Neck Deep: Chapter 2 – New Beginnings

James lay on his back, fingers gripping desperately at the cool bed sheets under his body as he was bounced forward and back by his new ‘girlfriend’s’ thick, invading cocks. With one gliding in and out of his mouth and another eagerly mating his ass the twins had sapped all strength from him to the point that, even now, as he lay between them, his legs unbound but his wrists still tied, he knew he was helpless from stopping Katie and Brittany who, as they had promised, after a break to have a drink and to put on some high heels, had switched places, continuing their efforts to ravish him like a girl.

Brittany panted and moaned, kneeling below James, his legs up in the air, his feet at her shoulders, her hands gripping his knees as she fucked him, her ivory cheeks again flushed with colour as she kissed his calf affectionately, plunging her cock in and out of his hot tight hole, using her sisters own cum from their first round on him as a depraved, but effective, lubricant.

Katie knelt too, only at the opposite end of the boy, her strong thighs on either side of his head as she faced her sister, sliding her cock slowly forward and back, enjoying the lewd wet warmth of his mouth and, with increasing frequency as he got accustomed to it, his throat as she eased her cock in and out of it, her moans softer and less intense than Brit’s even as he sucked on her length.

The both of them were focused on the same point, watching each time as his slender throat swelled, showing the outline of Katie’s cock each time she urged herself that far forward. The view hypnotic in its lewdness, the display helping to drive both of the girls forward and ever closer to another climax, another opportunity to sate their combined lusts on their new boyfriend.

“Mm, this is the best sleepover ever.” Katie giggled, voice low and sultry as she slid her shaft between his plush lips, still held open by his ring-gag and across his fleshy tongue to push deep into his throat, a hand caressing his chest, another at her own full pale breast, enjoying the sensations as she squeezed and toyed with herself.

“A-ah… Fuck, I know, right?” Brittany looked up at her sister as she spoke, smirking briefly between deep breaths which, much like her tempo, was moving faster than her twins, her soft gasps, Katie’s loving moans and the lewd, wet noises rising from their new boyfriend mingling to fill the room in the symphony of sex.

Brit looked back down to where her body joined with his, her cock pushing deep, sawing in and out of his tight little ass, his own cock, a decent size she had to admit, was hard against his stomach, a few spots of pre laying on his skin where his own cock had leaked, her constant hammering of his prostate practically milking it from him. “What’re… Uh… We gonna do with him after this?”

“Aww, all worn out and going to need a break?” Katie teased playfully, the tone of their banter virtually unchanged on circumstance, either sitting around the lunch table at college or kneeling opposite one another, naked before each other and balls deep in their new ‘boyfriend’.

Brittany poked her tongue out briefly at her twin as she made a few poignant thrusts into the boy under her, “Said the girl who’s moving so slow she might as well be stationary, I’m getting a proper work out here!”

Katie giggled a little and rolled her shoulders, Brittany wasn’t wrong, but Katie was lavishing in the sensations her slow long thrusts were bestowing her, enjoying as he obediently sucked on her cock as he had done for Brittany, “Well… We could have a pillow fight, or play truth or dare, or have a… Oooh… The makeover?”

“The makeover! Why didn’t I think of that!” She looked down at James, her hands sliding from his knees to his thighs, hugging his legs to her heavy breasts as she envisioned it. “Makeup, a wig, he’ll look adorable!” Brit all but cooed as she fucked him, feeling her excitement rise.

“Oh for sure…” Katie smirked, looking down at him too, her hands moving to caress his chest. He had briefly tried to resist when they had untied his legs, but drained as he was and still bound at the wrists, compared to the strength of the two of them he had quickly realised he was helpless to their whims. She tweaked his nipples which caused him to squirm in surprise, a weak gurgling moan escaping from around her cock.

“Oh, this is going to be so hot, come on, let’s finish up so we can get started.” Brittany said, digging her fingertips into the flesh of his thighs. She could imagine it now, all made up for them, the image caused a deeper moan to escape her lips, just thinking about it made her shiver.

Though Katie found her sister’s sudden eagerness amusing, she merely bit her lip and nodded. She was drawing close to climax anyway and didn’t need to be told twice, her eyes scanning over his gorgeous form. Despite being literally balls deep in the hot piece of ass, she could still hardly believe how lucky they had been in getting him exactly where they had wanted him, the trick now would be in somehow keeping him there.

Katie and Brittany had had their fun with a number boys over the years, though they had been rejected by twice as many again. James, however, had been the first one to so entirely enrapture the both of them that they had been able to set aside their natural urges of jealousy and monogamy, more than happy to share him if it meant each getting a piece.

On his back James had his eyes closed as he tried to make sense of his situation. Not that he had closed them to help him focus, no, it was because if he opened them he knew all he would see would be the underside of her slick cock and her two heavy balls as they were repeatedly pressed forward against his face.

Deprived of his sight James’s mind was beset by his remaining senses. He listened to their conversation and felt a widening pit of dread forming in him, a heady mix of short term panic that these two red-haired angels turned demons were about to deposit another load of cum in him and a longer term panic of the humiliation of the proposed makeover.

He tried to think, tried to devise a way to escape, but every time he started to order his thoughts Katie would press especially deep into his throat and hold it there, depriving him of oxygen as he choked on her thick, engorged cock, or Brittany would give him an especially hard, deep thrust, breaking any concentration he could muster.

Oddly, for James, it was Katie who was making his life more difficult. Though the shame and humiliation of being fucked was paramount in his mind, the pain of his ass-fucking was dwindling, becoming more of a deep, persistent throb that, though he couldn’t yet admit it, wasn’t all pain. No, it was Katie’s cock, playing with his ability to breathe that had him the most worried, his anxieties massing around his thoughts of what she would do when she soon came, remembering how Brittany had hilted herself, lost in the moment and almost choked him out on her cock.

Katie watched, arousal mounting, as Brittany pounded the boy’s ass with a renewed vigour, his body bouncing on the bed with such tenacity that she hardly had to move her hips to have his lips move along the length of her shaft. She drank in the view in a sweeping gaze, his bulging neck, fit chest, his hard cock, her sister’s length, vanishing and reappearing in and out of James, her porcelain skin, her heavy breasts bouncing and jiggling with each thrust, her sister’s lust and pleasure ridden expression.

She continued to watch, entranced, recognising the shift in Brit’s demeanour and expression, the way she tilted her head back slightly and closed her eyes, her lips parted and her breaths coming through fast, each exhale joined by a gasping moan.

Katie swallowed as Brit’s grip hardened on the boy’s thighs and her thrusts slowed but sharpened, pushing herself as deep as she could which each short hard thrust, holding herself inside him for a few moments each time she did so.

From her pleasured expression and the sudden way James arched his back, his movements inadvertently pressing Katie’s cock deeper into his throat, her balls grinding into his face as he tried to move away from Brittany, Katie knew her twin was unloading her second load of the day, and her first into his claimed ass.

Their sounds, though distinct, with his muffled groans of distress and her lustful moans of pleasure intertwined like their bodies into the same rhythm. Katie knew each joined noise from the pair of them signified a pulse of Brittany’s cock, meaning another dose of intense pleasure for Brittany and another hot rope of cum left deep inside of James.

Katie bit her lip, enjoying the lewd display and enjoying the sensations of the squirming boy beneath her, each elicited groan from him helping to up her enjoyment. She made eye contact with Brittany and saw the lust and bliss in the twinkling orbs, Katie winked and Brit winked back.

James groaned around the thick, now familiar cock filling his throat. He had quickly come to discover that, as in virtually every other respect, this too was identical when it came to the twins, the shape, the size, even the amount they came, all the same. He choked on her fat cock as Brittany came inside of him, the pool of heat within him growing as she shot sticky rope after sticky rope into him, using him for her pleasure, in that moment nothing more than a toy to them both.

As Brittany’s climax subsided and her cock started to soften, still buried deep within him he felt Katie’s hands move to grip his shoulders, desperately he tried to wriggle free, but her grip on him stiffened and with Brittany still holding his thighs, he could barely move, let alone escape.

Having watched the splendour of her sister cumming in the boy Katie found herself picking up her own pace, her slow needy movements increasing to the point where she wasn’t so much making love to his mouth anymore, now fucking his throat.

Brittany held her softening cock inside of James as she watched her sister as she had herself been observed, enjoying the expressions, the movements, the degrading sound of her sisters heavy, full balls slapping into his face as her speed mounted.

Katie moved a hand to his throat, gripping it and squeezing, feeling the warmth of his skin under her fingers, the curve of his throat, the movement of her cock expanding and contracting as she fucked him. She chewed her lip now, hips snapping forward as she hilted herself inside of him, feeling his choking gags milking her cock.

She felt her balls twitch, even pressed against his face as they were as she held herself deep, denying him the air she knew he wanted instead choosing to embrace the waves of orgasmic splendour that was sweeping through her curvy body.

Her cum erupted down his throat, giving him no option to swallow, instead, her hot seed just pulsed straight down his throat into his stomach, his body weakly moving as his air supply dwindled and his mind was flooded with the sensations. He couldn’t, he was surprised to realise, even taste her cum, one benefit, he realised, of the depth at which she was emptying her balls into him was that it was well past his tongue.

As he started to feel the haze of air depredation he heard Katie above him moan happily, slowly starting to withdraw her cock from his throat, much sooner, he was grateful to realise, than Brittany had on her turn. Nevertheless, his face was red as he felt a sudden pressure give and he managed to draw in a sudden gasp of air, he coughed and gasped for breath, his slim chest rising and falling rapidly as he snapped back to his senses. Then he tasted it.

Katie giggled playfully as she massaged the sensitive head of her cock against his fleshy tongue, spending the last few drops of her climax purposefully against it, making him taste her as she fully withdrew, resting her soft, cum and spit slick cock over the gasping, panting mess of his gorgeous face, looking down at him with glee.

“You really know how to make a girl feel special.” She teased, winking as he looked up at her, his eyes wide and his face lined with wet streaks.

Brittany finally withdrew her soft cock from his little hole and let his legs fall to the bed as she moved to stand, arcing  out her back as she eyed the boy, stretching, Katie too climbed to her feet, leaving him free on his back as they moved to stand side by side at the foot of the bed, gently placing a hand around each other’s waist, looking like a picture of perfection, beautiful and daring, nude save for the black high heels that helped to show off the definition of their legs and asses.

With his wrists bound beneath him he rolled onto his side to relieve the weight resting on them, coughing and panting hard as he curled up slightly, looking up at the two of them with watery eyes.

“Can we remove his gag now?” Katie asked, leaning in to kiss her sister on the cheek, smiling warmly.

“Mm, sure.” Brittany smirked stepping forward, enjoying his helplessness as she leaned in and removed his gag, she was confident that he wasn’t going to scream, if anything just because of his fear of the two of them.

He closed and opened his mouth a few times, looking away, his jaw ached and his lips were swollen and sore, “W…Why?…” was all he said, his voice hoarse.

Katie pursed her lips and moved to sit beside him, her voice soft, almost motherly as she reached out a hand to caress his cheek, he didn’t pull away.

“Aww James, sweety. Because you’re hot and we want you.”

He looked between them, fear and confusion in his expression. “What now? Can I go?”

Brittany grinned wolfishly and even Katie, patting him, smirked a little as she spoke. “Oooh, no. You’re our boyfriend now. This isn’t going to just be a one off thing, no we’re going to keep you.”

He glanced between them, “I… I don’t want that, you can’t make me stay with you.”

“We’ve got a little while yet, just us and you. By the end of it you’ll be begging to stay with us.” Brittany said, winking at her sister.

He hesitated and swallowed, feeling the pain in his body, the violation of his being, he felt betrayed angry, he felt it rise “Fuck you I will.” He said, an edge to his voice that made Brittany’s grin slide slightly.

“One way or another, James.” Brit said, an icy tone creeping into her voice.

He swallowed some, fear elevating in his mind as he imagined just what that might entail.

But Brittany just switched it up into a sweet smile, “Now, come on love, it’s time to get you all made up.”

Despite the fear he felt emboldened, he opened his mouth to retort but felt Katie’s finger at his lips, a cautioning look on her face, “Oooor we can just fuck you again?”

He looked at Katie, his defiance fading as she raised her eyebrows, he knew, if that was what they picked, he couldn’t stop them. Though he was half tempted to call her bluff certain at the very least they’d just be pushing rope, but he didn’t want to test his luck. He deflated, defeated.

Brittany grinned broader and clapped her hands together, “I’ll go get the makeup and a couple of drinks. Keep an eye on him, Katie.”

Katie nodded and smiled watching her sister leave, before she looked back to James, letting her hand caress over his skin.

“Would being our boyfriend really be all that bad?” she asked, lightly after Brittany had left the two of them.

He looked at her, incredulously. “After what you both just did to me?”

She shrugged, “You were as straight as an arrow, the second you found out we had cocks you would’ve bolted.”

“You don’t know that…”

“Yes, I do, we do. We’ve both been rejected plenty for our gifts. We’re sick of it James, we aren’t just what we have between our thighs.”

He looked away, “Seems like you are, you threw away our friendship just to use them on me.”

Katie opened her mouth to retort, but closed her lips again, frowning as his words chewed at her, “…Jay, look, I know what we’re doing is wrong but, I don’t think you understand how crazy we are about you. How desperate we are to keep you. We would do anything not to lose you.”

“You can’t force me to stay, Katie… Not forever.” he said, looking down.

“I know, but, I really think but the end of these few days you’ll enjoy being our boyfriend. I mean, I know we’ve given you a bit of a rough start, but, trust me, you’ll grow to love it.” She smirked a little, playful as she reached a hand down and wrapped a fist around his still hard cock, “I mean… More than you already are anyway.”

He blushed and stayed quiet, his expression sullen, uncertain, conflicted.

Katie bit her lip and released his cock, sitting in an awkward silence for a few seconds.

“Um…” She started, “Can I ask a question?”

He looked at her, a little incredulous but shrugged.

“How do you tell me and Brittany apart? I mean, people guess a lot and have a solid fifty fifty success rate. Even the girls we hang out with avoid using our names.”

He let out a sigh, his voice soft, “It’s your freckles.”

“Our freckles?” she asked, tilting her head, leaning gently against him, her full breasts resting on his arm.

“Yeah… You have different patterns, like… Stars.”

Katie blinked, her eyes widening and she felt her heart skip a beat, her pale cheeks blushing brighter.

“We do?” she asked, her voice soft.

He looked up at her, furrowing his brow slightly, “Uh, yeah, you didn’t know?”

She shook her head a little, “No, I uh-”

Katie fell silent as Brittany entered the room, her cock half hard between her white thighs as she beamed triumphantly, holding the makeup kit under one arm and James realised, what looked like a wig under the other, her fingers interlaced with the stems of two wine glasses and another two bottles of red.

Brittany tilted her head as she surveyed the pair, smirking slightly, “Did I miss something?”

“Sort of, I found out how Jay tells us apart.”

Brittany moved over to a full-length mirror and set down her carried items on a sideboard, “Oh yeah? We never did figure that one out, is he just lucky?”

Katie shook her head, “No, he says we have different freckle patterns, he noticed the difference.”

Brittany looked over at her sister and raised her eyebrows, “…Bullshit…”

She shrugged some and glanced back at James, who just looked at her.

“Mirror?” She asked and Brittany nodded.

Katie moved from the bed and the twins stood side by side, an arm around each other as they moved in close, the sides of their breasts pressing softly together as they moved in close, eyes studying, voices lowered to hushed whispers, fingers pointing.

When the girls turned back they were surprised to find James, with his legs unbound, had moved to sit on the edge of the bed, watching them patiently.

“How the hell did you notice the difference?” Brittany asked, sounding more than a little impressed.

He smiled a little, “I really wanted to be able to tell the difference between the two of you.”

“Why?” Katie asked, tilting her head.

“You always looked a little upset when someone got it wrong, I just, you know, wanted you to happy.” he said.

Katie bit her lip and glanced at Brittany, the two of them sharing a look. They didn’t need words to express their feelings. They felt more than a little guilty, here was a boy who had cared about the two of them so much that he had actually discovered a way to tell them apart, more than anyone else had done, just to make them happy.

A silent understanding passed between them, they had intended to make him theirs one way or the other, funny planning on that way being breaking him down, humiliating him, taking pictures or recording video and blackmailing him into being theirs. Now, however, they wanted him to fall in love with them all over again, feeling more smitten with him than ever. They had broken him down, now it was time to build him back up.

“Mm…” Brittany hummed a little, beckoning over to him, a smile forming on her face, “Alright, well, this is supposed to be a sleepover! Come on, let’s have some fun!”

He glanced between them but knew objecting would be pointless. Body aching, with a sigh he moved to stand, feeling sheepish as he walked towards him, cock, much to his chagrin, still hard as the two urged him to stand between them. He bit his lip and looked into the mirror.

The sight before him brought a swell of emotions to him, and he wasn’t sure what to think. He was fit, sure, but with all three of them nude and lined up he realised just how superior they were compared to him.

First and foremost he noticed their cocks. Hard to miss was Brittany standing to his left who was now, once again, completely erect, her cock dwarfing James’s own, her sister though was, contrastingly, completely soft, although James noticed Katie’s softy was comparable in size to his full hard on. Looking past that he saw what had once been the object of a far flung fantasy. Katie and Brittany flanked him, the two most gorgeous girls in school, completely nude and eying him up, lust and attraction in his gaze, their bodies generously curved for their fitness, their breasts full and heavy, skin light and beautiful. Under different circumstances, he would’ve believed himself the luckiest man alive. But as it stood, he wasn’t sure how he felt.

Katie and Brittany hadn’t taken James on a whim, it hadn’t been some spur of the moment decision brought on by a surplus of lust and a lack of sense, it had been a carefully planned out operation that, as far as they were each concerned, was proceeding well, give or take a few changes in objectives.

The last few hours, taking him, degrading him, filling him with their thick girl-cum they had achieved the first of their objectives, after getting him into their lair at least, they had broken him down, made him vulnerable leaving him open to their intentions, though they had changed somewhat in the last few minutes, the end goal was the same. He didn’t even struggle now, he stood between them, tamed and weak, ripe for them.

Next, they would begin to build him back up in the image of what they wanted, they didn’t want to feminize him in the long run, but the makeover session had several advantages to it. He already had a feminine figure, one they each admired in the mirror, he was slender and fit, his waist so tight it helped to accentuate what might otherwise be an only above average width to his hips.

They had been delighted to find out that he had virtually no body hair. They were unsure whether he was just one of those gorgeous boys that grew very little or it was because he shaved or waxed himself, possibly because of his swimming interest, but they didn’t much care, it served their interests.

By making him look like a girl tonight it would help to reinforce his position in his mentality, smaller and weaker than the two of them they would instil themselves as the dominants in the relationship, showing him just how girly he was compared to them. It was for this reason that they had switched into the heels. The three of them were all of a comparable height, but in heels the girls stood over him, making him seem smaller, cuter.

They didn’t hesitate as they opened up the makeup bag, giggling and chatting as they started to work on him. Their makeup skills were on point and they were convinced between the two of them they could create a masterpiece.

James could do nothing but watch, staring at the reflection in the mirror as they worked on him, it was frightening really, he had envisioned that as they worked on him he would end up looking like a clown, thinking the makeup would look out of place on what he considered to be strong masculine features, but he quickly discovered how wrong he was.

James began to vanish in the mirror, with each new application he saw less and less of himself, Katie was focusing on his eyes while Brittany focused on the art of contouring, her technique and effect extending down to his collarbone.

The overall result was startling. As the girls worked they talked less and less, a combination of their concentration on their efforts and their mounting disbelief at the person being created before them.

Brittany, finished with the contouring slid her hand over the curve of his ass, squeezing lightly as she joined him in staring at his reflection, “Fuck Jay, I knew we’d make you look good but, well, wow.”

He stayed silent as Katie took the wig and placed it over Jame’s hair, adjusting it to make it look natural.

“You look more like a girl than we do…” Brittany said, her hard cock throbbing as she stared at him, insanely aroused by the display they had created, “I mean, you know, apart from the tits.”

Katie finished adjusting the wig and, again, it suited him perfectly, the long black hair falling about his face in a beautiful cascade. Smiling with her work Katie picked up the final piece to the puzzle.

Katie began to carefully ring the boy’s full lips with a stick of red lipstick, smiling ever so slightly as she applied it with a skilled hand, the other moving to trail her fingertips through the back of his long hair, straightening it out.

Brittany too smiled, a hand moving to grip her own cock, unable to contain her arousal as, with her other hand, she snaked it under between his thighs to gently cup his balls, giving them a soft squeeze and drawing out a little, soft gasp from him.

After a few moments, Katie lowered her hands, setting down the lipstick and placing one hand on her hip, the other affectionately on his ass.

“Well, what do you think?” Katie asked playfully, squeezing the handful of ass she was holding.

“I… Look gorgeous.” he said, his voice distant, his mind not really filtering his words.

Katie giggled softly and nodded, “Yeah, you do.”

They stood in silence for a few long moments, just admiring him, allowing the reality of his makeover to sink in with James.

“Ah, I can’t take it anymore Katie can we fuck him again? Please?” Brittany asked, a soft whine to her voice.

Katie glanced between Brit and James, biting her lip some, “I dunno Brit…”

Brittany glanced at Katie, tilting her head as if realising for the first time that she wasn’t hard like herself, “Can’t get it up?” She teased, playfully.

“Not yet…” Katie said defensively.

Brittany grinned, “How come? I’m ready to go again!”

Katie blushed brightly, “Yeah well, you didn’t get so excited about him showing up that you jerked off in the shower when you were getting ready.”

Brittany blinked and laughed some, “Oh well, wanna watch us? I’m going to make slow sweet love to him this time, a classy girl like Jay deserves that much.”

Katie bit her lip some, eying him over in the mirror, her eyes focusing on his perpetually erect cock, “No, I’m going to give him a bj.”

Brittany and James both looked at her, sharing a mutual air of surprise and disbelief.

Katie looked at the both of them, blushing, “What’s that look for! I want to go down on him, got a problem with that Brit?”

Brit smirked and shrugged, shaking her head, “You do what you want sis, just a little surprised is all.”

Katie glanced at James, smiling a little enticingly, “You got a problem with it?”

James stared at her, hesitating briefly before he shook his head, drawing a laugh from them both.

Brittany slapped him on the ass and grinned, “Well obviously you don’t Jay honey. So what do you say, want to lay on your back so my sister can give you head as I make sweet love to you?”

James looked between them, his beautiful eyes wide, obviously desiring Katie, and in an odd way desiring Brittany.

“…One condition…” he said, voice low, cautious.

Brittany pursed her lips, “You’re in no place to-”

“What is it?” Katie asked, cutting off her sister and shooting her a glance.

Brittany eyed her back but kept quiet.

“Untie my hands. I can’t lie on my back with them under me again…”

Brittany snorted, “You must think we’re-”

“Done.” Katie nodded.

Brittany pursed her lips in consternation, “Katie?”

“Freckles, Brit.” she said, simply.

Brittany parted her lips, but hesitated, getting her sister’s meaning. They wanted him to actually enjoy himself and a part of that was giving him a little freedom, so long as he didn’t run with it, literally.

“…Fine.” She said, relenting and Katie smiled, stepping up to kiss her on the cheek bringing a blush to Brit’s cheeks as Katie stepped away to get the keys to the handcuffs.

He looked down at James who looked back up at her, looking meek, he looked like he was going to say something, but thought better of it, looking away.

Brittany let out a soft sigh and spoke with a gentle tone, “What?”

He looked back towards her and blushed a little, “Please be gentle?”

Brittany smirked, about to tell him just how gentle she was planning to be but hesitated, looking at his truly beautiful face and let her smirk fade into a slight smile, relenting, “I will be honey.”

As Katie came back and unlocked his wrists they both eyed him a little wearily, both of them harbouring thoughts that now that he was free he would suddenly resist and fight.

James rubbed at his sore wrists and let the achiness of from his arms subside as they each stood there, looking down at him with concerned eyes. He swallowed a little and reached out, collecting one of the untouched bottles of wine from the counter and drinking deeply from it, his throat flexing as in a single long action he downed a full two thirds of the bottle, helping to numb the pain, lower his inhibitions and drown the voice in his head telling him he should try and fight. He knew it would be futile, and he knew if he tried to fight or flee, Brittany wouldn’t accept his request to go gently twice.

“So um… How’re we doing this?” he asked the silence between them.

The girls glanced at one another and advanced on him as a pair, they stood, Brittany in front of him and Katie behind, their huge soft breasts pressing against his body, he felt Brittany’s hard cock cross swords with his own, her lips finding his as, to his surprise, she kissed him.

To both of their surprises, he responded, kissing her back as Katie reached around, wrapping a hand around both of their cocks and stroking them as she let her soft member rub against the smoothness of his pert of his ass cheeks.

After they moaned into each others kiss for a few long moments Brit broke the kiss and smiled, her cheeks flushed as they moved together back to the bed.

James kept telling himself he didn’t want this as they directed him, he told himself that they made him sit down on the bed, that they made him lay down, that they made him spread his legs and that Brittany made him stay still as she moved between his thighs, sitting up straight as she rubbed the head of her hard cock against his ass, penetrating him slowly in missionary. What they didn’t make him do, however, was moan, he did that on his own.

Brittany and Katie shared a look and smiled excited, he was, it seemed, beginning to get into it as his head began to spin.

As Brittany started to move her hips slowly, pushing her cock in and out of him in a slow rhythm, slow and loving, Katie moved to where she had been before, her knees either side of his head, only this time instead of pushing her cock into his mouth, she leaned down, her heavy breasts hanging off her chest, resting with pillowy softness against his stomach as her lips kissed the swollen, eager tip of his cock.

Katie’s soft cock was beside his face, drooping to brush against the skin of his cheek in their one participant twist on the sixty nine, not that he minded, his eyes closed as he felt the warm wetness of her mouth engulfing his cock, her lips rolling down and up his cock in keeping with Brittany’s speed, multiplying the pleasure that was coursing through his body.

Katie moaned around his cock as it seemed every other slow thrust from Brittany, met with each deep loving suckle from Katie as her tongue twirled over his tip drew another few drops of pre from him, exciting Katie further. Neither of the twins were especially versed in giving head, but Katie had received it enough to know what she was doing.

Katie felt his hands curl through her lush red hair and tensed, fully expecting him to enact some small revenge by forcing her head down, but instead, he merely caressed her, toyed and twirled with her hair much as she herself did, enjoying the silky feeling under his fingertips.

Katie moaned softly around his cock and relaxed, she loved having her hair played with, brushed, and just generally paid attention to. Even after all they had done to him, without probably even realising it, he was making her happy with the little things.

He had, after all, noticed on several occasions how the girls toyed with their hair, looking more relaxed as they did and he subconsciously applied that knowledge now, after all, if the girls were happy and content they would be less likely to be rough with him again.

Their slow loving actions continued for a few long minutes, the sucking, the caressing, the love making, the gentle sounds of their lewdness being broken by Brittany as she spoke.

“Y-yeah, move your hips, just like that…” she purred low, more to herself than anyone, but it broke a sort of reverie between James and Katie. James had, in his mind, been gently working his cock up into Katie’s mouth, but he realised he had in effect been grinding against Brittany’s cock. He blushed brightly, but didn’t stop, it was odd and invasive being so entirely full of thick throbbing cock, but combined with Katie’s attention it added a new dimension to what he was experiencing, and it felt good.

James let his mind wander, trying not to think about his situation, trying to see past it and experience only the pleasure. He writhed and squirmed between them, another few long minutes passing before he began to feel a long needed orgasm building, Katie’s eager lips and tongue bringing him pleasure surprisingly on par with what Brittany’s was doing to him, each stimulation building off the other to mount.

As his pleasure began to peak he moved his hands down Katie’s body, fingers sinking into the softness of her ass as he squeezed it, staring up at her soft cock and heavy balls, his lips parting slightly as he contemplated kissing them.

He leaned up slightly, lips about to press to her hanging sack but a sudden surge of pleasure raced through him, causing him to gasp and lay back down, his climax striking him like a tsunami as it overwhelmed his mind, his cock pumping and squirting his own, albeit comparatively diminutive, load between Katie’s lips.

As he came he heard Brittany gasp in surprise, squeezing his thighs as she felt his ass ripple and squeeze along the length of her cock, his hole milking her cock like a trained slut as he came.

Brittany bit her lip and had to focus hard, her steely shaft deep inside, desperate not to cum just yet.

“Mm…” Katie moaned a little as she sucked to the very tip of his cock and let it fall from her mouth, his cock starting to go limp against his body as Katie leaned up, her hair slightly dishevelled, a happy little smirk on her face.

“Well, was that fun then sis?” Brittany asked, a small mocking tone in her voice, after all, she was the one balls deep in him while she had received a mouthful of cum.

Katie pursed her lips and pressed forward, Brittany let out a surprised squeak as Katie caught her in a kiss, James’s eyes widening as he watched the lewd display of the two sisters making out, Katie rising higher than her sister as they kissed.

After a few long moments, Katie broke the kiss, wiping her lips with the back of her hand as she grinned, Brittany’s expression stunned, pale cheeks flushed crimson with colour as she stared at Katie in disbelief and even shock!

James bit his lip a little, looking up at Brittany, feeling uncharacteristically shy now the bliss of his climax had subsided, leaving him feeling particularly vulnerable, “You, don’t like kissing?…” He asked Brittany, voice soft and curious.

Brittany blinked, looking from Katie to James, her eyes narrowing a little.

She leaned down, her heavy breasts resting on his chest as she started to gently fuck him again, her body lying atop his, his limp cock pressed softly into her stomach.

Their eyes met, each slow thrust drawing out a soft gasp from James, his lips parted, his cheeks blushing.

Brittany leaned in and Katie couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. Brittany and James met in a kiss, Brit pressing herself down, pinning him in place as she made love to him.

As Brittany’s lips parted into their kiss James let out a surprised whimper, squirming under Brit, feeling their smooth bodies rub together as Brit returned his gift, his cum falling into his mouth, their tongues mingling as he was forced to swallow his own seed which Katie had herself passed to Brittany.

James whined, the noises soft as she held him, kissing him slow and deep, until she was convinced he had swallowed every drop, at which point she pulled back, grinning slightly as she looked down into his half lidded eyes.

“Lewd!” Katie teased as she stood from the bed, moving to start pouring herself a glass of wine.

But at that moment Brittany and James weren’t paying her much attention, each lost in each others gaze as Brit began to pick up the pace, James feeling shy, uncertain in most things, but assured in the fact that it felt good and he wanted to see it through, his lust and wine hazed mind heeding no thoughts of dissent, choosing to enjoy what he could while he could.

He looped his arms and legs around her body, pulling her into another kiss as they fucked, Katie looking on as she leaned against a bedpost, glass of wine in her hand as she watched, biting her lip. She could see as her sisters’ thick cock slid in and out of James, his ass taking her with ease, slick and wet.

Their kiss became deeper and lewder, the affectionate kiss broken only so they could pant and moan. Brittany bunched her hands into fists, squeezing the fabric of the bedsheets in her hand as she felt her pulse begin to race, her heart hammering in her chest as waves of bliss crashed over her, reaching her peak.

She had intended to pull out and spend her load over his warm coloured skin, to paint his beautiful face and red painted lips with her hot white seed, but with his arms and legs embracing her she had no choice but to unload herself once more inside of him, not that she was complaining too much.

They lay together in a hot, sexual embrace, Brittany’s heavy breasts pressing down on his chest, her cock pulsing in his ass as she came, for a third time that evening, inside her new boyfriend, her tongue dominating his mouth as she did so.

“Hot… As… Fuck…” Katie said with a soft little giggle as she eyed the two, watching as they broke the kiss, Brittany rolling to lay on her back, grinning like an idiot, satisfied. James laid with his legs splayed, his eyes closed and his expression content but exhausted as he panted.

“What… Should we do now?…” Brittany asked between heavy breaths, lying splayed out on her back beside James, her cock softening against one of her pale thighs.

Katie smirked a little and finished her wine, “Mm… Maybe we should sleep, rest up for tomorrow?”

“What’re we… Ah… Going to do then?” She asked.

Katie pursed her lips a little as she set down the wine. “Start teaching Jay how to be our boyfriend and not just our fuck toy.” she smirked a little, thinking they could move ahead with their plans.

Brittany let out a little laugh, “Aww, spoilsport, he’s a great fucktoy…”

“Mm…” Katie purred, unable to disagree. “I know, but there’s just so much more we can do with him, it would be a shame to miss out on it all…”


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  1. I love your posts! They’re so hot and I’m glad I came (literally) across them! I’m going to go read the third section of this story and continue reading the rest of your stories.


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