yeah give in to my cock, good boy…”

He whined around her cock, no matter what he did he couldn’t win, her hands caressed his hair as she slid her cock deep into his mouth, the tip of her cock pressing against his throat as her balls pressed into his chin.

She picked up the pace, her breath becoming laboured as the pleasure coursed through her, finally able to indulge in what she had wanted for so, so long, his sweet mouth, his lush lips, she recalled how her initial illicit fantasies had started around the same time as puberty, boyfriends and girlfriends had come and gone, but in her mind she had always seen Ryan.

And then he had moved in with her, discovering her lewd habit of cumming into his food to, in any way possible, get her cum inside of him, he hadn’t shunned her, they had even made light and joked about it, so she had continued without too much protest from him.

The more she had pushed however the more he had pushed back, the mixed signals confusing her. But in a way, his explanation had made sense. To do it once would be to open the proverbial floodgates, to tear down the last boundary between them.

Of course, he had meant that was the reason why he wouldn’t take that last step, but Sophie didn’t see it like that, all she saw was they only need to do it once and then he would put out whenever she desired!

She wasn’t sure whether or not that would actually work, but god knows she was trying her best to find out.

“This must be realllllly uncomfortable for you, your face is so warm!” she grinned, her hips moving forward and backwards, pressing her cock into his mouth, again and again, enjoying the sensation of his flushed cheeks against her smooth nuts.

He let out a whimpering agreement, his hands no longer struggling, now just resting against her thighs.

“Want it to go faster?” she purred, smirking.


“Suck it then, it’ll go sooo much faster if you help get me off…” Sophie said, her voice dripping with false consideration.

She had expected resistance or even just a pause, but she got neither.

She shut her eyes as she felt his cheeks cave in around the tip of his cock, he started to suck her cock, her hips slowing and her hands moving, keeping the pace the same, but making him move her head up and down her shining, spit coated length.

“Aww fuck yeah… Come on, I know you want to taste my cum, a little midnight snack… Let me glaze those tonsils…”

He looked up at her through the darkness with disgust, not at her actions, but for her puns, but she couldn’t see his expression.

“Gonna make you my little twinkie, my little cream filled doughnut, my,” she hesitated, trying to think of another one, “Stuffed turkey?”

He choked on her cock as he tried to laugh and Sophie grinned, relaxing her grip she stopped moving his head so much, her relaxation slow, subtle, without noticing he took over, moving his head forward and backwards of his own accord as he sucked on her cock, his cheeks flushed, e his mouth full.

The pleasure was intense, hot and wet tight around her sensitive tip and Sophie knew it wouldn’t be long before she was spending her load. She chewed on her lip, simply running her fingers through his silken hair as he polished her length, her shaft pulsing and throbbing as the inevitable built within her.

She let out a sudden soft gasp, the noise escaping as quickly as her cum came, the sudden deluge pulsing forth from her heavy balls to flood his mouth, unable to help herself her hips twitched forward and backward, matching the rhythm of her pulsing shaft, grunting softly as she spent her load inside her little brother.

He whimpered around her shaft, gulping down her thick seed, the taste all too familiar, but pure and untainted by other tastes and textures. He knew his fate was sealed, he had told her after the first time there would be no stop to their games, what he hadn’t mentioned was because he was afraid he would love it too much to stop.

He wasn’t wrong.

She finished, jerking off the last few drops of her hot seed between his lips onto his tongue.

Once she was finished, sighing softly she drew it back, gently resting her cock on his cheek as he panted hard, his hot breath tickling her smooth sack.


“Mmm?” She smirked.

“How… How long until you can get it up again?”

She grinned, “Not long.”


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  1. Thos was absolutely lovely. Looking forward to next chapter.
    Bigger shemale on smaller male is my top fantasy.
    I know you are familiar woth Damiendeath from literotica and his stories are your favoirites. Did you ever considred adding more of stomach bulge from the size of her cock and/or cum inflation? (Similar to naga and scatlett)


    1. I’m glad you loved the chapter! Bigger shemale x smaller partner is definitely one of my favourites, as shown by it being the subject of my first ever story haha. As for inflation and the like, I think it has its place and I might experiment with including it some more here or there, see how people respond 🙂 Xx


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