Sugar Momma: Chapter 1

Julia sat, a little pit of anxiety settling in her as she waited on her sofa, looking at her book but not really reading it, too far gone in her own thoughts to take in in the words written on the page. She glanced instead to her side, out the window. Past her own reflection the view it offered was to most, simply breathtaking, but it, as with most things for her, had steadily lost its charm over time.

She owned the prestigious penthouse suite of a luxurious high-rise and the view at night, out over the smaller blocks and bustling streets below was nothing short of stunning, watching the lights move, the tiny shuffling ant-like figures of people as they went about their lives, it made her feel as rich as, well, she was. But every day that passed she found less and less gleam to her life, her fulfilment draining, the view, as stunning as it was, just becoming a part of the background.

She had everything she thought she could’ve wanted, safe finances, an amazing home, good friends, many social engagements, even a string of lovers should she desire such a thing, at varying price points. Some cost money, some cost more.

Feeling disconnected and wondering how, if with everything, she could feel so empty she had reached out to some trusted friends speaking at length about just what the issue might be. She had been suggested that, maybe, what she wanted and needed was something she’d never even known she was missing from her life.

Months had passed with Julia searching for what would fill the hole in her life, trying to figure out what shape the missing piece was, love, family, children, none of it was an exact fit and she had been beginning to give up hope on figuring out what it was. However, just as she had been on the verge of throwing in the towel to return to her stunningly enriched, yet utterly mundane life, following a particularly rowdy night in which she had spent an excess on alcohol and women, throwing away money without a second thought, she had finally found the term that had been alluding her, the missing piece of the puzzle.

She had everything but a legacy. She, as she had been all her life, was infertile. And while she had long ago come to terms and accepted that she would have no children of her own, not having someone to pass on her wealth and success to that she loved and cared for personally was making it all seem bittersweet. She, of course, had a will in place, in which her assets would be liquidated and her wealth spread out among charitable causes, but despite the goodness of it all, it didn’t make her feel as warm and fuzzy as she felt it should’ve.

She had moved forward in considering her options in acquiring a legacy, she had looked at adopting or fostering but hadn’t felt it right for her, she had, after all, so readily given up on the idea of being a mother herself because she knew she would never have been a good parent, committing herself to motherhood now with that knowledge in hand just seemed wrong. The child would, she knew, resent her as a distant parent, leaving its upbringing in other people’s hands. Even the lure of a legacy didn’t change her mind on the prospect of raising anyone.

After much soul searching she had found a website that seemed to cater to her needs, an idea she hadn’t considered initially but one that she suspected, might drop the very kind of girl she was after on her doorstep.

The website offered a matching service to two types of people, those with money who wanted someone around and those who, in exchange for money and a home would provide their company.

Sex wasn’t implicitly mentioned, likely because if it was the website wouldn’t be allowed to operate, but it was an implied part of the arrangement that Julia was tentative on.

She discovered there were a surprising number of people out there who fit the ever-narrowing criteria of what she was interested in.

She was looking for a teenager, preferably eighteen but nineteen would be fine too, someone coming from a particularly poor background who she could wow with what she had to offer, though, if there was to be any sex involved she obviously she had to suit Julia’s physical preferences.

She had spoken, over the course of a few months, to many potential girls, messaging them back and forth, turning away and dismissing many who seemed too desperate or just didn’t click with her.

She had eventually settled her interests on a girl who hadn’t seemed desperate but had, in fact, seemed wary.

She had first attracted Julia’s attention by visiting her profile multiple times but never, unlike everyone else, contacting her. Julia had out of curiosity been forced to send the first message and the replies had been tentative, uncertain, brief, but Julia had persisted.

The girl, Tali, had been in foster care all her life and Julia had figured out, had not had an overly pleasant time in any home she had stayed at. Having just turned eighteen her foster parents, no longer under the legal obligation of caring for her, had turned her out and turned their backs on her, forcing her to sofa surf with an ever-dwindling score of friends.

The girl had been searching for work and trying to find a place to stay, but bouncing from sofa to sofa made things difficult. She had no stability on which she could build her life. Julia offered her that opportunity. With the income Julia was offering and a city central location Tali would be able to find work, gain employment and from there, Julia told her, would be able to find an apartment of her own in only a few months.

Tali had still been uncertain, unsure as to why Julia would be so kind and giving, but Julia had explained to her that it wasn’t kindness that motivated her, after all, she barely knew Tali, the money she would be paying Tali, while significant to the girl, was just change to her, and the company in the house wasn’t an inconvenience but was why she was on the site to begin with. She was simply lonely.

They had talked at length and Tali had disclosed that she was overstaying her welcome where she was living, her friend growing impatient at the disruption Tali was causing her life, upset that she was going to have to move, again, to another couch for another few weeks.

It had been at that point that Julia had suggested they move forward, they had met on this site both looking for something and Julia felt that they were a good fit. Tali had still been uncertain but, will little option she had agreed to come stay just for a weekend.

A weekend would be all Julia needed to persuade her to stay for longer. Then the few months following that would be, she hoped, enough time to persuade her to stay for good.

She had given the girl’s picture to the doorman who had smirked knowingly as he looked at it, Julia often gave him such pictures of casual ‘visitors’, though he couldn’t have been further from the mark this time.

It was late in the evening as Tali bit her lip staring up at the building, it was intimidating in its size, she was certain in all her life she’d never been in such a tall building, or in such an expensive district for that matter.

She glanced around, clutching her large bag and looking at the streets passer-bys. Everyone she saw was wearing an expensive suit or crisp professional dresses despite the late hour. With her black sleeveless shirt and ripped denim jeans, combined with the tatty backpack she looked as homeless as, well, she was.

She stepped up to the entrance to the building, looking lost and anxious, unsure if she even had the right place. She glanced at the doorman, a handsome man by all accounts, maybe in his mid-thirties but with a distinctive white streak running through his otherwise dark hair. She bit her lip, feeling a panic rising in her chest as the doorman stepped towards her, she took a tentative step back expecting him to shoo the likes of her away from his domain, but he met her with a smile.

“Miss Tali, right?” he asked, politely, his voice all kind and gentle.

“Uhh…” she replied, she didn’t think she’d ever been addressed as a ‘Miss’ and his courteousness caught her off guard, a warm welcome was a far cry from the boot she had been expecting. “…Yes?”

He nodded knowingly and beckoned gently with a hand, “Miss Julia told me to expect you, please, I’ll escort you up to her suite.”

Tali glanced around, and the doorman noted she looked like a Gazelle sensing a lion, even the slightest spook would send her running. “Okay…” she said, running a hand tentatively through her hair.

He nodded and gently guided her inside towards one of the elevators. Usually, he would offer to take the bags of any visitor, but he felt doing so would be all she needed to trigger her flight response.

Inside the elevator, he pressed the very top button on the panel and Tali’s eyes widened, “She… Lives at the very top?”

He looked at her and nodded, “Penthouse suite. You aren’t afraid of heights I hope?”

She shook her head but felt so incredibly out of her depth, it was difficult for her to really grasp the reality she had been invited into, throughout her whole life even the smallest bit of money had meant a big thing, here, people had so much wealth it made money just a passing thought.

She winced, her ears popping as the elevator climbed up through the building, decelerating as it reached the top. She drew in a deep, deep breath.

Julia was doing her best to keep relaxed in a deep comfortable chair by the window, her book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other for her nerves, she had the lights on, but dimmed, a standing light focused on her book allowing her to read, or try to at least. She was expecting Tali but wasn’t waiting around for her, they’d agreed on a time for her to arrive, but if Tali arrived at all, Julia would be impressed knowing how uncertain she was about the whole concept.

She heard a distinctive click, the sound of her front door opening and closing, letting someone in. If it had been anyone other than Tali, the doorman would’ve buzzed up to clear it with Julia first.

Closing her book Julia rested it on her lap, “Alexa, set lights to full.” there was a pause and the intensity of the light bloomed, an almost clinical white light illuminating the room bathing the anxious-looking teen in light as she stood just inside the doorway, a small backpack held in one hand.

They stared at each other for a few long moments, comparing each other to the pictures they’d swapped online. Julia, she knew, would likely look a little fuller of figure than she did in her profile pictures, a trick of angling the camera, but the teen looked much different. In her profile pictures she had been skinny with smooth shiny black hair with purple highlights in a variety of different styles, her face always perfectly made up in dark shades. But the teen before her looked almost tired and worn out, her face pale even by her standards and a little gaunt, wearing no makeup, her hair messy with brunette roots showing. Since the last picture, it was obvious Tali had fallen on hard times.

The girl looked so afraid, Julia thought as she sat up a little, she looked as if she had just realised she’d stepped into the lion’s den.

Julia chose her first words carefully, “Hey, welcome home.”

“Um… Hi… Thanks?” Tali said, her voice tiny as she, looking exhausted, lowered the backpack to the ground.

There was an awkward pause between them, the two of them from such drastically different backgrounds, needing each other for completely different reasons and having virtually no common ground.

“It’s late and you look like you’ve had a long day…” Julia smiled gently, “How about I just show  you your room and you can rest up, we can do the whole introduction thing tomorrow?”

Tali let out a soft little sigh and nodded, a small albeit grateful smile gracing her lips, “Please.”

Julia nodded and stood, sauntering slowly over to Tali and gently taking her backpack from her, smiling at the girl as she eyed her over, they’d never talked about height and the teen girl measured in at a good half foot shorter than her, which she kind of found herself liking.

Tali blinked up at her new sugar momma and thanked her for taking her bag before following behind her, looking the woman over.

She was a curvy woman with quite a full figure, that combined with her taller height made her seem much larger than Tali herself was.

The woman had mousy brown hair that she kept at shoulder length, her clothing was practical but obviously well chosen to accentuate the stronger points of her figure, drawing attention away from her stomach and thighs towards her ass and breasts, which were very impressive.

As far as women went, the two were polar opposites in more than lifestyle, their bodies and styles completely separate.

Julia showed Tali to her room, smiling as she stood in the door, waving with a hand for her to go ahead and enter, “Anything past this door is your business, your home. There’s a cleaner that comes in Monday’s and Thursday’s, if you don’t want them to do your room just let me know, okay?” she pointed off back the way she had come, “The kitchen is open plan to the living room just around the corner, if you get hungry there’s plenty of snacks.”

Tali brushed her long hair behind one ear and nodded softly, “Thank you.”

Julia hovered for a moment, as if anxious to say something further, but she just nodded too, putting Tali’s backpack down just through the threshold of the door and left her, glancing back as she did.

Tali stepped into the room and shut the door behind her, only then did she let herself relax, leaning with her back to the door cool wood of the door, her eyes closed as she felt her exhaustion finally catch up and overwhelm her.

Slowly she slid down the door and put her head in her hands letting out a long, low wavering breath, she felt the tears against her hands, though they came in silence. With no friends and no family to rely on she was in a strange house in the centre of a district she’d never visited living with a woman she’d never met in her life, where she would have to put out to remain, effectively selling her body, despite the heights, it was a new low.

Julia sat back down in her chair and picked up her book, audibly dimming the lights once more as she returned to reading, unaware of Tali’s plight.

Tali’s next conscious thoughts were of waking in an almost dark room, a strip of light along the floor of one wall the only light in the room. As she sat up, groaning as she rubbed her head she realised that she had passed out on her new bed, fully dressed and without knowing how she had gotten from the door to her bed.

The room she was in was like a blank slate, like a hotel room. The walls were white and bare save for one below the foot of her bed that had a TV mounted on it. There were no windows, a few small lights in the ceiling turned off, the only light currently coming from what she assumed was an oddly placed LED strip along the bottom of one of the long bare wall.

While her body felt somewhat rested her mind was still exhausted, still dealing with her situation and feeling all the worse for having slept poorly and feeling dirty. Sniffing a little she reached her backpack and took out her phone, which was long out of battery and too retrieved a charger, the cable missing the protective plastic in a few places and the once white cable now a spotty beige, but it worked. She felt for a socket beside the bed and, finding one, plugged it in.

She looked at the wall with the light at the bottom and reached out her hand, curious as it didn’t seem quite right. As her fingers traced across the surface it gave slightly and she felt fabric, it wasn’t a wall as she had thought but a floor to ceiling opaque curtain of sorts. She looked to the side and noticed a small buttoned panel, a soft blue light indicating its presence in the almost dark and she realised the light at the bottom was, in fact, the sun bleeding through.

As her phone screen blipped on she checked the time, eight am. With the light from her phone, as dim as it was she could make out the room a little better. She looked at the bare walls, peering around looking for any doors and cupboards. She could see three doors, the room sparse of furniture save for her bed, the wardrobes seemingly built into the wall. There were four doors all told, the door she had come into her room from, a pair of smaller double doors and a final door on the opposite side of her room, on the interior of the building.

The first set of double doors she opened, opened up onto a smaller room, the far wall boasting a floor to ceiling mirror and each side laid out with drawers, shelves and hangers. A genuine walk-in wardrobe.

She shook her head in disbelief and closed it again, moving to the third door expecting a utility cupboard given that she was, after all, in the guest bedroom.

She pushed open the door, the movement triggering a motion sensitive light that thrummed gently into life in the new room.

She stared eyes wide, it wasn’t a utility cupboard at all but an en-suite, toilet, sink, separate bath and shower units, all hers, all marble.

Leaving the door open she returned to her phone, resting it on the edge of her bed so it was still within reach of the socket but closer to the bathroom and she opened up the Spotify app. She logged into a friends account, a girl who she knew was never up before noon so wouldn’t be needing her account this early, and set the phone to randomly play a selection of her friend’s tunes. It wasn’t exactly to her taste, but she never felt at home in true silence, music filling a painful void in her mind.

She stepped back into the bathroom and disrobed, taking the first step towards making this place her own by throwing her dirty clothes into a pile on the tiled floor, feeling it warm under her feet. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, her hair was all wrong and she looked weird without her makeup, though she was still proud of her body. Despite her diminutive weight, her body had worked what little she did have into an hourglass figure, her skin a milky white, free from blemishes, spots or freckles, piercings or tattoos. Her butt was rounded and soft, her breasts small but full, sitting high on her chest with small perfect nipples. Though no matter how good her body looked, she still felt worn down, she felt like every minute of every day was conspiring against her to tear her down, exhausting her mind and leaving her in a constant state of strain and anxiety.

She cast her eyes away from herself, the music humming from her phone obscure and not doing anything to improve her mood, the tune in minor, though she couldn’t be bothered to go change it.

She stepped towards the shower and spent a few long moments looking over the expensive looking unit, trying to figure out what was what on the white box.

She reached out and started to twist dials, pushing buttons, figuring out how it functioned with simple trial and error. She was surprised at the power of the water once she learned out how to switch it on, it wasn’t just trickling down but firing out of the shower head with enough force to push it back with the recoil.

As she twisted the dial adding heat to the downpouring of water she drew in a soft lungful of air, the tiles of the walls were, to her surprise, changing colour, cycling through the rainbow as they warmed. She marvelled for a few long moments at the heat reactive tiling. Such a small detail to take into account for a bathroom, but she couldn’t imagine how much it would’ve cost to install.

Freeing her mind from the enrapturing beauty of the tiles she stepped inside the shower and let the heat punch down into her skin. She stood facing the force of the shower, her head tilted back allowing the heat to slam into her body, the power with which it was forced into her relaxing her muscles as good as any massage.

She remained in the shower for a long time, washing her body, her hair, lounging in the heat and generally just playing with the tiles. She splashed them with hot water, watching the pattern burst with bright colours then fade again, she pressed her palm to them, watching it warm to her touch then cool, her handprint shrinking until it vanished. Feeling a little playful she even pressed both her hands, breasts and her cheek to the wall.

Leaning back she smirked a little, looking at the splay of warmth as if she had been pressed against the wall, a lover behind her. She shook her head a little, amused and clean, her fingertips visibly starting to wrinkle when she finally decided to get out.

She turned off the shower but stood dripping with water for a few long moments, watching the tiles. She found herself frowning a little as the colours cycled backward through the spectrum, the array of colours shrinking down the wall, like a dying fire, the soft music which she could once again hear from her phone, no longer drowned out from the shower, didn’t help her, the song was a gentle but melancholy violin piece.

She stepped from the shower and scooped a white fluffy towel up from a railing which had warmed the soft fabric. She wrapped it loosely around herself and stood for a moment, looking around the bathroom as a sweeping sense of that same melancholic feeling washed over her. Everything about this bathroom, while simple, flaunted wealth and status which she knew she would never herself have, allowing her to only ever experience it off of the backs of others success.

She plodded slowly from the shower, glancing with annoyance towards the charging phone as the depressing song drew to a close. It really made her wonder what she was doing with her life. She was lost in a freezing sea, swimming from driftwood to driftwood, never feeling safe, never feeling comfortable, just remaining alive. Did it matter if the driftwood she was clinging to now was studded with jewels? It didn’t change the fact that she was just one slip up away from drowning.

She let out a soft sigh and stepped to the other side of her bed, wiping her hand absently on the towel wrapped around her in the almost dark as she reached to scoop up her phone, checking the time and swiping onto the next random song, the sound of upbeat clapping, whistling, guitars and pianos beginning to roll out, filling the room. She watched as the clock on her phone rolled over from eight fifty-nine to nine am on the dot.

There was a soft beeping that drew her attention as she put her phone back down, the panel on the side of the wall was flashing with an alarm, she took a step towards it but movement and light to her right made her jump and turn, her towel falling from her as it did, leaving her naked. The heavy curtain was moving.

“~If you love somebody~” the lyrics spilled out from the speakers on her phone.

She turned to face the lifting wall, looking down with wide eyes as a line of sunlight grew and crept across the floor, bathing her feet in its warmth.

“~Better tell them while they’re here, ‘cause they just may run away from you…~”

The line of light continued to crawl across her floor and glide up her body, she watched as the blinds lifted, she hadn’t looked the night before and hadn’t cared this morning, but it dawned on her that her either fourth wall to her bedroom was a floor to ceiling window, the light worked up her legs, reaching her thighs as more and more of her was revealed to the morning sun.

“~You’ll never know quite when, well, then again it just depends on, how long of time is left for you…~”

She stood like a doe caught in the headlights as the beam traced up her porcelain skin to her hips and waist.

“~I’ve had the highest mountains, I’ve had the deepest rivers, you can have it all but life keeps moving~”

The light traced up her torso and across her bare supple breasts, the warmth touching at her collarbone.

“~I take it in but don’t look down…~”

Her breath caught in her throat as the light traced across it, her eyes reflectively squinting even before the light hit her, she felt it trace across her jaw, across her full lips, up her nose. The light hit her.

“~’Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ey~”

The sun was bright as she took a step forward, pressing her hands to the glass, her breath still caught as she cast her gaze out over the city, her heart hammering as she looked down upon the world, her body nude, the drops of water on her skin glistening like tiny stars as they caught the light that warmed her body.

The feeling was unreal, being so vulnerable, standing naked, baring everything before everyone, the world open to her where thousands and thousands could see her, but safe in the knowledge no one was looking, she could see the tiny specks so far below, each one a person going about their lives, to them too she was just a tiny speck, only high above.

She stood there for so long, mouth open, as her phone played songs, her skin and hair drying in the warmth of the sun as she took it all in. Feeling pure, feeling elation, a sensation she held onto.

Julia hummed softly as she went about preparing breakfast for two. She often did that, having someone in her house in the morning wasn’t a rare occurrence, but they’d usually spent the night fucking like animals. She hadn’t seen Tali since directing her to her room, though she could hear the very faint sound of music and had picked up the distant hum of the shower.

She made a hearty breakfast of bacon, sausage and eggs, to be served with toasted fresh bread and butter.

She didn’t know how long it would be until Tali emerged from her room, but if need be she could keep the meal warm in the oven on low.

As she was plating up a tentative, but much better looking, Tali padded barefoot into the main living space onto which the kitchen joined seamlessly.

Julia looked up at her and smiled, she herself was wearing a red ruched top that complimented her curvy form, hugging her generous breasts and displaying a deep line of cleavage, she had it matched with a pair of plain, though designer, denim jeans. In contrast, the teen was wearing a simple black vest that peaked at girls nipples and cascaded down her flat stomach, a pair of shorts completing the basic homely look.

“Good morning,” Julia said, warmth in her voice as she noticed the girl staring hungrily at the plates of food, she found herself wondering how long it had been since Tali had eaten. “Hungry?” she said, placing the two plates down on the breakfast bar, sitting down and smiling warmly.

Tali bit her lip a little, eying Julia over, still unsure about the woman but, following her moment in the bedroom, for the time being at least with a new positive outlook was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

“You have no idea…” she said with a wolfish smile as she moved to sit opposite the older woman, pulling her plate towards her and starting to eat, “Mm! This is really nice.” she complimented as she ate, looking over at Julia who had a smirk on her ruby lips. The woman was attractive, Tali had to admit, her face beautiful with big dark eyes, her mousey hair complimentary of her face and clearly well taken care of. While she was full figured she wasn’t fat, just a little fluffy, cuddly and busty.

“I’m glad you like it, I had the ingredients delivered this morning,” Julia said with a smile. The teen seemed a little different, it wasn’t just that she seemed rested but she just seemed renewed somehow. “It’s nice to finally meet you, by the way.”

Tali blushed a little and swallowed her mouthful, “Mm, I wasn’t exactly talkative last night, was I… Sorry.”

“Oh don’t worry about it.” Julia smiled, “I hope you slept well?”

Tali thought for a moment as she chewed, remember how she had spent the night splayed out on top of the bed fully dressed after sobbing leant against the door for a while, “I slept amazing, thank you. I was asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.” she smiled back.

Julia nodded, clearly pleased and enjoying the girl’s politeness, “Good, good.”

They ate in relative silence, more because of Tali’s hunger as opposed to any awkwardness as the girl made every effort to wolf down her food, showing just how hungry she had been. The two glanced at each other, still measuring each other, drinking in every detail and trying to glean as much as they could from one another.

“So…” Tali opened, breaking the silence as she set aside her clean plate, Julia’s own only half empty, “I… Guess we should discuss, you know.”

“The terms of our contract?” Julia said a soft smile on her full red lips.

Tali nodded. She knew sex was a part of the bargain, but she didn’t know how to approach the subject, feeling uncomfortable about the aspect of their agreement.

“Four thousand a month, as we agreed, I’ll make the first payment upfront and if you don’t want to do any of that sex stuff, we don’t have to.” Julia said, waving a hand dismissively.

Tali opened her mouth to speak, then closed it, her brow furrowing as she again parted her lips, “Uh…” she pursed her lips and stared at Julia, bewildered.

Julia raised an eyebrow delicately, “…Is there a problem?”

“I…” Tali again hesitated, “Not… A problem, no it’s just… Well, I thought you, you know, wanted me for, that.”

“Sex?” Julia asked, “You’re gorgeous, but you don’t know me, I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to.” she smiled some, “I want you to live here, be happy, be comfortable. If something sparks between the two of us…” She shrugged.

Tali thought for a few long moments, leaning her elbows on the counter, her hand tracing across her own neck, “But… What do you get out of this then? I thought you just wanted sex?”

Julia smirked a little bit, “If I just wanted sex I’d have just continued my old lifestyle, no, I don’t just want sex. I want company, Tali. I want to live with someone, I want to come how and at least wonder whether someone else is home instead of just knowing it’s empty.”

Tali’s eyes narrowed a fraction, “Then… Why me? Why this? Why not just try dating?”

Julia considered just telling her, that, if she got her way, Tali would one day own all of this and see Julia as the mother she never had, but she held off, for now, deciding that would be too much too quickly, and also, she realised, a little weird. “Does it matter what my motives are?”

“I mean kinda.” Tali noted.

Julia let out a little sigh, “Let’s just say, dating wouldn’t have gotten me the kind of person I was interested in.”

Tali smirked some, “Alright, ominous, but alright.”

Julia smirked too and shrugged secretively.

Tali leaned forward a little and watched Julia as she finished eating, then furrowed her brow and her mouth fell open in surprise.

Julia laughed, “Ahha, I was waiting for that.”

“Wait! No, wait, you said four thousand upfront? As in today?” Tali said, she had been so instantly occupied about the sex aspect of her contract she had glossed over that small detail.

“As in, three and a half is already in your PayPal and the other five hundred is in cash by the door.” Julia said with a wry smile, enjoying the girl’s reaction to her sudden wealth.

Tali glanced towards the door and couldn’t even imagine that. Four thousand was like a lottery win to her, she paused, thinking what could she do with that much money? She could rent somewhere, that much would cover her for a few months at least, she could find her feet, start a life.

She looked back towards Julia, her voice edged with uncertainty, “…What makes you think I won’t just take it and run?”

Julia shrugged again, “Honestly, I don’t know whether you will or not. But risking four thousand dollars is not that big of a risk for me…” she said, glancing around at the opulent wealth she displayed in every aspect of how she lived, “The way I see it, if you take the money and run, that was how much it cost to find out you weren’t the right one.”

Tali nodded a little in understanding, “I’m… Going to spend the day out, is that okay?”

Julia smiled and had to suppress the urge to bite her lip, Tali asking her permission to do something made her heart flutter just a tiny bit.

“Fine by me, sweetie.” she said with a soft, honied voice.

Tali nodded some and glanced at Julia’s hair, biting her own lip, “Do you think… You could book me an appointment with your hairdresser?”

Julia smiled and nodded, “I will. I’ll text you your appointment times, okay?”

Tali smiled too and moved to stand, a hand running through her own hair, picturing what she was going to ask for, “Thanks, Julia, you er… Have a good day, okay? I’ll see you tonight? We can chill?”

Julia’s smile deepened, “I’d love that.”

“Maybe get some takeout, watch some Netflix…” Tali nodded some and smiled warmly to Julia, she couldn’t help but feel elated. Though the temptation to take the money and run was real, she had to take into consideration where she was and who she was with.  While Julia’s motives were still obscured to her, her actions so far had been seemingly selfless and certainly considerate. And that was without mentioning the quality of the penthouse, which alone was worth staying for.

Julia nodded again, “I’ll see you tonight then.”

Tali nodded and almost considered going in for a hug, but thought better of it, as Julia had said, if a spark was going to occur, it was going to occur naturally.

Tali returned to her room, dressing in simple but clean clothes, planning on switching them out relatively early in the day. She picked up her phone and checked her PayPal, lo and behold, a three and a half thousand dollar deposit had been made, she issued a transfer from the account to her debit card and prepraed to set out into the world.

She glanced back towards Julia and bit her lip before slipping from the penthouse, making her way down the elevator.

This was her time for a second chance at life, she would buy new clothes, new makeup, her hair would be fixed back to how it should be and at the end, she knew, she would come back to see Julia. She might have some reservations, but not enough to make her flee from the lap of luxury.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries with the white-streaked doorman, who seemed to always be on service, she stepped out into the world, the men and women going about their lives and work looking down at her for who she was and how she looked. She smirked and walked off into the city, they wouldn’t be looking at her like that in a few hours.

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Tali was humming softly to herself as she let herself back into the suite, putting her bags down beside her. The doorman had offered to carry them up for her, but she had assured him she could manage. He had looked shocked when he saw her, unsurprising, given it was a different girl walking in than it had been walking out in virtually every respect, turning all the same heads but for a whole new set of reasons.

She found herself rather excited to meet back up with Julia, having spent the day spending her money, rebirthing herself into the image she desired she wanted to show off to the woman who had made it possible.

“Julia! Are you in?” She called out into the penthouse, chastising herself mentally for not checking with the doorman as to whether or not Julia was in or out.

“I’m just in my bedroom, I’ll be out in a second!” Julia called and Tali smiled, quick stepping towards the room.

“Hey Julia, I-…” Tali started, hesitating as she stepped into the room, she caught Julia clearly fresh from the shower, the woman, obviously used to living alone, had left her door wide open as she walked around her room without her towel. As Tali stepped into the doorway she saw Julia, startled with dark eyes wide, completely bare and vulnerable.

She was a full woman, her curves undeniable in the overall softness of her form, the heaviness of her breasts and the thickness of her thighs displaying it beautifully. Her skin was tanned, though subtle paler skin at her breasts and crotch showed that wherever she had tanned, she had done so wearing swimwear.

Not so subtle was what rested between her thighs, her pale cock hung down limp, thick and soft, a crimson red tip completing the picture as it slept above a huge pair of round, smooth balls.

They stood watching each other for what felt like forever, Tali, staring at the mature womans cock in stunned silence, Julia, equally stunned looking at the perfectly made up Tali in all her splendor, the only reason she wasn’t instantly growing rock hard at the sight being her fear of how Tali was going to react.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you…” Julia said carefully as the silence dragged on, she didn’t make a move to cover herself, there wasn’t any point, modesty wasn’t going to undo the fact that Tali had already seen her like this.

Tali heard the words but they didn’t really register, she’d never seen anything like this, anyone like Julia. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing was real, even though it so clearly was.

The moment dragged on further and Julia bit her lip, anxious as to Tali’s lack of reaction, “Well?…” Julia asked, uncertainly.

Tali swallowed dryly and her eyes flickered up to look at Julia, noting her concern and clearly, fear, she could tell the woman had thought she’d blown it.

“How long? How long were you going to hide this from me?…” Tali asked, her voice soft but her tone betraying no emotion.

Julia shifted her weight from one foot to another, looking guilty and feeling the fullness of her mistake and vulnerability.


“Maybe a few months? I don’t know, I didn’t want to put you off, turn you away before you got a chance to know the real me.” she gushed, feeling her heart sink as Tali frowned some.

“A few months?” She shook her head, disappointed.

Julia looked down slightly, “Look I… I’m sorry, I’ll just keep to myself, I’ll not speak just, please don’t leave, not yet.” she spoke, an air of pleading to her words.

Tali’s frown deepened, “Leave?”

Julia glanced back up, confusion registering on her expression.

Tali took a step forward towards her, “I’m not going to leave just because you have a cock, Julia! I’m not like that… That’s not why I’m annoyed with you.”

Julia’s confusion only deepened, so uncertain as to what Tali meant she couldn’t yet feel the relief that she wasn’t going to leave, “Then… Why?”

“Can you imagine if you’d waited months to tell me about this? How much sex would we have missed out on?” Tali asked, a smirk touching her black glossed lips as she folded her arms under her slight breasts.

Julia stared at her, “You. Wait. What?”

“You know that spark you were talking about? I feel it. Wanna fuck?” Tali asked, her smirk breaking into a grin, a hue on the pale skin of her cheeks, a look Julia had seen plenty of times on her usual girls, but not one she had expected from Tali, especially so soon.

“I… You… Yes?”

Tali smirked, “Mind if we skip the head? I spent forever putting this lipstick on.” she sauntered forward and put her hands on the bare still damp skin of Julia’s shoulders, pushing down slightly to force her to sit on the bed.

Julia flushed with colour as she sat hard on the bed, her full breasts bouncing as she did, “I… We… Sure?” she stammered, still trying to get a hold of the situation.

“Great… Shuffle up the bed!” Tali ordered, and Julia obeyed moving up the bed, laying on her back, chased every step of the way by an advancing Tali who moved to straddle Julia across the knees, her hands reaching out and down to wrap around the thick soft python of Julia’s cock.

The teen’s touch sent electricity running through Julia’s body, gasping at the sudden unexpected pleasure, biting her lip she leaned up on her elbows, biting her lip as she watched the still fully clothed goth girl stroking her hardening cock, watching it with a heady mix of curiosity and desire.

As her fear subsided and her lust grew to replace it Julia finally had a moment for her mind to catch up on her thoughts, only now able to admire the beauty Tali had spent the day creating.

Her hair had been cut and styled expertly, as she knew it would be, one-half of her hair shoulder length, glossy and black as night with bright red highlights, the other half had been shaved to her skull where it parted. Her clothes were skimpy but expensive, dark colours contrasting with her pale skin and the blazing patches of red, all emphasizing her figure where it needed showing. Her legs were covered in black and red striped thigh highs, the rest barely covered with a criminally short but flared skirt.

Tali leaned down and let lines of her spit fall from her pursed black gloss lips onto the swelling cock, massaging it into Julia’s shaft with soft, deft fingers, the girl eager than most Julia had come across.

“W-what about you?” Julia asked between soft pants, chewing her full soft lip as Tali worked her now glistening cock.

Tali, still holding the cock with one hand moved up slightly, reaching under her skirts to move her silky black underwear to the side of her smooth hairless pussy, rubbing the slick head of Julia’s engorged cock against and between her plush pussy lips, “A-ah… Don’t worry about me, I’m already wet…”

Julia saw stars as Tali proved her point, urging her hips down and taking the woman’s massive white cock into the pink, hot tightness of her young pussy.

“Ooh fuck Julia, how are you so big…” Tali said, to herself more than anyone as she worked her hips forward and backwards, pushing herself lower, letting gravity work the massive shaft into the welcoming heat of her cunt.

“T-tali…” Julia breathed, watching as her cock vanished inside the teenage girl.

Tali had to resist biting her lip and spoiling her lipstick as she felt Julia’s huge balls press against the cheeks of her ass, every inch of Julia’s cock buried to the hilt inside of her slender body.

“Fuck it’s been too long…” Tali purred to herself, her head tilted back, “Mm, Julia, you’re so fucking hot.”

Julia reached out with her hands, placing them on Tali’s hips, desperate, urging her to move.

Tali responded, keen to pleasure herself on Julia’s cock as she started to use her knees to lift and lower herself, working the massive shaft.

Julia panted and squeezed the hips in her grasp, watching the beauty that was her goth sugar baby ride her cock. She had hoped, on an outside chance, that it would only have been a couple of months until she had convinced Tali to have sex with her, she had never in her mind imagined that Tali would be as into her unique body as she was into the teen.

Tali looked down at Julia, reaching out with her own hands, fingers sinking into the soft flesh of her breasts, kneading and massaging them, enjoying the sensation of the heavy orbs, less firm and much larger than her own between her fingers.

Both girls were lost to their lust and desires, both panting and moaning in high, soft feminine tones, Julia releasing deeper sighs and longer gasps, Tali letting out soft squeaks and high-pitched moans as she bounced on the thick cock, her own breasts still bouncing, though not as freely as they were confined by her top.

“Let me make you feel good…” Tali spoke softly, looking down at Julia, every single aspect of her day had been amazing thanks to this woman and she would do absolutely anything to repay her.

Julia bit her lip and blushed crimson, “Ah, there’s… Ah, there’s nothing more…”

Tali smirked a little and squeezed the heavy breasts under her fingers, causing the older woman to writhe under her as she rode her cock, the shaft slick with her own fluids, “A-ah, yes there is… Tell me, don’t be shy when you’re, ah! Mm, when you’re already balls deep in my pussy.”

Julia bit her lip, embarrassed but too into it to back out now, “F-fuck… Tali… Talk dirty? Please?”

Tali blinked in surprise and looked down at the woman, her own blush deepening, but she’d been asked to do weirder things in her sex life before.

The two looked at each other for a long moment before Tali swallowed, her lips parted as she moaned, “Fuck yes! Ah! Fuck my slutty pussy with your massive cock, fuck you’re so big and hard! Mmm, use my cunt!”

Julia felt a surge of satisfaction roll through her body as Tali’s sweet voice erupted with strings of pure unadulterated lewdness, she didn’t hesitate, it was time for her to take control, put Tali in her place.

Tali gasped loud as Julia rolled over, never withdrawing herself for the teens pussy as she flipped her, pinning her in the missionary position, her full heavy breasts resting against the teens slender chest, feeling the fabric of her new shirt under her sensitive nipples as she started to fuck the girl, taking her, owning her.

Tali stretched her arms out above her head, her legs moving up, wrapping her legs around her lover’s waist, arching her back and only now regretting that she hadn’t undressed, wanting to feel the woman’s soft skin sliding and caressing against her own, but she would give Julia what she wanted, what they both needed.

“A-ah! Fuck me, yesss dominate me, ah fuck my pussy is so hot! Make me scream! Fuck your little girls pussy! Harder, harder!” Tali cried out, writhing her hips up skillfully to meet the woman’s downward thrusts, Julia wasn’t being gentle and Tali loved that, their bodies slamming together, Julia constantly hitting her clit with each thrust, sending pleasure jolting through her.

Julia stared down with panting gasps at the beautifully made up teen hungrily working her cock, her own hair lay damp against her back, her body slick with water from the shower and her own sweat, staining the girl’s new clothes but not caring.

The sparse bedroom echoed with the sound of their impassioned lovemaking, the girl was vocal and she couldn’t get enough of it, she was constantly moaning and gasping, asking for it to be faster, harder, begging for more.

Tali wasn’t even aware of what she was saying as she pleaded for Julia to cum inside of her, to fill her up, she couldn’t tell at what point she herself had started to cum around Julia’s big white cock, but each slamming strike against her clit stopped it from waning, constantly keeping her at the peak, her mind a haze of white as she kept her legs hooked around Julia’s waist.

Julia reached up with one hand and tangled her fingers in Tali’s hair, roughly yanking it back exposing the pale white skin of her delicate neck, leaning in she bit it, sucking hard, marking her as property as, with her cock hammering in and out of the teens perfect little fuck sleeve, her cock exploded inside the girl, the pleasure driving them both to new heights as she spent her thick creamy load inside of Tali’s thirsty pussy.

All throughout her climax her thrusts never slowed, but she timed them with the pulses of her cum, making sure each pulse of seed happened at the lowest point of her thrust, spending it as deep as she could inside the tight walls of the lust-crazed toy.

Tali’s mind was swimming in pure bliss, she hadn’t even registered the pain at her neck as Julia marked her or noticed that the woman was cumming inside her unprotected pussy, her mind and thoughts only returning to her as the thrusts slowed and stopped, the woman lying now still on top her, pinning her, breathing hot and hard in her ear.

They lay like that, a tangled mess of exhausted limbs until finally, her cock soft, Julia rolled off the teen to lay beside her, her glistening half hard cock resting against one of her thick thighs.

“T-tali… Baby… Are you okay?” She said, her voice quavering with exhaustion, relief and satisfaction.

Tali shook her head softly, but her face was split by a wide grin, her perfect hair now messed and splayed against the bed, “No… I ah… I can’t believe I was missing out… Ah… On that… All my life.”

Julia laughed softly and reached out with her hand, taking Tali’s in her own, giving it a soft squeeze and feeling the girl return the gesture.

“I’m uh… Not on the pill…” Tali said softly almost as an afterthought as she held her hand.

Julia shrugged a little, “I can’t have kids, don’t worry,” she smirked a little, “I can cum in you as much as I want.”

Tali grinned wider and let out a soft little giggle, “Mmm, you fucking better.”

Together they rested, bonding in quiet peace on her bed simply enjoying each others company. After a couple of minutes, Tali turned, laying on her side, one leg lifted over Julia’s thigh, her arm draped gently across her stomach and her head resting lightly on the woman’s full pillowy breast, the pair of them living in the moment of the beautiful afterglow.

They cleaned and dressed, never apart from each other for the rest of the evening for more than was necessary, all smiles, gentle conversations every moment drenched in physicality, the two were unable to keep their hands off of each other, Julia constantly groping and squeezing her teenage girl, Tali constantly hugging herself to Julia’s plush form.

They ordered takeout as they had planned seemingly a lifetime ago and settled down together to watch Netflix, as the evening dragged into night Tali lay with Julia, for the first time she could remember not only content with her life, but happy and excited for what the new day might bring, cuddled up to a woman from dreams she didn’t even know she had, engrossed in a film projected on a screen as big as she had ever seen, the sound system so well designed for the house that she believed she was in the film, it was an old one from nineteen eighty-seven, staring that woman from House of Cards.

The film ended and their embrace tightened, their lips meeting, Tali no longer caring for her lipstick, she only wanted more of Julia. They kissed, slow and deep, falling for one another’s bodies and beings all over again. Tali cupped and squeezed Julia’s heavy breasts through the casual shirt she had worn after their first encounter and the woman’s arm looped around the teen, resting on her young pert ass.

Tali stood, pulling Julia up and tugging her towards her own bedroom eager and hungry to fuck, But Julia, seemingly rough when in the mood had different ideas.

She stripped Tali of her her top, leaving her only in her leggings and skirt and pushed her roughly against the window. Tali gasped and arched her back, pushing her body back and parting her legs, her arms and breasts pressed against the cool thick glass.

Tali stared out, gasping suddenly as she felt herself once more filled, Julia’s hands on her hips as she started to plunge her thick cock once more into her tight, smooth teen pussy. She could see all the people below, watching as she was pushed against the glass, again and again, her moans increasing as her pleasure mounted, her breath misting the pane.

She felt a hand roughly tangle in her half hair, pulling it back and she looked up at the stars, not that there had to be any to see them. Tali was in love.


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