Gifted Courtesans

“You’re my Advisor damnit, advise me.” the muscled beast of a man growled, resting his chin on his hand, his other hand clasping a goblet of wine which he drank from often but seldom seemed less than half full, a servant never far away with a refill for the ageing King.

“Sire, I am your Advisor but I am also your friend…” the younger Advisor spoke, in the gentlest of tones, his smile wax and patient, “The young prince is doing just fine, I do not see the issue here.”

“He is weak!” the King barked sharply, causing the Advisor to take a half step back, though his smile remained plaintive, “Yes, he may not have your roaring physique, but-”

“He has his mother’s physique.” the King cut in, his harsh tone lessened at the mention of the boy’s mother, since passed.

The Advisor hesitated a breathe, he couldn’t really fault the king on that accurate assessment. He recalled the Queen in her prime, slender but with curves to make any man lust, buxom and bright, her eyes wide and innocent, though the Advisor knew they had been far from it.

“He has other strengths my King, he is intelligent, kind, benevolent, polite, well read, well spoken, the people love him,” the Advisor went on.

“But he. Is. Weak!” repeated the King, exasperation bleeding into his tone.

The Advisor sighed softly and thought for a moment, “The boy loves to ride?” he said.

“Yes yes that’s true enough,” the King conceded, no hint of begrudging, “but not for a love of cavalry! To feel the wind through his hair and to see the beauty of the world. Pah, as a second son he would have made for a fine statesman and poet. But he is not the second son.”

“He will make a fine King, Sire.”

“Unless war should come to pass on our lands,” his expression darkened, “which I fear it may.”

“Perhaps he could marry a warrior Queen?” The Advisor suggested.

The King looked at the man, ten years his junior his Advisor had at first been his Squire in the first war, he had seldom spoken to the boy at first but had, after years of campaigning, found he offered sound wisdom in his words, a bright man, something he often needed to guide his sword arm.

“Perhaps.” The King sighed, taking a drink of his wine, “But what would his enemies say of him? He hides back in his castle while he sends his woman off to war? Our name would be a laughing stock.”

“You have built a strong Kingdom sire, your Grandson, born of a warrior Queen would be strong indeed.”

“If they could survive my son’s reign…” the King filled in.

The Advisor sighed, sitting on the steps before the throne, his tone becoming more casual, “What were you like, at his age I mean?”

The King reclined and thought back, “I was strong, I recall that much, but not because I trained, it was just my body.” the King let out a sudden, sharp laugh and his Advisor looked at him, confused but amused at the sudden outburst, “Damnit all you know what? I loved to paint. I aspired to be a painter! Me! Warrior King Born!” he laughed again and his Advisor grinned.

“So what turned an aspiring painter into Warrior King Born, hm?”

The King opened his mouth to speak then hesitated, leaning back in his throne and glancing around, his voice dropping, “Truth be told, I was a bit of a scoundrel.”

“Sneaking out? That sort of thing?”

The King coughed, “More like er, sneaking in.” He caught the Advisors look of incomprehension, “…There wasn’t a serving girls chambers I didn’t at some point visit, you see…”


“….Or the Queen’s sisters for that matter.”


“Come to think of it when my father remarried on the night of his wedding he got so drunk he passed out, and his new buxom bride got so smashed she didn’t realise it was me who-”

“I think I get the picture, Sire.”

The King blinked, reminding himself and glancing suspiciously at the inhibition-lowering wine, “Yes. Well. Has the boy…?”

The Advisor shook his head, “Not to my knowledge.”

The King sighed, “The girls are not interested in him.”

“I wouldn’t say that your grace, he is after all a Prince, and while he may not be bulging with muscle they think he is plenty attractive.”

“Then why?”

“Perhaps he is lacking in self-confidence? He is, after all, following in your footsteps. He knows what he is just as well as you do.”

“That’s true enough.” The King sighed, drinking once more from his wine, “Dash it all, what is there we can do?”

The Advisor opened his mouth to speak, then hesitated and shook his head.

The King narrowed his eyes, “No now, come on my lad. If it’s a bad idea I’ll say so and not hold you in contempt for it.”

The Advisor looked to his King and knew it to be true, “We could pay for him to spend a night with a woman.”

The King paused, “That’s a bad idea.”

“I know.”

“Do it anyway.” The King grinned.

The Advisor nodded and smiled, “I’ll send a guard to fetch a fine woman and bring her-”

“No! No.” The King said, controlling his outburst, “No she mustn’t be brought here, a whore on palace grounds, imagine the repercussions.”

The Advisor thought for a moment and nodded, “Apologies Sire, I was getting ahead of myself.”

“You’ve a tend to do that boy, worry not.” Despite the fact that they were both over their fifties, ever since being his squire the Advisor was and, he was sure, would always be, ‘boy’, “Find a whore house in the city that is of worth, cost and discretion. Leave him there for the night and give the crimson ladies instructions that despite any… Short givings, that he is to be the best they’ve ever had. Ask them their price for the service, then pay double.”

The Advisor stood and bowed, “As you command, so it shall be.”

The King watched as his Advisor and sole friend throughout the years departed his hall and beckoned for a serving girl to bring him more wine.


Prince Ninian sat in the back of the horse-drawn carriage, tempted to peek through the curtains onto the streets of the city, stopped only by his companions watchful gaze. The man with him was his father’s trusted Advisor and a man who, admittedly, the Prince didn’t know too well, was well respected for the aid and near lifelong service he had given to his father.

The Prince was embarrassed, his Father had told him this was a gift, a night of fun as a reward for the progress he had made in his studies, but he knew when his Father was lying. Chances were his Father, a strong man, was himself embarrassed at having a son who, in just another couple of winters would be in his twentieth year without having courted, practically a scandal if it got out.

Lost in the thoughts of his embarrassment he heard a knock on the roof of the rumbling carriage from the driver and the Advisor too perked up at the noise.

“We’ll be arriving in just a moment. The… Facility is in a walled courtyard so there are no possibilities of you being seen arriving or departing. I will be here to collect you five hours after sunrise tomorrow. Understand?”

The Prince nodded meekly, his eyes averted, the Advisor sighed.

“Listen,” the Advisor started, but he checked himself, this wasn’t his friend the King he was speaking to, “My Prince, regardless of your tastes,” the Prince made to speak but was waved to silence, “whatever they may be, there are some of the most beautiful women in the world waiting for you, I know how you feel, I do. But, try and enjoy yourself?”

The Prince made to speak, but stopped himself, just nodding. He wasn’t gay, he wasn’t anything really, he just wanted to focus on his studies and education, not wanting to devote any time to a courtship which he considered to be lengthy, dull affairs. But this at least would be but one night away from his books and he knew, following it, no one would be able to call him without experience. He looked at the Advisor, the man was younger than his father and in much better health, it occurred to him then that it was likely this man would live to serve two Kings.

The Advisor nodded amicably and looked away, but turned back as the Prince spoke, his voice soft and light, feminine without the gruffness of his father, “What is your name?”

The Advisor hesitated, no one ever used his name, merely his title, “Er, Eogan, Sire.”

The Prince nodded and sighed a little, “Eogan… I just wanted to thank you, for your service to my Father and to me. It has not gone unnoticed.”

Eogan, surprised at the gratitude bowed his head graciously, “Thank you.”

“You have a wife? Children?”

“Yes, Sire? Two.”

“And they are well?”

Eogan nodded and the Prince smiled as the coach rumbled to a stop, “Good.”

Eogan waited for the driver to open the door and stepped from the warm interior into the world outside, winter was close, a frost on the ground as evening began to set in. He watched as his future King stepped down from the box, his hair, long and blonde tied back in a tight ponytail, it was in fashion for men, he knew, but the King disapproved all the same.

There was very little similarity between the two as the boy in many ways took after his mother, lacking his Father’s strength, brashness, outspokenness and all-around warrior atmosphere, instead, he was gentle, lithe, curved at the hips, beautiful more than handsome according to the women.

What Father and Son did share, however, making no one doubt the boy’s lineage was their eyes. Violet like royal silks they were truly amazing, glistening and flecked with gold, only the firstborn of the family line bore the eyes, a trait the priests said signified their inherent destiny to rule.

As Ninian stepped from the coach, his breath hanging in the cool air he turned, watching as, with a nod, Eogan climbed back up into the carriage, closing the door behind him, leaving the Prince almost alone as it began to pull away.

He turned, looking towards the door of the building, a woman standing, leaning against the door, smiling excitedly as she looked him up and down appraisingly.

Swallowing he straightened his back and stepped towards her, more out of a keenness to get out of the pressing cold than to get in and start the evening’s entertainment.

The woman at the door was tall, likely in part to a high pair of heels that she wore, her skirts long and her bodice tight, causing her already ample bust to seem swelled through the top she wore, silky and beautiful, covered her cleavage and arms down to the wrists. She had a smile that said she spent most of the day wearing it and lines on her face that showed her to be in her forties or fifties. Her hair was shoulder length, shorter than his and raven black with a single white streak. She curtseyed, “My Prince, we are delighted to have you were with us this evening.”

She admired his style, his fine fashion and his long hair, but it was his eyes that caught her, so soft and affectionate, as he looked at her, a stranger by all regards, she felt warm, as if she was in the company of a dear friend.

Not knowing what was to come the prince fell back onto protocol, it was, he knew, correct to almost exclusively ignore ladies of the night, but given that for tonight he would be their esteemed guest, it seemed proper to treat them as equal.

With this in mind he took her hand in his and bowed to her, kissing it before standing, “Please, given why I have been, ah, sent here tonight, I don’t think there’s much need for the formality of titles… My name is Ninian.”

The woman flushed with colour as the royal prince bowed to kiss her hand. Her, her of all people! She had expected him to be shy and reserved, but it seemed he was in a way hiding his embarrassment and shyness behind a wall of practised etiquette, like a mask.

“Oh you’re far too kind Ninian, but don’t be surprised if some of the girls stick to calling you, ‘my Prince’, they are very delighted to have you visit us… May I ask,” she asked, cautiously and curiously, “Why you picked my establishment in particular?”

The Prince tilted his head, gently releasing her hand, “I believe my Advisor, who prides himself on knowing everything there is to know about this city, up until his search to find somewhere suitable for me, hadn’t heard of you.” he smiled, “He took that as a mark of your discreteness which, I’m sure you understand, is of the utmost importance. And please, do share your beautiful name?”

She had to stop herself from biting her lip, she didn’t want her lipstick to mar her white smile, after all, “My name is Helena.” She thought for a moment about his reasoning, it made sense, but she wondered if the Advisor had known just why they were so discreet.

As she moved to step inside, beckoning to him with a smile, she realised it didn’t really matter, once they got to the fun the Prince’s mask would slip and they would see just who he really was.

He stepped inside to the warm embrace of her house of ill repute, wine, warm candlelight, silks of reds and purples greeted him along with pictures depicting almost naked women of no small beauty.

Draped alluringly across seemingly every piece of furniture and leaning against every wall was a woman, wearing dresses of fine silks and kinds of cotton, bright in colour and drawing attention to each of their particular proudest assets.

He’d never seen such a bounty of women, lewd displays of cleavage, alluring gazes and things completely new to him.

Off to the side, gathered around a side door were women of colour, dark-skinned girls wearing crimsons and blacks, their bodies as curvaceous and buxom as the rest, but their skin ranging from a copper glow to an almost ebony darkness.

A woman with skin almost as black as night smiled at him, her gleaming teeth and eyes standing out on the otherwise dark palette. Conversely, standing to one side was a girl he saw for a split moment, her skin seemingly as white as clouds.

Helena’s voice caught his attention, but he missed what she had said, so caught up in the staring eyes of all the women.


“I asked which you would like first?” Helena smiled, a hand open towards the women.

Ninian let his gaze wander once more over the collected beauties, blondes, brunettes, redheads, girls as thin as sticks, curved like goddess’ of fertility. He truly had his pick.

He bit his lip before looking towards Helena, “What of the girls I don’t pick?”

She shrugged, “We have all been paid for, for the evening, they will be waiting, should your desires change.”

He frowned a little as he looked around, each doing their best to draw his attention, legs on display, chests pushed out, they wanted to be the one the prince picked, his first.

He realised in a moment of clarity that whoever he chose, he would disappoint the multitude of others waiting to be picked, and that gave him pause.

They were all exceptionally beautiful, but he knew nothing about them, they were all strangers, yet doubtless, they knew much of him, the Royals were hardly afforded much of a private life, every happening subject to gossip that spread among the people.

“Helena,” he asked, looking towards her, “who would you suggest?”

Helena looked surprised, clearly caught off guard as her mouth opened, then closed, hesitating as she let her eyes shift to the gathered women. With a little bit of amusement Ninian noticed that every eye was now on the woman and not himself.

“You,” she said after a pause many of the women instantly relaxing their poses, many looking slightly disappointed, as she singled out a single woman with her gaze “Come take the Prince to the prepared chamber.”

His eyes were drawn to a single girl who stepped forward, her hair long and sleek, raven black, her skin honied, like she spent much time in the sun and her stature less intimidating than many of the others, slender with a modest bust and around his own height.

Her smile was beautiful, emanating her victory as she reached out for his hand.

Graciously he took it and, before he could speak, she tugged him towards her, leading him by the hand past the women who were now speaking in soft whispers, talking about the one who had, in their words, ‘won him’.

He passed through corridors of doors, each likely leading to bedrooms of varying opulence that in some ways rivalled his own palace, it made him curious as to what made them so popular that they could afford the luxuries this place seemingly offered.

“Er, my name is Ninian, what is yours, fair Lady?” he asked, feeling a little rising anxiety, until this point he had been able to employ his statecraft, addressing crowds, dealing with what had essentially been diplomacy, but now, as he was led through the building by his buxom companion, her breasts bouncing with each hurried step in her bodice he realised he was now in a more intimate one on one scenario where he was expected to… Perform.

She looked over her shoulder at him and grinned, her teeth perfectly white and straight, “Oh I know who you are, my Prince, my name is Cherry.” she blew him a kiss with her cherry coloured lipstick and winked as she paused at a door, opening it and stepping inside.

Inside was a warm interior, cosy but not cramped inside, a table and chairs near a heavily shuttered window, fruit and wine on the table, the majority of the room dominated by a spacious looking bed.

As his eyes scanned the room he heard the door click behind him, he turned to see her stepping around, an almost predatory smirk on her full lips, “Is your name really Cherry?”

She stepped to the table, collecting two goblets and skillfully filling them with fine red wine. She hesitated only briefly at the question, glancing over at him as she shook her head, “No, my Prince.”

“Then what is?” he asked, standing straight, formally.

“Would you not prefer to just know me as Cherry? And we can go about discovering your lusts and I can go about sating them…” she stepped towards him, every movement erotic, the sway of her hips, the flicker of her eyelashes, the slight smirk she always wore.

“I would prefer to know the first person I…”

“Bed?” she offered, pushing the wine into his hand.

He took a sip to steady his mounting nerves, “Ah, quite. Anyway, I would prefer to know them, the real them.”

“That is the opposite of what we typically do, my Prince, people come here to live out fantasies, we are whoever they want us to be, partners, lovers, girlfriends… No one wants who we really are.”

He eyed her questioningly.

“I could be a princess for you, a woman from foreign lands come to seek the Prince of her heart,” she said with soft lustful words, moving to sit on the bed, crossing one leg over the other, her skirts riding up immodestly, but not enough to display her virtue.

“But what are you really?” he asked.

“A woman called Lucia who has been paid very well to ensure you leave satisfied.” she said, candidly.

That was his concern and she expertly read his expression, she laughed, a warm rich sound.

“Oh, my Prince! You think because you have paid for this service we are being forced into this?” she grinned and patted the bed beside her. He hesitated but moved to join her. After he had sat she scooted closer to him, “I would have paid my life savings for ten minutes with you.”

He took another long drink of his wine and looked ahead, the girl so close to him he could feel her warmth against his arm, though she wasn’t touching him, “Why do you think Helena picked you?” he asked.

He felt her fingertips on his chin, turning his head to face her, her eyes were a beautiful blue, scanning over his face as she smirked, examining him, “Mm, you have the most beautiful eyes, I’ve never seen violet eyes before, they’re striking… And those little flecks of gold… God’s, I could look into your eyes all day,” she smiled, “and I think… I think it was because Helena recognised your shyness.” she upended her wine, draining it in a single long drink and, after a moment’s hesitation, he followed suit.

She took the goblet from him and placed both on the floor as he spoke, “What does my shyness have to do with her choosing you?” he pressed, his voice soft.

“Because I am beautiful, confident, forward and a great kisser, here, let me show you…”

His eyes went wide as a hand trailed around his neck, cupping his head as she leaned in, tilting her head and parting her lips, holding him, he couldn’t pull back, he’d never kissed a woman before and he felt his heart stop in the moment, had she not been gently holding him he likely would’ve pulled back, but stuck as he was, he had nowhere to go but forward.

He closed his eyes as her lips met his, soft and plush, warm and full they bumped against his own, meeting and pressing, he hadn’t known what to expect, his heart fluttering in his chest. He had expected a spark, something new, something magic. But it wasn’t like that, it was base, intense, animalistic.

It felt too hot, tasted strange, too intrusive and was uncomfortably bizarre, and, oddly, he wanted more. He leaned forward, mimicking her actions, her lips parting and closing as they kissed, slow and gentle, her hand, as he stopped resisting, slid down slightly to his shoulder, urging his own hands forward.

He moved his hands to her waist, feeling the warmth of her skin and the softness of her flesh under her bodice as her hands caressed over him, she was moreish, the more he kissed her the more he wanted, her breath coming out quickened, her desire rising faster than his own, she was, after all, making out with the gorgeous Prince of the lands and knew what she was looking forward to.

Without deepening the kiss she pulled back, his lips following her a fraction of the way, eliciting a giggle from her, “You like to kiss me hm?”

“It’s ah, a much nicer experience than I thought it would be,” he admitted.

“Mm, charming words…” she teased playfully and, as he parted his lips to defend himself she kissed him once more, her tongue slipping between his lips, wet and nimble, he let out a surprised little noise but responded well, his tongue mingling with hers, exploring one another, he was unskilled but delightful all the same, her own fantasies being fulfilled one by one.

She rested one hand on his thigh as the other took his hand, urging it up her waist to cup her full breast through her bodice, the curve filling his hand as she suckled on his tongue, urging him to do the same to hers, as she liked it.

His hand cupped and squeezed at her breast, eager for more as they made out, her hands moving behind herself to begin unlacing her top.

Ninian panted softly as she once more broke the kiss, her bodice coming away to be discarded on the floor, she grinned proudly as she pushed her chest up and forward, her hand once again lacing around his neck to draw him in and down, pressing the swell of her breast to his face.

The sensation was one of warmth and silky softness, her breasts full and enticing, she urged her chest forward, her hand guiding him he found the thickness of her engorged nipple pressed to his lips.

With a moan Cherry tilted her head back, his lips finding her nipple, one hand moving to cup and massage the bare breast he was working on, his other hand tracing the smooth skin of her back.

He suckled like a babe, inexperienced in the ways of lovemaking but the pleasure it brought her was intense all the same, “A-ah, use your tongue, swirl and flick.” she instructed and, keen to pleasure her, he obeyed, his tongue working in slow circles, his face pressed against the softness of her flesh.

She cooed gently at the pleasure and arched her back, fingers tracing through his hair, finding the clasp that held his ponytail in place and working it free, letting his blonde hair flow down his back as her nipples tingled pleasantly.

Running her fingertips through his hair, admiring the silkiness she felt herself swelling in her panties beneath the ruffle of her skirt, it wouldn’t be long, she knew, before she would be showing, so, with some reluctance, she pushed him back from her chest, his eyes opening to look up at her, Cherry finding herself momentarily caught in those gold-flecked violet eyes.

“W-what next?” he asked, voice soft and hungry, the sound bring Cherry back with a blink.

“Ah, well, this is where things get a little complicated…” she bit her lip and enjoyed the look of incomprehension on his face, Helena had told all the girls prior to his arrival that regardless of who he picked, they had one option open to them should all others fail. Blackmail the Prince. Threatening him with the spreading of rumours that the Prince frequented an establishment where all the girls were, well, packing more than roses, would undoubtedly hurt the crown. But as Cherry looked into his beautiful, selfless gaze, she knew that would only be a last resort for her.

“What if I told you that, you could seriously satisfy every single girl here tonight, what would you say?” she queried, plainly, her hand on his.

“I er, I would say that even royalty has its limits… I don’t know what mine are exactly but I hardly think that-”

“Well, you can. You, my Prince, can give every single woman here an orgasm they’ve only ever fantasised about, you can make them lust after your body, desire you, need you, each and every one,” she promised, her voice sincere.

“How? How would I even start?” he said, clearly disbelieving.

She shrugged a little, “Just by having an open mind, by being caring and selfless, by not judging us for what we have but for who we are.”

He shook his head slightly, “I don’t understand, but I promise you I… I want you, Cherry, Lucia. How can I give you that pleasure? Show me.”

She nodded some and slipped off her heels, moving to stand in front of him, “Just remember, you can make dozens of women have the best time of their life tonight, okay?”

He nodded a little, hesitant and uncertain, but determined to press forward.

She nodded too and moved to straddle him, forcing him to lean back on his elbows on the bed, looking up at her, past the swell of her bare breasts to her moist full lips. Slowly she urged herself forward, kneeling across him, her fingers under her dress to raise it slightly, her cock already hard and free from her panties, only her full balls held in the lace fabric.

Her cock was a modest five inches, curving up slightly, not too thick but not slender either, she watched him curiously, a hopeful expression set on her face as the Prince stared, wide-eyed at her member.


“Yes. We all do,” she said softly.

He looked up at her, the uncertainty written across his face.

“Don’t think about it, just think about me, you want me to feel good, don’t you?”

He nodded a little and swallowed, looking back down, his expression softening, “What… What do I have to do?”

“Whatever you want to sweety… You can touch it, stroke it, kiss it, suck it, ride it…” she winked playfully, with their position, her cock only a few inches from his face the answer wasn’t quite so complex.

He leaned forward and kissed it, just under the tip where she was most sensitive, instantly Cherry let out a loving, encouraging moan, only slightly accentuated for his attention.

He looked up at her, urged on by her passionate noises as he lips travelled up and down the underside of her smooth shaft, experiencing the odd texture and enjoying her moans, sultry and heavy with desire.

With one hand holding her dress up, the other moved to lace through his hair, cupping his head and pulling it towards her cock.

Slowly she bumped the eager tip of her member against the purse of his lips, his beautiful eyes flicking up briefly to look at her over the swell of her breasts, her look was one of lust, eyes half-lidded, cheeks flushed a warm rose, this woman needed him, needed what he could give her.

Cherry let out a deep moan as her hips ever so slowly nudged her hips forward, her cock pushing between the tightness of his uncertain lips into the wet heat of his mouth.

He hadn’t been sure what to expect, shame and embarrassment maybe, but neither of these presented themselves, instead he only felt a warmth in his chest, a pleasant feeling brought on by the intimacy of the feeling.

Noticing his lack of protest she began to gently sink her length into the embrace his lips offered, speaking softly as she did, small whispers interspersed with her moans, urging him on, “That’s amazing… Ah, just like mmm, that. No teeth, good, yes… Try moving your tongue around the ah! Yes, perfect…”

Cherry let out the softest of sighs and tilted her head back, allowing herself a moment to just enjoy the moment, the man who would one day be her king, a young beauty of grace and renowned for his kindness, had his lips wrapped around her cock, was working to bring her pleasure, was swirling her tongue in a way that made her toes curl. She drank it all in.

Before long, though, eager to get to the main event, she pulled back, her cock freeing from his lips with a satisfying pop. She giggled a little at the noise and he blushed, smiling a little, shy but glad to see just how much she was enjoying herself.

“So…” she paused, giving him a sultry look as she shuffled forward, forcing him to lay on his back, subtly tugging her panties aside so her smooth balls rested on his lips as she moved them back and forth, pursuing her own lips in a kiss to motivate him to do the same, she purred, feeling him oblige her full orbs, “Do you think you’re ready to do what you came here for?” she asked, slowly stroking her slick length.


“To lose your virginity,” she said softly, working her fingers up and down her shaft.

He hesitated a moment, his violet eyes on hers, his lips on her sack, he nodded.

She nodded too and swung her leg over him and off, standing up by the side of the bed and hooking her thumbs under the hem of her skirt and panties, about to tug them down when she paused, “Uh… Hey?”

“Y-yes?” he asked, a little meek, his smile warm and inviting as he slowly sat up, hands moving to his chest, he had been about to unbutton his shirt.

“So, like, my best friend was really, really eager to be picked. It was all she was talking about.”

“Oh,” he said softly, the second button undone, her eyes flicking briefly down towards his chest, “I’m sorry?”

She glanced back up, “You don’t have to be… I mean… She could join us, after all, you know what to do with your mouth and, do you like breasts?” She said, grinning softly as she pushed her own forward, he blushed and nodded, “hers are much bigger, should I, you know? Go get her?”

“Um, okay?” he said, really not sure how to refuse, or even if he really wanted to.

She grinned and nodded, leaving him to unbutton her shirt as she stepped from the room, brazenly and without covering herself up.

He set his shirt aside, his smooth chest on show, smooth and flawless without hair and with only a little muscle definition he was a sight to behold

it took barely any time until he heard her returning to his room, her voice soft, almost a whisper as she approached, “…And he totally did too… Shh.”

He looked up towards the door, just catching the tail end of whatever Cherry had been saying as she poked her head around to look at him, smiling as she reentered, her eyes shamelessly scanning over his bare chest. As she did, leaning in from behind was a slightly taller woman, curved like a winding river with skin as pale as milk, her eyes were pink and delicate, her hair not grey like the elders, but platinum, like strands of moonlight woven into silk.

They stared at each other, each equally as stunned. He’d never in his life seen nor heard of a girl like this catching only a glimpse of her when he had first entered, he had seen pale girls before, often with red hair, but this was something different he realised.

As Cherry sauntered forward, seemingly oblivious to his amazement he saw that she was wearing a sheer silk top that reached her thighs, as white as snow, matching her skin tone, her thick thighs and long legs on display. Her body was curved, her bust, as Cherry had promised, much fuller than hers, her low cut top displaying a generous amount of cleavage.

“Uh, hi?” he ventured, meekly.

Cherry grinned, “Breathtaking isn’t she? An albino, I’m told, dunno how it works but she’s pretty cute! You should see her dick too.”

“What’s your name?…” he asked, voice soft as she sauntered towards him, a smirk on her pale lips, any makeup she was wearing light to match her skin tone.

“Luna.” Her voice was gentle and quiet.

He glanced at Cherry and she nodded, “No, yeah that’s actually her name cutie.”

He looked up at Luna who moved to straddle his lap, placing the flat of her palm against his chest, admiring the softness of his skin as she examined the beauty of his galactic eyes. For his part he got lost in hers, the light pink, almost blending with the white of her eyes, her pupils standing out as deep abyss’ in the otherwise bright orbs.

“So, my Prince,” she bit her lip and leaned forward, “are you going to suck my cock for me?…”

He blushed, but given his already existing experience and her unbelievable beauty, his confidence had grown.

“I am,” he said simply and her smile was radiant, eyes glinting with joy as she leaned forward, their lips met and he quickly joined her in a deep kiss, her taste light and fruity, her touch eager and silken.

Forgetting for a moment of Cherry’s presence he focused solely on Luna, his hands moving to tug down the chest line of her nighty, the bountiful amount of cleavage it had had on show growing until it fell loose, her heavy breasts spilling free, hanging low under her chest. She lowered herself down so her full orbs rested on his bare chest, warm and soft against him.

She urged him to follow her up the bed, turning as they went so he found himself lying atop of her. Looking up at her as he broke the went kiss, he let his lips trail down, following Cherry’s guidance from before to kiss down over Luna’s neck, marveling in the paleness of the beautiful woman, kissing lower and lower till he found his face between her breasts, each of her hands supporting them, offering them up to him like a gift which he imbibed in eagerly.

He kissed as the soft flesh of each breast, eliciting soft coo’s from her light voice, he found his way to each of her already erect nipples, their darker skin tone still lighter than his own body.

He felt her shuffle, realising she was lifting the hem of her top, her smile playful and wanting.

He lowered himself, fingertips trailing down over her skin, her head relaxing back against the pillows as she lay, thighs spread, her hands relaxing from her breasts letting gravity take their natural effect on her large chest, pulling her breasts down and to the side slightly, not full and high on her chest as he had expected, not that it bothered him.

He kissed down her stomach and leaned up, glancing down to see her cock, resting semi-hard against her body, longer than Cherry’s and just as thick, again what drew his attention was just how pale and light it was.

After sparing a glance up at her he leaned down, pressing his lips to the underside of her cock, drawing out a moan.

As his lips worked up and down her shaft he felt hands on his waist, remembering Cherry he felt as she unlaced his pants, working them down with his undergarments over his hips and down his thighs, revealing his cheeks to her.

“Wow, your ass is amazing.” he heard Cherry compliment as her hands sank into the flesh of his cheeks, parting them as she leaned up.

“Oh, I-”

“Shhh…” Luna whispered, a hand wrapping around the base of her shaft to heft it to his lips, tapping it against them as he felt a cool liquid trickle over his virgin hole.

He had expected more ceremony, more ritual, but they were too needy and he was too willing.

With his eyes on hers, he lowered his head, feeling the tip of her cock spread his lips which he sealed tight around her. Slowly he urged his head down, closing his eyes as she began to repeat his actions from before, sucking, licking, being mindful of his teeth.

“A-ah, Cherry, oh you taught him well…”

Cherry giggled softly as she rubbed her shaft across his delicate hole, lubricating her shaft as her hands toyed with his cheeks, “I hardly taught him anything, he’s a natural, oh god Luna you should feel his hair, I don’t know what they use to wash with up in the palace but it’s divine.”

Luna followed the suggestion and ran her fingers through his locks of long hair, letting out an appreciative moan, “Gods it’s so soft! I’m jealous, hows his ass?”

“Mm I’ll tell you in just…” she lined the tip of her cock up with his ass and gripped it with one hand, starting to push forward, “a…” she pushed forward, putting an increasing amount of pressure on his virgin star, “Moment!” she gasped as the tip of her cock opened him up, the tip slipping into the incredibly tight star of his ass, “Ooooh fuck.”

Ninian let out a loud whimper around her cock, jerking forward, though it didn’t lessen the amount of cock she had in him as she followed him down, Luna’s cock gagging him as he pressed forward, a wet choke escaping his throat as both women moaned.

Gripping his hips she held him, allowing him to get used to the girth of her modest length as Luna held him to her cock, stifling her protests with her pale meat.

Moments passed and, impatient, Cherry began to work her hips slowly forward and backwards, urging the Prince to take more and more.

He whimpered and groaned, but didn’t move to stop either of them, wanting to persevere through the pain as Luna spoke sweet nothings to him, “Just like that, suck my cock, ah, you should see Cherry, she’s completely lost in how good your ass feels… Just relax for her okay? Let her have her fun, it’ll start to feel good soon, I promise.”

He did his best to relax, focusing instead on the pale beauty’s cock in his mouth, his eyes up and on her, one hand holding his head, guiding his efforts as he loved on her, her other lifting and massaging one of her heavy breasts.

Cherry was slow but insistent, before long her cock was sawing deep in and out of him, albeit slowly, her hands pawing at his cheeks, squeezing and exploring as she fucked him, his virginity long lost now.

“G-god, I’m close,” he heard Cherry purr and Luna gave her a bemused smirk.

“Mm, short fuse?”

“A-ah, I already had my cock sucked,” she argued, “t-that, and this is ah, fucking, Prince Ninian,” she laughed then, soft and surprised, “fuck Luna, I’m fucking Prince Ninian. I took his virtue, me!”

Luna smirked and looked back to the Prince, stroking his hair as Cherry’s pace quickened, her hips bouncing against his cheeks as she took him, her breath becoming laboured as she stared down at him, watching his body bounce on her cock.

He sucked on Luna’s length, the heat of his wet mouth rolling up and down her length as he felt Cherry tense suddenly, pushing forward, her steely length hardening and pulsing inside him, her moans growing as she gasped, her fingers digging into his cheeks.

He arched his back, still pleasuring the cock between his lips as, he realised with sudden clarity, Cherry continued what had to be her climax inside of him.

He felt her cock pulse several more times, her pants softening as she relaxed, bending over to relax, her chest resting on his back, her cock deep within him, her load spent within the Prince of the realm.

“Oh, oh god…” she gasped, her arms wrapping around his waist, squeezing him in a warm hug, slowly, she withdrew and moved away, leaving him with Luna, not able to look back at her with her cock between his lips, “A-ah, I need to go refresh myself, I’ll be, ah, a second.”

He heard her padding barefoot from the room, his attention fully on Luna now, his gaze curious, expecting her to take Cherry’s place. But she merely shook her head and winked playfully.

Closing his eyes he focused on sucking her cock, accepting his fate with them this evening, pleasuring their cocks, getting them off, he found himself wanting to experience the sensation of her climaxing between his lips.

“Ah, Lace, please do.” Luna said.

He looked up at Luna, not understanding and felt a pair of hands on his cheeks, a cock between them, thick and half hard.

The voice that came back was deep and new, “He seems to be such a good little boy.”

Luna grinned and nodded, “Oh he is.”

He started to pull up, wanting to look around, but Luna shook her head once more, “Nuh-uh, you don’t need to see who’s fucking your ass, my Prince, all that matters is you let them, do you understand?”

He couldn’t reply, but he didn’t need to.

His eyes rolled back and he closed them as he felt the new cock, belonging to a stranger, begin to stretch his no longer virgin hole, Cherry’s cum offering a fresh source of lubricant as the thicker cock, still half hard began to enter him, his new lover grunting softly as she began to rut at him.

“Whoa Lace, go easy on our darling guest, he’s new to all this.” Luna chastised gently, though she was smirking as his body shook, taking her cock in rhythm to the one pushing in and out of his tight ring.

“Fuck that, do you know how many girls are waiting?” the voice said, roughly, her pace quickening as her shaft hardened, pushing deeper into his ass, exploring new territory with each push, “And it’s not like we only have one round each, you know.”

Luna pouted her pale lips then shrugged, “Fair.”

“Mm! So stop being so selfish with his mouth, huh?”

“Okay okay…” Luna let out a soft sigh and shifted her position, making it easier to thrust into his mouth.

He felt the lengths sawing in and out of his body, filling and stretching him with their decidedly unfeminine extras, the friction, the bouncing, the gliding and the panting becoming a familiar sensation in his inexperienced body.

“No no, like this!” he heard the voice behind him say, fingers wrapped in his hair, tugging him up to his hands and knees, her cock popping free of his mouth, allowing him a whimpering gasp.

Finding the opportunity to speak, he opened his mouth, “Who-mm!”

“He’s a talker.” Luna apologized as she knelt, her cock sliding back between his lips, gliding across his tongue and deep into his mouth.

“Not for long he won’t be.” the stranger commented as the two of them pawed at his body, groping, squeezing, massaging and fucking, laying into him with a mounting passion.

His fingers clawed at the sheets, his toes curling as the room began to echo with the noise of flesh on flesh, the cock filling his ass thick and pulsing deep within him, the pain a distant memory, the pleasure new and intense.

His whimpering around her cock helped to enhance the arousal of both his partners, enjoying the sounds he made as they fucked him, the woman behind him displaying a lack of mercy and an abundance of strength as she squeezed his waist and hammered into his ass, the squeezing milking sensations of his tight ass around a thick cock.

“A-ah, come on, we can’t keep the girls waiting.” Luna panted, gripping his head tighter as she looked down at him, picking up her pace, watching as her pale cock slid between his pouted lips,  rubbing the sensitive underside of her tip against his tongue, feeling herself drawing close.

“Uh, yesssss…” Lace hissed as she squeezed his waist, jerking her hips forward with vigour, their bodies slapping together roughly, his ass tingling with an intense array of emotions, his body tiring from the force of her efforts.

Sweat sheened on his skin as they ploughed into him, his breath coming out ragged between hard thrusts as he heard their moans increase, Lace squeezing him harder, Luna squirming, unable to stay still, her hands constantly running through his head.

Luna came first, a sudden, powerful outburst without prelude, her fingers tightening in his hair painfully as the first spurt of seed, hot as fire landed on his tongue, coating it and forcing him to experience the musky taste, “A-ah! Keep your lips tight around it Prince! And swallow everything!”

With his eyes clenched shut he obeyed, his mouth closed just behind the crown of her cock, tongue pressed to it as she gripped his head with one hand, the other stroking her slick shaft, milking her cum out onto his tongue.

He swallowed as his mouth filled with her essence, her panting desperate, erratic as she spent her load in the Prince.

Lace grunted and rammed her hips forward, Ninian could vaguely feel her thick shaft throbbing deep within him, filling him with her cum, as he swallowed and was bred he couldn’t help but wonder what the woman behind him looked like as she emptied her balls in his butt.

In a long, slow movement both Luna and Lace withdrew their softening cocks from his exhausted body.

After wobbling for a second he collapsed onto his side, panting hard, his eyes closed, as he became aware of the sudden emptiness in his mouth and ass. What had been the norm for all of his life now felt oddly uncomfortable.

He felt a finger and thumb grip his cheek, turning his head upwards, his whole body rolling so he laid on his back.

His eyes fluttered open to look into the deep brown eyes just a few inches away, the woman, with short black hair, curled and only an inch or so long, her skin a chocolate brown grinned gently before kissing him, deep and brief, tasting Luna’s seed before parting and patting him on the cheek, speaking in a recognisable tone.

“Mm, thanks for the ride, babe.” Lace said with a wink, before pulling away and standing.

As she withdrew from his vision he saw the shades around him. To his left and right girls stood all around him, naked, hard, ready.


They descended on him and he arched his back, hands fell upon his body, gripping and squeezing, moving his body to the middle of the bed, he felt his legs raised up, placed over a pair of strong shoulders as a cock was pressed between his cheeks.

He opened his mouth to protest and watched as a woman above him fed a short thick cock between his lips, stretching them and pressing forward, filling his mouth as a heavy pair of balls pressed against his face.

He struggled to breathe around the intrusion, the cock below already pounding his ass, bouncing his body on the fine silks of the bed with each thrust, he moved his hands to clench at the sheets, but distracted elsewhere hadn’t noticed his fingers were now wrapped around slick shafts, which he squeezed, eliciting moans, sucking, fucking and stroking, he lay, a toy to the women who had claimed him as their prize.

Hands groped and caressed, innumerable woman of every shape, size and design enjoying his body in all manner of ways, he wanted to move, wanted to speak, wanted to take part, but being pulled every which way limited how much he could do.

His mouth was filled, time and time again with thick throbbing shafts, his lips puffed and sore, his mouth sticky with cum, replaced occassionally by a hard nipple on which he played or an eager tongue with which he danced, his hands always wrapped around shafts, small ones, huge ones, some starting soft, others ending that way after ropes of cum had landed across his chest, chased by the tongues of other eager girls, his nipples, like the girls he played with, were licked, sucked caressed and nibbled playfully on, his own cock seeing hands and mouths as girls vied to play with him in any way.

He was unsure how many times he had cum, aware only of the mounting exhaustion, his ass too was constantly full of cock, every new invader leaving a gift deep within him, paving the way for the next entrant to slip easily into the hot wet embrace of his hole that, up until mere hours ago had been virginal, but now could take the largest among them, and there were some monsters out there.

At one point he had felt something push into his throat, hands moving around his neck, caressing and squeezing, giggling as girls felt the outline of the massive cock that was fucking his throat, his vision swimming, only able to make out the two weighty balls swaying time and time again into his face, the smooth orbs as black as night.

As his hands squeezed weakly at a pair of shafts, one new and just hardening, two hands guiding his up and down the length, his other working a small cock with three fingers, his legs high on the shoulders of another woman, her length plowing him, he watched as those heavy orbs pressed against his eyes nose and forehead.

As they stayed there, twitching against his face, his exhaustion peaking, his breath short with no avenue to refresh his lungs he marvelled how in among all these steely cocks, just how soft everything was.


Eogan stood, hands on his hips as he again knocked on the door, his patience fleeting and his anxiety rising. He had been stood out here in the cold for ten minutes waiting for a response.

“Five more minutes.” he told himself, shivering as he looked back towards the coach, “Five more minutes and I knock down the door.”

“Mm but it’s such a pretty door…” Came a weary voice and he turned, surprised to find Helena standing in the doorway.

He opened his mouth to speak, then hesitated, his mouth closing as his brow furrowed, drinking in the sight.

Helena wasn’t dressed as she had been when he had arrived, her alluring but modest coverage signifying her as the mistress of the house, instead, she wore a shirt. The Princes shirt. It ran long on her, hiding her virtue, but he was sure it was all she wore. She had a dishevelled look to her hair and by the rings under her eyes, she had barely slept.

“He… The Prince. He picked you?” he said, knowing it was rude to sound so disbelieving, but he said it nevertheless, fortunately, she didn’t look offended.

“Mm, after he had sampled the delights of many of the other girls,” Helena confirmed, her voice heavy with satisfaction.

“…Many of them?” Eogan asked, for clarification.

“Ah, I misspoke.” Helena said and Eogan nodded, exhaling.

“For a second there I thought you meant-”

“I meant all of them,” Helena affirmed.

Eogan stared.

“…Sir? Are you alright?” Helena asked, a smirk on her full, lipstick smudged lips.

“I. You. He. What?”

She laughed softly and he shook his head, continuing, “No, wait, you’re telling me the Prince, Prince Ninian,” he added, as if to reaffirm they were talking about the same Prince, “Satisfied every lady in your…”

“Not exactly,” she said, waiting just long enough for him to start to smile before she continued, “He saw to most of the women twice, personally I got him three times.”

Eogan’s jaw dropped, “I… I must see him.”

Helena pursed her lips, “You don’t think he is safe?”

He eyed her, seeing in her eyes her words were truth, “I don’t doubt his safety, but-”

“He is busy with two of my girls. Would you interrupt?” Helena smiled sweetly, stretching one arm up the door.

“He… He must return to the palace.” Eogan said, a little weakly.

Helena pouted, “Mm, but you paid double our rate as I recall, so I don’t think it would be fair to give the Prince…. One more day and night of our pleasure? No extra cost?”

“But… But the King said…”

Helena gently placed a finger to his lips, “Yes yes the King said this and said that,” she tilted her head and smiled, “what will he say when he learns his son sated an entire brothel for two whole nights? To such an extent the whores, paid for sex, gave him their second night for free.”

Eogan was again left speechless, he knew without a doubt the King would be elated. It would likely be the first rumour about Ninian he would actually endorse spreading.

“I thought so too. Now, run along would you? I’m missing the fun…” she blew him a kiss, and, after waiting just a moment to see if he would respond, shut the door, walking through the corridors, the smell of sex drawing her in. Another day would give them time for a few more rounds with the Prince and time besides to clean him up to return. She smiled.

Eogan pausing only briefly to stare at the closed doors, the sounds of feminine moaning, gasping and panting echoing briefly from the establishment turned his back, cheeks flushed and, no longer feeling the cold, returned to the Palace where, that very night, a very mirthful King held a very lavish banquet to celebrate the Prince, despite his very obvious absence.

(Art by CausticCrayon, check out their stuff!)


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