Work Diaries

After sexually harassing her second PA in a row, Ayesha’s work find the perfect work around, supply Ayesha with a PA she wouldn’t be interested in, a man, the perfect plan. The only way it could go wrong was if her new PA was some sort of closet deviant who was just waiting for the right sort of person to come along and help him become who he really is.

Dickgirl x Male/Trans | Interracial | Romance | Feminization

Chapter 0

Green Lit

Gia and his sister set forth to destroy an unknown beast that has been stealing away a local towns young female populace. However, they come across the minor problem of it being vastly out of their league, and then they come across the major problem of the pair of them being exactly what it’s looking for..

Tentacles x Male/Dickgirl | Male to Shemale body transformation | Anal | Deepthroat | Mind Corruption

Chapter 1 – Green Lit

The Thorned Rose Inn

A young male elf strikes out into the world in search of something new, he finds that in The Thorned Rose Inn, where he isn’t only given the chance to learn about the ways and practices of many different people, but he is given a new role he could never have prepared for.

Dickgirls x Trap (Elf) | Feminization | Non-human | Artwork

Chapter 0 – Mayla The Landlady

Chapter 1 – Ri the Naga

Chapter 2- Ariela The Queen

Chapter 3 – The Orcess & The Mercenary


Fresh Start

A trans woman reaches the lowest point in her life, with nothing left she moves in with a complete stranger, who happens to be a short, curvy librarian who treats and looks after her, making her feel wanted and cared for.

Of course being a short-stack librarian with a thick booty, she’s also an absolutely depraved sexual deviant!

Dickgirl x Female | Romance | Interracial | BDSM

Chapter 1 – The Cover of a Book