Tight Spot

Cody bit his lip as he looked over towards the shop, a little anxious about their planned endeavour but not wanting to come off as uncool to his friends, “Are you sure this is a good idea?” he asked.

His friends grinned and laughed, playfully nudging him as they made their way towards the shop as a group, “Aw come on Cody!” one of them jested,  “You aren’t afraid of a few vibrators are you?”

“N-no! I just don’t want us to get into trouble is all…”

Another of his friends spoke up, “Pff, worst case scenario we get kicked out of a shop we never go into, right?”

Cody glanced at his friends, letting out a little sigh and nodded, smiling, “Alright alright, sure.”

A little playful cheer went up and they made their way towards the shop, letting themselves in, greeted by the little tinkle of a bell.

Shannon looked up from her phone, sitting by the cash register she hadn’t noticed the group approaching until they had let themselves into her shop, her eyes quickly scanning over the guys with an immediately mounting disdain.

She didn’t recognise the individuals, but she recognised the type. Tall broad shouldered jocks without an interest in her merch, just looking to score a quick laugh pointing at dildos, turning on vibrators, just generally causing havoc.

She had half a mind to chuck them out before they even started to mess about, but, as she sat up a little straighter she spotted an oddity among them.

Mingling among the four tall jocks was a girl, no, she realised, a boy. While they were all the muscled athletic types, the fifth was shorter, slender with very little muscle definition and, to her growing intrigue, a curviness to his figure that more than matched her own, save for his flat chest at least.

She settled back, frowning a little as she decided to see how it was going to play out, her eyes on the gazelle amongst the lions.

As she had expected, they seemingly had little interest in buying anything, seeking out oddities to share with the group for a laugh, notably, they came across a display with exotic shaped toys, ones shaped like fists, equine cocks, canine cocks and, to their amusement, dragon cocks.

They laughed and waved them at each other, the boy taking part in his friend’s banter and fun, though, unlike the rest, he occasionally shot apologetic smiles her way which she met with a stoic look.

Leaving the shelves in more of a mess than they’d found them they made their way to the stores lingerie selection, one of the jocks, grinning, picked out a petite silk negligee which he held it up to the boys frame, the group laughing as he blushed, the outfit was, it seemed, in his size and fit his figure well.

Embarrassed, the boy picked up a pink and black bra and panty set aimed at plus-sized women and held it up to one of the jocks.

The group laughed louder and the jock scooped up the items, holding them to his buff frame and striking a mock feminine pose.

Eying the group curiously Shannon reevaluated them, it had seemed that the boy had been being picked on at first, the member of the group that everyone else made fun of, but he gave as good as he got and they laughed along with him. Real friends, she thought.

They put the lingerie back, again, messily, and proceeded onto a shelving range of packers, soft cocks varying in size for trans men or, as a novelty and Shannon sighed a little.

The boy interested her, but she wasn’t going to let them ruin her whole store just for their amusement.

Cody blushed as one of the guys waved one of the larger models of flopping cock in his direction and they laughed.

“You like holding dick huh?” Came a voice from behind the group.

They turned, almost in unison, to see Shannon standing there, the whole group falling silent as they drank in the view.

She was a tall woman, well built with very full c-cup breasts under a crop top, her stomach, belly button piercing and varying tattoo’s on show across her skin.

She had her hands on her slightly curved hips, a smirk on her face. She was in her late twenties with long hair dyed blue but with raven black roots showing through. A lip, nose and eyebrow piercing completing her image.

She was attractive, but the group weren’t staring out of allure.

She wore tight jeans that hugged her long shapely legs, their eyes undoubtedly drawn a very obvious outline down one of her thighs. The one holding the packer glanced at her outline, glanced at the item in his hand and glanced at his friends.

There was a tense moment and Shannon smirked, watching as the group mentality worked, fight or flight, joke or leave.

“Heh, very funny, you got one of these stuffed down there huh?” said the one holding the packer, waving it towards her crotch.

She grinned, “Is that what you think that is?”

“Pff sure it is!”

“Hmm, wanna bet?” she winked.

He grinned, nudging one of his friends, “Oh aye sure, and if I’m right you suck my cock?”

“And if I’m right you suck mine?” she teased, his grin faltering slightly, “No?”

She had him on the spot now, he’d singled himself out of the group with his comments and now had to decide where to back down and look a fool or step up and potentially lose, how sure was he?

Not very, it seemed.

He laughed, shrugging off the encounter, “Don’t think my girlfriend would be happy if I got my cock sucked by you.”

She smirked at the smooth recovery and turned her attention to the rest of the group, “What about the rest of you hm? Want to take me up on the bet? Could win a blowjob…” she blew them a kiss, expecting it to send them leaving, laughing and pretending to each other they’d bested her in their witty sparring.

But instead one of them quietly spoke, “Hey Cody you don’t have a girlfriend…”

The jocks quickly took up the call, urging Cody, who looked embarrassed to have been singled out, to take her up on the bet. Shannon smirked at him, her head tilted to the side, waiting.

Cody let out a sigh and shrugged off his friends, “Alright alright!” he laughed, “Fine!”

This was met by a round of cheers by the group and, to Shannon’s surprise, she found herself to be the centre of attention once more. She looked Cody up and down, judging him, she could see his expression, elated by the cheers but, as he saw her expression of victory, he paled considerably.

She pursed her lips some, then sighed.

“You win! It’s a packer, guess I owe you head huh?”

The group cheered and slapped Cody on the back, almost knocking him over, he laughed too but seemed uncertain, he looked like he was about to pass out, so she decided to give him an out.

“Come back later tonight, I get off my shift at ten, you know, to claim your reward,” she winked.

He looked immediately relieved and, while cheering for their victorious comrade, happy to escape with their dignity intact they left her store, though not so hurriedly as to be seen to be retreating.

Shaking her head Shannon let out a chuckle, that had been fun, he had been cute too, it was a shame really. She adjusted herself in her jeans, her cock semi-hard against her thigh and went about tidying up the store after them, certain in the knowledge that she wouldn’t see any of them again.

Cody and his friend’s laughed the whole experience off, teasing the woman for having stuffed a packer down her jeans to mess with them, talking about the weird toys, but on the whole, forgot about it.

They went about their wander, grabbing food, hanging out, having fun. The evening deepened and his friends suggested they all go out for drinks, keep the day going into the night, but Cody declined, clubbing and drinking had never really been his scene and, though they teased him about going to collect from that shop lady, they understood that he didn’t enjoy it as much as they did, they were, Cody knew, good friends to have.

He found himself wandering the streets of the city, his headphones in, listening to music and he followed his feet. Usually, after parting way with his friends, he would hop on the city’s subway and ride home, but not today. He found himself drawn by an inexplicable curiosity backtracking on his day’s adventures.

Shannon was yawning, getting ready to close up the shop, having already flipped the sign to ‘closed’ when she heard the door swing and the bell tinkle, she slumped some and let out an annoyed sigh, not turning towards the door as she sorted out a display, “Read the sign, we’re closed.”

“O-oh, sorry, I just thought…”

She spun suddenly, her eyes going wide as, standing just inside the doorway, was the boy from early, “No fucking way,” she said out loud, unable to contain her surprise.

He blushed some, “Should I go?”

She shook her head, frowning a little as she glanced past him, “Where are your friends?”

He shrugged, “Out drinking somewhere.”

Shannon eyed him for a moment, but believed him, she stepped over to where he was standing, one arm hanging by her side, the other gripping her elbow just under her breasts, “So uh..”


“Cody,” she repeated, “You… You know I wasn’t messing, right? About me?”

He glanced down, noting the outline of the familiar bulge in her jeans and nodded a little, “Y-yeah, I guess.”

“So what? Did you come here to pay up? To suck my dick?” She inquired, disbelieving.

“No! No I… No.” he folded his arms and chewed his lip, looking back towards the door.

“…Just curious, right?”

He blinked and looked back at Shannon, eying her over before shrugging softly.

“Mm, thought so. Well… If you want we can experiment together…” she grinned a little, eying him over again, admiring his slender form and enticing curves.

“I-I don’t think so, look, I’m sorry, for my friends I mean. I uh, thanks, sorry,” he said, turning and putting his hand on the door handle.

“Wait!” she said, stopping him short and biting her lip, “…What if I can make it worth your while?”

“…What do you mean?” he said slowly, hesitating, his hand still on the door handle.

She paused open-mouthed, then folded her arms, “Alright let me be blunt, I’ve been waiting for a cute boy like you.” she smirked some, “Maybe you suck my cock maybe you don’t. But you’re curious. Said so yourself, right? You’re in a sex shop with someone who wants to play with you… So, why not? Whatever you want to do I won’t judge or tell anyone. Crossdressing, bondage, heck even if you want to whip out that dragon dildo I’ll help you out.”

He shook his head and opened the door, “I-I’m sorry, I don’t know why I came here.”

“Come on yes you do, you’re curious, don’t back out now! What if I gave you a trophy or something?”

“Like what?” he looked at her expectantly and she thought.

She was in almost every regard strictly a top, she gave and very rarely received. But, sometimes sacrifices had to be made, “A picture, your cock in my mouth to show off to your friends.”

He blushed brightly but she could see him thinking it over so she continued to speak, “Just imagine showing off that you let them go drinking so you could come back here and claim your reward.” she smiled and leaned in.

“We only do stuff that I want to?”

“Of course!”

“And you don’t tell anyone I was here?”


…Picture first.” he said, flatly and she couldn’t help but grin, nodding.

“Alright, picture first.” she conceded.

He nodded and closed the door, swallowing, “So, uh, do I just whip it out?”

She laughed a little, “Sort of, but I think we should start with something a little more subtle.”

“Like… Like what?”

She nodded to the back of the shop, “Go to the back, I’ll close up here first, don’t want any peeping toms do we?”

He nodded and moved towards the back as she put the shutters down, unable to stop herself from smiling as she locked the gazelle in with the lioness.

She smirked as she stepped back towards him, she was enjoying his innocence, she was sure she was going to enjoy a lot more of it before the evening was out, “You know your bases right?” she said as she stepped up to the boy who had been admiring a shelf of goodies, she breathed softly as she leaned in close, his doe-like eyes wide, his lips pursed as he leaned back against the shelves, his phone in one hand.


She kissed him and, surprised, he recoiled, but she followed, pressing her body to his as he leaned back against the display, placing his phone down on the shelf so his hand could support him, trapped between the shelves and her curves.

Her lips were plump and full, her breath hot and her actions eager, her hands on his shoulders, slowly beginning to trail down his arms as he closed his eyes, kissing her back.

It started slow but as he reciprocated she felt encouraged, her hands trailing down to his, grinning ever so softly as she kissed.

She guided his hands, one over the curve of her hip to rest on her firm ass, her hand encouraging him to squeeze, the other she guided under her crop top, she wasn’t wearing a bra, she felt the fabric pushed up her chest followed by their hands, his soft warm fingers cupping her full breast, his fingers squeezing this time without her encouragement.

“Mmm…” she moaned into the kiss, feeling his hands on his body, tentative and inexperienced, but eager to try.

She enjoyed their hot kiss, her body pressed to his and, after a few minutes had passed, she broke the kiss, grinning gently, she let her hand trail from his, pressingly lightly to his chest, their eyes locked, his half-lidded, cheeks blushed, a few red lipstick marks on his lips as she smirked playfully, her hand working down to his stomach and then lower still.

He blushed in embarrassment as her hand slid into the front of his trousers, her hand finding his cock, fingers brushing lightly against it.

She blinked, hesitating, “No way…” she said, eyes wide and his blush deepened, his gaze looking away from hers, embarrassed.

Keen to see what she had felt Shannon dropped to her knees his hands resting now on the shelf to his back, her fingers running up his legs and thighs, to undo the clasp of his jeans, her thumbs hooking under booth the denim of his jeans and the softer fabric of his briefs.

She slid them down and gasped as his cock was revealed, the boy looking away as she raised her hands back towards it.

He bit his lip as he felt her, fingers delicate, tracing over the warm skin of his cock.

She lifted the soft cock in her hand, her fingers laced around it, it was the biggest cock she had seen, she lifted it in her hand, stroking it deftly as he let out a soft appreciative gasp.

“Fuck Cody, you’re absolutely hung!” she said, biting her lip as she looked up at him, wonder in her eyes.

He blushed and looked back at her, “I-I know, I’m sorry…”

She tilted her head, bemused as she slowly stroked it, feeling it swell, it was already half hard, she realised, likely from their kissing, “Sorry? Sorry for what?”

“It’s… It’s too big, it gets in the way and it’s so difficult to hide!” he whined, though as soon as he was finished another moan escaped his lips.

“Hide? Why would you want to hide this! Gods you probably have the biggest cock in your friend’s circle. You could have any girl you want!” She smirked and hefted the hardening shaft, taking a look at his balls, heavy and full, smooth and hairless.

“I-I know but…” his words trailed off, his blush deepening as they looked at each other.

“…But you don’t think you want girls, right? You’re gay?” she asked.

“W-well… N-not exactly. I’m… I’m not sure what I am… I-”

“Do you think I’m hot?” she asked, interrupting him. He nodded, “Then stop worrying so much. The whole point of this that you get to explore without worrying. So quit worrying… And get ready to take that picture.”

She smirked and as he opened his mouth to protest, she parted her own red lips and took the almost hard length of his cock into the warmth of her mouth, swirling her tongue around the silky tip, letting him feel the odd texture of her spongy tongue and its metal stud as her lips stretched to encompass his impressive girth.

He moaned and leaned further back against the stall, his eyes rolling back as they closed, the sensation of her skilled lips around his cock a wonderful sensation.

She was about to remind him that she was just doing this so he could take a picture, but in all of her years of being a top, she’d never found someone she actually wanted to blow, at least until now.

She started to roll her lips up and down the length of his cock, sucking and letting her tongue roll around his length, one hand on the base of his cock, gripping it as she worked what she could into the heat of her mouth, the boy letting out increasingly loud gasps and moans, each noise coming out with an increasingly feminine noise.

It was an odd sensation for her, despite their intentions of the evening being one of discovery for Cody, at the time Shannon was simply reveling in the new sensations, his heavy hot cock, both soft and hard filling her mouth, the odd taste and texture as it slid between her lips and over her active tongue, the wet noises that her sucking elicited, the way it urged against her throat, as if wanting more, though she was unsure if she could take such a monster.

Freeing it briefly from her lips she lifted it, her fingers wrapped around the girth of his hard cock stroking the wet length as she leaned up under it to plant soft little kisses against his balls, causing Cody to shiver softly.

She licked the heavy orbs, weighing them on her tongue before she returned his ruby tip to her ruby lips, sucking, pleasuring, making him pant and writhe.

With her spare hand she pulled the already low v of her crop top down and to the sides, hooking the elastic fabric under the swell of each breast, each rounded orb tipped with a studded nipple.

She squeezed a breast with one hand, idly playing with one of the studs as he looked down at her, admiring the view, he still, she noticed, didn’t have his phone up, whether he was just too lost to new pleasures or was stalling for time she didn’t know and didn’t much care.

She looked up at him, their eyes meeting as, with her breasts out, one hand resting on his thigh and the other cupping his heavy balls, cradling them, she prepared to finish him off.

She closed her eyes and did her best to relax her throat, shifting the position of her shoulders she leaned in, feeling the wet girth of his weighty cock press across her tongue, depressing it as she left the thick tip of his shaft bump against her throat, steeling herself she pushed forward still.

Cody gasped, arching his back as he watched her sink deeper onto his cock, the sensations coursing through him intensely as the busty shemale went down on him, deep throating his shaft.

She continued until his meat was fully sheathed in her mouth and throat, her neck visibly bulging as she struggled not to gag, her lips leaving a faint O of lipstick around the root of his cock, his soft pubic mound pressed to her nose, his balls against her chin.

Slowly she began with withdrawing, bobbing her head along the entire length of her shaft, his cock slick and shining with her spit, her eyes closed, he swallows and finally, with shaking hands, picked up his phone.

Shannon was focused entirely on not gagging as she pushed her shoulder forward and backwards, her mouth and throat full of pre and spit which she swallowed as she rolled her lips up and down his length, pausing occasionally to save herself from choking.

After a few minutes his gasps and moans began to intensify, his hips moving slowly in time with her movements, opening her eyes she looked up at him and instead of seeing the boys gorgeous eyes, she saw the lens of his camera phone pointed at her, she continued to move, looking at the lens and after a few moments she realised he probably wasn’t taking pictures, by the placement of his fingers, he was likely videoing her.

With a wet sucking noise, she pulled the cock from her throat and mouth, resting it on her face as she looked up into the camera.

“Where do you want to cum, Cody?” she asked in a sultry tone, moving one hand to stroke his slick cock, the silky skin of his shaft passing easily under her fingers as she jerked him off.

“A-ah…” he panted, “I, I don’t know!”

She smirked and winked playfully, “I’ll pick then…”

She swooped back down onto his cock, moving with an increased and more confident pace as she adjusted to having a cock in her throat.

She felt him start to tense in her mouth, feeling the cock throb in rhythm with his quickened heartbeat as he drew close to climax.

He jerked his hips at the moment of climax and she drew the cock from her throat, opening her mouth and moving a hand to stroke his member, her mouth open, the tip resting on her tongue as white ropes fired off, coating her tongue and filling her mouth with his sticky seed.

She panted across the tip of his cumming cock, looking up into the lens of the camera as he came in her mouth, her hand jerking him off onto her tongue, he shuddered as he came, his legs weak, relying on the stall behind him for support as she milked every last drop from his eager balls.

Cody watched on his phone as the tattooed, pierced, dyed hair beauty with her plump lips took his load onto her tongue, looking at him through the camera as she finished.

As his cock drooped, beginning to become limp she stroked it gently, letting the camera get a good shot of the seed between her lips, closing her mouth, swallowing then opening, grinning as she showed off her empty mouth, sticking her pierced tongue out before winking and moving to stand.

Cody swallowed and stopped recording the video, looking at her as she rose to stand, readjusting her crop top over her breasts and erect nipples.

“Mm, well that was fun…” she said, smirking.

He blushed softly and leaned down, slipping his phone back into the pocket of his fallen jeans, reaching to pull them back up his legs, but, as he did, she stepped on them, keeping them pinned to the floor. He looked up at her, eyebrow raised, “Uh, excuse me?”

She pursed her lips, “Uh, excuse you indeed? I seem to recall you lost the bet and came here to learn, not to get your dick sucked.” she hesitated, “That was just a bonus. For my amusement. So you won’t be needing those,” she nodded down to his pants, “For a good long while yet…”

He blushed some and stepped out of his pants, leaving them on the floor.

“And you can take that shirt off too.”

“This hardly seems fair.” he protested meekly as he hooked his thumbs under his shirt.

Shannon hesitated, “You’re right.”

He blinked in surprise at her agreement and watched as she hooked her thumbs under her own hem, lifting it up.

Cody followed her lead and, once his shirt was over his head he looked over at her, staring unashamedly at her full bare breasts, a twisting tribal tattoo outlining one of the round breasts.

He swallowed, “Still hardly seems fair…” he said, glancing down.

She grinned a little, putting her hands on her hips, “Oooh? You want to see my cock huh?”

He flushed, “I…”

“Remember why you’re here?” she prompted gently.

“I, yes,” he said a little embarrassed.

She smiled, “Come get it then, come explore.”

He hesitated for a few long moments then stepped towards her, looking up into her bemused expression as his hands found the clasp of her jeans, his own cock now soft between his thighs as his fingers, nimble and delicate opened her jeans and slid them down her thighs, her panties following with them to reveal her own cock, springing free, hard and excited.

He blushed in surprise as he realised he had been bigger than her, his fingers reaching out to curl around her cock as she kicked her pants free of herself.

“How’s it feel?” She asked gently as he just felt and explored the feeling of her cock.

“Like… Like my own, but a little smaller, a little… Better.”

She smirked, “You like the feel of someone else’s cock in your hand over the feel of your own cock?”

He nodded a little, “Is… Is that weird?”

She smirked, “Nothing we do tonight will be weird. We’re just having fun…”

He smiled a little, “Okay. So uh… What do you want to try first?”

She bit her lip, urging her hips forward a little, a tiny spark of pleasure running up her shaft, “How about that negligee?”

“Negli-what?” he asked and, despite his pleasurable grip on her shaft, she stepped away, beckoning for him to follow.

He followed her, watching her firm ass sway as she walked, selecting the same silken outfit his friends had picked out mockingly for him earlier, she checked the tag and turned, grinning, “They were right, it is your size.”


She put a finger to his lips and he paused, “No. If you’re going to question everything we’re going to try the first thing I’m going to try is a ball gag. Okay.”

He paused and looked a little embarrassed, “Ah… Sorry. But, er…”

She glared a little, “What?”

“Can we try the ballgag after?”

She paused, then laughed, nodding, “Yeah, sure, we can try the ballgag after. But stick this on! Come on, I want to see what you look like.”

She tossed the negligee to him and he caught it, blushing as he felt the silky fabric against his skin.

She watched, hands on her hips, her cock pointing straight ahead at him as he lifted the frilly piece, finding the way in and pulling it on, the tag was itchy, but the rest of the fabric felt wonderful against his smooth skin. It fell to his thighs, just obscuring his cock and hung a little limp at the chest, he looked down at himself then up at Shannon, “How does it look on me?”

“Cute!” she grinned, “though it’s not a perfect fit… What do you think?”

“It feels nice…” he admitted, looking down at himself, “But, I don’t think it suits me.”

“No?” she said, tilting her head.

He shook his head and she shrugged, “Guess you aren’t into cross-dressing then. Fair enough, how about we try something I know you’re interested in?”

He paused momentarily, pulling the negligee back off over his head and nodded some, following her once more as she walked to the back of the shop, through a door and into the back. It was a storage room, full of boxes, miscellaneous items and an old looking sofa, unlike the front of shop it was very disorganised.

“So uh, what are we doing back here?” he asked, tempted to cover his modesty, the casual nudity new to him.

She glanced briefly towards the sofa then back at him, smiling innocently as she plucked a ball gag from a storage box, removing the tag, “Oh, you wanted to try one of these out, yes?”

He blushed and nodded a little, stepping closer, “Y-yeah. I’ve seen them before in porn… Just… Wondered what it felt like, you know?”

“Well, here, let me help you with that.” she stepped forward, the red ball approaching his plush lips. He didn’t hesitate, he opened his mouth and took the ball into his mouth, Shannon reaching behind, her breasts pressing to his chest as she tied it in place and adjusted the straps so it was tight, but not uncomfortable, “There… Hows that feel?”

He blushed and nodded a little, his cock twitching between his thighs.

“Huh, you like that do you? Want more?”

He gave her a questioning look but nodded.

She pursed her lips and looked around the room questing, then grinned, “Ahha…”

He watched as she moved to a box, pulling out a few coils of something black, she turned and brandished it. Rope.

She stepped towards him and he blushed, waiting expectantly.

“Good boy, just let Shannon have her fun,” she smirked and winked, Cody realised with a flush that up until that point he hadn’t even known her name.

She stepped up to him and didn’t wait for permission he couldn’t give, she started to wind the coils of rope around him as she had with another partner.

It was a passion of hers and as he wiggled, her knots and ties seemingly random he watched as they became intricate patterns, a Karada rope dress with a mini skirt. She had to improvise, as the rope dress worked and she admitted, looked better on a woman with breasts to be encircled and enhanced by the pressure of the rope, but had to admit his hips, ass and semi-hard cock looked good in the web weave of black rope.

It felt good and as she finished the weave on his arms, tieing them folded behind his back, he wanted to comment but in a moment of clarity realised his mobility was somewhat impaired, he looked at her with a moment of worry.

“If you want me to stop at any point just…” she hesitated, pursing her lips, “Cross your ankles?”

He paused, then nodded, with the ropes stopping at his thighs he still had the use of his legs.

“Good! Now. Want to try butt stuff?” she grinned, excited.

He blushed, looking absolutely delicious bound, his cock once more rock hard, his plush lips wrapped snugly around the red gag. He nodded.

She winked and started to move around the room, picking collecting a couple of items before returning to him, “Don’t worry about these, these are just to help enhance your pleasure!”

She grinned and leaned in, holding a pair of rings linked together with a chain. The larger ring she fitted around his whole cock and balls, the smaller ring just around the base of his cock.

She had judged the size well and it was a snug fit, but not painful fit, his erect cock throbbing harder in its binds.

Pulling out a small tube of lube she squeezed a little into her hand, massaging it into his cock. He moaned through his gag, unsure as to why she was prepping him again, but certainly in no position to complain.

She smiled some after admiring her handiwork, his engorged cock once more slick and shiny. She collected the second last of her items, a longer thicker tube which she unscrewed the top of, placing the plastic lip aside.

He watched as she revealed a pink, faux anus and, after applying another dollop of lube, she worked her fingers into the fleshlight, preparing it as she looked up at him.

“Yeah yeah, not what you thought I meant when I said butt play, but don’t worry, I’m getting to that.”

She stood and walked over to the sofa, beckoning to him. She watched as the bound boy walked over to her, admiring the movements of his bound body, the bob of his erect cock. She turned to the sofa and, grabbing a pillow, wedged the fleshlight between the sofa arm and the cushion pointing up. She picked up a small silicone nub and twisted it, causing it to begin to vigorously vibrate in her hand. With a smirk, she pushed the little bullet into the fleshlight, just inside the rim, the hum deepening as it was obscured.

Cody looked at her confused but she winked and took his hand, guiding him to the edge of the sofa. Gripping a rope at his back she pushed and he began to fall forward, but she was able to support him, simply stopping him from collapsing as she gently bent him over the edge of the sofa.

She paused briefly, getting him to step forward a couple of inches before she continued to push him down. She grinned as his cock lined up with the vibrating fleshlight and, as he was pushed over and his cock sank into the wet cool embrace of the vibrating love hole, the lubricated soft silicone sliding over the sensitive throbbing cock, he let out a moan through his gag.

“Feels good huh?” She asked the squirming boy, his moans coming through his gag as each tiny wiggle brushed his steely tip against the vibrating bullet.

“Thought so, so uh, just stay there and I’ll see to the rest…”

Shannon collected a second cushion and placed it by the sofa, kneeling herself down so his pillowy cheeks came on level with her face.

She reached up and sank her her fingers into the plushness of his ass, parting his cheeks to reveal his star.

“Well if that just isn’t the best thing I’ve seen all day…” she purred low, smirking, her fingers still slick with lubricant she rubbed a little around his ass, the skin hot and silky smooth, the little wrinkle of his hole ripe for her to enjoy.

She slowly worked her finger into the tight o of his ring, feeling the heat clamp down on her, felt his back arch.

She knew, from her own, limited and personal experiences that her probing finger would be less than pleasant, but every push and pull from her probing finger caused involuntary little twitches from his body which, thanks to her little setup, caused pleasure to spark through his cock.

She slid her finger in and out of his lubed hole, quick to introduce a second slick finger, preparing him for what was to come, loosening him slightly, letting him acclimatise to the sensation of invasion and lubricating him.

She stood slowly, squeezing his plush cheeks, giving each pale mound a firm slap, causing him to gasp, jerk his hips forward, then moan.

“Yeah just you wait, this is going to feel amazing…”

She chewed on her lip pressing her slick fingers into the softness of his cheeks, parting them and pressing the tip of her length against his little star.

He whimpered, but, as she glanced down, she noticed that his ankles remained uncrossed, his toes, however, were delightfully curled from the sensations.

Shannon grinned and tilted her head back, closing her eyes as she allowed herself the luxury of sinking the tip of her cock into the boy, he squealed out through the gag, in both pain and pleasure she was sure, as she let gravity do her work, no slow inch by inch ceremony, instead of one long gliding motion, accompanied by a slick wet sound, she pressed the length of her hard cock into the boy, feeling the tight heat of his ass envelope her needy, so far unattended cock.

This was where Shannon was at her best, on top, a delightful toy beneath her, a hole to plough, she knew that Cody was about to find out just how epic Shannon’s stamina was.

She placed her hands on his lower back, gyrating her hips to stir her cock deep inside him, letting it explore its new home, feel the walls of his slick hole squeeze down around her invading tool, her balls pressed to his larger ones, her thighs pressed to his. Heaven.

In the moment where she had in one brutally fluid movement sank her entire length into him he had crossed his ankles, and his eyes, but as she leaned back up, letting herself withdraw from him, they were once more uncrossed, she grinned, knowing he was hers.

“Okay sweety, buckle up…”

With her hands on his hips she drew back, watching with delight as her slick cock pulled out of the delightfully tight and sucking hole, only to push back in, again filling him with her meat and drawing a whimper from him, she was quick to adopt a fast, hard pace, enjoying the way his doughy ass cheeks rippled with movement each time she slammed her hips into him.

The boys world was changing, each slam into his ass causing his whole body to bounce forward, her cock pounding his virgin prostate, each movement making his almost painfully erect cock fuck in and out of the slick, warming vibrating fleshlight wrapped snugly around his shaft, the constant buzzing of the vibrating bullet against his sensitive tip.

She knew what she was doing to him, this was a move she’d only managed to try once or twice before with partners and she knew what it did to them, with his cock bound as tight as it was when he came there would be no cum, like a denial but with the pleasure, it would help shorten the recharge time on a cock that couldn’t catch a break from being hard and surrounded by pleasure, there would be bliss, there would be pain, but with her constantly powering into him, it would all melt together into a single orgasmic heaven. She wanted this boy for her own and his fate was already sealed.

She panted as she laid into him, her cock constantly hammering home, minute after minute without pause or break, he couldn’t believe her strength or stamina, his eyes closed as his body shook with almost ceaseless orgasm, as soon as one ended and a few seconds of painful oversensitivity had passed he found himself once more on the cusp.

She paced herself, sometimes laying over his back, sometimes standing straight, her weight being supported by her feet on the ground, her knees on the sofa or her arms on his back, this technique allowing her muscles to keep up with her pace for far longer as the room echoed with the sounds of their bodies clapping together, her breasts bouncing slightly as she fucked him.

His mind was a white slate of pleasure, his face pressed into the sofa cushion, saliva drooling around the gag as he breathed frantically through his nose, his body exhausted, his legs, though the only part of him that wasn’t bound, so leaden he couldn’t move them, he was helpless, a hole for her to use and with each passing second he prayed it lasted forever.

As time blurred by both Cody and Shannon were coated with a thin sheen of sweat, his cock throbbing in its bindings, hers pulsing in the well-lubricated heat of his now welcoming cock sleeve.

She was panting hard, her muscles beginning to tire and she knew she didn’t have much left in her, in her youth she could’ve gone for another couple of hours, but as it stood now she was reaching her limit, she had been subtly adjusting her speed, ensuring she was never pushed over the edge into cumming but she knew if she continued with that much longer, she might collapse without finishing the job.

Swallowing she reached under him, pausing in her thrusts for just a moment, the boy so far gone he didn’t even notice the change as she unclipped the metal rings around his cock.

The sensations for Cody changed in an instant, his cock, suddenly free from restraint burst into climax, his cum firing out deep as Shannon once more began her fuck his hole, hard and frantic, desperate to cum with him.

He gasped, his eyes wide but staring at nothing as he shot the biggest, thickest load of his life deep into the waiting fleshlight, the pleasure immense, even as the battery on the bullet, shoved irrecoverably deep into the fleshlight gave it’s last few drowning buzzes.

As he came his ass squeezed tight around her, rippling and shifting, milking her cock as she tilted her head back, eyes closed as she felt her balls tighten, almost on instinct as her climax drew close she slowed, her muscle memory wanting to make it last, but she forced herself forward, made herself let go, let herself cum.

They came together, each rope of hot cum filling his once virgin hole, marking him as hers and sending another strand from his smooth balls into the fleshlight.

She hilted herself, her entire body pressed as tightly to his as she could possibly make it.

They stayed like that for seemingly an age, their slick bodies pressed to each other, her breasts on his back, her balls resting on his, each completely spent and exhausted. They lay together, recovering, her muscles aching with satisfaction, her cock softening inside of him.

Finally, with a single wet sound, she stood on admittedly wobbly legs and withdrew her length from his ass.

With a grunt of effort, she raised and rolled him, pushing him so he lay on his back on the sofa, his legs up on the arm, his cock soft, resting against his stomach as she retrieved the abused and cum fill fleshlight.

Biting her lip she slid two fingers deep into the hot cum filled silicone and, between them pulled out the spent bullet, her fingers covered in the boy’s massive load.

Discarding the bullet she glanced at him to ensure he wasn’t looking her way, then licked her fingers clean, tasting his seed once more.

She stepped towards him and sat down beside the sofa, their heads on level as she reached out and with one hand undid the clasp of his ballgag.

She pulled it from his mouth and set it aside, his lips parted, his eyes closed.

“Mm… Can you hear me, Cody?” she asked, her voice a little hoarse.

He nodded gently, panting through his open mouth, “I’ve got… One last thing for you to try before you’re done, okay?”

He nodded again and she bit her lip, “Give it the deepest French kiss of your life…” she purred softly as she upturned the fleshlight, pressing the sticky silky silicone to his lips.

He whimpered softly but obeyed, pressing his tongue into the soft silicone material and feeling the ribs of the sleeve against his tongue.

She watched as he kissed the toy with a slow passion and grinned as his own cum started to pour into his mouth.

He arched his back, whimpering at the taste and texture, but without being told, he began to swallow.

She watched for several long moments and reclined against the sofa, smiling peacefully as he enjoyed himself kissing the toy.

She would keep him, for sure.


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