Neck Deep: Chapter 1 – Neck Deep

James reclined casually in one of his college’s library seats, book held in his hands as his eyes scanned over the lines of text they presented. The chair was comfortable, if not a little worn on the covers at the arms, a sign of the colleges struggling budget, he guessed. He had been at this college for only a couple of weeks and things were odd in comparison to his last college. Everything was samey, the attitude of the teachers, the general sense that the building was on the verge of falling apart but would likely see another twenty years of service before any major renovation, the food, but it wasn’t that which stood out to James.

No, it was the people. While they too were similar, forming similar social cliques as he had seen all his life, the sporty groups, the intelligent groups, the cheerleading squads and such, it was the fact that during his couple of weeks already here he had comprehensively failed to integrate himself into any of them, really.

For James this was a real oddity, he was at heart a people person. He loved meeting new people, he loved making new friends but for some reason everyone he talked to here just sort of shrugged him off, albeit politely. It was an oddity he really couldn’t put his finger on it.

He considered himself to be quite kind, friendly and from the feedback he’d received at his old college, not unattractive. In fact with his time spent on the swimming team resulting in his body being fit and lean, combined with his boyish charm, dark eyes, black hair and attractive features he had been very popular with the girls. Here, though, they didn’t look at him twice.

Except for two girls, the only friends he’d managed to make.

He looked up from his book as a pair of bags were set down on his otherwise vacant table, he smiled, recognizing the pair, Brittany, and Katie, the red haired pair of twins who had become his only source of social interaction so far.

“Hey!” Brittany opened, her voice soft and melodic, pulling out a chair to sit herself down at the table beside her sister and James, her full red lips curled upwards into a charming smile.

“Hey~” Katie mimicked, taking the third and final spot at the round table, opening up her book bag and taking out a text book.

The pair of them were simply gorgeous, near identical, cheerleaders both and incredibly attractive. They both sported almost perfect athletic figures. They had recently confided in James that their cheerleading coach had lamented that the two girls had developed so well in their womanhood, their full DD breasts and wide womanly hips hindering their progress in their squad, though James had found it difficult to be sympathetic.

“Hey Brittany, Katie, what’re you doing here?” he asked with a smile addressing them each by name, while he was clearly pleased to see the two of them they usually spent their lunch break in the company of their gaggle of friends. The twins were incredibly popular among the other girls. Though, other boys seemed to avoid them, which seemed odd to James, given how beautiful they were.

Katie glanced across to Brittany who flicked her long red hair back over her shoulders, offering another golden smile as she shrugged slightly. “Well, we found out you’ve been spending your lunches secluded in the library! We couldn’t just let you sit here all alone..” he pouted cutely.

James smiled again and set his book down, looking across at the twins, admiring their features, warm gorgeous smiles, lush red hair and bright blue eyes. “Aww, that’s really sweet of you. You don’t have to though, I know how little time you get to spend with the girls.”

Katie giggled a little, reaching across to pat him familiarly on one hand, her skin soft and warm. “Don’t be so dismissive Jay, you’re practically one of the girls!”

He smiled some, grateful for her words, though he knew it wasn’t true. Despite being so ‘in’ with Katie and Brittany, the other girls in the college, even those in the twins own friendship clique avoided him.

“So uh.. You two having a good day?” he asked, resting his elbows on the table and glancing between the pair of them.

For most it was hard to tell the twins apart, Brittany and Katie looked virtually identical, kept their hair the same, dressed similarly and even acted very similar. It had taken a couple of days of knowing the pair for him to be able to spot the difference. The girls had a light smattering of freckles under their eyes and across the bridge of their noses, so light in color that they almost blended in with their pale porcelain skin. It had taken a little bit but James had learned to read the girls freckles like the stars in the sky, each having a slightly unique pattern.

He, in part, suspected that it was his ability to tell the girls apart with ease, something that even their closest of friends often failed to do, that had endeared him to them so quickly. They just seemed to love that he recognized their individuality, seeming them individually as Brittany and Katie, not just the twins everyone else saw.

Brittany shrugged a little again, crossing her legs modestly as she reclined, a soft sigh escaping her lips. “It’s not been great..”

James frowned slightly, looking across at Katie with concern written across his face, noticing that, she too, was a little bit more demure than they often were. The pair of them were usually all bright and bubbly, seeing the two of them look even a little bit down was new to him.

“Is.. It anything I can help with?” he offered, the genuine concern for them clear as day in his voice.

Katie bit her lip some, looking thoughtful then she shook her head some, “Thanks, Jay.. But I don’t think so. Our parents are out tonight and we invited a few of the girls around, you know for a girly night! Wine, movies, girl-talk, you know. Sleepover stuff! But..”

Brittany huffed a little. “But for one reason or another, they’ve all flaked. So now it’s just me and sis.” She glanced sidelong at Katie, a little smirk touching her features. “I mean, not that that’s a bad thing! But you know. It’s no sleepover.”

James folded his arms a little and nodded, sympathetic in his body language and expression, feeling a little bad for them. “I know how you feel.. I haven’t even had anyone around at mine since I moved here.”

Brittany tilted her head some and shared a glance with Katie, the two of them perking up slightly and looking a little more attentive for some reason. “I mean.. He is one of the girls..”

Katie looked uncertain, “Well sure but.. He won’t like the stuff we do.. One of the girls but.. Wine, movies and girl chat?”

Brittany shook her head, “You’re right.. That wouldn’t work at all.. But.. I really don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of a free house.”

“It could be fun?..”

“Um..” They both looked towards James as he spoke, curious. “..I can do girl talk?”

The two girls grinned a little, playful.

Katie leaned back in her chair, twirling a length of her hair through her fingers as she put on a sweet, teasing tone. “Oooh? And drink wine? And watch girly romance films? And do each other’s hair? Pillow fight? Talk about boys?”

James shrugged a little, putting on a winning smile of his own. “If it means I get to spend more time with the two of you, sure.”

Katie laughed some at that and nudged him with her foot under the table, “Ooh smooth talker. I bet you just want to see Brittany in her PJ’s, you know she just wears a T-shirt to bed right?”

Brittany gasped, her pale cheeks flushing crimson in embarrassment as she punched a giggling Katie gently in the arm, “Katie!! Don’t tell him that!”

James laughed too and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, even Brittany ended up smiling, albeit a little shyly.

“Okay okay.. Let’s all laugh at Brittany times over..” Brittany huffed, taking a deep breath to try and will away her embarrassment, “Do you want to come across tonight or not Jay?”

He put on the charade of thinking for a moment, not wanting to seem overly eager, but then with a shrug, nodded once, “Mm, sure! It’ll be fun right? I’ve never been to a slumber party before..” he said with a smirk.

Katie and Brittany both at once seemed to brighten up, Katie speaking excitedly, “Wait really? You wouldn’t mind the soppy movies, the girl chat, and the whole thing?”

“Hey, I’m one of the girls right? You’ve got to teach me how to be one.” he laughed, joking.

Brittany’s smirk deepened a little and she glanced sideways at her sister, nodding in agreement, “True, we’ll have to teach you how to be one of the girls. This is going to be so much fun!”

James smiled brightly and leaned back in his chair. That couldn’t have gone better if he tried. Not only had he cheered the pair of them up, but he had legitimately scored a night with two of the hottest girls in his college, though he knew they had friend-zoned the fuck out of him, he really didn’t mind that in the least. They were a lovely pair of girls, and despite the fact that they were the only two people in the whole College to pay him even the slightest piece of attention, he didn’t think he could’ve scored two nicer, more beautiful friends.

Katie nodded, her bright and bubbliness returned to her, “I just can’t wait, what’re we going to watch do you think?” she asked her sister, her beautiful blue eyes wide and excited.

The two started to talk about a whole multitude of films that James had only ever heard about in passing, he glanced, mystified between them and pulled out his phone, checking the time with a casual glance.

“Ah.. I have to get going to one of my classes but er.. I’ll come across to yours tonight, yeah?” He said, smiling warmly as he started to pack his things into his bag.

“Hm? Oh!” Katie nodded, “Yeah I’ll text you our address okay? Six sounds good?”

“Sounds goods!” He confirmed, standing and pulling his bag over one shoulder, “I’ll see you both tonight then.”

He waved and turned to leave, both of the girls glancing down, biting their lips as they watched his ass as he walked. Fit and athletic, his boy-butt drawing their attention as it had the first time they’d seen him on his first day.

The pair sat in silence as he walked away, waiting until he was well out of earshot before speaking again.

“..I can’t believe that worked..” Brittany smirked, looking across to Katie with excitement.

“Oh my gosh.. I know! He’s so sweet!! Are we having any issues with the girls?”

Brittany shook her head, “Pff.. Nothing I haven’t sorted. I heard the girls saying how Helen was thinking of asking him out but I spoke to her.. She knows to leave off. Everyone knows he’s ours.”

Katie bit her lip and giggled, practically bouncing in her chair. “Fuck. Yes. I can’t believe our luck! Who’d have thought the new boy would be so hot? Tonight is going to be the best..” she held up her fist to Brittany who bumped it, casually.


James checked himself out in the self-camera of his phone as he walked down the street towards their house, he wasn’t planning on doing anything or trying for anything with them, after all, he knew that if he made a play for either Brittany or Katie he would alienate the other, potentially losing a friend and even worse, potentially driving a wedge between the two girls, but he still wanted to look his best for them.

Not that it mattered, they weren’t even interested in him outside of the limits of friendship, which, he supposed, worked out for him. A pair of close friends was far more valuable to him as it stood.

He glanced up at the door in front of him, tucking his phone way in his pocket and checking the number of the house against the one in his memory. Satisfied, he knocked on the door and waited.

It took a few moments but he eventually heard movement on the other side of the door, a hesitation, as he assumed whoever was on the other side checked the peephole, then the door opened.

He blinked in surprise at the sight before him, Brittany, he could tell from her freckles, dressed far more casually than he had ever seen her. Dressed in a loose, low cut tank top and equally loose shorts she looked stunning with her long pale legs on display, feet bare and smile wide. The low cut top displaying more than a fair portion of her impressive and enticing cleavage.

“Hey, Brittany! Found you easy enough.” he said with a smile.

Brittany brightened up noticeably as he used her name, a slight warm hue coming to her cheeks. She absolutely adored being recognized, it seemed. “Come in Jay! We were just getting comfy!”

He laughed a little and stepped inside, kicking off his shoes and putting them to one side. Stood side by side with Brittany, he stood about on par with her in terms of height, he was quite glad in fact that the pair of them seemed opposed to high heels, else he would constantly feel small around them.

“So I see! I feel overdressed.” he laughed as she shut the door behind him, locking it behind him.

She smirked and twirled lithely, as if modeling a fine dress and not a loose set of PJ’s, the only thing holding her shorts on as she did so the impressive flare of her hips. “You like it?”

He watched her move, watching as her full breasts bounced enticingly in their loose confines, not held up or supported by any bra, just by the perkiness of youth. It was going to be a long night of avoiding erections, it seemed.

“I wish I looked that good in a tank top.” he said with another laugh, which she joined in as she walked on through to the living room.

Inside they had really made themselves comfortable, seemingly gathering every blanket, quilt, sheet, and pillow in the house to create a soft sort of pillow hole between the couches that they had surrounded with snacks, drinks, accessories, and a big ass TV.

Katie was splayed out on the layers of pillows and quilts on the floor, wearing the same ensemble as her sister, the loose tank top draped across her skin, the flow of its fabric betraying her lack of a bra as it seemingly caught on her pert nipples.

James tried his best not to notice as he smiled, the girl springing up to give him a hug!

He laughed softly and put his arms around her, giving her a friendly hug, feeling the warmth of her body against his through the thin fabric of their clothes, feeling the softness of her full breasts squish up against his chest as they embraced.

“I’m so glad you’re here!!” she gushed, grinning as she flopped to sit back on their makeshift soft mattressy fort, her breasts bouncing enticingly as she sat.

He smiled and moved to sit cross legged beside Katie, Brittany moving to sit on his other side, a smile on her own beautiful expression.

“How could I miss out on this? You two have been so kind to me it’s the least I can do to reward you with my company.” He smirked, joking.

“Pffff. Modest too!” Brittany giggled as Katie reached behind one of the sofa’s bringing out a remote.

Brittany settled down half laying on her side, legs crossing each other as she leaned on her elbow looking towards the tv with pursed lips as Katie started to flick through the, apparently Smart TV’s menu options, loading up Netflix.

“What’re we going to watch first then?” James asked curiously, glancing between the two porcelain beauties flanking either side of him, acutely aware that it was just him and them.

Katie ummed a little as she scrolled through romance movies, James doing his best to seem interested as the list swished past, each option seemingly worse than the last.

“Oh oh!!” Brittany interjected, “That one! The princess one! I love that film so much..”

Katie nodded in agreement as she selected the film Brittany had indicated.

James felt his heart sink a little, not just a romance film, but a princess one. Wonderful. He let out a little sigh as Katie shuffled to the side, stretching up an arm to reach the lights, dimming them and making the atmosphere more intimate and relaxed without the clinical whiteness of the light.

James glanced between the two beauties as they settled in on either side, the pair seemingly content to watch the film as it started to play, the colors of the screen lighting up their white skin in a wonderful myriad of colors.

Katie glanced up at him, catching him looking at her. She winked playfully before settling her gaze back to the movie.

He raised his eyebrow a little, not really sure what to make of that as he settled in to watch the film, finding the spot in the covers with his back supported by the sofa incredibly comfortable.

The movie was.. Not what he expected. It had everything! Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Monsters. Chases. Escapes. True love. Miracles.

He was so engrossed in the film, much to his own surprise that he had hardly noticed the increased attention of the two girls flanking him. By the end of the first act, he had a glass of red wine in his hands, each of the girls holding one of their own. By the end of the second act, he was on his second refill and Brittany’s head was resting on his shoulder. By the time the credits rolled they had between them worked through a bottle of wine each, Katie and Brittany each reclining against him, Katie with her arms wrapped lightly around his waist, Brittany with her hand on his thigh.

As the movie ended and James came back to his senses he found himself surprised by just how close the pair had gotten, practically snuggled up to him.

Katie blinked up at him in the almost dark, her sky blue eyes wide, her expression curious and cute. “Sooo? What did you think of the movie?”

“I…” He paused, pursing his own lips and shrugging, honestly, “I really really enjoyed it.” he admitted, surprised that he had so thoroughly enjoyed a romance.

Katie grinned some, “Yeah I knew you would.. Everyone loves that film. It’s awesome.” she giggled, tracing her fingers lightly across his flat stomach, through the thin fabric of his shirt.

He smiled a little and blushed at his realization of the two of them pressed close to him, feeling the beginning of a swelling in his pants.

He coughed a little and sat up, gently untangling himself from the two of them, standing up as they lay draped demurely on the covers, the sudden shift from horizontal to vertical, combined, with the bottle of red he had worked his way through practically made his head spin.

“Y-yeah haha, I er.. Where’s the bathroom?” he asked, casually, glancing meaningfully towards the stairs.

“Mm, just up the stairs, first door on your right.” Brittany answered, twirling a lock of her hair between her fingers.

He nodded, “Thanks, I uh.. Back in a minute.”

Brittany and Katie watched as he retreated upstairs, hands on the wall to guide him, walking in a way they both recognized, he was carrying a ‘concealed weapon’ and was clearly buzzing.

They waited until they heard the door shut upstairs and Katie threw herself back onto the quilt, miming a swoon as she let out a soft loving sigh, “Oooh he’s so cute.. Briiit.. I want to go first with him, pleeease?..” she pouted her full lips, glancing up adorably at her sister.

Brittany put a hand on her hip and pouted too, looking down at Katie, but she couldn’t hold her disappointed expression very long, as always finding a soft spot for her sister’s adorableness. “Pff.. Okay okay..” She giggled a little, watching as Katie’s expression broke out into a victorious grin.

“But you’ll have to share him.. I’m not going to wait on the sidelines or anything..” Brittany nodded firmly.

Katie bit her lip and shrugged, “Fine by me, it’ll keep him quiet at any rate.. So um.. How should we go about this?..”

“Um..” Brittany shrugged a little, “I don’t know.. I sort of expected him to take the lead and be a little more handsy?”

Katie grinned. “Yeah, he got super into the movie though.. I think he forgot we were here.”

Brittany huffed but laughed, “I should be offended but that’s just so fucking cute..”

They sat together in silence for a few moments.

“Maaaybe we should both secretly flirt with him? Make him think we’re both trying to get it on with him without the other knowing?” Katie suggested.

Brittany pursed her lips. “I mean sure.. But.. How?”

Katie ran her hands through her hair in thought, then grinned. “Oh! I’ve got an idea..”

James had entered the bathroom and switched on the light, almost blinded by the comparative brightness of the white room as he stepped inside and locked the door behind him.

He let out a sigh and approached the toilet, the toilet seat was up, which would’ve been useful had he been in any position to pee. As it happened he had to lower the seat so he could sit down, waiting for the spinning in his head and his prominent erection to subside.

The two of them had been very.. Cuddly. Part of him thought they were being maybe even flirtatious, but that in a way made him nervous. They were both incredibly attractive and neither of them, in his books, had any shortcomings.

But there was that nagging fear, the fear that if he had to choose between one or the other, something he wasn’t sure he could do since to him they were each divine, that the other would end up resenting him. He couldn’t afford to lose friends he had so few.

He just had to control himself, the cuddling was probably just an aspect of the slumber party he hadn’t expected. After all, he could sort of imagine the two of them and a group of their friends all snuggled up together, all dressed scantily.. All caressing each others-..

“Gah..” That wasn’t helping relieve his mounting problem.

He pulled his phone out of his pants pocket and started to read up on the day’s news in regards to competitive swimming, checking out the blogs of a few of his favorite swimmers and idols, though in his alcohol fueled mind he wasn’t really able to take in any of the information. Despite that, fortunately, it worked like a cold shower.

As he came back downstairs he found Katie laying down on her side on the couch at the back of their set up, Brittany sat in the middle pouting cutely and rubbing at her shoulder a little awkwardly.

James frowned a little as he approached, looking a little concerned as he watched her rub at her shoulder, a wince crossing her features.

“Uh.. Hey, you okay?” He asked, trying to sound sober, seemingly catching Brittany by surprise as she lowered her hand from her shoulder, as if she’d just been caught.

“Oh um sure.. Fine..” she said, albeit meekly.

He glanced towards Katie sat on the couch who smirked a little.

“She fell over.. Too much wine~” she said in a sing song little voice. It seemed to James that she was too was maybe a little inebriated, though that wasn’t surprising, given how much they’d had to drink.

“It’s nothing! Just a bruise or something..” Brittany said defensively as she sat in front of James spot. “Let’s just put the next movie on okay?..”

James nodded a little, a little unsure but moved to sit beside Brittany as Katie leaned over the side of the couch, mumbling to herself as her hands tried to find the remote.

“Hey, Jay.. Could you uh.. Sit behind me?” Brittany asked, voice soft.

“Oh, uh.. Sure.” he replied, moving to sit back in his regular spot, he was right behind her now and couldn’t see the screen for her.. “I mean.. I can’t see-”

She leaned back, one of his legs on either side of his body, her back pressed to his stomach, her head resting on his chest so he could see over the top of her luscious red hair.

“Can you see now?..” she asked softly, wiggling back gently into the crook of his legs, his arms on the pillows and duvets to either side of himself, not really sure where to put them.


“Got it!” Katie sat up, gripping the remote victoriously and blinked, eying the position she now saw James and Brittany in. “…Well, you two look cosy..”

Brittany glanced over at her sister, smirking a little herself. “Ooh, he um.. He knows all about physical fitness and stuff.. Said he could give my shoulder a massage? Make it less sore, you know?”

Katie glanced at the helpless James and had to suppress a smirk, this whole fighting over him thing may have been an act the two of them had devised, but she couldn’t help but love the wide eyed expression on his face. “Is that true Jay?..”

“I.. I mean.. It could actually help her.” he nodded a little, clearly a little taken aback by the sudden shift in moods.

“..Hm.. Okay!” Katie smiled then, laying down on the couch behind him and pressing play.

This movie he knew of. The Princess Diaries. A different beast entirely. He let a soft little sigh, he hadn’t seen the film, but knowing of it meant he knew what he was in for. Whereas the last Princess film had been a pleasant surprise, he wasn’t quite so confident that this one would be a shock hit with him.

Which was just fine for the girls, they’d had to suffer through him actually enjoying the last film and they couldn’t have that happen twice.

Katie hummed a little as she innocently tweaked the volume up, turning the lights off completely and plunging them into darkness, the only light in the room coming from the screen.

Brittany glanced back over her shoulder, her eyes sparkling as they caught the light, looking up at James, biting her full lower lip softly, speaking in barely a whisper.

“You gonna give me that massage?..” she said, voice soft and enticing.

“O-oh.. Er.. Sure.” he smiled a little and moved his hands to her shoulders, feeling the smoothness of her skin under his hands interrupted only by the thin straps of her tank top.

She relaxed back against him, feeling a blush touch her cheeks at his strong hands but surprisingly delicate touch. She gently tugged a duvet over herself, up to her neck and slid the thin strands of her tank top down the sides of her shoulders, leaving the tops bare for his touch.

“There.. Can’t let them get in the way now can we, Jay?”

James cleared his throat a little and tried not to think about it too much, about her warm body pressed against him, her lower back resting on his groin, his hands resting on her perfectly smooth skin.

He swallowed, mouth dry, head swimming from the wine and the scenario he found himself in, “Uh.. No?”

He squeezed his hands down on her shoulders, he had actually had some physio training as a part of his swimming skill set and while he was by no means a qualified masseuse, he knew where to squeeze and how hard..

“O-ooh..” Brittany said, her voice quavering a little as he started to work the muscles of her shoulders with his hands, he knew what he was doing and she could feel it.

As a cheerleader herself, Brittany had to maintain a certain level of fitness. To James questing fingers her shoulders and arms felt deceptively strong, like she had a strength she seldom used.

He sat there for some time, his mind in a state of extreme focus. He was doing his very, very best to follow the movie. With the soft moaning sounds being elicited from Brittany and her body moving ever so slightly against his he was all but relying on the terribleness of the movie to kill his would-be boner.

He started a little, feeling Brittany’s hands on his, stopping him from massaging her, hesitating, just holding his hands. She could hear his heart beating in his chest, knew he was putty in her hands.

She urged his hands down under the covers where they were out of sight from Katie and she chewed her lip some. As he had been massaging her she had subtly worked her tank top further down her body.

She blushed warmly as she guided his hands down under her arms, as if suggesting he wrap his arms around her waist in a soft embrace. However, at the last moment, she raised his hands, arching her back a little as she felt his strong but soft hands cup and weigh her full, heavy and most noticeably, bare breasts.

She felt him tense as he realized what he was holding and moved to pull his hands away, obviously confused as if what he was doing was an accident, but she held him there, squeezing his hands in her own so there was no mistaking her soft, perky breasts, clasped in his hands.

She tilted her head back and, with the softest of smirks, caught his eye, as if to say what he was doing was not only okay but encouraged.

His face was a picture, an adorable mixture of arousal and pure, unadulterated terror, but as she continued to squeeze his hands in hers, he started to relax, taking over and mimicking her guided action, groping her breasts.

She let out a satisfied sigh and lowered her hands from his, leaving them cupping and fondling her breasts, her hands resting on his legs, giving a reassuring squeeze as she relaxed fully against him, enjoying the film.

James was at a complete loss, unable to comprehend the fullness of the situation, here he was with Katie splayed out innocently behind him on the couch he was resting against while he sat there, pretending to be innocent but with his hands cupping and massaging her sister’s breasts.

“Shh..” Katie whispered in his ear, almost causing him to jump in surprise as she broke his reverie, the shock of the sudden whisper must’ve spooked him enough to give a sudden squeeze with hands as Brittany let out a little writhe against him, that was bad, he was already sporting a semi and he knew before long Brittany’s comfy spot would be just a little spoiled by a shaft to the back.

He tilted his head back, resting the back of his head against the softness of the couch to look up at Katie, uncertain and questioning, trying his best to look innocent as Katie smiled naughtily at him.

She leaned in close, so close he felt her lips brush against his ear, whispering so soft as to ensure Brittany couldn’t hear, “I wanna make out..”

His eyes went wide and he opened his mouth to speak, to object, to protest, but she placed a finger against his lips, shushing him.

She pulled her finger away and before he had a chance to object her lips found his, full, soft and sweet, she kissed him, his head resting back against the couch, her hand on his neck, caressing as their lips ever so softly met, a single peck developing into a slow kiss, he couldn’t help himself, at the mercy of their mutual forwardness.

No good could possibly come of this, he knew, he knew in fact that after this there was no coming back. There would be a confrontation, he would at best, lose a friend, at worst he would lose two.

The idea of that hurt, but fortunately the wine fuzzing his mind stopped him from over thinking about what could be, and instead let him focus on what was.

He had a gorgeous, busty redhead laying between his thighs, her full breasts pressed eagerly into the palms of his hands as she squeezed and kneaded them. He had another gorgeous redhead with her lips pressed firm to his, their tongues intermingling in a long, impassioned kiss.

Regardless of what was to come, this memory would be forever, and it would be a highlight of his youth.

For what felt like hours but could only have been minutes he floated on cloud nine between the two thirsty twins.

It had been inevitable given his situation, but no matter how hard he had tried to avoid it, his cock had hardened against Brittany’s lower back and in their position, with her leaning against him nestled between his legs there was no way she hadn’t noticed it.

As if to tease him Brittany squirmed a little back against him, which for the lust and alcohol addled James, was just one step too far.

He let out a low moan of pleasure, the noise audibly muffled.

The odd, muffled noise was enough to briefly get Brittany’s attention, causing her to glance up and see her boy toy tongue wrestling her twin.

“A-hey!” She said, causing Katie and James both to jump in surprise, looking down with matching, guilty looks. “Are you kissing?!”

“Buuh.. I err..” James started, but Katie interrupted.

“He’s clearly holding your tits!” she accused, James pointedly removed his hands from Brittany’s chest, which only served to make him seem even more guilty.

“I told you I wanted him for myself!” Brittany stated, frowning.

Katie huffed some and draped her arms over his neck, “Yeah well I want him! He’s an amazing kisser~”

Brittany narrowed her eyes some, she could see the panic setting in on James, the boy was so unsure of how to react it was simply adorable. “Which one of us do you want?..”

James practically felt his heart stop, all color draining from him, that was the question he had been expecting and dreading.

“I.. I er.. I um.. I.. I..”

Katie frowned and shook his head, “It’s not fair making him pick like that!”

He let out a shaky breath, “I uh.. Yeah. That.”

Brittany looked despondent. “I don’t see any other option! He’s a nice guy, it’s not like he’d be willing to  share us!”

Katie sighed deeply and flopped back into her chair. “I know, right?”

James hesitated, unsure whether or not he had genuinely just heard that exchange. “I…. Is… Is… That an option?…”

Katie sat up on her elbows, looking down at him over the swell of her breasts, eyebrows raised slightly. “Well yeah? I mean we both want you.. We just… You know, thought you were such a nice guy you’d have issues with being with the both of us.”

“I… Really?” James said, voice filled with uncertainty and disbelief.

Brittany shrugged a little, looking up at him, “Sure? Are you okay with sharing?”

“Am I okay with having the two most amazing, gorgeous women as my girlfriends?..” He said, a little smirk coming onto his features, “I-”

“Whoa whoa whoa..” Brittany interrupted, nudging him, “We aren’t talking about girlfriends Jay. We’re talking about fucking. Tonight. Like animals.” she pursed her lips then smirked, “If you’re really good we can talk about being your ‘girlfriends’ in the morning.”

James blinked, he had started to recapture his earlier confidence but just like they had washed it away again.

“Yes?” Katie asked, poking him in the head.

“I… Yes?” He said though it came out more like a question.

Brittany giggled some and smirked, rolling over to bring herself face to face with him, “Things might get a little bit freaky.. Is that okay?”

James eyed her, feeling his heart pounding in his chest, he just nodded. He, at this point, barely cared what freaky things they might have in mind, he was going to fuck the two hottest girls in his school. Twins. At the same time.

He was just about to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming when Katie bit his ear, whispering, “But we promise you’ll enjoy it, eventually…”

He shivered, the tone of her voice had been filled with promise. “A-anything..” he said, finding himself on the back foot, he had been developing ideas, laying down positions in his mind as to what he could and would do to these two, but their attitudes were shifting, less demure and enticing more… Predatory.

Brittany knelt up between his thighs and smirked, throwing the duvet aside she casually lifted her tank top up and over her head, casting it aside, letting her full pale breasts bounce free, each full mound tipped by the hard nipples he had been toying with just minutes before..

He reached out a hand to cup them, but she leaned back out of reach, smirking teasingly as she moved to lay on her back in the middle of the pillow and duvet makeshift-mattress, beckoning to him with a finger.

He leaned forward but was stopped by Katie’s hands, he looked over his shoulder towards her, curious as to why she had stopped him.

Her nimble hands moved to lift his own shift off, his arms raising as he let her take it off over his shoulders, he watched their eyes drink him in, admiring his slender, fit body for a few long moments before Katie pressed on his back, urging him after her sister.

He didn’t need more prompting than that.. He crawled over to Brittany, leaning over her on his knees and elbows.

She writhed eagerly under him, her arms wrapping around his neck, her legs crossing behind his back, holding him as she dragged him down into the depths of her kiss, lips full and soft, identical to her sisters as they kissed, her tongue quick to seek out his own, one hand gripping a handful of his hair, the other clawing lightly at his back, sending a shiver down his spine as his smooth chest pressed down against the fullness of her breasts, soft and supple under his body.

As he made out with her, feeling his cock now hard in his pants he felt Katie’s presence behind him, her hands on his hips as if on doggy style as he lay atop her sister, felt her hands caress down under his body to his belt and pants, skilled fingers undoing his buckle and his buttons.

He blushed as he felt her thumbs hook under the fabric of his jeans, starting to work them down over his body, revealing his ass to her.

Katie let out a coo of delight as his ass came into view, letting out a little giggle as she lowered his jeans till they were around his knees, her fingers squeezing one of his cheeks. “Nice ass babe..” She teased playfully.

He tried to mumble a response but was muffled by Brittany’s long passionate kiss so instead had to leave Katie’s questing fingers to go about their adventure.

He moaned a little into the kiss as he felt her hand dip between his thighs, finding the steely hardness of his length. She squeezed, he moaned.

Katie grinned as she made a fist around the shaft of his cock, starting to stroke him off in the little space between him and her sister, letting out an appreciative little noise. “Oooh.. He’s about a seven Brit..”

“Mmfm-eight-ah!” he tried to speak but was chastised by Brittany, his lip held between her teeth for a long moment before she drew him back into a kiss.

“Seven and a half then..” Katie smirked as she worked her fist in slow but steady motions along the length of his cock.

“This is where it gets fun..” she purred, leaning down.

James started, pressing himself down tighter against Brittany as he felt a foreign, though not entirely unpleasant sensation.

Katie’s beautiful, angelic face was pressed between his firm cheeks, her tongue lavishing over his asshole, lapping up over it in long strokes then working around it in tight little circles.

He tried to squirm, tried to protest but he found Brittany’s grip, with her legs wrapped firmly around his waist to be quite restraining, holding him in place as Katie’s one hand worked his cock and her tongue worked his ass.

It was freaky, but it felt good, so who was he to complain?

With the lances of pleasure working through his body from her tongue and hand, and unable to do anything about it one way or the other he decided to focus his attentions on Brittany, if they wanted a little bit of freaky, who was he to deny them that?

Brittany gasped as she felt his strong, powerful hand suddenly around her throat, felt him squeeze as he restricted the flow of air to her lungs, she squirmed, but didn’t let go of him, struggling to breathe as his tongue played with hers.

He choked her for several long moments, kissing her deep the entire time he did so, it was only when her nails started to painfully dig into the skin of his back that he released her throat.

Brittany pushed him up a little, causing Katie to back off in surprise as Brittany sat up and coughed a few times, gasping and panting hard, a pale hand at her reddened neck, staring up at James in her own surprise.

He blinked some, “Uh.. Too far?..” he asked, a little embarrassed, even as his cock twitched and throbbed between them.

“Fucking amazing..” Brittany laughed some, her cheeks flushed a bright red, her eyes half lidded with lust and desire, “Though I’m going to make you pay so much for that.. Katie, let’s bring him upstairs.. I want to play for real now.”

Katie, excited, nodded and stood, moving off upstairs before James and Brittany had a chance to rise and follow, James kicking off his pants leaving him entirely nude, Brittany making sure James walked ahead, giving him a playful nudge every time he tried to look back. He was just trying to catch a glimpse of her tits, they both knew, but after his little show she was pretty sure he would catch a glimpse of something else a little lower on her body if she let him look.

He walked upstairs and followed after Kate’s footsteps, entering a room and finding the lights off, the pitch darkness. He heard Brittany enter behind him, heard her close the door.

“Do you trust us?”

Without his sight to distinguish them he couldn’t tell who had spoken, but it didn’t matter.


“Good. We want to see what we’re doing.. But we don’t want to you see.. Trust us.” he felt something slip over his eyes, covering the top portion of his head.

Katie moved to turn a bedside light on. It cast a sultry light over the room, low and warm in color it brightened the room enough for the twins to see their quarry, but not enough to spoil the mood.

James however, could only see black as he realized he was blindfolded. He swallowed some and felt the girl’s presence move around him, heard their footsteps, felt the breeze of the passing against his skin. They were circling him like a pair of sharks, assessing and admiring him.

He stood a little straighter, trying to look his best, his cock erect and pointing straight ahead.

“Hot as fuck..” one of them breathed low, the other letting out a low purr of agreement.

He felt hands taking his wrists from behind him, pulling them back slightly, he squirmed, unsure what they were doing, at least until he felt a fluffy softness encasing a steely core ring each of his wrists. Fuzzy handcuffs, clicking into place on his wrists, pulled behind his back.

He gave an experimental tug on his new restraints, expecting them to be cheap plastic things for fun, but found they had literally no give on them.

“They’re um.. Strong handcuffs..” he commented uncertainly.

“Say ahh..” a voice said.

He furrowed his brow in confusion, “Ahh?” he asked, but quickly found an object pushed between his lips, straps moving around to secure it to his head. “Mmf?”

It was, he recognized, like a ball gag, but flat with an odd disc in the center, when they said they were into some freaky stuff they hadn’t been kidding.

“Do you think that’s enough?..” a voice asked.

“He could still run..” the other sister, the tone amused. “Not faster than the two of us.. That and I locked the door, he couldn’t get far..”

“Still.. Best to be sure.”

He felt hands on him, guiding him to move forward. He complied, if only out of sheer curiosity for what they had planned.

He let out a muffled sound of surprise as his knees found the edge of a bed, with a hand pressing against his back and his arms bound behind him as they were, the outcome was inevitable.

James hit the bed like a dead weight, bouncing a little as he got a face full of mattress, the duvet doubtless downstairs in the heap they had been snuggled up on.

The two giggled and hands moved on him, tugging, repositioning, more cuffs? This time on each of his ankles, binding him to the lower bedposts.

He tried wriggling, feeling incredibly exposed as he was unable to close his thighs, unsure what they had planned or how he was effectively supposed to fuck either of them in his position. He figured this must have just have been part of some foreplay.

“You said you wanted to go first, right Katie?” Brittany’s voice then, he could hear her as she spoke, moving around onto the bed at the top by his head.

“Mmhm! Readied him up and everything while he was choking you..” Katie teased and he felt her hands grip his wrists. With surprising strength he felt himself raised up, his chest coming off the bed, supported by his knees and her grip.

He felt fingers on his head and around his gag. He thought for a moment Brittany was going to remove it but instead, something came free. He breathed in through his mouth, feeling cool air fill his lungs but his mouth was still held wide open.

“I’m going to take off his blindfold now..” Brittany said softly, an eagerness and a hunger in her voice as her hands moved once more to his head.

He wriggled some, welcoming the relief of the blindfold falling free of his face, hoping it would give some insight into their plans and intentions, his cock was aching between his thighs, all the promises of what were to come, all the fantasies playing out in his head had hardly been sated by the brief stroke Katie had given him.

“Hey cutie..” Brittany said, looking into his eyes as he blinked, adjusting to the light, drinking in the scene.

Brittany was laid out before him on the bed, propped up by the pillows, her body nude, her thighs spread. She was gorgeous, her porcelain skin simply flawless, from the top of her head to the tip of her twitching cock. To the tip… Of her…

“Uhhh..” was all he could say through the ring gag as he felt her hands tangle in his hair.

“Shh..” Brittany winked and pulled his head down.

His eyes went wide as he felt her thick, pale cock slip effortlessly into his mouth through his ring gag, he couldn’t understand it, couldn’t believe it, even as she moaned and started to tug his head up and down, jerking off her cock using the soft wetness of his unguarded mouth, the thick red tip of her cock pushing deep into him, depressing his tongue and filling him.

“Oooh fuck that feels so good..” she moaned, as his saliva began to coat her thick cock, easing its passage in and out of his velvety mouth even as he made a series of alarmed noises around her length.

“I bet this will feel better..” Katie said in a light little sing-song voice from behind, snapping his focus to something even more ‘pressing’.

As he felt something slippery and hot slip between his cheeks to kiss up against his wet little star he began to struggle for real, pulling and squirming with a desperation against his restraints.

While with his ankles and wrists bound there was very little he could do, he could still sway his hips and ass, dislodging the thick cock that was planning on taking residence. But, as he did, Brittany pulled down with sudden force and in a sharp moment of panic, he felt the thick meat filling his mouth push into his tight, helpless throat.

He gagged wetly around the invading tool as it obscenely bulged his slender throat, causing him no small amount of pain and discomfort, he looked up at Brittany with wide, teary eyes as his lips were pressed suddenly to the base of her cock, her heavy balls resting against his chin.

“..Don’t look at me like that..” she smirked playfully, “I told you I’d get you back for choking me.. Now let my sister have her fun or I’ll hold it here till you black out.. Understand?” she hesitated, “..Blink twice for yes.”

He squirmed, trying to break free from her grip, but the deceptive strength he had noticed in them earlier was all too evident now.

He blinked twice.

She pulled him up until only the thick tip of her cock was between his abused lips, smirking as he coughed, drawing in hot lungfuls of air, a saliva rolling down her shaft. “Good boy..”

Katie huffed and placed her hard cock back between his cheeks, her hands on his wrists, squeezing him, “Pff, that was rude of you Jay..”

Brittany giggled a little, “I know right?”

James felt the hands around his head pulling him down, eager and impatient to resume their activities again and he looked up into the smirking, twinkling eyes of Brittany as she started to force him to blow her again. She blew him a kiss, winking. “Try sucking it, honey.. It’ll take your mind off.. Well.. You know..”

“Pff like hell it will..” Katie giggled as she pressed forward, struggling a little to find her mark, her cock too big and his hole too small, too slick, with both her hands occupied holding James up for Brittany’s fun it took a few failed pokes and prods before her hard, lubricated shaft finally seemed to find a spot that gave to her advances.

James arched his back and tried to pull away on reflex, but with Katie’s hands holding him up and the locks around his ankle he had nowhere to go but onto her cock.

He felt his skin break out in a sweat as her cock spread his virgin hole, stealing his virtue as the tip of her cock found its home in his hot, slick ass. “A-aah fuck.. Fuck yes..”

Tears rolled freely down his flushed cheeks as Katie sank inch after inch of her impressive length into him. Like every other aspect of the twins, their cocks he knew would likely be identical and judging by the sheer length and thickness of the shaft filling his mouth, his ass still had the worst to come.

“Seriously honey.. Suck it..” Brittany’s voice, her lips pursed as she reached down to pinch his nose, depriving him of air as her cock slid in and out of the now slick ring gag into the addictive heat and pleasure of his small mouth.

He whimpered around her desperately, hardly able to focus on her words for the building heat and pressure as Katie worked her hips forward and backward, rocking ever so slowly, each push forward pressing just a little more into him.

Before long, however, his lungs were burning, his need for air intensifying. He tried to inhale and heard a fresh, lustful moan from Brittany as he effectively sucked on her cock. “Y-yeah.. Just like that..” she said, releasing his nose.

As she did the suction stopped as he breathed in hot and frantic through his nose. She pouted, “Either you suck or I keep denying you air Jay cutie..”

He whimpered, but complied, sucking on her thick cock as she fed him her shaft, gliding his mouth and lips up and down her cock.

“Almost in sweetie?..” She asked her sister.

“U-uh.. About half way..” Katie said, her voice deep with desire and pleasure.

“Don’t tell me you’re going soft on him..” Brittany grinned, watching her sister with amusement as she casually used his face as a masturbation aid more than anything, a constant string of lewd wet noises emitting from his occupied mouth as she used him.

(Art by Anasheya, check out their stuff!)

Katie pursed her lips, “N-no!” she said, far too defensively, blushing as Brittany’s grin grew wider.

Katie bit her lip and looked down at James, looking at the point where they connected, half of her pale cock spearing his little hole, stretching it around her.

She pointedly tightened her grip on his wrists and after only a moment’s hesitation, slammed herself forward as she jerked him back, causing the whole bed to rock as her cock slid home, hilting inside him as his whole body tensed as he tried and failed to pull away from Katie, trying and failing too to scream around Brittany’s cock, his muffled cry of pain serving only to send little vibrations of pleasure coursing through down her cock.

“O-ooh.. Oooh my god.. This is.. This is so good Brittany.. We’ve got to keep him as our boyfriend.. I need to fuck him every night.. Every morning.. Twice at college..”

Brittany bit her lip and nodded some, “Fuck Katie.. Y-yeah we need to keep him.. If his ass is anything like his sweet mouth.. A-ah.. For a straight boy, he’s just so, ah, so good at sucking cock.. His mouth was made for this..”

He looked up at Brittany, his eyes wide and red and she saw the pain in his expression and pursed her lips a little, feeling a tiny pang of regret. “Hey hey, cutie.. Don’t look so sad! You’ve got two loving girlfriends now.. And don’t worry, that’ll start feeling good..”

“Eventually. Probably not tonight..” Katie mused as she was seemingly finished with being content just being hilted inside him, her hips starting to move as she started, in earnest now, to fuck him.

Each thrust broke James down a little more, made him more and more aware of his weakness and serving to highlight their dominance and control over him, he was their plaything and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.

They were both quite quiet lovers, their voices letting out loving little moans and whimpers between hot and heavy breathes, a contrast to his own gasping and crying out, spit roasted by the two gorgeous twins, their cocks sliding in and out of him.

It didn’t take long before they settled into a mutual rhythm, each of them pushing their thick lengths into him in time with one another, leaving him feeling in one instant entirely filled then in the next completely empty.

It seemed that Katie was setting the tempo as she pushed her cock into the delicious heat of his virgin ass, lost in the mounting pleasure he was bringing her as she took him, Brittany just matched the bouncing of his body as Katie pulled and fucked him, tugging his head up and down her length, her own pleasure beginning to mount.

“I-i’ve been so worked up for this.. I don’t think I’m going to last.. Ah.. Ah.. That much longer..” Brittany panted gently, squirming as she lavished in the sensations of his soft spongy tongue forced against the smooth skin of her hard shaft and thick cockhead.

“F-fuck.. Me too.. His ass.. So fucking good.. A-ah.. A few days of this and he’ll have the best fucking pussy for us..”

Brittany arched her back and closed her eyes, moaning louder as she thought about that, thought about him practically living at theirs, at their beck and call to service their cocks. She knew he would be theirs, that he would belong to them, service them, even grow to love them both, probably.

“F-fuck.. I’m going to make you swallow like a good boy..” she growled a little, breaking tempo from Katie as she felt her balls tighten in their smooth sack, felt her cum rise and her pleasure start to peak.

“A-aah.. Jay.. Fucking.. Ah.. Fucking take it.. A-ah!!” Brittany forced his head down, forced her cock back into the wonderfully tight confines of his throat as her thick cockhead throbbed, pulsing in time with her quick heart beat as she started to deposit her thick, hot cum straight into his waiting stomach, “Y-yes.. Swallow it.. Take it.. Take my cum!”

James felt it, felt every hot pulse of fluid as it was fed down his throat, unable to refuse her demands, unable to spit, only able to take it like the ‘good boy’ she wanted him to be, all the while Katie’s steely, thick shaft sliding in and out of his slick little love hole.

“Uhhh Britt?..” Katie’s voice, cutting through the haze of pleasure that had dulled all of Brittany’s senses.

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked down at Jay, her cock, now only semi-hard was hilted inside the warmth of his mouth and the addicting tightness of his throat, his face red and strained as she unintentionally deprived him of air with her softening python.

“Oops..” She giggled a little, letting go of her cock and watching as he pulled his own head up, her saliva soaked cock popping free of his abused lips and flopping limp and glistening against her thigh, a few strings of spit and cum linking her shining red tip to his open mouth.

Katie released his wrists and his head fell to rest on Brittany’s thigh, her soft wet cock pressed against his nose as Katie moved her hands to press down on his back and then to raise his ass.

“Face down ass up baby..” She cooed as she gripped his hips, finding opportunity in the new position to increase her tempo still until he was bouncing off of her cock, his hole clamping and squeezing her pleasurably as she used him, Brittany gently stroking and caressing his face, as if to soothe him as he was taken.

The only sounds in the room were that of sex, his gasps and pants, her moans and whimpers, the slick sound of a thick cock pounding a tight virgin, the slapping of flesh on flesh as her hips bounced again and again into his cheeks, her heavy breasts bouncing on her chest.

“You close?” Brittany asked, soft fingers lovingly caressing James cheek, wiping away his tears and spit.

“Y-yes.. J-just a.. Just a few more..” Katie whimpered, her cock pulsing inside him, “I-inside.. Or out?..”

Brittany pursed her lips in thought, “Mm.. In.. Let him know what it feels like to be our woman..”

Katie nodded and chewed her lip, doubling down on her focus as she sheathed herself inside of him, feeling the pleasure build, drawing closer and closer until finally, the dam broke, the pleasure peaking as her climax hit.

Brittany watched the expression of absolute bliss across her sister’s face and knew she was cumming, her tempo and pace changing drastically from hard, fast thrusts to even harder but slower trusts, snapping her hips forward each time a pulse of cum shot from her hard cock into his yielding ass, filling him with her gift, emptying her load deep inside of her new boyfriend.

“A-ah.. Oh.. Oh god..” Katie panted as she fulfilled oh so many of her fantasies in a moment, her grip lessening as she let him relax, leaning over him, her thrusts slowing and stopping as she stayed balls deep in him, letting each last drop of cum find it’s home in his body.

“Good for you too?” Brittany asked her sister, grinning playfully as her sister’s climax started to wain.

“S-so good.. So amazing..” she panted, swallowing as she ever so slowly started to withdrew her softening cock from his stretched hole, watching as the wet, glistening asshole closed slowly, trapping her cum within him.

She sat back, kneeling on the bed, feeling exhausted from the workout, “Gods I need a break..” Katie giggled a little as she recovered her breath, glancing up at her sister with a playful smirk, “So er.. What do we do now?..” she asked, looking down at the spent James, his eyes closed, his mouth drooling, his breath coming hot and slow, though she was sure he was awake.

Brittany looked down too at their trophy, gently caressing her fingertips over his silky skin, “Mm.. Switch places?..”


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