Worked Up: Chapter 2 A simple Coffee

Needless to say, Sky felt uncomfortable. Looking out the window, coffee clasped in his warm hands, it was easy to understand why.

First and most pressing was the soreness that all but dominated his body, he was, after all, recovering from a very intensive ‘workout’ in the Gym that morning that had left him feeling particularly spent.

The other source of his discomfort, however, was a little bit more difficult to place.

Glancing back from the window he took a sip from his coffee, the sweet milky latte bringing strength to his tired frame as he looked across the small table as the muscled blonde woman opposite him, a black americano with a shot of caramel held in one hand, stared back, her gaze radiating a discomfort that matched his own.

Neither of them had quite believed it when, after she was finished pounding his ass into oblivion he had asked her out for coffee, their mutual disbelief being compounded when, again, to both of their surprises, she had agreed.

So here they sat, in a quaint quiet cafe, the awkward silence growing between them after several attempts at conversation had fallen through.

They had, it seemed after much gentle probing, virtually no shared interests.

While Sky was quite geeky and artsy, spending his free time drawing on his tablet at home or catching up on the most recent Marvel film or show Andrea was all about her fitness. When she wasn’t at the gym she was working as a nutritionist, helping people achieve what she had herself.

Where he liked to talk about TV, she liked to talk about music, where even there their music tastes differed. They had an utter lack of common ground.

“I don’t know why I agreed to this,” Andrea sighed, finally breaking the growing silence between the two of them.

“I don’t know why I asked,” Sky responded, resignation in his soft feminine voice, though it was a lie.

The truth was he did know why he’d asked, it had been no secret that he had been attracted to Andrea, though apparently, she had misread his intentions massively, leading to his charged session with her in the showers. But on top of that, after he had gotten past the pain, the shame and the embarrassment, he’d loved it, loved being controlled, dominated, having that element of free will taken away from him as a woman as beautiful and as rawly empowered with sexuality as Andrea had had her way with him, using his feminine body for her pleasure.

In that moment pressed against the shower wall, bruised, battered, his cheeks hurting from the muscle powered force of her thrusts, his once virgin star on fire from its unsolicited taking he had felt such bliss and ecstasy that he had cum without so much as a touch from her on his own member.

That one moment had been pleasure beyond anything he had ever known or felt capable of experiencing, and the truth was he didn’t want to lose the woman who had given him without at least getting to know her a little better.

In the moments following her grand finish, his worn body slumped to the floor of the shower his pain and pleasure addled mind had, without him really thinking about it, fallen back on his original plan, asking her out.

He watched her, chewing on his full lip, trying to figure out why she had, in turn, said yes. He suspected it might have been guilt, fear or both. Afterall, she had, without a doubt, raped him, he could just as easily have been sitting in a police station with a paper cup of cheap coffee reporting the incident than here with her.

And yet, he saw something akin to what he felt in her expression, despite what had happened, despite their lack of chemistry, she seemed to emulate his unhappiness that it seemed things weren’t working out well between them.

“How’s your coffee?” he asked, for what must have been for the third time.

She smiled slightly, a beautiful sight no matter how forced it was,  “Yeah it’s good, the caramel shot really livens it up.”

He smiled a little too, wondering if she had ordered the shot of caramel just as a way of showing her desire for more of his caramel coloured body.

With that seeming to be it for another round of small talk he took another sip from his coffee, now almost empty and once more looked out the window, watching the people on the street, men and women passing by, wrapped up against the cold. He spotted several couples, arms linked, laughing or talking as they walked past and he knew that he could never really see himself and Andrea like that.

“I won’t… You know, tell anyone.” He said, gently, turning back and watching her to try and measure her reaction.

She looked for a moment confused, then understanding, “Er, thanks.” She said simply, “I’m… Sorry, again.”

He shook his head, “Don’t be, maybe I’ll see you around the gym again?” he said, a little hopefully, before draining the last of his coffee.

She nodded a bit, looking and feeling down, “Yeah, hopefully.”

With a soft little sigh, not wanting to prolong the awkwardness of their tried and failed date he pushed himself to stand, “I’m just going to go to the toilets then I uh, I’ll go.”

She held the rest of her coffee in one hand and nodded regretfully, “Uh yeah I should… I should probably get going too.”

He nodded once and flashed her one last small smile, his lips full and plump, his eyes hazel and gorgeous, this natural femininity catching her eye, making her want for him to just stay with her so she could admire him like the eye candy he was to her, but he turned and walked to the back of the quiet shop, locating the small toilets and letting himself in.

She watched him go, her eyes glued to his wide womanly hips and his thick pillowy ass.

Once he was out of sight she sighed and slumped a little, raising her coffee to stare into the black steaming liquid.

She saw herself looking back, the coffee giving her reflection a skin tone, not unlike the warm chocolatey glow of Skys.

How long had it been, she wondered, since she had been on a date.

She remembered it then, it had been a woman, a delicate blonde girl, slender and fine, concerned about her growing weight despite the fact she had been too skinny to be healthy.

Andrea had worked with her on her nutrition and body image for what must have been a year until, satisfied, the woman had ended their professional relationship, asking Andrea out for a meal as a way of saying thanks and as she had put it, to get to know the real Andrea outside of her work.

Unfortunately, she had gotten more than she had bargained for, the date for its part had been lovely and Andrea had invited herself back to the blonde’s place.

The evening and grown passionate, a long-standing sexual tension between the two of them breaking down as kissing led to petting, petting had led to head and that had led them to the blonde’s waiting bed.

Once there she had, as always happened, lost control of her lust and desire, introducing the blonde to the real Andrea as she had wanted and as Andrea had feared.

She had taken the blonde then, not as a lover, slow and romantic, but as a toy to be used, she had pounded her massive, muscle-clad frame into the tiny petite blonde, forcing her huge cock down her throat, into her pussy and, as the evening wore on, into her tiny pale ass.

When morning rolled around the blonde had been subjected to countless orgasms, a night she would never forget, but with the pleasure came the aftermath, the bruises on her wrists ankles and neck where Andrea had squeezed too hard,  the soreness in her throat that had left her unable to talk, the soreness In her ass that had left her unable to sit down and a pussy so sensitive she had to walk with a bow-legged gait.

And Andrea hadn’t just abused her physically, all night she had subjected her to degrading, humiliating verbal abuse, her language vile, instilling in the blonde just what she was to Andrea when she was in the mood, property, a set of holes to enjoy.

After that night she’d never returned any of Andrea’s calls and texts, in fact, after that night, she’d never so much as seen the blonde again.

And now there was Sky. She had been on her best behaviour throughout her date with him and things had been hopeless, but despite that she still wanted him, wanted to find a way to make it work with him. He had seen her at her absolute worst, uncaring, brutal, a sexually deviated monster and as she finished her own coffee she realised that that had been the woman, ultimately, who he had asked out on a date.

It wasn’t just that he tolerated her at her worst, but that he had loved it. Would she ever find anyone else who could see that side of her and not recoil in fear? Her eyes flickered up towards the toilets and she felt her heart begin to beat a little faster.

She had an idea. A stupid idea. But, maybe it would work? She knew he wouldn’t report her so, at the very least, it would be a last hurrah, she reasoned.

Standing she put a few coins down for the waitress as a tip and stepped towards the small toilets that the café had.

As she stepped up to the door, hand reaching out, it opened, Sky standing there, his hazel eyes wide and surprised, then he smiled.

“You need the toilet? They’re just through that door there,” he said, pointing back, “they’re-”

He squeaked gently in surprise as she pushed herself forward, her passion rising as she crowded him in, back towards the door he had indicated towards, the door to the café swinging shut behind them.

“U-uh, Andrea? Are you okay?” he asked, voice quavering a little.

“”Shh, they might hear us.” She said, a hand moving down to a growing bulge in her trousers, squeezing it, displaying her intentions.

“Sky flushed with colour and, still feeling the pain radiating from his ass shook his head intently, “A-Andrea wait, my ass, I-”

She felt the desire in her rise, the control fading away, she had to show him his place, “Shut the fuck up you fucking slut.” She growled between clenched teeth as she used her bulk to crowd him back into the toilet, it was a small room, cramped and tiny with the two of them in, the room consisting of a toilet, wall mounted sink and a small sanitary bin.

Sky swallowed, trying to look past her at the still open, trying to find an avenue of escape as, as attracted to her as he was, he knew he couldn’t endure a second round.

With an air of inevitability, Andrea closed the door behind her and locked it, grinning to Sky who backed up, leaning back over the toilet, with nowhere to go.

He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t, just couldn’t go again, he opened his mouth and drew in a deep breath, in a moments realisation she knew he was going to shout, but her hand shot out, quick as lightning to clasp over his lips, the warm soft moistness of his pursed lips pressing into the rougher skin of her palm.

“What the fuck is it going to take to get you to shut up you dick teasing fuck?”

He stared at her, eyes wide with fear, but she had answered her own question, her grin spreading, becoming predatory as she settled on her target.

“Oh, I know.”

She took another step forward and, leaning back over the toilet as he already was, Sky fell, his soft butt landing on the porcelain lid with a thump, his face, wincing with pain from his sore ass, came to eye level with her crotch, her cock bulging obscenely against her pants, forming a very obvious outline.

Testingly she moved her hand away and he remained still, paralysed as he stared at the monstrous bulge, he’d never actually seen the size of what he’d been forced to take, only felt it and he could hardly believe he’d taken something as big as what he was now faced with.

Hurriedly, in no mood to test whether he would scream or not when he regained his senses, she fumbled with the belt at her waist, opening it and unzipping her jeans, letting them fall.

The denim fabric pooled around her ankles as her massive cock sprang free, fully erect and throbbing, it’s lust and needs to be sated driving any and all remaining control from Andrea as she grinned.

Sky was staring helplessly at her bare veined cock, completely stunned by its size as it bobbed in front of him, the first really good look he had had at it.

Andrea leaned down and using her thumb got him to look up at her, his eyes tearing away from her cock to look up into hers, seeing the lust, seeing the malice.

She spat on his face and he recoiled, blinking, returning to his senses.

“A-Andrea please…”

“There you are..” she said, smirking, it was always more fun to force them when they were able to resist.

Tangling a hand in the black locks of his hair she squeezed, pulling the strands painfully tight as she jerked her hand back and forth, drawing pained gasps from the boy as she tested her hold on him.

Satisfied she yanked back again, taking the opportunity, as he gasped, to grip the side of his face with her other hand, her thumb driving into his mouth and into the gap of his jaw behind his teeth, keeping his face pried open.

She marvelled at the silkiness of his mouth, the plushness of his dark lips and the heat he was offering her, albeit unwillingly.

“Fuck Sky, you’re more woman than half the sluts I’ve fucked, if even half of them had a pussy as good as your mouth feels I’d have married them and you wouldn’t be about to get a crash course in giving head.” She hesitated, “Giving head, getting facefucked, whatever.”

Her cock was long and thick, the ruby tip throbbing as she urged it towards his lips as he wriggled, hands pushing against her thighs he once again felt that sense of helplessness. He was too weak, too pathetic to stop her. Trying to block out the world he shut his eyes.

He heard Andrea moan loudly as she fed her cock into his mouth, the tip sliding between her plush lips to slide over his tongue, pressing deeper and deeper until he felt it bump into his throat, making him gag.

“Ahh good fucking girl, now I don’t need to fucking tell you what I’ll do to you if you bite me do I? The sort of pain I could put you through before somebody bust down that door behind me.”

Unable to respond Sky merely felt the heat of tears as they streamed down his cheeks.

“Good,” Andrea responded, moving her hand from his face to also grip his head, her hold vice-like, her hands hot and the world around Sky claustrophobic, trapped in a tiny stall, pinned back with Andrea crowding forward, the toilet digging into his back with her muscled and toned body mere inches from him, inches that she was determined to conquer.

Grunting and uncaring for his comfort she rammed her hips forward, slamming the weight of her force, body and strength against his throat, the silky rounded tip of her pulsing shaft demanding access to another forbidden fruit that she desired.

He scratched at her chiselled thighs, but to no avail, her cock head slamming time and time again at the delicate entrance to his throat, causing him to gag and retch on her tool.

With dissatisfaction she dragged him free of her soaked slick cock, dragging his head to one side.

Opening his eyes he saw beneath him the porcelain sink, he spat, emptying his mouth of the fluids that her pounding cock had built up as he had gagged but, before he could protest he found his mouth once more full of the intrusive cockhead.

She tilted his head up and their eyes met, hers cold and spiteful, his wide and fearful, “You’re going to fucking swallow what I give you to swallow or I’ll choke you out and then fuck your face. Understand?”

He didn’t, but could hardly convey that to her in his current state.

He felt her push forward, slow and indomitable, her cock pressing up against his battered uvula, pressing, eager, but finding no give.

Releasing one hand from his head she pinched his nose, cutting off his airflow.

His eyes went wide with fear as he realised what she meant, he clawed at her again, his fingernails leaving red streaks across her thighs that only served to heighten her arousal, “If you want to breathe air again bitch you gotta learn to breathe dick first.”

His plush abused lips wrapped around her cock, his hot silky mouth her plaything, his spongy tongue pressed to the bottom of his mouth, he wondered how she couldn’t just be sated by all that, why she had to take it a step beyond what was already too far and dominate his throat, but he knew there was only one way out of this, to give her what she wanted.

In a moment of clarity, rising above the panic and terror he relaxed his throat and swallowed.

It was the only invitation Andrea needed.

Releasing his nose she dragged his face forward, burying the length of her cock into his mouth and throat, his neck bulging obscenely as she fed him her meat.

Groaning out in immense pleasure she revelled in the tight ribbed heat of his throat massaging her swollen cockhead, his face pressed to her body, her massive balls twitching against his chin, his nose pressed to her hard body. With his lips forming a tight O around the root of her cock, she was in absolute heaven.

She drew back, her spit-shined cock coming free of the boys face with a long wet slurping noise as his eyes rolled forward, air filling his tortured lungs, but she was offering him no reprieve, merely readying herself for the home run.

Grunting she jerked her hips forward, slamming her shaft deep into his throat, his plump bruised lips taking her from tip to root in one long agonising motion.

Each thrust gagged him, a reflex he had to suppress with every iota of his willpower as she punched again and again into his turned out throat.

The noises were the epitome of lewd, wet sticky sounds as if she was fucking a ripe juicy watermelon, each pull back accompanied by a desperately wet suction as he tried to draw air into his pained body.

His face was a mess, tears streaming down his cheeks, his chin covered in a mix of precum and spit, her balls equally as wet from slapping into his face time and time again as she used him as little more than a heated fleshlight.

“Fucking come on you slut, you want this dick don’t you? Fucking suck it, hey! Listen to me! Suck that fucking dick!”

She slapped him across his face, hard, leading to him, albeit dully and without fully comprehending, closing his lips tighter and her pole, sucking obediently to avoid further brutal slaps.

“Yessss… See I knew you’d fucking get off on this, you’re just a cock thirsty whore!” she growled as she fucked his now sucking hole.

“This is your fucking life now, worshipping this dick, I own you, I own your body, you hear me, bitch, you’re property!”

He could hear her, but words were passing through with him registering.

“Yeah, you fucking know.” She hissed, leaning down towards him and drawing her cock from his mouth for a moment, his eyes wide and staring blankly at nothing as she spat across his face and into his mouth.

“Look at you. Look at how fucking cock drunk you are.” She laughed then as she smeared her slick dripping cock around his caramel face, slapping her steely meat into the plushness of his lips

“Open wide, slut.”

He did so, obedient, eyes looking up at her.

“Tongue out.”

He did and she grinned,  slapping him on the other cheek anyway, enjoying the rosy glow it brought and wanting to make sure they remained even.

She dragged her cock up and over his face his protruding tongue licking down her shaft as she moved, placing one of her heavy orbs on his waiting tongue, “Kiss!” she commanded.

He did, tears flowing freely down his cheeks as he was degraded, forced to kiss her heavy nut.

Usually when her submissive fuck toys were good little girls and boys she rewarded them, a caress, a good job, just to let them know that they should continue being obedient little cock socks, but with Sky, looking at his stricken face as he was forced to kiss at her smooth scrotum, his wide eyes, face soaked, cheeks red and lips plumped, she wanted only wanted to go further.

“God you’re so fucking worthless,” she spat and pulled back, lining her cock back up to his waiting open mouth.

She forced herself forward, gripping his hair painfully tight as she once more settled into a destructive rhythm, fucking his face like a pussy, only with less care and attention.

She slammed her body into his again and again, stepping forward, forcing him tighter and tighter against the back of the toilet as she hammered her slick length down his throat.

She could feel her passion rising, feel the heat in her balls as they got ready to blow their load, she grit her teeth, part of her annoyed at herself that such a pathetic attempt at masculinity that was Sky could make her cum, but needs must, she pounded her cock down his throat, denying him any air, any respite, admiring the way his slender caramel throat bulged with her gorgeous, perfect dick.

She felt it build, an unstoppable force pulling her closer and closer towards the point of no return, she hungered for it, the ultimate moment of domination, spending her seed in an unwilling vessel, teaching them their place as her property, existing for no other purpose but to serve.

She felt it, felt her climax hit in a sudden pulse of ecstasy.

She realised then that her cum was too good for him, he hadn’t yet earned her seed down his throat so she pulled free, a hand wrapping around her incredibly slick shaft, fingers passing up and down, gliding over the steely length as she came, hot thick ropes of white streaking out  to coat him.

He kept his eyes closed, her cum painting his caramel face with white, streaking him like a particularly unfortunate zebra.

Pulse after pulse shot out onto him, coating his eyes, mouth, cheeks and hair in her essence. Her balls emptying onto him, her passion and her rage subsiding.

She panted hard, staring at the ruined mess of her dates face and, as the pleasures subsided, felt a spark of guilt that had been nestling somewhere inside of her subconscious suddenly flare into life.

She felt her heart skip a beat as she looked down at Sky, the cute feminine boy breathing hard, limp, splayed out against the toilet he was sat on,

“F-fuck…” she said, between pants, she had wanted to dominate him, to make him relive that experience that made him ask her out in the first place but this adorably little caramel love boy had brought out the absolute worst in her again, a monster that she hated, that thwarted every attempt at happiness she had ever come close to achieving, with panic rising she put on her commanding voice, though it was shaky and a little uncertain, “Get yourself cleaned up” she said, pulling her jeans up off the floor as she stepped away, pulling them up her thighs as she stepped from the toilets.

She tucked her spent cock away and swallowed, wiping her wet hands on the butt of her jeans as she passed through the door into the main room of the quiet café.

The waitress at the counter eyed her suspiciously and Andrea was suddenly unsure just how loud she had been if the sound of her attack had carried through the walls and doors to her.

“Can I get a black Americano with a shot of caramel please and a er,” she couldn’t remember what he had ordered, “Do you have ice cream?”

The girl nodded.

“Yeah, some ice cream, please. Vanilla.”

She paid and returned to the table her and Sky had only recently occupied, noting their cups and the tip she had left had already been cleared away.

She sat and waited, watching the door to the toilets with mounting anxiety.

After a few minutes had passed, she saw the door creak open, Sky poking his face around the door and looking around, his eyes fixing on her. He had cleaned himself up good, his eyes a little red and his lips still swollen, a few droplets of water in his hair where he had washed out her cum, his cheeks a rosy red.

Biting his lip, then wincing at the pain and stopping himself he walked, a little shakily, towards Andrea.

“S-sky,” she said, anxiety bleeding into her tone, “I’m so sorry, I-“

Hesitating only for a moment he sat down opposite her, he opened his mouth to speak but found he had no voice, instead he looked across at her, reading the guilt and pain in her expression.

As they stared across each other the waitress came, placing Andreas coffee in front of her and placing the ice cream between the two, she looked at Sky a little uncertain, “Is everything alright?” she asked.

After a tense moment, Sky smiled weakly and nodded, reaching out across the table and taking Andrea’s hand in his own.

Andrea felt awash with relief and as the waitress turned to walk away, she expected to feel his hand slip from hers, instead, he squeezed and she felt his foot gently caress up one calf.

As she turned back, expecting to see betrayal and pain, she saw only desire and want, attraction of the deepest kind in those gorgeous hazel orbs.

“You… Aren’t mad at me?” she asked, baffled.

He lifted a spoon of ice cream to his sore lips and let the cool creaminess slide down his throat, soothing away many of his pains, though when he spoke, his voice was soft and raspy.

“You um, you wanna catch a movie?…” he asked softly and Andrea actually felt herself blush as his foot worked slowly up her leg.


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