Green Lit: Chapter 1

Gia panted hard as he fled back along the tunnels, his well-toned body slick with the creatures luminescent green fluid. With his Magus sister taken by the thing, the bright sticky liquid coating him was his remaining source of light in this things lair.

He and her sister, a famed fighter and mage mercenary pair had been hired by the local township to investigate the mysterious lair, a green glowing light at night having lured many a local maiden to it, only to have vanished.

They had thought little of it, some fiend or monster, a band of goblins or orcs possibly, no difficult task for the renowned pair. But they hadn’t expected what lay within, had not been prepared for the aberration of horror that awaited them.

They had proceeded down into the tunnels of its subterranean lair with caution, her staff lighting their way as they mapped its twisting turns and corners, finding no trace of whatever lay within or the girls that had traveled down here. The white light from the staff illuminated her well, her body lither than his, her honied skin mimicking his own betraying their foreign birth, their key differences being her more feminine face, longer hair and budding mounds of soft femininity at her chest and rear, neither of which were very impressive in size, but were enough to betray her gender and their differences.

He wiped a strand of his black hair out of his eyes, feeling the green fluid, bright on his skin tingle against him. He had no idea what it was or what it did, only that which each passing minute his sword grew heavier, his breathing more labored. He had to escape while he still could, muster a greater force and return to rescue his sister.

It had come for them just as they were about to turn back, the darkness that had lain ahead of them exploding with a flash of blinding green, a hot fluid striking against them that had slicked their skin, coated their bodies and temporarily stunned them, when the beasts long appendages had struck forth, avoiding the wild swing of his blade and enraptured his sister, binding her and disarming her, dragging her towards it as more and more of its long, phallic tipped fleshy members wrapped around her, taking her.

They had looked at each other, him in shock, her in terror as she was dragged away from him, her screams for help going unheard as he took several steps back, her eyes wide and bulging, her arms and legs bound as she was dragged deeper into its lair, her look, desperate, pleading.

He had turned and fled in terror and shame, hearing her cries and desperate pleas suddenly cut out in a choking, gagging noise that made his stomach turn.

But in the heat of the fight, in the mess of the tunnels, in the panic of the moment as he had fled, he had taken the wrong path, the map he had in his mind of the twisting tunnels no longer made sense, he was hopeless and helplessly lost.

He paused and rested his hand against a wall, dropping his sword and panting hard, holding up his hands and looking at them.

“W-what’s happening to me?” he asked the air, his voice coming out lighter than usual, a trick, he suspected, of the caves.

His arms were too weak to heft his sword now and where once was muscle was now distinctly lacking, like each effort he exuded burned away his very strength and being.

He had to get this slime off of him, the light of it would give him away to the beast, doubtless why it had sprayed them both. He had to free himself of it then resort to stealth, he might not know the exact direction, but he knew which way he had to go in general. Up.

He sat down in a heap and brushed his hair from his eyes again, looking at it with sudden intrigue, his hair, usually short and cropped was a few inches longer than it had been before.

The odd tingling where the slime coated his body was intensifying and he shook his head, he didn’t have to time to ponder what was happening, he had to get this off of him before something worse occurred.

He stripped his clothes from his body, figuring he was better naked than in the grip of that fell fiend and began to use the patches of the fabric at the back of his clothing, where the thing hadn’t gotten him with its mysterious fluid to try and wipe the substance from the rest of him.

He watched as he dragged the cloth across the affected portion of his skin, most of the goo came away, but with it came any semblance of body hair he had had.

Furrowing his brow he continued to wipe away at himself, but as he did so the clothes became sodden, and no matter how hard he tried, even focusing on a single point, a thin residue still remained against his skin, the tingling becoming a heat.

“F-fuck..” he whimpered, his voice soft and feminine. “E-eh!?” he said, in girlish surprise at the sound of his own voice, no trick of the cave.

The tingling was spreading, even the portions of him where it had not previously touched his skin now buzzed with the sensation and while it wasn’t unpleasant, as the tingling warmth reached down between his thighs, it became alarming.

“A-aah!!~” he gasped as he slid onto his back, the sudden sensations it brought him beginning to overwhelm his own desires to clean himself and flee.

He lay writhing on the cold floor of the cave, his cock quickly becoming shamefully, painfully erect as the tingling heat translated to pure pleasure on that part of his body, his mind unable to cope with the overwhelming need to sate his new, sudden lust.

He reached his hand down his body, his fingers and palm slick with the green sticky fluid and began to stroke it into his cock, letting out a long lustful moan as he gave into the desires of his flesh, the slime acting as a lubricant for his small delicate fingers as they glided up and down his now glowing cock.

His other hand glided up his body, sensitive fingertips traveling over the perfectly smooth, silky skin of his abdomen, now a perfect unmarred surface, no longer troubled with the definition of abs or muscle.

Gia gasped and whimpered, confused and afraid his eyes closed as he was forced to pleasure himself, his hand traveled further, sliding up to his chest where his fingers passed over soft flesh, digging in slightly.

Even lost as he was to the pleasure of his own actions the shock at what he felt forced him to open his eyes and look down.

His once flat chest bulged obscenely, the tingling and heat that ran across his entire body had masked the blossoming and swelling feeling in his chest, the pleasure and terror all doing their parts to distract his brain from the perverse changes altering his body.

The breast he now cupped filled his hand, soft flesh feeling wonderful between his fingers, each heavy orb tipped by a thick nipple that stood prominently, they felt simply amazing, each squeeze of his hands sending another wave of pleasure coursing through him, and he had to admit the feel of a woman’s full chest in his hands was never an unpleasant one, even in the knowledge that they were, somehow, his own.

He closed his eyes and gave himself once more to the feelings, the cock gliding between his fingers as he squeezed, massaged and groped his own heavy tits, feeling them bounce on his chest as he wriggled and writhed, feeling his own ass, bubbly and soft under him lifting him slightly as he squirmed.

Moaning he chewed his lip and felt the flesh of his lip noticeably swell even as he did so, becoming fuller, more plush and luscious, his hair too fell about his face now, lengthening down to his narrower shoulders.

He gasped in feminine pleasure as his climax rose, his back arched, his cock throbbing and pulsing as arcs of hot white cum shot from his engorged shaft, leaving ropey white streaks mingling with strands of green across his full bust and down one feminine cheek of his face.

He whimpered and gasped as he milked out every drop of cum from his smooth round balls onto his own face, chest, and stomach, leaving him a sticky, spent mess, panting and moaning like a girl in heat.

As he lay there the tingling sensations waned from his body, leaving him feeling weak and vulnerable, he sat up slowly, feeling the wall against his back and looked down at his skin. The fluid had all but evaporated or been absorbed, leaving him only able to see by the light of his sodden, discarded clothes.

Swallowing he tentatively touched himself, feeling his mind return to him, albeit… Different.

His body was soft and silky, his breast, filled each of his hands when he hefted them, his nipples so sensitive even the softest of touches forced him to coo gently in pleasure as he wiped his own cum off of himself.

His cock lay flaccid between his thighs, the same as it had always been, but without any hair and flanked by soft plush thighs and a slender stomach even that, in its own way, now appeared more feminine.

Slowly he stood, shaking slightly as he tried to find his feet, struggling like a baby deer. The weight on his chest was odd, but not nearly as odd as having a new gait. His hips were noticeably wider, accommodating a more feminine hourglass figure and a full, enticing rear which he couldn’t help but sink his fingers into.

How his body had changed so drastically without pain or the breaking of bones he had no idea, but despite the protests of a tiny voice in the back of his mind, his new changes were simply wonderful.

He shook his head, trying to clear it, but as he did so his long hair fell messily about his face.

He pursed his lips and huffed, tucking it back behind his ears. He had to… Had to… He couldn’t remember, the fatigue of whatever he had gone through was too great. Whatever had happened to him had taken a great toll on his body and he just needed to sleep, to rest, to recover. He found himself leaning back against the wall once more, sliding down until he sat on his plush, pillowy ass and let his head loll forward, heavy and tired.

Maybe if he just closed his eyes. Just for a few minutes.

His dreams were confusing, he floated in a sea of warmth, enjoying its luxury and comfort, but no matter how hard he tried to drown it out, a voice in the distance was yelling, screaming, the voice tiny but ever present, disrupting his serene float.

“This isn’t you…! You have to snap out of it…!”

He tried to ignore the voice, feeling something new in the sea of his dreams, a familiar, tingling warmth around his ankles, slowly worming up around his calves to his knees, he smiled, it felt so good.

“…Wake up…” The voice again, interrupting.

The warmth again, around his wrists now.

“…You have to… Wake up…”




He awoke with a start, only part of his dream had been just that, the slick tingling around his legs and wrists was all too real, thick pressing tentacles wrapped around him, a thick cock like appendage already fed between his lips where it spilled it’s bright seed, coating his tongue and forcing him to taste it.

He arched his back and tried to struggle but it was too late, the abomination was upon him.

With ease the powerful tentacles spread his limbs eagle as he squirmed, more and more appearing to encircle and lift him into the air where he writhed helplessly, twisting his neck and head in a vain attempt to dislodge the creature from his mouth, but a slimy, hot tentacle slipping around his neck held him in place as the thick member between his lips pushed in and out, fucking his new, plush lips, the creature seeming to relish in the new feminine bounty it had finally tracked down.

He squirmed weakly, helplessly as he felt the tentacles around him, felt the thick ropey limbs squeezing and massaging his new feminine form, a tentacle moving to each of his full breasts, encircling at the base and squeezing, forcing his soft mounds out and up.

He groaned in pain and pleasure at the sensation, his nipples hard atop his breasts as the tingling sensation again coursed through him, forcing him to relax as his tired, weak muscles giving out

It had been too strong for him before, now he was truly helpless, caught off guard and at its mercy.

He thought perhaps if he relaxed, it would be merciful, hanging in the air, suspended in the grip of the fiend as it massaged and groped his new body. His hope for mercy, however, was short lived as the thick invasive cockhead filling the warm wet cave of his mouth, suddenly finding no resistance, apparently came to the conclusion that more was possible for it.

Gia’s eyes went wide as he felt it suddenly surge, pushing past the entrance to his tight throat and forcing its way deeper, he tensed and flexed, squeezing his hands into fists as he gurgled desperately around the thick cock, feeling the heat of it expand his tight little throat as it began to wetly fuck his tight passage, causing his delicate, slender throat to bulge obscenely, the outline of the tentacles mushroom tip clearly visible as it punched deep into his body.

The familiar tingling in his body changed, spreading now from the inside as well as from where it had wetted his skin and it was with horror that he realized it was, with each deep thrust, depositing a wad of thick monstrous cum directly down his throat into his stomach, warming him from inside out.

His mouth and throat made lewd, viscous gagging noises as he struggled for air, his wide eyes starting to close as his eyes rolled back, air becoming a luxury the beast wasn’t affording him as it pounded his throat, repurposing it, his plush swollen lips, spongy wet tongue and tight throat becoming nothing but tools for its pleasure.

He felt on the verge of blacking out, his vision fading as he felt the tip of the cock in his throat withdraw slowly, spurting one last thick spurt of seed onto his tongue before withdrawing entirely.

Gia drew in a long sudden, desperate, breath, coughing hard as the tentacles laid him down none too gently onto the floor, leaving him coughing and retching, though nothing that had been deposited in him came back up.

He moved a hand down to feel at his stomach and, looking down saw that it had distended, swelling with the amount of liquid the thing had forced him to swallow.

He could even swear, as he traced his fingers over the swelling bulge of his abdomen that he could see a faint light between his fingers, the luminous deposit inside him shining through his body.

He moved onto his knees, breathing hard, wiping his eyes of the tears that had formed there before moving to tenderly caress at his sore, abused neck, his other hand resting on the almost seemingly pregnant swell of his body, like a protective mother might.

Gia couldn’t understand why the creature had backed off, not that he wasn’t ungrateful for it, he watched the mass of writhing, waiting, tentacles just out of arm’s reach, they weren’t leaving, they were just waiting.

He whimpered softly, as the tingling sensation within him began to intensify with each passing second.

“O-oh no..” he said in a soft girlish voice, quivering with concern, the tiny voice in the back of his head that had been screaming at him had gotten at least one tiny message through to him, whatever had happened to him before, was happening again now.

It took less time this time for the sensations coursing through his body to reach every aspect of him, his cock once more erect between his plush feminine thighs as the immensely pleasurable tingling sensation settled in there, his hand, on instinct, moving to grip the thick shaft, but a quick tentacle all but whipped at his hand as it moved to his cock.

He yelped in surprise, withdrawing his hand and looking at the offending tentacle with pleading eyes, once again moving his hand down towards his needy, desperate cock only to be denied by the waiting limb.

“W-why? Please! I need to!” He pleaded with the silent beast, his hand moving to cup and squeeze at his once more swelling breasts, the flesh sensitive and soft under his questing fingers.

The creature didn’t seem to mind that so he moved both of his hands to his growing breasts, lying on his back, writhing with need as his fingers massaged the heavy orbs, plucking and pinching at his sensitive nipples, trying to draw every inch of pleasure out of his body.

But no matter how hard he tried it only seemed to heighten the need for his cock to be pleasured.

Gia felt his mind slipping, his second treatment by this beast wasn’t changing him so much physically he realized as it was finishing the job mentally.

The need for pleasure was mixed in with something else, something changing his thoughts, helping everything to make sense, even the changes were starting to make sense to him now, the new feelings coursing through him feeling less invasive and more natural

He whimpered some, squeezing his thick nipples, it had to be this way, he started to realize, beginning to wonder, why he hadn’t seen it before.

The creature, whatever it was, fed off of pleasure, how else was it supposed to get it other than by taking young girls? It was after all male and it was doing all the young things a favor, he now knew!

In the warm embrace of its lair they were never hungry, never wanting, their minds permanently locked in a heightened state of pleasure and euphoria, it even, through the potency of its power, kept them awake and conscious, never missing out on a moment’s potential pleasure for the frivolity of sleep.

He moaned some as he saw it all clearly, it could even keep them young forever, an eternity as its plaything.

But what of Gia? He was different, he couldn’t suit this creature’s needs?

He bit his lip, feeling worried, worried it would realize its error, cast him out, deny him the wonderful feelings it allowed the others in its charge.

“P-please..” he said, his tone still pleading, but his intent different.

He knew his cock couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to bring this creature what it needed, it needed feminine pleasure, using its many appendages drag every iota of pleasure from its cohort of lovers.

He moved onto his knees, leaning forward as his now huge full soft breasts rested on the cool stone of the floor.

He arched his back and let his face press into the cool stone, reaching behind him to dig his fingers into each plush cheek of his thick, now pillowy rear, parting them.


Now, the tentacles responded, moving upon him once again, his invitation a clear sign of his defeat to its mind-bending seed, their thick fleshy appendages binding his supple, feminine body in their monstrous forms, rubbing against his sensitive skin.

Two tentacles again encircled his breasts, squeezing and massage, rubbing over the thick points of his nipples as he was pulled upwards off the floor, another tentacle delighting in the bountiful cleavage he now had to offer them.

A tentacle appeared before his mouth and he parted his full lips, letting his tongue loll as he invited it within, moaning as the thick appendage slipped inside his mouth where he set his tongue to work, twirling and dancing over the limbs cockhead as he sucked eagerly on it, desperate to please it and to receive it’s tingling, pleasurable seed.

A tentacle wrapped around each of his wrists, pulling him back so his body ran parallel to the floor, his heavy breasts hanging beneath him, playthings of his monstrous lover as a new, thick member started to rub between his cheeks, causing him to shiver with need and desire.

As he sucked on the thick member filling his mouth he felt it glide up and down the plush cleavage of his ass cheeks, rubbing over his delicate virgin star, feeling the liquid heat of its seed both lubricate and stimulate him, giving him an itch he knew only it could sate.

He pushed himself back eagerly, trying to prompt it to mount him, to take him as he both wanted and needed but it seemed to delight in torturing him, making him work for him, forcing him to physically surrender and beg for its touch.

Finally, he felt its position change, felt the thick, spongy tip of its tentacle line up with his slick little hole and with an aching slowness, it began to press inside.

He moaned around the length in his mouth, his eyes rolling back in ultimate pleasure as he felt himself spread and penetrated, felt the massive cock-like thing sink into the heated depths of his body, every inch it pressed by feeding both of their desires for pleasure.

He groaned at its lack of patience and mercy, seemingly having waited long enough it spared no time in beginning its movements with him, the bulging length starting to press in and out of his plump ass, fucking him like the woman he was meant to be for it.

Its force and speed drove his body forward with each new pressing thrust, forcing a whimper and moan from his lungs and causing his new form to shift in ways he had never experienced, his soft thighs and ass bouncing with the force of the thrust, his full besieged breasts swaying beneath him as they were seen to by other, greedy tentacles.

He felt himself lifted from the floor and felt the air around him move as it carried him back, deeper into its lair, never once pausing in its actions, hammering his ass and pushing from his lips deep into his throat with each stroke into his mouth.

His hands each gripped a slimy tentacle, feeling them glide to and fro under his fingers, using every aspect of him for its pleasure.

He dimly heard as he was pulled back into its domain, a deep shaking rumble from above, a whoosh of dust passing by him as far above, the entrance to the tunnels was collapsed, sealing him and whoever else was in here with him to their fates.

He closed his eyes and lost himself to the pleasures and sensations, feeling the world move around him as his lush, curvaceous shemale body was taken and ravaged by his new keeper.

Seeing him now, save for his painfully ignored and untouched cock, no one would suspect a hint of masculinity. His form was without the definition of muscle, his always warm, honied skin now complimentary of his full womanly figure, his breasts massive on his small frame, perky and youthful in their fullness, his ass plush and inviting, his hips wide, shoulders narrow, his voice too, muffled as it was by the thick cock was soft and feminine, almost musical.

He heard a new noise, one that drew him to open his eyes, a growing chorus of moans, grunts, whimpers, and gasps, a whole choir of feminine noises echoing up the tunnel down which he was being pulled.

The tunnel opened suddenly into a cavernous space, the floor, walls, and ceiling all writhing in a bed and carpet of thick tentacles, he moaned and whimpered as he was pulled  by the monster against a soft wall, his arms and legs being dragged back into the writhing mass till only his torso and head jutted from the wall, his cock pointed forward as his throat was pumped and his ass milked, his breasts heaving on his chest as he looked about him.

There were at least a dozen girls through the cavern with him, each in varying positions, all nude and all full of the monsters needy tentacles.

He spotted as he looked around, on the floor just before him, his sister, her body changed and altered like him, weaker and more curvaceous, her body twisting in the ecstasy of climax as their captor drove it’s lengths down her bulging throat, up her tight little ass and of course, deep into her blossoming, smooth pussy.

Gia felt a sudden surge within him, one he hadn’t been expecting or prepared for as the beast suddenly began to empty its load for the first of an infinite number of times inside his ass-pussy, the surprise causing him to whimper pleasurably around the cock between his lips.

That too, released its potent load, the tingling cum filling his mouth, coating his tongue as he, in desperation, swallowed down each hot, thick mouthful, taking it deep into his body.

As the renewed pleasure swept over his body, his mind losing its grip on anything but the pleasure the creature gave to him as it continued its assault without hesitation, he realized, as if told by the creature, his true worth here. His worth above all the other women it had in its keep.

Not only would he be a source of pleasure and nourishment for the fiend, but in the decades, centuries and millennia to come, his virile and throbbing cock would ensure, with this bounty of bound and captivated women, that it would have a steadily expanding harem to play with.

Gia looked down towards the squirming, euphoric mass of his sister and wondered how long it would be until the creature had him breed her, or any of the other curvaceous, sex crazed beauties around him.

Hopefully, he prayed, eternity wouldn’t end too soon.


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