War Prisoner

Captured by the Orc Ru’kash, the Elf Shae can feel her life as a respectful Captain slipping away between her fingers, humiliated by her captor who wants nothing more but to reduce her to a plaything. But She is strong and resilient, she will fight any trick or torment Ru’kash can bring to bear on her, or at least, so she hopes.

Dickgirl Orc & Centaur x Female Elf | Fisting | Powerplay | Non-con | Anal | Artwork

Chapter 1

Buyers Beware

As a first-time slaver buyer, Lace has some very specific requirements. Despite society telling her how incredibly wrong it is, she can’t help but lust for the forbidden fruit that is thick, throbbing Orc cock. Fortunately, the bountiful slave market has just the thing..

Dickgirl Orc x Human trap | Slavery | Fantasy | Blowjob | Anal | Artwork

Chapter 1

New Experiences

You’ve really got to be careful on Tinder, their profile picture might show a stunning thick redhaired woman with interests similar to your own, but you really can’t be certain they aren’t a tonne of centaur dickgirl fun until the first date.

Dickgirl Centaur x Human Male | Modern | Romance | Oral

Chapter 1

Gifted Courtesans

When the Kings son and Heir to the throne would rather ride horses and read books than pick up the sword and learn to fight, an easy way to develop the Prince’s masculinity come to the attention of the King. Obviously, send him to the ladies of the night to make a man out of him, and it just so happens there are some very discreet ladies in town…

Dickgirl (Multiple) x Male | Gangbang | Fantasy | Con

Chapter 0

Tight Spot

A young man is goaded into making a bet with the busty tattooed owner of a high-class establishment (sex shop) on whether or not a very distinct bulge in her pants is a cock. The outcome, while predictable, takes them down a fun path neither of them really expected.

Dickgirl x Male | Con | Crossdressing | Oral | Anal | Light bondage

Chapter 0

Blind Date

Anthony, your everyday office worker with a life of routine, is persuaded by his manager to go out on a blind date with a woman of her choosing. She isn’t at all who he expected and the short journey is going to take him to an entirely new place in life.

Dickgirl x Male | Romance | Loving | Anal | Commission

Chapter 1

Sugar Momma

Two women who couldn’t be less similar find each other through a website and while they couldn’t have less in common, they each have something the other needs and wants. A story of romance, redemption and classic dicking!

Dickgirl x Female | Age different | Goth | Chubby Milf Futa | Artwork

Chapter 1


A growing collection of my shorter works! Check out the directory to see what’s out there and to see tags/descriptions for each story within! So come on in, put your feet up and I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy!~

Dickgirls | Around 2-5k words each | Artwork

Chapter 1 – Lost Time

Chapter 2 – Coffee Shop

Chapter 3 – Lost Time 2

Chapter 4 – Ariela: Depravities Origin

Chapter 5 – Lost Time 3

Chapter 6 – Crossed Lines

Chapter 7 – Best Friends

Chapter 8 – Ariela: Broken In

Chapter 9 – Home Cooking

Chapter 10 – Lost Time 4

Chapter 11 – Tease Me

Chapter 12 – Ariela: New Secrets

Chapter 13 – Best Friends 2

Chapter 14 – Dual Wielding

Chapter 15 – Hot Chocolate

Chapter 16 – Ariela: Security

Chapter 17 – Ariela: Traitor

Chapter 18 – Best Friends 3

Chapter 19: Journey Before Destination