Home Invasion: Chapter 1 – Home Invasion

Charlene let out a low wistful moan as she awoke, stretching out catlike under her covers as she blinked wearily, rolling sideways some to look towards her clock, feeling her massive, soft breasts shift in her loose tank top as she rolled.

Blinking against the light of her clock she squinted, it’s green led digits almost blinding her in the absolute black of her room.

She frowned a little in confusion as the lights declared it to be only three in the morning, she was usually a heavy sleeper, waking only for her alarm and even then, oft times that was a struggle.

Shrugging lightly to herself and thinking nothing of it she rolled back over, laying on her back, using her hands to casually adjust her chest, the bed and pillow pleasantly warm with the heat of her own body as she settled back down with the intention of getting some more sleep, her eyes closing once more.

She opened them suddenly to the unmistakable sound of footsteps downstairs, in her own home. She sat up immediately, listening, eyes wide, there had been no mistaking the noise and few things seldom woke someone like the realization that they were not alone when, by all rights, they should be.

Again she heard the footsteps, whoever it was was trying to be quiet, but failing as they moved around what was, to them, an unfamiliar house. She swallowed anxiously and felt her heart beating faster in her chest, two clear and distinct emotions rising to the forefront within her.

The first was rational and to be expected by anyone in her situation, fear, the fear of the unknown, the fear of loss, the fear of being hurt.

The second was more of a Charlene thing. Anger, pure unadulterated fury.

“Oh, fuck no..” She growled to herself, feeling the pit of fear condense down into a solid lump of red hot rage.

Someone had had the gall to break into her home, invade her domain and worse still, disturbed her precious sleep.

She moved to stand slowly, barefoot she inched silently through the darkness to her side cabinet. Just yesterday she had hung a new mirror up, big and beautiful, she hadn’t yet had the opportunity to tidy up the mess she had created while hanging it and that, she knew had been a good thing.

She searched with questing fingers across the top of the counter, feeling perfume bottles, a hair brush, some straighteners, a claw hammer…

She encircled her fingers around the handle of the hammer and hefted it, feeling its weight in her hands, reassuring and heavy.

No one broke into Charlene’s home.

She had the advantage over the intruder, as they stumbled around downstairs in the dark, bumping into objects, cursing and swearing under their breath, she knew all the ticks and tricks of her house.

Moving around in the absolute dark she stealthed through her home perfectly, each footstep placed with precision, avoiding the squeaky floorboards, never bumping into an object, making her way across her landing and down her stairs.

She made her way through her living room and towards her kitchen, hearing movements within and seeing the dim glow of a light, possibly a torch as she moved ever closer, trying to prepare herself mentally for whatever could happen next.

As she stepped forward, however, she felt her shin bash unexpectedly into the side of her coffee table, forcing a surprised grunt of pain from between her lips.

She knew her house like the back of her hand, but this asshole had stumbled through it knocking things around, placing things where they shouldn’t be.

As she controlled herself she froze, standing perfectly still, listening.

The intruder too had gone silent, hearing the noise and entering a similar state to her, they both knew they weren’t alone now and neither of them knew what they were up against.

She stood still and listened, unable to see a thing as the light went out in her kitchen, leaving her without any light to go by whatsoever.

Breathing as softly as she could, she heard them start to move once again, back towards the living room this time, towards her and towards the front door that was on the other side of her, likely where they had broken in from.

She inched to the side towards the wall, sliding her feet across the carpeted surface slowly to avoid any more noises and to feel for any other misplaced objects, focusing the entire time on what she could hear.

She heard them shuffle through the room, cautious, but not as quiet or stealthy as her, she could almost, even in the pitch black, make out a silhouette, though it could’ve just been a trick of her mind.

She had to think quickly, they were going to pass right by her, right between her and one of the couches. It was possible they had a gun, possible they had a knife, she couldn’t attack them until she knew, couldn’t risk getting herself cut or shot, but she was too livid to just let them walk out with whatever they had pilfered without at least trying to fight back. She reached behind her, hand feeling lightly at the wall.

She swallowed, her adrenaline rising as her fingers traced over the rooms light switch.

She would have to think fast. Flip the switch, identify the weapon, swing.

She felt her heart hammering in her chest and was genuinely afraid the intruder, so close now, would hear it beating away inside her. She could almost feel them as they moved to pass by towards the door.

Charlene flipped the switch, instantly assessing the male in front of her no more than a step away. He was in his late teens or early twenties, his hazel eyes widening in shock as he looked towards her, hair short and dark, skin white, a little shorter than her and a skinny thing wearing all black, she looked to his hands, both empty.

The boy, for the briefest of moments in the blinding, sudden, light saw a woman, tall, black skinned, wearing grey shorts and a tank top that hardly held in her absolutely massive bust. He started to open his mouth to yelp in surprise but was muted by one of two things.

The first, seemingly, a war cry, as Charlene roared in defiance, the second, Charlene herself, all but flying at him.

She dropped her hammer and leapt at him, her tactics had hit the boy like a stun grenade, the combination of the loud noise and the sudden light disarming him of the only offensive weapon he apparently possessed, his wits, which she assumed was not that great to begin with given the mess he had gotten himself into, unarmed.

She hit him hard, bearing him to the floor with her weight and strength, fueled and enhanced by her adrenaline rush as she took him to the floor, instantly engaging in a struggle.

He flailed, gasping and yelping under her as he squirmed, he landed a few hits on her abdomen and substantial chest, but without any real power behind them all they served to do was piss her off further.

She grunted as he hit her with a half balled fist in the side of the head, causing her to grit her teeth and double down her efforts, shifting her body weight as she grabbed his wrists, moving a strategic knee and finally allowing her to achieve her objective.

He gasped loudly and froze, a thin wrist in each of her strong hands, one of her knees resting on the ground, the other digging into his crotch.

“Fucking move a fucking inch and I put all of my fucking weight on my left knee. Under-fucking-stood?” She growled, her long black hair falling around her face as she stared down into the face of a stranger, seeing that the intense and specific pain had very certainly gotten his attention.

He nodded some, eying her with wide, terrified eyes.

She eyed him over for a few long moments, apart from being a colossal asshole for breaking into her house, she had to admit he was sort of cute, he had a boyish charm that she usually looked for in her perspective partners.

Shame, really, that the cute ones were always usually assholes. Though maybe there was an opportunity to look him over properly before she handed him over to the cops, there was no sense letting a good piece of eye candy go completely to waste, after all.

She moved up onto her knees, causing him to whimper as she exuded just the tiniest bit of additional pressure onto his junk, his eyes flicking between her face and her tits, huge and full, her dark cleavage prominent in her skimpy night top as she reached behind her, picking up her hammer from where it had fallen, causing him to pale significantly.

“Here’s whats going to happen. My phones upstairs. We’re going to walk upstairs together. If you try to fight me, I hit you with the hammer. If your hands aren’t above your head, I hit you with the hammer.” She tilted her head some, narrowing her eyes. “Want to guess what happens if you try to run?”

“…You hit me with the hammer.” he said, his first words to her, terrified and quiet.

She snorted. “Guess you have a brain cell after all.”

She moved to stand off of him, her arm raised her body tensed, while she didn’t think he would try to run she wasn’t taking any more chances, especially given that his clothing was loose and baggy, with a multitude of pockets that could hide any number of switch blades or other small but just as effective weapons.

“Stand up. And take your clothes off.”

He leaned up on his elbows, hesitating. “I… What?”

“You could be fucking hiding anything. I’m not being stabbed just to protect your fucking modesty. Ditch the clothes then get your hands up.” she frowned severely, her voice conveying her severity and severeness.

He flushed with color, obviously debating his next move but with her standing over him, hammer ready, he wasn’t really left with any path other than the one laid out for him.

He sat up and started to remove his jacket and shirt, the jacket landing heavily on the floor, pockets laden, she didn’t doubt, with whatever he had pilfered from her home.

As he started to undo his belt he looked up at her, watching as she drank in his pale slender body, expression unreadable. “Look.. Miss.. I’m really sorry..”

She let out a short, sharp laugh, “You’re sorry? Oh well! That’s all fucking right then, isn’t it?” she snorted in amusement and derision, “Hurry the fuck up.”

He sighed and shimmied out of his pants, running them down his long legs, kicking off his shoes and setting both in a pile before following suit with his dark socks, leaving him sitting in a pair of black boxers.

He moved to stand but she tutted, waving the hammer at him with a hint of menace, “Everything hon.”

“You… can’t be serious.” he protested, voice flat, now kneeling as he had made to stand, looking up at her incredulously, his cheeks red.

“Can’t have you bringing any ‘concealed weapon’ to bare on me. Every. Thing.” she said, emphasizing each word with a wave of her hammer.

He let out a shaky sigh and stood slowly, as he did so he lowered his boxers, revealing his package to her, about four inches flaccid between his thighs, a patch of dark hair above his length and under his arms seemingly the only body hair he boasted.

She couldn’t help but smirk a little at his size. To Charlene, white boys were so much fun and this one suited her tastes almost to a T. He was undoubtedly male, no risk of mistaking him for a girl like some of her previous partners, no fem-trap. But at the same time, he was only dabbling in his masculinity. No toned body or muscles, no strong jaw or thick beard. Just a young man, slender and lithe.

“Mm.. Cute. Hands up, upstairs, march.” She ordered, moving behind him, her own weapon still raised, her own concealed weapon starting to pay attention…

“Look, I didn’t have to break your door or anything, I just picked the lock, I haven’t actually damaged anything.” he whined weakly as he walked ahead of her, cheeks aflame at the embarrassment of being stripped and forced to walk before her.

“I didn’t exactly invite you in, I’m sure the police are going to enjoy picking you up. I wonder if they’ll let you put your pants back on before they cuff you..” She smirked, watching him ahead of her on the stairs, her eyes firmly fixed on his ass cheeks as they shifted with each step upwards. “I don’t know whether this is a misdemeanor or a felony but either way I bet you’re going to have a real fun time behind bars.”

He stiffened a little, looking over his shoulder at her, standing at the top of the stairs as he was, with her just a couple behind she again afforded him an excellent view down her top.

Charlene wasn’t a thick woman, nor was she a skinny girl. She had been described by her friends instead as a locally blessed woman. Her body was attractive, but her breasts were huge and drew significant attention, each one full and soft, around the size of her own head if not a little larger, natural and pushed up by her nighttime top to create a veritable valley of cleavage.

“I er..” he swallowed, distractedly forcing his eyes up to meet her, “I can’t go to jail..”

“She laughed again and pushed him forward with the top of her hammer, urging him towards her bedroom where her phone lay plugged in and charging.

“Oh yeah sure. I’m sure that without you your poor old mom or some shit would just be completely lost, right?”

“My sister actually..” he said, though the resignation in his voice made it clear he already knew she wouldn’t believe his prepared lie.

“Pft. Sure. Sit your ass down.” she commanded, pointing to the bed as they entered the room.

He did as he was told, sitting on the edge as she turned the room’s light on, moving around to her bedside table and picking up her phone.

She hesitated, putting her phone down on the bed and, while keeping an eye on him the entire time, reached into the bottom drawer of her bedside table, pulling out a pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs and tossing them to him.

“Put theses on, wrists behind your back.”

He looked up at her, ready to object but just sighed and complied, wiggling as struggled to fit the cuffs around his wrists behind him, but she waited patiently until he was all cuffed in and secure.

“Police are going to have a hell of a laugh when they come to pick you up huh? All naked and cuffed up..” she smirked.

“Please… I’ll do anything, I just… I just can’t go to jail. Please?” he said, his voice sincere but with an edge of hopelessness, he already knew his fate was sealed, but he couldn’t help himself but plead.

She eyed him over as she placed her hammer down, figuring she no longer needed it with him restrained as he was and picked up her phone, walking to stand in front of him, looking down at the sorry, pitiful sight of the boy.

He wasn’t crying, but he was close she could tell, his white cock soft between his thighs, his embarrassment, and shame written plain as day across his face.

“Anything?” she asked, holding her phone in her hand at such an angle that he could see she had typed in 911 and had only to hit dial.

He glanced from the phone to her, a spark of hope in his beautiful brown eyes as he nodded.

She pursed her full lips as she eyed him over, a hand reaching out to caress over the silky smooth skin of his shoulder, warm under her touch.

“Even… Sex stuff?” she asked, smirking a little playfully, her voice adopting a sultry tone.

She enjoyed the play of emotions across his face at the idea, disbelieve, intrigue, an obvious element of attraction, the hope in his eyes grew and she laughed a little.

“Oh, you aren’t that lucky white boy..” She reached a hand down into the front of her shorts and wrapped her fingers around the base of her soft cock, hefting it free and into the light, her thick, meaty log bouncing a foot or so from his face as it flopped free of its confines.

“O-oh fuck.. I… You’re..” he stammered, staring at the woman’s huge cock.

“Bigger soft than you are hard? Yeah, I guessed that.” she grinned.

He blushed brighter and looked up at her, afraid and uncertain.

“Question for you white boy, would you suck dick to stay out of jail? Sounds like a fair bargain to me. Pretty little thing like you would probably end up sucking dick in jail anyway…”

“I… I… I couldn’t…”

She shrugged and tucked her cock back into her shorts in a casual motion. “Was worth a try, you’re pretty fucking cute you know.. But ah well.” she lifted the phone to her ear, though she hadn’t actually pressed dial.


“Mm?” she looked down at him, admiring the desperation and conflict in his eyes.

“I… Fuck… I’ll do it, please, just.. Don’t call the police, please.” he said, voice shaky and defeated.

She looked down at him, lowering her phone. “Alright, go ahead.” she put her hands on her hips, waiting patiently.

“But.. Your shorts…” he protested weakly.

“You’ve got teeth, haven’t you? Better use them now to pull my shorts down because if I feel them once I’m in that pretty little mouth of yours you’re going to wish I’d just called the police..” she threatened.

His cheeks red and his eyes watery he nodded, leaning forward till his nose pressed gently into the chocolate skin of her exposed stomach, his teeth finding the edge of her shorts and slowly, awkwardly, he began to tug them down.

Charlene watched with amusement as he struggled, bound as he was to work her shorts down over her swelling cock. She had a moment to reflect on how well things had gone, she’d gone from being the recipient of an unwanted invasion to being the perpetrator. There was in that, she thought, a hint of poetic justice.

He let out a little whimper as he worked her shorts down, feeling her huge cock press against his face as he did his best to free it, what choice did he have, after all?

“Mm.. Good start.” She purred as her cock, now semi hard came to rest against his hot, flushed cheek having once more sprung free of its fabric confines.

She worked her shorts down over her hips, letting them fall to the floor to get them out of the way as she leaned forward slightly, bumping the tip of her black, engorging cock against his lips.

“Well?” she asked, prompting him.

He closed his eyes and took a deep, shaky breath, but parted his lips for her.

“Oooh Good boy..” she cooed, looking down at him as he opened his mouth for her, Charlene wasted no time in sliding the thick mushroom tip of her cock into his mouth and onto his tongue, one hand coming to rest in his dark hair as she started to slowly work her hips forward and backward, enjoying the wet warmth of his mouth around her member.

He tried to keep himself calm as he felt it, hot and spongy, pressing into his mouth, even in his highest state of denial he couldn’t escape the fact that he had a cock in his mouth. He felt its heat, tasted it distinctly as it slid backward and forwards over his tongue, seeking out pleasure from him as it coated itself in his spit.

“Mm.. Typically, sucking cock involves sucking..” she commented idly, squeezing the handful of hair that she held, trying to prompt him to action.

He let out a soft little whimper between his lips but after a moment’s hesitation, she felt them close tighter around the shaft of her needy cock, forming a seal as his cheeks caved in, resigning himself to sucking on her pole.

“Oooh fuck that’s good.. Mm..” she bit her lip and looked down at him over the swell of her breasts, urging her hips forwards and backward as she slid her meaty shaft repeatedly over his tongue, each push in surrounding her cock in the wet heat of his mouth, each pull out causing the suction to intensify.

“You’re good at this baby..” she murmured, her cock now rock hard between his lips, as thick and full as the boys own forearm, almost, “I’m going to let go of your head now.. Just keep going for me, yeah?”

She tentatively released his hair and while he slowed, obviously conflicted, he still felt as if he wasn’t left with much of a choice, his lips continuing to glide over the spit shined length of her cock, taking the thick, mushroom tip and several inches of her length, though even that only measured to being about half of it, into his mouth with each of her slow thrusts.

Slowly and almost indistinguishably, Charlene slowed her thrusts, the boys head starting to bob backward and forwards to keep himself moving at the pace she had set. Before long she found herself stood completely still. As she had slowed, to keep up the tempo, he had begun to move his own head with increasing speed, leading to him bobbing his head as he sucked her cock, his eyes closed, so focused on his task he hardly realized what he was doing.

“Use your tongue..” she said softly, not wanting to break his concentration but at the same time wanting to feel more, not content with the prize she had already garnered.

To her surprise he did so now without hesitation, his cheeks blushing as he began, with each draw back on her cock, to swirl his tongue around the sensitive tip of her cock, causing her to shiver in delight.

“A-ah.. Just like that.. Yes..” she murmured, reaching down to grip the base of her cock where his lips couldn’t reach, jerking herself off, meeting his rhythm, spreading his saliva down her cock, coating it as she watched him dote on her black cock.

“You like black cock, don’t you..” she smirked a little.

That got his attention, his eyes fluttered open and his lips moved up her cock, letting it fall free of his mouth with a satisfying ‘pop!’ of noise, he panted softly, looking up at her as she stroked her meaty cock.

“N-no I.. You’re making me do this..” He protested, voice weak.

“Sort of, yeah..” she agreed with a shrug. “But that doesn’t mean you aren’t enjoying it, white boy..”

He blushed brightly and looked down, embarrassed and confused about himself.

Charlene tilted her head and looked down, her grin spreading. “…Oooh fuck. Is that a hard-on?”

He blushed brighter and almost doubled over as if he could hide it from her now.

She laughed some and shook her head. “Fuck, you should’ve fucking told me you were getting off on this too.”

He remained stoically silent, knowing anything he said would only serve to dig the hole he’d gotten himself into deeper.

She pursed her lips, eying him, “Fuck, you break into my home, try to steal my shit and now you go all shy on me. Tell you what I’ll make it easy for you, do a good job sucking my dick and I won’t fuck your ass. That all the motivation you need?”

He looked up at her sharply, his eyes widening as he looked from her gaze to her massive, throbbing cock, pointing right at his lips. He imagined that monster inside him and visibly winced.

“Yeah big isn’t it,” she commented, following his gaze with a grin, shifting her hips from side to side, pointedly wagging her cock at him. “Well?..”

“If.. If I do this you’ll let me go?” he said, voice still marred with that adorable uncertainty.

She pursed her lips some, “I said I wouldn’t fuck your ass, I didn’t say I’d let you go. Not yet, anyway. But hey, do a good job and I’ll let you see my tits, fuck knows you’re staring at them enough. Sound fair? I mean you better think so because I’m not going to give you any other offers.”

“..I mean…” he said, displaying his uncertainty once again, it was by far his cutest expression, which given the frequency he was displaying it, was probably for the best.

“Good!” She confirmed lightly, his uncertainty switching to confusion as she moved to again find her phone, picking it up.

“What.. What’re you doing?”

She smirked at him, “Making a memory..”

He looked up at her as she moved back to again stand before him, meeting her eyes for a few long moments, she held her phone in one hand, pointing the camera down at him.

He hesitated, knowing she was either taking a picture or more likely, recording him. He looked down, focusing on the tip of her dark cock, looking at a tiny bead of clear pre that had formed on its head.

He swallowed once and leaned forward, letting his lips bump against the hot spongy tip, seeing no other choice as he kissed it and collected the pre as he once more took her cock into the welcoming heat of his mouth, eliciting another moan from her.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, it had been a long while since she had had such a captive audience in the bedroom, especially such a cute submissive one, who was, despite his objections, she knew, enjoying himself.

“Feels good doesn’t it, to service a real cock.. Mm.. You should stick around, I could use a boyfriend with a mouth like yours..” she teased, grinning down at him.

He looked up at her, the desired effect of his look of consternation somewhat spoiled by the way her cock filled his mouth, the way he sucked eagerly on her sensitive tip and the way his tongue played across her sensitive flesh.

“You don’t like the sound of that?” She said with a mocking pout, “I guess I can see why. You wouldn’t make such a great boyfriend… Messy house… High maintenance…” she smirked, “You’d make an excellent girlfriend though eh? And besides, with a little cock like that, it’s not like you’d be doing much in the way of topping anyway is there..”

He blushed but kept his eyes on her, distracting her from her taunting. He looked beautiful to her, with her cock between his lips, her pleasure mounting and building as he continued his amateur, but wonderful blowjob, their eyes locked.

“Mm.. Look into the camera honey..” she all but whispered, squeezing her cock between her fingers as her pleasure started to build, her other hand trying to steadily hold the phone, her eyes flicking from him to the moving image of him on her screen, making sure she captured every second of action for posterity and, of course, blackmail.

He did so, his dark eyes beautiful, the contrast between his white skin, red cheeks, and her black cock almost artistic, though she knew it would hardly be a classy work of art. More of Jackson Pollock, she thought, smirking to herself.

“Faster.” she said, voice firm but heady with lust and pleasure, her own needs beginning to mount as he serviced her.

To her delight he responded without pause, his lips moving faster along her slick dark length, her moans and sounds of pleasure becoming more pronounced as the lewd sucking and slurping sounds too grew, filling both their worlds with the single act of him sucking cock for the first time.

“Baby that feels so fucking good.. I think I’m in love..” she grinned, rolling her shoulders as she struggled to stay standing, her legs growing weak with the pleasure as he pushed his head up and down her length, soft, slightly swollen lips rolling up and down the steely hard, but still silky soft length of her cock, his tongue pressing against it, swirling around it, teasing at the underside, utilising every trick he’d ever had used against him, or at least fantasized about, to pleasure this dark woman, whose name he had yet to even learn.

“S-shit.. Baby, you’re so good.. You’re going to make me cum..” she said, her breath hastening, her mouth open slightly as she wet her full lips with her pink tongue, her pleasure coming faster and faster, building to a crescendo “F-fuck!”

She stroked the slick, wet length of her dark shaft and pulled back slightly so her hard, visibly pulsing cock pulled free of his wanting lips with another lewd pop, a line of his spit connecting his pink tongue to the swollen head of her big, black cock.

He whimpered a little, almost looking disappointed as her cock popped free of his lips, kneeling in front of her, cheeks flushed and eyes half lidded.

Despite her overwhelming need and desire she made sure to capture everything she needed to on her camera, his lustful, wanting gaze, his lips parted, his tongue out, so lost in his own submissive wants he likely didn’t realise his actions, his own cock clearly hard in the image, she bit her full lip and felt the first spark of climax arch through her body.

“A-ah!” she cried out, trying her best to steady the camera as her climax hit her, thick white ropes of cum launching from her throbbing cock as she stroked it, streaking across his face and skin, gluing one of his beautiful eyes shut as she was sure to make sure a few thick strands shot between his parted lips, landing on his tongue, letting him taste the end result of what he had been working her towards.

She swallowed, shivering with pleasure as she let her fingers glide up and down her slick shaft, her balls twitching as they emptied their pent up load onto his face and into his waiting mouth, the shooting strands slowing to become a trickling stream which she let drool across his face, then slowing further to become the last few drops which she squeezed out onto his tongue, smirking some as he licked the very tip, collecting each milky bead as it formed.

“Oh my god.. That just.. That just felt so fucking amazing..” she panted, her cock starting to soften in her hands as she fed it again between his lips, watching as he swallowed the cum he had collected, his lips closing around the warm, sticky tip of her cock as his tongue bathed it, eeking out every last iota of pleasure she could muster.

Charlene let out a little sighing shiver of delight and tossed her phone onto the bed after ending the recording, reaching down to caress his beautiful face. “You can’t fucking say you didn’t love that..” she purred.

He stayed silent, still nursing her softening cock in his mouth as she caressed him, his cheeks flushed. They both knew he had though he still couldn’t bring himself to say it.

She smirked, “Since you can’t admit how much you liked it and how much you want more, I’ll make that easier too.”

He looked up at her questioningly.

“You’ll live here as my fucktoy for a week. Or I post that video online. Yes I know that’s blackmail, no I don’t give a fuck. You’re hot, and I fucking want you so fucking much..” she grinned playfully. “Does that help you huh, white boy? You can let me use like we both want without having to say you freely gave yourself up to a shemale top.”

He slowly let the softening shaft fall from his swollen lips where it flopped to rest between her thighs, his body squirming slightly, bound as he was, trying to stimulate his own ignored cock. “If.. If I have no other choice..” he said, trying his best to sound defeated, though he was struggling to deny how he so clearly felt.

Charlene smirked, amusement plain on her features. “None whatsoever. Now, it’s like, fucking four AM. I’m going to clean you up and go the fuck to sleep.”

She reached down to tussle his hair, turning her back to him and taking a step away, fingers finding the hem of her tank top and raising it up over her head, denying him the view of her huge, heavy breasts as they spilled free from her top, letting the small shirt fall to the floor.

She looked over her shoulder and smirked, enjoying his eager expression, how quickly this white boy had fallen for her thick cock.

“After all,” she said, her voice low and full of promise, “We’ve got a very busy day tomorrow…” She winked.

She’d have to learn his name at some point.


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