Blind Date: Chapter 1

Anthony awoke to a piercing buzzing tune, a nice enough melody, but one he had come to despise shortly after he had made the mistake of making it his alarm. The culprit, his smart phone, was plugged in on the nightstand beside him and was in the process of making him gleefully aware that it was a new day, another twenty-four hour period not dissimilar to the last one. A routine work day.

He sighed and reached out with a weary, sleep-leaden arm, feeling across the surface of his nightstand until his fingers traced the cool smooth surface of his phone and, using the charging cable to identify which way the phone was facing, he swept right on the screen, silencing the alarm.

He let out a soft sigh and let the warmth of his mattress and quilts once more take him, as he always did for the glorious length of the snooze button, content and comfortable.

Five minutes later Anthony awoke to the piercing, buzzing tune of his alarm.

Muttering a curse under his breath, the same as always, he sighed and opened his eyes, squinting against the light that pushed through his curtains to illuminate his bedroom. This time, however, instead of setting his phone to snooze he sat up on his elbows, scooping up his phone and unplugging the charger, letting the cable lazily fall to the floor as he switched off the alarm and checked his notifications. A few social media prods and a selection of news stories dotted his screen and he swiped them away, not yet in the frame of mood to care about either.

He set the phone down and swung his legs out of bed, stretching his arms out and yawning as he stood and stepped forward into the coolness of his apartment, making his way, bare feet padding on the carpet, towards the bathroom.

He entered the tiled room and switched the light on, noting the neanderthal in the mirror who looked back at him, the figure slumped and tired, his face unshaven, his dark hair messy and unkempt, a pair of dark squinting eyes peering back, the hunched form wearing nothing but a pair of light grey boxer shorts.

Every morning he fought that image in the mirror, fighting to bring it under control, a routine battle with an inevitable outcome.

After utilising the facilities he shaved, nothing fancy since he’d long ago given up the time-consuming process of a wet razor shave and had instead forked out for an expensive electric razor that, he thought, did the job just as well.

He buzzed away the previous day’s growth, leaving his cheeks, jaw and neck smooth. He noted subconsciously that he was probably only a week away from needing a haircut to maintain his short professional style, but that was future Anthony’s problem.

After finishing his shave he was already starting to look better. He followed it up by brushing his teeth and while this made no advancement on his look, the cool mint on his taste buds helped to rouse him from the depths of sleep.

He gargled water and spat, washing his toothbrush and putting it aside, moving to his shower unit which he switched on, leaving it for a few moments to let the temperature settle before he stepped under the hot water.

He tilted his head back, letting the water pour down over his hair, smoothing it and letting it continue in steamy little rivulets down the skin of his fit body. Relaxing even as the sensations lured him for the vestiges of sleep.

After languishing in the pleasurable heat for a few long moments he lathered himself with soap and washed out his hair with shampoo, letting the hot stream of water wash the suds from his body before, a little regretfully, he switched the shower off, wiping the excess water from his skin before stepping from the unit onto a plush shower mat, feeling the soft warmth of it under his feet as he went about toweling himself off.

Dry, he caught sight of himself in the mirror, he loosely combed his fingertips through the short dark hair, parting it and settling it in his preferred fashion. He smiled to himself, breathing in to accentuate his figure, lean and athletic. He attended the gym occasionally, but he had to admit the primary cause for his figure was a godly metabolism for which he was eternally grateful.

After giving himself one last look over he was somewhat pleased to confirm that the bathroom was down one shambling neanderthal and up one productive member of society.

Despite being the only one in his apartment he modestly wrapped the towel around his waist, collecting his discarded boxers before he made his way back to his bedroom. He turned the radio on on his phone after checking the time and finding out, a pleasant surprise, that it was Friday and, with the damp towel still clinging to his body began to neatly layout his suit for the day; White boxers, black pants, black shoes, white shirt, black belt, red striped tie.

As he carefully laid out his clothes he listened contentedly to the pop song spilling from his phone, humming softly as he did so, he recognised the song and appreciated the catchy tune though he didn’t sing along.

He finally set aside the towel as he started to dress, folding it over a radiator before pulling on his briefs and listening to the daily news bulletin. The news these days was predictable, always the same, always scandals, disasters, wars. It came to something, he thought, when the news was as routine as his life.

With his collar popped he settled the red tie around his neck and hesitated, looking down at himself and holding both ends of the tie around his neck out from him, inspecting it. After a moment, he put it back, retrieving instead a solid red tie.

After he was finished he gave himself one last look over in the mirror, looking for any creases or blemishes, any mistakes or missed buttons. Satisfied, he silenced his phone and slid it along with his wallet and keys in their assigned pockets and made his way out of his apartment into the cold brisk air of the world, beginning the daily commute.

The commute was longer than he would like, but not particularly arduous, the subways running at regular intervals and, thankfully, never so tightly packed that he was squished in next to other people. He also had the good fortune of passing by a coffee kiosk which made the mornings bearable. A man should never dispute the value of a kiosk which sells truly good coffee, in which, if he could, he partook more than once a day.

Anthony didn’t like to think he was addicted to the lure of coffee, he merely required it to function. Like air, and people weren’t addicted to that, he would often reason to himself internally.

He stepped into the foyer of his building and smiled politely to the receptionist who recognised him, returning the smile. He stepped to the elevators and during the ride up took the first sip of his freshly bought coffee, letting out a pleasant sigh.

Anthony worked in the wonderfully fascinating world of finance and while the work was challenging it was never particularly new or interesting. Despite that, he did the work and did it well. There was no dispute that he was a valuable member of the workforce and, it was generally believed, could’ve been a team leader or junior manager by now. However as opportunities and spots to move higher came and went, Anthony stayed where he was, never quite believing himself good enough to step up in the world, once more contented.

He stepped from the elevator on his floor and navigated the workspace towards his desk. He wasn’t the first in but was always one of them. The IT guy was already in, an older model, one who had been working with PC’s since way back before the internet who was working on a colleague’s machine which had probably been reported as broken the night before, likely fixing it before its user arrived that morning, a good guy by all accounts. So too, he noticed was Charlene, a curvy dark skinned woman in her late twenties or early thirties, an attractive woman with a simply incredible bust who has the misfortune of representing HR. There were four others of his team already in, the two newbies, John and Harry, both good men, Claire, a busty redhead who was so far out of his league that, despite working on the same team as him, he was sure she didn’t know he existed and Lucy, a raven haired short girl who dressed conservatively and socialised just as outwardly.

Anthony recalled he had asked her out once, but been turned down. He had been a little disappointed, Lucy was quite cute he thought, but apparently she had been above what he could realistically bat.

He sat down at his desk and set his coffee down, switching his PC on. He watched, with satisfaction as he logged in to his desktop and 8:59 rolled over to 9:00 on the dot. It was the small victories that made the day go all quicker.

The day proceeded in a typically unremarkable fashion, the rest of the office showed up, everyone got on with their work, people talked, an acceptable level of predictable banter and gossip was had. Anthony partook in it a little, but mainly he focused on his work.

He was a little surprised when Anne, his line manager came by his desk. While Anne made an effort to mingle with the team, periodically moving around to check on everyone, Anthony had noticed she did so to a set schedule, likely following prompts in her work calendar. As she approached him he glanced at the clock at the corner of his window. She wasn’t due to check on him for another hour and a half, just before the end of the day.

“Can I have a word with you in my office for a minute, Anthony?” she asked, voice friendly and gentle, though the words sent a pang of anxiety through him that catapulted his mind into overdrive. Had he made a mistake? Was he in trouble?

“Of course, now?” he asked, returning her smile, though it was a little forced.

“If you can, please.”

He glanced back at his desktop, mind rattling for some excuse as to why he would have to wait ten, or even just five minutes so he could find out what he had done wrong and prepare some sort of action plan to fix it, but nothing immediately presented itself and he was, by all accounts, an honest man.

“Uh, sure.” he nodded, locking his desktop and moving to stand.

He glanced across the office, Anne’s actions not having passed unnoticed he caught Charlene’s eye. He raised his eyebrows at her, questioningly and merely got a shrug in response.

That was good news at least, if he was going to be fired Charlene would know.

He stepped into Anne’s office, entering behind her. It was small, but the privacy it offered made it comparatively luxurious. He politely shut the door behind him and, as she moved behind her desk, he himself made to sit, knowing if he didn’t she would tell him to anyway.

Anne was a married woman, in her late forties with, from how often she spoke of them, he assumed as many children, and she liked to think of herself as having a motherly presence in the office. She had shoulder length mousy brown hair that, gossip insisted, was dyed, though he didn’t much care. Their relationship had been purely professional over the four years since he had started here. They had talked and socialised at the infrequent out of work mandatory gatherings, but it had never progressed beyond that.

“Anthony, I want to talk to you about a bit of a sensitive subject…” she said as she sat, steepling her fingers.

Bad sign.

“Oh?” he said, trying to sound relaxed, though he had to resist the urge to squirm in his seat.

“I’ve been your manager since the day you joined us here and I’m happy to say you’ve been an exemplary member of the team…” she continued, causing him no amount of confusion. Bad news rarely followed the word exemplary, but he stayed silent, letting her go on, her voice tentative, as if testing the waters, “Staff have come and gone, my teams expanded, we’ve received praise, bonuses, all good news and a lot of it can be, in one way or another accredited to you.”

“…Thank you?” he said, uncertain as to where she was going with this.

Anne nodded, “I think it’s time you branched out.”

Anthony groaned inwardly, there was likely a new position coming up, one Anne wanted him to go for and was doing him the ‘favour’ of giving him a preemptive heads up.

“Anne, thank you I appreciate-…”

She held up a hand, an almost wry smirk touching her lips, “I appreciate the offer but I’m not interested in moving up just yet?” she said.

He hesitated, staying silent.

“Now you’re thinking, ‘if you knew I’d say that why call me in here.’”

He remained silent. He couldn’t fault her and she knew it.

“There isn’t a new position coming available, that’s not what I’m talking about.” she let out a long low sigh and leaned back in her chair, lowering her hand.

“You’re a good person, Anthony. A great worker, nice and kind, but you don’t have any drive, any ambition.” she said, bluntly.

He frowned a little, though again, he couldn’t and wouldn’t disagree with that, it was just never nice to be confronted with a personal fault.

“You need something in your life to give you that drive, something to work towards, a goal.”

“I’ve got a nice apartment, I’m building a nice pension, I’m happy.” He said, carefully.

“I don’t doubt any of that. You’ve built yourself a good life, but you need to live a little bit more.” she said, smiling softly.

Anthony eyed her, a little taken aback. It wasn’t like Anne, he thought, to take such an interest in his personal life, though he began to wonder if she always had and he just hadn’t noticed it.

“I’ll… Try harder?” he said dismissively, simply trying to placate her.

She opened her mouth to speak, then hesitated, picking her words carefully, “I’ve set you up on a date with someone who I think you will get on well with.” His expression must have said a thousand words because she was quick to add, “And I would consider it a personal favour if you would go ahead with it.”

He stared at her, mouth opening and closing a few times as he processed that, “…A date. With a woman.”

She raised her eyebrows, “Are… You not into…”

He blushed and sat up in his chair, “Oh I am! I am, I just-”

“It’s settled then. Eight pm, tonight at Quel Posto Italiano.” She beamed, leaning back in her chair as if the matter was resolved.

“That Italian place we went to?” he asked, knowing it. It was closer to where he lived than it was to the office, though not by much, his team had gone there the Christmas past for a meal.

She nodded and smiled. “You can tell me all about it on Monday.”

He opened his mouth to speak, to protest, but he stopped. This was a very personal matter, but one that, if he refused, could impact his working relationship with his manager, a precarious position.

“…I will, um… Thank you.” he said, a little dryly as he stood and made his way from her office back to his desk.

He sat there for a few moments, staring at his screen before Charlene approached, apparently registering a pretty shadowed expression on his face. “Is everything okay?” she asked, clearly seeking gossip but doing so wearing the ‘concerned HR’ mask.

For a moment as he took a deep sigh he considered mentioning how he was essentially being blackmailed into a date, but he thought about it again. Anne, for all her faults, was well intentioned, trying to do him a favour and while it would cost him his evening in the company of whoever she thought was suited for him, he wasn’t going to be doing much with his time anyway.

“Everythings fine, just a little catch up over some work.” he said, sitting up a little straighter and adopting his smile.

Charlene pursed her lips and eyed him with suspicion, “Mm, alright glad everything’s okay.”

She slinked away and Anthony unlocked his PC. So much for a quiet Friday evening, he thought.

The rest of the day proceeded by the books, up to and including Anne’s ‘spontaneous’ check on how he was getting on, right on schedule he noted, and the day finally wound to a close.

Usually, he might have spent an extra hour or two at work, closing out projects so he wouldn’t worry about them over the weekend, but for the first time in a long time, he had a date he had to prepare for.

During his commute home, coffee in hand he tried to think about the sort of woman someone like Anne would try to set him up with, but he just didn’t know her well enough to begin piecing together a picture. Would she be older, one of Anne’s friends? Would she be family? A daughter or niece maybe? Would she be quiet and reserved like Lucy, or something completely different? He had no idea and before he knew it his thoughts had carried him home.

Finding himself with about an hour and a half to kill before he had to go out he spent some time picking out his outfit, the same smart casual outfit, he realised once he was done, he had probably worn the last time he had gone to Quel’s with work.

After he had done that he did the only other thing he could think of to do, he repeated his morning routine.

He shaved, washed, showered, dried and dressed, making himself as presentable as he could manage. He didn’t hold high hopes for the date, in fact, it was practically a write-off, but he didn’t see any reason not to at least show up looking his best.

Packing the essentials, phone, wallet and keys into their assigned pockets he once again left his apartment, opting to walk to try and keep his emerging anxieties in check as he made his way towards his blind date.

As he arrived he scanned the restaurant, not spotting any lone females he assumed, correctly, that he was here first. A waiter directed him to a table and he ordered a glass of water, checking his phone he noted that he was around five minutes early, so he tried to relax, though his gaze kept flickering towards the door.

Eight’o’clock came and went, so did five past, so did ten past. He was starting to feel his anxiety turn into embarrassment, unsure how to feel about being stood up on a blind date, unsure of what he could say to Anne on Monday.

“Your table,” the waiter said, extending a hand towards his own.

He looked up and froze, mouth half open.

Before him stood a woman, about his age and wearing a long sleeved deep red high neck blouse and knee length skirt, she struck an image that was in one instant both awe inspiring and inspiring of dread.

He immediately knew she was way of his league for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, she was just gorgeous. She had long red hair that she had, he assumed, used curlers on to give it a wavy effect, her green eyes were simply captivating and her body was so perfect as to be of mythical status. She was at the same time both slender and curvy, thin waisted but sporting a full bust, her legs long and her skin light and unblemished.

Second but of no less impact on his chances with her, he knew, was her name.

“Claire?” he said, though he was not so bereft of his wits in his surprise that he neglected to stand, stepping around the table to pull her chair out for her.

“Hey Anthony, I hope I’m not too late! Time got away from me.” she explained apologetically as she gratefully took her place, her eyes tracking him all the way as he made his way back to his own seat.

“Uh, no you’re not too late.” he said lamely as he practically stared at her, awkward in his surprise and uncertainty.

“Oh good! I was worried you’d already be gone.” She giggled a little, smiling warmly as she tucked a lock of hair behind one ear, “Work today was a nightmare wasn’t it?”


“Oh you’re right, we shouldn’t talk about work.” She blushed and smiled, “You know when I asked Anne if you were single I never expected her to say yes, let alone help me set this up!”

He blinked, “You, you set this up?”

“Oooh, she told you it was a blind date, didn’t she? Well, only for you.”

He swallowed a little, unable to let his self-doubt get the better of him, “Why would you want to date me?”

She tilted her head curiously, as if surprised he would ask that, “Well you’re sweet and kind, you always help me with work when I need it and unlike all the other so called ‘men’ in the office you aren’t constantly hitting on me or just… Staring. Even Charlene is guilty of that, though I have no idea why… Honestly, I thought you were spoken for!”

“I er, no I just, you know. Thought you were a little, you know.”

“A little what?” she asked, a smirk on her full lips.

“You know, out of my league?” he asked and to her surprise, she laughed, reaching out with a hand and resting it on his, her touch warm and soft.

“Oh Anthony, you’re funny.” She giggled, smiling happily and he found himself laughing a little too, albeit uncertainly.

She quickly lured him out of his shell, her bubbly bright personality and insistent conversation all but forcing him to enjoy himself, not that he needed forcing, just that he was trying to figure out at which point the rug would be pulled out from under him.

As the date progressed and the wine flowed, his paranoia began to ebb away as they talked more and more. Despite her beauty and her skill at her job, he had expected, from her reputation as a bit of an airhead, that there wasn’t much more to her than he already knew, but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

He quickly discovered that she loved sports, watching it daily and keeping up with the news, playing more than a few herself, including tennis, which he too enjoyed on occasion after having played for his team in college. Though that was a main factor in her life she had a wide variety of interests outside of sport, many of which they also shared, their love of films, their love of music and, much to his surprise, a lack of luck with the opposite gender.

He blinked, certain he had just misheard her, “I’m sorry, it’s been how long since your last boyfriend?” he asked, voice surprised as he sipped his coffee, their desserts finished. He knew asking the question was a bit of a faux pas, but he had to ask it anyway.

She blushed, “Oh, you heard right, five years.” she said, sounding a little embarrassed, her smile slight.

“I find that really hard to believe, I mean, you’re the centre of attention in every room you walk into.” he smiled, knowing it was the truth.

She giggled a little, her blush brightening, “Flatterer… I’m not blind, or really that modest, I know why people look at me,” she glanced down at her own impressive bust, “and I know what they’re looking at when they do. It’s not that guys aren’t interested in me, it’s just that I don’t find many that I think I’m really, you know, compatible with.”

He nodded along, “And you think we’re compatible?…” he asked, still, despite how much he’d enjoyed the evening so far, dubious of her words.

She let out a little sigh and eyed him with an expression he couldn’t read, her smile gentle, maybe anxious, maybe apologetic. He couldn’t read it, but he was familiar with it. He put on a soft little smile himself, as if to tell her it was okay, that he was ready. It was a shame, really, he’d quite enjoyed the evening, but he knew he shouldn’t be surprised that no matter how nice a person he was, he would be far below what she would want really.

“I dunno, I think we are…” she said, taking a deep breath, “I just, I’m…” she hesitated, looking at him, “I’m just… Not like other women.”

He looked at her, the latter half of her words falling on deaf ears, the first half having gotten stuck in his mind.

“Wait, you’re seriously interested in me? You?”

She hesitated, a bit of a warmer smile touching her lips, “Um… Yes? Is that so hard to believe?”

“Well, yes, actually I mean, you’re… Well, you know how gorgeous you are.” he said, stunned.

She smiled a little wryly, then shrugged, “Anthony, that doesn’t mean anything when you really get to know me, as I said, I’m not like other women.”

Anthony shrugged, his smile growing, “You’re pretty perfect, honestly.” he said raising a blush to her cheeks, “I’m sure whatever you think it is that sets you apart from other women it just makes you you and it won’t change my opinion of you, which is pretty high right now.”

“You’re really, really sweet Anthony, but maybe at least hear what it is before you commit to that idea.” she said, warm, but cautioning.

He looked at her, trying to be reassuring, while he knew he wouldn’t mind whatever it was, if she really had to tell him to feel better about herself, he wouldn’t stop her.

She nodded as if to herself to instil confidence as she picked up her coffee and took a deep sip, “Anthony… I’m packing a little extra heat…” she said, voice soft.

He stared back at her, his face a mask of pure incomprehension, “…Alright.” was all he said, to cover up his obvious obliviousness.

She giggled a little and shook her head, “Ahh, I hoped I wouldn’t have to explain…” she said, a little regretful, “I’m a woman… But I have extra… Male parts.”

“Oh.” Was all he said, still confused.

“…Down… There…” she followed up to clarify with a point of her finger.

He watched her for a few long moments, then his eyebrows raised, “Oh. Ooooooh. Oooh… I think I understand.”

She nodded a little, “It’s why I’ve never had much luck with men.” she said if only to fill the silence, though she knew it was obvious.

He looked at her as his mind turned over on itself, he didn’t know women like her were a thing, they were rare in the world, but it was the first he was hearing about it. She was his dream girl, but she had a, well, a manhood, if he understood her right.

He would have to have a word with Anne on Monday, ask her just what she thought his type was, because it seemed, if Claire was anything to go off of, Anne believed his type was a beautiful, charming, intelligent, funny, fit, curvy women… His train of thought derailed before it even reached the point of her endowment. It didn’t need to.

“I’m feeling pretty compatible if you are.” he smiled.

She brightened considerably, her normal bubbly self returning at his words, assuaging her fears that he might not have been the person she hoped he was, “You mean that?” she asked, voice high and excited.

He nodded in confirmation, smiling at her, though he still had a few doubts in his mind, half wondering just what he had gotten himself into, he was certain he had made the right choice, she was his dream girl, he couldn’t just let her slip through his fingers for the sake of what was in her pants.

She bit her full soft lip, squirming a little in her seat, clearly ecstatic, “I really hoped you’d say that, but for a second there…” she laughed cutely and brushed a few strands of hair behind her ears, “Then to answer your question, yes, yes I think we’re compatible.”

They finished their coffee’s as they spoke, talking again about sports as if to normalise after such a big revelation, they ordered the bill and he, despite her protest, paid for it himself, insisting with a smile.

“Do you live far from here?” She asked and he explained where he lived to her, “I live not too far from there! I’m kind of on your route back from here, do you want to split a taxi?”

Pleased to hear that she lived close, though he had planned to walk he was more than happy at the prospect of more time with her so agreed, pulling out his smartphone and, after she had given him her address, ordering an Uber.

They stood together outside the restaurant in the cool night air, with Anthony standing at six foot and Claire at five five, he found it hard to believe a girl as feminine and slight as her could be harbouring such a different feature.

She let out a little bit of a shiver, not having brought a coat with her a gentle breeze was enough to have her fold her arms over her stomach.

Having not brought a jacket with him either he had nothing on hand to offer her, but, taking a bit of a chance he opened his arm to her.

Claire looked at him, not understand for a brief moment before it clicked and she blushed a little, stepping closer into his arm, enjoying the warmth of his body against hers.

He looked down at her, small and beautiful against his frame, a smirk touching his lips as he noticed something, “With a blush like that you’ll warm up in no time.”

He blushed brighter and nudged him in the ribs, drawing a laugh from him that made her smile, “I just didn’t think I’d get this lucky with you.” she admitted, another laugh rising from him.

“I’m pretty sure that’s my line.” he said, mirth in his voice as he gave her a soft little squeeze.

She unfolded her arms and wrapped them lightly around his waist, “I really, really enjoyed tonight Anthony.” she said, her voice still soft taking more of a serious tone.

“Me too, Claire. I had no idea what Anne had planned for me but, I think I owe her a box of chocolates or something for persuading me into this.” he grinned.

She smiled brightly and pressed her head lightly to his chest, holding him as he held her.

The uber arrived and they climbed into the back, their driver, an Asian man who greeted them pleasantly didn’t engage them in conversation, assuming, correctly, that the two lovebirds would like to talk amongst themselves.

They rode in silence for a few moments, content in each other’s company before Anthony spoke, “So… What do you want to do for our second date?” he asked, certain that they both wanted a repeat.

“Maybe some drinks… Maybe a movie?” she replied, looking up at him with a bright but sly smile.

“That would be nice.” he smiled, “I know a couple of good spots we could go for a drink, and there’s a few nice films out at the moment, we could maybe go to the cinema on Sunday? Get a couple of drinks together afterwards?”

She paused, pursing her lips as if thinking it over before making a decision, “I mean, we could do that. But I’ve got a perfectly good Netflix account and wine cabinet at mine… Tonight, if you want.”

Anthony opened his mouth in surprise and looked at her before turning his attention to the driver in the rear view mirror. The man looked at him with a sort of, ‘what the hell are you looking at me for, are you an idiot? Look at her,’ expression that left him certain that there was no other answer to that question, coming from a woman of Claire’s calibre other than the one he was about to give.

“I uh, yeah, obviously yeah.” he said, though he found himself a little anxious, beginning to wonder just where this evening would lead.

She smiled and took his hand in hers, squeezing it. Remaining quiet for the short remainder of the journey, both swimming in their own thoughts about the other. As they arrived at her place he retrieved his phone, giving his uber driver five stars and a tip.

They climbed from the car and he looked around recognising the area, living, he thought, only a fifteen minute walk from here or so.

As he looked around she had sidled up beside him, looping her arm in his and smiling up, stepping forward, her modest heels clicking on the sidewalk as she steered him towards her place.

“So you er, been living here long?” he asked, making conversation as they entered her apartment building, it was a nice building, he noticed, not unlike his own, unsurprising given how they were on similar salaries.

“Mm almost a year now I think, but I’ve got my lease extended for at least another two, I’m just looking to settle down, you know?” She asked with a smile as she looked up at him, fishing out her keys and opening the door to her apartment.

She kept it clean and tidy as he did, but the apartment was better decorated, the walls were painted bright colours contrasting to the mostly white of his, but with the apartments spaciousness the bright colours weren’t overwhelming.

“Wow, you uh, got a bigger place than I do.” he said with a bit of a chuckle, surprised, looking around then back at her, raising an eyebrow as he shut the door behind him, “How’d you get a place like this on our salary?”

She had stepped ahead of him towards the kitchen but paused at the entrance, leaning on the doorframe, a smirk on her lips as she held her hands together and stretched her arms out down in front of her, the effect pushing her sizable breasts up and together, accentuating their size, “Ooh I don’t know… I think the owner took a liking to me, you know?” she giggled as she stepped into the kitchen, leaving him blushing by the door.

He stepped further in and cleared his throat, hearing her in the kitchen, the tinkling of glasses. He caught sight of himself in a mirror and tilted his head a little, reaching up to run his fingertips through his hair, doing his best to neaten it. He looked back towards the kitchen and saw Claire standing again in the doorway, this time two glasses and a bottle of wine held in her hands, a grin on her face as she caught him blushing.

“Don’t worry so much!” she said, sauntering over to a couch, “You look fine, great, actually.” she winked, “Joining me?” she sat herself down and reclined comfortably, looking across to Anthony expectantly.

He smiled and nodded, moving to sit beside her as she poured out two measures of white wine, handing him a glass which he sipped from gratefully.

“How about you pick what we watch?” she asked, handing him a remote, her tone soft and airy.

He took the remote with reverence and eyed it then the TV, switching it on and easily navigating the menus to Netflix. He knew this was some sort of a test, what movie would he put on? Would he put on a romance to try and woo her? Would he put on an action film because he loved it? Would he put on a comedy because all women just want a man that could make them laugh? He flicked through the selection of TV shows, movies and comedy nights and she watched with interest until he finally came to the conclusion, the only conclusion there could be.

“Ooh good choice.” she purred, settling back into the seat, “But there’s no way we’re going to make it all the way through this film on just one bottle of wine…”

He looked at her and met her eye, unable to help himself, smiling, “Nonsense. You’re only saying that because no one ever has.”

As the movie progressed they did move onto the second bottle of wine. After she had gotten up to retrieve it, as she sat down she sat closer, nestling into the crook of his arm as he draped it over her shoulders.

She was far more intoxicating than the wine was, her slender body warm and soft against his, snuggled up against him as she was it afforded him a view down her top that, with his inhibitions lowered courtesy of the wine, he found himself glancing at more than once. She smelled sweet and he found himself thinking about her more than the film.

He had said he would accept her no matter what and even knowing what he did now his opinion hadn’t been swayed in the least. He’d never thought of himself as anything other as heterosexual, but the thought of Claire having a manhood didn’t phase him, which confused him a little. He’d never thought about it before, or fantasized about it, but it just didn’t matter to him.

It was then he realised just how taken he was with Claire. She was way above anything he had ever expected to get for himself and on top of that, they had a lot in common, a chemistry even. His sexuality wasn’t important, she was.

“Whatcha thinking about?” she asked curiously, a sing-song tone to her voice.

He looked down at her, blinking as his train of thought was derailed, smiling a little, “Just… Enjoying the film.”

“Uhhuh… You’ve been staring at the credits with dreamy eyes for like three minutes.” she smirked, playful.

He looked back towards the screen, the last of the credits rolling as he stared.

“Sooo, what were you really thinking about?” she pressed, urging her body tighter to his, a hand tracing in circles on his chest through his shirt.

“Just, about your…” he said, honestly, leaving the last word unsaid, knowing it didn’t need to be spoken aloud.

“My cock?~” she grinned broadly, giggling a little.

Anthony blushed brightly, realising she had had the same amount to drink that he had and that, combined with her smaller size, probably meant she was quite buzzing.

“Y-yeah, that.” he confessed.

She pursed her lips a little, “And?… What’s the verdict now you’ve actually given yourself time to think about it?”

He bit his lip some, picking his next words carefully, “I… Really don’t mind that it’s a there.”

She smirked some, “Mm… You’re sure know how to compliment a lady hm?”

“Ah, sorry, I mean-”

“I know what you mean, and it’s amazing, you’re perfect. If you were in love with it that would be less fun.” she nodded.

“Less fun?” he asked.

“Well, then I wouldn’t be able to teach you how to love it…” she said, her voice low and sultry, her eyes full of promises.

He bit his lip and their eyes met, his heart pounding in his chest as she stared up at him, biting her lip, a hungry expression on her beautiful, kind features.

“I want you, Anthony…” she whispered softly.

He didn’t answer, all his life he’d let chances pass him by, girls he might’ve had a shot with ignored, promotions overlooked, opportunities, possibilities, all passing by.

She looked hopeful.

No more missed chances. He didn’t reply, he didn’t need to, he kissed her.

She arched her back, pressing herself desperately to him as they met in their first kiss, her hand moving up his arm to grip his shoulder, the other bunching his shirt in her fist.

He slid his arms eagerly around her and pulled her tight, the warmth of her body exciting him in ways he hadn’t felt in years, he raised a hand to run his fingertips through her hair, caressing her as they kissed, soft and passionate but with underlying currents of lust.

It was a whirlwind romance and they both knew it, but sparks were flying and they were releasing what felt like years of pent up energy, neither of them had had much luck with the opposite sex and in each other they had found someone they each found incredibly attractive and who, seemingly, understood.

With their blossoming connection and their wine weakened inhibitions, their thinly veiled pretence of not wanting to just leap at each other had fallen away quickly.

She rose to stand and as she did she dragged him by the shirt collar to stand too, all the while kissing as his hands glided down her body, tracing the lines of her body, her slender waist, her curves, resting his hands on her hips as she started to step towards the bedroom, towing him, both her hands at his collar to start unbuttoning his shirt revealing the smooth skin of his chest.

Backing towards her room she accidentally, too distracted with him backed herself against a wall and he loomed to stand over her, the kiss deepening as their tongues met, nimble and eager as they sought each other out, his hands moving down and around, cupping her ass cheeks and squeezing.

She moaned into the kiss and as he lifted her from the floor, raising she snaked her arms around his neck, his shirt now unbuttoned as she too laced her legs around his waist, holding onto him as they made out, her back pressed against the wall and her swelling gift pressing to his stomach, not that he noticed or cared.

She ran her fingers through his hair, lavishing in the sensations of such a gorgeous man paying her the attention she had so desperately craved for so long.

He pulled her away from the wall and she clung to him, the two of them breaking the kiss so they could stare at each other, open mouthed, panting softly as they stared with half lidded eyes into each other’s souls.

Without a word he carried her into her bedroom, tossing her onto the bed where she bounced with a gasp, laying lounged out on the soft sheets watching him as he removed his shirt, leaving him bare chested. He was so gorgeous, so perfect as he stood over her.

He moved onto the bed, noting a definite bulge, but ignoring it for now. He slid his fingers under her top to caress his tips across her flat stomach, starting to glide them up her skin, raising her shirt as he moved, leaving soft kisses on her body as he moved.

Blushing she raised her arms above her head, resting them on the bed as he continued to move her shirt up and off her body, kissing as he moved, even pressing a few soft kisses into the fabric cups of her substantial bra.

Eagerness meeting with impatience he pressed his fingers under her back and, arching her back she raised herself, giving room for his questing fingers to find and, a little clumsily, unhook her bra.

He leaned up, straddling her waist as she looped her arms through the straps of her bra, looking up at him with a lustful gaze, the only thing holding her bra to her breasts was gravity.

“H-hey… When you saw me in the office this morning… Did you think you’d end up seeing me on my back without my bra on?” she asked, smirking ever so softly.

“Given my luck, I’m still not convinced I will.” he smirked too.

She giggled a little, her breasts bouncing to her mirth just behind the loose cover of her bra, which she removed, tossing it aside and letting her heavy full breasts spill free into his sight, “How about n-mm…”

She was interrupted as he again leaned in to kiss her, her full breasts squishing against his chest, their warmth magic against him. He reached a hand between them to cup and squeeze one of the soft mounds, eliciting a groan of pleasure for the girl as she squirmed against him wanting more.

He delivered, kissing down over her jaw to her slender neck, continuing his conquest back down her body until his lips were pressing into the full softness of her breasts, finding one of her nipples and drawing it between his lips, his hand massaging the wonderful flesh as he sucked and flicked his tongue across her sensitive nipple.

By now the bulge that he had been ignoring was all but pleading for attention, an unmistakable firmness pressing into his body, he looked up at her and saw the mutual pleading in her eyes. She wanted more, so much more and he knew in her expression that this wouldn’t be the sort of relationship where her lusts would go unchecked as he sated his, if anything he suspected he might have to fight for it not to be the opposite.

“Please…” she begged, shamelessly.

Hesitating just for a moment he hooked his thumbs under the band of her skirt and the thin fabric of her panties and began to work both downwards.

He admired her perfect porcelain skin, flawless from her nose to her toes in both its look and how it felt under his fingers, but as he discarded the last of her clothes he finally let his eyes rest on the tool that he had known about, but could still hardly believe.

Typically, the first thing he noticed was how much bigger than him she was. Not that he was small, in fact he proudly considered himself above average in that department, but she was simply huge, at least nine inches and as thick as a can of red bull, her massive and very hard cock, pointed straight up, red tip glistening where drops of pre had been rubbed into it by her panties as she had shifted and squirmed, a pair of heavy balls hung below, the whole affair smooth and hairless.

“You’ve liked kissing up until now, right?” she urged, keeping still.

Laying between her thighs he looked up, past the thick cock that slightly pulsed and bobbed before his eyes, past the heavy swell of her breasts as they rose and fell in tandem with her breaths into that familiar face, so well known to him but now so foreign in its lust for him, her green eyes staring at him, needing him, something he hadn’t seen in another woman for it felt like forever.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to the underside her cock where it met her balls and she let her head fall back against the bed, her curled red hair splaying out as she moaned in pleasure and the sudden relief of ‘will he, won’t he’ tension that she hadn’t even realised had been building up inside of her was washed away in an instant.

He closed his eyes, fully aware of what he was doing, pleasuring a beautiful woman who wanted him, nothing else on the subject mattered to him, it didn’t need to.

Finding his confidence he let his tongue draw slowly up the length of her cock until it teased at the underside of her ruby red tip, his lips closing around it as he pressed down, taking it into the enticing wet warmth of his mouth.

She writhed against the bed as her cock leaked pre between his lips, she was proving to be a vocal partner, with each tiny action from him drawing forth a new and distinct moan of pleasure from her lips.

“A-ah! Ooh gods, Anthony, you’re, ah! Really treating me here…” she moaned, eyes shut as she lived in the moment.

He didn’t slow or stop, focusing more on the lushness of her voice and the melodic pleasure within it than any of the other sensations currently washing over him.

“You’re so good…” she purred, writhing against him as her hands trailed down, one resting on the back of his head, urging him on, the other gripping and squeezing her own full breast, plucking at her full nipple with thumb and finger, adding to her pleasure.

He rolled his lips steadily up and down over her hard shaft, suckling as his tongue rolled around her sensitive ruby tip, not knowing what to do, but knowing what he enjoyed, simply trying his best to emulate that and using her guidance to help. As his tongue flicked the underside of her tip she gripped his head a little tighter, spurring him on to repeat the action, her legs shifting as she moved, lost in the pleasure.

“F-fuck Anthony… I don’t want it to stop, a-ah! Mm…” she whimpered cutely, sounding torn, “Ah, take your pants off, stand up…”

He paused, drawing one last time on her thick cock before letting it pop free of his warm wet mouth, panting softly as he looked up at her, nodding a little, rising to his feet and fumbling at his belt, looking down to take in the sight that was Claire.

She lounged on the bed, a hand wrapped around her thick cock, pumping it slowly as she watched, a predatory glint in her eyes as he stripped for her.

“…That’s kinda sexy.” She teased with a grin and he couldn’t help but smirk back, feeling more than a little playful himself.

He was hard as steel in his own boxers, which was obvious as he slid his trousers down his legs, and even more so when his shorts followed and it sprang out. It wasn’t nearly as big as hers was, not that she seemed to mind as he stood there, trying not to feel self-conscious about his inferior length.

“That’s definitely sexy…” she purred, patting the bed beside her, urging him back to her side.

He was keen to follow her direction and laid down on the bed beside her, her lips again finding his as they cuddled and kissed, their hands caressing and exploring one another’s skin as they crossed swords, their cocks bumping and rubbing against each other, tiny moans escaping Claire’s lips between hot kisses.

“Are you ready for more?” she asked softly, her eyes half lidded, her hand snaking across his hip to squeeze his ass, feeling it’s softness under her questing fingertips.

He nodded some, “What do-Mmm..”

She kissed him again and rolled him onto his back, moving to lay on top of him, her lighter body comfortable on his, her breasts pressed warmly to his chest.

Their tongues mingled as she slowly gyrated her hips, grinding her cock gently into his stomach, her hands reaching down, gliding down his sides to the inside of his thighs, urging them apart.

“Mmf…” he murmured a little, breaking the kiss and looking up at her, “You… Want to?…”

“Can I, please?” she said, voice soft, every aspect of her being radiating desire, a need for him.

He swallowed, some, just an hour ago he would’ve hesitated, even just to think about it, but he trusted her explicitly and he wanted to make this red haired goddess feel every sensation he could provide her. He just nodded.

She beamed happily and kissed him softly before leaning up, kneeling between his parted thighs, her cock resting atop of his, eclipsing it as she worked her hips back and forth slowly.

After biting one full lip at the sight of him for a moment she raised her hand and spat on her fingers, urging them down between their bodies, Anthony feeling the alien sensation of a pair of wet fingers gently probing at him, lubricating him, preparing him.

“You’re so beautiful Anthony…” she said in a low, loving voice, her words contrasting lewdly with her actions as she continued to prepare his virgin hole and rub spit into her thick cock.

“Is, is that going to be enough lubricant?…” he asked, not wanting to back out, but concerned for her size and his inexperience.

“It’ll be fine, trust me.?” She urged as she moved to rest one hand on the bed sheets beside his chest, her other hand gripping the base of her cock and lining it up to his butt.

He nodded again, blushing as he reached his arms out above him on the bed, not sure what else to do with his arms as she looked down into his eyes, her lips parted slightly as she started to exert just the tiniest bit of pressure.

He breathed hard and tried to relax, but found it difficult as the pressure built and built.

She pushed then pulled back, letting him get used to her attempts and just enjoying the sensation of heat and pressure against her sensitive cock head even if she wasn’t yet inside him, his cheeks hugging her sensitive member felt amazing.

Again she pushed forward, the pressure once again building against him as he gasped and whimpered adorably, but again did his best not to tense or panic.

This time as the pressure mounted, the building sensations almost becoming unbearable there was a sudden give and she lurched forward a couple of inches, the ruby tip of her cock and the top inch of her pale shaft sinking into his now spread hole.

He arched his back and cried out in pain, gritting his teeth as she bit her lip to withhold a deep moan.

Instead she lay down, pressing her breasts into his chest as her hands moved up to caress his hair, leaving her cock inside him, allowing his tight ring to adjust to her impressive girth.

“Shh, it’s okay… It’s okay, the first time always hurts, like any virgin… The pain will go away soon I promise, I promise…” she whispered softly into his ear, reassuring and calming him from the sudden influx.

She held him and spoke to him like that for a couple long minutes before pulling back a little and looking at him, hopeful.

He bit his lip, but nodded, closing his eyes and gripping the sheets in preparation.

She smiled and moved back up onto her knees, looking down and seeing for the first time where they were joined, the very tip of her thick cock vanished inside his tightness, it looked so good, so tempting, more than ever she knew he was the one, that he would spend a lot of time in his current place, not as a toy, or just a friend with benefits, but as her life partner.

Slowly she began to build the pressure back up, moving easier this time, her cock dominating him inch after inch as at a minuscule pace she fed herself into him, filling him, claiming him.

He gasped, whimpered and writhed, struggling to come to terms with just how tight the fit was and just how much cock she was urging into him, but he never told her to stop, never thought he couldn’t or wouldn’t do it, he could and he would, for her.

Claire chewed her lip watching him, gorgeous and wonderful, taking her cock like a star, letting her push forward until, to their mutual surprise, she had buried her entire python inside of him in one single, albeit slow push.

She didn’t afford him as much of an acclimation period this time, instead pulling out, only to push back in, her movements solely orchestrated by the gyrating of her hips, her eyes locked on his expression, though he had his eyes closed, she revelled in the look of determination. She knew it wouldn’t feel good for him, yet, but his sheer willpower in going through this minor ordeal for her pleasure was such a turn on for her that she found herself admiring and lusting after him more and more with each passing second, even as she finally sated those needs.

Their breaths joined in tempo, matching one another to the slow driving thrusts of her cock as it slid in and out of him, making slow love to him, her noises again picking up.

While she had quieted herself after his short, but magical, period of going down on her, she again found herself unable to resist the lure of her bodies rolling waves of pleasure, her throaty moans filling the space between them as they joined.

His hands moved to her waist, holding her gently and neither urging her to go faster or to slow, just needing to feel her under his fingers as she entered him.

As her pace quickened he too found himself making soft lewd noises in time with her cocks movements, each push seemingly to work its way so deep into him as to push the air out of his lungs in a deep gasping moan, there was no pleasure yet, but the pain was certainly outweighed by the insanity of the situation, here he was, on his back, the office beauty between his thighs making slow passionate love to him in a way he’d never even considered possible. And he was enjoying it, enjoying the intimacy, enjoying the feeling of a woman in his arms and most of all, enjoying the noises she was making, especially when her moans and gasps started to evolve, each one becoming a lewd mimic of his name which she repeated, again and again, her mind swimming with thoughts of him as she took him.

Her pace quickened still, their love making becoming more heated and impassioned as his body started to rock with the mounting force of each thrust, her breasts bouncing as the distinctive noise of bodies slapping against each other rose to mix with the already melodic tune of their two pleasured voices.

The pleasure coursing through her body became so intense as she fucked his tight ass that her own body seemingly became too heavy to support as she leaned forward, embracing him as he wrapped his arms around her, thighs spread wide as she became less focused, more wild and needy,  her thoughts for his well being fading away just a little as she was taken by the animalistic need to for pleasure brought on by a familiar rising sensation in her balls, one she felt often whenever she ‘saw to herself’, but never at this strength.

They didn’t need words now, nothing they could’ve said would’ve stopped the inevitable as they both felt her cock become steely hard inside him, pulsing and throbbing in tune with her heartbeat.

She felt herself crest the peak and she forced her lips tight to his, her tongue driving between his lips to meet his own, equally as excited and keen as her own to make out as fireworks exploded in her head, a surging sensation running down her cock as she began to drain her heavy, smooth balls inside of him, each pulse sending another pool of white deep into him, filling him with even more foreign sensations which were, he couldn’t deny, starting to feel good.

This first time, his first ever, may have been a more difficult experience for him, but with how he felt in this very instant, he wanted to feel it again, to see how it would feel now he knew what to expect, now he was more prepared. He had no doubt it would feel better and better as time went on and he was excited to find that out for himself.

She collapsed on top him, spent, her cock still hard, spitting out the last few creamy drops of her thick cum into his seeded ass, his arms gently caressing her body sending shivers down her spine. She was falling so madly in love with him, more so with each passing second and she could only hope and pray he felt the same.

His voice came out soft, worn out and heady with satisfaction even though it had been her who had cum, “W-wow…”

“That… That was amazing… Anthony…” she panted, hugging herself to him, possessively.

“W-we… Didn’t go too far on the first date, did we?” he asked and she smiled, he, like her, was looking to their future together, already trying to safeguard it.

“We went the perfect distance…” she reassured him, kissing his chest as she slowly pulled out and snuggled in beside him, “We should plan our second date…”

He bit his lip a little then nodded, “Maybe, coffee and danishes? I know a couple of good spots we could go?”

She smiled at that looking up at him with a twinkle in her eyes, “I mean, we could… But I’ve got perfectly good coffee and danishes at mine… Tomorrow morning, after a second round…”

“Then maybe we can go for a few rounds of tennis?” he suggested, smiling to himself.

“Then we can have a third round in the changing room…” she said in a quiet but excited tone.

He found himself smiling, he was, he knew, going to be on the receiving end of her bonus package an awful lot, but if the price of heaven was doing something he was sure he would learn to love, there wasn’t really any questioning to it.

“Sure, then we can have a round three…” he said softly and felt her nestle up against him, warm and ever so perfect.


“So.” Harry said, leaning on his desk as the Monday morning rolled around, “Let me get this straight.” he continued, John nodding along, standing with arms folded, “You went on a blind date on Friday.”

“Yup.” Anthony nodded.

“And you spent the night at hers.” John continued, disbelief filling his voice.


“And then you spent the next day together, playing tennis. Going to the cinema. That sort of thing.” Harry again.

“Mmhm.” Anthony nodded some, smirking.

“And then she spent the night at yours.”

“That’s pretty much what happened yes.” Anthony agreed.

“And on Sunday you?…”

“Spent the day with her again, yes.”

Harry glanced at John who shook his head, “Nah, you’re having us on Anthony! Come on, I mean, no offence but Charlene’s mentioned your track record with women.”

Anthony grinned and shrugged, “I don’t need to validate myself with you two, you know.”

“Then why won’t you tell us her name?” John said, arms folded still as he raised his eyebrows.

Anthony simply shrugged.

“Because she doesn’t exist.” Harry said, convincing himself.

Across the room, Claire sighed deeply. They had agreed, her and Anthony to keep this their little secret, just for a little while, at least from everyone who wasn’t Anne. But Anthony had come in with such a dopey grin that the office immediately knew something was up and had been prying him for information all morning. She pushed herself away from her desk and stood, stalking over towards the three men.

“Claire!” Harry called out as she approached, “Get this, Anthony’s as happy as a cloud but he won’t say why. He’s making up a story that he got a girl but, come on, what do you think’s going on with him, really?”

Claire walked up and eyed the trio, pursing her lips and looking Anthony over, as if judging him, “Hmm… I bet he’s telling the truth.”

“Pff you think?” Harry said, dismissive.

“I’d put money on it.” Claire said, smirking and Anthony suppressed one of his own.

“Oh yeah?” John said, perking up, “How much?”

“Ten dollars each?” She said, voice soft and innocent.

“Done deal.” they both nodded, pulling out a note each and the three of them turned on Anthony. “Go on then Anthony, if you can prove you’ve got a girl, you’ll win Claire here twenty bucks.”

He looked at Claire, “Well…”

“Oh!” Claire said, mocking sudden surprise, as if just remembering something, “I’m such an airhead some days… It’s me, I’m the girl.” She grinned and leaned in, kissing Anthony on the lips.

The sudden silence was broken by the sound of the HR representative choking on her coffee.

“…Bullshit you’re just saying that for the money.” Harry said, taken aback, uncertain as his eyes flickered between the two.

She took out her phone and held it up, the lock screen photo a picture of the two of them together, smiling and hugging. “Read it and weep boys.” she said, casually plucking the notes from their outstretched fingers.

The two men looked completely baffled, unable to comprehend the truth as Charlene recovered from the sudden shock of what she had overheard and approached, “You two! We need to have a talk about office romances!!”

As Anthony and Claire looked at each other, smiling softly, Anthony could swear he heard Anne in her office, laughing softly.


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